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Poll: Attack Ads Against Bain Are Working

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Poll: Attack Ads Against Bain Are Working


An internal poll from Priorities USA Action, a Super PAC supporting President Barack Obama, shows that an increasing number of likely voters in swing states are viewing Mitt Romney’s business experience as a liability. The polling shows that 37 percent of voters are now less likely to vote for him because of his business experience, while only 27 percent say that they are more likely.

Romney has based his presidential campaign around the theory that his success as CEO of Bain Capital proves that — unlike President Obama — he knows how to help the economy and create jobs. It appears, however, that Priorities USA Action’s barrage of ads attacking Romney’s time at Bain has significantly undermined that theory. “Priorities USA’s recent ad campaign on Romney’s record as CEO of Bain Capital had a clear negative impact on perceptions of Romney across a variety of metrics,” the Priorities USA Action memo reads. The poll shows that Obama has a larger lead over Romney in the markets in which the super PAC has targeted than in similar markets in which their ads had not aired.

The poll, conducted by Global Strategy Group and Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group, surveyed 3,800 people in the battleground states of Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. An average of 43 percent of voters across all five states view Romney unfavorably, compared to just 36 percent who view him favorably. The numbers are worse among independent voters; 42 percent of that key group view Romney unfavorably, while 30 percent view him favorably. Another damaging finding shows that 58 percent believe that “Romney’s priority was making millions for himself and his investors, regardless of the impact on jobs and the employees.”

A recent USA Today/Gallup poll backs up the groups’ findings; it found that “At this point, Obama is the clear winner in the ad wars. Among swing-state voters who say the ads have changed their minds about a candidate, rather than just confirmed what they already thought, 76% now support the president, vs. 16% favoring Romney.”



  1. bcarreiro July 11, 2012

    We the People had enough with 8 long years with Bush all because he had a brother in FL who pulled the strings. Mitt we the people had enough with the all who you know saga and that is you now. Obama is our president, he represents clarity, honesty and transparency. What do you represent …only the greed that overpowers love that you truly cant have a battle of wits with an unarmed person because you lack openmindedness and brilliance. if you cant dazzle them then baffle them. Need i go on ….to be continued. follow the leaders and that is barack who speaks for the people stands by the people any questions?

    1. Dianes4babies July 12, 2012

      Great, great post!!!

    2. jarheadgene July 12, 2012

      Even G.W. listens to his wife (I know he isn’t smart enough) and realizes he is so unpopular after those horrendous 8 years that he is basically in hiding. Dick(head) Cheney, was going full force for a while, defending their 8 years. Until his heart gave out and he bought himself a new one. Can I change my DONOR card to “Parts for anyone but him”? And now he is scared to go into Canada, because they hate him and protest him at speeches and get in fights with their own cops, who are trying to protect him. Canada, imagine, well he was afraid to serve in Vietnam, and now afraid to even make speeches in Canada; however he is not afraid to send yours and my kids to die.

      1. bcarreiro July 12, 2012

        thats the warpig who suffered from shortman syndrome…

  2. Bunny July 11, 2012

    Repeat after me. Bain Capital and Mitt Romney …. No need to say more !

  3. Dominick Vila July 12, 2012

    Under normal circumstances, Mitt Romney would be the last person to win the GOP nomination, but these are not normal times and the need to remove an aberration from an otherwise pristine collection of presidential portraits is proving to be more important than esoteric issues such as outsourcing jobs, closing plants, and greed.

    1. jarheadgene July 12, 2012

      If I am reading you correctly, you are insinuating that people like the Koch bros., McConnell, Reid, Limbaugh…etc., may be racist. Bite your tongue.

      1. highpckts July 12, 2012

        Love it!! All my friends that seem to “hate” Obama. will not own up to the fact that they absolutely can’t abide a man of color in the White house!! When Mitch McConnell said his only job was to get Obama out of office I was stunned! That was blatantly racist!!

        1. Dominick Vila July 12, 2012

          Some people do. A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a neighbor, who happens to be a Tea Party enthusiast, about the upcoming election and at one point I could not help asking him how could he support the Tea Party agenda when his 34 year old son and 32 year old daughter (who lives with her parents) are collecting SSI because they are, allegedly, bi-polar, and are collecting $200 a month in foodstamps. His answer was unequivocal: “because the Democratic party is the party of n….rs”. I am not suggesting all Republicans are racists, in fact, I know they are not, but racism remains latent in the USA and it is a major factor in the decision making process of many of our fellow citizens.

      2. DurdyDawg July 13, 2012

        Okay, maybe all those slugs you mentioned just hates everybody… It’s STILL hate!

    2. Dominick Vila July 12, 2012

      I have no idea whether or not Limbaugh is a racist, I believe he is an entertainer with an uncanny ability to hyperbole, deceit, and key words to influence the opinion of those who lack the ability to rationalie thought or reach conclusions based on fact rather than what an overweight moron tells them.

      1. DurdyDawg July 13, 2012

        He’s a pudgy wind bag who’s acting racist.. But then he’d be the first to tell you that he’s not an actor therefore how could he be acting.

  4. howa4x July 12, 2012

    Romney is the pick of a bad litter. The Republican right once again has backed the party in a corner, just like they did when Goldwater ran, and the choices in the primary show that. It was like a rouges gallery of who could out right the other. Santorum was right though when he said that this is the worst person to run against Obama. Romney for his part is doing more to energize the democratic base than the republicans, like when he stands in front of the NAACP convention and says he will do away with every social program, or says on day one he will repeal Roe. He dosen’t inspire faith when he says he will repeal his own health care program. Most just scratch their head. He is trying to be Gordon Gekos from the movie Wall st saying greed is good, but he is not Michael Douglas, but it dosen’t come out well. Like telling the chums at the country club you have a car elevator for your wife plays well but not telling it to millions facing fourclousure, or people who just had their job outsourced to India or China. Romney represents how we got into a financial mess not how to get us out of one. Hiding his money offshore from who, the government? Why isn’t it invested here? The Average republican can’t even answer that. The only record he has is the one he is runing from, which was the progressive governor of Mass.
    The only reson is is still in it is because of the lies that the rich pacs tell , and the fact that America is a racist country and having a black man in the white house you know it just ain’t right, as they say
    Sometimes yuou just can’t make this stuff up!

    1. William Sraver July 12, 2012

      Depression raisedWWII vet:Save us from the next depression!!!!!VOTE OBAMA

    2. jarheadgene July 12, 2012

      I’ve never seen a check from a Swiss Bank account or a Cayman Islands account pay for fixing American roads and bridges. ROMoNEY, what a TOOL!

  5. William Sraver July 12, 2012

    Depression raised WWII vet,Save us from the next depression!!!!VOTE OBAMA

  6. William Deutschlander July 12, 2012

    ROMNEY will get all of the non thinking generational republican votes, about 1/3 of registered voters.

    Then the question becomes, are there enough RACIST DEMOCRATS who will vote against our President?

    The remaining question is how many INDEPENDENTS will accept the blatant lies and falsehoods of the GOP SYNDICATE and how many INDEPENDENTS are RACISTS?

    Will anyone wise up to the fact that our President, Obama and his Administration through inteligent actions, saved the WORLD and the U S A from total ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION!

    Will anyone wise up to the fact that the REAGAN/BUSH policies have dealt a devestating “KICK IN THE GUT” to the U S A and WORLD FINANCIAL HEALTH!

    1. Dominick Vila July 12, 2012

      I agree, but it is hard to argue or explain things logically to people who only want to hear what is consistent with their belief and prejudices. One of the funniest GOP claims is that President Obama raised taxes. He has, in fact, lowered payroll taxes (FICA) and lowered small business taxes. His proposal to raise the tax rate of individuals with a taxable income of over $250K stipulates bringing it back to Clinton era levels, which were much lower than those in the Reagan years! I wish someone would tell the American people what the tax rates were when Republicans like Reagan and Eisenhower were in office, and what the tax rates are today…

  7. Fern Woodfork July 12, 2012

    The Reason Why Romney Hasn’t Showed The Others Tax Years Cause He Worked Longer At Bain Than He Said He Did!! Romney Is Such A Big Flip Flopping Liar And A Sociopath!!! He Should Never be President!!!

  8. Jack Wormer July 12, 2012

    Under the Republicans, starting with that whiny, anti-regulation “Great Communicator”, we’ve been outsourcing local, county and state services…


  9. dljones July 12, 2012

    Can you tell me why Ralph Lauren outsourced over 1 million dollars creating uniforms for our US athletes competing in London? If loyalty bothers you, how much cheap China crap distributed by American companies reside in your house? Do you go out of your way to buy American?

    One more Union, Obama tax and EPA restriction on business, we will be outsourcing our souls.

    1. rmarqua2921 July 12, 2012

      Yeah, you mean like the rollback of oil company regulations! Results oil spill in the Gulf destroying businesses and filling the pockets of the oil companies! And then their are the banks! Lets see, within the last several months, JP Morgan and Barclays! Results: We haven’t even begun to see the tragic end to this failure to obey regulations and what resulted when the banks were allowed to regulate themselves. That isn’t A “RESTRICTION ON BUSINESS”, that is protecting the Public! All those elder people whose money is in banks to insure their retirement funds. I hope you didn’t have large investments or a large amount of money in either of those banks! If you did maybe you would like to change your story!

  10. nomaster July 12, 2012

    Guess what, an outsourcing, lying fool could actually win the white house if enough stupid, non thinking sheep come to vote for him. There’s one born every day.


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