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Poll: Public Has Had Enough Of Trump’s Use Of Twitter



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 27, 2017

    Nice to hear that more and more people are voicing their objection over Trump’s childish preoccupation with Twitter—a tool he himself has trouble using and thus often while awake has to have someone else format his demented thoughts to tweet for him.

    But Trump is just part of the problem, albeit a huge, obnoxious, and dangerous component. His enablers in Congress, who have similar mental and spiritual deficits as Donald, are very much major factors in the demise of moral standards in the US, and since they are favored by the electorate, the same electorate suffer the same core illness displayed by Trump and the majority of the GOP Congress, and GOP officials at state and local levels.

    This in turn is an outcome of America’s rising addiction to materialism, the urge to dictate to others, and the need to feel superior and more exalted than any and all seen as competitors.

    1. dbtheonly February 28, 2017

      But Aaron,

      Its given us a view of Trump that few others reveal. We see the True Trump. We get his personal and direct take on things.

      The fact that the view is ugly, doesn’t make it any less important for us to see it.

      Would add, “see all as competitors” to your last statement. What do you think? Libertarianism on a global scale?

  2. Rebecca Bennett February 27, 2017

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  3. Lynda Groom February 27, 2017

    It is hard to read a newspaper from a golf cart, so I suppose Twitter is here to stay.

    1. jmprint February 27, 2017

      His attention span is that of a knat, so that’s why he twits.

  4. Joan February 27, 2017

    In addition to taking away his Twitter account can we hire a tutor for 45? I cringe and am embarrassed by his utterances. They are phrased in the vocabulary and complexity of a third grader. Everything is unfair, sad, wrong or yugely and great.
    Who knew that health insurance was so complicated? Just everybody who paid any attention at all to the formation, implementation and aftermath of the ACA. Thank you GOP voters for Trump who makes George W look like a shoe in for Mensa President.

    1. Budjob February 27, 2017

      Don’t forget to include,”very’or “very,very”!

  5. rkoenn February 27, 2017

    His tweets are hugely non informative, just immature reactions to criticism and being the brunt of jokes based on, quite often, tweets. As for informative, they only information they give us how late he stays up and who he has his latest beef with. We do get loads of superlatives, the vocabulary of a narcissistic teenager. You would be far better off staying off Twitter Donald.

    1. dbtheonly February 28, 2017

      Disagree entirely.

      Where else would we learn that President Obama founded ISIL?
      Where would we learn that President Obama is organizing protests against Trump?
      Where would we learn that 1.5 million attended Trump’s inauguration?
      Need I go on?

      No, Trump’s tweets give all of us a view of his unvarnished, inner self. We wouldn’t know half of what we do without them.

      Now, whether it’s good for Trump to keep tweeting, I’m with you on that one.

      1. rkoenn February 28, 2017

        Where else would you get the Trump Kool Aid? Obviously you hate Obama which is so apparent. Quite a bit like Trump I’d say, blame someone else for Trump’s tweets, really, can’t take the heat stay out of the fire. Trump does not tweet anything truly informative. His tweets berate people and show his eight year old school bully mindset. Pathetic narcissist and hate monger.

        1. jmprint February 28, 2017

          You see because of his tweets you are able to form a very GOOD opinion of Trumpf. No Trump Kool Aid here, for that you can find it on right wing web sights, those people are really, really clueless.

          1. dbtheonly February 28, 2017

            Thanks for the defence jm. I owe you one.

          2. jmprint March 1, 2017

            When I feel like fighting I go to the Horns News. Those are really some idiots there. Hear no evil, see no evil, spew the the evil.

      2. jim muster February 28, 2017

        db keep drinking Trump’s kool Aid.

        1. jmprint February 28, 2017

          db is correct, how else could we make our point, when he does it very well for us, he shows us who he really is. db was being sarcastic.

      3. bobnstuff February 28, 2017

        Trump has mastered the literary form call Flash Fiction. Stories in under 500 words. He can tell a tall tail in 140 characters.

        1. dbtheonly February 28, 2017

          It’s not the truth of the tales themselves that matter. It’s what it reveals of Trump’s thoughts, opinions, world view. The tweets show that Trump lives in his own bubble. They show that he has little concept of his actions having consequences. They show his ego and vindictiveness.

      4. dpaano March 3, 2017

        Well, it does make HIM feel good, right?

        1. dbtheonly March 3, 2017

          Well yes, but we benefit as well. How else would we get our unvarnished look into Trumplandia?

  6. Dan S February 27, 2017

    Can’t the fine people are Twitter please cut him off ? Seriously his dumb tweets are annoying and distracting not to mention saying the wrong thing can have consequences. Just SHUT UP TRUMP ????

  7. ps0rjl February 27, 2017

    Personally I find his tweets to be very unpresidential. Every President has his critics. He just needs to get on with governing and leave twitter alone. When he tweets he gives people the idea that he is a very insecure person.

    1. dpaano March 3, 2017

      He IS a very insecure person. Not only that, but he’s also paranoid and a narcissist! He has problems dealing with anything that makes him look bad! He can’t handle being told he’s wrong about something even when he IS wrong! In his feeble mind, he’s smarter than everyone else and is NEVER wrong! To have someone call him out on something goes totally against his grain, so he tweets! He can’t just leave it alone and move on!

  8. FireBaron February 28, 2017

    Of course, given his penchant for denouncing anything that doesn’t show him to be the paragon of all virtue, I am sure Teflon Donnie will tweet that the poll was fake and rigged.

  9. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 28, 2017

    THE RINGLY DONNY DUMP CIRCUS TWEETER CLOWN SHOW !! DONNY DUMP in his twisted pea brain thinks its him against every thing and every one . DONNY DUMP in his twisted pea brain thinks its him against every thing and every one . he had an interview about the leaks and the CLOWN is blaming Obama for all of them . by right and I feel Hillary & Obama should both be either tweeting the clown or talking about what he is doing . just for 2 reasons 1 to show how he is screwing up things and 2 just to show the country and the world just how childish a pea brain set he has . show more of his deranged modes and thy all can watch and see how much its needed for the country and the world that he gets a full psychological evaluation examination . he is not fit to run his business’s with out bankrupting them the same and worse for trying to run a country . the DUMPSTER thinks every one is against him (and for safety reason all should be ). and next he will be going for ISIS more then likely the same way he did the last mission over a dinner table . he wont care how many are loss and it dosent matter the results (to him anyways ) what ever happens he will have his brain washed and brain dead staff lie and tell a different story then what truly happen trying to force the country to feed into his inflated EGO thinking he is the all mighty one . Yeah, he loves parades……he’d LOVE to have a parade like they have in China and Russia….you know, with all the guns and tanks parading down the street and everyone saluting him!! That would bolster his already over-inflated ego to NO end!!!/the truly and reflexing one DONNY DUMP truly deservers would be for all to turn around bend over and drop their pants to the knees and moon the DUMPSTER . then again that might give him the impression that thy all are trying to make a sexual pass at him


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