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Pacifist Or Chickenhawk? How Jeb (Almost) Avoided The Vietnam Draft

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Pacifist Or Chickenhawk? How Jeb (Almost) Avoided The Vietnam Draft


Whatever Jeb Bush actually believes about his brother’s disastrous invasion of Iraq – a vexing issue since the former Florida governor and would-be GOP presidential candidate has now offered a few confusing answers  – he once considered pretending to be a pacifist to protect his own privileged hide.

In 1972, according to Bush dynasty biographer Kitty Kelley, Jeb drew number 26 in the Vietnam draft lottery, a stroke of bad luck that likely meant his induction the following year.

Jeb then told his parents, George H.W. and Barbara, that he might file for “conscientious objector” status in order to avoid the draft. Applying to become a “C.O.” was a way out then available only to young men who opposed all war, usually on religious grounds — but not if, like Jeb, they merely opposed the conflict in Southeast Asia.

Barbara Bush said that her husband assured Jeb: “Whatever you decide…I will back you 100 percent,” regardless of his own military service in World War II and his full-throated support for the Vietnam War.

Fortunately for Jeb, the U.S. military began to withdraw from Vietnam in 1973, and the draft wound down before he could be called. Evidently, he remains enthusiastic about war only for other people’s sons and daughters, an attitude that seems all too typical of the Bush family (and its most prominent political ally) in his generation.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. warrior 0713 May 14, 2015

    The only thing one needs to read in order to know for certain Jeb Bush is a neocon of the worst kind is his own words in opening statement web page project for a new american century. Orginazation started by the evil Dick Cheney. As you read the openning words be aware they are Jebs own words. Pay particular attention when Jeb describe need for a new pearl harbor. Please note date written. Guess what was the new pearl harbor. If you as I figured 9/11/01 bingo it was an inside job. Marvin yes a bush brother executive for firm providing security for entire world trade center. That allowed elements own countries criminals to wire up for demolition for certain building seven. Inside this structure was all cases being reviewed cases being adjudicated at upper courts. Coinincidence enron world come and oh so many elites cases when their cases where destroyed cases up for appeal ended with criminals not held to account for miss deeds.

    1. itsfun May 15, 2015

      And no man ever went to the moon or landed on it or walked on it..

      1. stcroixcarp May 15, 2015

        George Washington never crossed the Delaware River either. Valley Forge was a made up story. and Robert E. Lee never surrendered. It was an an impersonator who met with Grant while Lee made a cowardly retreat to Mexico where he became the head of a Mormon mob which was responsible for the attempted assassination of Lincoln, who survived the bullet but lived as a vegetable for the next 17 years on a farm in Upper Michigan run by Iraqi shiites, the descendants of whom posed as Saudi nationals, hijacked the airplanes and destroyed twin towers on 9-11-01. How’s that for a conspiracy?

        1. edwardw69 May 15, 2015

          I already knew all that.

    2. CPAinNewYork May 15, 2015

      Warrior 0713:

      Where did you get your schooling? Your grammar is terrible. I can’t understand much of what you wrote.

  2. harviele May 14, 2015

    Many people avoided the draft by going to college and getting married and having kids in order to not be drafted. Vietnam was a war fought by the poor and underprivileged to support a corrupt government.

    1. Michael Ross May 14, 2015

      But how many of those draft dodgers turned around and started calling people traitors for not supporting going to war in Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and then Iraq again?

      There’s a very fine line between being a pacifist and being a narcissistic hypocrite. The Bushes are all well beyond that line.

      1. itsfun May 15, 2015

        Wasn’t President George Bush a fighter pilot in WWII?

        1. edwardw69 May 15, 2015

          Yes, shot down over the Pacific. There is a picture of him being rescued by a submarine. However, that is him, and has nothing to do with his hypocritical sons.

          1. itsfun May 15, 2015

            Was replying to comment about the “Bushes” (There’s a very fine line between being a pacifist and being a narcissistic hypocrite. The Bushes are all well beyond that line). posted by Michael Ross. Naming the whole family includes the first President Bush.

          2. edwardw69 May 15, 2015

            It doesn’t change the fact that W did everything possible to keep from serving. As did Cheney.

          3. itsfun May 15, 2015

            That’s true. How did Bill Clinton get out of the draft?

          4. edwardw69 May 16, 2015

            Clinton, unlike Bush and Cheney, opposed the war.

          5. itsfun May 16, 2015

            Just opposing the war didn’t get anyone out of the draft. I have a friend that opposed the war, was a CO, but got drafted, and ended up in Vietnam as a army medic.

          6. stcroixcarp May 15, 2015

            Mittens Romney became a missionary instead of going to Vietnam, but his father George, gov of Michigan and presidential candidate opposed the Vietnam war after he visited it. The GOPers seem to love chicken hawks but not doves.

          7. jakenhyde May 15, 2015

            Willard spent his “missionary” time living in a fancy chateau in France. Tough duty, no? All that while, he was dodging the draft.
            And Cheney kept getting deferments because he said he had better things to do at the time.

          8. Irishgrammy May 15, 2015

            Wonder how the GOPTP feels about “turkey’s” keeping with the bird theme, that’s what I view Geo. W and Jeb to be frank, BIG Turkey’s! It never ceases to amaze what cowards these men are, Cheney, Romney, the Bush boys, when their privileged world is “threatened” but they have no problem at all sending our children off to some insane war, along with spending trillions of our dollars, that ultimately inures the hatred of millions directed at us all in the United States! Wars that accomplish NOTHING and results in continual terrorist threats directed towards all of us in America, but also our military and representatives over seas……

          9. waggaze May 15, 2015

            If you are going to discuss Sr. Bush you cannot leave out Preston Bush and his support of Nazi Germany either.

        2. jakenhyde May 15, 2015

          George “HW” Bush. Little Georgie, who likes to go around starting wars, became a pilot. But for some inexplicable reason, he never saw any combat. Wonder why?

          1. edwardw69 May 15, 2015

            He never flew a plane, either.

          2. CPAinNewYork May 15, 2015

            Wrong. Dubya flew jet trainers, safely in the United States.

          3. edwardw69 May 15, 2015

            His commanding officer and his training officer never met him. He never reported for training.

          4. CPAinNewYork May 15, 2015

            Are you saying that Dubya never flew anything military?

          5. edwardw69 May 15, 2015

            Nothing. Has anyone ever seen him pilot a plane? I know of one picture of him in a flight suit, standing by a plane.
            In the Army we called those “profile pictures.” I have one from jump school that looks like I am standing in the door of an aircraft–it was a plywood mockup.

          6. etherbunny May 15, 2015

            Well, he DID learn how to put on a flight suit.

          7. itsfun May 15, 2015

            “Little Georgie’ didn’t start any war. He had approval of both houses in the US Congress. The UN also approved and sent troops. “Big Georgie” was a fighter pilot in WWII.

          8. jakenhyde May 15, 2015

            He got that approval by lying to everyone. Try to keep up. These days, most of the folks who voted in favor of Dubya’s invasion say they never would have voted that way if they had known the truth.

          9. itsfun May 15, 2015

            The Congress and the UN had the very same intelligence reports that President Bush had.

          10. waggaze May 15, 2015

            They had the ones Dubya had doctored by foreign intelligence. Our CIA and NGA reports were kept back in the Oval Office under lock and key. Darn people have short memories. Most cannot recall the bumbling fool stating in one of his first speeches that Saddam tried to assassinate his poppy so he was going for revenge. Dumya never repeated that one again but it is on record video too.

          11. jakenhyde May 15, 2015

            Not so. WSJ owned and run by super conservative Rupert Murdoch calls it deception. I call it lies.
            Dubya sent Richard Clark over to Iraq to see if there were WMDs there. Bear in mind that Clark was about as well respected as a man can be by administrations all the way from Reagan to Dubya. Clark spent months in Iraq and came back to tell Dubya that there was NO WMDs in Iraq. So Dubya fired him.
            If you closely read the accompanying article by the WSJ, you’ll see what we all knew from the day Dubay backed into the presidency…..that he had already made up his mind to invade Iraq even before he became president.

          12. itsfun May 15, 2015

            No one can actually believe that chemical warfare was not used by Iraq. Do you have any idea how easy it would be to bury the weapons in the many thousands of miles of sand?

          13. jakenhyde May 15, 2015

            Everyone knew that Saddam was using chemicals on the Kurds, etc. That was never in dispute. But there was no way he could have delivered them to the USA. And THAT was what Dubya was contending….that Saddam had WMDs that could harm the USA.
            Dubya also blamed Saddam for 9/11 when he had already been proven wrong. But he persisted in that lie as an excuse to invade Iraq.
            Have you fogotten the “yellow cake” that Rummy said Saddam was getting from Africa. That was a bold faced lie. There was so much more that you’re ignoring.
            You can bless Dubya all you want. Fact is that he was the direct cause of the deaths and maiming of thousands of brave US military personnel. Not to mention that he maxed out the US credit card for trillions of dollars that it will take decades, if not centuries, to pay off. That’s your repulicon party that hates to spend money….spending money.

          14. Michael Ross May 18, 2015

            Intelligence reports that were total fucking bullshit.

            What REALLY separates Congress and the UN from President Bush is that, when they found out it was total fucking bullshit, they were justifiably furious and disavowed the war.

            George W. Bush, on the other hand, still insists the reports were not total fucking bullshit and that the war was completely justified, as do all of the other “leaders” you are so proud to be whoring yourself out to.

          15. CPAinNewYork May 18, 2015

            Three pieces of crap, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, got us into the Second Gulf War. Now, another piece of crap, Netanyahu, wants us to get into a war with Iran.

            All of this was and is to protect Israel.

          16. CPAinNewYork May 18, 2015

            George H. W. Bush was shot down in the Pacific. He did see combat.

          17. Michael Ross May 18, 2015

            You ever get tired of deliberately trying to confuse Dubya with his father?

          18. CPAinNewYork May 19, 2015

            Reread the posting. The author asserted that George H. W. Bush didn’t see combat.

            One other thing: You are an insulting, foul mouthed, obnoxious piece of crap.

          19. Michael Ross May 19, 2015

            Doesn’t matter what you think I am, it won’t make anything I said any less true.

            BTW, thanks for referring to yourself as “the author.” Now we know you’re using multiple usernames to inflate your numbers.

          20. CPAinNewYork May 20, 2015

            I’m not the one who asserted that Papa Bush didn’t see combat. My point contradicted the author, whose alias or name I’ve forgotten. Given that, how could I be “the author”?

        3. CPAinNewYork May 15, 2015

          Actually, he piloted an Avenger, which was a single engine bomber.

          1. itsfun May 16, 2015

            Was that what people called a dive bomber that used torpedoes like in the movie Midway?

        4. ps0rjl May 15, 2015

          George H. W. Bush like many young men of privilege during WWII served honorably. He flew a torpedo plane and was one of the youngest pilots at eighteen. His military service is beyond reproach and I do not like either Jeb or GW.

          1. itsfun May 16, 2015

            I agree 100% with you on George H. W. Bush. I also am not a fan of Jeb and GW.

          2. Medicboymatt May 19, 2015

            Actually, Bush the Elder managed to loose both his plane and his crew of two enlisted men, and didn’t have a clue as to what might have happened to them when they were forced to ditch in the Pacific Ocean. And I’m told that when he was rescued by a destroyer, as he was climbing up the cargo net they dropped over the side for him to get on board, several of the sailors reached out to help him up after his terrible ordeal. He snarled “get your hands off of me, I’m an officer!”

      2. itsfun May 15, 2015

        How much time did Bill Clinton spend in the armed forces of this country? Wasn’t he a draft dodger?

        1. maxieB May 15, 2015

          Bill Clinton’s draft lottery # was 311. He was issued a deferment when he was a student @ Oxford. He may have been or possibly was considered a draft dodger based on his contacts in Arkansas, but he did play by all the rules that were afforded all of us back in those days (my # was 242)…..

        2. Michael Ross May 18, 2015

          #1: Bill Clinton participated in Vietnam War protests at Oxford.
          #2: Bill Clinton never turned around and started calling people traitors for opposing wars that he declared.
          #3: In fact, Bill Clinton NEVER declared war.
          #4: That still doesn’t excuse your messiahs for their rampant hypocrisy, tea-bagger.

          Does whoring yourself out to people who are actively and openly trying to destroy everything the Founding Fathers envisioned ever get tiresome with you?

          1. itsfun May 18, 2015

            Bill Clinton avoided the Vietnam draft. In case you didn’t know the President does not and cannot declare war. The US Congress does that. Doesn’t’ lying and spinning facts, and being ignorant ever get tiring to you?

          2. Michael Ross May 18, 2015

            Funny, that didn’t stop any of your messiahs from trying to declare war all by themselves. Dubya tried to go to war by executive order as I recall.

            FYI, I never said he didn’t avoid the draft. I said he wasn’t a hypocrite who started beating the war drum as soon as he didn’t have to serve anymore, which is a lot more than can be said for the Bush brothers you and your ilk are giddily whoring yourselves out to.

            I don’t spin facts, whore. I deal with them, which is clearly a crap-ton more than you will ever be capable of doing.

    2. JSquercia May 14, 2015

      You just described the path our Prowar and Prototure Dick Chaney used in getting his 6 or 7 deferments

    3. waggaze May 15, 2015

      And to support DuPont and other Military Industrial Complex corporations living on government welfare.

  3. Alan Batterman May 14, 2015

    The US completed its withdrawal from Vietnam in 1973, it began in 1971. I had a high lottery number, so I dropped my college deferment in 1971, they never came close to my number, and I was safe. Unlike some hypocrites like Bush, I have and do oppose all the interventionist wars in which the US was or is involved.

  4. itsfun May 15, 2015

    Being a CO did not exempt anyone from the draft. I have a friend that was a CO. He was still drafted and ended up in Vietnam as a Army medic.

  5. crosstown May 15, 2015

    How ridiculous it was for our nation to draft those who did not merit college (or whose parents could not afford higher education for them). Defense Secretary Robert McNamara Initiated policies to insure sending a disproportionate number of African Americans into combat during that conflict. In New York, Rudy Giuliani was eligible for military duty but because of his complexion and influential connections, he was able to get multiple deferments to avoid serving his country. He later had the gall to run for president and to this day, walks around with an American flag pin on his lapel while calling himself a “patriot.” Though I was a college student during that war with deferment papers, I neglected to file those documents with the Draft Board and was inducted into the Army. Fortunately for me, I survived and continue to enjoy the benefits of being a veteran. For an in-deft view of the Black soldiers experience in Vietnam, read “Bloods” by the late Washington Post correspondent, Wallace Terry.

  6. FT66 May 15, 2015

    You need to listen carefully what these candidates are campaigning for to people in order to know what is in their mind. I have listened to Jeb, Marco Rubio, Cruz saying the country is not recognised as the biggest power in the world anymore. What is being powerful? Going to war? If anyone doesn’t think these republicans won’t take the nation to another war if elected, must give themselves another thought.

  7. waggaze May 15, 2015

    A typical Bush offspring and like big bubba, avoid the draft but willing to send the sons and daughters of the citizens of America to fight a war to line their pockets with the profits of war. These chicken hawks like Jebthro, Cheney, Mittwit and others all avoided the draft to Vietnam but so ready to start and send our posterity off to war for profit instead of ethical reasons.

  8. Alvin Harrison May 15, 2015

    America beware…GOP control of the House Senate and Presidency will mean the certain destruction of any liberty in the USA. These lackey’s of the Corp/1% will have four years to systematically dismantle the protections of your freedom until America is no longer recognizable. This is a pivotal point in our history….I would suggest there is no more time left of apathy. Talk is cheap//it is now time to start working for our freedom…if you can do anything…do it. An avalanche is nothing but single snowflakes all moving in the same direction.

    1. Robert Ewen May 16, 2015

      I agree that this a critical pivot point in the history of the US. Unfortunately, the other period in our past of which it reminds me most is the 1850s.

    2. CPAinNewYork May 18, 2015

      Well put. Before I do anything, please tell us, in detail, what you’re doing.

      1. Alvin Harrison May 18, 2015

        Well since you asked…I write, produce record and distribute “socially relevant” music and videos to get the message out…you can view the videos and listen here: http://www.the99online.com With my own funds I have been able to promote these musical messages to FM radio reaching #23 on the FMQB charts so far: http://fmqb.com/Article.asp?id=16693 with Rough Times in America

        I write a blog daily about various social issues that confront and will continue to confront us on Facebook and LinkdIn: https://www.facebook.com/RTIA1?ref=hl

        I speak almost weekly on radio talk shows (again paying the PR firm that schedules these from my own pocket) concerning social issues…here is one you can listen to: https://www.facebook.com/RTIA1/posts/1612081709003635

        I interact daily with information etc to over 23K twitter fans and 130,000 political music fans.

        I am suggesting people use whatever talents or gifts that they might possess to work for change…Oh…in case you were wondering…any profits from the music goes to charity and is free to use by the same. Hope that answers your question….in detail

  9. CPAinNewYork May 15, 2015

    I knew that Dubya is a coward from Dan Rather’s ill-fated essay, but now I know that Jeb shares an aversion to military service with his brother.

    Quite a comedown for George H. W. Bush, who volunteered to become a Navy pilot in World War II.

    1. Whatmeworry May 15, 2015

      If you believed Rather than your a moron

      1. Whatmeworry May 15, 2015

        If you believed I’m a moron

      2. Daniel Max Ketter May 15, 2015

        Yes I believe you are a moron. You don’t have to convince me.

      3. markpkessinger May 18, 2015

        The actual substance of Rather’s reporting has never even been denied by the Bush folks. They merely challenged the authenticity of ONE PIECE of supporting documentary evidence.

        1. Whatmeworry May 18, 2015

          Rather’s reporting was totally debunked. Why would W get into the same pig pen with a looser. You notice that after this episode Rather’s career was torpedoed and he sued and LOST

          1. Whatmeworry May 19, 2015

            Rather’s reporting cant be debunked. Why would W get into the same
            pig pen with a looser like dan ketter. You notice that after this episode Rather’s career was not torpedoed and he sued and they LOST

        2. Whatmeworry May 19, 2015

          Rather’s reporting cant be debunked. Why would W get into the same
          pig pen with a looser. You notice that after this episode Rather’s
          career was not torpedoed and he sued and they LOST

    2. Whatmeworry May 15, 2015

      If you believed Rather than i’m a moron

      1. CPAinNewYork May 18, 2015

        Ok. You’re a moron.

  10. Christopher Fulton May 15, 2015

    As a draftee in this war I don’t think being a CO would have prevented him from the draft, but with Prescott and G.H.W Bush around he would have had an office position at a base close to home.

    1. edwardw69 May 15, 2015

      He would have been in the Alabama National Guard, and not required to even show up for training. Just like his brother.

    2. Sam Muzny May 15, 2015

      By 1969 being CO did not stop you from being drafted. They just put a Peace Symbol on your helmet and sent you on your way!

  11. etherbunny May 15, 2015

    My cousin, raised in Soc. of Friends, used his bad knees (successfully) for deferment – put himself thru Univ. running track. My oldest brother-in-law (Bronze Star from Korea). found an orthopedist to certify my husband ineligible.

  12. Sam Muzny May 15, 2015

    My number was 33. I had to drive from Norman to my county seat of Chandler for induction into the military. During the physical the doctor noted my knee injury. I played college football at Oklahoma and had a Knee injury in the Kansas game. The Draft Board reclassified me. Their exact words were: “The Vietnam Conflict was not a Major War, but if the United States became involved in a Major War that I would then be reclassified 1-A.” I knew 4 guys from my county that were drafted and died in Vietnam. I am sure that they are relieved to know that Vietnam was not a major Conflict. I had 7 friends from rich families that all dodged the draft. If you were poor, you went.

  13. Whatmeworry May 15, 2015

    Yea just look at all the Clinton’s, Biden’s, Obama’s that have served

    1. Daniel Max Ketter May 15, 2015

      Heck, I never served squat either. I stayed in college to avoid the Vietnam War draft. I’m no coward, well, maybe I am. I can’t badmouth Mr Clinton because I did the same thing, so we have sumething in common.

    2. markpkessinger May 16, 2015

      The difference is that the Clintons, Bidens and Obamas weren’t simultaneously cheerleading the war they objected to.

      1. Whatmeworry May 16, 2015

        Guess you don’t pay much attention to world affairs. Hilary was constantly wanting the military to intervene and Biden has always felt the military should do more

        1. Whatmeworry May 16, 2015

          Guess what, I don’t pay much attention to world affairs. Hilary was
          constantly wanting the military to not intervene and Biden has always felt
          the military should do no more

          1. dpaano June 24, 2015

            Why do you keep repeating yourself? Do you think we don’t read your postings the first time??? Seriously??

          2. Whatmeworry June 26, 2015

            My responses are sooo good, I chew my tobacco twice

      2. Whatmeworry May 16, 2015

        Guess I don’t pay much attention to world affairs. Hilary was
        constantly wanting the military to not intervene and Biden has always felt
        the military should do no more

        1. dpaano June 24, 2015

          At least Vice President Biden had some skin in the game….his son, Beau, was in the military. More than I can say for the Bush family (sons)!

    3. Edward Gutierrez May 16, 2015

      Hey, just think: if you, your family and friends (you must have many) would pack up and go fight in the Middle East (Don’t forget to take McCain and his sidekick Lindsey Graham along), the wars would end in no time. Don’t forget your toothbrush, and please write on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

      1. Whatmeworry May 16, 2015

        as a Mexican we know you didn’t serve your too busy on the dole

        1. Whatmeworry May 16, 2015

          as a white trash Dan Ketter I didn’t serve and too busy living on the dole

      2. Whatmeworry May 16, 2015

        as a white Dan Ketter I didn’t serve and too busy on the dole

    4. Whatmeworry July 11, 2015

      Yes I agree Linda K is a witch

  14. zaftig May 19, 2015

    you don’t often see much common sense from those Bush boys.. until it come to draft aversion..

  15. varkdriver May 20, 2015

    Wow. The comments below about Bush 43 draft dodging continue to amaze me. One very large point I’d like to make is, if someone is really trying to avoid Vietnam to avoid being killed, why would one pick something as dangerous as military flying? It wasn’t exactly an easy way to go, folks. Bush completed the year of USAF pilot training at Moody AFB, GA, graduated and got his wings. You have to do that on your own once you’re there. I’ve seen a lot of colonel’s, general’s and politicians sons and favorite sons of the Air National Guard wash out. Then there’s the operational combat training in the Convair F-102 Delta Dagger. Not a cakewalk or no-sweat. The F-102 was a single seat, single engine, night, all-weather, supersonic interceptor. It was a handful to fly and employ. And, it had it’s share of problems which involved fatalities throughout its service. Bush’s accumulation of flying time during his tenure was about right for a weekend warrior as they were called. If you wish, you can talk about all the other hoopla surrounding Bush’s National Guard service. BUT…assigning the label of “draft dodger” as opposed to Clinton who truly was a draft dodger, burned his card and was eventually pardoned by Jimmy Carter along with the rest of the draft dodgers is a big puzzle to me. AND, an insult to any who served in the Guard or to anyone who served but didn’t go to Vietnam during that time. Tell me where I’m wrong.

    1. dpaano June 24, 2015

      Maybe he had Cheney in the back seat??? And, I think the article is actually talking about Jeb Bush. Just goes to show that you don’t read the full article….either that, or you just didn’t get it.

      1. varkdriver June 25, 2015

        @dpaaano, I read the article. Did YOU read some of the comments about Jeb Bush’s brother? That’s what I was responding to.

        1. dpaano June 26, 2015

          Gee….there was a VERY BRIEF mention of his brother in the first paragraph…that was about it!!! And, I didn’t see ANYTHING about his being a draft dodger in the entire article. In fact, those words weren’t even mentioned in the article above.

          1. varkdriver June 27, 2015

            dpaano, No, No, No. I was addressing the comments made about Bush 43 in several individual’s posts.

          2. dpaano June 29, 2015

            Oh, I see, I apologize for misreading your post.

          3. John Fiske July 24, 2015

            Bush 43 was initially a DRAFT AVOIDER utilizing family influence to enlist in the Texas ANG, the Champagne Flight, but later went AWOL from his military obligation and deemed a DESERTER.

    2. CScott August 17, 2015

      Yes. Trained on a plane that was being phased out and would never be used in actual combat. It allowed him to make his bulging jumpsuit “mission accomplishe” landing with little risk. It is well documented he vaulted over at least 100 better qualified candidates as a family favor to get into the guard. Chicken hawk 1st class.

      1. varkdriver August 26, 2015

        Dear CScott, in actuality, other F-102 units were over there. Be that as it may, were you ever in the Air National Guard of any state? Were you ever on active duty? Did you ever go to military pilot training? Just attending pilot training was dangerous. In the space of 2 years, as a student pilot and then as a new Northrop T-38 instructor pilot in USAF’s Air Training Command, I experienced the loss of several people I knew. Did you ever fly a fighter or any type of combat aircraft? If not, then your comments have no meaning and are actually crass partisan silliness. And…as I stated, if you wanted to avoid getting killed in Vietnam, why would one ever even consider military flying as an escape? As I pointed out, it’s inherently dangerous. And…I know many Democrats who have vaulted “as a family favor” over others with better records to get into a sought-after position. So, once again, if you have nothing better, I suggest that you and others like you with like opinions have no idea what you’re talking about, you are firing blanks and you insult those that served in the Guard.

  16. dpaano June 24, 2015

    That’s pretty darn sad if you ask me!!!

  17. John Fiske July 24, 2015

    Buh 43 not only avoided the draft due to family influence, but deserted after leaving the Texas ANG. He signed two documents to fulfill his military obligation and then simply blew up contacting a reserve or guard unit in Massachusetts where he attended Harvard Business School. Ironically, he was discharged from the USAF Reserves with an honorable at the conclusion of his overall military obligation. Jeb drew a draft number of 26 in 1971 when meant he would be inducted, period. He discussed with his parents where whether or not to file for Conscientious Objection status, but did nothing. No enforcement of application laws came forth. The draft was corrupt to the hilt, but what is interesting is how many TeaPublicans avoided the draft yet call for war/boots on the ground.


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