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Poll: President Obama Enjoys Post-Inaugural Popularity Boost

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Poll: President Obama Enjoys Post-Inaugural Popularity Boost


It turns out Americans like a progressive president.

As President Obama begins pushing his second-term agenda of stronger gun laws, addressing climate change, reforming immigration and other issues, a new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that 60 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the president, compared to only 37 percent who have an unfavorable view — the highest favorability rating since he started his first term in 2009.

The president’s popularity rating increased seven points from a year ago. Two groups who voted for Mitt Romney — Independents and seniors — have swung towards Obama; 60 percent of Independents have a favorable view of Obama, up 4 points from last year, while a majority 51 percent of adults 65 and older have a positive view of the president, up 11 points since last year.

The biggest jumps in favorability came from liberals, with a 17 point increase from January of last year to 87 percent, and young adults ages 18-39, whose favorability rating rose 12 points to 66 percent.

Some Republicans called President Obama’s progressive inaugural address too partisan. But a majority 51 percent of Americans approve of the speech, while only 24 percent do not.

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


  1. foolsdance January 31, 2013

    That was a great speech – and thinking intelligent Americans approve of O. Sad thing is, if you read lesser ‘post’ forums – like yahoo – you would be amazed by the stupidity, racism and bigotry of that majority.

    1. steven c February 1, 2013

      Why is the National Memo post forum so superior to yahoo or anyone else? You think because everyone on here agrees that that is a good thing? I agree that there are a lot of racist idiots out there, but they are on both sides of the isle. What makes me made is if your white like me and disagree with Obamas policies your automatically a racist. Obama and his Democratic pals in the Senate are more worried about appeasing Latinos and anti-gun activists then they are about taking care of the economy and buliding jobs for the American people. His health plan is a collosal failure. Companies are not going to insure people because they can cut back hours and hire more part time people to fill in, which by the way is exactly what they are doing. The Democrats plan to “hurry up and sign it before they read it” has priced thousands of families out of the health insurance market and given insurance companies a license to steal from people AGAIN, just like the government did when they made car insurance mandatory. As far as immigration reform the reason there a fewer people immigrating is because of the economy, not because of beefed up border security. They are offing a pathway to citizenship if you go to college (on the taxpayers dime) or if you serve in the military (cannon fodder) so if it passes illegals will have a choice. Unfortunately it will not be much of a choice for most. I voted for Obama the in the first election because I bought into his speech about change but the more I see the more I realize nothing changes because the system is corrupt. You want real change, then change your represenatives and senators every four to six years, thats real change.

      1. charleo1 February 2, 2013

        The National Memo is a left leaning site. That’s doesn’t mean they play hard
        and fast with the facts. It does mean they cover topics that are important to
        Progressive, or Liberals. And often does take the Right to task for it’s pandering to the wealthy. It’s authoritarian social policies, it’s obstructionism,
        for the sake of obstruction. And the disingenuous caterwauling about jobs,
        and the economy. While concerning themselves with passing one meaningless
        bill after the next. Repealing healthcare reform, (some 34 bills,) threatening the
        economy, defining rape, then, redefining it again. (Some 20 bills,) having to do
        with abortion, Planned Parenthood, Re- banning the use of Federal Funds
        for abortion. Officially restating their objection to Federal funds being used
        for abortion. As far as disagreeing with Obama, or claiming when you do,
        someone is always playing the race card, is simply not true. The attacks from
        the Right, especially the T-Party ultra Conservatives, have been not about policy,
        so much as questioning Obama’s covert intentions. Wide general statements
        about conspiracies to hide his place of birth. His religion, and his supposed
        declared goal of redistributing all wealth to a lazy, illegitimate constituency,
        who just wants free stuff. As far as reforming a healthcare system imploding
        from it’s own weight. That had more than 50 million people without access to
        a regular doctor, or a dime’s worth of insurance, with medical bills being the
        number one cause of Middle Class bankruptcies. I would remind you Obama
        ran on reforming healthcare. He didn’t reform the system as a Socialist, he
        used the Republican endorsed reforms that actually included a mandatory
        participation element. Theirs had a far more onerous enforcement clause than
        is the case with, “ObamaCare.” So, it’s already a complete failure! Before it’s
        completely enacted. Did we know before ObamaCare, employers were not required
        to provide health insurance? Yes. Did we know, as premiums increased more
        employers would drop their health plans? Yes. So, what did the Republicans
        plan on doing about it? Obviously nothing.

    2. MARK February 2, 2013

      I confess,I read,sometimes,the yahoo comments section.If I understand what you’re saying then I would indeed agree about the stupidity,racism,and bigotry of the majority of commentors on those pages.However,the majority leave no doubt about thier gop/T persuasion.

  2. actionjacks7 February 1, 2013

    Expect Suicides at Fox and Hate Radio today over Obama’s Numbers.

    1. Jim Myers February 1, 2013

      Replying to actionjacks7 –

      Actually, there will be no suicides at Fox and Hate Radio.

      Rather, you can expect “Left Wing Conspiracy” theories from those entities.

      The spin will likely be that the numbers are bogus, and that the TURD PARTY politics are what the masses really want.

  3. Dominick Vila February 1, 2013

    I believe President Obama’s approval rating has gone up, not only because of his policy proposals, but because of the essence of a message that advocates equality, respect for the opinion of others, and efforts to seek bipartisan support to solve issues of common interest. His popularity is also influenced by the contrast offered by an intransigent GOP determined to obstruct progress and continues to insist on the implementation of the very policies that caused the near collapse of our economy, our financial institutions and our way of life.

    1. old_blu February 1, 2013

      He is focused on the issues as well, and trying to get things done, I also approve.

    2. adriancrutch February 1, 2013

      Well? Except being the banker’s buddy,his policy on drones and undercurrent of big contracts given to (Big Brother) corporations. If he’d dump the Patriot Act,I’d feel better?

    3. Beverly February 1, 2013

      I think you have said it all, I absolutely agree.

  4. deborah February 1, 2013

    I do believe there will be bumps in the road for the President. This is truly a time where individualism reminds me of the 60’s and 70’s. The historical significance is that once those eras were over, the movements became quieter and many of the people involved joined mainstream America. During those eras there was a lot of blood shed.

  5. charleo1 February 1, 2013

    Myself, like many Americans had not heard of Barack Obama before he was introduced at the
    2004 Democratic National Convention. Presidential candidate John Kerry is credited with
    giving this virtual unknown a speaking slot, that would change the life of this young Senatorial
    Candidate from Illinois. And although no one could know at the time, the course of American
    history. I sometimes will ask an especially vitriolic detester hurling all the typical diatribes,
    and slander, I’m proud of my President. When was the last time you could say that of yours?
    Few Presidents, in the entirety of our history as a Nation, have assumed the office with more
    challenges, and tough decisions to make, on their first day in office, than did President Obama.
    Being President of The United States, is a job like no other. There is no amount of training that
    prepares one for the job. The job is the training, and you either have the capacity to do the job,
    or you don’t. And every decision the President makes, may turn out to be the one that determines
    if his administration fails, or succeeds. And how history will come to view his time in office.
    It is not a job for the faint of heart. Or, those too careful, or too reckless. Or, too thin skinned.
    And by the time whatever it is, gets to the President’s desk, all the easy decisions have already
    been made, and now, it is the President’s job to make that one call, on which all else depends.
    I’m not particularly religious. But I believe God, whatever realm, or where ever that Supreme Being exists, is watching his creation. I don’t believe He solves our each, and every problem. For
    what would be the point in that? But, I do believe He helps us do the right thing, when we’ve
    foolishly gotten in over our heads. Like pick a President, with just the right amount of brains,
    compassion, toughness, and pragmatism to lead us, and the world to a better place. I believe
    God, in his infinite wisdom sent just the right man. But he made him Black this time. That’s
    God for ya. Something new everyday!

    1. Allison Milligan February 1, 2013

      Thanks charleo1 couldn’t have said it better. Andthat said, these are perilous times.

      1. charleo1 February 1, 2013

        No doubt about it, Allison. We are living in very perilous times. The Mideast is changing
        right before our eyes. A global economy demands we strike a strategic balance between
        the investments we must make to grow our economy today, and investments in education,
        and technology that make sure we continue to lead the world of tomorrow. All this will
        not be easy. But we have in President Obama, leadership that reminds us, that we must move forward. And, that we all have a stake in the outcome. And we’re all in this together. If we listen closely to this President, one can hear this singular message contained, one way, or another in every word, and every action he takes.

    2. Stella53 February 1, 2013

      Well said. Thank you!

  6. S-3 February 1, 2013

    I didn’t even watch the speech and I knew it was good – mainly because it pissed the obstructionists off who should be ashamed of themselves for how they’ve fucked with my country.

  7. idamag February 1, 2013

    The approval numbers has restored my faith in humanity. I had actually believed we had evolved to a peak and was hurrying down the other side.

  8. artolga February 1, 2013

    I voted for Obama both times, and now wish I hadn’t. His “immigration reforms” seem to be nothing more than amnesty. I’ve heard of nothing for those who are waiting to legally immigrate here. Do it illegally and your welcome, do it legally and you have to wait 7 or 8 years.

    I wonder if illegals will really have to pay a fine and back taxes? Or will we also be forces to give them a pass. We gave amnesty in 86, and it opened the flood gates, how many years before they demand that we make additional changes on their behalf?

    What makes illegals so special? Why are our policies only to help illegals?

    1. MARK February 2, 2013

      You are the only one here claiming that they are.

  9. Gilbert February 1, 2013

    President Obama comes across as a REAL Human Being, someone who can relate to and empathize with the plight of his fellow man… not just in words or platitudes, but in deeds. Republicans come across as greedy, miserly, selfish, and wicked old scrooges, who would rather see wealth burned and wasted than to see that wealth used to enhance the overall good of society. They have done nothing but whine, complain and find fault… harping on every little isssue in an effort to make it look like a tremendous failing on the part of the President. Everyone sees through this. Simple-minded Obama-haters like Larry Kudlow peddle a constant barrage of B.S. every night from their media perches….Hey!!! When Bush left office we were spiraling downward like the flush of a toilet… Today… 4 years later…despite the disasterous impact of the Bush economy… the DOW has crossed 14,000 !!! If President Obama is so bad for business… why does that picture look so good??? Republicans need to wake-up, smell their stench, and go take a shower… clean-up their act.

  10. steven c February 1, 2013

    I would love to the actual poll numbers on these supposed nationwide polls they fake. Im sure the demographics include 90 percent democratic voters. Im sorry but I doubt seriously if 60 percent of the actual population supports Obamas mandates.

  11. Gary Newberry February 1, 2013

    Those polls are a crock of lies. If anything it is just the opposite. The majority want’s him out of office because he is not an American he is a Kenyan. He is a liar, cheat, thief and traitor to all Americans.

    1. charleo1 February 2, 2013

      I guess the, “God bless America,” (all caps,) is supposed to denote you’re a real American,
      or real fascist. With your own fascist ideas about how the Country would be run if you
      or people like you, ever got their hands on the levers. I’d be willing to bet you’re just
      miserable. Aren’t you? And your only respite is cracking a few beers with other like minded
      miserable fascists, setting around scratching your little fascist heads, and wondering
      why the America you claim to love so much, is completely ignoring you.

  12. anwekpasenyi February 2, 2013

    The world’s president ,Go on with your beautiful self. A few years from now the sceptics will be singing your praises for being the best American president that ever lived! People always tend to like dead heroes more than living ones.

  13. Sandy Hawks Lange February 2, 2013

    I don’t care what anybody says about him – I like him.

  14. bchrista February 2, 2013

    I like these Facists that post they hatred of the President,I wish they could tell me without lying and by presenting facts just what the Republicans and the TeaParty have done for them lately, let me see without actuaully haven’t seen Obamacare in action they are making doomsday predictions about it,constantly downing the president complaining that he hasn’t kept his promise about creating jobs(200,000 a month, more if the Republicans got out of way), ending the war in Afganistan, establishing equal pay for women, securing our borders, deporting more illegal immigrants (1;000,000) than any other president, recovering billions of dollars from companies that defrauded the US government, working on gun controll, by winning relection protected us from a person that was slobbering at the thought of the destruction he would have brought to our country by continuing to out source jobs to China and contuning to bankrupt companies and sending, the jobs overseas, yes I believe he probably could have created 4,000,000 jobs but he didn’t say where, China maybe?, he sure as hell didn’t create any here, these Facists assholes are still living back in the days of the Old South and can’t see past their noses and accept a Black man as a President they continue to deny it but, they are die hard Racists and will never change although the last three or four white Presidents didn’t do shit to improve the country, they are trying their ass off to make sure Obama fails, so people will not see what a real President looks and acts like, if they can make him fail they can say see we told you so, however, if he succeeds then they wind up eating crow and having a Black man do that them is a fate worse than death, they couldn’t face other Mint Julip drinking friends and the Teabaggers that are paying them to post all their lies would cut off their stipends and they would have to go and get a job or they would fall into the ranks of the hated 47%.

  15. robert February 2, 2013

    And the best is yet to come. President Obama is destined to be among the greatest American presidents in U.S. history. His advocacy in behalf of the American people has saved this country from a historically disastrous economic collapse, has brought an end to two of the most money sucking wars in American history, has ushered in health care for all Americans, has corrected many of the disparities in American culture with more corrections forthcoming, has strengthened the jobs market despite the Republican/Tea Bag obstruction and corporate/industrial outsourcing, and will begin the process of lowering the trillion dollar deficit debt. By 2016, this progress should be handed to another to finalize the healing of America and not be handed to the Republican/Tea Bag traitors/terrorists to sink America again into another potential abyss. ONWARD AMERICA, and never forget.

  16. mothermaybe February 3, 2013

    I truly believe he wants the best for all of the American people. I’m sure there will some bumps in the road, but in the long run I believe he’ll prevail. As Robert said I believe he could be the greatest President in our U.S. history. I will be praying that he is.

  17. seethroughurlies February 10, 2013

    I believe if he will fix the gun and immigration issue, then concentrate on the economy and jobs, he will go down in history as the best President ever. I have faith in him. He is a good man.


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