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Thanks To Obamacare, U.S. Uninsured Rate Hit Record Low In 2016



  1. yabbed February 15, 2017

    It is pure racism on the part of Trump and his right wing freaks to even think of taking the ACA away from poor Americans. That it was President Obama who made this historic change in health care coverage for Americans is the only thing motivating them.

  2. secondclassguy February 15, 2017

    So i guess in order for whatever the republicans have in mind, that number will have to drop more for it to be better than the ACA. The CBO will have to weigh in so that garbage plans can’t be counted as insurance. If the GOP carries out it’s phoney attack and repeals the ACA keep an eye on the charts, as they will certainly start moving in the other direction

  3. tina.roberts. February 16, 2017

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  4. Meg February 17, 2017

    It is always awesome when someone else is paying for it.


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