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POLL: Only White Voters Over 50 Identify With The GOP On Immigration

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POLL: Only White Voters Over 50 Identify With The GOP On Immigration


Anti-immigration-reform Republicans held a “March for Jobs” in Washington, D.C. on Monday in an effort to stop comprehensive immigration reform. But a new Gallup poll suggests that the only voters who identify with Republicans over Democrats on immigration are non-Hispanic whites age 50 and older.

But even older white voters only identify more with Republicans’ views by a mere 7 percent. If this trend holds, the theory that Republicans can win the White House by simply pursuing “missing white voters” who stayed home in 2012 makes no sense — at least for the 2016 presidential election.

“By 2016, non-whites should make up around 30 percent of the overall electorate, and the Democratic candidate would be able to win the national popular vote while losing the white vote by 24 percentage points,” Ruy Teixeira and Alan Abramowitz write in a new memo for The Democratic Strategist.


On every significant part of reform, even securing the border — which has been a Republican talking point for half a decade — more Americans identify with the Democratic Party.


“The Democratic Party has an edge over the Republican Party in Americans’ perceptions of which major party more closely shares their own views on immigration and immigration reform,” Gallup summarizes, adding that it is “less of a rancorous issue than it might appear.”

Despite this, anti-immigration Republicans led by rising star Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AK) remain extremely vocal and will do everything they can to make sure the GOP stays on the hunt for those lost white voters — even if congresspeople have to face demographic realities sooner rather than later.

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  1. Lynda Groom July 15, 2013

    Considering that the over 50 crowd is the most fearful of change I’m not surprised at the results of these polls. The younger generations are either less frightened, or not concerned with the issue.

    1. silence dogood July 15, 2013

      Or stupid.

      1. Independent1 July 16, 2013

        The ones that are stupid are the ones grossly over exaggerating the immigration situation in the first place – our southern border is already far more protected than it ever has been, violations of the border are way down, immigrants are not creating the vast majority of problems that clueless GOP legislators would like everyone to believe. Immigration is just one more GOP dlstraction to cover up for them doing absolutely nothing to move the country forward.

        1. silence dogood July 16, 2013

          I’ll stick with my prior comment.

          1. Independent1 July 16, 2013

            But of course! You’ve probably gone quite a number of years believing the lies and distortions of the American Mafia – why change now?? Heck, and you’ve spent a lot of years helping vote in these hoods just so they could rob you, me and virtually everyone below the 95-98% of trillions of tax dollars – why do you think there’s such a huge income dispariy in America!! Pat yourself on the back – you’ve done a heck of a job making a total fool of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. JDavidS July 16, 2013

      That’s a pretty broad brush you’re painting us with, there Lynda. I’m one of the “over 50 crowd” as are most of my friends. As a rule, we’re far LESS fearful of change than a good number of those of us under that age. They seem to be the ones embracing the status quo, whether it’s not wanting to “rock the boat” at work or in their private lives, or are simply complacent politically.

      1. highpckts July 16, 2013

        I agree! I also am over 50 and welcome change! Having the government run by the wealthy has gone on long enough! Although their are so many changes that are way overdue to be changed I don’t hold out much hope!

  2. RobGinChicago July 16, 2013

    Pasty people still stuck in the past.

  3. Dominick Vila July 16, 2013

    I don’t know the exact percentages, but the results of this poll does not surprise me. All I have to do is talk to some of my relatives and neighbors to realize who supports Tea Party “solutions” and who is against them.
    Tokens notwithstanding, the truth is that the overwhelming majority of Republicans are white, and that most are older males, although there are many white women among them as well. Conversely, most African-Americans, Hispanics, women, and the young are registered Democrats. This helps explain why Democrats do so well in urban district, and why the GOP is so successful in rural areas.
    BTW, the fact that most young people identify themselves as Democrats is poison for the future of the GOP.

    1. Allan Richardson July 16, 2013

      Funny how people who are NOT wealthy want to give MORE money and power to the wealthy people who are ALREADY rigging the game so that they stay rich and everyone else gets poorer. I guess they want to make sure they get all the goodies IF they win the lottery.

      1. Dominick Vila July 16, 2013

        Part of idea is ideology, and part of it is the fact that they have taken the bait and honestly believe that their livelihoods will improve if the wealthy accumulate more wealth. In other words, they accept trickle down economics, in spite of all the evidence indicating the standard of living of the middle class has declined dramatically since the 1980s, and will continue to slide if we don’t do something to stop this charade.

        1. jointerjohn July 16, 2013

          You’re right, plus, that age group of white voters let themselves be deluded into believing their true wealth was not fading away by the absurd artificial run-up of their home values through the past thirty years. Those of us who bought our houses for $30,000 years ago don’t feel the pinch the way younger people facing ten times that price feel it. They are facing a lifetime of indebtedness we didn’t have to endure. Trickle down my ass!

  4. Allan Richardson July 16, 2013

    THIS over 50 white male and his family and friends are definitely NOT against reforming immigration policies.

  5. howa4x July 16, 2013

    The white voters over 50 are the only group that will swallow the republican dogma on face value. This is a group afraid of change. It was the group Nixon appealed to counter the anti war movement. The Republicans have been courting this crowd for a long time and it is them that gave the GOP a majority in the house. They exist mostly in the red states. The right wing will not abandon them and uses them as a mobilization tool on other issues like same sex marriage and abortion. These are angry people, under educated and will follow blindly. Just look at any tea party rally on TV. The majority you see are older white men and women, mostly overweight. The GOP is rolling the dice, that this group will still out mobilize any other. If they are wrong it will be the end of them as a national party.

  6. Brent July 16, 2013

    I AM well over 50 and I not only don’t align with the GOP over Immigration ~ I don’t even recognize the GOP from even 20 years ago in this mob of goofballs!!

    1. Siestasis July 17, 2013

      All the “grown-ups” have left the GOP.

      1. Brent July 17, 2013

        I believe it is because US ‘grown-ups’ over 50s (and over 60s) have seen how the USA has degenerated over a few decades from the vibrant political debate and then do it Governing System, into this current morass of a judgemental, obstructionist, narcissistic, non-productive pool of ‘Pseudo Intellectual’ Biblical ‘cherry-pickers’ and Scientifically ignorant Naysayers!

  7. tax payer July 21, 2013

    I live in a run down city that Hispanics vote only, when it is for their Benefit and never for Presidents or Governors, but that’s who they are and they will never change. They voted to have a Free Pre-K for their children and the Mayor thought he was going to be selected for a position at the White House, but Dreamers want things they don’t earn.


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