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According to a new Public Policy Polling survey, Republican voters in Alabama and Mississippi remain deeply skeptical of President Obama’s Christian faith.

In Mississippi, only 12 percent of GOP voters believe that Obama is a Christian, compared to 52 percent who believe that he is a Muslim and 36 percent who aren’t sure. In Alabama, 14 percent believe that Obama is a Christian, compared to 45 percent who believe that he’s a Muslim and 41 percent who aren’t sure.

Newt Gingrich holds a commanding 39 to 28 percent lead over Mitt Romney among Mississippi voters who believe that Obama is a Muslim, while Gingrich, Romney, and Rick Santorum are all tied at 31 percent among such voters in Alabama.

Unsurprisingly, Mitt Romney — who most consider to be the moderate in the race — is dominating among voters who believe that the president is a Christian. Romney leads Santorum in this group by a 42 to 28 percent margin in Mississippi and by a 38 to 21 percent margin in Alabama.

Overall, PPP has Gingrich leading Romney 33 percent to 31 percent in Mississippi, with 27 percent favoring Santorum. In Alabama, Romney leads Gingrich 31 to 30 percent, with Santorum right behind at 29 percent.

President Obama’s religion isn’t the only established fact that Republicans in Alabama and Mississippi doubt. According to the same PPP poll, only 26 percent of Alabama voters believe in evolution, while 60 percent do not. In Mississippi, those numbers drop to 22 percent who believe in evolution, compared to 66 percent who don’t.

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