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Party Of Lincoln Takes Aim At Black Voters

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Party Of Lincoln Takes Aim At Black Voters


Since winning control of the governorship and both houses of the state Legislature in 2004, Georgia Republicans have passed a series of new laws restricting access to the polls. Their mission is clear: To suppress the African-American vote in the Peach State.

Now, as the November elections draw near, Georgia’s restrictive ballot-access laws are about to get their first real test. And control of the U.S. Senate could hang in the balance.

In the following excerpt, Washington Spectator editor Lou Dubose examines the voter-suppression measures and what effect they could have in this year’s critical elections. Dubose’ full report can be read here.

ATLANTA — “Race and party affiliation are inextricable in this state,” said Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams in a telephone interview. Abrams, an African-American attorney elected to the General Assembly in 2007, said that more than 90 percent of blacks in Georgia are Democratic voters.

In a state where African Americans make up 31 percent of the population, Democratic candidates, particularly those running for statewide office, are not competitive without the black vote. In any close election, African-American turnout determines which candidate prevails.

The same is true across the South, where the black population has increased 18 percent between 2000 and 2010 (compared to white growth of 4 percent). Those numbers threaten a Republican hegemony that began when political strategist Kevin Phillips added Richard Nixon’s 43.89 percent to George Wallace’s 13.5 percent of the popular vote in 1968 to devise a “Southern Strategy” that used what Phillips called “the Negro Problem” to create a perennial Republican majority in the states of the former Confederacy.

That majority is slipping away and each successive statewide race becomes more of a challenge because, as South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham observed in 2012, “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”

In Georgia, the long term has arrived.

Republicans saw it coming six years ago. The 2008 election unsettled the leadership of the Georgia Republican Party, Democratic state senator Vincent Fort told me in an interview in his Capitol office in Atlanta. Fort, an African-American professor of history before he was elected to an Atlanta Senate seat in 1996, is the Democratic Whip.

Republican legislators had passed the nation’s second voter-identification bill in 2005, then modified the legislation in 2006 to stay ahead of a lawsuit filed in federal court. Their intent, Fort said, was to suppress the African-American vote.

It didn’t exactly work out as planned.

“In 2008, Barack Obama got 47 percent of the vote in Georgia,” Fort said. “That wasn’t supposed to happen. But civil-rights activists, voting-rights activists, they used the state’s 45-day early-voting period to really turn out black voters.”

In response, GOP legislators upped the ante, passing two more bills that make voting more challenging — including one that cut the early-voting period in half.

“They have no choice,” Fort said. “They know if they don’t get ahead of the demographics, they lose.” Georgia’s combined non-white population increased from 37 to 45 percent from 2000 to 2010.

Fort said the voter-ID bill demonstrated how serious Republicans are about restricting access to the polls. “But coming back and passing a bill that cut early-voting in half, that showed me that Republicans are playing hard ball,” Fort said. “Real hard.”

In November, Georgia’s restrictive ballot-access laws will get their first real test. Michelle Nunn, the daughter of former Democratic senator Sam Nunn, is the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Saxby Chambliss. Nunn is in a close race with former dollar store CEO David Perdue. The African-American vote will likely determine the winner.

Georgia’s ballot-access laws could also shape the outcome of the competitive race between incumbent Republican governor Nathan Deal and Democratic challenger Jason Carter, the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter.

A Carter win would be a game-changer in Georgia, unless Republicans pick up the one House seat that would provide them a supermajority in both chambers of the General Assembly and allow them to govern by veto-proof legislation.

Michelle Nunn, however, is one of very few firewalls against a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate. What remains of President Obama’s agenda might hang on election results posted in Atlanta in November.

“The voter-ID bill is big,” Atlanta Democratic senator Nan Orrock told me. “But it is one part of a much larger whole.”

Orrock, a white liberal who found her way into politics through the civil-rights movement in the 1960s, has represented predominantly black Atlanta districts in the Georgia House, and later the Senate, for 28 years.

According to Orrock, the Voter ID Act is best understood as one piece of a broader Republican legislative agenda. That agenda extends beyond voting laws that specifically target minority voters: voter ID, cutting the early-voting period from 45 to 21 days, and a citizenship-verification law that matches databases and scrubs voting rolls.

After Republicans won control of both houses of the General Assembly in 2004, they resorted to race as the primary criterion in drawing the congressional, legislative and even county commissioners’ districts, frequently “pairing” Democratic incumbents to force them to run against each other. They packed blacks into racially homogeneous districts and subdivided, where they could, those communities where whites and African-Americans had built biracial coalitions of voters.

“Fulton County, this is critical to understand,” Orrock told me. “The Republican Party has stripped the power from the African-American community in Fulton County.”

Fulton County, which includes Atlanta, is 44.4 percent African-American, 7.7 percent Latino and 40.7 percent white. Today, in a coalition with white progressives and Latinos, its African-American majority dominates local government; five of Fulton County’s seven county commissioners are black Democrats, but that’s likely to change.

For years, Republican legislators criticized the Board of Commissioners for being profligate and inefficient, yet because of Atlanta’s demographics, electing a majority has been beyond the Republicans’ grasp. They managed to undermine the county’s finances by freezing property evaluation for two years and requiring a five-vote majority on the commission to pass a property tax increase. But to “win” a majority of seats on the Fulton County Commission, Republicans embarked on a two-step process that began in the Legislature.

Each county delegation in Georgia’s General Assembly controls legislation related to the county it represents. For 20 years, Democrats dominated Fulton County’s legislative delegations in the House and Senate. Before Republicans could increase their two-member foothold on the Fulton County Commission, they had to redraw the legislative districts to their advantage.

They did so during redistricting in 2011, extending Fulton County’s legislative district boundaries out into whiter, more Republican counties. Until the 2013 elections that followed redistricting, Fulton County was represented by a 14-8 Democratic majority in the Georgia House and a 4-3 majority in the Senate.

Republicans now hold a 13-12 edge in Fulton County’s House delegation and a 7-4 majority in its Senate delegation.

Once Republicans controlled Fulton County’s legislative delegation, they could change the complexion of the county Board of Commissioners.

In the 2013 legislative session, Fulton County’s Republican legislative delegations redrew commission district lines to ensure that one of the five incumbent Democrat commissioners will be automatically eliminated (by forcing two veteran African-American Democrats to run in the same district). They also turned an at-large seat currently held by an African-American Democrat into a new district situated in (majority white) north Fulton County.

While the at-large seat in a majority African-American county was winnable for a Democrat, the new district in the north of the county favors a Republican. If they prevail at the polls in November, Republicans will, by legislative fiat, have taken control of Georgia’s largest majority-minority county.

They are just beginning.

Read Lou Dubose’s full report at The Washington Spectator.

Photo: Heather Kennedy via Flickr

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  1. sigrid28 September 6, 2014

    This pernicious state of affairs in Georgia depends entirely on racism dictating the role of white voters on a state and local level. White voters intent on social justice could demolish Republican hopes for the state and localities within Georgia and other Red states, for that matter. How long will it be before we are rid of the destructive role racism plays in our country?

    1. S.J. Jolly September 6, 2014

      How long? Is said that it takes 5 generations to change a population’s beliefs. So, say a hundred years after the civil rights movement successes of the 1960’s?

    2. homeplate2 September 8, 2014

      as soon as all the racists republicans die!

  2. bobnstuff September 6, 2014

    Why is the voting public putting up with this and how can we change it. My district in Pa. is 3 miles wide and 70 miles long, There are parts of 4 counties in it. How can we stop this?

    1. sigrid28 September 6, 2014

      Registering new voters is step one. Getting registered voters to the polls in greater numbers is step two. A third priority is working toward fair representation in state and local government by 2020, when a new census will be the occasion for redistricting nationwide. The president’s commission was to propose voting guidelines nationwide, which are badly needed. Eventually these may have some impact if citizens insist on it. In some states, voting restrictions and gerrymandering pose civil rights violations that can be challenged by the Department of Justice. In Florida, the League of Women Voters won a case exposing violations of this sort. That opinion can be used in other jurisdictions to shape legal precedent. Republicans behind these attempts at disenfranchising voters think no one will notice or care about the problem. They need to be disabused of this idea as soon as possible.

    2. idamag September 6, 2014

      See if you can organize a group to see that they can get to a place to get voter ID. Push registering. Yell loud and long about closing early voting. In closing early voting, they are denying citizens their given right to vote.

    3. Dominick Vila September 7, 2014

      The only recourse, in my opinion, is a massive turnout. So massive, that no re-redistricting or lame obstacles could stop. Register to vote, bring an ID when you vote, and if the thugs don’t let you vote early or use mail-in ballots, vote on election day. Above all, VOTE!!!

    4. Allan Richardson September 7, 2014

      Try persuading as many reasonable minded Republican voters as you can (most of them are reasonable on a PERSONAL level; they just vote their party loyalty even when it elects candidates with very extreme positions — they can’t REALLY intend to so that, can they?) to vote Democratic THIS time as a protest against the people who are running THEIR party, AND OUR COUNTRY, into the ground.

  3. rustacus21 September 6, 2014

    1st off & metaphorically speaking, this isn’t a real apt descriptive to make in terms of taking ‘aim’ at ‘Black people’ at all, considering the hell Black, White & Latino peoples are experiencing in states run by Republican conservatives, most particularly, Black people – i.e., Missouri, Louisiana, South Carolina and YES – Georgia! If Republicans want Black votes, they need to get off this inequality, ‘only for the rich’ imperative, get jobs & Public Education back on track & for Gods sake, do something about YOUR people & racism, if U THINK U want Black voter support… Otherwise, it’s another of those stale, unfunny jokes told behind closed doors about the poor White voters U already use, manipulate & treat like SUCKERS ALREADY!!!

  4. Zaphod September 6, 2014

    Access, Fraud. Potato, potato.

  5. idamag September 6, 2014

    Cheat to win. If you live in a state that is pulling this fascist nonsense, make an effort to see that every voter has picture ID if you have to take them to get it and pay for it yourself. If they are going to stop early voting, then the polls must stay open until everyone has voted if it takes weeks.

    1. sigrid28 September 6, 2014

      Imagine people having to hold the place for voters for days, so they can go to the restroom or grab something to eat. This would be a huge photo op, equal to the ongoing visuals of St. Louis County police aiming sniper rifles at protesters and releasing tear gas. The public might be well served by witnessing this refusal to leave the voting lines throughout states where voting days and hours have been cut.

  6. TMZ1928 September 6, 2014

    Photo ID’s and citizenship verification are common sense. Why should illegal aliens who have invaded our country be allowed to vote? A photo ID is needed to do a host of things, so what’s the big deal with showing an ID to vote? As for gerrymandering, it is utilized to insure minority representation in Congress. Eliminate it and we can wave bye-bye to the Congressional Black and Hispanic Caucuses.

    1. S.J. Jolly September 6, 2014

      Nothing wrong with requiring a government issued photo ID to vote. As long as a genuine effort is made to insure that all legitimate voters have such ID’s . Otherwise, such is merely a disguised effort to keep those groups who lack such ID’s (usually Democratic leaning students, the poor, and minorities) from voting.
      By the way, how many illegal immigrants in this country, who usually keep a very low profile, take the legal risk of registering to vote? What is the payoff for them? Large numbers of illegal immigrants voting is a Republican urban myth.

      1. Sand_Cat September 8, 2014

        “Urban myth”? Let’s be clear. It’s a lie, reflecting GOP fear that African Americans and Latinos will treat white people as badly as white people treated them, and the GOP wishes to continue treating them.
        I agree on IDs, but cutting voting hours and other restrictions make it clear this has nothing to do with combatting fraud or any of the other excuses offered by the GOP.

      2. joe schmo September 9, 2014

        How would you know…..Are you God? There is cheating on both sides…… and if you really want to make this work then volunteer to help those in your community get signed up for an ID. Most have one though…..Drivers License, Student ID, Birth Certificate, passport….. Get involved if you really want to make a difference.

        1. S.J. Jolly September 10, 2014

          If you want to believe I’m God, go ahead. Just remember to tithe.
          The requirement in the proposed voter ID laws are for government issued photo ID’.s Drivers licenses, passports, military ID’s qualify. Student ID’s, birth certificates don’t.
          Shouldn’t it be those pushing for voter ID’s that are working to insure that all legitimate citizens have government issued photo ID, if their concern is really to prevent voter fraud, vice suppressing voting by “the other party”?

    2. pitch1934 September 6, 2014

      If you are going to require a state issued ID for voting then you should certainly make them easy to acquire. In many counties in GA, just as in PA, here are no places in some counties where state issued ID’s are available. Here’s the kicker, in most of those counties/voting districts the population is heavily slanted against the pukes. Now that wasn’t by accident, was it?

      1. Independent1 September 7, 2014

        Unfortunately, even if photo IDs were easy to acquire, there are millions who simply can’t afford them mainly because they don’t have one major item needed to get a picture ID in most states – a birth certificate with a raised seal. Millions of Americans that are over say 60, may well have been born in places that did not provide birth certificates that were stamped with a raised seal.

        I served 9 years in the service and managed to enlist and live for over 70 years in the U.S. with a copy of my birth certificate that looked like it was a photostat of the original. However, when I went to get a passport some 5 years ago, my photostatic birth certificate was no longer acceptable; I had to contact the registrars in Chicago where I was born to hopefully get a copy of my birth certificate with a raised seal – that not only took close to 3 weeks time, it also cost me over $225.

        So even if getting a photo ID was convenient, millions of Americans may be hard pressed both with respect to time and money to get the birth certificate required by most states to be granted one.

        1. joe schmo September 8, 2014

          Bullshit! i just read that it can be a Social Security Card, a passport, birth certificate, drivers license etc….

          I just looked it up…

          A voter needs two forms of ID, at least one of which must show the address of the registration. These may include:

          — A valid and current Illinois driver’s license

          — A valid and current state ID issued by the Illinois Secretary of State

          — A copy of a current and valid photo ID

          — A current utility bill with name and address

          — A current bank statement with name and address

          — A recent government check with name and address

          — A recent paycheck with name and address

          — A recent government document that shows the name and address

          — A current college ID card


          There must have been a reason why they were questioning you…

          1. Independent1 September 8, 2014

            We were talking about states – WHERE A STATE ISSUED ID is required. The majority of these states require that you have A SPECIFIC FORM OF ID. These states WON’T ACCEPT WHAT YOU JUST LISTED!!!

            You don’t read very well do you!!!

            It’s the states that require a specific ID where judges are rescinding their law requiring that specific ID. Even if they just require a PHOTO ID, judges have ruled that unconstitutional!!!!!!!!!!

          2. pisces63 September 8, 2014

            My mom and dad were born in Louisiana. 1925/1927, they have no birth certificates. They were born in a rural area but also, blacks were not welcomed into hospitals, then, either. Both my parents worked the polls once they moved north after they married. They both retired as precinct judges. When my dad retired from work, he had his WWII naval information, no problem. My mom caught hell trying to retire. She needed a birth certificate, WHICH was not always needed. Usually your SS card did it. She almost could not draw her retirement. She finally found the family bible in Wisconsin with her late sister’s family and it could be used as proof of American birth. I can trace my family on both sides to pre-civil war but SHE almost could not receiver her retirement because of a damned birth certificate. You know how many elderly black people who do not have one and never did, more from racism and denial of hospital admittance due to racism? I have birth dates fro my mother and father and their generation from the cenus. NO hospital records. I registered to vote in 1970 and needed no id. I refuse to show one, today. We had to use them for the first time in the 2008 presidential election. HMMMMMM, WONDER WHY? That Tuesaday, all the over seerers’ were white. This is a school. One was standing on the stage glaring at us. I got a vicarious thrill in glaring back at her ass until she turned away. Then, they would not allow us, in our black neighborhood, to get the literature that is passed out at every vvoting place. Refused us, the bastards. One told my sister what doors to use. She had two daughter attending that school and she told the bastards, this is my neighborhood, my girls are in this school and you don’t tell me where to to go anywhere. They backed away. THEN they tried it with her husband and he told them to get out of his way or he would arrest them for obstruction. He is a cop. They did not bother any other person who came to vote. I now vote by mail and to hell with you bigots. In Ohio.

          3. joe schmo September 9, 2014

            If this is a problem for African American Voters, then perhaps you might get involved and talk to the representatives on your side about the predicament you are in. I cannot believe that Democratic Senators and Congressman in your district or state would not be able to come back with a solution to help. Because they DO want your vote. For that matter, get a petition going. I admire your story and your perseverance to vote, but your voice needs to be heard. I believe it is everyone’s Constitutional right. I am not a big one for unfairness but, like I said before, I think the blame for this is on BOTH sides of the aisle. Not just one.

            By the way, they are thinking about putting your picture on SS cards. I think they should have done this eons ago. This way there will be NO mistakes. I also believe a voter ID will only ensure there is more fairness in voting in the long run. Not sure why you would be against that.

          4. Sand_Cat September 8, 2014

            Yeah, Joe. The shorter hours and other restrictions are all about IDs, right?

          5. joe schmo September 8, 2014

            Good God. If it is true, that does not only go for Dems , but for Conservatives also. You will say anything ridiculous to be the victim…. Get up earlier to vote. We always do.

            Why don’t you name more restrictions…..or should I show more examples on how the Left cheats the vote….

    3. Independent1 September 7, 2014

      Where are you getting the notion that illegals can vote?? Registering to vote requires a social-security number which illegals DO NOT HAVE. Any notion that illegals are voting is nonsense. And the main reason to disavow photo IDs for voting – IS BECAUSE VOTER FRAUD IS VIRTUALLY NON EXISTENT.

      See this:

      A federal judge invalidated Wisconsin’s photo ID requirement Tuesday, in at least the third court ruling to strike down the law. U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman found not just that the law disproportionately deters minorities and low-income individuals from voting; but also that purported instances of voter impersonation are so infrequent, if they exist at all, that “no rational person could be worried about it.”

      He points out that Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) lawyers could not
      identify a single instance of known voter impersonation in Wisconsin’s recent past, even though that is the primary justification for the requirement that voters show photo identification. He also found that 9 percent of registered voters lack the sort of qualifying ID required under state law — enough to change the outcome of the election, particularly because many of those same individuals who lack an ID also lack the birth certificate necessary to obtain an ID.

    4. Allan Richardson September 7, 2014

      The only ACTUAL cases of intentional voter fraud attempts in the news media have been a dozen or two cases of REPUBLICAN activists doing it “to show it is possible.” Some of them have been prosecuted; others, such as the admitted vote fraudster Ann Coulter, ought to be (they probably had the charges dropped by “apologizing” for the “mistake”).

      Incidentally, a “big deal” is also found in the fact that many minority and poor voters, especially poor AGED minority voters (and some poor aged white voters also) never had their births officially registered because they were born in rural areas, or had their birth records lost many years ago in a courthouse fire, so the new laws specifying a photo ID that requires, the first time it is issued, a birth certificate, makes these voters, who obviously have a legal and Constitutional RIGHT to vote, and have been doing so for many years, UNABLE to exercise that right.

      But you would rather prevent thousands of LEGITIMATE voters from voting than allow a dozen possible fraudulent votes?

      1. dpaano October 3, 2014

        Yeah, they’re just afraid that if they didn’t require valid ID’s, the Democrats would win more elections and the GOP would lose drastically. It’s pretty easy to see that as a fact because if it wasn’t because of this, the GOP wouldn’t be working so hard to disenfranchise so many voters.

  7. charles king September 6, 2014

    The voting public have to get all the facts about their Voting Rights. We all have to do some Critical Thinking about What? is going on in America about Our Voting Rights and our Democracy because MONIES has cause much Corruptions in our America. Many parts of our country is governed by Plutocracy and Corporations. Commissioners are misusing the Public Assets. The States are privatizing the Peoples Assets and not informing the Public on Why? they taking the steps that are being used. Get involve, People because we have States Governs, Representives Republicans and Democracts are not doing the job that the People are especting of them. The VOTE is still Supreme and we must protect it and Not let Who-ever? destroy our Democracy because America is about All of its Citizens. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

  8. joe schmo September 6, 2014

    If this isn’t the stupidest article I have ever read. Shaking head….. I believe the only reason Democrats are against Voter ID is because they DO have something to hide. In other words, I am almost sure that there was voter fraud when Democrats voted in this last election. Not so much where African Americans are concerned but Illegals.

    Georgia is not the only state where this is happening either. If you all have such a problem with it then have representatives go out into the neighborhoods and make damn sure that everyone has the right ID to vote. It is as simple as that. No one is holding anyone back. Why is it that Liberals cannot come up with concrete solutions or make decisions….. Oh that’s right we have one of you in the White House. Now do you see why we need a balance on both sides to make this Country work. It is not a Country of one…..

    1. tranz2deep September 6, 2014

      No one gives a rat’s ass what you are almost sure of, studies by INDEPENDENT groups have uniformly concurred that almost no voter fraud exists and that which did turned out to be Republican.

      1. joe schmo September 7, 2014

        Prove it! …And don’t give me all Liberal think tanks. I have studies contrary to what you are saying….. Besides, we lost didn’t we.

        Look at your Community Organizers and groups like ACORN. Now there’s a laugh. ….And what about those Black Panthers trying to scare those poor Conservative voters against voting.

        Violence and taunting are your sides MO….Give me a break.

        1. homeplate2 September 8, 2014

          joe, what sudies, not one presented here and anywhere anyone on here has ever seen, please present your supposed studies!

          1. joe schmo September 8, 2014

            Why don’t you gander down a bit further. I did post some examples. But, of course those won’t be good enough because they don’t breath down the same nose as yours.

    2. highpckts September 7, 2014

      There is NOTHING for us to hide! Voter fraud is a non topic! No one is holding anyone back! LOL You and I both know that voter ID is a code for disinfranchising the poor and blacks! The Dems are not the ones who came up with this! Not until the GOP started losing votes did they start this “voter fraud” gambit! It must be nice to go through life without having to use any common sense! Facts speak for themselves! NO VOTER FRAUD!!

      1. joe schmo September 7, 2014

        Just tell me how it is ‘disinfranchising’ the poor and Blacks. No one is preventing them from voting. I just told you, if you are that concerned about your voters, why doesn’t your side make more of an effort to get out, help the poor ethnics get their ID’s and get these people out to vote. It is up to THEM whether they vote or not.

        Losing Votes! Give me a break…. Your side is so corrupt that you believe all lies are the truth. As far as common sense. You all don’t have any. Facts speak for themselves….there you go again letting Government figure it out for you. Loser….

        1. homeplate2 September 8, 2014

          only loser on this thread is joe, what a joke he is! I am white and I see the racism in everything the GOP does!

          1. joe schmo September 8, 2014

            I know better than that!

        2. highpckts September 8, 2014

          Should be Joe Schmuck!!

    3. Independent1 September 7, 2014

      Here’s what a judge in Wisconsin thinks of your idiocy (note that Scott Walkers lawyers could not identify A SINGLE INCIDENCE, of voter fraud in Wisconsin):

      A federal judge invalidated Wisconsin’s photo ID requirement Tuesday, in at least the third court ruling to strike down the law. U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman found not just that the law
      disproportionately deters minorities and low-income individuals from voting; but also that purported instances of voter impersonation are so infrequent, if they exist at all, that “no rational person could be worried about it.”

      He points out that Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) lawyers could not
      identify a single instance of known voter impersonation in Wisconsin’s recent past, even though that is the primary justification for the requirement that voters show photo identification. He also found that 9 percent of registered
      voters lack the sort of qualifying ID required under state law — enough to change the outcome of the election, particularly because many of those same individuals who lack an ID also lack the birth certificate necessary to obtain an ID.

      But if you’re determined that there is voter fraud, if it occurs, it rarely involves someone actually voting – it’s using perpetrated by Republicans trying to defraud other people of their vote. See these recorded examples of Republicans doing Just that!!

      From Huffington Post articles:
      (Just some sample articles)

      NEW YORK – The Times cites Sproul’s Republican Party ties and real voter registration abuse taking place in Florida, Colorado, Nevada and Virginia, key swing states, in the November election. Charges include registering dead people and altering and
      faking registrations. Colin Small, a Republican voter registration supervisor in Virginia, and former Allied employee was arrested last Thursday and charged with 13 counts of voter registration fraud.

      According to the Times, Sproul’s various companies have collected more than $17.6 million since 2004 from Republican committees, candidates and super PACs.

      BOSTON – In the midst of his 2012 GOP primary campaign for a Massachusetts state House seat, Jack Villamaino changed the party affiliation of nearly 300 people in his town of East
      Longmeadow. Days later, the same number of absentee ballot requests were dropped off at the town clerk’s office, a list that was almost a “name-for-name match” for those whose registration information Villamaino had altered.

      Earlier this week, the Republican candidate Villamaino pleaded guilty to felony charges of stealing ballots and changing the party affiliation of 280 Democrats during his campaign for state
      representative. A judge sentenced him to a year in jail, only four
      months of which he’ll be forced to serve behind bars.

      WASHINGTON — Eight felony charges against Colin Small, the Republican contractor accused of destroying voter registration forms, were dismissed by a Virginia judge on Tuesday. The
      judge dismissed the felony charges under a probable cause standard during a preliminary hearing, Small’s lawyer said.

      Small, 23, tossed eight voter registration forms into a dumpster in October 2012, when he was working to register voters on behalf of the Republican Party of Virginia.

      According to the Times,Sproul’s various companies have collected more than $17.6 million since 2004 from Republican committees, candidates and super PACs.

      1. joe schmo September 8, 2014

        And you people are SO innocent.

        ‘enough to change the outcome of the election, particularly because many
        of those same individuals who lack an ID also lack the birth certificate
        necessary to obtain an ID.’

        Seriously? Are you suggesting that these people be allowed to vote because they are Illegal?…..Shame, shame we do have immigration laws. The only reason you want them to have citizenship is because you are sure they will vote for your side. Not too honest is it?

        “I began receiving Democrat Party mailers, and nothing from the Republican Party. I didn’t understand what was going on. I am a registered Republican. Or at least I have been since I could first vote.Suddenly, I am receiving stuff from the Democrats, so I check into it, and I am listed as being registered with the Democrat Party. I never did

        “Perhaps,” I suggested, “it is because you are Mexican. You know how bad the Democrats want the Hispanic vote.”

        “Whatever it is,” he said, “I didn’t do it.”

        The interesting thing is that the Democrats have been accusing the GOP of voter fraud and voter suppression, when in reality it is them that is doing what they can to illegally gain votes.”

        Article below is from NewsWeek:

        The Obama-Holder Department of Justice ignores the facts. Tennessee recently enacted a voter photo identification requirement. Its experience in its March primary demonstrates the fallacy of liberal
        opposition to voter ID. There were 645,775 votes cast in the Tennessee primary, and only 266 persons did not show a photo ID at the polls (including liberal activists protesting the law by appearing at the polls without a photo ID). Those 266 individuals were allowed to vote provisionally and if they returned with their photo ID, their ballots were counted. 112 of them did so, leaving only 154 voters of the 645,775who did not return with a photo ID. That represents .023 percent of the total primary voters.

        Voter and election fraud does exist in America today. The Obama-Holder Department of Justice should be aggressively seeking to ensure the integrity of America’s elections, instead of throwing punches at the
        states who are trying to do the department’s job.”

        Accuracy in Media:

        ACORN and its voter registration arm, Project Vote,
        hire marginal and unskilled workers at very low rates and use incentivebonuses or quotas to encourage them to collect as many voter registrations as possible.
        The resulting flood of registrations are fraught with duplicates, errors and omissions, and a large number are overtly fraudulent, including names like “Donald Duck,” “Mickey Mouse,” “Tony Romo” of the Dallas Cowboys, etc.[2] According to Matthew Vadum, the senior editor at Capital Research Center, a total of 400,000 bogus ACORN registrations were thrown out in 2008 alone.

        ACORN was supposedly disbanded in 2010 but resurrected itself under a slew of new names.

        ACORN’s former deputy regional director, Amy Busefink was convicted in 2010 of vote fraud stemming from a 2008 Nevada case.Judicial Watch found that, “while under criminal indictment in Nevada… [Busefink] managed an online program for Project Vote’s 2010 Colorado
        campaign, the ultimate goal of which is to allow people without a driver’s license or state identification to register to vote online.” Busefink is now national field director for Project Vote.”

        Now you were saying……LOL

        1. pisces63 September 8, 2014

          Why aren’t you speaking of the Scot Walker supporter who voted 13 times over 2 years under his name, his son’s name and his girlfriend’s name and using his address and other addresses including his parent’s. The Feds say this is the worse case of fraud they have seen in decades. So, which lying right wing statistics are you referring to. ACORN is gone, bigoted right winger trying to take away my vote, a la Georgia, here in Ohio. The worse part about here? The Secretry of State, a republican, Usted, admitted there was .00038% fraud found over 30 years of voting in Ohio.

          1. joe schmo September 9, 2014

            Honestly, just like the article said if you read it. I will quote it once again.

            “Voter and election fraud does exist in America today. The Obama-Holder
            Department of Justice should be aggressively seeking to ensure the
            integrity of America’s elections, instead of throwing punches at the states who are trying to do the department’s job.”

            If you think there is such a problem then stop bitching about this situation and actually get involved.

            ACORN has just evolved into other entities:) That is also in what I posted. You do realize how corrupt they were don’t you? Apparently you didn’t read what I posted. Typical.

            .00038% if I calculate that correctly, it’s nothing!

          2. pisces63 September 10, 2014

            corn was set up by the right delbieratly and with malice to prevent our registration. Remember?The bogus video set upusing rightwig actors, you think I remember nothing or know nothing. It oNLYbecame a lying right big deal bcause a black man won. Ann Coulter, head of the young republicans, various republican officials, in more than one state has declared their goal was to suppress my vote. To prevent as many as possible.Look that up. John Usted isOhio’s secretary of state. It has become a runnng joke. This republican has been shotdown for trying to suppress my vote by the courts and is the one who said and keeps saying .00038% is the amount of fraud found. No liberal, he. I willbitch as long as I can protest as did during civil rights. Women’s rights. Considering you ignoredthe fraudulent voting republican, what does that say?

        2. homeplate2 September 8, 2014

          joe, my parents who passed in the past 10 years neither had birth certificates because they were born out on the farm in the 20’s if they didn’t already have DL would not be able to get ID’s required by many of these laws, there are lots of citizens that were born here that don’t have birth certificates, you and your lowlife party trying to keep these loyal Americans from voting is nothing but sick!

          1. Sand_Cat September 8, 2014

            Nice trying to be reasonable, but Joe is a lost cause. Your parents are just more commies trying to destroy America to him.

          2. joe schmo September 8, 2014

            🙂 Now your getting it Sand-Cat……..

          3. joe schmo September 8, 2014

            Driver’s License, Social Security card, any type of LEGAL photo ID will do. I am damn sure they had something that polls would have accepted.

            I am so sure that you don’t want this because you would have someone vote twice, someone dead vote or have an illegal vote. No sir, you are the very people who are corrupting the system by that notion of no ID otherwise; this whole thing about showing voter ID’s wouldn’t mean a hill of beans to you.

          4. pisces63 September 10, 2014

            Liar. My husand is dead as is my father. We voted at the same polls. Neither one is on the rolls, the sign in sheet and has deceased by their name on the data base. Say again. I looked it up. I did not need an ID when I registered in1970. Did Not need one until 2008.

        3. dpaano October 3, 2014

          They’re illegal because they don’t have a birth certificate….is that what your intimating? There are a LOT of people who don’t have birth certificates…mainly because they were born in cabins or in areas where there was no hospital nearby. There are a lot of reasons, not just citizenship status, why some people don’t have birth certificates. But, I guess that’s just beyond your ability to understand!

    4. Sand_Cat September 8, 2014

      What you believe has no connection whatsoever to reality, so why do we have to hear it?

      1. joe schmo September 8, 2014

        You know, even though it does connect to your reality, I don’t really care what you think. It is important for me to stand up for Conservatives when your side is spewing lies.. …..And to remind you that this is not a Country with a one-party system like you would like to believe it is. We own it too:) You don’t and Obama doesn’t. It belongs to ALL of us or have you forgotten that.

        Obama will come and go and then a new regime with new ideas will come into play. Hopefully this divide can be repaired. He has just been one of the worst divisive pieces that we have ever had. Believe me if the shoe was on the other foot you all would be protesting a hellaofalot more than we have.

        1. Sand_Cat September 9, 2014

          Obama came in trying to heal and unify, to bridge the partisan divide.
          Somehow, you never get around to facing, in the midst of an ongoing and growing national disaster when unity and cooperation was needed, who it was that announced the number one priority was not to create jobs, not to save the economy, not to deal with two wars, but to cause his administration to be a complete failure, even before he took office, to hell with what it did to the country. He tried to talk and compromise, they spat in his face. But yeah, it was he who divided the country. His existence divided the country, and all the people who said he was a Nazi-Communist-Socialist-Kenyan-Muslim, who made posters of him with his face marked as the Joker or as Hitler, why, they had absolutely nothing to do with it.
          And you talk about my not citing facts! What fact could anyone possibly cite that would have the slightest chance of penetrating your invincible, willful ignorance and bigotry?

          1. joe schmo September 9, 2014

            Dude, he has had 6 years…. and it is more Chaotic than it was when he came into office. Don’t you see that?

            Couldn’t it also be the other way around. He came in with this grand ideology (verging on Marxism) and expected Congress to tow the line. When they didn’t, it made him angry and, wahla, we have what it is today….a complete dis-unified disaster. Many Republican constituents wrote their Congressman and Senators and complained up the gazoo, and, of course, in some instances some put the breaks on Obama. That’s what they are supposed to do. Follow the will of the people. That’s how we work. By the way, Reagan got the economy rolling in 27 months (look it up)

            He’s not a leader, he’s a wimp. Many of his own countryman don’t respect him so how would the rest of the international community view his judgement? Think about it.

            Fact is Sand_Cat hardly any of you give any solutions or upload any information or even talk about your own experiences to convince us of anything. (Conservatives do that all the time. Maybe that is the difference between your side and ours.) I do commend some of you quite often if I agree with you. We all lean over on one side or the other in some of our views. That’s what makes us Americans or have you forgotten that? The one time you did write more pertinent information, if you hadn’t noticed, even though I didn’t totally agree, I was impressed that you took the time to do so.

          2. Sand_Cat September 9, 2014

            If you think his philosophy bears any resemblance to Marxism, you really are an idiot.
            He got elected twice by substantial majorities; who the hell elected YOU, and when? Seems if someone’s dividing the country, it’s racist neo-Nazi lunatics like you who make idiotic assertions about Marxism, something about which you obviously haven’t a clue, and automatically reject everything suggested, two very good reasons why you constitute a minority in the country.

          3. joe schmo September 9, 2014

            Many Conservatives believe the second time was a sham. Hmmm….let’s see the vote counting was done in Spain by one of Soros companies.

            Romney who will not be running again (you should all be gleeful) purported stating that he would have done a better job (how many times has he been right on the mark since the debates and his loss?) and that many people, even some libs would have voted for him if they knew that things were going to get this bad.

            Ahhh, how many times have I told you Sand_Cat that my family escaped Communist Europe. No you are the one who hasn’t a clue, Comrad.

            You have no idea whether what you think is the minority is really the majority. Just because your media said it was so? Oh boy, who’s leading you around by the ear?

          4. Sand_Cat September 10, 2014

            What you believe and what is reality are two VERY different things. If there’s been any sham in politics, it was the “election” of George W. Bush in 2000.

          5. Sand_Cat September 11, 2014

            Sorry. We’re just not going to have a reasonable discussion: too much anger and frustration. Someone who relied on facts rather than wishful thinking predicted the results of what you call “a sham” in remarkable detail (Nate Silver). But I guess that just means he was “in on it.”
            Your comment about Christianity being under attack (I forget where) is what set me off the last time. I guess I’m naïve, because I thought Christianity at its best, at least, was about forgiveness and reconciliation. The most effective attacks on it seem to me to be from those who have made it a vehicle for judgment and condemnation. Augustine of Hippo said people shouldn’t make [what would now be called] scientific statements that bring disrepute on the church. Not my favorite guy, but Christianity could use him now.
            I don’t mean to minimize your family’s ordeal, but from what I’ve seen, refugees from Communism all too often seem willing to commit appalling atrocities against innocents here and elsewhere in the name of “anti-Communism.”
            Finally, one of your notes appears to confirm what one would have expected: “your” media is Fox News, repeatedly shown up as one of the most biased “news” sources on the planet. I realize almost all media outlets are owned by corporations with an interest in preserving many of the most annoying – often to both left and right – aspects of the status quo (“annoying” is a mild word which doesn’t come close), but I suspect any truly unbiased evaluation would find the New York Times and other parts of “our” media (funny, I can’t recall purchasing stock in any of them;>) ) at least somewhat more accurate than Fox.

          6. dpaano October 3, 2014

            Maybe the vote counting was done in Florida…..the ONLY way that Bush was elected. It’s a good thing his brother was the governor! Made it a whole lot easier to get around the REAL voters.

          7. Sand_Cat September 9, 2014

            Let’s try again. My frustration got the better of me. My last post before this one, sans the nasty language, makes my point: why won’t you admit that the country was deeply divided before Obama took office, and that there’s nothing he could have done that would have satisfied you, and – even if you could have been – the GOP would NEVER have been. So you sit and blame your own discontent on Obama, and claim HE was the one who divided the country, not those with a pathological hatred for anyone to the left of Fascism, anyone with the wrong skin color, etc. Whatever your own racial views, there are still plenty of racists; Obama’s mere existence divides that part of the country, and I say again: there is absolutely nothing other than abject surrender that he could have done that would placate you, and even when Clinton did that, the GOP hated him still more and tried to impeach him. If you want to see who’s dividing the country every bit as much as Obama, try looking in the mirror, or watching his opponents on television, and I say that without any malice intended.
            As for his being a “wimp,” again I ask that you look at how well the US did in the last administration, where most of the thinking originated in the testicles, at least as far as foreign policy was concerned.

          8. joe schmo September 9, 2014

            Because it wasn’t. We were disgruntled at the end with Bush and that’s about it.

            Yes I do blame him. His bias is all too evident.

            Racism was dying but many of the things that have happened lately have awakened a sleeping giant. Only this time the ethnics are doing the attacking.

            You see your media won’t show this…..



            How primitive can you get! Racists…..just who are the racists now?

            Yah….At least the man before held a high regard for our military something this bloke could care less about. Yup, our foreign policy is stellar……. The man has no BALLS.

          9. Sand_Cat September 10, 2014

            High regard, huh? Must be he thought he wasn’t good enough, and that’s why he and Cheney and everybody else in their administration except Colin Powell avoided the military like the plague, right?

        2. dpaano October 3, 2014

          The only reason he seems “divisive” to you is because your cohorts (the GOP) decided from Day 1 to make him a one-term president. If they had decided to do their jobs and work with him to fix the country’s ills, things would have happened a lot quicker and America would be better off for it.

    5. booker25 September 9, 2014

      I see by your post you drank the tea party kool-aid

      1. joe schmo September 9, 2014

        Nope, not a TPer. Constitutional Conservative with a lot of national pride:) But, since they are on our side, I would not thumb my nose down at the Tea Party group either. Most Conservatives don’t. They do however look down on the RINO’s because they are way too close to Liberals for our liking. Oh and by the way, TPer’s are not what you think, your media lies;)

        1. Sand_Cat September 9, 2014

          Sorry, but you’re not even close to a “conservative,” never mind a Constitutional one. And YOUR media seems be to some old copies of “Der Sturmer” you have lying around.

          1. joe schmo September 9, 2014

            Sand Cat, I tried to be nice but that doesn’t seem to be possible where you are concerned. You all have to stop this nonsense. It WILL NOT get any of us anywhere only deeper into strife.

            You wouldn’t know a Conservative if he hit you broadside on the head. I know myself quite well thank you very much.

            As for your side…….

            No where does the Constitution give the Federal Government the power
            to buy banks, auto companies, to set wages, or prices. Nowhere, does it
            allow the president to fire a CEO of any company, or to arbitrarily
            take away a contractual bonus from any company employee.

            1st Amendment

            Freedom of Religion (Christainity is being attacked), Speach(Everytime someone says anything out of context it is misconstrued and the person is ruined by suing, the media etc…), and the Press (Obama does not allow the press at every meeting. Real transparency isn’t it?); Rights of Assembly and Petition.

          2. Sand_Cat September 10, 2014

            Obama was elected by substantial majorities, not once, but twice. You and your friends are minority obstructionist malcontents, a minority who are angry that the guy who defeated your ideas decisively doesn’t just roll over and do everything you want, i.e., ignore the results of the elections you claim to believe in for YOUR sake. And you then have the incredible chutzpah to call HIM a totalitarian.
            YOU are the ones who have divided the country, who have made it clear you were willing to inflict untold suffering on the people of this country. all in order to win a political victory, to get the guy out. YOU FAILED. YOU LOST. You have the right to dislike it, to speak out against it, to take peaceful political action against it, BUT DON’T SIT THERE AND CLAIM THAT HE’S THE ONE DOING THE DIVISION.
            Those of us who oppose “Christians” like you have 1st Amendment rights, too. Your claim that there is an attack on Christians by the government is nothing but the whining of totalitarians whose efforts to force your sick and perverted idea of religion on the rest of us using the government have been strongly opposed. You’d lynch that Communist Socialist bleeding-heart wimp Jesus long before he got to be 30 years old, if he appeared now, and virtually every aspect of your political agenda and your tactics are in direct contradiction to almost everything he is reputed to have said. You are the most merciless, hypocritically self-righteous, ignorant, and obnoxious group of “Christians” in history.

          3. dpaano October 3, 2014

            Funny, I haven’t seen a drone flying overhead yet…..I’m sure not many of us have. I think you’ve become a little paranoid! As for the 5th Amendment, I think your buddy, Bush2, had a little something to do with that one! Ditto for the 6th Amendment. Also, if MOST Americans believe that the government is threatening…..can you give me a list of at least 100 so-called Americans? I think not, so please do not speak for all of us, okay?

        2. booker25 September 10, 2014

          So Joe do you like your nation being sold to the highest bidder?? Because that is just what is being done. Do you like you rep sitting on their hind quarters doing nothing being paid a 6 figure salary because that is what is happening, talk is cheap, action speak louder then words. When groups block my right to vote, when groups take my choice away because I am a woman or because of the color of my skin, don’t talk to me about “my media”. I don’t own a media outlet. The tea party shut down the federal government at the tune of $24 billion dollars last year because they don’t like the ACA. That isn’t how to govern. That’s an expensive childish hissy fit.

      2. dpaano October 3, 2014

        He drinks it by the gallon on a daily basis!!! It’s sad that he won’t do the research necessary or keep an open mind about anything.

    6. dpaano October 3, 2014

      Maybe the Republicans are just afraid they’re going to lose if the African American population is allowed to vote……but, then again, I wouldn’t expect you to understand that!

  9. tranz2deep September 6, 2014

    Republicans–pushing for apartheid in the new paradigm!

  10. Mitch September 6, 2014

    As a Georgia resident and voter, I can tell that this article is full of lies and half- truths. You can not open a checking to receive your check via direct deposit without an id. So why should you be able to vote without proving you are elegible to do so.

    1. highpckts September 7, 2014

      Then why are voter IDs so hard to come by? Why are the hours and days being cut? You have to know that many of the working poor have no transportation or drivers license nor time to get to some far flung place to fill out paper work for an ID just in the nick of time because they work 2 and 3 jobs, to vote because they cutting voting hours! The people you are referring to do not have the money to open a checking account or whatever middle class people do all the time! No home loans, no savings accounts, etc.!

      1. dpaano October 3, 2014

        And oftimes, no birth certificate!

    2. Independent1 September 7, 2014

      In addition to what highpckts just told you, VOTER IDs are not needed because voter fraud at the polling place is almost non existent and if voter fraud is going to occur, it’s going to be done by the people taking the votes or supporting them taking the votes – not the voters themselves. See this:

      A federal judge invalidated Wisconsin’s photo ID requirement Tuesday, in at least the third court ruling to strike down the law. U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman found not just that the law disproportionately deters minorities and low-income individuals from voting; but also that purported instances of voter impersonation are so infrequent, if they exist at all, that “no rational person could be worried about it.”

      He points out that Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) lawyers could not
      identify a single instance of known voter impersonation in Wisconsin’s recent past, even though that is the primary justification for the requirement that voters show photo identification. He also found that 9 percent of registered voters lack the sort of qualifying ID required under state law — enough to change the outcome of the election, particularly because many of those same individuals who lack an ID also lack the birth certificate necessary to obtain an ID.

      And this:

      From Huffington Post articles: (Just a sample article)

      NEW YORK – The Times cites Sproul’s Republican Party ties and real voter registration abuse taking place in Florida, Colorado, Nevada and Virginia, key swing states, in the November election. Charges include registering dead people and altering and faking registrations. Colin Small, a Republican voter registration supervisor in Virginia, and former Allied employee was arrested last Thursday and charged with 13 counts of voter registration fraud.

      According to the Times, Sproul’s various companies have collected more than $17.6 million since 2004 from Republican committees, candidates and super PACs.

    3. pisces63 September 8, 2014

      I am a Cleveland, Oh resident. I did not need an ID to open my first bank account, savings and checking. To walk into City Hall. Walk Into the Justice Center. Get a job. Get my SS card. Fly any place. Ride a Grey Hound. Cross a border(went to Niagrara Falls enought from Buffalo). I needed no ID to register to vote. My parents opened all their accounts with out one. My parents had no birth certificate as black people born in rural Louisiana. My mom almost could not retire because of a lack of birth certificate. She is now, 87 and you are telling me she and my dad needed all this information to exist? They both worked the polls in Cleveland, until they retired as precinct judges. NO ID!! Luckily, my dad was in the Navy, WWII. My mom had to search for proof. Luckily a nephew had the family Bible. Their driver’s license and state ID meant not one damned thing.

    4. homeplate2 September 8, 2014

      It is amazing to me, then that so many people that have checking accounts got them without id, what a friggin liar you are! I got my first checking account without and ID, so I know that your argument is nothing but B. S.

    5. dpaano October 3, 2014

      Because the Constitution says EVERYONE has the right to vote, and I don’t believe it says anywhere in the Constitution that you have to have a valid picture ID in order to vote…..just by registering to vote makes you eligible!

  11. homeplate2 September 8, 2014

    Its obvious that Republicans are nothing but crooked and don’t believe in american democracy!

    1. joe schmo September 8, 2014

      You wish! Problem is you don’t know us at all. Unfortunately, there is some truth in what you say. The Republican Senators and Congressman who have been in Congress for eternity need to go. They have become too much like Liberals.

  12. booker25 September 9, 2014

    The republican voter ID laws are not about protecting the vote, its about stopping my right to vote.

  13. radsenior September 9, 2014

    All states should have representation in their state houses and nationally in proportion to the ethnic make up of that state. Republicans and their radical fringe, TEA, have doubled down on limiting voter access. Texas is a good example. Texas re-districting maps and discussions must take into account the actual and proportional representation by ethnic groupings state-wide. Any and all changes must reflect and closely follow the census count by ethnic proportions. Some points of interest to be considered when re-districting is the only issue to be addressed is 39.5% of Texas’ population is Hispanic/Latino. The black percentage is 11.5% and the white population is 44.3%. Reviewing the mix in specific portions of the state show Brownsville-Harlingen is 87.45 to 11.3% Hispanic/Latino to White population. Corpus Christi is 59.5% to 34%, Greater El Paso is 84.7% to 10.4% Hispanic/Latino to White population. Greater Laredo’s ratio is 95.2% to 3.6% and McAllen-Edinburg-Mission is 91.7% to 6.9% Hispanic/Latino to White population. San Antonio ratio is 54.3% to 35.5% and Victoria is 47.9% to 44.7% Hispanic/Latino to White population. Those efforts collided head-on with the hard demographic reality that more than 90 percent of the state’s population growth over the prior decade came from Hispanics, African-Americans and Asian-Americans has impacted the ethnic demographics of Texas.
    Georgia residents must take into account the last census count and push legislators to fix this inequity. TEA-Republicans have made it their goal to limit voter access. Voters will have to make the legislators listen.

  14. dpaano October 3, 2014

    Maybe I’m a little dense, but I thought the Constitution gave us ALL the right to vote with NO restrictions. Why are these states getting away with these restrictions?


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