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POLL: Nearly 3 Out Of 4 Support Raising The Minimum Wage

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POLL: Nearly 3 Out Of 4 Support Raising The Minimum Wage


Every political, regional and demographic group in America supports raising the minimum wage to $9, as the president proposed in his State of the Union address, according to a new poll from Gallup.

“Even with the tax relief we’ve put in place, a family with two kids that earns the minimum wage still lives below the poverty line. That’s wrong,” Obama said. “Tonight, let’s declare that in the wealthiest nation on Earth, no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty, and raise the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour. This single step would raise the incomes of millions of working families.”

A total of 71 percent of Americans — including 91 percent of Democrats and 54 percent of conservatives — would like see a bill raising the minimum hourly wage workers can be paid.



Whether they live in the South, the Midwest, West or East, regardless of age or race, a majority of Americans would support an increased minimum wage.



This overwhelming level of support is actually down from the the peak of 83 percent Gallup measured in 1996 and 2005, suggesting Obama’s advocacy probably dissuades some support on the right.

Adjusted for inflation, the president’s proposed wage would still be less than the lowest-paid workers earned in 1974.

Costco CEO and president Craig Jelinek came out for a bill Tuesday supporting a minimum wage increase even higher than the president’s goal, at $10.


  1. Don VanEvery March 7, 2013

    They just need re-brand it, as a means by which poor people can now make the rich and wealthy, richer and wealthier… and assure them that this will not empower the poverty stricken in any way… Then they will be on board

    1. sigrid28 March 7, 2013

      It wouldn’t be too big a stretch to rebrand it. Just say not “minimum” wage but “living” wage. It will be a lot harder for Republican candidates to say over and over again, “I will not vote for a living wage” than “I will not harm the economy by raising the minimum wage (mumble, mumble, mumble).” Low information Republican voters will never pass up an opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot. But centrist Republicans, women, and Independents might be a bit more discriminating. Many Republicans in Red states actually work for minimum wage. Perhaps they, too, would rather exchange the word “minimum” for “living.” They should tell their congressmen–and women.

  2. Lynda March 7, 2013

    Well that tears it. The public wants it, some CEO’s want it and even the majority of Republicans and conservatives want it, therefore the leadership of the congressional GOPers will not allow it.

  3. Daniel Jones March 7, 2013

    Let me explain this in simple bullet points.

    The data and evidence shows that raising the minimum wage helps the whole economic strata and makes it less likely the crisis will lead to Greek Tragedy.

    Speaker Boehner and his cronies do not want the crisis to end until Republicans are poised to take the credit (and the money).

    Speaker Boehner is against raising the minimum wage.

    I am against Speaker Boehner and his cronies.

    Is that clear enough?

  4. billbear1961 March 8, 2013

    It does not matter in the LEAST that a majority of Americans support SANITY (such as effective gun-control laws) and JUSTICE (like universal healthcare and easy access to an affordable quality education, without which there is no fair playing field and, therefore, no REAL democracy).

    What matters is what our Almighty MASTERS at the TOP want, in the 1%!

    You doubt me?

    Ask their lying, crooked, cringing LACKEYS in the godforsaken GOP, who won’t use the effing TOILET without asking the wealthy for their permission first!

    To do otherwise—to act for the COMMON GOOD without constantly kissing Wall Street’s collective ASS—might quickly degenerate into a . . . COMMUNIST CONSPIRACY!! =:O

    Yes, a conspiracy to do the DECENT thing, to save the Republic and the American people from total enslavement—to corporate DEPRAVITY, a reign of ruthless GREED that will make Stalinist Russia look like DISNEYLAND.

    THAT is the future the GOP and its Neanderthal supporters have in mind for us!

    Tell them where to STICK IT, America, before it’s too late!!

    1. Don VanEvery March 15, 2013

      I agree with you, but we’re not helpless. The GOP tried desperately to buy the last election, but failed, I think that is encouraging.

      Sure for every rich, system manipulator, there needs to be about 100,000 or more to oppose his or hers tyranny.

      The unfortunate thing here is, is that they don’t see what their doing as bad. “This is America, we have the right to attain money by any means the law allows!”

      Well no, not when you’re the self serving fool amending loop holes, and tax evasion and not when it infringes on the well being of people, or the environment, which is where their ideology has become obsolete.

      1. billbear1961 March 15, 2013

        They couldn’t buy it and their nonstop lies and propaganda proved ineffective—this time. So, now, they’re trying to rig the Electoral College and gut the Voting Rights Act. And they’ve got cronies on the Court to help them.

        Rather than close tax loopholes to raise desperately needed revenues, they’re trying to kill the recovery (and social programs, even food stamps for hungry KIDS) with the Sequester, in the hopes people will turn back to them and their ruinous policies (which put us in this mess in the FIRST PLACE).

        They block every effort at progress and favour the rich over ordinary citizens every chance they get.

        They don’t believe in the equal protection of the laws.

        They’re blocking the appointment of good, honest judges (who would frustrate their plans to undermine our democratic system).

        They’re threatening to block funding for Obamacare, to deprive MILLIONS of the right to healthcare.

        They don’t believe in a woman’s right to control her own body.

        They SCORN the notion of the Common Good.

        These people aren’t democrats, not in the TRUE sense of the word, and their illegitimate party has NO PLACE in a modern democratic state.

        The 2012 election meant NOTHING to them.

        Even if—by using every criminal trick in the book—they manage to strong-arm a mandate out of a corrupted electoral process, I REFUSE to recognize the “authority” of such ruthless charlatans, crooks, thugs and MORAL BANKRUPTS to exercise power over a FREE PEOPLE.

        I denounce and repudiate—outright and utterly—these neo-fascist GANGSTERS, these would-be MURDERERS of the American Republic!

  5. Dominick Vila March 8, 2013

    Why can other industrialized nations afford to pay livable wages to their workforce, remain competitive, enjoy a high standard of living and we can’t. Could it be raising wages will impair the ability of the super rich to accumulate more wealth. After all, they “only” own two thirds of all the financial wealth in the USA…

    1. Independent1 March 8, 2013

      I agree completely!! According to some statistics from a recent online search, more than 40 million Americans are living below the poverty level today and millions more close to it. It’s hard for me to understand why many companies, including many small local mom and pop shops, can’t see that by giving millions of people an additional 80- 120/week to spend ( say raising the min wage by $3 to 10.25 and the number of hours actually worked), wouldn’t generate tons of new sales from people who are now starving to be able to afford things;and not only just from those actually getting the new money, but also from consumers whose negative mindset on the economy would be changed, such that the new business companies would get, would easily cover the increase in their payrol costs. What am I missing here?? Seems to me that companies today are ingnoring the goose that laid the golden egg.

  6. lambypie March 8, 2013

    I think that those that are against raising the minimum “living” wage should have to try to live on it for a while. How long do you think it would take to get that wage increase.

    1. Pamby50 March 8, 2013

      They couldn’t make one week living on a minimum wage.

  7. Jim Myers March 8, 2013

    One thing that has not been considered.

    That is to start the Social Security and Medicare taxes at $10.00 and lift the cap on the upper end.

    Doing that would be an automatic pay raise for those wage earners on the lowest end of the pay scale, even if Congress doesn’t have the guts to enact an increase in the minimum wage.

    Also, the low wages that would be exempt from the Social Security and Medicare taxes should still be credited towards the lifetime earnings that comprise the basis for benefits.

    I know the right wingers will howl in pain at being asked to actually do anything that would help the working poor, but this is something that the progressives should present in the form of legislative proposals in both Houses.

    And, just think of the political good will that would accompany any politician willing to endorse this legislation.

  8. charleo1 March 8, 2013

    The latest job numbers show a respectable number of 236,000 private sector jobs were created
    since the last tally. With the lower paying service sector leading the numbers, while the public
    sector, lost 10,000 jobs. Great! Right? The big evil, bloated, public sector. With it’s healthcare,
    and unions, and decent pay, lost ground. While the low pay, few if any benefits, service jobs,
    kept the majority on the public dole. Wall Street approved enthusiastically! As stocks rose to
    new highs. As one comedian noted, when McDonalds boasted, “Over one billion served.”
    He said, that has to represent at least 10 lbs. of hamburger! As Republicans continue to insist,
    work is it’s own reward. So why all the talk about a government mandated, living wage?

    1. billbear1961 March 9, 2013

      Yes, work is its own reward!

      Which is why those god-fearing Champions of Virtue and Hard Work in the GOP House—particularly the Mighty TeaParty SUPER PATRIOTS, who decry wasteful government and scroungers (like obviously Marxist-influenced school kids, who seem to think they have a right to unmerited luxuries, like FOOD)—should give up their federal salaries and benefits for SIX MONTHS and live on the minimum wage, all that time, to show the rest of us weepy weaklings how it’s done!

      No cheating, now, Republican he-men (and women)! No help from your rich masters during that time—NOT ONE CENT!

      Or we start the demonstration all over again, for another six months!

      1. charleo1 March 9, 2013

        I think that would actually be a very good idea! It might serve to bring them back
        from whatever planet they are now living on, to the Earth. Where everybody else
        has to live.

        1. billbear1961 March 9, 2013

          I don’t know if I want them on earth!

          Actually, the sooner they’re “raptured,” the better!

          Then maybe we’ll catch up with the likes of Denmark, Holland, Norway and Sweden, one day!

          Can you imagine it, a rational society with a government devoted to equality and JUSTICE?

          Seems almost too much to hope for in the CSA (Corporatist States of America), doesn’t it?

          Rapture them, already, Lord!

          What are you WAITING FOR?

          (Probably doesn’t want to listen to their selfish, greedy, delusional BULLSHIT 24/7, either!)

          1. charleo1 March 9, 2013

            It’s like the old saying, bill. Heaven won’t have them,
            and Hell’s afraid they’d take over!

          2. billbear1961 March 10, 2013

            They certainly rival Hell in the desire to deceive, and may yet succeed in undoing this country.

            Even if fools vote to make Money our supreme master (in crooked elections), I will NEVER recognize the “authority” of such obvious CHARLATANS—and morally bankrupt human beings—to exercise power over a free people.

            They don’t seem to realize that by corrupting it—by cynically flooding it with unlimited dirty money and brazenly attempting to suppress the right of millions to vote—they’re undermining the legitimacy of any mandate they might manage to strong-arm out of the election process.

            “We WON! Never mind how! Now we can commit any crime we like!”

            “Not so fast, you filthy GANGSTERS” can be our only honourable reply.

            Before I die, I’d like to see the U.S. firmly on the path towards one of the Scandinavian social democratic models!

            VIVAT JUSTICIA!!

            (I always enjoy your posts, Charleo!)


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