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For NYPD, No Defense For The Indefensible

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For NYPD, No Defense For The Indefensible

New York Police Department officers pay their respects as the procession of their fellow officer Wenjian Liu passes by in New York's borough of Brooklyn on January 4, 2015

This should not even need saying, but obviously, it does. So, for the record:

To oppose police brutality is not to oppose police. No one with a brain stands against police when they do the dangerous and often dirty job of safeguarding life and property. But no one with a conscience should stand for them when they assault or kill some unarmed, unthreatening somebody under color of authority.

Support good cops, oppose bad ones: You’d think that a self-evident imperative. But it turns out some of us are unwilling to make the distinction. For them, the valor of the good cops renders the bad cops immune to criticism.

As you’ve no doubt heard, an unstable man named Ismaaiyl Brinsley went cop hunting in Brooklyn on Dec. 20. He randomly shot to death two police officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, in retaliation for the unpunished police killings of two unarmed African-American men in Ferguson, Missouri, and Staten Island, New York.

What followed was tiresomely predictable. Erick Erickson of Fox “News” said President Obama and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio had “all but encouraged retaliation” against police. Rudy Giuliani accused the president and the mayor of putting forth propaganda that “everybody should hate the police.” The National Review Online blamed Obama and de Blasio for creating a “racially charged, rabidly anti-police” atmosphere.

It might be hard to tell from that superheated rhetoric, but the sin they refer to is as follows: Obama and de Blasio called for reform as people vigorously protested the Staten Island and Ferguson killings.

Tempting and easy as it might be to deconstruct all that right-wing drivel, what should truly trouble us is the behavior of the police in the wake of the shooting. Meaning those New York cops who pointedly turned their backs on the mayor as he spoke at Ramos’ and Liu’s funerals. The NYPD has also engaged in a work slowdown — arrests, tickets and summonses down sharply over the last two weeks.

With this temper tantrum, this turning its back on the representative of the people it serves, the NYPD shames itself, shames its profession, and dishonors the memory of its slain men. It also, paradoxically, makes stronger the case for reform.

What other profession behaves this way? Do good lawyers see an attack on bad lawyers as an attack on them all? Are good firefighters threatened by criticism of incompetent ones? Yet this behavior is routine among police — something to keep in mind when we talk reform.

It’s all well and good to say we need body cams, but that’s just a start. As the cases of Rodney King in Los Angeles and Eric Garner in Staten Island make apparent, a visual record is useless if people are unwilling to see what is right in front of them. And yes, there should also be some state-level mechanism for a special prosecutor in cases like these, so we are never again asked to believe impartial justice can be meted out to a given cop by people in the local courthouse who work with him every day.

But the behavior of New York cops, their righteous pique at the idea of being questioned by the people they work for, suggests another needed reform. We must find ways to change police culture so that it becomes easier for cops to police themselves, to name and shame the brutal or trigger-happy incompetents among them.

Yes, that will be much easier said than done: In no other job might your life depend tomorrow on the colleague you stand up against today. But the alternative is this status quo wherein police are effectively above the law they swear to uphold.

Where bad cops cannot be questioned, good cops cannot be trusted — and all cops are undermined.

There’s something else that should not need saying, but does.

Leonard Pitts is a columnist for The Miami Herald, 1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Fla., 33132. Readers may contact him via email at lpitts@miamiherald.com.

AFP Photo/Jewel Samad

Leonard Pitts Jr.

Leonard Pitts Jr. is a nationally syndicated commentator, journalist, and novelist. Pitts' column for the Miami Herald deals with the intersection between race, politics, and culture, and has won him multiple awards including a Pulitzer Prize in 2004.

The highly regarded novel, Freeman (2009), is his most recent book.

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  1. pattreid January 7, 2015

    Bravo. Well said and rational.

    1. joe schmo January 7, 2015

      Rational? Wow….need to stop smoking whatever it is that is scorching your brain. Bad is good and good is bad……

  2. jamesowens January 7, 2015

    how about the childish an contemptibly rude behavior in the halls of justice by the men who are supposed to be the leaders when they scream out during a speech and call the leader of our nation a liar. if this had happened during the
    bush cheney regime it woud have been labeled unpatriotic and aiding the terrorists

    1. kenndeb January 7, 2015

      How about when we have a lying tyrant instead of a President? Liberals and supporters of this regime are treasonous, and unpatriotic.

      1. jamesowens January 7, 2015

        kenndum again you enter a conversation with innuendos and your skewed opinions and not a fact or an original idea- go back to the orielly support group and worship at the feet of the master bser

        1. joe schmo January 7, 2015

          That was a ‘ an contemptibly’ obnoxious comment. Since the fight is against authority and promotes lawlessness in the case of the victims, I see relevance and justification in what the police did.

          Oh and by the way, this never would have happened during the Bush/Cheney regime because they did not promote this type of behavior.

          1. jamesowens January 8, 2015

            for once you are correct – afer bush/ cheney started the unjust war for their profit if anyone spoke out about it they were called traitiors and supportng the enemy and would have ended up in guantanamo noone was allowed free speech during heir cheney regime

      2. Charles van Rotterdam January 7, 2015

        Kendunce, I’m a great believer in free speech however while you have the right to peddle nonsense, you do not have the right to peddle nonsense as truth.
        Now go and stroll down to the local mental health clinic and book yourself in.

        1. kenndeb January 7, 2015

          I wonder how long you brainwashed worshippers of the Emperor will last under martial law?

  3. Theodora30 January 7, 2015

    Good cops should oppose bad cops but humans have never been good about speaking against their own. when was the last time you heard doctors or lawyer speaking out against the bad apples in their profession. The military excuses abuses or just blames underlings. And then there is the Catholic Church’s response to the sex abuses scandal…….

    1. SibyllasStuff January 7, 2015

      This is so true – in all professions (don’t they call it “professional courtesy” ) I guess I am not surprised at the knee jerk reaction of some online comments here. Such racism.

    2. klhayes January 7, 2015

      Good point. It does occur in all professions. I think our jobs become very meshed with our identities and we see any complaint toward the profession as a threat to ourselves, even if we are on of the “good guys”.

  4. Paul Bass January 7, 2015

    Bad behavior in other profession do not justify good cops defending bad cops.
    Police are NOT above the law, not other profession (except politicians) is seen so blatantly ignoring the “serve” part of their job. Protecting good cops legal rights do NOT mean we have to ignore the felonious behavior of bad cops.

    1. Elliot J. Stamler January 7, 2015

      Nobody advocates protecting cop felons. Show me someone–anyone, who does? Both Wilson and Pantaleo are not felons–they were not even indicted for any crime. In the Brown case, that hulking, vicious, violent criminal who tried to murder Wilson got just what he deserved; in Garner’s case here in my home city,it was his own doing that brought about his own death. If, being on probation and with a long, long criminal record, he had OBEYED THE LAW and peacefully submitted to arrest…which is the legal duty of every arrestee, he’d be alive today. Personally I only wish somehow Sharpton had died too.

      1. Paul Bass January 7, 2015

        I didn’t say they were felons, I said “felonious behavior of bad cops”.
        Of course cops are NOT going to be charged with felons, especially if the grand juries never ever charge (indict) EVEN BAD cops.

        1. whodatbob January 7, 2015

          True, you did not say the cops were felons. By saying, “felonious behavior of bad cops”, you have inferred that both men are felons and bad cops. Even holder has dropped federal investigations into Patrolman Wilson’s case stating there is no evidence of wrongdoing by officer Wilson.

      2. mjw1952 January 7, 2015

        Mike Brown did not have a extensive criminal record. You people need to learn to use google. http://www.snopes.com/politics/crime/brown.asp

        1. Elliot J. Stamler January 8, 2015

          I didn’t write he did; you need to read carefully. Garner had an extensive record. Brown had a record but not extensive-efforts are now being made in Missouri to unseal his juvenile criminal court record to get get the details of the crimes he committed as a “minor.”

  5. joe schmo January 7, 2015

    Again, another whopper article. Complete lack and disrespect for authority. How many police officers do you really think there are that are guilty of ‘police brutality?’ Very few. How many do you suppose target ethnic groups? Very few. I know this because we have family in law enforcement. These men are following the rule of law in this country. They are there to protect us from criminals. One of my in-laws was on the Santa Barbara campus after Elliot Rodger went on his killing spree. As he stood watch over the situation a young student crossed the police line. When my in-law told him to get out of there, the student told him to ‘F’ off. The kid was immediately arrested. Now you tell me, was that O.K.? This is only one example of a complete lack of authority nowadays.

    Having watched COPS, I cannot see how these men keep their composure when dealing with lunatics. The only time I have ever seen them get a little more strong armed is when the criminal does not do what they are told. Who is more to blame the cop or the criminal? I suppose you all believe individuals like Ismaaiyl Brinsley, Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, and Rodney King were completely innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever? If that’s the case then we may as well get rid of law enforcement altogether.

    For your information, Hold em Up, Obummer, Sharpton (Obama’s right hand man), De Blastoff ARE all guilty of speaking against the police and military as well. This is where I go from thinking you not only nuts but that you no longer have any sanity left. It’s the thinking of the dippy hippies of the 60’s. The nutcases of American history. Only the newer ‘trewpies’ and ‘tweekers’ are more violent than their former brethren which is a bit more scary.

    I will post this article again:

    “Nearly 50% of all black males will be arrested by the age of 23.These statistics, compiled by four college professors between the years 1997-2008, were published in the January 6 edition of the journal Crime & Delinquency.

    A 2012 study by the Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention revealed that in 2010 black youths committed six times more murders, three times more rapes, 10 times more robberies and three timesmore assaults than did their white counterparts.

    Similar statistics were released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) inthe “Uniform Crime Reports.”They determined, “In the year 2008, black
    youths, who make up 16% of the youth population, accounted for 52% of juvenile violent crime arrests,including 58% for homicide and 67% for robbery.” By contrast, the only categories where white youths surpassed blacks were in liquor law violations and driving under the influence.

    Even black civil rights advocates such as Van Jones, President Barack Obama’s former green jobs czar, confirmed these findings. In his October 5, 2005 article, “Are Blacks a Criminal Race?” Jones wrote, “African American youth represent 32% of all weapons arrests [and] were arrested for aggravated assault at a rate nearly three times that of whites.”

    Although few publications other than AFP have the courage to buck political correctness and address the actualities of this social cancer in a
    forthright manner, in a 2011 speech Philadelphia’s black Mayor Michael
    Nutter offered the following admonishment to black youths:

    “You have damaged your own race,” he said. “Take those damned hoodies down. Pull your pants up and buy a belt because no one wants to see your
    underwear or the crack of your butt.”

    Summarizing this entire matter was former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy who, on September 30, 2005 declared:

    “Some identifiable groups . . . commit crime at a rate that is higher than
    the national rate. Blacks are such a group. That is simply a fact.”

    Unfortunately, you fail to see the truth for what it is…..

    Why not encourage a stringent education system for poor Blacks. Why not
    set up tough programs to help them succeed. Why not have positive role
    models like Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain or David Webb or any other
    successful African American role model become a Black child’s hero.
    This delusional notion of thinking that everyone should fix the Ghetto
    problem is a misnomer. It starts with the Black community and not with
    the likes of someone like Al Sharpton who seems to transcend us back to a time before Civil Rights. It’s time to rethink the wheel.

    1. CPAinNewYork January 7, 2015

      Your statistics are compelling: They seem to tell us that if we eliminate the black problem, we’ll have a better population in America.


      1. joe schmo January 7, 2015

        No, since there is much more Black on Black they are bent on eliminating themselves. The police were always there to protect the innocent bystanders. Now that their hands are being tied this will no longer be the case. As a result there will be more African American deaths. Is that what YOU really want?

        1. johninPCFL January 7, 2015

          From 2010 FBI crime statistics: “Whites are 6 times as likely to be murdered by another white person as by a black person; and overall, the percentage of white Americans who will be murdered by a black offender in a given year is only 2/10,000ths of 1 percent (0.0002). This means that only 1 in every 500,000 white people will be murdered by a black person in a given year. Although the numbers of black-on-white homicides are higher than the reverse (447 to 218 in 2010), the 218 black victims of white murderers is actually a higher percentage of the black population interracially killed than the 447 white victims of black murderers as a percentage of the white population (218 out of 30 million is a larger number than 447 out of 250 million.) In fact, any given black person is 2.75 times as likely to be murdered by a white person as any given white person is to be murdered by an African American.”
          “When the Bureau of Justice Statistics collected homicidal rates from 1980 to 2008, they found that compared to Blacks, Whites were more likely to kill children, the elderly, family members, and their significant others. They commit more sex-related crimes, gang related crimes, and are more likely to kill at their places of employment.”

    2. mjw1952 January 7, 2015

      They why are the police supporting those who are abusive? All the article is saying is that they should not do that and police/community relations will be better, And maybe you should have read Van Jones’ article, because he is not saying what you think. He is saying Blacks are arrested more often and do worse in the judicial system. You can’t quote one sentence and claim it proves your point when the entire article says the exact opposite. The entire quote is ” According to the Center on Disease Control’s annual Youth Risk Behavior Survey, in 2001 whites and African Americans reported similar rates of carrying a weapon (whites 17.9%, African Americans 15.2%), and similar rates of carrying a gun (whites 5.5%, and African Americans, 6.5%). [10] African American youth represent 32% of all weapons arrests, and were arrested for weapons offenses at a rate twice that of whites (69 per 100,000, versus 30 per 100,000). [11]”
      “Contrary to popular assumption, at all three grade levels African American youth have substantially lower rates of use of most licit and illicit drugs than do Whites.”
      — Monitoring the Future Survey, 2004.
      Table 1: African Americans Make Up Nearly Half the Youth Detained for Drug Offenses, But Use Drugs at the Same Rate as Whites.

    3. Buffalo Bill January 7, 2015

      ” How many police officers do you really think there are that are guilty
      of ‘police brutality?’ Very few. How many do you suppose target
      ethnic groups? Very few. I know this because we have family in law

      It’s an error in logic to use a sample to define a population. That you’ve not seen it does not mean it does not exist.

  6. Danny Adams January 7, 2015

    Yes, do explain the need to respect authority while you have your backs turned to the mayor.

  7. Fingerlakes54 January 7, 2015

    Disrespect for authority? Those who work in public service including cops are allowed to have authority because citizens give them authority. If the public says no to something—then they must respect the authority of the citizens. We the public own the streets and the government–Cops work for us –not the other way around. Isn’t there anyone out there that understands American History? We don’t want unjust treatment—that’s why we threw the British out of here—not once but twice.

    1. kenndeb January 7, 2015

      This disrespect is being taught by the liberal indoctrination centers that are called schools.

      1. johninPCFL January 7, 2015

        Yes we learned in school about that most liberal of documents, The Declaration of Independence. It specifically espoused defiance of authority. Then was followed up by another liberal document: The Constitution. It issued with 10 amendments, the second of which details the means of defiance.

        1. joe schmo January 7, 2015

          That’s your sides MODERN interpretation.

          As it stands and has always stood for decades, the 2nd amendment was there to protect the individual and also protect the body of America from a treasonous government. Much like the one that is infiltrating us today. I grew up knowing that WE as American citizens had the right to have guns. Never had these problems when I was growing up. Why do you suppose that is? I think it is because of Liberal laws, the degradation of family values, less principles and the lack of responsibility for your actions.

          Trust me, the pendulum always swings back to the right of ethics. Criminal intent and lawlessness never prevail.

          1. johninPCFL January 7, 2015

            English is such a challenge…
            If you’re implying that only one group has that opinion, then it’s “side’s”. If there are several groups, any of which may hold that opinion, then it’s “sides’ “.
            “has always stood for decades” is incorrect on many fronts. Try again with emphasis on correctness instead of emotion.
            As stated in the Constitution, the second amendment exists for the defense of the country, “well regulated militia” being the operable phrase. This is reinforced by the requirement that Congressional acts regarding the Army are limited to two years duration, and the fact that previous limitations on gun ownership and use from the founding of the country up through the 1930s were upheld by the courts. The other extensions put in place so that criminals and the mentally ill are encouraged and permitted unfettered access to murder machines may be relegated to the “Dred Scott” bin of error.

          2. charleo1 January 7, 2015

            Joe, which side of this argument are you on? First it was your full throated support of respecting authority. So much so, that to question authority is tantamount to inciting mayhem. Then you insist that your guns might be necessary to shoot that authority, if it ever gets to inflicting any tyranny, and oppression. So I gotta ask. Before you change your mind from undying
            loyalty to the Police. To seeing them as jack booted enforcers of gov. oppression against the people. Do you ever plan on criticizing them first? At all?

      2. joe schmo January 7, 2015

        Yup, the ‘uber’ Communist think tanks are trying their damndest to indoctrinate our youth. I just finished my masters as an older student. I saw first hand what they try to do. My undergrad history teacher was a Communist and some of the GE classes that I was MADE to attend in both my undergrad and grad studies were definitely geared toward swaying innocent young minds. Fortunately for me, I am older and I was brought up by LEGAL European immigrants who spoke a lot about politics along with the fact that we had lots of family in Europe. This type of Leftist behavior did not influence me. In fact, it only intensified my belief system.

        1. Chuckl8 January 7, 2015

          “swaying innocent young minds.”?
          Now, THAT’S funny!
          If you’re college age, your mind is certainly neither young nor innocent. The entire rationale for higher education is to hear and read – and hopefully understand – a wide variety of opinions, most of them not necessarily mirroring your own opinions. That’s the point.
          A point which you obviously missed.
          I would advise you to find an attorney and sue whichever university you attended, since they obviously didn’t get through to you.

          1. johninPCFL January 7, 2015

            Unless it was Oral Roberts “University”, in which case his brainwashing was complete.

          2. joe schmo January 8, 2015

            WTF, hear and read, learn by doing. Yah, forced to hear and read. My communist History teacher made us read a book he had written. I hated it.

            You would think these kids are not naive yet, they are certainly still vulnerable. Why do you think young men are recruited for the military? Many young people are still being swayed by the colleges today. Trust me on that one. Which reminds me of the fact that they are one of the groups Liberals prey on until they grow up and become smarter.

            I finished my thesis in 2012. I’m old enough to know what the hell is going on in the Universities. All of them. I went to two different schools. One very expensive and specialized. We still were fed the same garbage. Not sure where your education level is at or when you got it but it doesn’t seem you got anything out of it.

            I’m not in the practice of suing anyone. That’s part of the problem with this country. Namely, lawyers. Thank God I didn’t get brainwashed by ‘the cooperative.’ At least I can think for myself. Knowledge is power:)

          3. Chuckl8 January 8, 2015

            My suggestion that you sue your schools was obviously a joke, which went right over your head. That should tell you something about yourself.

            As far as your story about hating a book you had to read, that lesson apparently went right over your head, too, since upper education isn’t meant to simply feed you stuff you like and agree with, but rather stuff to make you think and decide for yourself.

            I’ve had professors on the Left, the Right, and the middle, and everywhere in between. I have purposely sought-out classes taught by those I strongly disagreed with, just to hear their views.

            In your years at university, you apparently never learned the definition of the word itself: Latin: universitas, “a whole”, meaning you’re offered an in-depth look at everything; all sides of subjects, and not just those you happen to agree with.

            Sadly, you missed that very important detail in your years at school.

        2. Buffalo Bill January 7, 2015

          You just happen to be immune to that so-called “indoctrination” while most others are not. Sure, mac, sure.

          1. joe schmo January 8, 2015

            Fortunately I was. My parents did a good job. My father escaped Communism so I know all about that regime. That is why he believe so strongly in American capitalism. I have also taught at the university level. I know exactly how bias and indoctrinating schools are. We need more Conservative professors and teachers to balance out the odds. It’s only fair:)

            Apparently, you are the victim of a secular education run amuck.

  8. CPAinNewYork January 7, 2015

    Pitts is a black reporter with an agenda. He represents the blacks who want to get some payback for the centuries of oppression to which their ancestors were subjected.

    It won’t work. Blacks are only ten percent of the American population and are at the bottom of the economic and social ladder. Their leaders, like bigmouth Al Sharpton, are crooks who don’t even pay their organizations’ payroll taxes. Sharpton’s NAN owes $1,300,000 in delinquent payroll deductions and taxes and he is delinquent by $3,000,000 on his own taxes. The blacks will have to work to get their share of the American economic pie.

    As to the cops’ disrespect of DeBlasio: It’s well deserved. DeBlasio is a jackass who picked a fight with the Police and is now paying the price. DeBlasio is hardly detached from this fight: he’s married to a black woman and has named Al Sharpton as his “advisor.”

    Just as an aside: Have I missed Al Sharpton’s attendance at the wakes for the two assassinated police officers? I’ve not heard much from him at all in the past week.

    1. Elliot J. Stamler January 7, 2015

      Of course you have not missed attendance by Sharpton at the wakes of the police officers. Al Sharpton has NEVER attended any funeral of any white (or asian) victim of black crime nor has he ever denounced convicted black criminals. I live in NYC where we know Sharpton. He is the #1 racist in the city if not the country. I would like Leonard Pitts, another black citizen with chips on both shoulders, to ever bluntly write about the fact that with 11-12% of the population blacks account for over 45% of violent crime. These are fact not racism. Hopefully we will be rid of DeBlasio in 3 more years..I guarantee he will have a tough Democratic primary.

      1. joe schmo January 7, 2015

        In the senate, let’s add Reidtard to that list. I hear from my sibling who lives in Las Vegas that the running governor (who Nevada loves) will be running against him in the next election:) Fat chance on Peloser. I live in California. The land of the fruits and nuts.

        Yes, and I have heard what you are claiming before. Nice to hear it from a New Yorker…. How these lunatics, who in the last Presidency were merely thought of as dopes, rose to fame under Obama. Tells you a little about where Obama is coming from doesn’t it….

      2. mjw1952 January 7, 2015

        How about all of you who call Sharpton a racist provide us with one racist statement he has made. Because, you do not have to choose between races, it’s not either/or, you can support all races. And Sharpton supports the poor of America more than every single conservative activist in America.

    2. joe schmo January 7, 2015

      LOL, Isn’t it odd how Sharpton, at the very beginning of his rise to fame, was not even acknowledged by his own people….. They thought he was a money grubbing idiot. He needs to go back to the 60’s and stay there. Oh, my mistake, I guess he already has. So much for progress…..

    3. mike January 7, 2015

      Don’t forget Sharpton is the point man for Obama on race relations and at the side of De Blasio.
      De Blasio believes that there is injustice among his own police force and they are instruments of oppression rather than protection. Their lives matter and they have every right to voice their dislike of the majors statements.

      1. CPAinNewYork January 7, 2015

        I know thta deBlasio designated Sharpton as his adviser, but I didn’t know that Obama had also given Sharpton some race-related status like that. Are you sure of your facts on this?

        1. mike January 7, 2015

          Good question!
          As an official title no, but after some 72+ visits to the WH being in contact with the WH during Ferguson he might as well have a title.

          Read the article and when you get to “go-to man on race” click on it and read the article. That will answer you question better.

          1. mjw1952 January 7, 2015

            Maybe you should have read this article before posting it. Giuliani is given one Pinocchio for not telling the truth about Sharpton’s visits. The actual number is around 72 due to duplications and the breakdown is below. So he had five one-on-one meetings with the President.: To recap, of Sharpton’s 72 meetings:
            One-on-one meetings: 5 (7 percent)
            Meetings with staff members or senior advisers, with more than one guest: 20 (27 percent)
            Events with more than 90 people: 16 (22 percent)
            Miscellaneous meetings or events, ranging from 3 to 700 guests: 31 (43 percent)

          2. mike January 7, 2015

            Maybe you should have read my post. I said 72 and the one pinocchio was for the 85 number and Giuliani saying “close adviser”. Read the damn article.
            I see you didn’t click on Politico’s magazine portion talking about Sharpton’s “go-to man on race” by Obama. Read their interview with Sharpton.
            Now follow closely, Read down to where you see Politico says “go-to man on race”, read the article.

          3. mjw1952 January 7, 2015

            Again, your post said he had five one-on-one visits with the President. And what is wrong with Sharpton anyways? He is not racist, but almost every republican considering running for president is. I challenge you to show me racist statements he has made.

          4. mike January 7, 2015

            What the heck are you smoking??? No where any of my posts is “five one on one visits”, Those are your comments.
            Sharpton’s own words


          5. mjw1952 January 8, 2015

            The article you posted said he had five one-on one visits with the President, not 82, not 72, not 60. And showing a picture of someone and an unrelated video of someone talking does not prove it is that person. There are clearly several different voices on this tape. Again, what has he said that was racist. Did he say deny white people the vote, take their jobs away, all white people are evil or criminals or anything racist? No.

          6. joe schmo January 8, 2015

            At this point what difference does it make? We ALL know he is in the White House pockets. He is getting the recognition he has been wanting all his life. We all know Sharpton is Obama’s right hand jester. Guess he’s trying to pay off the 4.5 million of taxes he owes the government by helping the Emperor out.

            “It was a heady consultation for Sharpton, who spent years on the outside dreaming of a place in the pantheon of the civil rights leaders he revered as a teenage street preacher in Brooklyn, and it’s an irony lost on no one that his rise to White House adviser has come thanks to Barack Obama, whose restrained personal style couldn’t be any more
            different from Sharpton’s. If anything, the Ferguson crisis has underscored Sharpton’s role as the national black leader Obama leans on most, a remarkable personal and political transformation for a man once regarded with suspicion and disdain by many in his own party. It’s a status made all the more surprising given that Obama, America’s first
            black president, ran on a platform of moving beyond the country’s painful racial divisions while Sharpton is the man who once defined
            those divisions for many Americans.

            What brought them together, according to numerous sources I’ve spoken with about this over the years, is a shared commitment to racial justice, and a hardheaded pragmatism that has fueled their success. “He realized I wasn’t as irrational or as crazy as people thought,” Sharpton told me in an
            interview this week, and indeed Sharpton not only visits the White House frequently, he often texts or emails with senior Obama officials such as Jarrett and Attorney General Eric Holder, the first African American to hold that job and who, like Sharpton, views the Ferguson crisis as a pivotal one in Obama’s presidency.”

            Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/08/al-sharpton-obama-race-110249.html#ixzz3OCuCREBp

          7. mike January 8, 2015

            One more time! I never specifically said “five one-on-one”, I said 72 vists to the WH, the same number used by the WP.
            As to Sharpton. Really!!! Not him?? Now you have me chuckling. You need to go back to what ever universe you came from.
            Al Sharpton is a race baiter,race monger, race hustler, shake down artist.
            He is a racist, anti-semite, using words like “white interloper” to discribe jews, saying “if jews want to get it on, tell them to put their Yarmulkes back on and come over to my house”.
            As to white remarks, “White folks was in caves while we built empires…………….”.

          8. jamesowens January 8, 2015

            no sense in arguing they only hear what they believe and make up the rest- gop philosophy.

    4. nana4gj January 7, 2015

      Doing the job as Mayor that a mayor was elected by the people to do, is not “picking a fight with the police”. Your attitude is the problem. Similarly, if you and yours had a less than positive encounter w/police, you would be the first to scream about it.

      What I would love to know is why is it we have not heard of more people being stopped and questioned who are open-carrying their guns in public places?

      1. CPAinNewYork January 8, 2015

        If Numbnuts DiBlasio and his half-witted police commissioner had supported stop and frisk, we’d have many fewer guns on the street.

        We may come to the point where anyone found carrying an unlicensed weapon may be subject to summary execution by the police.

    5. Buffalo Bill January 7, 2015

      “The blacks” – that’s mighty white of you.

  9. Don Nemerov January 7, 2015

    pathetic article, now Ferguson/Staten Island are termed “killings”; maybe “executions” will be the guy’s next phrase. Deaths are tragic events, the police do not wake up in the morning thinking “who do I get to kill today.” this type of writing is poisonous. He also does not understand how hierarchy works – if you are a leader, you never throw someone under the bus publicly who works for you; take them to the woodshed in private if you must. This is where the NYC mayor erred and he will pay for it the rest of his term.

    1. nana4gj January 7, 2015

      I disagree. A public leader, who has the responsibility and duty to ALL of his constituents and people he serves, must be publicly responsive to ALL of them. Publicly avowing the need for reform in all aspects of law enforcement, including recruitment, education, training, accountability, is addressing the needs of ALL, and is not so “novel”, as events prove it is a requirement.

      Being criticized and condemned for admitting publicly that a public figure has “had the talk” with their teen son about how to behave in the presence of a questioning police officer, is very lame. One does not have to be a parent of a black teen to have this talk. It is something we all teach our sons and daughters, that of respect and deference to law enforcement, though it is an absolute part of parenting with parents of black children, historically. Many black men of all walks of life have admitted to having been stopped and questioned for no good reason whatsoever. My own white son was stopped all of the time as a high schooler by local police simply because he was one of the first to drive a Jeep, an old broken down jeep he rebuilt from the motor to the exterior by himself in our driveway. He felt harrassed, as he was always asked to step out of the car as it, and he and his friends, were searched. I had to have “the talk” w/him. I see nothing “insulting” or to hold a grudge against this Mayor or anyone else for having stated the obvious.

      Anyone not looking for a “fight”, or with a chip on his shoulders, or who has an agenda of his own, would think it a helpful thing for parents to do as part of their parenting, ie, teach their children to respect the authority of the policeman. Of course, we assume that authority of a policeman will be used appropriately, don’t we, and, when it suggests it is not, that there is accountability.

      1. Don Nemerov January 9, 2015

        If all he had done was mention his “talk” with his son, perhaps
        I could see your point. However, that isn’t the point. First, he ranted quite a
        bit more on the topic, and then he also picked the absolutely wrong time to
        vent. Anyway, most of the NYPD appears to agree with my, not your, view, that
        is the bottom line & is the final “upward evaluation” of his leadership. He
        is fish bait with them, and it will take a lot of work on his part to get back
        to anything functional. Trust is built up over time, and killed in an instant. Academic
        discourse about a conversation isn’t relevant to leadership.

        1. nana4gj January 9, 2015

          Whether or not the NYPD appears to agree with you view, and not mine, is irrelevant, since they have destroyed their credibility and trust in them with their behaviors when and since they choked a man to death.

  10. Chuckl8 January 7, 2015

    The last two sentences seem to have been transposed. It makes more sense this way;

    “There’s something else that should not need saying, but does.”
    “Where bad cops cannot be questioned, good cops cannot be trusted — and all cops are undermined.”

  11. dana becker January 7, 2015

    “But the behavior of New York cops, their righteous pique at the idea of being questioned by the people they work for, suggests another needed reform. We must find ways to change police culture so that it becomes easier for cops to police themselves, to name and shame the brutal or trigger-happy incompetents among them.”

    Too right. They are upset because the people question their authority to kill with impunity and blame others for demanding accountability. They have no one to blame but themselves, the cops, for what is going on. They created this situation by killing people whenever they want, or rape them, or rob them or whatever else they wish to do with people and then they lie and write false reports. It is disgusting and until that changes the people will demand change or they will kill more cops until the message is received.

    1. joe schmo January 8, 2015

      Give me a break, your comment is totally ridiculous. Your Man in office and his henchmen created this problem. Not the police who are just doing their job. If you recall Guilliani made the NY police force one of the toughest in the U.S. As a result crime went down. I predict…..New York is going to be so crime ridden by the time DeBlastOff finishes with it that your head will spin.

  12. earlwatters January 7, 2015

    leave the cops alone and let them do there jobs next time you need a cop call sharpton or obama as you breath your last breath

    1. johninPCFL January 7, 2015

      Of course, Eric Garner was begging with his last breath for the cops killing him to be allowed to breathe.

      1. joe schmo January 8, 2015

        Why didn’t he just put his hands behind his back and comply? We’ve even gotten pulled over and interrogated, we just answered the questions and were allowed to move on. So what.

        1. Shawn S January 8, 2015

          So your argument would mean that if you chose to not answer those questions when you were pulled over then being killed by the questioning officer would have been ok.

    2. nana4gj January 7, 2015

      Another extremist, histrionic response that serves no one, including police, well.

    3. Shawn S January 7, 2015

      If they were all doing their job correctly there wouldn’t be an issue in the first place. Don’t blame citizens for expecting them to protect us which is what they are being paid to do. Why even bring Obama and Sharpton into it? Are they police chiefs? My tax money goes to pay police to protect me so I will call them not Obama or Sharpton. It’s their job.

      1. joe schmo January 7, 2015

        They are doing their job correctly. It’s the likes of race batiers like Hold em Up, Sharptongue, Obammy, and DeBlastOff that are causing the problems.

        1. Shawn S January 8, 2015

          Why don’t you show a little respect for the commander in chief and put your racism aside. You are blindly supporting police officers whom you don’t even know personally and yet want to disrespect the president because of his race. You aren’t making a good case for your opinions.

          1. jamesowens January 8, 2015

            ignore him he he never makes sense

  13. nana4gj January 7, 2015

    I could not agree more than what is expressed so succinctly in this article. The behavior of these cops, and their unions, serves only to support the prevailing perception based on the many recent incidences, that police need reform, from recruitment, hiring, training, monitoring, reporting, and discipline, when needed. A good start would be to curtail the power of those unions, represented by the rabid dog, Lynch, in NYPD’s union, who is the poster boy for bully cops. He represents the cops who are better identified as “thugs” rather than he does the cops who enforce the law and serve to protect.

    If, in their “work stoppage” it is determined that little difference in crime happens, then, can we assume the quantity of NYPD forces is not as needed as is the quality?

    I also do not agree that any institution can evaluate itself. In the case of police and law enforcement, a citizens’ committee may be an effective counterbalance to unions and judicial systems who take care of their own. One would hope that a Grand Jury serves as a kind of citizens’ panel, yet that is not a certainty. A Grand Jury can be only as good as the DA office it relies upon for the management of it, obviously.

    There is something inherently amiss when any institution, be it healthcare providers, auto manufacturers, chemical plants, big oil companies, or police departments and unions, believe there is never any room for improvement or reform, much less any accountability for damages that ensue from their practices as human beings, subject to so many limitations and errors by the mere fact that they are human.

  14. Shawn S January 7, 2015

    The real issue is what exactly is a police officers job? They are being armed and paid by our tax dollars so they are to be looking out for the tax payers best interests. The hiring process needs to be fine tuned. There needs to be routine physical and mental evaluations. If the police are going to be armed and equiped as para militaty units, which they no doubt are, then they need to be upheld to higher standards than ever before. Hey if cops don’t like it then too bad. Go find another job. You aren’t entitled to anything just because you are a cop. That’s a big part of the problem in the first place.

    1. ulfur January 7, 2015

      The police should also have regular drug tests that include testing for steroids.

      1. Buffalo Bill January 7, 2015

        I never thought of steroids, but I bet some of them are juiced up on steroids. I’ve never done steroids, but from what I understand they make a person very aggressive and irritable.

    2. joe schmo January 7, 2015

      I have family in law enforcement. Is this seriously a joke. There is always a bad apple now and again, but the majority are only trying to uphold our laws to PROTECT US, moron. What you are asking for is anarchy.

      1. Shawn S January 8, 2015

        How exactly am I asking for anarchy by demanding that training and evaluations for police officers be strengthened? If anything that would create more order and control and maybe we wouldn’t see the “bad apples” as you name them killing people.

      2. jamesowens January 8, 2015

        shmo- shmuck you alway know someone who did something or have a friend who saw that -i call bs – a bigot like you would only associate with others that share your self same deficiencys in intellect which limits you to your trailer park or klan meetings.

  15. Whatmeworry January 7, 2015

    A Grand Jury founded the cops innocent in both cases. What Barak and deblasio want is to over turn our Judicial process and substitute either Sharia in Obama’s case or a lynch mob in deblasio case.
    The fact that deblasio reappointed a Judge who released 2 individuals who had made death threats to the police shows that the emperor has no clothes

    1. Daniel Max Ketter January 7, 2015

      too bad the grand jury were composed of white racist

      1. joe schmo January 7, 2015


        1. Daniel Max Ketter January 8, 2015

          Traitor?? I’m an Air National Guard Vet. Don’t call me that mister. Based on this case and Ferguson, I simply put one and one together to make three.

          1. Michael Ross January 8, 2015

            Don’t bother with him. Joe Schmo is a tyrannical whore who is mad at the entire world because there is still some Democracy to be had in it.

            He’s also a coward who doesn’t want anyone seeing what kind of other catastrophic stupidity he has said in the past.

            Joe Schmo is, like the rest of the political entity he so gleefully whores himself out to, quite literally at war with reality.

          2. Daniel Max Ketter January 8, 2015

            He sounds like another whatmeworry troll

    2. Buffalo Bill January 7, 2015

      The cases never even went to trial, but spout away your nonsense anyway. A grand jury is not a trial.

      In criminal court people are found not guilty. They are not found innocent. And, yes, there’s a big difference between not guilty in a court of law and innocent. Not guilty means that there is insufficient evident to pronounce a person guilty. Not guilty DOES NOT mean there was sufficient evidence to declare a person innocent. Show me one criminal case in the US where the verdict was “Innocent”.

      In your mind is it possible to criticize police or a cop and be correct in the criticism? In your mind is it possible to criticize the police without being a cop hater?

      Your Sharia comment is laughable, Obama hater.

      1. Whatmeworry January 7, 2015

        They never went to trial because there wasn’t enough evidence to warrant a trial. No not guilty has various strings to insufficient evidence to convict toooo the case should never been tried.
        Is it possible sure. In your mind is it possible to claim Barak or Holder are incompetent without being branded as a racist?
        Are you contending that barak isn’t a mooooslim?? PLEEEASE

        1. Buffalo Bill January 7, 2015

          Did I call you a racist?

          I’m saying you are a partisan hack and an Obama hater. You hate him so much you can’t even capitalize his name.

          I’m not contending that Obama is not a Muslim, I’m outright saying he’s not.

          1. Whatmeworry January 7, 2015

            then you are a tool

          2. Whatmeworry January 7, 2015

            Yes I am a racist and you are a tool

          3. Staci Ketter Disbrow January 7, 2015

            Yes honey, you are a racist and a fool!! I feel sorry for ya.

          4. joe schmo January 11, 2015

            They are truly bigots…….. Haven’t you heard, a skunk can’t smell his own scent?

          5. joe schmo January 11, 2015

            How many times do you morons let things go in one ear of that empty head of yours and out the other ear.

            We don’t like his policies. We would vote for Dr. Ben Carson in a heartbeat….. Oh, didn’t you know he is considering a presidential run?

        2. Buffalo Bill January 7, 2015

          How could there be a verdict of innocent if it never went to trial?

          1. Whatmeworry January 7, 2015

            The grand jury declared them innocent

          2. highpckts January 8, 2015

            The grand jury did not have enough evidence to send them to trial!
            They did not find them “innocent”!!

          3. Whatmeworry January 7, 2015

            The racist grand jury declared them innocent

        3. highpckts January 8, 2015

          Oh please!! The President a moooooslim? You are a day late and nickel short!! Give it up!!

      2. highpckts January 8, 2015

        Good for you!

      3. joe schmo January 9, 2015

        We do have laws don’t we? Apparently your political correct ideology eludes to total Anarchy?

    3. Daniel Max Ketter January 7, 2015

      Innocent?? fiddlesticks. Our police are nutting but gangsters like Al Capone

    4. Michael Ross January 8, 2015

      Once again, the tea-bagger refused to read the article (because reading is a communist plot or something).

      The Grand Jury are all but coworkers of the police they were supposed to be judging impartially. That is the problem that you America-hating whores are desperately trying to pretend you haven’t noticed yet.

      1. jamesowens January 8, 2015

        its not that they dont read its that they read into it what they want to believe . understanding involves thinking and nut baggers cant do that

        1. joe schmo January 11, 2015

          Seriously, and by the way teabaggers,….old! Yawn…. I have seen more creative thinking and innovative opinions in the Conservative camp than I have ever heard from the yes ‘people’ on the Left. Facts and stats are rarely included in posts. I think the only reason they have appeared on this site is because we have been stating that fact:)

          1. jamesowens January 12, 2015

            you wouldnt know a fact if it slapped you in the face you only know what the koch brothers news letter tells you to say each day.

      2. Jane Snape January 9, 2015

        You mean the Ferguson GJ where one of the jurors is suing McCullouch for lying to them?

        Do you know that crooked cops love what they call “testilying”?

      3. Whatmeworry January 9, 2015

        Huhhhh. Co workers???? You can’t be that dumb

        1. Staci Kittern Disbrow January 10, 2015

          All co workers baby! Should I spell it it out?

      4. Whatmeworry January 9, 2015

        Huhhhh. Co workers???? I can be that dumb

        1. Staci Kittern Disbrow January 10, 2015

          Let’s put it to a vote baby!

      5. jamesowens January 12, 2015

        they only get their news from fox.

        1. Gilbert West January 23, 2015

          Worse still…. What they don’t get from FOX, they got from home. Imagine growing up in that kind of household… a massive cloud of ignorance and hatred overshadowing every thought!

  16. ulfur January 7, 2015

    “Where bad cops cannot be questioned, good cops cannot be trusted — and all cops are undermined.” Truer words have never been spoken.

  17. Buffalo Bill January 7, 2015

    It seems to me that some police want to be able to perform, without question, summary executions. The last I checked summary executions are unconstitutional in the United States.

    1. joe schmo January 7, 2015

      What an idiotic statement….. I suppose you want our officers to end up like the 4 that got killed in France. They didn’t have guns. The one shot on camera raised his hands. It was no use the terrorist used a ‘summary execution’ on that poor officer.

      1. highpckts January 8, 2015

        So you mean they have to right to kill anyone of their choosing if they even have a hint of danger? We are not talking about terrorists here. We are talking about everyday people on the streets who are at the mercy of “bad” cops that feel the need to flex their authority regardless of the circumstances. So sorry you can’t differentiate the difference.

        1. joe schmo January 9, 2015


          You take responsibility for your actions. You show respect for police officers. You put your hands in the air, lay on the ground and put your hands behind back and don’t resist. You will NOT be killed or shot at nor will you be mishandled for doing what you are so.

          No, you are misinterpreting the situation. It is you who does not understand right from wrong. I don’t feel that ANY of the recent incidents that have recently occurred were responsible actions by the individual who was approached by police. I never said there were not bad cops but I also believe there are few.

          You people and your Liberal laws have taken political correctness to very dangerous levels.

          1. highpckts January 9, 2015

            This has NOTHING to do with being a Liberal Jackass! It has to do with abuse of authority but obviously you can’t see the difference!!

          2. Jane Snape January 9, 2015

            Highpockets, the guy’s a thug. He wants any excuse he can find to kill brown people and that is that. Typical authoritarian, anti-democratic mindset.

          3. joe schmo January 11, 2015

            LOL, seriously, that racist jargon has gotten old. We are no longer listening because we have some great African Americans in the Conservative camp. In fact, you all have no known prospective ethnic Presidential candidates on your side. The Republicans have quite a few. Dr. Ben Carson is right up there and we would vote for him in a heartbeat. Bobby Jindal is another as well as your most dreaded…..Ted Cruz. No this discrepancy lies more between the differing views politically….. Sorry, you are wrong again.

          4. highpckts January 11, 2015

            If the discrepency lies between differing views, why are ours wrong and you are so right??

          5. joe schmo January 11, 2015

            Why don’t you tell me then why yours are right and ours are wrong. Remember your side started this. It began with the race-baiters – Hold em Up, Obummer and, especially, Sharp-ass who is still living in the time before the 60’s

          6. highpckts January 11, 2015

            Excuse me? “We” started this?? What race baiters? The President? Are you off your rocker? The President has been called every vile race name ever heard of and those names come from your buddies the GOP!! I agree that Sharpton is one but it seems to me that every “plan” the GOP comes up with has to do with discrimination against someone, be it black, poor or disadvantaged!!

          7. jamesowens January 12, 2015

            ignore him he is a paid spammer on many sites trying to dissemminate koch brother lies.

          8. jamesowens January 12, 2015

            lol your tokens minoritys are a joke to their own people and to the world the conservatives are just too stupid to realize that money does not buy the hearts of all people just the few and the corrupt who would sel their souls for a spot in the headlines and a chance to have money

          9. joe schmo January 11, 2015

            Obviously, you can’t see past your pacifist laws F’er. Why do you think the world is in the shape it is in?

          10. highpckts January 11, 2015

            Because of guys like you??? Who can’t see past violence and guns? We certainly need more people like you!!

          11. joe schmo January 11, 2015

            I guess the world is safer than it was a decade ago? Again, until something happens to you, your opinion will not change (My in-law who is a Cop stated this just the other day). Until I feel safe enough to walk down an empty alley at night, I WILL NOT change my opinion one iota.

            Keep living in that ivory tower. Just keep living there.

          12. highpckts January 11, 2015

            It has NEVER been safe to walk down a dark alley! No the world is NOT safer than it was a decade ago! It has not been safer since the NRA got it in their heads to arm every freakin person in the USA!

          13. Jane Snape January 9, 2015

            You have jihadist envy. You want to kill so badly it’s making you wet yourself.

          14. joe schmo January 11, 2015

            Now you use that as a lame excuse. Just like you use the term ‘racist’ so loosely.

            Kill! No, I’m afraid it is the other way around. If you look at American history, just who were the instigators? Most of the mass shooters with the exception of a few Muslims were liberals. Sure wasn’t the Conservatives who start anything…… We tend to stick very tightly to the laws of the land….

      2. Gilbert West January 23, 2015

        This isn’t France!!! Why don’t you keep your comments relative to the subject under discussion??? What happened on Staten Island didn’t have a damn thing to do with France. Use your head.

  18. joe schmo January 9, 2015

    I guess this is another I told you so moment. I remember posting who would suffer the consequences of their actions on a prior article. Here ya’all go.


    Keep it up…. Your political correctness is your own undoing……

    1. Daniel Jones January 9, 2015

      And our sanctioned assassins are the death of anyone they goddamned please.

      1. joe schmo January 11, 2015

        That’s your opinion. If there is no order, because that is what you are alluding to, anarchy and chaos ensue.

        Problem is, in your ‘cush’ world you feel no need for protection. Just wait until the target is you! This was told to us by a family member who has been a Police officer in some of the worst areas of L.A. for decades…..

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