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Obama: Sony Made ‘Mistake’ In Pulling North Korea Film

National News

Obama: Sony Made ‘Mistake’ In Pulling North Korea Film

US President Barack Obama speaks during a press conference on December 19, 2014 in Washington

Washington (AFP) – U.S. President Barack Obama warned Friday that Washington “will respond” to North Korea’s cyber attack on Sony Pictures over The Interview, a satirical film about a CIA plot to kill Kim Jong-Un.

Obama nevertheless said while he was “sympathetic” to Sony’s concerns about the threats to attack theaters screening the film, he believed the studio had erred in canceling its release.

“We will respond. We will respond proportionately and we’ll respond in a place and time and manner that we choose,” Obama told a press conference

“I’m sympathetic to the concerns that they faced. Having said all that, yes, I think they made a mistake,” he said.

“We cannot have a society in which some dictator some place can start imposing censorship here in the United States.”

AFP Photo/Brendan Smialowski



  1. Plutark Heavensbee December 20, 2014

    These days, Obama seems detached and delusional.

    1. Carolyn1520 December 20, 2014

      The right has been detached and delusional for his entire presidency so they aren’t the best judges of anyone else’s mental state.
      Just for giggles, on what do you base that assessment? Be specific.
      Otherwise it’s just the SOS. When you have nothing of substance to say, trash Obama. It’s so old.

    2. charleo1 December 20, 2014

      Then you agree, America should allow control freaks, rogue regimes, or anyone with an ideological ax to grind. With de facto censorship over how we uphold our Constitutional guarantees of freedom of expression? And to accomplish this thru cyber terrorism, and terrorist threats. Or you’re delusional/detached, and completely fail to understand what has in fact, just occurred.

  2. Carolyn1520 December 20, 2014

    Well that shuts up the mouth breathers . They were so sure Obama was directing Sony every step.


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