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Obama Won’t Meet Netanyahu During Israeli Leader’s March Visit

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Obama Won’t Meet Netanyahu During Israeli Leader’s March Visit

Photo: President Barack Obama meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office. (Pete Souza via Wikimedia Commons)

By Joe Sobczyk and Margaret Talev, Bloomberg News (TNS)

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won’t meet when the Israeli leader is in Washington to address a pro-Israel group and speak to Congress because of the looming elections in Israel, the White House said.

Netanyahu plans to speak at the annual American Israeli Public Affairs Committee during the first week in March and will address Congress on March 3, the Israeli government said Thursday. Elections in Israel are set for March 17.

“As a matter of long-standing practice and principle, we do not see heads of state or candidates in close proximity to their elections, so as to avoid the appearance of influencing a democratic election in a foreign country,” Bernadette Meehan, spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council, said in an e-mail.

Netanyahu’s planned U.S. visit puts him in the middle of a roiling debate in Congress over imposing additional sanctions on Iran amid negotiations on the Islamic State’s nuclear program.

A day after Obama warned Congress that passing legislation on new penalties risked scuttling the talks and raising the prospect of war, House Speaker John Boehner announced that he had invited Netanyahu to address Congress “on the grave threats radical Islam and Iran pose to our security and way of life.”

Republicans, who control both houses of Congress, and some Democrats, are pressing to set new sanctions on Iran that would take effect if there is no deal on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program in talks with world powers by a June 30 deadline.

Boehner didn’t consult with the White House on the invitation. Obama’s spokesman, Josh Earnest, called it a departure from protocol in dealing with a foreign leader and a State Department spokeswoman called the episode “bizarre.”

Photo: President Barack Obama meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office. (Pete Souza via Wikimedia Commons)



  1. porter January 22, 2015

    We or I should say some of us support a state hat by most world leader see as a terriost state that being Isreal’s occupation of lands that isn’t their’s the blocking of good and services the stealing of land which when asked by the U.S. to halt is not only not heeded but more money is asked so that these programs can go on. Now Boehner is asking Netanyahu to tell us what our congress should do about the new sanctions that can be imposed against Iran if the talks about their nuclear programs .Boehner thinks he’s gone to get a fair answer no why would Netanyhu speak the truth we all know the whole world knows that Isreal has nukes that no secret .my own feeing as to why NetanyAhu doesn’t want Iran or for that matter any arab country

    1. CPAinNewYork January 23, 2015

      Is “porter,” who wrote this unintelligible drivel, an American? I hope not, because it reflects badly on our educational system.

      1. kenndeb January 23, 2015

        Most likely not. We have so many people from outside our country trying to tell Americans how we should live our lives.

        1. kG January 24, 2015

          Oh he is, I am sure of it. like most illetrate Americans he is unable to write coherent and grammaticaly correct sentences because he is “writing” his feelings. He is expressing his feelings ; it is our liberal influenced education system that encourages them to write their feelings down and not be confined by small things like grammar and spelling.
          But lately half the people I run into can’t speak ,read or write English. Thanks to many years of open borders policy, exessperated by the current idiot commander and chief to a point of no return. An invasion of illegals from Latin America, and more alarmingly huge numbers of Northen Africans.

          1. porter January 24, 2015

            Lt’s not forget those pesky white Europeans either oh but it okay for them. I mean this is a white man country yeah Right

          2. kG January 24, 2015

            Yes porter, the illegal population from Europe is out of control!

        2. porter January 24, 2015

          Yes I am and for give me. if you can’t read my post. don’t, that would solve two problems me[should this be an I instead]replying to you . For you don’t have to read t

      2. porter January 24, 2015

        So sorry that I didn’t put the sentence quotation’s mark,s where they belong for you . Then most people that post are not as anal as you . But alas poor why don’t you ill in the blank. When you read something red all of it not some

    2. highpckts January 23, 2015

      I’m sorry but due to lack of punctuation this is practically unreadable!

  2. Nat Ional January 23, 2015

    Obama’s ideology is toxic.

    1. highpckts January 23, 2015

      As opposed to your? LOL

  3. kG January 23, 2015

    Perhaps the international court for human rights and crimes against humanity can arrest this criminal while he is here!

    1. FireBaron January 23, 2015

      Unfortunately, the international court has no authority to arrest and detain in the United States. They would have to force his plane down over the Netherlands for that to occur.

    2. kenndeb January 23, 2015

      You sound like a good member of ISIS. I want to see the Emperor tried for crimes against America.

      1. highpckts January 23, 2015

        Yep we are all certified members of ISIS!! You dumb S—T!!

        1. kenndeb January 23, 2015

          Those supporting an illegal tyrant against the Constitution, and American interests are traitors, so being members of ISIS is not much of a stretch, especially seeing the regime seems to be supporting Islamic radical terrorists.

          1. highpckts January 23, 2015

            And that is your freakin opinion against all common sense so just rave on lunatic!

      2. kG January 24, 2015

        Of course I am,any one disagreeing with Isreal’s inhumane occupation of 3.5 million people is ISIS. That would make them the largest group on this planet because other than a handful of Jews and all the bought curropt politicians in our government the entire planet is against Israel. And who the f!!!k is the emperor? But for the record I am for all kings,emperors,dictators ,BB and his entire cabinet and the Bush family facing a trial!

      3. latebloomingrandma January 24, 2015

        If you’re talking bout Cheney and Bush, then we finally agree on something.

        1. kenndeb January 24, 2015

          I could go along with that, but at least they were Americans.

  4. johnltinkham January 23, 2015

    I like the way President Obama is thinking but I do think he has left out the most important problem of all to address. Our welfare program and Social Security total disability program are abused so outrageously and obviously that not to fix them is ludicrous. These two items must be addressed first and foremost, then let’s talk about those presumed helpless.

    Welfare needs to be changed to a training program and in order to receive a check you should be attending classes five days a week 8 hours a day at a training center. If you have children, babysitting could be provided by daycare trainees. Trainees should attend various classes until they are employable or no more assistance. This could be intertwined with the free community college proposal by President Obama so that we break the cycle of dependence and initiate pride into this lost segment of our society.

    1. kG January 24, 2015

      And how do you propose to stop the millions of illegals from collecting welfare and social security now that they will be eligible under this idiot in chief’s amnesty?

      1. johnltinkham January 24, 2015

        KG: I have been aware of illegals and their very acceptable work ethic for many years. Before I retired from being a building contractor we hired Hispanic crews that were denied citizenship by people with your attitude and as you have done they ignored the fact that these people could be paying taxes.

        1. kG January 24, 2015

          Another myth! Hispanics are like any other people. Some work hard and some don’t. In my particular area I find them very difficult to manage due to their lack communication and their inability and unwillingness to work with others who are non Latino. In fact,the they are very clanish, the El Savodorns don’t like Puruvians and the Mexicans don’t like the so on and so forth. People like you who willingly hire illegals are the real problem and should be penalized hard. People who refuse to pay a fair wage so they illegals and thus continue this cycle of abuse and poverty.

    2. porter January 24, 2015

      I like that idea . That it won’t work is because it make’s sense and let’s be real this congress is anything but real. I should have said the last one maybe hopefully they can work with each other. The rep. are now in control of both house’s. They say they can do better then the president and his fellow Dems. Okay prove it don’t talk about it be about it .

  5. CPAinNewYork January 23, 2015

    Meeting with Netanyahu is a waste of time. The man is an obnoxious egotist with no sense of propriety.

    Let him meet with AIPAC, the Jewish political pressure group in America, who probably paid various Republican members of Congress hefty bribes to wangle that invitation from Boehner.

  6. FireBaron January 23, 2015

    The President can always instruct Secretary of State Kerry to declare Bibi as PNG. This would only allow him access to the Israeli Consulate for the UN, and not allow him access to any US venues.

  7. highpckts January 23, 2015

    Why doesn’t Congress just let this guy talk to J Bush and Romney? They are so sure one of them will be the next President. After all. When Romney was running the last time, he met with this man for all the good it did! I personally think Boehner is a sleaze for underhandedly doing this to score points with his base! He is a spineless, egotistical do nothing! I wish someone would call him out on this. It should be all over the press but we know that won’t happen.

    1. kenndeb January 23, 2015

      Seeing the press is controlled by the liberals, it is surprising.

      1. highpckts January 23, 2015

        You know everything out of your mouth is so insane I have to laugh and try to imagine what it must be like to be so illogical and senseless!!

        1. kenndeb January 23, 2015

          Look in a mirror if you want illogical and senseless.

          1. highpckts January 23, 2015

            Never any facts from you, just what you think are clever retorts when actually you sound like a 3 year old!

          2. kenndeb January 23, 2015

            HA. When presented with any facts, all you do is cry foul because it is not a regime approved site. All you do is call names. Actually, that is all you have done from my very first post when I was trying to present facts. I have learned that is all a liberal can do when confronted with truth of any type. .

          3. highpckts January 25, 2015

            The kettle calling the pot black!! Whatever!!

          4. kenndeb January 25, 2015

            Just as expected.

          5. highpckts January 25, 2015

            There are none so blind than those that will not see! You can’t see it in yourself but boy you can point it out to others!

          6. kenndeb January 25, 2015

            I see just fine. It seems that you liberals like to keep your heads up the Emperor’s orifice.

          7. highpckts January 25, 2015

            As usual you totally missed the point, but then the Republicans really don’t like to be contradicted with facts or quotes they don’t understand!

  8. Salvador Tovar Mengibar January 23, 2015

    Netan is the provacateur who would start a world war just to get himself elected in March. And Boehner? Well, he is a Republican!

  9. Elliot J. Stamler January 23, 2015

    1. It would have been more seemly for Speaker Boehner to at least have conferred with Minority Leader Pelosi before issuing the unilateral invitation. Israeli officials have previously visited to address the AIPAC gatherings without formal meetings with our government leaders. 2. The president and prime minister have a personality conflict and lack of chemistry and thus simply don’t like each other,. It happens. 3. At the bottom of it all, Netanyahu will not let Israel commit suicide which he believes Obama;s policy will result in. He also correctly assesses Obama’s foreign policy in the middle east and elsewhere to have been a complete fiasco and Obama being possessed of an enormous and delusional self-confidence that does not realize it and Netanyahu is not going to let there be a second holocaust Obama’s mistaken and dangerous ideas.

    1. latebloomingrandma January 24, 2015

      Yeah–what’s Obama thinking trying to resolve issues peacefully? We need more war-war war.

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