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Nothing Ever Changes In Hunt For A Clinton Scandal

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Nothing Ever Changes In Hunt For A Clinton Scandal


Where Hillary Clinton is concerned, nothing ever changes.

The National Bitch Hunt has been going on for more than 20 years. As a personal matter, the inimitable Camille Paglia set the terms in a long ago essay in The New Republic portraying Clinton as a “man-woman…bitch goddess,” and “the drag queen of modern politics.”

Crackpot New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd has taken up the theme with a vengeance, writing literally scores of columns depicting the former Secretary of State as a cunning schemer. One week Clinton’s a Stepford Wife, then she’s Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, next Mommie Dearest.

This is what happens when the Heathers at the Cute Girls lunch table suspect you’re smarter than they are. Paglia’s particularly troubled by “the brittle brilliance of Hillary’s calculating, analytical mind.”

I’m betting they’ve never met.

Meanwhile, here’s a Washington Post headline to ponder: “New scandals and reasons to wonder if Hillary is hiding something.”

Quick now: Whitewater, White House Travel Office, or the more contemporary “emailgate”?

It’s Eugene Robinson, March 10, 2015. As the immortal Yogi Berra used to say, déjà vu all over again. The Washington Press Clique’s standard story hasn’t changed for two decades. They can type it up in their sleep. “Washington may now have reached the state-of-the-art point of having a cover-up without a crime,” the Post editorialized back in 1994. By arranging to have Whitewater documents delivered to the Independent Counsel instead of the inept reporters who created the bogus scandal, the White House made “it appear as if the Clintons have something to hide.”

Back then, Time columnist Michael Kramer spoke for them all. Writing entirely in the subjunctive mood — “if,” “may have,” “even if,” “might not” — Kramer confessed he couldn’t make heads or tails of the swirling allegations. Even so, “how is it possible,” he demanded, “that two respected lawyers like Bill and Hillary Clinton don’t possess a paper trail capable of proving their innocence?” [my emphasis]

Many years, millions of dollars and scores of accusatory headlines later, of course, it turned out that they did. Even so, Hillary Clinton’s been living in a Kafka novel ever since. Her guilt is primal, like Original Sin. The “bitch” has to prove her innocence over and over again.

Never mind that no Secretary of State previous to Clinton ever used a government email address. Nor that inadequately protected State Department computers have been repeatedly hacked by Wikileaks and others. Nor even that, contrary to insinuations in the New York Times article that started the latest festival of speculation, the Obama administration law requiring a state.gov address wasn’t enacted until two years after Clinton left the State Department.

People expecting bombshell revelations must think that Clinton’s not only a cunning Machiavel scheming her way into the White House, but also as dumb as a box of rocks. Whatever you think of her politics, realistically, what do you think are the odds that somebody with her unique experiences connived to hide her torrid love affair with Vladimir Putin or her secret membership in the Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Muslim Brotherhood, and wrote it all down in an email?

Again, love her or don’t, but here’s the thing about Hillary Clinton: Paglia’s right, she’s seriously smart, diligent, and she always does her homework. Certainly smart enough to understand Rule One of cyber communications: If you don’t want to see it in the newspaper or on Fox News, don’t text it, tweet it, put it on Facebook or send it in an email.

During her March 10 press conference, Clinton casually allowed as how she never sent or received classified information via email. That alone should dampen the enthusiasm of Republicans on the latest House Benghazi committee who leaked this overblown story to the media in the first place. Indeed that appears to be their motive. Evidence of the cover-up conspiracy theorists have imagined turns out to be entirely lacking.

“We knew as of last summer that the Secretary used a private email account,” said California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff. “This is not something new. We knew also that she was cooperating. She was giving us everything that we asked for. Nothing changed except for the pressure on the Republican members of the committee this week became too great for them to resist from the Stop Hillary PAC people and the RNC people, so they issued a subpoena for records that we already have.

“Now, the Secretary has called for those records to be made public. Why isn’t the chairman doing that? Why aren’t we doing that? The reason is we’ve read them. There’s nothing in them. My colleague says well, how do we know we have them all?”

How, indeed? That too has been an unvarying feature of the National Bitch Hunt. The incriminating evidence remains forever over the event horizon, and tantalizingly just out of reach.

Photo: Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addresses the press after attending the annual Women’s Empowerment Principles event at UN headquarters in New York on Tuesday, March 10, 2015. The potential 2016 U.S. presidential contender defended her use of a personal email account for official communications, saying it was “for convenience.” (Niu Xiaolei/Xinhua/Sipa USA/TNS)

Gene Lyons

Gene Lyons is a political columnist and author. Lyons writes a column for the Arkansas Times that is nationally syndicated by United Media. He was previously a general editor at Newsweek as wells an associate editor at Texas Monthly where he won a National Magazine Award in 1980. He contributes to Salon.com and has written for such magazines as Harper's, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Review of Books, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Monthly, The Nation, Esquire, and Slate. A graduate of Rutgers University with a Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia, Lyons taught at the Universities of Massachusetts, Arkansas and Texas before becoming a full-time writer in 1976. A native of New Jersey, Lyons has lived in Arkansas with his wife Diane since 1972. The Lyons live on a cattle farm near Houston, Ark., with a half-dozen dogs, several cats, three horses, and a growing herd of Fleckvieh Simmental cows. Lyons has written several books including The Higher Illiteracy (University of Arkansas, 1988), Widow's Web (Simon & Schuster, 1993), Fools for Scandal (Franklin Square, 1996) as well as The Hunting Of The President: The 10 Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton, which he co-authored with National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason.

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  1. Dominick Vila March 11, 2015

    There is no doubt in my mind that the latest “scandal” involving Hillary Clinton is part of a well crafted strategy to keep her out of the White House, at least in part, because the idea of a female President is unacceptable to a large segment of our population. Unfortunately, in the e-mail case, she handed her detractors the ammunition they needed to discredit her, question her judgment, and derail her candidacy. She should have known better. At this point, our best hope is Sen. Elizabeth Warren, with a former Virginia Governor, or Jerry Brown, as a running mate.

    1. FireBaron March 11, 2015

      Dominick, I don’t normally disagree with you, but Gene Lyons is correct. As long as anything mentioning Bill or Hillary is there, Conservatives will jump on it. I recall shortly after Bill’s inauguration, a group of us were sitting in the cafeteria at work, and one gent (about the most conservative one in our group) lamented “How the Hell are we gonna get rid of this guy?” And this was even before any of the non-scandals raised their ugly heads.
      As for Hillary, sorry but I believe her time has passed. As for Jerry Brown – back in 1992, he may have been a viable candidate, but no longer. Personally, I like Elizabeth Warren and think she would make a damn good President, but I almost guarantee the GOP will bring up her tenuous claims to Native American status. Besides, unlike Hillary – who expects she is the presumptive nominee – Senator Warren has expressed absolutely NO desire to run for the office this time around.
      Oh, I am sure our fellow Democrats will come up with a viable candidate to run and win against whichever of the Seven Dwarfs the GOP manages to nominate. We can rest assured that all the care the leading members of that group have taken to ensure proper aim when shooting themselves in their collective feet will have the desired effect on the rest of the country next year. The Republicans will have two choices – they can nominate a Conservative firebrand like Ted Cruz, who is guaranteed to turn out Democrats and Independents in droves to vote against him, or they can vote for another establishment Republican like Jeb Bush, and have Republicans needing the promise of free lunch and a ride to actually go to the polls and vote.

      1. Dominick Vila March 11, 2015

        I don’t think Ted Cruz has a chance to win the GOP nomination, if nothing else because he is Hispanic and because the claims of ineligibility based on, alleged, foreign birth in the case of Barack Obama, will come back to hunt any GOP candidate not born in the USA and areas under our jurisdiction. Obviously, since having a Mom born in Kansas did not make a difference, good ole Rafael will have to come up with something that “trumps” that claim.
        The problem with an Elizabeth Warren candidacy is that she does not have the record or name recognition that Hillary does. The fact that she expressed no interest in running in 2016 may have more to do with the fact that, for most Democrats, Hillary was, and may still be, the de facto nominee.

        1. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

          “haunt”, NOT “hunt”.

    2. Rosemary B March 11, 2015


    3. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

      They can try all they like. No one is going to vote GOP come 2016 unless they are well paid to do so. If they consider Trey Rude Mouth Gowdy, JEB Bush or Scott Walker their best shots, they are sadly mistaken. These are midwestern and southern okee dokes who have NOTHING in common with those of us in the most progressive states. Backward we refuse to go.

      1. mike March 11, 2015

        What a load of crap again.
        More stupid from dear sexist Eleanore.

        So Sorry Hillary let you down!!!! LMAO!!!

      2. mike March 11, 2015

        What a load of crap again.
        More stupid from dear sexist Eleanore.

        So Sorry Hillary let you down!!!! LMAO!!!

      3. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

        Add Lenore WHIPtaker !!

    4. mike March 11, 2015

      The New York Times broke the story to keep her out of the White House. What a stupid comment. A very liberal paper and they are against women, unbelievable comment from you.
      Are you so dense that you don’t know women outnumber men in US. No question they are monolithic but they do outnumber men.

      The problem is just more Clinton Fatigue.
      Hillary yesterday said to the American people “Go to Hell”, do as I say not as I do.
      Hillary is now “DELETER OF THE FREE WORLD”
      Hillary made it quite clear to the media and fellow dems, make a choice, me or the republicans. She told the world “she chose not to retain(emails)”. She brazenly said: Evidence is gone, you’re not getting it, stop complaining, quit asking for them.
      And, you are not going to get MY server either, even as suggested by an impartial person.
      WH admitted they knew she was using private emails but we assumed Clinton following rules of the NRA. There goes another example of the lack of transparency of the Obama administration.
      She made more questions that must be answered, not less.

      To you Hillary lovers she basically said to you: Time to return where you are suppose to be, doing what I tell you or you will get those terrible republicans.
      I am all you got!!

    5. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

      It’s one of many to come. There will be a new one every week. I don’t think it’s going to make a bit of difference or derail her candidacy. The right will bring up every Clinton “issue” they can think of and she’ll still look better than any of the clowns they pull out of the short bus. Those who wouldn’t have voted for her anyway won’t and those who support her, still will do so.
      No laws were broken and I can’t think of anyone on the right who would suddenly make me think their judgment is in any way better than hers. First, they are on the right. Not a good start.
      I love Warren but she doesn’t want to run and she’s much more effective right where she is. I don’t think she’s ready for that kind of fight. Hillary knows the territory and she brings along Bill. Not a bad person to bounce ideas off of. They wouldn’t be so hated by the right if they weren’t a formidable team.
      If she runs she has my support.

    6. jenn March 12, 2015

      No matter which woman wins the primary, i hope you volunteer! We’re gonna need all the help we can get. : )

  2. boered1@yahoo.com March 11, 2015

    I wonder how much of my money the regressives have spent in this witch hunt? How much have we spent rehashing BENGHAZI! over and over and over and getting the same results? I think it is time we advertised this waste fraud and abuse of our system by the regressives. Wasting our money on a fraudulent claim of malfeasance and abuse of our system for the benefit of a single political party (no matter how ineffective that abuse is)! Enough already why don’t the regressives start Governing. start writing bills that will help the average American instead of continuing to pander to the teabaggers!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

      Remember when Ken Starr, courtesy of Karl Rove, Ralph Reed and Eric Prince spent $12 million and 12 years trying to nail Bill and Hillary Clinton for WhiteWater? The GOP is pissed off because their attempts to nail Hillary for Benghazi backfired when the GOP’s OWN handpicked witnesses wouldn’t swear under oath what the GOP wanted.

      1. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

        Crazy as ever.

  3. The lucky one March 11, 2015

    God, I hope we can do better than Hilary, the corporate war monger. I think she should be investigated but that will have to wait until after the impeachments of the 47 GOP senators who committed treason.

  4. Rosemary B March 11, 2015

    Whoever wrote this article needs to be fired.

  5. Rosemary B March 11, 2015

    They will do anything to keep Clinton from winning the WH. I don’t care what they say if she runs she has my vote. And I think she will have most black peoples vote.

    1. wolfman0802 March 12, 2015

      Again, the blind leading the blind, you put a community organizer in the WH, and he has proven to be the absolute worst President, let alone a terrible representative for the black community…

      1. Rosemary B March 13, 2015

        Since you know so much why don’t you run for office mouth almighty.

        1. wolfman0802 March 13, 2015

          Truthfully, I cannot, I am too honest to be a politician…

  6. itsfun March 11, 2015

    If she isn’t smart enough to put 2 or more email accounts on a device, she isn’t smart enough to be President. Hubby Bill said he never sent her emails because he doesn’t email. How could she delete emails from him?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

      Really? So when Rice, Rumsfeld and the rest of your GOP oh so pure and holy boys and girls did the same…do you kiss their butts so you don’t EVER have to admit you are wrong?

      First of all, Hillary knew from the get go that everything but the size of her underpants is constantly under the watchful eyes of your GOP bully hater boys.

      I and millions of women would have done exactly what Hillary did…erase her emails so nosy body men like you wouldn’t dare use it to find a way to sabotage her right to run for the highest office in the country..which is what the GOP is so desperate to do.

      I mean..how else do you get rid of the GOP’s worst nightmare if not to pick gnatshit out of sand dunes?

      1. itsfun March 11, 2015

        She broke the law, those emails did not belong to her, but to the people of the United States.

        1. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

          What law was broken?

          1. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015


          2. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015


          3. itsfun March 11, 2015

            The original law was written in 1950 and changed in about 1994.

          4. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

            Which law was that?

      2. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

        Crazy as ever, I see.
        Stop hating men, you lesbian-lover.

    2. jenn March 12, 2015

      You are misinformed. At that time it was not an option. You’re not totally to blame, most mainstream media has forgotten to include that fact but it is a fact.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

    Ah yes…Smart women must play dumb so some male won’t feel stupid. Men in the US today have a mentally unstable neurotic need to insure their male supremacy. They want to be the ONLY business owners, religious leaders and political rulers.

    All this bitch hunt is doing is forcing more women to stand up for their rights. So…go ahead guys…keep up the bitch hunt. It won’t do you a shred of good. Need you be reminded that 52% of the US population are women?

    Need you be reminded that the male morons in politics today can’t accomplish squat due to their male need to play chicken with anyone in authority?

    The only women in the US today who are disgusted by accomplished, intelligent women are the Daisy Mae Dixie Belles so financially dependent on Big Daddy that they can’t imagine life without an MRS degree in front of their name.

    Men in government, particularly the GOP seem to forget that many of us as women raised sons. We are all too familiar with the male penchant of dominance over women and children even when their dominance has no validity.

    Keep hating the idea of a female president and see how far that gets you come 2016. You guys have picked Hillary Clinton apart since her marriage to Bill Clinton. That really is what eats at your male craws, isn’t it? That she can and will do what SHE, not you, think is best for her and her family and her country.

    Too bad you boys waste most of you time competing with each other to get anything done or effect a single worthwhile result.

    1. Godzilla March 11, 2015

      A little early for the Jackie Daniels isn’t it?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

        Go to hell hater boy…You do not speak for the women of the US…Get the hell off the Jack Daniels you like to lob on others. I don’t drink and never have. Why do you think I can rip YOUR BS apart so easily?

        Your boozed over mind is mentally defective and ripping your posts to shreds is a piece of cake for me.

        1. Godzilla March 11, 2015

          You are deeply delusional.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

            No Hell boy…you are. You assume you know women better than women know themselves. Perhaps that itchy penis of yours has shriveled into such a state of uselessness that you are now a Eunoch?

          2. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

            Lenora, you crazy LUNATIC:
            I am going to come down and WASH THAT DIRTY FACE OF YOURS WITH SOAP, ……. BY FORCE !!
            “Penis”??!! What a foul-mouthed BITCH !!
            What are (nowadays) your “rates”, babe??

          3. Louis Allen March 12, 2015

            “eunOch”??!! “eunOch”??!!
            What’s the matter with your spelling, dear?
            Did it go in the same direction as your pea-sized brain?
            Go back to your pigsty, sweet buns.

        2. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

          Delusional as ever !
          …. Godzilla is right.

      2. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

        She is such a lesbian that she calls “it” “Jackie Daniels” !!
        LOL !!!
        What a stupid woman.

        1. Daniel Max Ketter March 16, 2015

          Sounds like you momma

          1. Louis Allen April 7, 2015

            Daniel, you sorry excuse for Lenore’s “boy”friend:
            It really, really sounds like YOUR momma, the ape.
            You are just a disgusting, unconditional, union hack of the worst kind.
            You are also a half wit retard.
            Now go back to your pigsty, with Lenore, where both of you belong.

          2. Daniel Max Ketter April 7, 2015


            God bless our unions for their service to our country, keeping it free and prosperous

          3. Louis Allen April 7, 2015

            What a ding-a-ling idiot you are.
            LOL !!

    2. gunslinger March 11, 2015

      And if she were black or Hispanic she could pull the “race card” along with you pulling the “woman card”. Oh boy, here we go again! Like most libby dems, arguments, devoid of factual evidence! Hillary on gun control is a joke and makes her not electable in 2016 just wait and see as she has jumped in the anti-gun position without knowing crap about it. You know like when she said that Mexican cartels got all their guns from U.S. gun owners and wanted to ban them.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

        You prove what a typical male jackass you are. You call yourself “gunslinger” and that isn’t a “man card?” Get real asshat. YOu can shove your guns up your butt for all I care. I am a woman. I don’t need any man and I pay my own taxes and my own way…Now…You need to ask your TX asshats why Riddle’s law allows the hiring of illegals as maids and yard workers while TX gets $50 billion for border control. Or do you live in La La land thinking you are sooooooooooo effing smart and you know it all? think again moron.

        1. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

          The complete MORON who gave you an “up” vote does not dare give his name (must have been you, dear …)

    3. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

      Ranting and raving again??!!
      Lenora, you are CRAZY beyond salvation, dear!
      I TOLD you a thousand times: Quit the Jack Daniels !!

  8. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

    When George W. Bush in January 2001, as his first act as president, destroyed all of the government documents relating to his father’s involvement with IranContraGate, not a single GOP bully boy dared to remind him that those were government documents Bush had NO right to destroy.

    As for emails…what about that email from Rice to Bush on the potential for an al Qaeda attack? It suddenly went “missing” according to the Bush administration the minute the 9/11 Commission demanded a copy print out of it.

    When you have GOP men so vindictive as to destroy not one but 2 Dems presidencies with government shutdowns, threats of impeachment and all manner of scum bucket tactics, they are acting in concert with treason. Held to the light of Article I, Sec. 10 of the US Constitution, they should be in front of the SC by now.

    1. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

      Making things up again, I see.
      Go back to your pigsty, Lenora !!

  9. Godzilla March 11, 2015

    Hillary likely cost herself an election, by once again showing poor judgment. ALL of her emails, while working for the state department are subject to public scrutiny. She chose to bypass the State department rules and possibly violated Federal law. Like EW, she’s an old cow who needs to be put out to pasture. With any luck, Jeb Bush will join her. Both family’s have had their time, they need to retire, and enjoy their vast wealth gained by being government employees.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

      Wrong…Hillary only cost you your right to be a supreme lord high Grand Pubbah of BS. You’re really pretty stupid. You actually think 52% of the population being female will turn against one of our own? You know how it is…you ought to…You good ole good ole boys in your good ole boys network have used your “power” of maleness to subvert everything women try to do. NOT THIS Time Bully Boy.

      1. Godzilla March 11, 2015

        Dream on loser. Your feminist pigheadedness only subjugates you to your pathetic delusions of self importance. Hillary’s will NEVER be President of the US. She is not worthy of doing anything but cleaning up after Obama’s brats after movie night. BWAHAHAHA

        1. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

          Perhaps, you are the dreamer? YOu really hate it don’t you? That Hillary is smarter than you will EVER be. That she has been ripped from stem to stern and you men still can’t hold her down.

          Try again jerkboy…Your neurotic need for power is your own undoing. The only power you have is when you hold your penis in your hand and get your jollies.

          1. Godzilla March 11, 2015

            I can see why your ex dumped your vile drunk brainless sorry excuse for a woman..

          2. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

            My ex didn’t “dump” me…I dumped him. He was a closet boozer from his teen greaser days…like all gamer males…he just hid it well. Sorry..but you should learn not to open your gaping maw when you have NO idea what the hell you are talking about.

          3. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

            Yes, sweet tits:
            ALL three (3 !!) of us DUMPED you !!
            Even your first husband DIVORCED you wayyyy before he died of “old wounds”.
            And now, sadly, you have become an alcoholic, men-hating, “Catholic” (ha, haa!) LESBIAN.

          4. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

            You have no idea about how “good riddance” that was !!!
            Lenore’s dumb ex-husband

      2. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

        sweet tits,
        Wrong (and crazy) again!

    2. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

      Godzilla: You are wrong: EW (real name is LENORE WhiTTaker !) is NOt an “old cow who needs to be put out to pasture”; she is an OLD COW WHO NEEDS TO BE PUT OUT TO PASTURE !!

  10. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

    Ever notice how when some men in this country know they can’t win an argument, they get all vindictive and vicious? But, they want you to believe that’s normal behavior. No…it isn’t. It’s the behavior many mothers of sons have observed. WE call it spoiled brat syndrome.

    1. mike March 11, 2015

      More diarrhea of the brain I see in attacking men!!!
      Protect, deflect, deny, and make excuses for her because she is a women.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

        You bet…You hater boys deserve what you get. You lie lie, lie lie and think women fall for your BS. Think again.

        YOu boys have been picking Hillary apart since Gingrich refused to admit there was something seriously wrong with healthcare in the US. So..tell us…did you like it when Speaker of the House Tom DeLay had to resign for his little games with Abramoff? Or when Scooter Libby fell on his sword for Herr Cheney?

        You would like that you stupid moron.

        1. mike March 11, 2015

          Only men have been picking Hillary apart, Really??? Go read the article again and tell us if it was all men.
          You are such a Misandrist, no matter how you try and deny it.

          1. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

            My take is she hates stupid men.
            If you were a dem, you wouldn’t incur her wrath.
            Well maybe you would, just on general principle because it’s hard to imagine you being otherwise.

          2. mike March 11, 2015

            No, I think she is just stupid and uninformed.
            I sure am missing the video. 🙂
            Now where is Hillary???

          3. FT66 March 11, 2015

            Mike, Mike, Mike.Can you please try to behave like a gentleman? Carolyn is right. Most of men not all, excluding me are ,very,very afraid of having a woman as their top leader. Take for example: Chris Mathew, Eugene Robbison, the entire Fox News batallion to mention the few, are against Hillary becoming President. With me I don’t care at all about the gender. If Hillary will be picked by voters as their first choice, let it be. But putting blocks between that people have to hate her and don’t pick her, doesn’t square out with me.

          4. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

            No , he can’t. By his very nature, he is what he is. Otherwise he wouldn’t still be republican.
            He was referring to Eleanore in his last comment but he hates Hillary too.

          5. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

            Carolyn, sweet buns:
            “Eleanore” (real name is LENORE, Carol !) is a crazy alcoholic who absolutely REFUSES to get help.
            ….. and you, dear, are getting close to that.

          6. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

            Well no wonder Eleanore hates republican men.

          7. Louis Allen March 12, 2015

            No dear. Again you are wrong.
            She hates ALL men (except the clinically blind ones that pay her $3.50 for her sexual favors).

          8. Carolyn1520 March 12, 2015

            Is there any particular reason why you choose a public forum to denigrate your prior spouse?
            No one cares. It’s neither humorous or entertaining. It is cringe worthy.

          9. Louis Allen March 12, 2015

            I think you should mind your own business, lady.
            Lenore can defend herself; don’t worry.
            So butt out.

          10. Carolyn1520 March 12, 2015

            Oh do you now?
            Then don’t address me.

          11. Louis Allen March 12, 2015


          12. mike March 11, 2015

            What a load of crap!! It is her actions that have those mentioned above, not her gender.
            It is called Clinton Fatigue.
            Chris, was very much against Bill’s affairs and his lying, affairs which Hillary ignored, even after the embarrassment when exposed. She was his enabler all these years because of the power he brought and she sought. At least he says it as it is, which those on the left on NM just try and make excuses for her.
            Yesterday she told your party to go to hell, not going to get my server, my emails are gone, your not getting them, so quit complaining. I am your only hope to beat the republicans in 2016. She does think she has balls. She basically gave you and yours the finger.

          13. FT66 March 11, 2015

            Was she telling us Dems to go to hell or wasn’ t you right wingers who are insisting to have he server and not us as we have nothing to do with it. I can sense out Mike, you have an inferiority complex in you.

          14. mike March 11, 2015

            Still a very silly person I see.
            She told the Media and American citizens, left and right, to go to hell.
            I think yours is Superiority Complex..
            I see a person integrity and character mean nothing to you. If she turned the server over to an independent group or individual this would either go away or elevate. It is her choice and she has decided not to cooperate.

          15. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

            You’d like to think the dems took it that way.
            Furthermore why is it that women who show strength must think they have balls? That type of remark is what defines you as a stupid man as well as showing quite clearly that women with strength and power terrify you.
            We know exactly who she was giving the finger.

          16. mike March 11, 2015

            Most dems with any integrity and character understand her actions are detrimental to the party. You forget the independents determine elections. and we will see how they view this over time. You might not feel anything is wrong but that is no surprise.
            We have brought up two fantastic, talented, accomplished daughters. Both conservative and pro choice(against late term abortions). Brought up that nothing is out of reach for them and they can compete with males or females.
            You left wing stupid a$$ women that play this game about war on women is just plain disgusting. Men on the right want EVERY women/girl to reach whatever pinnacle, goal, their women/girls wish.
            So, save me your outrage on this subject. You are not bright enough and lacking common sense to know the finger was for all those who oppose her and those that don’t.
            Hillary, “do as I say, not as I do”.
            If she doesn’t turn over the server, do you really think she will be trustworthy for the highest office in the land. I don’t think so.

            If you had the integrity and character to say her actions are troubling, concerning I would have respect your opinions, but you didn’t which just shows me you are nothing more than a political hack with not one ounce of honesty in your body.
            If you didn’t roll your eyes when you heard the new makes you even less an honorable person.

          17. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

            You’ve already established yourself as someone with neither integrity or character.Nor have you indicated you respect anyone’s opinion on the left. The only thing you have done is come out of the gate berating people who do not agree with you. If you think for a second that your opinion or respect for mine matters to me in the least think again. You’re the one who made the comment “She does think she has balls”. And you don’t like being called on it.
            So do not pretend to be anything other than what you are. It’s wasted here.

          18. mike March 11, 2015

            Only in your pea brain do you think you even have an ounce of character or integrity.

            Most opinions on this site are wrong or so slanted that the guys on the right have to correct the record.
            As to your opinions, they make me smile for being so inane.

            As to Hillary in the next few days we will see if she signed State Department document OF-109 when she left the Secretary Post. if she did she has a real problem, if she didn’t then it falls to both Clinton and the Obama Administration to explain why.

            Oh, that’s right, you have no idea what I am talking about.
            You never say anything of value when you reply to my post so quit wasting your time and save those insipid, emotional comments.

          19. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

            Thank you! You made my point.

          20. mike March 12, 2015

            Yawning after reading more nothingness from you.

          21. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

            Well when you think Mike, you hurt yourself and arrive at wrong conclusions . Eleanore isn’t stupid or uniformed, you just don’t like that she hates stupid men.
            You don’t need the video Mike, unless you just want to look at your own kind.
            Hillary? She’s on the road to the White House.

          22. mike March 11, 2015

            Keep that self-deception going. That’s all you got!!! Self-deception.

          23. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

            Remember where the victory fireworks are stored. They’re on the right, when you have to dig for them decades from now.

          24. mike March 11, 2015

            Your self deception continues.

          25. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

            You’re projecting again.

      2. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

        Diarrhea on the brain?

        That’s perfectly understandable though.


        1. mike March 11, 2015

          Keep playing this moronic video, the truth and facts are on our side. No matter what you think!!
          But please keep trying.

          1. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

            As the truth and facts have been in the last two elections?
            Delusion is a common trait. You’re in good company though, Mitt still has his victory fireworks.

          2. mike March 11, 2015

            OMG!!! Where’s the video?? Come on!!!!
            Hey, how’s that Hillary thing going??? Sorry she let you down, Not!!!

          3. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

            Someone said you are a child. I think that’s a correct assessment.
            I’d guess a 12 year old girl.

          4. mike March 11, 2015

            No video, No Hillary, What’s the world come to???

          5. CrankyToo March 11, 2015

            I think so, too. What with all the OMGs, the LOLs, the LMAOs and the exclamation points… Who talks like that except kids?

        2. FT66 March 11, 2015

          Many thanks Carolyn. They are beetles on the move, pulling the ball around without knowing where they will end up and without knowing what is the purpose of doing so. Well put Carolyn and I praise you for such a good thought. Quite impressive Carolyn.

          1. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

            My guilty pleasure! Glad you enjoy it too.
            It just seemed so fitting.
            Rubbish is such a kind word. I call what the right pushes exactly what it is. and those pushing it , by name. 🙂
            They have the misguided idea we aren’t capable of tossing it back in spades. I’d think winning the last two elections in spite of the obstruction,lies, attempts at voter suppression and obscene amounts of money they spent would have given them a clue but when all you do is try to make someone else look bad because you have no one to offer that merits a second look then that’s what you get.

          2. FT66 March 11, 2015

            I can’t understand the right wingers with their ring leader Bill O’Reilly thinking making too much noise is what it takes to win people. I repeat myself again thats rubbish. With the kind of politics we are having at this age, no one can win over millenials with this kind of old politics. If they don’t have anything new to sell to people, as the right wingers seem to be at the moment, then they must move over and let those with new ideas sell them to people.

          3. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

            As I see it, fear and feelings motivate them. If you fear change and they do, clinging to the past and their idea of the “good old days” they aren’t capable of forming any good or new ideas. All their energy is focused on stopping things from changing. It clouds their vision. A president of color really threw them in a tailspin. Then the many other social changes occurring kept them unbalanced.
            The last thing they want to do is move over and let any more new ideas change their world. They’ll go down trying to save their view of how the world should be. It’s why even issues where the proof is undeniable such as climate change and the damage to our environment is met with denial even though it affects all of us negatively. They fear everything at this point.

    2. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

      3 posts in a row??!!
      Let somebody else speak, you ignoramus!
      Crazy as ever, I see.
      P.S. – Still a men-hater, I see ….

  11. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

    Your realize that some male eunochs in this country are so dead set against having to have a female president that they overlook one fact: If Hillary chooses not to run…there’s always Elizabeth Warren or Linda Sanchez….And what profit a man who tries to defy a woman’s right to be a leader? Not one damn dime.

    1. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

      Still giving yourself an “UP” sign, Lenora?
      Your slip is showing, dear.
      Crazy as ever, I see.
      LOL !!!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 13, 2015

        You have nothing to give yourself credit for. Other than the need for professional mental help. Crazy is what you are. Your posts would be an embarrassment to a kid in kindergarten. What is it about admitting you are mentally ill that you are so afraid of?

        It can’t be you are afraid to admit your mental illness because you don’t want to appear the fool. Most people as mentally ill as you are loaded with their own self-suspicions of insanity.

        Do get help. You are a danger to society.

        1. Louis Allen March 13, 2015

          Lenore, my dear (NOT !) (scorned) ex-wife:
          Your “PYSchiatrist” (as you idiot calls him) called to say that he can not treat you at the same time for your: a) alcoholism; b) lesbianism; c) narcissism (look it up, you idiot!), and d) “moronism” (too many DEAD neurons, he says).
          Also, again, what happened? You forgot that you had already signed in and gave yourself an UP!!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 13, 2015

            Louis Allen…You keep posting. Is this to prove you are a mental case? Please read your own posts. If they don’t scare you into getting professional mental help, I can’t imagine what else will.

            You do realize that one of my very best friends is a clinical psychologist? He tells me you suffer from a kind of neuroses borne of your sense of inadequacy.

            He also read a few of your posts and states what I already knew: You fantasize in the same way paranoid schizos do.

            Actually, he told me something else that is quite frightening about a mentally insane man like you, he said you see the world only in your own mentally unstable view; and in order to perpetuate what you created in your fantasy world, you have to continually call others “crazy.” That way, your craziness won’t look so real.

            To which I replied, “misery always loves company” and in your miserable state of mind you can’t stop posting your insanity for fear of exposing your mental illness.”

            He agreed, with one warning that you are unstable enough to go off the deep end at any minute.

            So…do you want to continue to prove you are insane? Or do you plan to continue to play your little boys fantasy game? Mental wards are full of men like you who don’t live in the real world and make up lies, stories and fantasies. Then, they find it necessary to equal the playing field by calling others “crazy.” Not working little man is it?

          2. Louis Allen March 30, 2015

            Wow, Lenore, you mad cow!!
            “You do realize that one of my very best friends is a clinical psychologist?” WHAAAATTT???!!
            YOU, dear, DO NOT HAVE ANY FRIENDS LEFT !!
            In your delusional mind (that everybody laughs at), you really, really believe that “one of your very best friends …” can tell you anything??
            That’s PRECISELY the reason why I divorced you, sweet buns, because you have attacks of delirium tremens and you ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to see “one of your very best friends”, the “PYSchologist” so that he could help you.
            Get treatment, Lenora, …. NOW !!

      2. Rosemary B March 13, 2015

        Take your damn medicine.

        1. Louis Allen March 13, 2015

          At least my medicine is for high blood pressure; yours and Lenore’s (WHIPtaker) is for “delirium tremens” ….
          LOL !! ANOTHER crazy idiot !!

          1. Rosemary B March 13, 2015

            Wrong, I have taken care of myself throughout the years I’m not on any medication.

          2. Louis Allen March 13, 2015

            Deny, deflect, project. Deny, deflect, project. Repeat.
            Just like Killary.
            Tsk, tsk, tsk …

      3. Rosemary B March 13, 2015

        You are a nut job.

        1. Louis Allen March 13, 2015

          Wow! Look who’s talking.
          Back to your pigsty, Rosemary, to keep Lenore company.

    2. Louis Allen March 12, 2015

      Ellie dear: OOPS !! What happened? You forgot that you had already signed in and gave yourself an UP!!
      PATHETIC, this crazy cow.

    3. Louis Allen March 12, 2015

      Ellie, you ignorant SLOB:
      Repeat with me: eunUchs, eunUchs, eunUchs !!
      And you consider yourself a “writer”??!!
      ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa!!!!!

  12. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

    It’s going to be sooooo wonderful to watch the men who thought they had ALL the power in the US in the palms of their hands go down like the Titanic in 2016. Women have had enough of men playing their silly, petty, childish games at our expense. It’s time for this country to move forward….Get in the way of 52% of the population and you have more than a few screws loose.

    1. Louis Allen March 31, 2015

      Lenora, dear:
      LISTEN to yourself.
      You are crazier and crazier and crazier and crazier ….
      What’s the matter, dear? You have not called me “tiny penis” anymore since I answered that one.

  13. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

    Notice how the most hater right winger GOP men refer to Hillary as a “cow?” That’s why I prefer to call them bulls even though I am aware they are all so far over the hilly pasture and can’t get much more up than their pinky fingers.

    1. stcroixcarp March 11, 2015

      Steers would be a better analogy. The GOPer men feel castrated by strong women. They have many years of hatred built up against Hillary. The GOPers were set to sabotage her when she got the presidential nomination in 2008, but that didn’t happen so they went on a racist rampage instead, but they have not forgotten Hillary and they have six more years of pent up rage.

      1. dpaano March 27, 2015

        Yeah, they’ll have a hard time controlling her vagina like they’ve tried to control every other women’s!!!

    2. Daniel Jones March 11, 2015

      Well, they are prone to spewing BS, so that’s about right..

    3. Louis Allen March 12, 2015

      AGAIN you are WROOOOONG!
      Hillary is not just a “cow”; she is a COWard !!
      You , dear, on the other hand, are a “FAT, CRAZY COW”!!
      LOL !!
      (Everybody laughs at your crazy rants, sweet buns.)

      1. Rosemary B March 13, 2015

        Mentally disturb.

        1. Louis Allen March 27, 2015

          It’s “disturBED” dear, not “disturb”.
          Learn some English at least??

          1. Rosemary B March 30, 2015

            Crazy is even a better description.

          2. Louis Allen March 30, 2015

            Yeah, I guess it takes one to know one, huh?
            I guess that since you can not spell “frankfurter” (“disturBED”) , you resort to “hot dog” (“crazy”) every time ….
            LOL !!

          3. Rosemary B March 30, 2015

            Corn cob.

          4. Louis Allen March 30, 2015

            Nut job.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2015

            So…Louis has found yet another woman he can’t outwit. What’s the matter Louie? Smart women get up your nose?

          6. Louis Allen March 31, 2015

            No Lenore, dear sweet tits:
            Au contraire !! I LOVE smart women. And there are so many of them !
            It’s OBTUSE and stupid women like you and Rosemary, I have a “patience” problem with.
            But, then again, I guess I need to take into consideration that you (much more than Rosemary) have become a pitiful retard and hater of men. I decided to break our marriage “in the nick of time”.
            Tsk, tsk, tsk.
            Now go back to your lesby pigsty, dear.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker April 1, 2015

            Louis…You are now 2 vs. 1….Maybe, YOU are the common denominator in your own mental illness?

            You don’t like women who see who and what you are. You are a lazy man who has nothing of true value to offer to society beyond your bitching, complaining and bashing others to pump a very sad, very pathetic male ego.

            Did your Mommy forget to bond with her little boy? Did Daddy come on a little too Daddy for you? Your posts are devoid of value to anyone but you. Perfect description of mental illness.

            Post something that has value…then try to argue points with facts …not your BS male ego.

          8. Louis Allen April 1, 2015

            Lenore, dear:
            Here’s back at you:
            Lenora…we are now several smart people vs. you dummy. Maybe, YOU are the common denominator in your own alcoholism and mental illness?
            You don’t like men who see who and what you are. You are a lazy woman who has nothing of true value to offer to society beyond your bitching, complaining and bashing others to pump a very sad, very pathetic “feminist” ego.
            Did your Mommy forget to bond with her little, confused girl? Did Daddy come on a little too Daddy for you? Your posts are devoid of value to anyone but you.

            Perfect description of alcoholism and mental illness.
            Post something that has value…then try to argue points with facts …not your BS feminist ego.
            P.S. – I know why you bitch so much but be clear on this:
            I AM NOT COMING BACK.

          9. Eleanore Whitaker April 1, 2015

            Well,, It’s obvious that you and “now several smart” people are one and the same. What do that call that in mental institutions? Right…Split personalities…So..which one are you today? Louise? Lisa? Linda? Laurie?

          10. Louis Allen April 2, 2015

            Lenore, my dear ex-wife:
            When I mention “several smart people” (posters on this site) I stress the word “several”, and I do not mean “many”.
            We agree that this site does not contain MANY smart people because it is mostly “populated” by nincompoops and ignoramuses like you, dear.
            The “several” include bikejedi, hicus, kenndeb, bhaggen, mike and a few others.
            The MANY include you.
            Speaking about split personalities, who are you today? The ugly nincompoop or the crazy cow (or the Hil-liar-y UNCONDITIONAL apologist)??
            NOT coming back, sweet buns.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker April 2, 2015

            Louis…You phony liar…I can name the several for you: JoeT…CPA and that Soprano character who lives in upstate NY. You all sound like you eat the same corn meal mush. As for bikejedi (a sci-name for a sci-fi alien?) Hicus (who can’t pull up his own Depends) Kenndebb (who has yet to decide which gender it is) bhaggen (a hag from DogPatch) and Mikeeeeeee (who doesn’t like anything that isn’t of his own fantasies).

            All of these are not normal human beings. They produce no facts they can Ever take before a judge and jury and neither can you. Most of these are just POS mental cases who hate themselves, live in self-pity while they sit on their pity pots bemoaning their pathetic lives and all the injustices society according to them dumps on them.

            Please contact your mental health professional…the nuts are running loose and your diapers are overloaded.

          12. Louis Allen April 3, 2015

            Lenore, sweet buns:
            I couldn’t stop laughing at your “You all sound like you eat the same corn meal mush.”
            Also: “Most of these are just POS mental cases who hate themselves, live in
            self-pity while they sit on their pity pots bemoaning their pathetic
            lives and all the injustices society according to them dumps on them.”
            You mean yourself and your idiot leftist/liberal/”progressive”/socialistic “friends” on this site, dear.
            Your alcoholism is taking you to completely new depths of stupidity, …. and that’s saying a lot.
            Get (professional) help, Lenore.
            And, again, I am not coming back.

          13. Eleanore Whitaker April 4, 2015

            In the court of public opinion, your rantings and ravings only exacerbate your mental illness. However, your posts are just the stuff of which my next novel will be written. I can use every one of your posts and those bird brains with no balls and big mouths as examples of the mental illness you men overdosing on Viagra suffer from. Legally, I can do that since your names are all “fictitious.” See you in Barnes & Noble when the book hits the Best Seller list.

          14. Louis Allen April 4, 2015

            “See you in Barnes & Noble when the book hits the Best Seller list.”
            …. I couldn’t stop laughing, Lenore.
            Your alcoholism is taking you to completely new depths of stupidity, …. and that’s saying a lot.
            Get (professional) help, Lenore.
            And, again, I am not coming back, EVER.

          15. Eleanore Whitaker April 6, 2015

            Sorry…Boozer…boozers like you always assume everyone else is addicted. Most boozing boozers like you need a lot of help. But, you know? A man who eats and drinks himself into a stupor should never be allowed near a computer. Unless of course, you like risking lawsuits for libel, slander and defamation of character. Nothing would please me more than to see you doing the duh duh duh in front of a judge.

          16. Louis Allen April 6, 2015

            Lenora dear:
            You are a sad, lonely, pathetic character.
            Do you honestly think you can intimidate me with your alcoholic threats?!
            You, dear, are DELUSIONAL.
            I tell you again, sweet tits, get professional help for your inebriated state of mind.
            …… although there is NO cure for your complete lack of a working brain ….
            Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

          17. Eleanore Whitaker April 6, 2015

            I understand Ringling Brothers has a shortage of clowns. That would be the perfect job for a boozer like…Big Red nose? Falling down drunk?

            For a phony like you who purports to be soooo intelligent and posted several times that you were NEVER coming back, you are worse than gum on a shoe in the hottest summer…You just keep sticking to your pathetic, phony attempts at looking sober.

          18. Louis Allen April 6, 2015

            What’s the matter, Lenore sweet buns, that you do not (or can not) understand that, even though I am NOT coming back (to you, dear), I WILL confront you with your utter stupidity and obtuseness (fueled, no doubt, by your hate for men and your out of control alcoholism) at every turn?
            Get professional help, Lenora.

      2. dpaano March 27, 2015

        No…..just you!

        1. Louis Allen March 27, 2015

          Ha, ha !
          You are funny, deep anus, stupid and a moron, but funny still.

    4. Rosemary B March 30, 2015

      You got that right and if they call Hillary a cow that means their moms are cows.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 31, 2015

        I think what annoys women most about some men today is the male addiction to power. They turn into spoiled little boys when you don’t play handmaiden of the lords.

        When they call Hillary or the president names, all it shows is their incestuous, vile hatred, born of parents who never paid much attention to their real need for familial bonding.

        When you ship an infant off to daycare like a sack of potatoes for no reason other than creature comforts, the kiddies know they are getting the shaft from their weekend parents. Then, they grow into men who hate women because as Daddies’ boys they wouldn’t dare blame daddy for neglect.

        Glorifying manhood is all these dolts are good. Rolling up their sleeves, breaking a sweat and actually doing something productive is too far out of their intelligence level.

        1. Rosemary B March 31, 2015

          Very well written and thank you..

  14. FT66 March 11, 2015

    I think the right wingers have used the wrong path to witch hunt Hillary. I watched a bit last night on Rachel Maddow about Hillary and what she went through since she joined politics. Boy! the woman is a really fighter. She is an iron lady, she is a hard rock no one can break it. She has lived this kind of attack in almost her entire life. If anyone out there thinks this e-mail debacle will derail her ambition for becoming the first US woman President ever, you might have another thought again. She is well prepared, she is not shaking for anything and she is even more ready to face the battle.

  15. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

    When women vote, dems win. That’s not just a slogan, it’s a fact.
    The right knows it all too well and they also know women will not just vote for any woman so they can’t parade another moron out and dress her up to look the part and have it fly.
    Hillary scares them to death.She’s a force and they’ll pull out all the asinine scandals they can invent out of their little bag of dirty tricks. But they have done that so often, they’ve lost all credibility.

    1. CrankyToo March 11, 2015

      By the time the 2016 elections are upon us, the Greedy Old Pricks will have spent eight years proudly displaying their irrational hatred of the black man in the oval office. African-Americans will not soon forget their reprehensible behavior.

      If Hillary Clinton and/or Elizabeth Warren runs and wins in 2016, the heavy breathers among the Repugnican rat bastards will doubtless convene another emergency meeting (perhaps on the very eve of the inauguration) to bemoan the demise of the American way of life and plan a new scorched-earth “strategy” for dealing with the bitch in the oval office. I wonder how many women they will have alienated by the time the 2024 elections are upon us.

      If we can subsequently elect a Latin-American in 2024 and an Asian-American in 2030 (or vice versa), perhaps I’ll live long enough to witness the complete extinction of the Turd Party as a viable enemy of American democracy.

      1. Carolyn1520 March 11, 2015

        Bravo! Well said. You nailed it. I can’t stop laughing.
        Thank you!
        Can we make one of them also a member of the LGBT community. I’d like to see some head exploding as they die off.

        1. CrankyToo March 11, 2015

          Sure. Why not? Although, Repugnican homophobia is so rabid and so rampant that, I’m fairly certain, they’ve already burned that bridge way beyond repair.

  16. marty7441 March 11, 2015

    The news media, plus the AP report news and commericals, BIG $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

    1. CrankyToo March 11, 2015

      Hey Tan Man, while you’re down there…

    2. Louis Allen April 5, 2015

      This guy marty is (almost) as much a POS half wit as this other crazy idiot CrankyToo.

  17. JD Edwards March 11, 2015

    Unfortunately, Gene Lyons misses the crux of the issue with the Clintons although he captures one aspect of the problem. In fact, as I’ve listened to the Hillary defenders this week, I’ve heard multiple people characterize the problem, package it neatly and deliver it, BUT not from the perspective it should come from.
    James Carville loudly complained that “there is one rule for the Clintons and one rule for everyone else.” Lyons, above, complains about the so-called “national b*tch hunt” by saying it’s the media’s fault and that “they [the media] forget nothing and they [the media] learn nothing.” Lyons also exaggerates to suggest that all of this has something to do with rampant sexism whose target is always the undeserving Hillary Clinton. And Hillary herself proclaims that in hindsight, she would have done things differently. I can’t parse the ravings coming from the likes of Lanny Davis and others who become nearly hysterical ranting about right wing talking points and the return of the vast right/left wing conspiracies out to bring the Clintons down.
    But let’s all calm down and walk through this with some semblance of logic.
    For as long as the Clintons have been in the national media, there has been a whiff of scandal about. And unfortunately for the Clintons, those whiffs of something not smelling quite right have led to something not being quite right. Let’s face it: at the core of every Clinton scandal there are elements, aspects, nuggets, kernels of truth about what has been alleged. Let’s also acknowledge that those nuggets of truth can be spun into wild conspiracies by both sides. Let’s also acknowledge that it’s the media’s job to investigate. So, no… there’s no national b*tch hunt.
    The Clintons do seem to operate solely from hindsight. Never foresight. If we take Gene’s, Lanny’s, James’ and Hillary’s complaints at face value — she’s the most scrutinized, investigated, negatively covered politician in history — then we must wonder why she and her husband continue to do things exactly the same. Why operate in secrecy when doing the opposite would cast her as Caesar’s wife — above reproach? “Looking back,” she said carrying two phones would have been better. Why go to the trouble of creating a whole email infrastructure (that is doing something the hard way) when the easy way (two phones) would have spared her the additional scrutiny. Why compare yourself to Colin Powell — whose tenure was in a time of different email technology — when you could be forward thinking and acting? Why contort yourself into highly parsed explanations of why you did something contrary to what was asked or expected of you.
    The problem isn’t that the media never learns. The problem is Clintons never seem to learn from their mistakes. Is Hillary being held to a unique, different standard because she’s a woman? No. To a different standard than Colin Powell? Absolutely yes! Why? Because Colin Powell was Secretary of State from 2001 to 2005. And the rules changed in 2009 when Hillary took the job. And yes, she’s being held to a different standard than Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, because they were not Secretary of State. She was. Which brings us back to the Carville assertion of the Clintons playing by different rules. They choose to play by different rules and then complain when they get called on it.
    For someone with her “lifetime of experience,” she acts like a rank amateur. Personally, as a lifelong Democrat, I won’t be voting for her. I’m exhausted from past Clinton “issues.” This little tempest in a teapot does not bode well. Past is prologue.

    1. gococksri March 11, 2015

      The single statement that disqualifies everything else you had to say in your far too lengthy, far too rambling and far too unsuccessful attempt to factually identify any of those, uh, “elements, aspects, nuggets, kernels of truth.” Ken Starr made a national fool of himself by abusing the “independent” counsel mandate he was given and, even after he abused and misused the role, all he could come up with was Bill lying about Monica Lewinsky.

      I’d be interested in your sharing with us all those “elements, aspects, nuggets, kernels of truth” about which you speak. You know, the bits and pieces of flotsam that most of the media and apparently you have tried to glue together into an aircraft carrier. Mr. Lyons spoke factually. You, on the other hand, did nothing other than speak with innuendo.

      In other words, you represent the worst of what the media has done to the Clintons—a never-ending witch hunt which, when it turns up a piece of random driftwood, swears it’s what left of the last ship the Clintons sent to the bottom of the sea.

      1. JD Edwards March 11, 2015

        I said my piece. You’re free to disagree. I promise not to gloat too much or say “I told you so” when next boatload of scandals land.

        Have a great day!

        1. gococksri March 11, 2015

          I always appreciate it when people refuse to gloat or say “I told you so.” It’s a sign of character and—almost—inevitably says something good about them.

  18. Eleanore Whitaker March 11, 2015

    How dare women play the “woman card?” This is the moron Gunslinger’s question. “Gunslinger? Not a “man” card?” No matter what you men say or do, you will not stop a woman in the White House…no matter if it’s Hillary, Elizabeth, Wendy or Linda. We do not want your GOP dipshit Come Get Me Girls like the 2 Tundra Tooties from Alaska who spend more time with their legs open then raising the kids they breed. Or that piece of twiff Nikke Halley who jiggles her butt for the joy and jollies of all those good ole good ole boys. Forget Bachmannistan…her Swiss Citizenship outed her and her tax free bank accounts. So..who are you boys left with Annie Fannie Coulter? The Harpy Malkin?

    Time to stop your incessant need to be power boys…It isn’t cutting it with the women of today. There are MORE of US than there are of YOU. Get over it.

    1. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

      Lenore, my erstwhile
      dear (not anymore!) wife:

      You sound crazier, and crazier, and crazier, and crazier.

      Again I plead with you: DO NOT keep on making a fool of yourself, dear.

      Listen to THYSELF (hee, hee!), dear!

      By your “vocabulary” and your craziness, I wonder if you are this
      other “strange” who left TNM a long time ago, “Woodford”??

      Shut up, Lenore.

  19. pjm19606 March 11, 2015

    This will fade to dust. There is NO “There, there. The rules changed after Clinton left the State Department.

    1. Bill March 11, 2015

      Just another case of GOP over reach, I keep saying they can’t get any stupider and they continue to prove me wrong.

      1. CrankyToo March 11, 2015

        Right? I’ve said the same thing to myself a thousand times over the past decade or so. And each time, I got fooled again. I guess it’s true: you just can’t fix “stupid”.

        1. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

          You should know.

          1. dpaano March 27, 2015

            Yeah, we certainly haven’t been able to “fix” you or the rest of your brother trolls!

          2. Louis Allen March 27, 2015

            deep anus:
            “Patrolling” old posts again, dear?? It’s been 16 days since I told this dumbass CrankyToo that nobody can fix his stupidity.
            I guess nobody can fix yours either ….
            Get a life and comment on NEW posts, sweet buns.

          3. dpaano March 27, 2015

            First of all, where does it say I can only reply on the day you post? Second of all, I resent being called your ridiculous names…my name is NOT Sweet Buns (or any other obscene name), especially not to you! Apparently, being respectful to other posters is not your forte!

          4. Louis Allen March 28, 2015

            deep anus:
            1) “Trolling” old posts is what you crazy leftist/liberals accuse conservatives of; so, if you think that responding to a post after 16 days is nothing out of the ordinary, do not feel “offended” (your favorite word/concept !) when it happens to you.
            2) Funny what a moron you are: you are “resentful” (“offended”, again !) about me calling you “sweet buns” but not about me calling you “deep anus”. LOL !!
            3) “Apparently, being respectful to other posters is not your forte!” you obtuse moron say? Well, well, well, what about your very first (unsolicited, since I had not addressed you) response to me saying that “we certainly haven’t been able to “fix” you or the rest of your brother trolls!” [from “stupidity”]??? Was THAT acceptable??
            To you leftist/liberal/”progressive”/socialist/crazy RETARDS, calling us “stupid” is OK, but then, when we get back at you with “sweet buns” (as opposed to SOUR buns, LOL !!!), all of a sudden THAT’S not kosher??!!! Do TRY to GET A LIFE !
            Summarizing, Sweet Buns, as Truman so very well said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the [TNM] kitchen.”

  20. ps0rjl March 11, 2015

    I am a man and I have no problem with Hilary running for President. If there is anything I don’t care for with Hillary, it is she is too middle of the road and pragmatic. That being said I think she would give apoplexy to the Clinton haters. A woman as President is long overdue. Strong women do not scare me at all. I am retired now but some of my best bosses were women. Hillary scares the hell out of the Republicans because in their actions they have been always on the wrong side of women’s issues no matter how much they deny it.

    1. Louis Allen March 11, 2015

      “A woman as President is long overdue.”

      Wow! ANOTHER liberal/leftist/”progressive”/socialist idiot.

      Let me tell you, a Mexican-American as President is long overdue!
      A Homosexual as President is long overdue!
      A Lesbian as President is long overdue!
      A Hispanic as President is long overdue!
      A transsexual as President is long overdue!
      A Chinese-American as President is long overdue!
      A Cuban-American as President is long overdue!
      Is that how you ignorant idiots reason?
      P.S. – Forget about “qualifications”; look at our president now: NO qualifications; came out of nowhere.
      Bye, ps0rjl85r67ff#3$5%ê#3 !!

      1. Daniel Jones March 11, 2015

        Dear Louis:

        President Obama has many qualifications, you can’t see past his skin shade. You can start with his parentage, making the whole birther thing completely nonsensical.

        I am not an idiot.
        Hilary has seen the business of being President by the side of her husband, Bill, and knows the ins and outs of the Presidency perhaps better than anyone living that hasn’t been President yet, save perhaps other First Ladies.
        How’s that for qualifications?

        1. Louis Allen March 12, 2015

          Dear Daniel:
          1) Obama’s skin shade has nothing to do with my assertion to the effect that he came out of nowhere and had no “record” whatsoever of any notable achievements. You leftists resort to the “race card” so as to rebut ANY kind of criticism of Obama, no matter how valid.
          2) I don’t know you so I can not honestly say that you are an idiot. I AM saying that the statement “A woman as President is long overdue.”, without ANY regard to a SPECIFIC woman’s QUALIFICATIONS, is a completely IDIOTIC remark and constitutes a “telltale” sign that the person making the statement (“ps0rjl” in this case) IS a perfect IDIOT.
          3) I could, to a point, agree with you that Hillary’s qualifications are “increased” by the fact that she was the First Lady for 8 years. The problem is that those kinds of “qualifications” are good but NOT sufficient. You also need moral qualifications (what is called a moral “compass”), which I think she clearly lacks.
          How’s that for an answer?

          1. JPHALL March 14, 2015


          2. Louis Allen March 14, 2015

            JP: It is YOUR comment that is not very good and which IN NO WAY addresses, much less counteract, my previous comment to the effect that:
            ” … the statement ‘A woman as President is long overdue.’, without ANY regard to a SPECIFIC woman’s QUALIFICATIONS, is a completely IDIOTIC remark and constitutes a “telltale” sign that the person making the statement (“ps0rjl” in this case) IS a perfect IDIOT.”

      2. Rosemary B March 13, 2015

        You have lost it. This is the US we need an American President only. Mexico sure not allowing an American to run things in their country, so oh hell no, white or black only!

        1. Louis Allen March 14, 2015

          Rose: Methinks it is you, dear, that has “lost it”.
          Do I notice a “shade” of bigotry in your reasoning?
          White or black only?!
          You are not following (as strictly as you should) your liberal/leftist/”progressive” political correctness.
          Now, dear, go back to the bathroom and wash your mouth with plenty of soap.

    2. dpaano March 27, 2015

      My worry is that if Hillary wins the presidency (if???), they will do the same to her that they did to President Obama….be determined to make her a one-term president! These people have no scruples when it comes to politics!!! But, I think they will have met their match with Hillary….she knows her way around them!

  21. John West March 12, 2015

    I’m so ready for Hillary, millions of us are, there are more now than ever….those 18 million plus cracks will soon be more than double! Hillary is superbly qualified, has shown that she can take the brunt of billions of dollars of RIGHT WING attacks and propaganda and still be light years ahead in the polls and the hearts of people. She works hard, takes hit after hit, and shows grit and determination. Something most AMERICANS have in good measure everyday. She has tenacity and that is something America will need to make it through to the next epoch of American greatness!

  22. bernieo March 12, 2015

    You are being too hard on the MSM. How can we expect the NY Times take the time to find out if Hillary broke any laws before publishing an article that clearly implied she did. That would take work.
    I do have one serious complaint. This treatment is not reserved for the Clintons. The media gleefully went along with clearly dishonest attacks on Al Gore that had nothing to do with the Clinton’s. They just hated him for being boring and more knowledgeable than they were. How else explain their fawning over the clearly incompetent Bush because he would be more fun to have a beer with? Clinton, Gore and Carter are all smarter than the Kool Kids at Beltway High. Kerry, too. Obama was the one exception but he was a cool guy which helped a lot.


    If Democrats buy into the belief that this is something limited to the Clintons they will use that as a reason to find another candidate. The right will trash him or her, too, and the MSM will almost surely play along. And if Jeb is the candidate the media will give him the same favorable treatment they always give the Bushes. I clearly remember how they let Poppy get away with lying about his deep involvement in the contra op. Now they are selling Jeb the neocon PNAC member to the general public as a moderate. His crooked business associates (Camilo Padreda, Miguel Recarey)? Getting his daddy to release the terrorist Orlando Bosch? Old news, move on people. I am still looking for an explanation for the kid glove treatment the Bush family repeatedly get.

    1. Bill Cat March 18, 2015

      Yes the same media that published everything Cheney/Bush wanted leading us to start a miserable murderous and expensive war in Iraq on fake WMD… you would be expecting way too much for them to do anything but squeal like the pack of hyennas they are when a fake Clinton email scandal is waved in front of their noses. Facts.. we don’t need no stinkin facts..

  23. Bill Cat March 18, 2015

    Best write up yet.


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