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Democrats Have A Barack Obama Problem In The Midterms

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Democrats Have A Barack Obama Problem In The Midterms


The newest Washington Post/ABC News poll is out, and President Barack Obama’s approval ratings are terrible. But it’s not just Republicans who disapprove of the president. Some Democrats aren’t so thrilled with the way Obama’s been running the country, either.

Only 42 percent of Americans surveyed approve of the job Obama’s done as president, while 51 percent disapprove; 90 percent of Republicans disapprove, along with 54 percent of Independents, and 20 percent of Democrats.

In the June edition of the survey, 46 percent approved of the way Obama was handling his presidency, while 51 percent disapproved. Independents actually felt more negatively towards Obama than they do today, with 60 percent saying that they disapproved. Republicans and Democrats were slightly more favorable towards the president, as only 85 percent of Republicans and 16 percent of Democrats said they disapproved.

September’s poll asked respondents if they approve or disapprove of the way Obama is handling four key issues. The president scored poorly across the board: 54 percent disapprove of the way he’s handling the economy, 56 percent disapprove of the way he’s dealt with international affairs, 56 percent think he hasn’t done a good job implementing Obamacare, and 59 percent disapprove of the way Obama’s handled immigration issues.

In fact, Americans are the most displeased with immigration policy, with only 31 percent approving of the president in that aspect. These numbers will probably continue to decrease, as Obama just announced that he doesn’t plan on taking any action on immigration until after the election.

A majority of respondents (65 percent) also think that the country is going off on the wrong track. Among Democrats, 42 percent “feel things have gotten pretty seriously off on the wrong track.”

The public views Congress even more negatively; just 15 percent of respondents think that it is doing an adequate job. Democrats in Congress have a 33 percent approval rating, while Republicans in Congress have a 21 percent approval rating. But, as usual, people tend to support their local representatives far more than Congress as a whole (respondents gave their representatives a 45 percent approval rating).

Democratic candidates have had to deal with the nation’s negative sentiment towards Obama for a long time now. But if Democratic voters continue to view the president and the direction that the country is going in negatively, it will be difficult for Democratic candidates to keep their base invested in the midterms and turn them out to vote in November.

Arguably the most newsworthy aspect of the poll was the question that asked respondents whether they support U.S. airstrikes against the Islamic State. An overwhelming 71 percent responded that they support strikes against insurgents in Iraq, and 65 percent said they support expanding strikes in Syria. This is miles away from the anti-Iraq War surge that elected Obama in 2008, likely because of public anger over the beheading of two U.S. journalists by the Islamic State.

AFP Photo/Saul Loeb

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  1. rustacus21 September 9, 2014

    In spite of it all, the REAL problem has been, since 2010, the fact that the nation doesn’t realize the PROBLEMS OF THE NATION aren’t the President, but the Congress! We didn’t give President the ‘tools’ needed to undo the prior 8 consecutive years of disastrous carnage wrought by conservative policies & as such, w/a conservative Congress agitating & keeping up nothing less than hell bearing down on the President & his administration, what options did the President have, when his agenda of restoring the nation to solvency & progress was continually frustrated by Republican childishness, immature & racist uncooperativeness? Now isn’t the time to desert the President when the only thing needed is a Liberal/Progressive Congressional majority to KEEP HIM FOCUSED on the job at hand – which is creating MORE jobs for the American People & REJECTING the conservative agenda that keeps the nation in conflict w/the world community!!! Our ability to get along w/the world means we have more partners to trade w/& the more partners we have to trade w/means that the world community is too busy being productive to worry about not having enuff to eat, a place to sleep & whether our respective neighborhoods are safe. Prosperity is its OWN BEST BENEFIT & benefits all, broadly. THIS is what a majority Democratic/Independent Congress brings to the table & getting rid of the Republican majority should already be the clearest imperative of this years election!!!

    1. Independent1 September 9, 2014

      It truly is unfortunate that such a large percentage of the American population is so ignorant on what is really happening within even their own country. An analyst from Forbes Magazine has just published an article which says that Obama has been the best modern day president for our economy. Yet the majority of Americans cannot even see what has been accomplished the past 5 years.

      Our real problem isn’t unemployment, as it’s a 6.1% and most economists feel that 5.6% unemployment should be considered “full employment”, it the country is going to have a sufficient number of qualified people looking to fill jobs at a time of expansion/creation of new businesses. It’s not unemployment that’s our problem, but rather the dumbing down of the types of jobs people can get which will pay a living wage.

      It’s as you’ve pointed out, Congress has obstructed virtually every piece of legislation that would have created more better-paying jobs. They’ve not only nixed 2 of Obama’s jobs bills, but have also nixed a minimum wage increase that would have raised millions of Americans from earning pay that’s below the poverty level.

      We have to somehow get the obstructionist Republicans out of Congress so legislation that works to improve the lives of the middle class and even those living now below the poverty level.

      If you haven’t seen it, here’s a link to the article from Forbes which finds that Obama has been the best modern day president for America’s economy:

      (You can link to the Forbes article from within the DailyKos article.)

      Forbes Magazine: Obama best economic president of modern times!


      1. Jambi September 10, 2014

        “ignorant” is the key word…the public has a short memory…they can’t recall the condition of the country after “W’s” term in office…2 wars and a recession are in the distant past and their menial minds don’t realize how far we HAVE come…

        1. joe schmo September 10, 2014

          Get over it…. It’s been 6 years and things have gone from worse to worst….. Sorry, face the facts. Reagan turned things around in 27 months:)

          1. Independent1 September 10, 2014

            Worst to worst with respect to what??

            -Dramatically reduced deficit spending?
            -More jobs created in 5 years than Bush created in 8?
            -An auto industry making profits it hasn’t seen since Clinton?
            -Millions more college students being able to get cheaper college loans?
            -More PROBLEM illegal aliens deported than under any previous president?
            -A stock market that has almost tripled in 5 years restoring the retirement accounts for millions?
            -More gas and oil being pumped than under any previous president such that America is now the largest energy producing country on the planet?
            -A green energy industry created that can only be called Ginormous and which will develop renewable energy sources that make fossil fuels obsolete in the next decade?
            -More than 150 billion in tax revenues collected from employees and businesses supporting the auto industry that would have been lost if Romney got his way so he could buy it and ship it to China?
            -54 straight months of jobs growth which is indicative of a growing economy?
            -Obama’s policies which have reduced unemployment from 10.1% to 6.1% which is only .5% above what economists say should be FULL EMPLOYMENT?
            -Enactment of healthcare legislation that is not only saving the lives of millions of Americans but is starting to save millions of dollars for even red states?
            -More fraud money and crooks brought to justice in the defense and healthcare sectors than under any 3 previous presidents combined?

            Come Joe, what’s going from worse to worse???

          2. darkagesbegin September 10, 2014

            don’t bother with trying to rebut buttheads with facts. Those people live in a fantasyland, totally fact-free. Now if our current president had happened to be white and a republican, those people would be saying he could walk on water…but being black and a democrat, if he does walk on water, it wouldn’t come close to St. Reagan in any respect.

          3. Independent1 September 10, 2014

            Exactly. And I generally don’t post these facts thinking I’m going to change a paid-trolls mind like Joe Schmuck or Kenndeb or Mike or itsfun or whatmeworry . I’m think there may be some ‘sane’ bloggers on the NM that may not be fully aware of all the good that Obama has done.

          4. idamag September 10, 2014

            In 2009 unemployment was at 9%. It is now at 6.3% The stock market was losing every day. It has had almost steady growth. The housing market has returned. Even though it isn’t the best solution, we do have health care reform.

          5. FT66 September 10, 2014

            idamag, I fully agree with you. Myself sometimes use my leisure time to speak to college students, who over whelmingly voted to this President. I have delivered same message you have. Even going further to ask them why did they vote for him not once but twice and still don’t show up and support him during mid-term elections. The answer I get is quite familiar from anyone who passed that foolish age you and me did. They say we want him to be seen there as our PRESIDENT no more than that!

          6. joe schmo September 10, 2014

            Try 12% moron. Your figures are wrong. 5000 people just lost their jobs in Atlantic City and Ohio doesn’t seem to be fairing any better. So many downtrodden states. Too many to mention and you say he’s doing a great job…. How hard do you want me to laugh.

          7. Independent1 September 10, 2014

            And the lies just keep a rolling don’t they joe?? You wouldn’t not the truth if it bit you in the rear!! BLS says it’s 6.1%!!!!!!!

          8. kenndeb September 11, 2014

            Over 12%. The regime needed to change the numbers to keep up the propaganda, so they do not count those that no longer are looking for work because they are too discouraged. We have more unemployed, and more on welfare than ever. Any data from the regime is schewed and should not be believed.

          9. BillP September 11, 2014

            Once again you prove your ignorance, the U6 rate is at 12%, it was at 14.2% at the the end of W’s run. The U3 (the official rate under W and Obama) was at 7.8% and is now 6.1%. Those not looking were never included in the unemployment #’s so the #’s under W would have been higher too. As usual you make a statement “Any data from the regime is schewed and should not be believed” that is either a lie or something you copied from some right wing website. You need to post provable data not your usual bs.

          10. joe schmo September 11, 2014

            It is you who have been bamboosled.

          11. BillP September 12, 2014

            You ever try spell check before you post your ignorant comments? The word is bamboozled, you I’m getting tired of correcting your spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. If what you say is true then refute my facts with provable facts. The U3 & U6 #’s are fairly easy to obtain but then in your bubble world reality isn’t allowed. If you want to make a comment, back it up with data otherwise don’t waste our time on this site.

          12. joe schmo September 12, 2014

            LOL…..If this is all you have to call me on, it’s truly sad. All I can think is that you must be an English professor or you were one. You never left school so you really have no clue what the outside world is all about. You do not know how to work that hard because the government has taken good care of you through the unions. I do know that because I did teach at the college level, however; it was technically based software. Something I am almost sure would be extremely difficult for you to learn.

            Either that or you are tons older than me. Do you realize the schools were better before the 70’s. Try the students nowadays. They know how to spell 10 times worse than I. If you still do teach, I’m sure you have seen how poorly they fair in college English classes after graduating from HS. I know this because I have spoken to professors who teach English after HS and all of them have told me the same thing. Our Liberal education system has made students dumber. You know “no child left behind.’ Instead of challenging them, students are all equal. I feel this is pure bullshit. Education at the primary and secondary level have gotten so bad that nowadays that toxic Liberal head is veering and striking its ugly indoctrinating head toward our youngest children. So sad that they now have to endure college level Marxist ideology.

            By the way….why not try these figures out for size:

            Real Unemployment Rate Formula

            In August 2014, the real unemployment rate (U-6) was 12.0%, nearly double the widely-reported unemployment rate (U-3) of 6.1%. Here’s how to calculate both.

            Step 1. Calculate the official unemployment rate:

            U-3 = 9.591 million unemployed workers / 155.959 million in the labor force = 6.1%.

            Step 2. Add in marginally attached workers: There were 2.141 million people who were marginally attached to the labor force. Add this to both the number of unemployed and the labor force.

            U-5 = 11.732 million / 158.100 million = 7.4%.

            Step 3. Add in part-time workers: There were 7.277 million people
            who were working part-time because they couldn’t get full-time work,
            although they’d prefer it. Add them to the unemployed, they’re already
            in the labor force.

            U-6 = 19.009 million / 155.959 million = 12.0%. (Source: BLS, Table A-15)

            There you have it:)

            I have to state one thing. Most often you Liberals RARELY quote any facts. When I don’t, I am called out for it. Just one big laugh after another.

          13. BillP September 13, 2014

            Schmo there you again making assumptions about my life of which you have no knowledge. Never been a professor though catching your grammar and spelling errors are easy, you need to proof read your comments stop being lazy. As for my work experience, the bulk of it has been either in the investment business or investment software business so I have been out in the real world. As for your sarcastic comment – ” Something I am almost sure would be extremely difficult for you to learn” it just shows your arrogance. Before you make a statement you should be sure of its validity, otherwise you just make an ass of yourself.
            As for the unemployment statistics I used the U6 and U3 rates all of which have come down since President Obama took office. Under W the U6 rate tended up from 2008 (9.2%) through 1/2009 (14.1%) continued upward till the end of 2009 and has been slowly declining at least in my world 12.0% is less than 14.2%. As for the part time job claims the bls defines a part time job as anyone less than 35 hours per week.

          14. johninPCFL September 11, 2014

            An 800k people PER MONTH were losing jobs under GWB. The market was at 7000.

          15. BillP September 11, 2014

            Trying to argue with kenndeb is a waste of time. He never offers facts to prove how this administration changed the numbers. They usually are referring to the U6 numbers that include part-time workers rather than the U3 numbers. Either way the number the U3 was at 7.8% at the end of W’s run compared with 6.1% as of August 2014. The U6 #’s are 14.2% in 1/2009 compared with 12.0% as of 8/2014. The U3 rate is the official rate and was used by the Bush administration too. What the trolls are too biased to understand is that those not looking for jobs have never been included in the unemployment numbers. What the trolls ignore is that for 2009 (including January) the jobs numbers were 5.1 million lost (remember the recession!) while since then 9.4 million jobs have been added.

          16. joe schmo September 12, 2014

            Well, unfortunately the economy was still better under Bush than it is under your guy:)

          17. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            More lies!! BLS says it’s 6.1 AND THAT IS THE OFFICIAL UNEMPLOYMENT RATE!! Not one made up by YOU!!!

          18. joe schmo September 11, 2014

            This time you are wrong. I printed a big old snippet somewhere on the Memo that explained the whole thing. This time I will have to state I am right because of what I see going on around me. People no longer looking, part-timers, kids graduating not getting jobs, illegals getting all the jobs, yada, yada, yada……..

            5000+ jobs recently in Atlantic City, Pfizer and Burger King outsourcing. No, jobs are few and hard to come by….

          19. pisces63 September 12, 2014

            I live in Ohio. Are you sure? Can’t possibley be correct. We have a republican governor with a OHIO JOBS program which he ran on. OOOOPs not working. We have a completely dominant republican state house. OOOOOOOPs still not working. No, I have no intentions of voting for FitzGerald, either.

          20. joe schmo September 12, 2014

            Fat chance pisces….you own the Union shops. He has little choice:)

            Why not become like CaliMexico…. Brown is running industry out of our state. Love the weather, the people are great here, food is awesome, the coastline is incredible. Politics suck! 4 out of 10 cities on the verge of bankruptcy. However, I would much rather have to endure the crap here because if we would sell we could never come back. It is way to expensive because we have to provide for 21.2 million Illegals. We own our home so why would I want to live in a state like depressed Ohio. Gloom and doom. I think that even if you would have a Liberal Governor and a Liberal house politics in your state wouldn’t change much because you would still be bitching:) OOOOPs did I just say that.

          21. pisces63 September 15, 2014

            What union shops? These aren’t union jobs coming here. They are small businesses without unions and get tax deferrment. Kasich even helped build new facilities for some businesses. I do not bitch about my state. It is my state. I do not want you here. There are enough pin headed bigots down south to screw up the works as it is. I was speaking tongue in cheek. One business, American Greetings was moving. They did not say where but Kasich panicked, offered all these deals and they took it. They were moving from one county to another in Ohio for bigger fascilities. I am loyal to a fault. i HAVE NEVER ACCREDITED ANY GOVERNOR for job growth but neither have I denounced them for job loss, no matter the party. A columist, right wing, and I are good conversationoists and we disagree on this. He is upset with lack of job growth under his boy Kasich. I told him, not his fault. It is up to the buisinesses, My husband’s job that moved in 1980 just when we were buying our first home told me this. They up and moved over night. Why? They could not broker a deal with the utility companies and their skyrocketing rates due to the Arab oil embargo. Even mortgages were throught the roof at 12%-18%. I knock issues, NEVER my state. I knock the Brown and indians losing but I will NEVER go against my team for anyone. If I bitched, it was against their trying to take away my right to vote. That is an ISSUE. Not my Ohio but one idiot right wing bigot secretary of state following the objectives of the bigoted right wing all over the country. They said it. No liberal did. It came straight from their mouths from Coulter to the head of the young republicans and too many others to count. just google it.

          22. joe schmo September 10, 2014

            Well, if he has, I sure would be the first to state that he’s great….and by the way Bush and Romney were right about Iraq:)

            This went viral…..makes you wonder doesn’t it. We are starving for true leadership….


          23. Independent1 September 10, 2014

            More of your right-wing biased wacko websites – sorry no sane person would even look at them!!!

          24. joe schmo September 11, 2014

            Only Democommies watch MSNBC:)

          25. joe schmo September 10, 2014

            Hmmmm, your first statement sounds more like you than us because you rarely state facts.

            How many times do we have to tell you that Obama could have made such a difference, but he didn’t. We have told you umpteen times that we don’t care what color his skin is, we hate his policies and it is beginning to show……

          26. darkagesbegin September 11, 2014

            Oh, I know you say it is not him, but his policies…But I never hear a specific policy that you guys object to. Just fantasies…and/or actions such as use of Executive Orders that was worse under Republicans. Or this business of playing a round of golf–you hate that in Obama, but Bush played more golf and took many more days of vacation than Obama. More double standard crap…

          27. BillP September 11, 2014

            In regards to Joe Schmo (Schmuck is more like it) he likes to compare the current US to either the Roman Empire or the Weimar Republic. He is given to ludicrous hyperbole like another troll who has written that President Obama has turned this country into a 3rd world country, don’t ask for examples trolls only need to make statements, not offer provable facts.

          28. highpckts September 10, 2014

            Joe doesn’t know! He can only repeat Fox!!

          29. joe schmo September 10, 2014

            No, I have more experience than you ‘highpockets.’
            MSNBC….really! Loser

          30. highpckts September 11, 2014

            Depends on what you call “experience”!! Fox – really! Loser!!

          31. Independent1 September 10, 2014

            And by the way Joe, take a look at this from Ben Bernanke – even he claims that the Great Recession was a bigger financial disaster for the world than even the GOP-created Great Depression:

            The $1 trillion reason why Bernanke’s critics were wrong

            According to a document filed Aug. 22 with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, Bernanke said “September and October of 2008 was the worst financial crisis in global history, including the Great Depression.”

            Last week, NYT columnist Paul Krugman penned an ode to his former Princeton colleague. “And there but for the grace of Bernanke go we,” Krugrman wrote, reflecting on Europe’s economic morass.

            And Joe, you may be interested to know that it took even FDR 13 years to get America even remotely back on its feet after the Great Depression; and it was only that quick because of the economic stimulus that was provided by WWII. It’s been about 6 years since the start of the Great Recession, a greater financial disaster for America and the World than the Great Depression!!!!


          32. idamag September 10, 2014

            President Obama inherited one of the biggest messes since the Great Depression. One economist said it was so bad it would take ten years to fix it. He has done remarkably well, considering he has to work alone because of the obstructionists on both sides. Forbes is a conservative magazine and they have the intelligence to recognize the good Obama has done.

          33. joe schmo September 10, 2014

            Bernanke is a crook! Just keep printing that worthless money Yellen……

          34. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            More lies!! The fed has not been printing “worthless Money”. I left you this link in another post. Anyone who things the Fed is printing excess money is doing so because of IGNORANCE!! WHICH FITS YOU EXACTLY!!!!!!


            His a graph from that article which PROVES the Fed has not been printing ‘WORTHLESS MONEY’.

          35. Jambi September 10, 2014

            Sure he began our national debt !!!

          36. Independent1 September 10, 2014

            And the destruction of the very fabric of American life by convincing Americans that the government was evil and that unions needed to be destroyed and not dealt with; destroying the very bond that had existed between and employer and an employee – IF YOU WORK HARD FOR ME, I’LL DO RIGHT BY YOU.

            Reagan and his negative mantra destroyed that bond and that together with his cutting the max tax rate more than in 1/2 started the great income inequality we see in America today.

          37. Independent1 September 10, 2014

            You’re joking right?? Reagan actually DESTROYED a growing economy. The economy started growing sharply under Carter – more than 10 million jobs created in 4 years. Reagan inherited that growing economy and then tanked it!!!

            His tanking it is proven by the fact that 12 million jobs were created in his 1st 4 years and only 4 million in the second and only 3 million under Bush 1. It took Clinton to create far more jobs than Reagan and the 2 Bushes combined: they only created 20 million jobs in 20 years. Clinton created 24 million jobs in 8 years!!!!! Which was then tanked by Bush 2.

            Reagan, America’s WORST PRESIDENT, KILLED THE ECONOMY!!!!!!

          38. Dominick Vila September 10, 2014

            Yes Joe, it took the Gipper no time to start dealing with the Ayatollahs, illegally fund death squads in El Salvador, order one of the most embarrassing cuts and run in U.S. history in Lebanon after 271 U.S. Marines were slaughtered, it took him no time to provide intelligence, training and WMDs to the Saddam Hussein regime during the Iran-Iraq war, it took him no time to grant amnesty to 4 million illegal immigrants, it took him no time to deregulate and cause the near collapse of the Savings and Loan industry, it took him no time to increase the Federal government deficits by 189% and increase the national debt 18 times, and the list goes on. And yet, most Americans have a favorable view of him, and are convinced that Barack Obama is leading the country in the wrong direction in spite of evidence to the contrary. It doesn’t take a genius to know why.

          39. Independent1 September 10, 2014

            Great list!! One on Reagan that really galls me is that his administration actually supported Saddam’s use of chemical weapons on Iranian soldiers during the Iraq-Iran war.

          40. Dominick Vila September 10, 2014

            The same is true for the satellite intelligence we gave Saddam that showed physical contact, suggesting collusion, betwee the Iranians and the Kurds. A few years later, Saddam’s retaliation against the Kurds was one of the primary justifications for the invasion of Iraq.

          41. joe schmo September 11, 2014

            War is war, you can’t change the annihilation that results from the carnage thereof.

            Do you really agree with the fact that two of our Journalists were beheaded? Issel doesn’t give a rats ass about being Politically Correct or in protecting women and children. Hey, I am anti-war. That is if it is fruitless. I also don’t believe we should go in anywhere where we haven’t been attacked first. But how long can you turn the other cheek when you are being attacked and taunted? The world is not a perfect Utopia like many of you believe it is. There are still plenty of groups that are primitive and violent. I DO believe in an eye for an eye. Sorry, we humans have not evolved enough to say we can have a peace filled world. That can only happen by force.

          42. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            Were you sleeping last night and today? Did you not read or here about Obama’s speech on his plans for destroying ISIL?? He’s been bombing them for more than a week and the Iraqi army is actually pushing them back out of Iraq. What point are you trying to make?? It makes no sense.


          43. joe schmo September 11, 2014

            OK, Independent…..I just read it and you are right! I told you guys that if you were right and I was wrong I would admit it and this is one case in which you are right.

            We will have to see how long it will last…..

          44. pisces63 September 12, 2014

            It’s called, right wing selective deafness. He does not acknowledge the obvious, just the made up.

          45. pisces63 September 12, 2014

            Why do you think they were so sure of the WMD’s. They KNEW what they had given him. Just lost track of what and where they were used or hidden. Got scared what they had done would come backto bite them. Quietly, as it is kept, it really is the gift that keeps on giving. 20+ years later.

          46. idamag September 10, 2014

            Funny thing is the t-nuts wouldn’t accept Reagan today.

          47. Dominick Vila September 10, 2014

            You are right. Anyone who promised to protect the safety net would be labeled a RINO or worse.

          48. 1standlastword September 10, 2014

            Lame ass tea nuts don’t accept their mama

          49. joe schmo September 10, 2014

            Of course they would…. Sorry you don’t know Conservatives very well, and besides we didn’t even need a TP back then. Things were going to good for all of us and we didn’t need change.

          50. johninPCFL September 11, 2014

            Reagan spent like a drunken sailor. Why would the teabaggers accept him?

          51. joe schmo September 11, 2014

            Of course they would. Times were good, money was prevalent, businesses flourished, taxes were low, interest rates were reasonable. Besides, there was money to spend. For the first time in decades Americans actually had pride in their Country. The .coms made Clinton who reaped from the benefits Reagan enacted. Sorry, you will never change that part of history. Most likely you weren’t complaining….

            Are things like that today? Hell no!

          52. pisces63 September 10, 2014

            Thank you. Thank you. Reagan turned it around after he tanked the deficit. Yet, even HE believed every one should pay their fair share as he signed his tax act. People and corporations. Today, we should pay but corporations shouldn’t and offer jobs paying less than they did 6 years ago. Hot dingy!!

          53. johninPCFL September 11, 2014

            Tanked the deficit? How did he add $4T to the national debt then? Oh, yeah. He pulled military spending out of his budgets, so he had an additional $800B per year to piss away on his toys.

          54. joe schmo September 11, 2014

            Happy, happy days are here again, aren’t they? We are doing so fantastic and get along so well I could just jump up and down….. Keep it up. The economy, finance, the world are just a utopian global wonderland. Don’t ya think that sometimes what starts out as a good thing goes bad and needs to be readdressed…..Helloooo!

          55. pisces63 September 12, 2014

            The world has never been uptopian at any time of my 65 years. There was Korea, Vietnam, Operation desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan. Civil rights with it murdering bigots. voting rights which the right including Husted in Ohio are trying to deny me and mine. Drug wars where black kids were thrown in jail for having three crack what evers on them. 16 year old kid had 3 and got 16 years. A 16 year old white kid had kilos of cocain and three previous arrests and still no jail time. No feliony. Not left wing rhetoric. Per a 3 year under cover study by the Cleveland Plain Dealer to make a liar of black people and the inequality of justice system complaint. Now the rampant durg problem in in white outer ring suburbs where 60% of the school kids have been tested positive for drug use and all that is offered is help. No helicopters, reporters during drug busts and locker searches as it would be in our schools.

          56. 1standlastword September 10, 2014

            Dom,I love your history lesson…not a falsehood in it. But man you squander your pearls before a swine in the person Joe Blow me

          57. highpckts September 10, 2014

            Joe Blow wouldn’t know a true fact if it hit him between the eyes!!

          58. joe schmo September 10, 2014

            Really…..Bush was right all along. Otherwise this video would not have gone viral. Romney was also spot on:)


          59. joe schmo September 11, 2014

            Highpockets….because you are such a follower, you definitely wouldn’t know a true fact if it hit you upside the head. I have never seen you upload any factual information whatsoever.

          60. highpckts September 12, 2014

            True facts such as those you quote from FOX? LOLOL Talk about being a follower! FOX is the propaganda machine for the far right!!

          61. joe schmo September 12, 2014

            LOL……..a hell of a lot of experience and a Father who lived through three political regimes:) …of course…Fox and Limbaugh, and Beck, and WND and Drudge Report etc…… if that makes you happy. At least I am not ignorant and out of touch:)

          62. highpckts September 13, 2014

            What does your Dad have to do with it! I’ve seen lots of kids that are as dumb as a box of rocks with a brilliant parent! If those are your news sources then you ARE ignorant! Surveys show that people that listen to Fox news no less about world affairs than anyone!

          63. joe schmo September 11, 2014

            You think! There are always to sides to every story……. Doesn’t mean I’m totally wrong either:)

          64. joe schmo September 10, 2014

            Well, you ‘democommies’ have really sunk the ship here.

            Meghan Kelly shared a 2007 George Bush Iraq Speech video and it went viral……3 million + watched the video (not sure of the exact amount. Tried to find stats.)

            People are starving for a leader which OB is not.


            Not that any of you will watch this, but Bush was right all along. On this one he was right:)

          65. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

            Yes, he was 100% correct in saying that after removing the man that kept the various Iraqi factions together the only option was perpetual babysitting. Are his rapt followers aware of the fact that the plan to withdraw from Iraq was approved by W? Are you guys willing to sacrifice American lives and rely on accumulation of debt to make sure Iraq remains as it was conceived by the British, a melting pot a cultural and religious sects determined to kill each other without a dictator or an invader subjugating them? The fact that Bush’s 2007 speech about Iraq went viral highlights the ignorance and lack of intellectual depth that dominates the opinions of so many Republicans.

          66. joe schmo September 11, 2014

            Well Dom, what do you propose we do? I always thought leaving Iraq and Afghanistan were the right thing to do. Now I think otherwise. I felt they should hash it out on their own. Well have they?

            I think the video went viral because many people are sick to death of Obama’s policies and do nothing attitude. Honestly, if I were president and this recruiting and terrorist threat was going on like it is today, I would kick every single Muslim out of America until I was sure the whole Middle East thing was only encompassed in the Middle East….and I would encourage Europe (who by the way is bombarded by them) to do the same and I would give a ‘shit’ about being politically correct.

            I think that we should have left well enough alone and left Osama bin Laden, Sadam Husein, and Omar Kadafi where they were. Then we wouldn’t have the mess in the Middle East we now have. I am totally against annihilating Assad because that means more chaos and more terrorist groups that want to terrorize Europe and America.

            Lack of intellect!….Do you realize we have less civil liberties than Germany had when the wall fell in 1989? You people are so clueless. You live in a Utopain box that doesn’t exist. You preach about diversity and equality in a world that would rather take your head off than coddle you. America has become a Liberal cesspool.. Your pacifying America has led to a nonsensical caldron of lax laws, corruption by Corps, honor for the criminal and the restraint of the honest citizen. It has become completely backwards and immoral. We all have principles that we have to live by. I would refer to them as natural law. Liberals have opposed and gone against that very fabric that made us great. As a result, our world is no longer safe and you have no one else to blame but your ideology. Trust me, nothing lasts forever and as I see it, you people are grasping at straws.

          67. Dominick Vila September 11, 2014

            What makes you think that people who have been at each others throats for seven centuries will suddenly embrace peaceful coexistence because we showed them the way? The Muslim world has been engulfed in sectarian violence for centuries, and the only thing our presence did and would do if we go back to Iraq and get involved in the Syrian civil war would be to embolden the most radical members of Islam. The presence of infidels in their Holy Lands would be interpreted as an offense to their culture and religion, would encourage young zealots to join organizations such as Al Qaeda and ISIS, would encourage wealthy radicals, such as members of the Wahhabi sect, to donate to terrorist organizations, and would destabilize the entire region.

          68. pisces63 September 12, 2014

            No dearl General colin Powell was right. Dead on. Hit the nail on the head. He had experience Vietnam. He said and I do not need a video, You buy it you own it. THAT is the truism.
            What you need to do is watch either the military station or history. They tell Saddam’s whole story. Despot that he was, he kept the factions in line and protected Christians. Something no leader had done in the whole history of Iraq. We did the same in Iran and how did that work out for you?

          69. joe schmo September 12, 2014

            Of course he did. Worst thing we ever did was even go into the Middle East. I totally agree with that. We got into Vietnam because of Johnson and his wifes families need to make money because they owned Huey. An example of a terrible Liberal President who got us into a senseless war merely because of greed. Thousands of our guys got killed. It was a very political war. I remember Vietnam well because I was a child and used to watch the jets fly over our school from the air force base nearby. ….And, in this case, it took a Conservative president to get us out of it:)

            So you see there is always fault on both sides of the aisle….

          70. pisces63 September 15, 2014

            We were already in Vienam by the time JohnsonGot into office. Now, i lived during that time. They had advisors galore, so do not put that on Johnson. He should have pulled us out but noooooooo, we could not look like looooooooosers. Get your history correct.

          71. highpckts September 10, 2014

            He sure did nd left us severe debt!!

          72. johninPCFL September 11, 2014

            That’s total crap. Reagan was still dealing with a sluggish economy in year 6 of his terms. And that was after tossing about $4T onto the national debt. He inherited $400B from Carter and handed GHWB just over $4T. Remember? That’s why GHWB raised taxes. Of course, so did Reagan. 14 times.

          73. dpaano October 8, 2014

            You know, every time you open your mouth on this thread, you just sound stupider and stupider! As I’ve said before….you certainly can’t argue with stupid!

      2. Bill Thompson September 10, 2014

        Once again it has come down to communication and the ability of the administration and the Democratic leaders to get their point across to the masses. I’ve said this numerous times on this forum Pres. Obama seems aloof, Harry Reid has the force of Casper the friendly ghost and representative Nancy Polosi stands and stammers in front of the mic and is completely unprepared. The Democratic leadership allows them selves to be beat up on a daily basis with absolutely no retort whatsoever. Defensive politics never gain points it is time to come out swinging if you want to be heard.

        1. Independent1 September 10, 2014

          I don’t disagree with what your saying but you have to keep a couple things in mind:

          If Obama seems aloof, it’s possibly because he has to measure every word he says to minimize the damage of the GOP finding every little excuse to make an issue out of everything he says. The only other president I can think of that’s had to do that is FDR.

          Trying to get GOOD NEWS OUT is a real battle with a media that his hellbent on publishing only what they think will sell, which is negativism. Are you aware that during the rollout of ACA that the Dems tried on numerous occasions to get media outlets to publish accounts of the Americans being helped by ACA but encountered media outlets who refused to publish the GOOD NEWS!!

          From my standpoint the Dems major failing is not being more proactive at getting more progressives besides Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren on news outlets that the majority of Americans watch.
          Unfortunately, since I don’t own a TV, I can’t give examples of what those outlets would be today. I certainly get enough various news from the internet but I don’t think a large segment of the American population using the internet for news the way I do.

    2. idamag September 10, 2014


    3. FT66 September 10, 2014

      If I can remind you a little bit, the President was given all the tools he need in 2008 to implement his work he was voted for. The man was doing fantastic those times even the opposition side claimed he was doing a lot in one time. I do think we have to blame ourselves. We were all STUPID and slept on the wheel in 2010 that GOP took over the Congress again. That was a HUGE mistake for anyone who was thinking right, could ever let it happened. If we will sleep again come this November, then everyone of us must understand we will lose a representative appointed by this current President in the High/Supreme Court.

    4. joe schmo September 10, 2014

      Fat chance, Harry Reid isn’t letting anything past his desk. The President is not playing ball and would rather vacation and ‘putt’ around. Congress is the least of it……

      Hmmm….maybe the reason they are a do nothing Congress is because they want the President to sink his own ship:) …..and he basically has. LOL

      When will you get a clue? It takes two to tango. The Democrats have brought way too much to the table and this chaos is the result of your people. Remember this is not a one-party Country. You DON’T own it. Start thinking different. Both sides need to work together or we are done for.

      1. dpaano October 8, 2014

        May I remind you…..Bush took more vacation days than ANY other president. Just because President Obama takes a family vacation, which he’s entitled to do, and plays a game of golf occasionally (again, which he’s allowed to do), doesn’t mean he’s lazy…..give me a f’king break!

  2. joe schmo September 10, 2014

    I guess the ‘Memo’ finally is getting the ‘jifft’…..Told you so…..LOL

    “54 percent disapprove of the way he’s handling the economy, 56
    percent disapprove of the way he’s dealt with international affairs, 56
    percent think he hasn’t done a good job implementing Obamacare, and 59
    percent disapprove of the way Obama’s handled immigration issues.

    In fact, Americans are the most displeased with immigration policy,
    with only 31 percent approving of the president in that aspect. These
    numbers will probably continue to decrease, as Obama just announced that he doesn’t plan on taking any action on immigration until after the election.

    A majority of respondents (65 percent) also think that the country is going off on the wrong track. Among Democrats, 42 percent “feel things have gotten pretty seriously off on the wrong track.”

    God I hate being right:) Time to rethink the wheel….and Congress does nothing because Obama is impossible to deal with and over 300 bills are sitting on Harry Reids desk and Congress is just sitting in wait hoping Obama will sink his own ship and you thought Congress was just a bunch of lazy bastards who don’t want to work with the President. Well, according to his golf game, I think it is the other way around

    1. bobnstuff September 10, 2014

      I really wish people would stop with the 300 bills on Harry Reids desk. Can you tell me what’s in any of those bills? Please just go read them and see why they are sitting there. If Harry was smart he would dump them all now, just to show what the house think the country needs.

      1. idamag September 10, 2014

        I challenged this child to list the bills.

        1. joe schmo September 10, 2014

          From Politifact:

          “The president is fond of referring to
          the House as the ‘do-nothing Congress.’ But we have 352 reasons why it’s a ‘do-Nothing Senate.’ “Three-hundred-fifty-two are sitting on Harry
          Reid’s desk, awaiting action. Ninety-eight percent of them passed with bipartisan support — Republicans and Democrats working together to pass legislation. Fifty percent of the bills passed unanimously, with no opposition. Seventy percent of the bills passed with two-thirds support
          in the House. And over 55 bills were introduced by Democrats. “Three-hundred-fifty-two bills. Why won’t Harry Reid act? These are good bills; bills that put the American people back to work, put more money in hardworking Americans pockets, help with education and skills training. We call upon Harry Reid to get to work before he adjourns in August to pass some of these bills. The American people deserve better.”

          “We took a look at the numbers, and while
          there were 342 bills that were passed in the House and sent to the Senate, the big thing to remember is that some of these bills are actually in Senate committees, and the committee chair ultimately can decide whether or not to let a bill pass to the next level,” Qiu said. “The other complicating part of this is that the Senate may have their
          own version of the same legislation, so the House bill might just be sitting there while the Senate proceeds on their own.

          How many bills? Blackburn told TheBlaze that 356 bills made it through the House and are languishing in the Senate.

          Additionally, according to the congresswoman, 98 percent of those bills were passed with bipartisan support. She also pointed out that 200 of the bills were passed in the House with unanimous support from the entire chamber and more than 100 were passed with 75% support of House Democrats.

          To make her point that the House is working, but the Senate is where the obstruction exists, Blackburn printed all of the bills that the House has passed and stacked them on a desk with a Harry Reid nameplate. She took a photo standing next to the pile of bills and posted it on her Twitter account. (When Blackburn started this campaign, 332 bills had been passed. At press time, that had number increased to 356.)


          THE SENATE?

          1. bobnstuff September 10, 2014

            In the last 20 congress’s 300 bills was about average. Went the Democrats held both houses it was worse. The 110 congress had over 700 bills waiting,

          2. joe schmo September 11, 2014

            You are correct. But not in the way you think. I guess the Liberals are just flat out lazy. Thanks for proving my point:)

            Democrat Controlled 110th Congress Has Passed Fewest Bill in 20 Years … Wonder Why Approval Rating is so Low

            Who is the real “Do Nothing” Congress?

            When Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Majority Senate Leader Harry Reid assumed power they promised America a change from the ways of Republicans. The 110th Congress has become the do nothing Congress as Americans sit back and scratch their heads why they go on vacation and refuse to pass any energy legislation to deal with soaring oil prices. Nearly 75% of Americans believethe US should drill offshore and become less dependent on foreign oil.
            Instead, the Democratic controlled Congress takes a vacation while everyday Americans cannot afford to.

            Barring a burst of legislative activity after Labor Day,this group of 535 men and women will have accomplished a rare feat. In two decades of record keeping, no sitting Congress has passed fewer
            public laws at this point in the session — 294 so far — than this one. That’s not to say they’ve been idle. On the flip side, no Congress in the same 20 years has been so prolific when it comes to proposing
            resolutions — more than 1,900, according to a tally by the nonpartisan Taxpayers for Common Sense.

            What change did Democratic leadership bring to the House and Senate? Is it any wonder why Congressional approval is at an all time low.

            When Democrats won control of Congress in 2006, Republicans were eager to tar them as “do nothing,” an echo of Democrat Harry Truman’s
            successful 1948 presidential campaign during which he railed against the“Do Nothing Congress” led by Republicans.

            “The Democrats in charge of this Congress have been heavy on fluff and light on substance,” says Republican leader Rep. John Boehner of
            Ohio. “Resolutions are fine but why aren’t we also passing legislation to lower gas prices? What about health-care reform and runaway entitlement spending?”In fact, the second-fewest number of public laws passed over the 20-year review was during the 104th Congress — when Republicans were newly in control, with a Democratic president. Resolutions, however, are usually popular on both sides of the aisle.

          3. bobnstuff September 11, 2014

            There was one other thing that caused the large number of died bills, the fact that the 110th congress set another record, the most filibusters in history, not by a small amount, but over double. Never in the history of the country has one party tried to block government action as much as the republicans did the first two years of the Obama administration.

          4. Independent1 September 11, 2014

            More right-wing wacko rhetoric from a right-wing biased political organization: blah, blah, blah, nonsense!!!!!!!!

    2. kenndeb September 10, 2014

      Sooo Right!!!!!

    3. Independent1 September 10, 2014

      All you posted only goes to show HOW IGNORANT OF REALITY, the majority of Americans are.

    4. Independent1 September 10, 2014

      Carrying on from my previous post. Just to demonstrate how IGNORANT Americans really are, they disapprove of the performance of the president who has been:

      -The smallest spending president since Eisenhower.
      -The president who has reduced deficit spending faster than any president since Truman.
      -The president that Forbes has just called the best economic president of modern times – trashing Reagan.
      -The president who has kept more of his campaign promises than any other president – more than 300 of them.
      -The president who who has deported more troublesome illegal aliens and done more on immigration than any previous president.
      -The president that has guided our energy industry in such a way that America no leads the planet in overall energy production.
      -The president who restored the auto industry to profitability which has brought in more than 150 billion in taxes that would have been lost had it gone bankrupt.
      -The president who got Iran to rework its weapons-grade uranium such that it’s no longer a war threat to the world.
      -The president whose administration has recovered more fraudulently charged monies from the defense and healthcare sectors than any 3 previous presidents combined.
      -The president whose economic policies have resulted in the longest continuous stretch of jobs growth in American history.

      And I could go on and on. but the above proves just how IGNORANT MOST AMERICANS ARE OF REALITY!!!!!!

      1. joe schmo September 11, 2014

        1) If so then why is the middle class getting poorer. Could it be because of higher taxes?
        2) This is something you all always get pumped up about. Sorry to burst your bubble.

        The deficit in 2008 was 400 billion. After Obama took office and due to a liberal Congress and stimulus spending, the deficit rose to 1.4 trillion. It has declined since that time, but it is still well above the levels we saw during the Bush administration. I’ll be the first to admit that President George W. Bush was no true fiscal conservative. I would point out, however, that he was faced with
        situations that few modern presidents have had to deal with.

        On the other hand, President Obama has done nothing but blame Bush for his woes as President, fiscal and otherwise. I’ve always heard it said, numbers do not lie. As much as he tries to lie his way out of the box, with his liberal supporters backing him up every step of the way,
        President Obama can not ignore the numbers.

        His administration is spending more money than they are taking in, thus driving the national deficit up by billions of dollars. As a result, the national debt was at $16.7 trillion in October. It was $10.6trillion when he took office in 2009. That’s an increase of 57%. As much as President Obama would like us to ignore these numbers, they tell
        the tale of a President who has spent more money than any previous holder of that office. (See chart at bottom)

        3) LOL….that is truly a laugh and untrue:)

        In a May 2 edition, in an article titled “What Obama’s Growth Recession Is Stealing From Your Wallet”, Ferrara (Heartland Institute) wrote “Restoring that booming economic growth and prosperity (of past decades) is the core of solving all of our nation’s problems, not income or wealth redistribution, or addressing ‘inequality.’ But President Obama is not on the path of restoration. The latest report on real GDP growth estimates this year’s first quarter at a pitiful 0.01%. This is in the 6th year of Obama’s Presidency.”

        The Heritage Foundation’s chief economist, Stephen Moore, writing on May 1st in the National Review, asked, “What happens to an economy when you do just about everything wrong?” Here’s his list:

        # Say you spend $830 billion on a stimulus stuffed with make-work government-jobs programs and programs to pay people to buy new cars,

        # you borrow $6 trillion,

        # you launch a government-run healthcare system that incentivizes businesses not to hire more workers,

        # you raise tax rates on the businesses that hire workers and on the investors that invest in the businesses that hire workers,

        # you print $3 trillion of paper money, (THIS WILL KICK OUR ASS ONE DAY)

        # you shut down an entire industry (coal), and try to regulate and restrain the one industry that actually is booming (oil and gas).

        “We made all of these imbecilic moves,” wrote Moore(The Heritage Foundation), “and the wonder of it all is that the U.S. economy is growing at all. It is a tribute tothe indestructible Energizer Bunny that is the entrepreneurial U.S. economy that it keeps going and going even with all the obstacles.”

        4) ‘I have a pen and a phone and I will destroy America merely by using my executive order.’

        5) Biggest lie of them all. The border is so porous the drug cartels are having a field day. 62,000 children. Ponga boats landing on our vacant shores and bringing plenty of people and drugs to California. Not to mention the Drug cartels run Agriculture in California and rule over LA. I live in the state I know through experience. 21.2 Million illegals in California alone.

        6) Energy-where should I go on this one. Destroyed the coal industry leaving thousands out of work. Trying to destroy the oil industry. Won’t allow pipeline into the U.S. Solar panels made from toxic materials (Solyndra). Wind fans are environmental pollutants. Electric cars use tons to recharge. Electricity created by fuel and nuclear plants. Both of which he hates.

        7) Government should not bail out private enterprise. GM has had tons of recalls lately. I rest my case. Stimulus – California – Brown has no intention of paying it back:)

        8) Iran? Oh boy, where do you want to go on this one. He really has no international clout. Megyn Kelly just shared a 2007 George Bush Iraq speech, and it’s going VIRAL. Could it be that we are longing for a better leader. Look at Issel go……..

        9)The Associated Press, much like most of the mainstream press, paused from protecting Obama in a May 2nd article that began “Despite the unemployment rate plummeting, more than 92 million Americans remain out
        of the labor force.”

        As Harvard Ph.D., Jerome R. Corsi, a World Net Daily senior staff reporter, noted the same day as the AP article, “The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) announcement that unemployment has dropped from 6.7 percent in March to 6.3 in April was partly attributed to some 800,000
        workers dropping out of the labor force last month, reducing the labor participation rate to 62.8 percent, a new low for the Obama administration.”

        When people stop looking for work, they are not counted as “unemployed.” Dr. Corsi put the actual unemployment rate in April at12.3 percent! The numbers you read about from the BLS are “virtually meaningless.” They should just drop the “L” from their acronym.

        As the Wall Street Journal opined on May 3rd, “The
        Americans who left the workforce include older workers who retired before they wanted to, millions who have taken disability, and others who simply don’t find the job openings to be worth the cost of giving up
        public benefits.”

        ……and I could go on and on….. A sucker is born everyday, but you people take the cake of cakes.

        1. johninPCFL September 11, 2014

          If te deficit was $400B, how did the national debt increase by $1.3T that year? Oh yeah. GWB continued Reagan’s lying accounting by keeping military spending out of his budgets. When you start a couple of wars and double the Pentagon spending, but don’t have to account for it in your budgets, your deficits look manageable.
          But just like WMDs, it’s still just lying.

        2. Independent1 September 11, 2014

          *I knew you were a paid troll and now I’m certain of it. You just spent a ton of time posting one lie and distortion after another – that’s all you any your ilk know how to do.

          Today’s poor are getting poorer because of Ronald Reagan and the GOP continuing to push his trickle-down fantasy – Ronnie baby cut the max tax rate more than in half, set up the demise of unions such that now more companies have chosen to hire part time workers that they can pay poverty level wages, focus more on the bottom line so they can constantly cut their better paid workers and replace them with cheaper help, and GOP nitwits in Congress can constantly vote to shuttle taxpayer money to the already wealthy individuals and corporations via some form of subsidies.

          And that 1.4 trillion you’re trying to foist on Obama is just one of your Blatant LIES!! Bush but that 1.4 trillion in his last budget ( 10/1/08-09/30/09) which Obama has been working to pay down, just like Clinton had to work to pay down the deficit spending on Bush 1 and Carter had to pay down the deficit spending of Nixon/Ford.

          LIES, LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES!!!!!!!

          And The Fed has not printed money with Abandon

          See this article from Seeking Alpha

          The idea that the Fed is “printing money” with abandon, and that this is seriously debasing the U.S. dollar, is a fiction borne of ignorance of how monetary policy actually works. Fed policy may indeed pose the risk of serious debasement in the future, but to date there is little or no evidence to suggest that this has occurred.


          And I’m attaching some graphs to prove that some of your other fallicious comments are nothing more than one lie after another!!!!!!

        3. dpaano October 8, 2014

          You need to read this article….

          Leonard Pitts: If GOP is right, why are red
          states so far behind?

          Published: 06 September 2014 12:07 AM

          Leonard Pitts

          I have a
          question for my Republican friends.

          Yes, that
          sounds like the setup for a smackdown, but though the question is pointed, it
          is also in earnest. I’d seriously like to know:

          Republican fiscal policies really are the key to prosperity, if the GOP formula
          of low taxes and little regulation really does unleash economic growth, then
          why has the country fared better under Democratic presidents than Republican
          ones and why are red states the poorest states in the country?

          You may
          recall that Bill Clinton touched on this at the 2012 Democratic Convention. He
          claimed that, of all the private sector jobs created since 1961, 24 million had
          come under Republican presidents and a whopping 42 million under Democrats.
          After Clinton said that, I waited for PolitiFact, the nonpartisan fact-checking
          organization, to knock down what I assumed was an obvious exaggeration.

          PolitiFact rated the statement true. Moreover, it rated as “mostly true” a
          recent claim by Occupy Democrats, a left-wing advocacy group, that nine of the
          10 poorest states are red ones.

          The same
          group earned the same rating for a claim that 97 of the 100 poorest counties
          are in red states.

          And then
          there’s a recent study by Princeton economists Alan Binder and Mark Watson that
          finds the economy has grown faster under Democratic presidents than Republican
          ones. Under the likes of Nixon, Reagan, and Bush they say we averaged an annual
          growth rate of 2.54 percent. Under the likes of Kennedy, Clinton, and Obama?
          4.35 percent.

          truly is no expert in economics, so you won’t read any grand theories here as
          to why all this is. You also won’t read any endorsement of Democratic economic

          let me point out a few things in the interest of fairness.

          The first
          is that people who actually are economic experts say the ability of any given
          president to affect the economy — for good or for ill — tends to be vastly
          overstated. Even Binder and Watson caution that the data in their study do not
          support the idea that Democratic policies are responsible for the greater
          economic performance under Democratic presidents.

          It is also
          worth noting that PolitiFact’s endorsements of Occupy Democrats’ claims come
          with multiple caveats. In evaluating the statement about 97 of the 100 poorest
          counties being red, for instance, PolitiFact reminds us that red states tend to
          have more rural counties and rural counties tend to have lower costs of living.
          It also points out that a modest income in rural Texas may actually give you
          greater spending power than the same income in Detroit. So comparisons can be

          noted. But the starkness and sheer preponderance of the numbers are hard to
          ignore. As of 2010, according to the Census Bureau, Connecticut, which has not
          awarded its electoral votes to a Republican presidential candidate since 1988,
          had a per capita income of $56,000, best in the country; while Mississippi,
          which hasn’t gone Democrat since 1976, came in at under $32,000 — worst in the
          country. At the very least, stats like these should call into question GOP
          claims of superior economic policy.

          Yet, every
          election season the party nevertheless makes those claims. It will surely do so
          again this fall. So it seems fair to ask: Where are the numbers that support
          the assertion? Why is Texas only middling in terms of per capita income? Why is
          Mississippi not a roaring engine of economic growth? How are liberal
          Connecticut and Massachusetts doing so well?

          It seems
          to suggest Republican claims are, at best, overblown. If that’s not the case,
          I’d appreciate it if some Republican would explain why. Otherwise, I have
          another earnest, but pointed question for my Democratic friends:

          How in the
          world do they get away with this?

          NOTE: In a recent column, I pegged
          the indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry to his “Democratic opponents.”

          Though the
          indictment did come out of Austin, which is a blue island in the red sea that
          is Texas, I should have noted that the judge who assigned a special prosecutor
          in the case is a Republican appointee and the prosecutor he chose has,
          according to PolitiFact, ties to both parties.

          PITTS writes for the Miami Herald. His column is distributed by Tribune Content

    5. pisces63 September 10, 2014

      Sorry, have voted since 1970 and never been polled for anything. I question their honesty. No one called me. I am black. Am I not represented. none of my sister, either. neither of my parents. Now, our children. No one. I was even asked to participate in the Nielson ratings more than once. How often does that happen. Not buying it. What are and where are the demographics of these polls.

    6. jmprint September 10, 2014

      All the bills have an attachment against ACA. Guess what the republicans ought to know better, but they don’t, they don’t want to pass the bill, that is their point. I are ONLY a legend in you OWN mind. But to all of us you are just a poof from the ass.

    7. dpaano October 8, 2014

      As I said above, the 300 so-called bills are sitting on Harry Reid’s desk because they contain stipulations and add-ons that would hurt the American public. If the House keeps sending bills with ridiculous add-ons, they aren’t going to get voted on by the Senate. Maybe, as I’ve told you many times before, you need to do your research before putting the blame where it doesn’t belong!!!

  3. FT66 September 10, 2014

    Can someone help me here to understand and hence the rest of the nation? What power Pres. Obama has that he can implement whatever he campaigned for and be a successful President? Do every and each individual of us understand how the system works? How can anyone place the heavy load of blames on this President while knowing his hands are all tied up and he can’t twist them at all? Sometimes I ask myself what is the use of one campaigning on something while the person is not allowed to implement them? Finally, here comes again a question to ponder deeply: is it really fair to blame this man? Really! I mean this President??? Please give this a thought one more time.

    1. idamag September 10, 2014

      These same yammerers that he didn’t fulfill all his promises are the ones who call him a dictator. The man has had to work with no support from either party,

      1. FT66 September 10, 2014

        Quite right idamag. We all behave as if we don’t have an once of brain to think first. Pres. Obama is not a dictactor, even this is not allowed in US. How can anyone come forward to blame him that he didn’t fulfill his promises? That is not thinking? That is being carried away by Fox News narratives who do not think first what they are telling to people.

    2. Independent1 September 10, 2014

      A group did a study on the promises Obama made during his years of campaigning for president and came up with over 500 of them. In 2013 they looked back at those promises to see how many had been kept.

      The found that Obama had fully kept more than 250 and partially kept 1/2 of the remaining 250. The major reason he wasn’t able to fully keep many of those remaining 250 was because the portions he didn’t keep were not within his control – the vast majority had been blocked by the GOP.

      1. FT66 September 10, 2014

        Thats right. We all witnessed this. Those who pretend to have a blind eye on this, thats their problem and shouldn’t sway anyone to fall suit.

      2. FT66 September 10, 2014

        Many thanks for the explanation. This country is and will fall apart because of some who work for the media who are just there to make their own pockets instead of working for people. I have just finished watching a short segment of Bill O’Reilly prepared for his audience last night. This man is totally hopeless and being there to drain people’s pockets. If people want the country to go ahead, they must stop or reject instantly people’s service like this one of Bill O’Reilly. This man is totally hopeless. His service doesn’t help anyone at all.

    3. highpckts September 10, 2014

      Well you know how it goes! It’s Obama’s fault! It’s so easy! If you admit it might be the way you vote or your Senator or Reps fault, or you’re just to busy to pay attention or because what will be will be, etc. then you are admitting this is your fault! God forbid anyone should do that so blame the most apparent person. The President!

  4. harriety September 10, 2014

    I don’t get why people keep voting against their best interests unless they are actually believing the garbage the media throws out there (and I don’t mean just Fox News.) If they truly understood they way Republicans in Congress have messed things up, there is no way they would want to vote Republican.

    1. jointerjohn September 10, 2014

      Republicans are very clever at being unpopular and still getting elected. Democrats spend their political muscle giving the people what they want. Republicans spend theirs discouraging the voters who don’t agree with them while frightening and distracting the gullible. Take for example your puzzlement over support for a Congress that has messed things up. The GOP seeks out the voters who believe or can be persuaded that Congress can’t possibly do anything right anyway, so, grinding it to a halt or fouling it up is actually a good thing! What we have in U.S. politics is one major political party (D) trying to gain the approval of a majority, while the other (R) is whittling down the voter base so that their minority can win. Two completely different approaches to representative democracy.

      1. darkagesbegin September 10, 2014

        wow–succinct but oh so correct.

      2. harriety September 10, 2014


      3. dpaano October 8, 2014

        One of the biggest problems is that the House puts forth bills with ridiculous stipulations…the Senate won’t vote on them because they don’t like the stipulations….and instead of the American people realizing the REAL reason why the bills haven’t been voted on….the Republicans blame the Senate for not doing their job (which they ARE doing). Unfortunately, most of the American public don’t realize this and believe Boehner and his cohorts when they say the Senate is what is holding up progress in this country.

  5. Dominick Vila September 10, 2014

    Democrats don’t have a Barack Obama problem, Democrats, and the country at large, have a problem that stems from the inability of part of our electorate to rationalize thought logically, the inability of Democratic strategists to capitalize on the progress that has been achieved since President Obama became President in January 2009, and a sentiment so ingrained in the psyche of some Americans that would demonize anything Barack Obama says or does.
    The fact that is policies averted the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy predicted by George W. Bush in 2008, the fact that he put in place a healthcare system that makes affordable preventive medical care available to all Americans, the fact that his policies produced more job creation in 5 years than his predecessor did in 8, the fact that his policies resulted in a 2/3 reduction in Federal government deficits, the fact that he decreased the civil servant workforce and, therefore, the size of government, the fact that he has deported more illegal immigrants than any other president, the fact that he authorized and ordered the raids that brought justice to OBL and led to the capture of al-Libby in Tripoli, the fact that he has been championing an increase in the minimum wage and equality, all become irrelevant for those who pass judgment based on 30-second sound bites or something much worse than that.
    It is also important to remember that the likelihood of Republicans increasing the number of seats the hold in the House, and having a chance to get control of the Senate in November, has a lot more to do with the circumstances of this midterm election, than anything President Obama has done right or wrong. More Democrats than Republicans are running for re-election, some are from Red states where Democrats are an endangered species, and where people like Barack Obama would be unpopular if they walked on water.

    1. browninghipower September 10, 2014

      Dominic – You are right on the mark, my friend. The DC Dems are a bunch of cowards. While I’m disappointed in Obama for many reasons, I would rather stick pins in my eyes than ever give the goopers any support, active or passive. The fact that for the umpteenth time, the Dems runs AWAY from their Prez or their successes rather than HEADLONG into them with a ferocity and strength that belies their courage and beliefs still manages to astound me. But they are scum and cowards and limp dicks and liars and tools of Wall Street and have abandoned most of America. So, I guess, fuck ’em.

      1. Dominick Vila September 10, 2014

        The only excuse I can think of is that Democrats are still convinced that what makes a difference is to say the truth and provide facts to support our policies and the candidacy of our politicians. The sad truth is that many voters are more inclined to to be persuaded by a cute 30-second political commercial, or a quip like “there you go again”, than facts. In the world we live in facts are just an irritant dismissed by those whose opinions are influenced by easy to understand claims, regardless of evidence or lack thereof.

  6. idamag September 10, 2014

    I am totally disgusted with the Democratic Party as well as the Republican Party. Neither of them are worth what we pay them for. There are racists in both parties. The Democrats could have worked with Obama and helped make him succeed. They did not.

    1. FT66 September 10, 2014

      idamag, I am not in a position to use this word “STUPID” but am forced to do so. How can anyone run from the President of his/her own Party even if each and everything i being carried by hurricane, tornadoes, wind or whatever? These people are quite selfish and thinking about themselves. The President doesn’t think about himself, otherwise he could by now taken action on Immigration and forget about losing or winning of Dem Senators. These people really make me feel sick in my stomach!

  7. jmprint September 10, 2014

    The polls tend to poll the same people over and over again. It’s not the majority of the people, just the majority being polled. When you have ALL the republicans and republican lovers go on air and bash the president with every statement they make, they tend to make others believe there lies. If the democrats in the house and senate would come out and bash the lies just as soon as they were told, we wouldn’t have this negativity against our hard working president. No other president has had so much to deal with as President Obama, be it mother nature, wars, economy, racism, obstruction, and LIES, LIES, LIES from the right wing.

    1. Independent1 September 10, 2014

      Sadly, Republicans know that it takes time for the Dems to rebut a lie they tell, and that many of those that hear the lie wouldn’t hear the rebuttal even if it’s made; so those that hear the initial lie are going to continue believing the lie. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life – tell a lie and the lie is going to linger – which is why the GOP is the party of
      pahological liars.

  8. pisces63 September 10, 2014

    Now the rascally .little miscreants are trying to set him up anew. Oh, he does not need congressional approval for strikes. Just do it and woryy about approval afterwards. King. Really? when things go south, who will get the blame. He shoud wait for their complicit approval or do nothing. if not for the liars and bigots, he would not have this problem. Any other president with an economy half as good as this or a turn around one fraction of this would have been a boon for any white president. Race was the real reason for 2010, blow back because a black man had won and the anger that he won again and with right wing lies, is driving this election. Republicans denied him everything they could then blamed him for failure. Typical of bigots. Obama had one Benghazi and is drawn and quartered. Bush had 9/11, and 10 other consulate and embassy attacks with close to 100 dead, 10+ alone in friendly Saudi Arabia and nothing said but follow him willy nilly into Iraq to fight a bogus war. Hey, he looked like them, why not??

  9. kd92mesa September 10, 2014

    Democrats are a little late in worrying about the damage that President Obama possibly has created for them with his ratings. Actually they have no one to blame for it. Granted the Republicans have resisted everything the President has tried to accomplish, but what have they done to defend the President? They have allowed the press to have its way with what and how they are reporting the happenings in Washington D.C., the economy, Healthcare, jobs, voting rights, immigration, Veterans Administration, every avenue that the President has traveled his own party has not even back 100% or 50%. The only Democrats that seem to have any balls are Elizabeth Warren, & Al Franken. They have allowed the Republicans to use fear, and hatred on the nation. Why do you suppose there is a decrease in the Republican registration numbers, and no increase in people registering as Democrats? The Party showing an increase isn’t the Tea Party, the party showing the increase is the Independents. They don’t agree with what and how the Republican Party works, and they sure as hell are not happy with how the Democrats seem to just hide in the corners. Hell even voter turn out show that the Republican have a higher rate in voter turn out then the Democrats. Why? You have the Politician more worried about getting re-elected then actually doing anything to improve this country. The faith in this country and its leadership has been declining since about the time Pres. Nixon was in office, he gave the Republican party a black-eye and they have done nothing but obstruct the growth and advancement of this country in everything they can use, from Congress to the Supreme Court, with the aid of big business. The Republicans have succeeded in minimalizing President Obamas accomplishments, with the help of the media, but the Democrats have done nothing to stop them. Me, I will continue to vote my heart, and never a straight party ticket, but that is getting really hard to do as the years go by, but I will continue to vote!

  10. charles king September 10, 2014

    I think the President Obama and his Adminstration has done all that could be done to un-ravel all the missing parts, and I think the real American citizens Who? have follow the Problems of the Nation and they know Congress has not done its job. The People Would not have re-elected Obama if they throught that he was not needed. The People did some Critical Thinking of Which? President Obama asked us to do and lo-an-behold the People re-elected him. I,for, one are glad we have the President and his Admin. in charge, and they are doing a good job from which they had to deal with What? was left from Bush and his Republicans friends. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. P. S. keep an eye on these States that are Governed By Plutocracy instead of Democracy. Mr. C. E. KING

  11. 1standlastword September 10, 2014

    “The public views Congress even more negatively; just 15 percent of respondents think that it is doing an adequate job. Democrats in Congress have a 33 percent approval rating, while Republicans in Congress have a 21 percent approval rating. But, as usual, people tend to support their local representatives far more than Congress as a whole (respondents gave their representatives a 45 percent approval rating).”
    For me the part I cut out says it all. The quote is a diagnoses of the problem!!!

    In order Obama to become the dismal failure and threat for his party all branches of government had to fail us…including SCOTUS.

    But the most pernicious element was the Tea Party (were where these jackasses when the neocon were creating havoc??)

    Failure was prescribed for an Obama presidency from the start. He was determined to be the wrong guy for the country by all the wrong guys for the country.

    He never had unity and never will. It’s like if my left hand wanted to make pancakes and right hand wanted to drive across country…that the picture of our government for the last 6 years.

    This was the lynching presidency and history will not let us forget it!

    1. Independent1 September 10, 2014

      Your post really sounds like Obama has been a total failure, when nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the GOP’s total obstructionism, Barack Obama has accomplished more in the past 5 plus years than any previous president since FDR.

      Even a contributor to Forbes has shown that he has been the best economic president in modern times – outpacing anything Reagan is supposed to have accomplished.

      And the fact that there has been 54 straight months of positive jobs growth, the longest such growth in America’s history, is another indication that his president has in no way been a failure.

      And consider this, that Ben Bernanke has said that the Great Recession was actually a bigger catastrophe for the America and t he world than even the Great Depression. And it took FDR more than 13 years to restore America back to an economy of normalcy after the debacle. And we’re only barely 6 years past an even bigger financial disaster.

      Part of America’s problem is that most Americans have no idea of the true calamity that Bush and his irresponsible congresses allowed the country to endure; and they have a mindset that MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN. Well, miracles have in fact happened and the vast majority of Americans have no clue that it has happened.. America is today, head and shoulders above the rest of the western world in recovering from what could have been the GOP’s 2nd created world-wide Depression.

      1. 1standlastword September 15, 2014

        Excellent points Independent. And I will review the links you posted.

        My post aims to illustrate that the chief problem with Obama is Republican obstruction and dissemination of falsehoods that have blunted Obama and bastardized his presidency.

        If I had advisory powers for Mr. Obama, I would used them to demolish rethuglican lies and call them out in the public with a LOUD and consistent message that they political with the intent to deceive. I would have exposed their behind doors meeting and their dark agendas.

        I would have been a Bureau of Conservative
        Misinformation Management.

        I would have made sure conservatives back their claims with truth and fact. I would have loudly interpreted what their ideas are for health care, consumer protections, women’ rights, the boarder, the ecosystem and so forth.

        The people would clearly hear from my Bureau what the differences are between my policies and the conservative business agenda policies. Then if they want to vote their interest they could do so because they have a clear understanding what they were voting for.

        Obama hasn’t done any effective damage control and that is why we are anticipating a republican wave in November.

        They have in a dastardly fashion brilliantly bastardized Obama.

        The problem with Obama is Republicans who have chosen to govern by not governing and conservatives think it is Obama’ policies are unacceptable and bad for America…we know that is not the complete truth

    2. Independent1 September 10, 2014

      Here are the links to a couple articles you should peruse if you haven’t seen them which go along with my previous post:

      Obama Outperforms Reagan On Jobs, Growth And Investing


      The $1 trillion reason why Bernanke’s critics were wrong


  12. dpaano October 8, 2014

    Personally, I think it’s pretty tacky that Democrats are not standing WITH our president and are not supporting him. It’s a little difficult to do a good job when you have the other side against you, but it’s even more difficult when your OWN side is against you! Personally, I think our president is doing a superlative job despite the roadblocks that are constantly being placed in front of him. I just feel bad that the rest of the Democrats out there don’t see that…..they will let the GOP call the score!!


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