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Poll: More Americans Feeling Effects Of Sequester Cuts

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Poll: More Americans Feeling Effects Of Sequester Cuts


According to the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, the budget sequester is finally starting to pack a political punch.

The poll finds that 37 percent of Americans now say that the sequester has hurt them personally — a significant rise from March, when a Post/ABC poll found that the $85 billion across-the-board spending cuts had personally affected just 25 percent. Of those who say the sequester has hurt them, 18 percent say the negative impact has been “major.”
Chart 1
Overall, 56 percent of Americans disapprove of the sequester, while 35 percent approve. This number is almost unchanged from previous months; 57 and 53 percent disapproved in April and March, respectively. Disapproval of the sequester is a bipartisan phenomenon, as 59 percent of Democrats and 53 percent of Republicans oppose sequestration.

Unsurprisingly, those Americans who have been negatively impacted by the cuts are far more likely to disapprove of the sequester; 80 percent of those who have been seriously harmed by the cuts oppose them, compared to just 46 percent of those who have felt no impact. This effect cuts across party lines — even among self-described Tea Party supporters, 66 percent of those who have been damaged by the cuts disapprove of them.

Along the same lines, those who have been hurt by the cuts are significantly less optimistic about the state of the economy, while 66 percent of those who have not been impacted by sequestration say the economic recovery has begun, compared to 46 percent of those who say the cuts have had a minor impact on them, and just 36 percent of those who say the cuts have had a major impact.

Income plays a major role on how Americans view sequestration; 52 percent of those who make more than $100,000 per year support the cuts, compared to 37 percent of those making between $50,000 and $100,000, and just 29 percent of those making less than $50,000.

The poll also finds that Americans trust President Obama over congressional Republicans when it comes to handling the deficit.
This is a warning sign for Republicans, who consistently led President Obama on this question throughout the budget battles of his first term.

This is the latest in a string of Washington Post/ABC News poll results that should trouble the GOP. Previous polls released this week found that President Obama’s approval rating has been unharmed by Republican accusations of scandal, and that Democrats hold a solid 8 percent advantage on the generic congressional ballot.

The poll, which was conducted by telephone May 16th-19th among a random sample of 1,001 adults, has an error margin of +/- 3.5 percent. The full results of the poll can be read here.

Photo: Mbr/The Citizens’ Voice, via The Associated Press

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. ObozoMustGo May 24, 2013

    NEWSFLASH of truth for leftist morons that actually believe this crap….


    Did you get that? I’ll say it again….


    It’s only going up just slightly less than it was proposed to go up. There are NO real cuts being made. Any specific cuts that are made, like tours of the White House, are 100% at the discretion of Obozo. This includes which specific cuts in defense are made.

    One other truth for you low information morons…. THE SEQUESTER WAS OBOZO’S IDEA!!!! IT’S HIS FAULT. By the way, one of the very few items I agree with him on.

    The sequester is good.

    Have a nice Memorial Day weekend!

    “We are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.” – United States Marines

    1. InsideEye May 24, 2013

      Here we go again, the sequester. This was agreed upon by Congress and the Ever no-ing…..Knowing POTUS…who could have vetoed it! Now we can’t live within a !% drop less in entitlements. BArney Franks Stock and housing Bubble resulted in everyone getting a 40% reduction in personal wealth….now that is money! what is another 1% for the government…..we the citizens are already doing it….. then in Jan 2013 we , the middle class, got a TAX increase from Obama……Hey. and Jamie Dimon misplaced $1 Trillion….is that the bail out ???? …..print up some more money and use it, dear Congress

      Remember Memorial Day…and the one’s who gave all for us, OBOZO, Dominic, and friends, who are allowed to speak freely, on this forum..

      1. ObozoMustGo May 24, 2013

        InisdeEye, you are singing my tune.
        Why the hell is it that WE THE PEOPLE are always asked to sacrifice more… to “pay our fair share” when the government is NEVER asked to sacrifice?
        What a pile of crap most of those fools in DC are.
        Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
        “We are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.” – United States Marines

        1. jesse brink May 24, 2013

          “We the people” ARE the government.

          You need to do a little more thinking, and a little less partisan blathering.

          1. ObozoMustGo May 25, 2013

            jesse.. you are blind. We ARE not the government. We are supposed to own it, but we don’t. We are living in increasing post-Constitutional times where the government is growing and individual sovereignty is fading. We are increasingly becoming subjects.

            Have a nice Memorial Day weekend!

            “We are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.” – United States Marines

          2. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

            According to him its we the rich people fuck the rest of the people

      2. RobertCHastings May 24, 2013

        Barney Frank? What did he do, buy a second house? The majority of those in Congress have second houses, so you are basically saying that all of the second homes that were bought by members of Congress resulted in the meltdown of 2007? Now that IS an interesting thought, even creative, almost in the category of Glen Beck. And just about as accurate.

        1. Robert P. Robertson May 25, 2013

          You gotta wonder what these Republicunt/neo-Confederate tea bags are smoking. It’s like Zombie Palooza on here today!

          1. RobertCHastings May 25, 2013

            Whatever it is, it needs to be tested. It is probably the final resting place for Agent Orange.

          2. Robert P. Robertson May 25, 2013


        2. InsideEye May 25, 2013

          Was referring to the Freddie Mac give away loans to people that could not afford it.

          1. RobertCHastings May 25, 2013

            And that all depends on what source you read and who you believe. The two major Washington papers have diametrically opposed views on the subject, which sort of puts the blame Barney game a little out of whack. The more conservative paper sides with Fox news, which should automatically put up red flags, while the more reasonable paper attempts to factor in things other than conservative angst.

          2. InsideEye May 25, 2013

            The source is important ? I Ike to read both sides, that is why like this site…to see what others are thinking…opining. I see great research by some , stating OMB STATISTICS FROM BOTH SIDES. …described as an impartial body by both sides at times. Can we All get two Economists together and discuss the future and the way to proceed….no politics. I thought Simpson Bowles was supposed to give an unbiased pathway…..now who is against this ? Let us just do it and make minor changes, minor changes.

          3. RobertCHastings May 25, 2013

            Of course the source is important. If you believe what Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh have to say, then your universe will undoubtedly be twisted. If you are able to find a neutral source, check facts of virtually anything Glen Beck has to say. Of course, even in this environment neutrality is a subjective thing. However, common sense and a little critical reading should lead you in the right direction.

          4. InsideEye May 25, 2013

            I research both sides as much as possible, but we are also confined by our personal experiences. We are Alll bigoted” in trying to make others see our way…to be like us….I was taught almost radical self reliance, and I understand hard times..been there, I will give a helping hand, but not for people who are gaming the system….that hurts all of us.

          5. RobertCHastings May 25, 2013

            While Barney Franks may hold an important position on his committee, he was not the originator nor the only person supporting this program that encouraged lenders to grant loans to more people for houses(homes). However, it definitely was NOT he who converted toxic loans into the deadly derivatives that caused the economic collapse of 2007 – 2008, something that could not have occurred in the first place if Congress had not eradicated sensible reforms enacted after the Great Depression, a move that left the financial markets wide open to enfettered speculation, with other peoples’ money.

        3. bikejedi May 25, 2013

          threatened to veto anyone who challenged it . So why is that an issue ? Obama wrote the bill because he didn’t think the Republicans would call his bluff . He had a and a half to come up with something different and just decided to go golfing thinking that the Republicans would capitulate . They decide the Sequestration option would be the best deal because Obama refused to work with then or even meet them ( You Liberals like to turn that around and LIE and say the Republicans wont work with him and then use the race card as the excuse ) the truth of course is that the Republicans called him out and he go golfing instead . Don’t you remember anything ?

          1. RobertCHastings May 25, 2013

            Apparently you are the one who doesn’t remember anything. Several posters have put up the true sequence of events in 2011when fiscal cliff/sequestration were put through. Obama met at least half of his obligation by taking $750B from Medicare for the sole purpose of making Medicare/Medicaid more efficient and transparent, instituting programs around the country that would make the medical choices individuals must make every day reasoned and efficient. This reduced benefits by nothing. It did not raise the age for eligibility; it did not put a wedge between an individual and his doctor; it did not deprive beneficiaries of any appropriate treatments, while just the opposite are the talking points of so many conservatives. Obama went golfing because the negotiations were over, or have you forgotten that Boehner sent the House home? Kind of hard to negotiate when there is no one with whom to negotiate.

          2. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            Boehner sent the house home because Obama had already gone on vacay to play golf . You really don’t have a grasp do you ? You don’t factor in common sense and cant read between the lines . You are like the casual sports fan who needs the color guy to fill in your blanks for you because you cant figure anything out for your own self . The Republicans went on record and called Obama out to negotiate . Obama went down to the dead line not doing that . Look he had a year and a freaking half and couldn’t reach a compromise . That shows he has NO executive skill set . He raided Medicare and left the onus on the States . If you lived in the Liberal utopia of Illinois as I do you would recognize that . Quinn is crying poor mouth over it . It will effect benefits and services especially to the elderly . Care to bet ? We can revisit this in two years and see how Obama raiding medicare hurt rather then helped .

          3. RobertCHastings May 25, 2013

            Medicare is not the responsibility of the states, so Obama’s action regarding taking money from Medicare had nothing to do with placing any kind of burden on the states. I can only assume that you meant Medicaid, something quite different. The action was not a raid on Medicare, as it had no effect on beneficiaries, but was a means of reducing the future burden of Medicare by making it more efficient. This was part of the agreement he had with Congress to reduce Federal spending to give a balanced approach to deficit reduction. He was perfectly justified in asking for more tax revenues after this move, but the Republicans were unwilling to bargain in good faith, and Boehner sent them home.

      3. Robert P. Robertson May 24, 2013

        Round-eye, how could President Obama veto the sequester when it was legislated by Republicunts to go into effect automatically if the budget was not settled in the fiscal cliff neogotiations? Explain how President Obama could have vetoed the sequester.

        1. bikejedi May 25, 2013

          He never wanted to veto it until it became apparent that the Republicans were going to take the Sequester deal …In fact …
          He threatened to veto anyone who” challenged ” it . So why is that an issue ? Obama wrote the bill because he didn’t think the Republicans would call his bluff . He had a and a half to come up with something different and just decided to go golfing thinking that the Republicans would capitulate . They decide the Sequestration option would be the best deal because Obama refused to work with then or even meet them ( You Liberals like to turn that around and LIE and say the Republicans wont work with him and then use the race card as the excuse ) the truth of course is that the Republicans called him out and he go golfing instead . Don’t you remember anything ?

    2. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG May 24, 2013

      I agree President Obama had the idea of the Sequester in the hopes that it would bring the Republicans to the table for compromise – bad idea. However, the Republicans voted for the Sequester. BOTH are to blame for the Sequester.
      As long as you are not being affected I guess you would think it is not a problem, but for those people who rely on Meals on Wheels, Cancer patients being turned away from receiving treatment because of cuts, children being loosing free lunch at school, people being furloughed, but hey when it Politicians were going to be flying home and they did not want to be impacted by Airline Delays they certainly moved on that one.
      Have a nice weekend and enjoy your Memorial Day.

      1. ObozoMustGo May 24, 2013

        qeo… there are no children losing food and no cancer patients being turned away and no MoW people losing food. The ONLY way that is happening is if Obozo specifies it to happen. And he is playing politics with the sequester. Why doesn’t he look at massive duplication in federal agencies and programs and elimate the waste? Because to do that, no one in the public would be any wiser. Yet, that would be the best thing to do. I think we all agree on that.
        Anyway, thank you for your well wishes for the weekend. For now, we are all just Americans. Enjoy your weekend.

        1. Lynda Groom May 24, 2013

          Can you explain just how Obama effects the day to day operation of Meals on Wheels? Also, if you will just how does a president get rid of duplication of efforts by various agencies? Please be specific if possible.

          1. angelsinca May 24, 2013

            “Can you explain just how Obama effects the day to day operation of Meals on Wheels?”

            Take it up with your president. As explained, the sequester is a cut in the INCREASE of the 20113-14 federal budget. Yet, the Democrat leadership has CHOSEN to effect cuts NOW to blame the GOP.

          2. Lynda Groom May 24, 2013


          3. Lynda Groom May 24, 2013

            Federal funding of the so-called MoW program accounted for 0.02% of the US budget last year. This year the programs will have to get by with $38.7 million less due to the sequester, which required uniform cuts across programs regardless of cost-effectiveness. Those are real dollars not phantom numbers that are being implemented.

            How many fewer meals are going to be served varies. A very conservative number is 4 million, a number coming from the White House. The Meals of Wheel Association of American puts the number as high as 19 million.

            BTW, if you can’t answer the question of how Obama directly effects the day to day operation it is perfectly OK to just say I don’t know.

          4. angelsinca May 25, 2013

            Thank you Lynda. Since the MoW progam feeds a million seniors a day, not sure how 19 million with will go hungry. Maybe 52K a day for a year. Doesn’t matter, the seniors need to be fed. With MoW’s long list of corporate sponsors, hopefully the can make up the shortfall:
            • Bank of America Charitable Foundation
            • Barilla
            • Bridgestone Retail Operations
            • Caesar’s Foundation
            • Curel
            • Dean Foods
            • Dupli-Color
            • Gallo Family Vineyards
            • Idaho Potato Commission
            • MedAssets
            • Merck Foundation
            • MetLife Foundation
            • Subaru of America, Inc.
            • Walmart Foundation

            “BTW, if you can’t answer the question of how Obama directly effects the day to day operation it is perfectly OK to just say I don’t know”

            Since you asked the question of ObozoMustGo, you may want to ask them what was meant.

          5. Lynda Groom May 25, 2013

            Read my reply to you again. The MoW program says up to 19 million fewer ‘MEALS’ will be served…not 19 million folks. Understand the written word is important in trying to get a grip on magnitude of the problem.

            BTW, I asked you since you replied with a snarky comment about asking the President. Surely you had some idea in mind. Did you not? Also is ObozoMustGo a them or a he/she?

          6. angelsinca May 26, 2013

            No debate here on the magnitude of the MoW problem. Nineteen million is a lot of meals. It doesn’t help that $2M was granted to affiliates last year for vehicle upgrades and electronic infrastructure upgrades (new computers, I think).

            “BTW, I asked you since you replied with a snarky comment about asking the President. Surely you had some idea in mind. Did you not? “

            Yes, I did. Allow me to explain. Since the White House’s OMB is directly responsible to assure implementation of the Sequester cuts, and the president can authorize exemptions, as he has for the military, I inferred that the president might be able to exempt the MoW from Sequester cuts. So, I suggested you ‘ask the president’. Not meant to be snarky or critical, just sarcastic, since I’m pretty sure the president wouldn’t be responsive to help this program. Maybe I’m wrong and he will help.

          7. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            I can answer that . He could cut other programs and non essential stuff . His directive ( emails and his admins rhetoric ) shows a campaign against the American people . If Obama cared about the MoW he would never had signed Sequestration and would have found some compromise . He had 1 1/2 years and elected to punt fully believing the Republicans would never call his bluff …eh wrong

          8. Robert P. Robertson May 24, 2013

            Okay, now i have to disagree with you. I thought you had it right at first, but what you just said is flat out bull. Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags wanted cuts far deeper without touching the upper 1%. Even after democrats (specifically President Obama) hit thenupper middle class making 200k-1m, Repubclicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags would not budge. Even during the socalled fiscal cliff melodramatics, there was talk by the Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags of sequestration. i posted on NM in February that the next confrontation between Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea bags would be about sequestration and that the republicunt/neo-Confederate tea Bags would use it to make demands, and they did. So saying that Democrats chose to effect cuts now to blame Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags is stretching it just a bit.

          9. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            Obama hit everybody with the repeal of the Bush cuts ..What happened to no Tax Increases for anyone making less then 250 k …hahahah and you voted for that ..sucka

          10. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            Well stated and factual ..that will confuse the weak minded Obama drones

          11. Lisztman May 25, 2013

            Asking a TP nutjob like OMG for specifics is a losing proposition. He can’t be bothered to look for info such as:
            He will probably reply that CNN-Money is some sort of liberal publication. But be unable to supply any source at all for his assertion. He gets his jollies by making up his own “facts”.

          12. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            They cant…. they are Liberals and don’t care about these things

          13. ObozoMustGo May 26, 2013

            Lynda… I never said Obozo has control over MoW. I was responding to the phony hysteria posted by fsqeo. As well, in case you are not aware, Obozo is the head of ALL agencies and departments in government. He’s the CEO of the Federal enterprise. Further, if you think there is NOT massive duplication and waste in government that can be eliminated WITHOUT cuts to entitlements and other programs, you must living in a fantasy world…. or be a government employee.

            Have a great Memorial Day!

            “We are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.” – United States Marines.

        2. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG May 24, 2013


          Under budget law, OMB will manage all aspects of the deficit reduction sequester. The law specifies that OMB estimates
          are to be used to determine both which programs are exempt from the sequester and the size of the cut on the remaining programs. Neither the CBO nor the Budget Committees plays a role in implementing the sequester. OMB issued a preliminary list of exempt programs and a rough estimate of the size of the cut to each category of spending in its September 14 report, but those cuts would now be smaller because the 2013 sequester has been reduced by $24 billion (22 percent). OMB will need to recalculate the precise cut to each program using actual levels enacted for 2013 in the continuing resolution, and an updated estimate of the level of
          unobligated balances in defense accounts.

          How much discretion does the President have in how the sequester is applied? Almost none. The President does not have discretion to vary the size of the cut to agency
          budgets. The President has exercised his authority to exempt military personnel accounts from sequestration, which did not change the total defense sequester – the amount of the sequester on other defense programs will increase. All agencies will continue to have their existing transfer authority
          with the limitations that are specific to each agency.

          There is no waiver of the deficit reduction sequester unless
          there is a declaration of war. The only option for changing it would be to enact legislation to amend the BCA.

          1. Lynda Groom May 24, 2013

            Exactly, but too subtle for some to grasp.

          2. Robert P. Robertson May 24, 2013

            On point as usual, my friend.

          3. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            He has enough discretion to order Govt. Dept.s to punish Americans for this …The emails and public statements prove this . One example is the FAA where they could’ve laid off non essential personnel but they decided to cause airport delays just to cheese off productive workers who pay taxes in this Country ..You analysis lacks common sense and what actually took place …other then that it is spot on

          4. angelsinca May 26, 2013

            Thnaks for sharing that.

        3. Patricia Barille May 24, 2013

          ObozoMustGo…please see my previous comment. Do you live in a cave?

          1. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

            No he lives in a rat hole

        4. Robert P. Robertson May 24, 2013

          I can see now why you swing on other people’s nuts, Bozo. You actually don’t have an original opinion of your own. Re-read what you just said. Jeez, you sound delusional. What’s the matter, your runner is late delivering your stash of meth? Are you smoking sugar cubes until the real deal arrives? Wow. You stink.

        5. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

          Dick Sucking Lying Inbred Troll!!! LOL

      2. angelsinca May 24, 2013

        “Republicans voted for the Sequester”

        Actually, the bipartisan vote was a rejection of Obama’s budget request. The default to sequester was a shared agreement. Yet, the People are the pawns in this political tactic of sore losers.

        1. Robert P. Robertson May 24, 2013

          you’re exactly right.

          1. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            He/She Is Just Another Flip Flopping Tea Bagging SCUM!!!

          2. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            That bikerbitch tried to bring you into this, Fern, but I know you’re quite capable of handling yourself. bikerbitch is just another one of those “bend over and touch your toes” Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bag. That bikerbitch has a gay-pride rainbow flag in front of his house. The music blasting from that thing’s motorcycle speakers is “It’s Raining Men!”

          3. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            LOL You Got That Right My Friend !! LOL Bikerbitch Is That’s Michael Stoll He’s One Day You Feel Like A Nut One Day You Don’t!! LOL He’s A Switch Hitter!! LOL Michael Stoll And lana ward= anal draw They Working Out Of Romney Playbook Shape Shifting And Morphing Into Other ID’s!! Still Spouting Tea Bagging Dumb Shit!!!

          4. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            ROTFLMAO! He’s a switch hitter! You got that bikerbitch right. I knew it was Michael Stoll. He and anal draw flip like acrobatic dikes on Cirque du Soleil! Switch hitter, that’s some hilarious shit, my friend. LMAO! bikerbitch’s Drag Queen name was Sunshine Jubilee! He used to slip Coke bottles in his butt and poot them out clean across the stage at the gay bar he used to dance in afterhours when he was a cop! He’d stuff his ass with boiled eggs and and stick it out of the window of his partol car in Chicago and poot them out at people like a weapon of mass destruction. That’s how he got kicked off the Chicago Police Force!

          5. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            Chicago Cop My Ass More Like The Cop From The Village People!!! LOL Switch Hitting BikerBitch!!! LOL

          6. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            Good One Robert!! I Laugh So Hard I Can Barely See The Keyboard!! LOL ROTF With Laughter!!!! 🙂

          7. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            You two spit the cocks out of your mouth so you can form coherent sentences …I mean I’ve heard of not being able to talk because your mouth is full but you and your boyfriend Fern can’t even type and suck cock at the same time

          8. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            bikerbitch, you’ve been on many dances with Fern before, and she’s all woman. She can handle herself with a wimpy, paper weight, ass wipe like you. It’s a new day, bikerbitch. You’re a disgraced pig, and you can’t handcuff somebody in order to brutalize an unarmed, defenseless person like you were trained to do in the Chicago Pig Sty. You gotta man-up now or tuck tail, bikerbitch. Go check your diaper now because you stink. You smell like you have shitted!

          9. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            LOL ROTF!!!

          10. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            Bet You Are Great A That Aren’t You Bikerbitch??? LOL

      3. oldtack May 25, 2013

        The Sequester was first used in the Gramm/Rudmann/Hollins Deficit Reduction Act of 1985. It required all Agencies to stay within their budgets and the need arose for more expenditure then that money had to be realized by cutting other programs within that Agency. It was harsh but effective.Finding it too harsh for the aims of Congress this Act was abandoned in 1990 and replaced with a Pay-go system under the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990. It was pay as you go without the clout of the 1985 Act.

        This Act expired in 2002 and George W. Bush and company let thins ride on spending. With spending totally out of control on borrowed money the Government found itself unable to operate without raising the National Debt Ceiling.

        The Republicans were emboldened by their sweeping success in the mid-term elections and , standing on their mandate to cut spending, refused any Democrat proposal that had any tax increase in it. Meanwhile the Democrats were unwilling to make cuts on Federal budgets.

        With time running out and Default on our debt a reality Sequester once more made it’s appearance.in the Budget Control Act of 2011. This Bill set up a a Congressional Debt Ceiling Reduction Committee which addressed Sequestration if the Committee failed to come up with an agreeable Bi-partisan Bill addressing Deficit Reduction Legislation.

        In layman terms this could be likened to a poker game of hold em with both sides playing all stakes based on pure bluff.

        Sequester was intended as a disincentive to force the House to pass a Bill. This bluff didn’t work – the Republican Controlled House accepted the Sequester with provisions of harsh reductions over a span of time. This was to go into effect 1/1/2013 but was delayed to 3/1/2013 by the American Tax-Payer Relief Act of 2013.

        This gambling ploy actually backfired on both Parties.

        The Democrats presented the Sequester as a disincentive and were reasonably assured that the Republicans would re-consider their stance on taxes and the Debt Ceiling. This ploy failed.

        The Republicans, with their 2010 success were optimistic that they would regain both the Senate Majority and the Presidency in 2012 allowing them to abandon the Sequester before it really went into effect. This too was not to be.

        Now – both side are faced with something neither side wanted.

        Technically – this is Obama’s Sequester but in reality the blame lies on all 635 erstwhile leaders – both sides of the Aisle.

        They play poker politics but it is the PEOPLE that suffer the effects of their games.

    3. Mr Wiseguy May 24, 2013

      You are completely wrong. How much do you get paid per post?

      1. ObozoMustGo May 24, 2013

        Not wrong at all. Federal spending in 13-14 will be higher in real dollars than in 12-13, and in every single year after that. Look at the numbers, unwiseguy. It’s true. The only thing cut is the RATE OF INCREASE. Further, for proof that the sequester was Obozo’s idea, all you need to do is Google “Sequester Obama’s idea, Bob Woodward” and you will see that Bob wrote an extensive article with timelines and proof that it was Obozo’s idea. Sorry, but it’s true.
        Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
        “We are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.” – United States Marines

        1. RobertCHastings May 24, 2013

          Bob Woodward has been pretty much discredited on this one, O great BM. However, you are right that Obama came up with the idea for the sequestration, something he ASSUMED would be scary enough that the Republicans would have to negotiate. While he missed on that assumption, he has not missed on the understanding behind it that is putting the Republicans in a not very comfortable position for the elections next year. If they are not able to keep the economy from going back into recession, they will have a really hard time convincing voters that they did the best thing for them. As it is, recession or not, even as small as sequestration is in terms of the overall budget (only $9B/yr), with an anemic growth rate like we have, even that little bit will hurt.

          1. ObozoMustGo May 25, 2013

            Dead wrong on Woodward, Robert. I suppose he’s your hero only when he takes down Republicans, but when he reports FACTS about timelines and direct conversations that contradict the lies of Obozo 2 years later, well then, boy is he discredited. That’s the way it works, huh? Too bad, hypocrisy will not fly with me, my friend. Facts are facts. It was Obozo’s idea from the beginning and then, like everything else he does, he tried to lie about it and blame someone else for what he himself did. This is classic Obozo. Operate one way behind the scenes, then publicly lie about what he’s doing. You guys on the left are so damned locked into your Obozo trance that you cannot see what is right in front of your eyes. Perhaps one day you will wake up. I doubt it, though.

            On the matter of the economy slowing because of government spending escalating at just slightly less than an astronomical rate, NOTHING could be further from the truth. This is a classic Keynesian mindset that has been disproved and discredited by history itself. The government cannot spend any money that it does not first TAKE from the private economy either in the form of taxation OR from the capital markets in the form of debt which is nothing more than taking from the future taxation. The truth is that, if anything, the sequester will have a positive effect on the economy.

            Have a nice Memorial Day weekend!

            “We are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.” – United States Marines

        2. bikejedi May 25, 2013

          It’s called Baseline budgeting and spending where by Govt Dept.s get an automatic increase in spending every year . This is why even with the Sequester the Govt will spend more this year then last . Sequestration only slows the rate of that increase . But you really cant expect Liberals to understand math can you ? I mean they voted for Obama for chrissakes and most of them don’t work .

          1. ObozoMustGo May 25, 2013

            Yes… baseline budgeting is the biggest single scam ever invented by the statists to insure the perpetuation and growth of government. It’s disgusting.

          2. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            See You get Baseline Budgeting probably because you can do math and understand it …Liberals only listen to the math that Obama gives them because they use crayons to do math ….Math is hard

    4. CrankyToo May 24, 2013

      Bozo, if brains were dynamite, you wouldn’t have enough to blow your nose.

      1. Susan Dean May 24, 2013

        Love it! Thanks for the laugh.

      2. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

        LOL Good One My Friend And True!!! LOL

        1. bikejedi May 25, 2013

          Fern how’s the crack ? It must be good today huh ?

          1. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

            Shouldn’t You Be Asking Your Mother That Question ??? I Seen Her On America Most Wanted For Being The Biggest Crack Whore In The USA!!! And The Rest Of Your Family Was Also On The List For Abusing Meth And Oxy!!! Dick Sucking Asshole Troll!!!

          2. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            There’s the Fern we know and love …all rational and stuff

          3. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

            You Are Out Of Shape Asshole !! I Still Don’t Want Your Ass Why Do You Keep Talking To Me ?????? Get It Thru Your Fat Out Of Shape Ugly Pastie Ass Leave Me The Fuck ALONE!! TROLL!!!

          4. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            That pastie comment is racist

          5. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

            Pastie From Walking Thru Life With Your Head Up Your Ass Can’t Come To Reality That When Somebody Don’t Want You You Just Can’t Move On!!! Get Your Head Out Of Your ASS And Move On Elsewhere TROLL!!!

          6. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

            Is That Why You Asked Me To Ride With You!!! LOL LAIR!! It’s On Back The Issue Of National Memo For All To Read!!! LOL

          7. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            Fern do you understand when someone is being facetious for a laugh ? 1st I would never ask you to ride with me for real . I only date attractive Black women . 2 You would never in a million years be able to hang with me . ..

          8. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013


          9. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            Fern you must be the ONLY person in the world that doesn’t understand when someone is having fun at your expense …Wow you really bought that ??? OMG you are dumb

          10. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

            Only Low Life Sorry Ass Punks Like You Would Try To Bully Poke Fun And Stalk Other People !! Pitiful Excuse For A Grown Man!!! Pitiful!!! Just Keep It Moving Michael Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass!!!

          11. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            Wow you slay me with your words . I would say have a nice Memorial Day Weekend but you being an Obama sheep probably hate the Military and those who sacrificed for your freedom ..So I’m sure you will spend it being bitter and unhappy

          12. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

            I’m Quite Happy Cause Obama is Our President And Not Romney Lying Shape Shifting ASS!! Me Hate The Military?? LIAR !! MOVE ON WHINING BITCH MOVE ON GET OVER YOUR SOUR GRAPES BITCH I DON’T WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!!

          13. ObozoMustGo May 26, 2013

            Jedi… I have said it many times before. Fern is bottom of the barrell of stupid around here.

            Have a great Memorial Day!

            “We are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.” – United States Marines.

          14. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            You as well

          15. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            Fern look at my picture I am nowhere near fat . I stay in incredible shape unlike yo crack ass

          16. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

            You Are Old Ugly Out Of Shape Plus You Are A Tea Bagging Asshole Go Fuck Your Self!!!! I Would Never Ride Nothing With You!!! I Wouldn’t Get Caught Dead No Where Around Your Stuck On Stupid Ass MICHAEL STOLL!!!

          17. ObozoMustGo May 25, 2013

            jedi… of all the stone cold moron leftist freaks on this site, Fern is the most stupid of the stupid. Whatever he/she/it is, it’s the bottom of the idiot barrel…. just sayin

            Have a great weekend!

            “We are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.” – United States Marines

          18. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

            You Are The Most Ignorant Lying Asshole Ever Bozo The Clown You Just Like The Fake News You Watch Daily Just Make Shit Up As You Go Along You And Michael Should Suck Each Others Dick And Get A Life A Real Life And A JOB!! Have A Painful Death TROLL!!!

          19. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            You sound as rational and tolerant as the average Muslim Terrorist . Fern no one wants you and no one would stalk you except maybe a fat ugly Dyke . Look I date attractive women with brains that cuts out 99% of you Liberal women for obvious reasons .

          20. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

            Hookers Michael Those Women Are Hookers You Paid Them!!! LOL

          21. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            That’s funny …You are a hoot

          22. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

            And You Are Just Pitiful!! You Just Can’t Seem To Get It Thru Your Stupid Ass Head I Don’t Want You Michael I Don’t Want You NO WHERE NEAR ME!!! The People Here On National Memo Knows Whats Going On With You!!! I Haven’t Seen Nothing Like This Behavior Since I Was In My Teens!! GROW UP TROLL!!!

          23. ObozoMustGo May 26, 2013

            Jedi… she trained those whores…. just sayin

          24. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            Your Mother Train Them I Train Nurse !! Little Cock Sucking Troll!!!

          25. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            She does look like a drag queen

          26. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            But Yet You Still Tried To Get With Me Bitch It’s All On The Back Posting On National Memo For All To See!!! Pillsbury Dough BOY !! With Your Fat, Ugly Out Of Shape Pastie Looking BROKE ASS!!! Still Living In Chicago But Hate It Here MOVE BITCH , MOVE ON!! Maybe If You Get A Job And A Life You Can Move The Fuck Out Of This City!!! We Would Miss Your Racist Stinky Ass!! GO!!

          27. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            Fern you are the ONLY one who would NOT be able to see that I was being facetious ( look it up ) with you . I don’t and never wanted you so I invite anyone to go back and read that so they can see how stooopid you are …You give Liberals a black eye with your level of intelligence

          28. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013


          29. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            I Notice You Scare To Say Something To A Real Man Pussy Ass Punk!!! One Day You Feel Like A Nut One Day You Don’t!! Switch Hitting Stalker Bitch!!! LOL

          30. plc97477 May 26, 2013

            You know a lot of drag queens do you?

          31. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            I live in the Liberal Progressive Utopia that was once the great city of Chicago . Im an ex cop . I have met several Drag Queens and have NEVER met a single one that doesn’t have severe mental issues . Of course that has been my experience and yes they remind me of Fern

          32. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            That Just What I Mean You Tried Your Best To Hit On Me And I Turn Your Ass Down Now You Just Stalking Me That Explains Why You Are An Ex-Cop!! You Got Fired Stalking Other Women!!! My Father Retired For The Police Dept Here, He Would Tell Us About A Lot Of Cops Breaking The Law!!

          33. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            You’re an ex-pig, bikerbitch, a corrupt scum-sucking pig. You met many Drag Queens in Chicago, but you’re a closet-Drag Queen. That’s why you surrounded yourself with drag Queens. . . Your bikerbitch mother did thast to you, kid. you could’ve sought help when you were on the force, but you enjoyed frolicking around, didn’t you. You’re a sneaky little faggot who is resisting her innate faggotry. Go ahead and seek help, bikerbitch, before its too late. You would be one ugly, shitty looking fag!

          34. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            Love You Robert You’re My Hero!!! <3

          35. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

            A ugly drag queen

          36. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            When he was a young pig moon-light dancing in that gay bar, they called her Sunshine Jubilee. As a old, decrepit drag queen, they call that bikerbitch Miss Godzilla now!

          37. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

            Good one thats funny

          38. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            Yes That Was LOL!!! Robert Slamming That Troll!!! LOL

          39. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            Yes And I Bet Even Drag Queens Turn His Racist Ignorant Lying Butt Down!!! LOL

          40. ObozoMustGo May 26, 2013

            You trained them, Fern!

          41. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            If I Trained Them They Would Be CNA’s And LPN’s Your Mother Trains Whores!!!! Little Punk Ass Bitch!!!

          42. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            I love when she starts talking about being a Nurse . I didn’t know how you can pass an MCAT while being illiterate .

          43. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            You Dumb Ass Is The One Who’s Illiterate BITCH The Way You Like Sucking Out Of The GOP/Tea Party Rotten Asses Prove It!! But Yet You Still Try To Get With Me Huh??? LOL You Are One Stupid Sociopath!! II Never Go Out With You Asshole Get Over It!!!

          44. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            Fern you do realize that you can’t spell nor form proper sentences right ?

          45. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            You Realize You’re A Switch Hitting Stalker Bitch Who Need Some Much Needed Help Sociopath!!! I Still Don’t Want YOU!!! Ex Cop From The Village Peoples!!!! GET A LIFE BITCH!!!

          46. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            I’m Married Bitch Tell That To My Husband And I Still Don’t Want Your Switch Hitting Ass!! You Are And Ex Cop From The Village People!! Pussy Punk Ass Bitch!!!

          47. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            I feel sorry for your husband . Is he gay too ?

          48. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            Switch Hitting Stalker Bitch!! Blowing Eggs Out Your Ass!! LOL

          49. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            Now You Want To Hit On My Husband!! LOL My Husband Would Kick Your Ass!!! LOL

          50. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            Unlike you I am not gay . My question about your husband was because no straight man would marry a drag queen . No he wouldn’t kick my ass

          51. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            You Are Nothing But A Switch Hitting Pussy Ass Punk!! Robert Just Ripped You A New Asshole And You Still Sniffing Around Me!! LOL

          52. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            Semper Fi

          53. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            Semper Fi, bikerbitch? You love to be in the Marines with all of those big muscle, musty mens, would you? You ass muscle just lurch with the thought of bending over to pick up your soap, huh, pervert? But a real Marine would kick you square in your ass and roll you over like a bowling ball, you reprobate little faggot.

          54. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            You are a funny Liberal Progressive Communist sissy boy . You would not talk to a Marine that way . You see unlike your progressive ass I respect all who serve …I wonder what your gay friends think of all the anti gay comments you are making ? I am not a Marine but my brother is and so are many of my friends , but your sissy ass is too busy hating on the Marines …We respect them

          55. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            You call yourself a ex-policeman, and your fucking brother is supposed to be a Marine, but any bikerbitch who acts like you, talks like you, or even stink like you, I’ll tell you to your ugly fucking face and theirs too, that you motherfucking pussies are a bunch of traitors. Any Marine who would talk against the country, the government, or the president he/she served under and who he/she took an oath to and swore allegiance of is a fucking traitor, bikerbitch. You’re a Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bag, bikerbitch, a traitor to your country. You childish bitch, I don’t give a rat’s ass about any of you punk assed cocksuckers. You’re worthless, insignificant anti-American, anti-America, anti-government, anti-democracy, and anti-civilization. If you served your country or even served the public, and then talk of destroying it in a massive hissy fit, you’re committing treason. you’re a sell out fucking pig, a traitor, and I can definitely see you standing against a wall with your hands tied behind your back and your eyes blindfolded with a cigarette dangling from your trembling lips, bikerbitch.

          56. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            LOL ROTF!!!!! Tell That Pussy Ass Punk Robert What’s What!! LOL

          57. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            Dude , You and Fern must make a great team . You are both Illiterate and drag queens . You do realize neither one on of you can spell ..right ? Neither one of you can form a coherent sentence either . You people need to grow up . I understand that you cant debate on merit but instead of hissing off all of your gay friends why don’t you learn some tolerance .

          58. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            Waaaa Waaaa Waaa Punk Ass Bitch You Just Got Your Pussy Ass Ripped Good!!! LOL Commies Muslims And Boogie Men Is All You Ignorant Tea Bagging Bitch Forever See And Rant About, When All Those People Put Together Is Better Than Your Group Of Racists, Traitors And Terrorists Always Talking And Working Against Your Own Country And Your Fellow Americans!!

          59. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            You Nor Your Party You Support Give A Damn About The Vets If The GOP/Tea Party Did They Would Have Past The Vet Bill!! You Just Say You Do Just To Make Your Self Look Like You Care!! You And Your American Taliban Don’t Give A Damn About No One But Yourselves!!! Bikerbitch!!!

          60. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            You’re swinging on Marines’ nuts now, huh? A Marine would kick the living shit out of your cowardly, little faggot ass just from listening to your psycho-babble. You’re an anti-American, anti-America, anti-democracy, anti-civilization, treasonous little pervert freak, a child molesting psycho who dwells in the land of her own head. That picture should be you standing against a wall with your hands tied behind your back with a blindfold over your eyes. Bozo the Clown, the Almighty Dic-taker. . . Go crawl back into the rancid vagina of Ayn Rand with the rest of your Republicunt/meo-Confederate Tea Bags, you worthless fuck.

          61. ObozoMustGo May 25, 2013

            by the way, jedi, that would be crack whore, not crack ass…. well OK… maybe both.

          62. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

            LOL Most Women Would Love To Be Out Of Shape Like Me!! LOL Standing At 5’8″ 36-24-37 Weighing 138!!! LOL Stalker!!! LOL

          63. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            fern you do realize we just like to chide you… ok …We love to see you go off …In reality I think that you are just misguided on ideology and are really indoctrinated in your thinking …Ok …. no harm intended …I just love to see you go off

          64. Fern Woodfork May 25, 2013

            No It’s The Fact That I Turn Your Nasty Fat Pastie Pillsbury Dough Boy Looking Ass Down And You Just Can’t Get Over It!!! LOL Even Now Under Your New ID You Come Looking For Me LOL Don’t Want NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU PUSSY ASS PUNK GET A LIFE!!! LOL SOUR GRAPES!! TROLL

          65. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            The new ID is only because of this Discus thing ..It is my moniker on Social media …I’m glad you remember me by name …and no I’m not out of shape ( look at my pics ..I know you already have )and no I don’t want you and yes you are intrigued by me

          66. angelsinca May 26, 2013

            Here we go with the titled text again. What you say is NOT the title of a book. It’s not even quotable or repeatable or entertaining. It is interesting and courageous though; No ONE should write like that in public and use their real name.

          67. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            Fuck You Too Bitch!!! Take The Dick Out Of Your Ass And Take It And Put It In Your Mouth!!

          68. angelsinca May 26, 2013

            that’s exactly what I mean.

          69. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            Fuck You Bitch You Asked For It You Will Get It Every Time Now Go Play With Your Other Trolls And Shut The Hell Up Talking To Me!!! I Service The ASSHOLES Like YOU!!! Mr BITCH!!!

          70. angelsinca May 26, 2013

            Still not entertaining. But it looks like you NAILED unpleasant. Did you and Biker really have a thang on?

          71. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            Yeah You’re Right You Are Not Entertaining!! You Are More Michael Stoll Type Being An Air Head And All!! I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Nowhere Near Him!! What Part Of Stop Talking To Me Are You Not Understanding???

          72. ObozoMustGo May 26, 2013

            Fern… the only men you turn down are the ones who are not willing to pay your asking price!

          73. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            You Can Now Go Back To Sucking Out Of The Koch Brothers Asses Do Like Your Name Say Clown GO!! ASSHOLE TROLL!!!

          74. lana ward May 26, 2013

            What the hell is wrong with you. Your mom drop you on your head ? You really need to take your chill pills, quit forgetting!!!–PS- The sequester was ALL OBAMAs’ idea

          75. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            What The Fuck You Your Stinky Ass Problem Bitch Go To Hell Eat Too Much Cat Do Do And Drink Too Much Cat Piss!!! Both You Dumb Cave Dwelling Hillbilly Just Can’t Stay Off This Web Site Both You Assholes Love It Here It’s The Only Attention You Both Get In Your Lonely Pitiful Lives!! LOL

          76. ObozoMustGo May 26, 2013

            Hello Lana. FYI… Fern was dropped on his/her/its head many times. But I think his/her/its affliction at this stage is that he/she/its a crack whore as an adult. Maybe the two are related???

            Have a great Memorial Day!

            “We are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.” – United States Marines.

          77. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            Now You Telling Everybody What Your Mother Do For A Living You Little Lying Tea Bagging Pussy Ass PUNK!!! LOL

          78. lana ward May 26, 2013

            You have a great day too!! God Bless Our Amazing Military, God Bless George Bush, God Bless America

          79. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            What Happen Pat Dickhead Kicked You Off Their Web Site!! You Silly Trolls Love It Here It’s RThe Only Attention You Get In Your Miserable Lives!!! Pitiful Cat Do Do Eating Gutter Tramp!!!

          80. lana ward May 26, 2013

            Get a job, learn to be an adult

          81. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

            Maybe If I Write It Separate You Might Understand I’M A N U R S E B I TC H!!! I Got A Good Job!!! You Nothing But A Racist KKK Gutter Tramp You’re Worse Than Pond Scum!!! Like I Say You Love It Here On National Memo You Just Can’t Stay Off Here!! None Of Us Like You!! RACIST POND SCUM!!! TROLL

          82. ObozoMustGo May 27, 2013

            Thanks Lana. Just an FYI… I’m not really a big fan of Bush’s. He was the right guy for the time following 9/11, but he was also a big government progressive. A mixed bag in my opinion.
            Have a great day!

          83. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            Im betting that she was dropped multiple times

          84. lana ward May 26, 2013

            Wonder how her posts go through, most sites would ban her

          85. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            You Love It Here!!! LOL Why Do You Come Here??? Nobody Wants To Hear Your Racist Bullshit Go Back To Your Racist Pat Dickhead Site!!!

          86. bikejedi May 27, 2013

            I’m thinking that if her posts are scanned by machine that since the machine can’t make sense of them it just lets it go . I mean the girl cant spell or form a coherent sentence …I usually don’t go there with these Cult like sheeple drones because all they are capable of is repeating Bill Maher and Joy Behars talking points . It’s funny that they get their talking points not from Political Pundits but Comedians , then they wonder why they sound so stupid and can’t debate a Conservative . I don’t usually get in the mud with these types but I wanted to see how far off their meds I could take them .

          87. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            Bikerbitch You Just A Love Sick Puppy You Just Can’t Get Me Off Your Mind Can You???? I’m Writing Just The Way I Want To Write!!!!!!!!!!! Why You So Fixed On Me?? You Have Been STALKING ME WAY TOO LONG GIVE IT UP SWITCH HITTER I DON’T WANT YOUR NASTY EGG FARTING ASS!!!! GET A LIFE BITCH!! GO SHOVE SOME MORE BOTTLES UP YOUR ASS!!!

          88. bikejedi May 27, 2013

            Fern you are one sick Drag queen …. NO ONE WANTS YOU AND THAT IS WHY YOU ARE SUCH AN UGLY BITTER LIBERAL DRAG QUEEN . Ever notice how there really aren’t any attractive Liberal women ? Even the Drag Queens aren’t attractive

          89. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            LOL You Tried Your Best To Get With Me But Since I Turn Your Switch Hitting Ass Down Bikerbitch You Have Been Stalking Me Every Since!! LOL Sad Ass Pussy Ass Stalker Get A Life Bitch!!! First You Said You When Out With Attractive Liberal Women Now None Are LOL BITTER SWITCH HITTER PUSSY ASS PUNK!!! LOL GO FUCK YOURSELF!!! LOL

          90. lana ward May 27, 2013

            Yea, I am at my worse on this site. These people have way to bring it out : )

          91. Fern Woodfork May 28, 2013

            How About You And Bikerbitch Keep The Fuck Off This Site!! That Will Solve That Problem!!! You And The Rest Of Your Pond Scum Trolls Love It Here!!! It’s The Only Attention You And Your Fellow Asshole Trolls Get From Your Rotten, Racist, Pitiful Lives!!!

          92. Fern Woodfork May 28, 2013

            You Are At Your Worst All The Time !! Stop P;laying Racist Ass Bitch Stop Playing!!

          93. lana ward May 28, 2013

            Stop playing in all of our 57 States.?? A REAL American knows how many states we have

          94. Fern Woodfork May 29, 2013

            Pucker Up Bitch And Kiss My ASS!!! LOL Brain Dead Cat Shit Eating Tea Bagging Gutter Tramp!!! 57 States LMAO!! Eating That Cat Shit Is Rotten The Two Brain Cells You Got Left!!! ROTF LMAO!!!

          95. lana ward May 29, 2013

            LOL!!! It is your dumbass leader who said we have 57 states LOL!! You don’t remember him taking flack for that.LOL!!! Running for P-resident, shouldn’t he at least have known how many states we have LOL!! Unless HE ISN’T AN AMERICAN LOL LOL!!!

          96. lana ward May 29, 2013

            Have you found out the names of those 7 other states your American born leader says we have LOL LOL LMAO!!! Obama is so smart, says we have 57 states LOL LMAO!!!! Maybe he should unseal all of his records so we can all see just how smart he is LOL!!! LMAO!!!!

          97. lana ward May 29, 2013

            LOL!! You just laughed at your leader LOL!! OHitler is the one who said we have 57 states LOL LMAO.. Laugh at him some more !! LOL!!!

          98. Fern Woodfork May 29, 2013

            Your Cock Sucking Ass Need To Get A Life!! What The Fuck Are You Talking About??? Stop Smoking That Cat Shit And Take The Time To Take Care Of YOU!! You Just Lost Your Mind!!! Now It Look Like You’re Down To One Brain Cell!!!

          99. ObozoMustGo May 27, 2013

            Jedi… Fern IS the crack whore of The Memo…. clearly

          100. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            Your Mother Is A Crack Whore And A Meth Head That Why Your Father Just Happens To Be Your Uncle And Brother A The Same Time!! Little Pussy Ass Punk!! Your The National Memo Inbred Clown!!LOL No Doubt About It!! We Know How You Hillbilly Like To Keep It In The Family!! Redneck Cock Sucker!! LOL

          101. bikejedi May 27, 2013

            Yes and neither HE nor HIS Girlfriend Mrs Robertson can debate on merit or fact

      3. angelsinca May 26, 2013

        To quote PeeWee, “Like we never heard THAT before”. You liberals seem to confuse intelligence with dissent. I can see why. The two are in the same dictionary.

    5. 788eddie May 24, 2013

      Let’s see; believe you or OMB? You or OMB? Well, “Bozo,” I think I’ll choose to believe the OMB and it’s published report that says we now have the smallest budget deficit in the last five years. I guess we’re heading in the right direction, despite an obstructionist Congress.

      I keep saying, as a Republican, we’ve just got to take back our party from the right wing-nuts like “ObozoMustGo” who REALLY MUST GO! It was much nicer when the moderates were in charge (and a lot more civil, too).

      1. angelsinca May 26, 2013

        “Let’s see; believe you or OMB…”

        I also used to think the White House’s OMB was a room of non-partisan number crunchers of the highest caliber. That is until I went to the OMB site to study the White House’s FY 2014 Budget. I was immediately struck by the as-seen-on-CNN talking points peppered throughought the clearly partisan document. The title page of the budget greets visitors with Obama’s campaign trail ideology. The Economics and Budget Analyses subsection of the Analytical Perspectives section reads like a Chris Matthews ‘It’s Bush’s Fault’ monologue rant. There are hundreds of similar partisan attributes throughout the work. The statistics are clearly bent to paint the picture that appeals to the president’s agenda….as it should. The OMB is WH’s version of Congress’s CBO, only with plenty of partisan spin.

        1. ObozoMustGo May 26, 2013

          Ahhhhh… refreshing! A seeker, and speaker, of truth. Nice work, angelinca. With the legions of Obozo zombies in this sewer called The Memo, you won’t find many around these parts that like the truth

          Have a great Memorial Day!

          “We are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.” – United States Marines.

    6. Lisztman May 25, 2013

      You fail to sway me. I have no clue who this “Obozo” is about whom you’re ranting.

    7. bhaggen May 25, 2013

      I agree. It’s hard to get the needle from a heroine addict. Really hard. Letting this sequester happen is a bright spot on Barry’s record. Two thumbs up! And yes spending is NOT decreasing.

    8. bhaggen May 25, 2013

      I agree. It’s hard to get the needle from a heroine addict. Really hard. Letting this sequester happen is a bright spot on Barry’s record. Two thumbs up! And yes spending is NOT decreasing.

      1. plc97477 May 26, 2013

        Proud of your post I take it.

        1. bhaggen May 26, 2013

          Say what? Things are rarely how they first appear to be. You take it? Where? Never mind, sounds like a personal issue. TMI

    9. bhaggen May 26, 2013

      I agree. It’s hard to get the needle from a heroine addict. Really hard. Letting this sequester happen is a bright spot on Barry’s record. Two thumbs up! And yes spending is NOT decreasing.

  2. Mr Wiseguy May 24, 2013

    Land of the free is a myth. If you still believe then your opinions on anything else are wrong. Talk about low information.

    1. Rick2101 May 24, 2013

      Land of the free, yes…..As long as you have enough money to pay for it.

  3. angelsinca May 24, 2013

    “This is a warning sign for Republicans (43% trust Obama)..”

    With 53% believing Obama is NOT most trusted to handle the debt, this seems more like a warning to the White House.

    1. RobertCHastings May 24, 2013

      ONLY 38% believed the Republicans were doing a better job, which is not very good for them, although somewhat above the overall popularity of Congress.

      1. angelsinca May 24, 2013

        That’s almost identical to the people that don’t believe Obama deserves the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. He should return it as kindly requested of him today by Thorbjorn Jagland.

        “Obama, who less than nine months after his inauguration won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples” while fostering “a new climate” in international relations, especially in reaching out to the Islamic world, has the U.S. engaged in conflicts in six Muslim nations. Today Mr. Obama has more troops in Afghanistan than when he took office. He has widened the use of drones. (The U.S. now has 8,000 of the unmanned remote control planes.) He involved the U.S. military in an undeclared war in Libya, and waged covert wars in Yemen and Somalia. Perhaps most alarming, he is the first U.S. president to authorize the assassination of an American abroad (the New Mexican born Anwar al-Awlaki).”

        1. Robert P. Robertson May 25, 2013

          You’re joking, right? You must be joking. . .. Please say you’re joking.

          1. angelsinca May 25, 2013

            Be specific, please. What do you find amusing?

          2. angelsinca May 26, 2013

            Just laugh to yourself and keep the mouth closed. You’re stinking up the place everywhere you open it.

          3. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            I Believe It’s You Two Dumb Ass Tea Bagging Whores You And Your Racist Lap Dog lana ward= anal draw Who’s Stinking Up National Memo

          4. angelsinca May 27, 2013

            “Who’s Stinking Up National Memo”

            Suprisingly correct use of the word “Who’s”, except for its placement in the run-on sentence littered with puncuation errors and structural defects. You can do better, Miss Manners. Thirteen years of school was free for you and paid by us. Please try to show it wasn’t a complete waste of taxpayer money.

          5. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013


          6. angelsinca May 27, 2013

            I see you have graduated to all upper case. When you do this. especially with exclamation points, people can’t hear you any better. Just so you know.

          7. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013


          8. angelsinca May 27, 2013


            Please don’t have any children.

          9. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            Bitch My Son Got A Great Job Also!! Your Dumb Cock Sucking Ass Is The One Who Shouldn’t Bred BITCH!!

          10. angelsinca May 27, 2013

            “Bitch My Son Got A Great Job…”

            A consolation; the gene pool seems somewhat contained.

          11. Fern Woodfork May 28, 2013

            Polly Want A Cracker Bitch What Now You Think You’re A Parrot??? FUCK YOU BUY A BOX OF CRACKERS AND KISS MY ASS!!!

          12. angelsinca May 28, 2013

            “FUCK YOU BUY A BOX OF CRACKERS AND KISS MY ASS!!!”-Fern Woodfork

            I must agree with you. Quoting your carefully crafted words is a perfect waste of punctuation.

          13. angelsinca May 27, 2013

            also, there is no such word as “stank”. The word you want is ‘skank”, since the past tense of stink would be stunk.

          14. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013


          15. angelsinca May 27, 2013

            Well, you got ONE right this time. I am replying to you, therefore I have no life.

          16. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            Well Rush Limpdick Need Somebody To Suck His Dick At Night Go Apply I Sure You Can Get That Job!! Go Comb Your Mother Hairy Ass!!

        2. RobertCHastings May 25, 2013

          For one thing, Mr. Jagland is definitely not an astute scholar of American history. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as you and everyone already know, were well underway long before Obama was even elected to the Senate, let alone the White House. The Nobel prize was awarded, not for what Mr. Obama had accomplished, but what he projected to the rest of the world. Gandhi never personally accomplished much of anything, except learning how to use a hand loom (try that some day); however, what he accomplished in terms of changing peoples’ perceptions was enormous. And so it is with Obama whose trips around the world at the beginning of his presidency and his earnest efforts at assuaging Islamist fears went far toward calming an angry world. He HAS widened the use of drones, although actual overflights and targeting have been reduced over the past two years – the 8,000 figure is deceptive in that it counts ALL drones in the US arsenal, not just the ones in use in the Middle East, which actually numbers fewer than 200. The Arab spring was a situation begging for intervention, as in Libya and Egypt, and now Syria, the tyrants in power were unleashing their armies upon the public and, in Syria’s case, using chemical weapons. I guess you feel we should not have got involved in the actual saving of civilian lives, unless they were Americans. If you believe the final sentence of your quote, you are no more versed in American history than Mr. Jagland.

          1. angelsinca May 25, 2013

            The chemical weapons in Syria were not proven to be used by the government. Obama is wrong to support the terrorists against Assad, as is McCain. The old tyrants in Libya and Egypt have been replaced by new tyrants. You assume that because a quote is provided, it is fully endorsed or believed to be true. The supposed assuage of Islamic fear (as perhaps evidenced by the ‘peaceful protests’ of the Arab Spring?), when you turn around and murder their symbolic leader, didn’t work out too well.

          2. RobertCHastings May 25, 2013

            I am not quite sure on your line of thought on that last bit, regarding murdering their symbolic leaders. I can make assumptions as to your meaning, but I would like to get at your real meaning. Please explain.

          3. angelsinca May 25, 2013

            RobertCHastings – I’m inclined to deny your request because of the highly offensive and intentionally provocative use of the deragatory term “republicunt”. Not only did you ridcule me for being offended from your use of it, you aggressively continued to flagrantly display the mysogyny-revealing profanity. But, since I am considered a forgiving person…. nevermind….on second thought, go f-ck yourself, right after you take your d-ck out of your mouth.

          4. RobertCHastings May 26, 2013

            It was stated at the time when Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize that it was given because of what was expected of him, especially in light of what had preceded Obama. What he has done in the pursuit of world peace since that time is quite within the guidelines for supporting such a choice, even if you do disagree. If you will look back a few years to the period of George W. Bush’s presidency, you will clearly see that our standing with the world, and especially with our long-time allies, has done much to ease the fears of American moves toward world domination, or hegemony (a favorite term of the Bushites Cheney and Wolfowitz). While we did participate in the downfall of Khadafi, we DID NOT have anything to do with his death. In Egypt, basically all we did was express our opinions about Mubarak, an American backed and installed leader. The insurgents did the rest. In Somalia and Yemen, those targeted by our drones were not members of the sitting regimes, but known terrorists whose avowed goal was to destabilize the region and turn Yemen into a safe haven for terrorists. Obama’s Arab Spring speech was NOT the impetus for that wave of rebellion that swept through the Middle East, displacing tyrants and replacing them with, as you believe, tyrants.

          5. angelsinca May 26, 2013

            Thanks RobertC. I believe your use of ‘We’ is better coined as, ‘those responsible’, though identifying ‘them’ continues to be a game of pin the tail on the unicorn.

            “While we did participate in the downfall of Khadafi, we DID NOT have anything to do with his death”

            This is like saying, as the house burns to the ground, “What arson?! I only poured gas on the front porch.”.

            “…all we did was express our opinions about Mubarak, an American backed and installed leader”.

            It seems shameful and a total waste of resources to erase all prior support of Mubarak by throwing him to the wolves. ‘They’ are doing the same with Assad. Who else will ‘they’ decide should be overthrown? N Korea, Iraq, the TEA Party? Progressives? Too much moral authority with too little accountability. Thanks

          6. RobertCHastings May 27, 2013

            With which party do you align yourself? You are getting to sound like a liberal activist. From some of your previous posts, I had thought that you were one of those conservative interlopers. I do not disagree with your basic point that we should not be interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. However, it is our moral responsibility, as a “Christian” nation, to intercede where we see gross abuses as were occurring in Khadafi’s slaughter of his civilian population, in Assad’s similar actions, in Mubarak’s similar actions, in similar actions that occurred in Bosnia. We missed a supreme opportunity to show ourselves as the moral leader of the world when we failed to intervene in Rwanda. We assisted in the demise of apartheid in S. Africa. In those areas of the world in which egregious abuses of civilian rights are occurring, based upon our founding principles, it is almost our mandate to step in and correct things when the rest of the world will not. The Holocaust occurred simply because the rest of the world allowed it to occur, many people outside Nazi Germany being complicit, including the Catholic church.
            We did intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iraq being a mistake from the beginning while Afghanistan was one of the few “just” wars in which we have engaged. Korea and Vietnam are both wars that in many ways are still being fought and felt
            When there is an attempt by our government to overthrow The Tea Party, Progressives, Republican Party, Democratic Party, etc. without an apparent moral imperative to do so because of rampant abuse of civilians and basic human rights, then perhaps you may have a point. However, these are in an entirely different category from the invasion of the various countries listed above, and pose an entirely different set of issues, so grouping all of them under your umbrella is disingenuous, at best. Our government has since its founding sought ways to control political dissent, especially during times of turmoil and war. John Adams Alien and Sedition Act was the first such attempt to control dissent and to muzzle free press, and many similar attempts at stifling popular dissent have occurred over the ensuing 220 years. We have only to observe what has happened with The Occupy Wall Street Movement to understand this. However, this government is of and by the people, and it is transparent in a way than NO other government around the world is. Whatever recourse is necessary to fix the problems you see is available to the people of this country, through our Constitution, if we have the will to pursue it.

          7. angelsinca May 28, 2013

            “With which party do you align yourself? ”

            It’s changing. I agree with dems and repubs, but mostly with those that make most sense and I can trust.

          8. Robert P. Robertson May 25, 2013

            They can’t explain. You ask those zombies an intelligent question, but all you get back is monotonos psycho-babble, like blather-blather-Obama-blather-blather-gub’munt-blah-blah-blah.

          9. RobertCHastings May 26, 2013

            Haven’t heard back from him on that, yet. Usually he at least attempts to give a reasonable response, although an opposing one. It would be easy to assume that he was saying the US killed the leaders in Libya and Egypt, as well as Yemen and Somalia (previous posting), even though we had nothing to do with the killing of their leaders. Libya was an action to protect civilians from Khadafi’s military and it was the rebels who killed him. In Egypt the insurgents took the country away from Mubarak, who is still in ill health and still in prison. We have carried on drone strikes in both Yemen and Somalia, but not against their elected leaders in either case. And his comment about the quote is, at best, cryptic, since I did not quote anything.

          10. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            I knew he wouldn’t, Robert, because he couldn’t These zombies are allergic to the kind of facts you would’ve put before them. Put a fact before their faces or just go near them with facts, they start to sneezing and rubbing their eyes! Read their posts. It’s like they are completely delusional. Somehow, they think you’re trying to convince them or persuade them of something, but all you’re doing is laying out the facts, the truth, and they disparage you as a liar. It’s saddening that grown individuals could be that way. But, they are on the wrong site and are posting with completely informed people than the ones they’ve come from.

  4. Patricia Barille May 24, 2013

    The reason we are in shambles in some parts of our country is that some Americans are too stupid to breath. No brain oxygen is required for watching faux news, listening to some congressmen, and radio and television bloviators.

  5. Robert P. Robertson May 24, 2013

    Rather than work with President Obama on more reasonable cuts to balance the economy and reduce the deficit, Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags allowed the economy to slid into sequestration. THEY DID THAT. It would not only hurt the 47% that Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags intended for it to hurt, but it would hurt the government and everyone in America, including their own constituents who are on welfare, recieve food stamps, Medcaide, SSI, Section 8 housing, and WIC. It was the Republicunts who came up with the concept of sequesration in the first place, and pulled it out to use it to hold America hostage against President Obama, to embarrass and weaken the Obama/Biden administration. But, like the great Bob Dylan sang: “How does it fee-eel! To be on yo’ own, left all a-lone, like a rol-lin’ stone!” Hurry 2014!!!

    1. lana ward May 26, 2013

      The Sequester was Obamas’ brainy idea, you need to look that up. He even threatened Republicans that he wasn’t going to budge on it. So stop LYING!!!

      1. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

        no it wasn’t it was the repugs like you

        1. lana ward May 26, 2013

          Yes it was, look it up. Obama didn’t think they would go along with it, they called his bluff. Why comment when you don’t know what you’re talking about

          1. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

            and repug congress could stopped it anytime but no ther a bunch of assholes

  6. bikejedi May 24, 2013

    Obama created the Sequester thinking that the Republicans would never call him on it . They ended up having to call him on it just to get ANY spending cuts out of him and the Dems . So Obama got mad and ordered his regime to take it out on the American people . Air Traffic Controllers were furloughed when non essential FAA personel could’ve been . He did this to punish the business travelers ( read tax payers most of whom are Conservatives ) He cancelled the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds thus ruining the air show season , but who cares ? He hates the Military and those Americans who support our troops . I mean if you need any further proof of his hatred and his bullying intolerant behavior towards people he perceives as dissenters to his spread of Alinsky communism . Nixon respected the office and America enough to resign ….What about Obama . Wait until Obama TAX takes effect what fun

    1. Robert P. Robertson May 25, 2013

      President did not create the sequester. The sequester was created in 1985 by graham-Rudmann-Hollings. It was called “The Graham-Rudmann-Hollings Act of 1985, which mandated that if a fiscal budget is not agreed upon, it would automatically trigger what they called “sequestration”. That was during Saint reagan’s presidency/ Is it safe to say that Saint reagan created sequestratiom? Okay, what about the failed “Cut, Cap, and Balance Act of 2011” that republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags were pushing that carried with it a proposal for sequestration? In February 2011, Rob Nabors proposed to the House “A Budget Control Act” that had the same Republicunt seguestration trigger attached to it to avoid it being an issue during the 2012 presidential campaigns. In collaboration with Mitch McConnell, Nabors pushed the bill in a bi-partisan vote through the House and Senate, and it was signed by President Obama.and applauded by both Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags and Democrats. President Obama did all he could to prevent triggering sequestration, but republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags refused to accept his proposed cuts sknowing that it would take the economy into sequestration. . . Just a little bit of research could show you that it was not our president that “created” sequestration. It was Republicunt/neo-Confederate tea Bags.

      1. InsideEye May 25, 2013

        The sequester” is a fall back position to motivate Congress and I agree with your historical account, I prefer stalemate, with minimum spending except for disasters. SSN, Medicare, healthcare and political contributions/funding must be .limited should be paid for from general government operating funds, from a flat sales tax , paid by everyone…including GE corporations……no more politicizing these issues, nor more IRS. GIVE THEM 10year salary to find another trade. It will be cheaper.

        1. MasterWes May 25, 2013

          Now disasters should be included in the mix. Look at the Republican response to Sandy victims in the Northeast, as opposed to Hufficanes Katrina and Ike down South. Now the Congressman from Oklahoma, a Republicant, is anting to deny his own constituents relief from the tornados last week until offset cuts are made?
          Couple this with Federal aid for the citizens of West, TX for the explosion of the PRIVATEELY OWNED adn mismanaged fertilizer plant, and see wher ethat takes you…

          1. angelsinca May 25, 2013

            Don’t lie. The ‘congressman from oklahoma’ is NOT denying relief for tornado victims. You give democrats a bad name.

        2. bikejedi May 25, 2013

          You agree that two seperate Bills are similar right ? I hope that’s what you are agreeing too . Sequester while it looks like the other bill was passed by Obama . So just because someone thought about it before doesn’t absolve Obama for doing this nor for his punishing of Americans because the Republicans took him up on it

          1. Robert P. Robertson May 25, 2013

            Your father made a previous action to have sex with your mother and conceive your sorry ass. He should have used a rubber or your mother should have had access to an abortion clinic or a morning-after pill and prevented a thing like you from seeing the light of day. You ever heard of the word “precedent”? Did home-schooling fail you on that? THE GRAHAM-RUDMANN-HOLLINGS ACT OF 1985 IS PRECEDENT. THE CUT, CAP, AND BALANCE ACT OF 2011 IS PRECEDENT.Nabors and McConnell took those precedents and proposed THE BUDGET CONTROL ACT. What don’t you understand about that? The only involvement President Obama had with that was in signing a BIPARTISAN BILL . . Jeez, man, get a clue!

          2. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            Dude get a grip and spit that er uhm thumb( ? ) out of your mouth . I know all abut Graham Rudman . But just because they are similar that is not the Sequestration bill Obama signed into law . It also isn’t the bill Obama threatened a veto to if it were challenged . No while they are similar Sequestration is Obama’s baby . It does not matter what he modeled it after . All that shows is that the inept overmatched Community Organizer is incapable of independent thought … You are trying to paint a picture that this was passed in 1985 and not Obama’s fault . Of course you are LYING just like Obama does . You are lying out of cult like devotion to a dumb ass TREASONOUS LIAR who doesn’t deserve your devotion . Grow up and stop LYING K

          3. Robert P. Robertson May 25, 2013

            Wow. Nothing can surmount an ignorance of that magnitude!

          4. lana ward May 26, 2013

            You know so much that isn’t so , to bad. bikejedi is 100% right. Obama is a communist dictator. His little game of hurting the American people is about up. But he will fight to the end, as he has not one ounce of decency. Prison is my guess

        3. Robert P. Robertson May 25, 2013

          So, you can’t explain how President Obama could have vetoed the sequester? I don’t blame you for avoiding trying to explain it because you were just blowing smoke. I understand. There’s nothing wrong with your opposition to President Obama. I support your right to do so. I’ve fought and nearly died for you to have that right. But, do it with some kind of dignity, man. That’s all I’m saying. Make your opposition with solid fact the way we make our case against Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags. Anything we say about them can be backed up by fact, history, and documentation, not bitchy whining, misinformation, childish cartoons, and psycho-babble.

          1. InsideEye May 25, 2013

            The President agreed with the Sequester, to place responsibility on Congress, he wanted to veto the bill to give him power to use the funds selectively . He was using his veto to assure that the sequester should remain in effect…thusly the president could have mitigated the affects of sequestration. I personally like stalemates. It makes us more self reliant and resilient…..

          2. InsideEye May 25, 2013

            Additionally, I fought for all, also, and I would come for you despite orders, if you were stranded in the Sahara .
            Remember Memorial Day.

          3. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            But, you don’t get it, do you, roundeye? You advocate treason. it doesn’t matter how you served or what branch you served in, your present stance is treason. YOU ARE UNAMERICAN! You support anti-American, anti-America, anti-government, anti-president, anti-democracy, anti-civilization Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bag treason. in service, we sworn to defend America against any invader, foreign or domestic, to honor God and country above all, and you get on this site spewing and hatred for your own country— you sicken me, you fucking weak assed traitor! You renounce your country, a country and people that you gave part of your life and service to for the freedoms of every American and any democracy all over the world, and now you do this? You sniveling turn coat. You’re a disgrace!

          4. InsideEye May 27, 2013

            Wow, sorry that you may have been injured , I only advocate judicious spending , self reliance and less taxes going for free bees. Treasonous certainly does not apply to me …but only to some policies of current administration.

          5. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            He threatened to veto anyone who challenged it . So why is that an issue ? Obama wrote the bill because he didn’t think the Republicans would call his bluff . He had a and a half to come up with something different and just decided to go golfing thinking that the Republicans would capitulate . They decide the Sequestration option would be the best deal because Obama refused to work with then or even meet them ( You Liberals like to turn that around and LIE and say the Republicans wont work with him and then use the race card as the excuse ) the truth of course is that the Republicans called him out and he go golfing instead . Don’t you remember anything ?

          6. angelsinca May 25, 2013

            “Make your opposition with solid fact the way we make our case ”

            Sure. With lies and twisted facts to suit your warped beliefs.

            “I’ve fought and nearly died for you to have that right.”

            Oh bullshit. IF you actually did serve, the LAST f-cking thing on your mind was protecting the 1st. Based on your disgraceful behavior on this site as a liar, a womAn hater, and an immature baffoon, it is highly doubtful you can produce a dd214 that has the word ‘honorable’ on it.

          7. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            I don’t have to prove anything to any Republicunt, neo-Confederate Tea Bag, Democrat, or you. You don’t have the slightest idea who I am, and I don’t know you. We only post and that is the limit of our association. Yet, even when a person present facts to someone ike you, all they get back is some stupid, asinine, monotonous idiocy, and the worse of all, you attack a person the way you’ve attacked me, and when a person responds appropriately, you whine like a bunch of two-bit whores. All a person can do is listen or read, agree when something is said that can be agreed upon, or correct something that has been misconstrued. I think that is called “discourse”? But, I don’t think sites like this one is designed to convince you or persuade you one way or the other. I know i haven’t tried to convince you or persuade you or any other Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bag of anything. I’ve even agreed with you (and I really shudder at saying that). But you can bet your sweet ass that i wouldn’t give a fuck how you feel or what you think. You may feel the same way about me. It doesn’t pay my mortgage, put food on my table, clothe my family, or fill my car with gas. We only give our opinion and thse opinions don’t mean shit because who the fuck do you think you are? You’re no more than a peon. The same incredibly wealthy individuals who would woulkd screw me woulkd screw you too. It wouldn’t hurt me more than it would hurt you because I know the nature of the beast, you support it. What would it benefit me to lie to you when you and I are in the same boat? I simply hear something, research it, study it, and research any questions that arise from study. I do that for myself, personally, to understand and stay informed in the system we in. When somebody like you says something stupid,

          8. angelsinca May 26, 2013

            “I don’t have to prove anything to any Republicunt…”

            Most unpleasant opening line, Robert P. Robertson. I tried to read what you wasted your time with, but after the first sentence, before the first period, you managed to discredit whatever else you had to say. Have a nice whatever.

          9. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            But you read it, didn’t you, you dumb bitch. Let me give you a one liner to take with you: ((o===8. Take one of those and you’ll feel better in the morning.

          10. angelsinca May 26, 2013

            “I’m through with you.”

            That’s certainly a huge relief, little man.

          11. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            Let Me Tell You Something BITCH You Haven’t Paid SHIT For Me Nor My Family So You Can Stop With The Bullshit!! You Are Most Likely Being Taken Care Of By Some Fool When Your Ass Should Be Working Taking Care Of Your Own Ass!! I Will Write Any Fucking Way I Want Bitch Take Your Uppity Ass Somewhere Else With Your Bullshit!! Like I Said Before Nobody Is Stinking Up The Place But You And Your Nasty Ass Stinky TROLLS!!!

          12. angelsinca May 27, 2013

            The example of FREE education was an easy math problem. Apparently, you missed those classes too. So far, in every reagrd, you are 100% wrong about me. Sorry for the math again.

          13. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            Bitch I When To Catholic School Paid For By My Parents Bitch!! I Write The Way I Want To FUCK YOU STOP READING IT!!!

          14. angelsinca May 27, 2013

            “Bitch I When To Catholic School Paid For By My Parents Bitch.”

            Maybe they can get a refund to help offset what must be a huge disappointment.

          15. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            FUCK YOU STUCK ON STUPID BITCH!!! BITCH I’M A Nurse That Makes Great Money, What You Do Besides Troll On National Memo??? Oh I Forgot That You Good At Sucking Koch Brothers Cocks!!

          16. angelsinca May 27, 2013

            “FUCK YOU STUCK ON STUPID BITCH!!! BITCH I’M A Nurse That Makes Great Money, ”

            Don’t see that everday (for a good reason). Thank you for another most excellent example why we should ALL be deeply concerned about the state of our health care service providers. Deeply concerned.

            BTW: if you direct your fellatious preoccupation toward Mr. Fern, perhaps it will help. Does he know about you and biker?

          17. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            I Guess You Thought I Wouldn’t See What You Wrote Bitch Huh??? I Make Great Money My Computer Is Set Up To Tell Me What Was Said To Me Even If You Erase It!!! Stuck On Stupid Uppity Bitch!!!

      2. bikejedi May 25, 2013

        OMG this is the type of misinformation that Progressives dumb themselves down with . Did you get that from Fern ? While similar types of things , Obama’s Sequester is his he wrote it and enacted it . He threatened to Veto anyone who tried to stop it until the republicans called his bluff . He and the Dems have NO desire to be fiscally responsible and this proves it . Wait Until ObamaTAX starts to come into play . Comapanies will drop coverage because the opt out is more cost effective ( thank you Dems ) They and you idiots will blame Companies for being greedy when in fact they will be being thrifty . Companies with 55 employees will drop under 50 by firing 6 employees and no one will hire full time empoloyees any more . How do you think that will affect the economy ? This is what they want …Chaos and economic ruin so stupid people will demand the Govt take Health care over . Wecome to a Communist America comrade Liberal ..I hope your children enjoy it . No Communist Country has ever prospered ..You and Obama will be the reason for it and you idiots will blame Bush …Baaa Baaa

        1. Robert P. Robertson May 25, 2013

          No sir, I got it from a Congressional account. I got it from the horse’s mouth. Go on the government website http://www.gov.org and see it for yourself. Unless Congress is spreading misinformation to make themselves look bad, this is the rea;l deal. What I suggest to you is to grow the fuck up and act like a human being. Your bitchy whining and childish tantrums is unbecoming of an adult. This is America and President Obama is your president from now until 2016. If you don’t like it, go curl up in a dark corner and put your thumb in your mouth or move to Antarctica where you can create the kind of government you’d like to live in.

          1. bikejedi May 25, 2013

            So you got that from the Govt and believe it ????? OMG This regime and you believe it ???? OMG . Look I don’t recognize Obama as a Legally elected President but we are stuck with him because no one in Washington has the sacks to Impeach a President who would play the race card . You do realize with all the treasonous scandals going on that if he were ANY other President in American History he would be gone already . This clown doesn’t even have the good common sense to resign . Nixon did because he respected the office and the American people . Obama does not . Look in todays world Nixon would not be a crook right ? . By the way I’m not whining I’m speaking the truth . Free Speech is still a right guaranteed by the Constitution Moron as much as you and your Liberal comrades would wish it weren’t true . Obama has waged a war against those who speak out against him . He has done that with intolerant bullying from his pulpit . He has done it with divisive rhetoric . He has divided the country based on race religion sexual orientation gender and class . He has waged a war against free speech particularly with those who oppose his Communist makeover of the U S . Examples Gibson guitars , the aforementioned bullying from the pulpit , the AP wiretapping , Eric Holder using the DoJ to investigate Rosen , and the IRS scandal . For anyone with an independent mind this would indicate a concerted and well thought out Pattern yet he and everyone else in his regime claims they did nothing wrong before invoking the fifth . Lerner met with Obama in the oval office the very day before the targeting of Conservative groups started and Obama says he knows nothing about it . The Buck should stop at the top and he should resign . Instead we get morons like you trying to use the same tactics of bullying intolerance against people like me who disagree with you . Why don’t you get out of your underwear and get out of your mommies basement and grow the fuck up and get that thumb out of your mouth …oh wait that’s no thumb my apologies

          2. Robert P. Robertson May 25, 2013

            bikerbitch, i got that information from Congressional reports on the website http://www.gov.org. You or anyone can go on there and read Congressional minutes. That came from Congress, dumbass, the same House dominated by Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags. See, that’s why you’re a bikerbitch. Your ignorance is absolutely stunning!

          3. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            Look sissy blow job girl ..I assure you that if were standing in front of me you wouldn’t have the sacks to say those words so quit while you are ahead . And spit those bags out yo mouth so someone can understand your weak assed talking points ..Beyatch …Not get incoherent and go on one of your rants… and don’t forget to play the race card when you get beat up in a debate my Beyatch

          4. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            You should haver been a blow job in your mother’s mouth instead of in her rancid wonb where you came out scarred for life. If you were in front of me, bikerbitch, I’d put you on your faggot ass and piss in your stinking mouth, pussy. I know it isn’t right to beat up on a lady, but a bikerbitch should know her limitations. So ride on into the sunset, bikerbitch, and don’t let the wind hit you in the ass.

          5. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            …I bet you are turning your boyfriend on with your dirty dirty mouth …wow I touched a nerve hahahahaha ….wheres the race card ???? Now go play with your boyfriend Fern …I bet she cant wait for you …and trust me you wouldn’t stand a chance with me …

          6. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            I know I wouldn’t stand a chance with your hairy ass mother. She’s a bikerbitch on steroids! That’s probably why you’re as childish as you are. She emasculated your faggot ass. You get a thrill from the vibration of that bike seat coursing through that unhealing wound, don’t you, you little reprobate gay? I coud see how you’re sliding your ass across that bike seat just like a little hot assed trollop! Was it from your hairy assed mother that you began to feel different from the rest of the little boys on the play ground? Atleast your weak assed father had sense when he blew his fucking brains out from the nagging of your bikerbitch mother. You ought to take a lesson, bikerbitch.

          7. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            God you cant even stick to insulting me you have to try to bring my Parents into it ..Shows how weak and what a fag you are …Come on play the race card moron . You cant debate on merit so you just hurl insults …You obviously didn’t see the survey that showed that Conservative men are far more manly then Liberals who were found to be either metro sexual or feminine like you …for further proof I would refer you to the pictures of our first Gay President Hussien on his step through girls bike and Our former American President riding a real bike and looking like a man while doing a century ride with our wounded warriors ….I’ll bet Fern makes you swallow

          8. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            bikerbitch, I’m not a therapist, so I can’t help you with the female tendencies that is threatening to overcome you at any minute. See, that’s what I’m saying, you’ve been so emasculated from that bikerbitch mother of yours, you walk around challenging anything that even smells like a man. That bikerbitch mother of your had so much hair on her shoulders, you’d think she was an organ grinder carrying her monkey— what? That bikerbiker was an organ grinder? . . Ooh, those kinds of organs. . .My bad.

          9. bikejedi May 26, 2013

            I wonder what your gay Liberal friends think of you ? All you have is trying to insult my mother who died a long time ago and was twice the woman and American then the Bull dyke and gay daddy that raised you …Just one question …how did your daddy taste ?

          10. Robert P. Robertson May 26, 2013

            Your dead assed mother should have never been born, bikerbitch, it would have been two less bikerbitches for the world to deal with. Your faggot ass father should have stuck to meat packing in gay bars instead of trying to experiment, and then there was you, a low life, lousy, closet Drag Queen who got kicked off the Chicago police force for crimes against nature, child molestation, and turning tricks out of a hole-in-the-wall gay bar. You’re a worthless, sorry pig. i guess you call yourself a First Responder, a Hero, but you were part of a culture of corruption of the Chicago Pig Sty, a First Desponder, a Zero. Take a lesson from your weak assed father who blew his brains out because of the constant nagging from your hairy ass bikerbitch mother.

          11. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            ROTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH TEARS IN MY EYES!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!

          12. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

            She Need To Be Insulted Cause She Had Your Lying Punk Ass!! You Should Have Been Aborted!!

  7. Dominick Vila May 25, 2013

    The sequester, at a time when Federal government spending was going down, revenues were going up as a result of a strengthening economy, and unemployment was going down with the resulting increases in tax revenues and lower unemployment disbursements, was unnecessary and, clearly, influenced by ideology. In addition to harming the welfare of poor Americans and small businesses, the intent is ostensibly to slow down the economy for political gain. It will not work, the GOP showed its true colors once again, it demonstrated that it could care less what happens to the middle class and the poor and, most importantly, it deprived the government of the funds it needs to invest in infrastructure, R&D, modernization and education. Al Qaeda could not have done a better job.

    1. angelsinca May 25, 2013

      “the intent is ostensibly to slow down the economy for political gain and put the opposition on the defense”

      There is no proof of this speculation. It is only Democrat rhetoric, of course. It’s not like Obama would do ANYTHING to allow the sequester to unfold and cause painful cuts, even though the cuts, if amply targeted where the People would hurt the most, could be blamed on Republicans, THIS ‘unlikely’ scenario sounds more plausible than giving the plodding Republicans credit for concocting a plan they are clearly intellectually incapable of, as continually determined by progressives. Besides, this is EXACTLY how it played out so far. IF both competed in the oneupsmanship challenge, as you speculate, I’m supporting the side that didn’t USE the People like tools for their OWN political pursuits.

    2. Yappy2 May 28, 2013

      Never, because they only care about their own interests.

  8. Budjob May 25, 2013

    The only people that haven’t been impacted by the sequester are,SURPRISE,SURPRISE,our beloved,honest, hard working congressional representatives.Of course,my comment reeks with sarcasm!

    1. plc97477 May 25, 2013

      They did have a problem with the airline slow down. You probably saw how fast they went in to fix that problem.

  9. charleo1 May 25, 2013

    You know that saying, that success has many Fathers, but failure is an
    orphan? The sequester, born out of the failure of the two sides to reach
    an agreement on spending cuts, versus, spending cuts, and, additional
    revenue, a balanced approach, that President Obama favors. The one,
    by the way, the majority of Americans, approve, including the majority
    of those who count themselves as Republicans. It was, if we recall,
    the Summer of the T-Party. Having won by a very large margin in the
    2010 Mid-Term, elections. And, Democrats had lost control of the House.
    In their place, sat the 70 or so, newly elected, T-Party faction. Who seen
    their victory at the polls, as a mandate to stop the spending. Then, came
    the opportunity the T-Party had been waiting for. The, must pass
    Congressional authorization bill to raise the debt ceiling. To which the T-Party faction, those 70 or so, Congressmen said, absolutely not. As the treasury
    was by now, after several weeks of T-Party refusals to accept nothing less,
    than their demands be fully met, was using measures to prevent the Country’s
    short term, default.. What the T-Party had shown itself to be, was not the
    fiscally conservative budget hawks. But, economic terrorists, that were
    essentially holding the economy hostage. Demanding that Congress, and the President submit to an agenda, they had nowhere near the votes to enact themselves. in the way the Constitution lays out the procedures necessary,
    for any bill to become law. The Country, and the world, watched, appalled,
    as these stinking, know nothings, and government hating, anarchists,
    drove the world’s largest economy to the brink of default, and disaster.
    Making one impossible ransom demand, after the next. So it was out of this
    toxic, and traitorous atmosphere, the Sequester, was born. So, who’s to blame
    for the sequester? Technically, President Obama, who signed the bill into law.
    But before it could get to his desk, it required the 174 Republicans, plus the leadership in the House. And, all of the Republican leadership, in the Senate.
    Including Mitch McConnell. If we recall, directly after it’s passage, Republicans
    were touting the Sequester, as a Republican victory in the cause of reducing
    spending. Paul Ryan, head of House budget committee, went on major news
    outlets, to take credit of behalf of Republicans. Promising the President’s
    sensible 2, to 2.5 trillion in budget cuts, over the next 10 years, was not serious.
    He said, “The President needs to get serious, about cutting the out of control,
    entitlement spending.” But, now that the Sequester is causing some real pain
    out there. And is not at all, the popular program, they thought it would be.
    They are trying to back away from it. The Sequester? No,no, not our idea!
    Obama forced us to do it. His idea! That would make it a first then, would it not?
    Something Obama proposed, that they agreed with?

    1. oldtack May 25, 2013

      I am in full agreement with your post.

    2. angelsinca May 26, 2013

      ‘Republicans ere touting the Sequester, as a Republican victory in the cause of reducing spending.”

      Good read Charlie. But, it seems more important of you to discount the Republicans’ taking of credit for Obam’s poilitical victory, than it is to acknowledge the victory claimed by Republicans of reduced spending. After all, THAT was the goal by ALL, to reduce the spending. But, you folks seem to want the goal to be the cloak & dagger taking down of Obama. Not so. Time will take care of that by itself with the end of the term. The earnest endeavors are addressing the issues, not the man OR the Party.

      1. charleo1 May 26, 2013

        My overall opinion, for a number of reasons, is that we not cut
        spending in the short term. But, build, rebuild, and modernize
        our infrastructure. Our investments over the last, 30, even 40
        years, has been so inadequate, as to be irresponsible. And,
        it’s unfair to leave the younger generations an economy that’s
        one, harder to have a secure career. And, two. We owe it to
        the next generation, to have an economy, that is at least as
        good as the one we’ve been privileged to enjoy. An economy,
        that has more to offer the next generation, than low paying,
        work-a-day, service jobs. Because that scenario, will not only
        serve to cheat our best, and brightest from reaching their
        potential. It will not create the the kind of strong, prosperous
        Country, that has empowered America, to do all the great,
        and positive things, we have accomplished in the past. Things
        like, our interstate highway system. Our early investments in
        research in, medical science, or micro-technology, that lead
        to the United States, leading the world throughout the entire,
        20th century. We need to build on that. And having a modern
        high tech, platform, that accommodates the various ways a
        modern business, produces goods, communicates, and
        controls their inventory, and their ability to do so securely,
        will be vital in attracting the kind of investments we will need
        to compete in a fast moving, global economy. So, reducing
        the amount of spending, especially, the willie nellie, way in
        which the Sequester goes about it, is not a victory for anyone.
        Especially the Country. The goal of my comment, was merely
        to describe the corrosive, and self defeating tenor of our politics.
        We should be under no illusions that our competition is concerned
        with such things, as smearing their current leadership, for
        political advantage. And, it would do us good to keep in mind,
        that they are certainly not engaged in the shortsighted, and
        frankly stupid, refusal to invest in their Country’s future. Because
        that might put people to work. And, that would be harmful, and
        have a negative, political effect on our Party’s, chances of being successful in the next election. My opinion is, the fundamental
        prerequisite of any lawmaker, is to love the Country, more than
        you dislike your opposition. And I clearly do not see that as being
        the case, with the GOP.

        1. angelsinca May 26, 2013

          I promise to read this in its entirety to absorb the message. It looks worthwhile. But in the meantime, why are dreams for a new infrastructure always perfectly timed when the ability to pay for it is at its historic low? There isn’t enough national resolve now to continue spending. But, I promise to be open to pursuasion.

          1. charleo1 May 27, 2013

            You ask, why now? Why do we wait for a recession, to
            invest in rebuilding our infrastructure? Because infrastructure
            is not sexy. And, most politicians are not leaders. Their
            skill as a politician, comes from their ability to stick a finger in
            the air, and tell which way the wind is blowing, and go along
            with that. Infrastructure, is not a great campaign theme.
            When was the last time you heard a politician promise if
            elected, he will replace enough of the Country’s rotting
            sewer pipes, to reach from here, to the moon? Infrastructure
            is boring. But, so is brushing our teeth. So, why do we do it?
            Because, Uncle Lester, your Grandmother’s Brother, is a good example of what happens, if we don’t take care of our teeth. Our last great overhaul of our infrastructure, was in the 1930s. And, many of the public works projects built then, are still in service today. Water treatment plants and the pipes for delivery, are still in use in hundreds of cities. Patched, upon patch, creaky, and inefficient, those, 80 year old facilities,
            are costing taxpayers more for upkeep, than the payments
            would be on a bond, that would finance a brand new system.
            And, strike a blow aganist the stubborn unemployment,
            that continues to hamper a full recovery. People must be
            able to tell the difference between money spent as an
            investment, that will pay dividends for years. And the pure
            un-refundable monies, that is payed out, in unemployment
            benefits to workers, eager for a job. When they could be employed building something of lasting value to their town.
            So, the next time someone tries to tell you, that government
            can’t create jobs. That government never adds anything of
            value to the City, State, or Country. And the best thing for
            government to do, is cut your employer’s taxes. And get
            out of the way. Ask them, then who will build my water plant? If there is no government involved, Maybe, a billionaire
            steps forward, and says, I’ll build the water plant. Then he’ll
            name his price. If government is not involved, which unelected citizen decides if the price is too high? Or, the
            plant will be too small, or large? And then who, decides the
            cost of water? If our billionaire owns the water plant? If
            government is now out of the way. The billionaire will charge
            what he wants, and test his own water. That’s what these
            people are selling. Are you buying?

          2. angelsinca May 27, 2013

            “Ask them, then who will build my water plant?”

            Locally, we are in a drought. They told us to conserve. We did. The rates went up because of less revenue. Now, it was announced the local water infrastructure is being upgraded and the rates will rise again. So be it. The need for infracture doesn’t need explanation. It is a private utility. When the fed gov’t runs utitilites, one state pays the infrastructure rebuild of another state. Chances are, the local officials spent their infrastructure money on new political pleasing pet projects instead of the ‘boring’ infrastructure. I’m looking at the $800B stimulus as a constat reminder.

          3. charleo1 May 27, 2013

            Why don’t you investigate the stimulus for yourself?
            Rather than take the word of someone with an ax to grind.
            1/3 was a tax cut. 1/3 went to states. A bunch were flat
            broke. Only 1/3 went to public works projects. And, sooner
            or later some people in this Country are going to need to
            either start putting some faith back in our democratic form
            of government. Or, experience some form of the alternative.
            Where the systems are run by corporations, and there is no accountability to the regular person at all. Because we seem
            to have progressed to the place, that it is no longer enough
            to say, throw the bums out. Far too many are calling to
            essentially throw the system out. I gotta tell you. I am far
            too conservative, to go along with that.

          4. angelsinca May 27, 2013

            “Why don’t you investigate the stimulus for yourself?
            Rather than take the word of someone with an ax to grind.”

            I did inveastigate and don’t take ANYONE’s wprd for anything, usually. It’s been awhile but I recall the latest stimilus wasn’t spent on what was promised nor derived the results promised, even though it was ‘carefully’ watched by Joey B. Favored funding fro cronies and pet projects just hasn’t gone away, yet. Corporations have ample accountability to its stockholders and government, when regs are in place and the WILL to enforce existing reg is present. I wish the governement, and this administratiomn in particular, could say the same. When accountability is invoked ny Congress, this administration seems to find ways around it, usually thru countering claims of partisan witch hunting or executive order or sacrificial firing. I agree; most systems need fixing, not replacing.

          5. Fern Woodfork May 28, 2013

            Looks Like You Got A Problem With Spelling Huh/ While Your Ass Busy Trying To Tell Others How!! LOL Wprd Up!! LOL Self Rightist BITCH!! LOL

          6. angelsinca May 28, 2013

            You aren’t being ridiculed for typos, Fernwoody. This is a normal and honest mistake. NO ONE uses title text without shouting to the world they are the dumbest one in the room.

          7. Fern Woodfork May 29, 2013

            Pucker Up Bitch And Kiss My ASS!!

          8. angelsinca May 30, 2013

            “You Do The Math Asshole!! – Fern Woodfork

            Well, you have presented us with a math problem. You say you make “Over 70.00 Dollars An Hour BITCH!!!”. Well said; void of grace with a splash of seething. It appears that, since you earned only $400, you didn’t work a full nurse’s shift, Fernwood. You didn’t even work 8 hours. Heck, you didn’t even put in 6 hours, there, Skippy. If you can’t stand to put in a full day, the others must be happier than shit that you got your skank ass out of there and back on your knees for the ever-grateful Mr Fern. Take care of yourself and God bless.

          9. InsideEye July 12, 2013

            Some women of the ….and some men are able to PULL down such tips for their Services. I would rather get married and take my chances…..it is cheaper.

          10. Fern Woodfork May 28, 2013

            She Can’t Do Nothing But Talk A Bunch Of Bullshit!! She’s Just Another Tea Bagging Gutter Tramp Flip Flopping And Trolling Her Self Righteous Ass In Web Site Where No One Give A Fuck About Her Ignorant ASS!! The Bitch Also Thinks She’s A Parrot!! She Loves To Copy Everything Other People Say!! I Say Give The Bitch A Cracker And Send The Tea Bagging Bitch On Her Way!!!

        2. InsideEye July 12, 2013

          Agreed . Now that Sequestration does the job of lowering deficits we should project the continued savings forward and spend the equivalent to start massive construction projects to get some jobs going, similar to the great InterState system .

  10. charleo1 May 25, 2013

    Memorial weekend is a great time to be with our families. Barbecue, with
    friends. And be thankful, we are living in the greatest Country on Earth!
    It’s also a time to remember, freedom isn’t free. And all of us owe a great
    deal of gratitude to the men, and women, who answered their Country’s
    call to arms. And, sometimes made the ultimate personal sacrifice
    in the name of their Country. And, on our behalf. Memorial Day is also a
    right, and proper occasion, to remember, and honor those who are away
    manning their posts, in every distant corner of the world. On guard, so we
    may enjoy our Liberties, in blissful security, without fear, in a dangerous
    world. So, as we enjoy the company of our family. Let’s be mindful of the
    family, and loved ones of that soldier. Who make their own sacrifices.
    Yet bear them without complaint. Because, such is the tradition of the
    military family. And, we would be remiss, if we forgot, that yes, sadly the
    Sequester cuts have not spared the Veteran’s Administration. That is now,
    buckling under the number of those brave Patriates, coming home after
    more than a decade of war. Some need our help in mending their bodies.
    We should give it to them. For others, who’s scars cannot be seen, need
    our help now, to put their lives torn asunder, by what they have endured.
    And, we should give them the help they need. Many just need a job. So
    as they can continue the support of their children, and family. We should
    see that they get that job. As it turns out, one of the best ways we can honor
    their sacrifice for God, and Country, is to simply give them job! We owe
    them that, at the very least. And we should make sure, we give it to them.

  11. Eleanore Whitaker May 26, 2013

    The Republicans, despite all else, are proving their power. And power, as any who has ever been a Republican knows is all their politics is about. How to keep power, how to hold it and how to use it against anyone who dares violate their misguided ideas of democracy. When all else fails? They play the victims. That’s what they are doing right now with IRSGate, BenghaziGate and APGate…all of which they believe makes them the Poor Rich who must suffer at the hands of the “great unwashed masses” who are beneath them. Plantation mentality anyone?

    1. Fern Woodfork May 26, 2013

      And One By One It’s Going Nowhere Just Wasting More Of Our Tax Dollars On Getting Back At The First Black President!!! LOL Blowing Back Up In Their Nasty Little Lying Faces!! They Really Going To Have A Fit When We Have Our First Woman President!!! LOL

      1. BDC_57 May 26, 2013

        you got that right my friend

      2. lana ward May 26, 2013

        Yes, President Sarah Palin or Condi Rice sounds good to me

        1. Fern Woodfork May 27, 2013

          Only In Your Racist, Tea Bagging, Gutter Tramp, Cat Do Do Eating, Cave Dwelling, Cat Piss Drinking, Trailer Park Working, Dumb Ass Dreams!!! LOL

  12. lana ward May 26, 2013

    Obama wanted it, he got it. It’s the only good thing he’s done for the country even tho he didn’t really want it


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