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Polls: Majority Of Americans Support Stronger Gun Laws

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Polls: Majority Of Americans Support Stronger Gun Laws


Two new polls show a majority of Americans support stronger gun laws, putting the National Rifle Association on the defensive for opposing President Obama’s gun safety agenda.

A CBS News/New York Times poll finds that a majority of 54 percent back stricter gun laws — a 14-point jump from last April before the Aurora and Newtown mass shootings — and 53 percent say it would deter gun violence, while a Reuters/Ipsos poll finds that around 75 percent of Americans support gun restrictions.

When it comes to specific proposals the president is urging Congress to pass:

— 92 percent of CBS News/NY Times respondents and 86 percent of Reuters/Ipsos respondents favor mandatory background checks for all gun sales.

— 53 percent of CBS News/NY Times respondents and 74 percent of Reuters/Ipsos respondents back a ban on assault weapons.

— 63 percent of CBS News/NY Times respondents and 74 percent of Reuters/Ipsos respondents support a ban on high-capacity magazines.

In a bit of good news for the NRA, their proposal to place armed guards in schools is backed by 72 percent of Reuters/Ipsos respondents; however, the CBS/NYT poll finds that the NRA has the same low approval ratings as Republicans in Congress, with only 39 percent supporting the gun industry lobbying group. And support for armed guards in schools could change after today’s news that an armed security guard at a Michigan charter school left his handgun in a student bathroom.

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  1. billbear1961 January 19, 2013

    The Merchants of Death and their GOP lackeys don’t give a GODDAMN what the American people want!

    The filthy, bloodstained perverts love MONEY and GUNS—and they are ready to sacrifice even our KIDS on the altar of their horrific GUN GOD. Hasn’t the psychopathic NRA made that crystal clear?? How much more proof do you need, America??

    They won’t even listen to what REAGAN had to say on the matter.

    This won’t be an easy fight, but they must FINALLY be stopped!!

    We need laws like those enjoyed by our saner and more advanced allies, societies where gun violence is as rare as a civilized HUMAN BEING in today’s Republican Party.

    1. nobsartist January 19, 2013

      Good luck with that. The felons that represent us will stay in their cozy confines until dragged out and tarred and feathered.

      1. billbear1961 January 19, 2013

        Frankly, I was thinking more of the guillotine!

    2. GET THE MONEY January 19, 2013

      You have no idea,, now go back to sleep

  2. nobsartist January 19, 2013

    A majority of Americans support many things but they never get them.

    Like health care as an example.

    1. billbear1961 January 19, 2013

      Because Americans let themselves be bullied—almost always!—by Big Money and rightwing CAVEMEN.

      Next time on PBS’s Frontline, they’re doing “The Untouchables,” a story about how the big shots on Wall Street were allowed to get away with almost DESTROYING the world financial system—and not ONE of these CROOKS has been punished—NOT ONE!!

      ICELANDERS threw their crooked conservative government OUT and demanded a return to the sanity of their SOCIAL DEMOCRACY.

      ICELAND bailed people out and put the banksters in jail, where they await TRIAL.

      What’s wrong with AMERICANS??

      Have we no pride, no GUTS??

      Don’t give up, nobsartist!!

      1. nobsartist January 19, 2013

        Thanks Bill. Americans are stupid. They still think America is the first world when in reality America is just another 3rd world country with NUKES.

        And a shit load of idiots.

        Amerika is in decline and the end may be nearer than the mindless chumps think.

        Funny how Obama came out of no where and lo and behold, actually protected the felons that ruined our system.

        Sometimes I wonder what party he represents and what people he represents.

        1. billbear1961 January 19, 2013

          It was the biggest mistake of his first term (that and trying to make friends with the GOP–who hate his guts!).

          I think he was just too afraid!

          He seems a little feistier this time around.

          Let’s hope so, or we’re screwed!

  3. Rick2101 January 19, 2013

    If legitimate and responsible gun owners would not allow their guns to get into the wrong hands perhaps gun violence would decrease. If a gun owner failed to keep his or her guns out of the wrong hands, it is in my opinion that they share in the responsibility of any crimes that are committed with their unsecured/lost/stolen guns. I don’t mean that the owner of a murder weapon would go to jail, for a first offense, but perhaps a $10,000 fine would send a message that gun owners must accept responsibility for their failure to safeguard their guns. Perhaps even the insurance industry could offer “Gun Insurance”. If a gun owner’s gun is used in a crime the insurance company would pay all damages. The insurance industry could then come up strategies to let gun owners know how to safeguard their guns. If the gun owners fail to comply with insurance company instructions, the gun owner would be liable in civil law suits. It could be a division of homeowners insurance. Adding another layer of insurance bureaucracy is cheaper than government bureaucracy.

    1. jstsyn January 19, 2013


  4. dslocum January 19, 2013

    Since a key reason for the 2nd amendment was to allow militias to control slaves, it certainly is high time the regulations were tailored to meet today’s needs for firearms. The American people have spoken – they want tougher regulations. Will Congress listen to the public or continue to kowtow to the NRA.

    1. James January 19, 2013

      You are so full of yourself.

  5. progressiveandproud January 19, 2013

    If these numbers are accurate, Americans had better step up to the plate and start voting out those congress idiots who refuse to hear the voices of the majority.

    The killings will continue until Americans begin to truly love their country, government, and laws again.

  6. James January 19, 2013

    These numbers are surely a lie.

  7. jstsyn January 19, 2013

    The polls work like Faux News. The gullible eat it up and the sensible pay for the gullible’s stupidity.

  8. onedonewong January 19, 2013

    90% also want anyone that is seeing a doctor for mental health reasons to be listed on the gun registry and prevented from ever buying a gun. They also support not allowing illegal aliens or those with green cards from buying any type of firearm

  9. ExPAVIC January 20, 2013

    High Time

    There are good things that should be supported and their are bad things that need to be controlled. Due to current circumstances, GUNS and their ownership need more CONTROL.

    Any questions?

  10. Taalibdin Shabazz January 20, 2013

    To be hypocritical is to relocate yourself an apartment in hell, I might not accept everything that
    is proposed for weapons to be sold, but I do believe the proposals are a good start. I think a big problem is some nuts and criminals have no criminal record nor been diagnosed as a certified nut.
    Criminal is a buzz word for African Americans, it’s going to take everybody especially media people
    because they influence behavior and they got to fair in what they put out and practice being honest.


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