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A Washington Post/ABC News poll suggests that even though Republicans currently have an advantage when it comes to the economy, the public prefers Democratic economic solutions.

Fifty-seven percent of Americans believe the federal government “should pursue policies that try to reduce the gap between wealthy and less well-off Americans,” and 64 percent say that current policies favor the wealthy.

President Barack Obama recently renewed his warning that the growing income inequality not only hurts low-income Americans, it also threatens the nation’s already shrinking middle class.

Among proposals meant to shrink the growing gap between the wealthy and poor, Obama and Democrats have said they want to increase the minimum wage, an idea that a vast majority of Americans  – 66 percent — support. More specifically, the poll finds that 77 percent of Americans believe the minimum wage should be raised over the current $7.25 – the wage mandated by the federal government, though several states have set higher wages.

Only 13 percent say that the minimum wage should remain at $7.25 or be lowered and 2 percent say there should be no minimum wage.

With only 34 percent of Americans expressing approval for congressional Democrats – 10 points greater than the 24 percent who feel the same about congressional Republicans – fighting for a higher minimum wage gives them a popular battle cry as they enter the midterm election season.

If Democrats do decide to take on the minimum wage in 2014, they will certainly meet opposition from the right, which has long maintained that raising the minimum wage will motivate people to seek only “entry jobs.”

Most recently, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) responded to the president’s call to use government to fight inequality by saying he “promotes more government instead of more freedom.”

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President Trump boards Air Force One for his return flight home from Florida on July 31, 2020

Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

Reprinted with permission from Alternet

Florida senior residents have been reliable Republican voters for decades, but it looks like their political impact could shift in the upcoming 2020 election.

As Election Day approaches, Florida is becoming a major focal point. President Donald Trump is facing more of an uphill battle with maintaining the support of senior voters due to his handling of critical issues over the last several months. Several seniors, including some who voted for Trump in 2016, have explained why he will not receive their support in the November election.

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