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Protester Shot During Third Night Of Anti-Trump Demonstrations

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Protester Shot During Third Night Of Anti-Trump Demonstrations

Anti-Trump protesters March in Portland, OR, Nov. 11, 2016

By Javier Galeano

MIAMI (Reuters) – Thousands of protesters took their frustrations over Donald Trump’s election as the next U.S. president onto the streets on Friday and into Saturday in several cities, including Portland, Oregon, where one protester was shot.

The unidentified man was wounded on Portland’s Morrison Bridge at 12:45 a.m. local time as he and dozens of other protesters crossed it during their demonstration, one of several across the country denouncing Trump’s campaign rhetoric about immigrants, Muslims and women.

In the Portland incident, police said in a statement that a man got out of a vehicle on the bridge where he confronted and then shot a protester, who was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The suspect is still at large, police added.

Earlier in the night, protesters blocked traffic and threw objects at Portland police dressed in riot gear who responded with pepper spray and flash-bang devices. At one point, police pushed protesters back and appeared to take at least one person into custody, according to footage on a local NBC affiliate.

Hundreds of protesters also marched through the streets of Los Angeles, blocking traffic as they waved signs in opposition of Trump and chanted “We reject the president elect” and “Whose streets? Our Streets”.

Several thousand activists marched through downtown Miami, with a few hundred making their way onto a highway, halting traffic in both directions.

In New York, demonstrators again gathered in Washington Square Park and by Trump Tower, where the Republican president-elect lives, on Fifth Avenue.

Trump, who initially denounced Americans who protested against his election, saying they had been “incited” by the media, reversed course and praised them on Friday.

“Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. We will all come together and be proud!” Trump said on Twitter.

The tweets were further evidence of Trump’s mixed messages since he announced his candidacy 17 months ago. After Democrat Hillary Clinton conceded defeat early on Wednesday, he took a far more conciliatory tone than he had often displayed during his campaign and promised to be a president for all Americans.

Anti-Trump demonstrators have voiced concerns that his presidency, due to start on Jan. 20, would infringe on Americans’ civil and human rights.

They cited his campaign promises to restrict immigration and register Muslims, as well as allegations the former reality-TV star sexually abused women.

Protesters in various cities have chanted slogans, including “No hate! No fear! Immigrants are welcome here!” and carried signs reading “Impeach Trump”.

White supremacist groups including the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) have praised Trump’s election, and some civil rights advocacy groups have reported a spike of attacks on minorities following Trump’s victory on Tuesday.

Trump has rejected the KKK’s support.

Most of the protests across the country, which have also taken place in Washington, D.C., have been largely comprised of young adults and college students.

With the country evenly divided, many voters were shocked by the result given that opinion polls failed to predict Trump’s triumph. The Republican Party also managed to maintain its majorities in both houses of Congress in Tuesday’s vote.

More anti-Trump demonstrations were planned for the weekend, including in New York and Los Angeles. A group calling itself “#NotMyPresident” has scheduled an anti-Trump rally for Washington on Jan. 20, Inauguration Day, when the New York real-estate developer formally succeeds President Barack Obama.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus acknowledged on Friday the tight race with Clinton, but said anti-Trump protesters have to accept the election results. He pointed to Trump’s call for unity and meetings on Thursday with Obama and Republican leaders as reasons for reassurance.

Security barricades now shield some of Trump’s most visible properties, including the newly opened Trump International Hotel near the White House and Trump Tower in New York.

Trump’s base of support in the election was the broad middle of the country, with voters in states that had long supported Democrats shifting to him after he promised to renegotiate trade deals with other countries.

(Additional reporting by Brendan O’Brien in Milwaukee, Ian Simpson and Susan Heavey in Washington, D.C., Scott Malone in Boston, Gina Cherelus in New York, Donna Owens in Baltimore, Rory Carroll in San Francisco and Alex Dobuzinskis and Dan Whitcomb in Los Angeles; Writing by Dan Whitcomb; Editing by Muralikumar Anantharaman, Michael Perry and Hugh Lawson)

IMAGE: Demonstrators protest in response to the election of Republican Donald Trump as the president of the United States in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. November 11, 2016.  REUTERS/Mark Makela



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  1. Jon November 12, 2016

    Trumpanzees everywhere are celebrating the election of their Glorious Leader while sniffling sycophants like Steve Cortes tell huge lies to the media which never challenges him on them. Trumpanzees have assaulted people, vandalized and destroyed property, threatened others, encouraged suicide so they can conserve bullets, verbally abused others, shot protesters, planned to bomb the homes of muslims, killed police officers and tried to blame blacks, and encouraged their children to bully “others” at school. These psychos must be stopped but with the FBI and the overwhelming majority of law enforcement agencies blindly loyal to Trump, they will do nothing to stop the Trumpanzees from their terrorist and criminal actions. When they hit, citizens have no option but to hit back.
    A prime example of how much disrespect Trumpanzees have for democracy came from a woman worshiper of the orange blob who said she just rolled her eyes when she hears about the popular vote vs. the electoral college vote and said a presidential election is no more important than a baseball game. To compare a presidential election to a baseball game shows just how anti-democratic Trumpanzees and their GOP brothers and sisters are and how they fear the majority of voters. Their answer: suppress the vote by any means necessary.

    1. kep November 12, 2016

      They’re liberal, jobless, brainwashed drones out protesting and destroying property. Liberals preach peace and love only if you agree with then. Otherwise, they’re hateful, nasty, petty, stupid people that will split your head open with a brick. You don’t see Republicans rioting when things don’t go there way. And how stupid is it to destroy property not only where you live, but also of other Hillary supporters. NEVER ANOTHER LIBERAL IN GOVERNMENT. They are way too stupid and violent.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

        Yes….and ALL in Republican states! Every ONE of the top 10 states with the exception of ME which is purple has the highest number of people on unemployment, welfare and phony SSDI.

        What I saw you lying sack was men like you hanging Hillary in effigy just like your KKK hicks now want to do to blacks.

        You can have your United States of Republicans. We are going to follow CA’s lead and secede. YOu cannot force us to pay taxes to your states of bigots, racists and thugs.

        Don’t ask us to accept a liar, womanizer, thief and rapist like Trump for president. You want Civil War? Bring it! We are ready to kick your stupid inbred mongel asses.

        1. kep November 12, 2016

          You were all ready to accept a liar when you put your Emperor Obama in office. You were more than ready to elect a lying corrupt bitch with Hillary. You are the most vile, stupid, lying liberal troll on the Internet, Eleanor. You really need to find a brain, and seek help, once you can afford to pay those Obama care deductible. Hopefully you will find a nice padded room to live out your vile worthless life without hurting anyone. You are truly unhinged and a threat to others.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

            To hick inbreds like you? All women are liars. Got proof? If not, you just posted a lie. Oh I can’t wait till you get screwed over by Trump. You dumbasses of the right never learn to not fall for BS artists like Trump. Come to Jersey and preach your rah rah Trump BS…you’ll get your dumbass beat bloody by all those he screwed over in Atlantic City.

            He is NOT my president. I encourage every American to fight like hell southern and midwestern bullies like you who think you can FORCE us to your will. Not on OUR tax dollars you don’t.

            CA is already threatening to secede. The rest of our states will follow suit. Then what will you welfare slobs do?

          2. Dan S November 12, 2016

            Well said. I’m not going to let this country go to Hell because the inmates have taken over the insane asylum. We’ve come too far to let these racist thugs run amok destroying all the good work President Obama has done for this great country. I hope & pray Trump will backdown on his inflammatory rhetoric & try to get his supporters to step back & not keep stoking the ????

          3. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

            Trump and the right’s biggest problem is they are trying to “unring a bell.” It isn’t about forgiving Trump for past crimes. It is about asking those of us raised to know right from wrong to accept a man we know is dirty.

            After 4 decades of Trump’s dirty deals here in the Metro area, there is no way I can accept him as my president. And, he has already started down the path that Hitler and Stalin both took by calling the protestors professionals. Think about it. Now, by inuendo he is implying that Americans are paid to protest. But you see, HE would know that best because that is how he FIXED his campaign.

          4. Jon November 12, 2016

            I guess they forgot about the actors he paid to play Trumpanzees when he came down the escalator at trump tower to announce his candidacy.

          5. PatrickHenry November 13, 2016

            Wow, get a grip, such anger & hatred. Emails have proven the corruption of paid violent protesters at Trump rallys & the DNC fired two women for rigging the election against Bernie. Face reality!

          6. kep November 12, 2016

            What hypocrisy. It’s the liberal media that is promoting these stupid riots. It’s the liberal professors that are brainwashing our kids. Your Emperor Obama has done nothing but divide and destroy our country. Hillary is her own crime syndicate. Liberals are too stupid to see anything that they are not told.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

            Yes…You are a cock and balls hypocrite. But we all know that. How do you live with yourself? You support a man who can’t pay people who work for him? How do you justify that?

          8. Jon November 12, 2016

            You’re wasting your time with that idiot. He is either too stupid to know the truth as described by the Dunning-Kruger study of morons or is just saying idiotic things to stir up trouble. You may as well try to educate a brick.

          9. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

            I so agree. I don’t know about you, but I have no intentions of allowing these nuts to be the only voices in the government MY taxes pay for.

          10. Jon November 12, 2016

            I just don’t want any troll to earn money because I replied to them but you are right about not letting all of their lies go unchallenged. Also I agree that Trump will never be my president. He represents everything I despise as a patriotic American.

          11. kep November 12, 2016

            You just did. Just who do you think Eleanor is? A paid liberal troll.

          12. PatrickHenry November 13, 2016

            Most people in your Party DON’T pay taxes, they are government dependent & many are in OUR Country Illegally. Trump isn’t even sworn in yet, but you haters are out in force.

          13. itsfun November 12, 2016

            more obsession with man parts. You are either a sick sick person or a female porn actress.

          14. Dan S November 12, 2016

            Sorry I don’t speak crazy talk. We’ve had 8 good years ruined by a very hateful divisive campaign. Your ignorance & spiteful attitude is part of that. Now run along & help make America great again ????

          15. kep November 12, 2016

            It would be interesting to see NYC, and CA stand alone. Neither would survive a year without help.
            Go back to your dark damp cave troll.

          16. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

            Since NY City has over 1 million tourists every year, is home to the UN building, Wall Street and several Ivy league colleges, you bet all of the northeastern states will laugh up our sleeves when you have to pull out all of those oil pipelines at YOUR cost, create your own stock exchange, pay for your own healthcare, welfare and unemployment.

            You really prove just how stupid you are. The money is in Dem states. Not Republican states. The minute our states secede, the tens of billions we were forced to pay for YOUR pollution cleanup is on you. Not us.

          17. kep November 12, 2016

            Ny state has been supporting NYC FOREVER. Most of our tax dollars go to supporting the city. Think before you speak troll

          18. The lucky one November 12, 2016

            It’s closer to reality to say that the rest of the country couldn’t survive without CA & NY but of course the truth is we all need each other if we are to survive.

          19. Jon November 12, 2016

            I guess they will starve being too lazy to work while they wait for the money to trickle down to them.

          20. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

            From what my Mom told me when she moved to NC with her son from her first marriage and his wife and 6 kids, she couldn’t stand how “slow” they moved in the south. She was 81 at the time. I asked her why any 81 year old needed to move faster. She said and I quote, “In this state, they can’t get out of bed before noon and then think 4 in the afternoon is quitting time. It’s why they never get anything done.”

          21. itsfun November 12, 2016

            They would apply for foreign aid from us.

          22. kep November 12, 2016

            Who will feed you urbanites? Most of you don’t know which end of a cow milk comes from. Most couldn’t grow anything. Most have no idea how to survive on their own, unless it’s to steal or take from someone that can. You people would start eating each other. Most liberals live in urban areas, and are used to someone always telling them what to do, where to go, and when to be there. This divide isn’t so much left and right as it is rural vs urban. You need the same people you so frequently malign. But then, you are a nasty troll.

        2. kep November 12, 2016

          And as far as secession goes…. It didn’t work out too well for you Democrats the last time you had a tantrum. It did, however, hurt our country, but you liberals communists really don’t care for our country, only yourselves, as always.
          And what about burning Trump in effigy? Liberals and many dems are pure HYPOCRITES.

          1. Box November 12, 2016

            Its too late and things have changed. I dont want to suppress liberals, I want them to stay on their own side and let the rest of the country progress unhampered.

          2. kep November 12, 2016

            They should go back to their handlers country. I don’t want them to continue to screw up ours.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

            You need professional mental help. You can’t force us to do anything we do not want to do. Try again phony BS artist.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

            It is NEVER too late to teach dumbass hicks the lessons they seem to be too “ignernt” to learn. We pull out of your United States of Republicans and all you have is for profit prisons we don’t need, for profit wars we won’t take part in and oil, coal and fracking you’ll pay for cleaning up when as always there are spills.

          5. t.w. November 12, 2016

            u mad Eleanore?

      2. Joan November 12, 2016

        Your knowledge of history and current events is staggeringly minuscule. Enjoy your victory while you can. Will you still be crowing when Trump tanks the economy? Never fear, educated Liberals will organize soup kitchens when the Trump depression comes.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

          Thank you Joan. What amazes me is how these inbred mongrels do not know who Trump really is. We had to bail them out after the Civil War THEY wanted and the Great Depression THEY caused by depleting their own soil and natural resources.

          What makes them think that our states will allow them to continue to rape and pillage our tax dollars?

          1. Rosemhendrix November 13, 2016

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        2. kep November 12, 2016

          Our economy and country is already destroyed after years of liberal policies. IT CAN’T GET WORSE THAN IT ALREADY IS.

          1. Joan November 12, 2016

            As I said, your woefully ignorant of history. It has been worse, it can get worse, and it probably will.

          2. iamproteus November 12, 2016

            If you were to take an honest look at the social and economic signs as they are today and compare them with the same signs as they existed at the end of the last republican administration, you would see that the economy was MUCH WORSE then. There is no reason to believe that things won’t revert to that or even worse under Trump.

      3. rog363 November 12, 2016

        I have to agree with you Kep,Obama, as the first Black President, could have done so much good for all the people in America, but unfortunately he had his own agenda which he pushed down OUR throats whether we wanted or needed it. He as President, the way I see it, instead of helping the blacks has pushed Racism back to the way it was in the 60’s. I truly believe in legal protesting but the minute any protest turns violent and the protesters begin destroying and burning others property they then become criminals and the police should be told to open fire. As a veteran, I have seen many turn tail and run the minute the firing starts. To those Liberals out there that believe this is not the way to handle things, let me say this, when I enlisted I took an Oath to protect my country, the people and OUR Constitution from enemies both Foreign and Domestic. This Oath I took will stay with me, as far as I’m concerned, until the day I die and any protests that turn into a mob of people that begin burning and destroying properties are, as far as I’m concerned, Domestic Enemies and will be treated accordingly…..

        1. Jon November 12, 2016

          Yeah. I remember how those unarmed protesters ran at Kent State. They sure got what they deserved didn’t they. Nothing like murdering a few of them so they understand YOUR Constitution which obviously is different from THEIR Constitution. Kill, kill, kill. That ought teach them good. Damn 1st Amendment freaks anyway.

        2. kep November 12, 2016

          I took the same oath, and I do agree with you. These liberals here have no sense of honor or service. They just want to serve themselves.

          1. The lucky one November 12, 2016

            And the republicans and neocons, I won’t call them conservatives because conservatives do have principles, have such a sterling record of honor and service, right. It was on display when they took us into a war based entirely on lies.

          2. rog363 November 12, 2016

            I agree with you Kep.This fool Jon has the nerve to bring up the shooting were four were killed at Kent State. I’ll be the first to admit the Guard was wrong when they shot into the crowd of protesters. He then goes on to say this “Nothing like murdering a few of them so they understand YOUR Constitution which obviously is different from THEIR Constitution. Kill, kill, kill. That ought teach them good”. This is a typical Liberal who only believes what he wants to and refuses to listen to the truth. What I had said was this ” I truly believe in legal protesting but the minute any protest turns violent and the protesters begin destroying and burning others property they then become criminals and the police should be told to open fire.” How he imagined the shooting at kent State had anything to do with what I had said. This, once again, shows the Liberal mentality. He wants to legally protest, this country allows him the right to do so but the minute anyone decides that their protest would draw more attention if they if they beat some innocent bystanders or begin burning and destroying property that my tax dollars had been spent on that is when I open fire. He wants to take that chance, he is welcome to come on, I’m ready.

    2. HelpSaveMaryland November 12, 2016

      Lenin and Stalin could not have said it better! Keep up the good work comrade. Trump rules!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

        Yes..Trump doesn’t TAKE orders, he only GIVES them. Anyone who has ever had to work for him would tell these misguided hicks that.

        It was never about Hillary. It was about preventing women from ever being president. The Good Ole Boys Network “allowed” women the right to vote. No way in hell were they EVER going to allow ANY women to break the glass ceiling in the White House. Now, the Geezer Diseased have pissed off all the wrong women who work, pay their taxes and are not going to allow ANY man to decide what we can and can’t be paid for our work.

        There is already a plan underfoot to start a Women’s Party. No men allowed. Let’s these gamers stop us.

    3. Box November 12, 2016

      YOU are the reason Trump won. And you still dont get it.

      1. Jon November 12, 2016

        Stay in Moscow Putin boy.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

          The First WhoreMaster claims the First Porn Star is “Slovenian.” Check out which country has domain over “Slovenia.” It may be a Democratic Parliamentary Republic but Russia does all the commandeering of their government. IN effect, The First Porn Star is really a Russian.

          1. Jon November 12, 2016

            There is no doubt that Trump is Putin’s puppet. Several media sources reported that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has admitted that the Russian government has long been in contact with many of Trump’s campaign workers and allies. That contact continues.

          2. nlruizjr November 12, 2016

            that’s exactly why she grabs Trump by his P and leads him where she wants to lead him, their is rumor that she is the force behind Trump and Russia connections !!!!

      2. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

        I know men like you think you can fool all of us all of the time. But this time you will get exactly what you bargained for when you decided to gamble on a thug like Trump. And I can’t wait.

        He is not my president and never will be. I don’t aid and abet crooks like him or YOU.

      3. The lucky one November 12, 2016

        Before a single vote was cast, the election was fixed by GOP and Trump operatives.

        Starting in 2013 – just as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act – a coterie of Trump operatives, under the direction of Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, created a system to purge 1.1 million Americans of color from the voter rolls of GOP–controlled states.

        See Palast’s Rolling Stone report “The GOP’s Stealth War on Voters,” 8/24/2016 at: http://www.gregpalast.com/rolling-stone-expose-gops-secret-plan-steal-vote/
        Crosscheck in action:
        Trump victory margin in Michigan: 13,107
        Michigan Crosscheck purge list: 449,922

        Trump victory margin in Arizona: 85,257
        Arizona Crosscheck purge list: 270,824

        Trump victory margin in North Carolina: 177,008
        North Carolina Crosscheck purge list: 589,393

  2. bojimbo26 November 12, 2016

    Either plain clothes policeman or a `special` policeman ( who kill with impunity ) .

    1. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

      Well? What did you expect? The Republicans have taken over US law. They own the FBI. They are trying to own the SC next.

      When a jerk like Guiliani says in public, “Women do not belong in government,” there is no longer any government. We are now in a state of civil unrest that is leading our Dem states to protect our assets, natural resources and our tax dollars. Cut the southern and midwestern hick states off and they go down like they did after the Civil War and during the Great Depression. This time, they get no rescue from us.

      1. kep November 12, 2016

        Lol. What pure BS as always. No brain Eleanor

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

          Give it up asshat. You are a hick who has no idea what you and your DogPatch Loonies are in for. But you won’t do it on OUR tax dollars. Bye Bye dumbass!

      2. Dan S November 12, 2016

        I couldn’t agree more with you. While I appreciate the conciliatory tone taken by DJT his most vocal supporters seem to want to create even more violence since the election. As much as I hate to say it I fear this country is headed towards a 2nd Civil War. Unfortunately we don’t have Lincoln in the Oval Office but Trump who created this ugly racist environment ????

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

          I hope there is a Civil War. It is the only way to stop these Republican states from forcing us to pay to keep their states afloat.

          They are, in actuality, pissing off all the wrong people. It’s our Dem states that pay the highest and get the least in return of federal taxes. Even if only 5 of these states refuse to accept Trump as president and choose to secede from what now is the United States of Republicans, those 5 states would sink more than half of the Republican states. And, we would not allow them any interstate business.

          This election wasn’t rigged. The Trump campaign was fixed by the FBI, Trey Gowdy who now magically is Trump’s choice for AG. Do these nuts really think they can hogtie us and our tax dollars so they can turn us all into doormats?

          As for Trump, I’ve seen this act too many times before here in the Metro area. When he and then Mayor Koch got into it over the Brooklyn Navy yards, he went over his head. When that didn’t do any good, he went around making nice to judges through his sister who is a judge. Once he had them in his back pocket, he got what he wanted. But, he knew he had to reconcile with the enemies he made. Out came his “Honeymoon Phase,” the same one he is using right now on his supporters and the GOP. What a laugh!

          1. Stephanie November 12, 2016

            And I hope California, with the 6th largest economy in the world, leads the secession effort. Whatever will this country do without all the tax money CA pours into the federal budget? Plus we’re just anti-drilling, clean air, yoga pants wearing liberals who irritate Republicans; you’ll be fine without us.

          2. Dan S November 12, 2016

            Looking at some of the nasty comments left by people like kep & box it does look more & more like a new Civil War is brewing. On Inauguration Day there’s expected to be a record turnout not to celebrate but protest the new President. I’d love to be there to voice my displeasure of the 45th President. ????

          3. nlruizjr November 12, 2016

            again EW, I agree with you, 3 more cheers, oh and don’t forget to add Comey and the Russians, they were deeply entrenched into the Trump rebellion, let’s see how long it will be before Russia starts making demands against our country and Trump will put his tail between his legs and cower to Russia and/or Russia will strike a nuclear strike first because Trump would have given them a heads up on what our Military is planning to do !!!!!

          4. pcj70 November 13, 2016

            But we have the guns

          5. 1standlastword November 13, 2016

            A civil war would be a horrible waste of innocent blood and treasury when the REAL problem resides not with the citizens of the southern states–that soak up federal dollars at rates higher than the north, west and east, but the governors, representatives and senators that run those states by keeping the People pressed down in a condition of legacy poverty.

            If there was a way to “clean” these states of their pay-to-play politicians….including their payers, and insert state leadership that acted on the behalf of the People to protect them from predatory businessmen like Trump, the People of the south might be more self-reliant and less interested in the fractious politics their leadership promotes to the results where the ‘only winners’ are the politicians and the predatory business classes themselves.

            This formula could also be applied to northern cities trapped in abject poverty like the ones that have seen so much police violence over the Obama years.

            I think Trump is an ostensible FACT to the American electorate’ propensity to seek salvation in the form of false leadership (not an argument in favor of Clinton)

            We will have to see ‘if’ Trump will enlighten us as a ‘lesson-learned’ for this historical pattern. It was once said: You can always depend on Americans to do the wrong thing before they do the right thing”

            I’m more concerned as to where we turn after Trump and his bus of clowns lead America into another ‘typical-republican-sponsored-national/ worldwide-disaster much worse than Iraq or ACA.

            The worse case scenario is not a civil war but ‘total anarchy’ on the day when one more Trump/Bush/ Reagan/Clinton like leader becomes the ‘last’ POTUS on that day when the WH gets sacked by the People.

            That would be worse than secession and civil war as the winner would be the next rising foreign power that arrives at our shores to protect their assets sold in good faith to them by the U.S. government.

        2. itsfun November 12, 2016

          I haven’t seen any Trump supporters rioting in the streets, looting, or beating up people. Obama is the one responsible for this ugly racist environment, not Trump who hasn’t even been in office yet.

          1. The lucky one November 12, 2016

            Actually neither are responsible for “this ugly racist environment”. Trump did pander to racists but even he didn’t create it. The only way Obama contributed is by having the temerity to be a black person while president. Personally I don’t see that he did anything to support black people in general.

          2. charleo1 November 12, 2016

            Obama’s mistake clearly was intentionally remaining Black, and keeping the role of President after being elected. The thing he needed to do in the eyes of many White Nationalists, to keep from being so divisive to the sensitivities of a deflated White majority Country. Would have been to immediately appoint Joe Biden the White guy as acting President. While he took on the role of general fetcher, gofer, chauffeur, and all around Chester to Joe Biden’s Jack Benny. Problem solved.

          3. nlruizjr November 12, 2016

            Gee, your racism just shines thru !!!!!!

          4. charleo1 November 13, 2016

            Just being snarky.

          5. itsfun November 12, 2016

            When Obama assumed the police were always at fault whenever a shooting of a black person happened caused problems. Remember when he had the cop over for a beer after jumping to the wrong conclusion? Look at Baltimore, all of the police were either found not guilty or charges were dropped. When he first took office I said he was the American dream come true. But after he lied about the health care tax, and jumped to conclusions before knowing anything about what happened, he lost my respect as a person. When he drew red lines, then denied it, he proved he was not a leader. I blame him for the great divide now between races. I don’t understand and never will why he didn’t do anything to help inner cities. We have had ghettos far to long, and that needs to change.

          6. The lucky one November 12, 2016

            “When Obama assumed the police were always at fault whenever a shooting of a black person happened caused problems.” I believe that’s an exaggeration for what I do think were ill advised remarks on some occasions.

            ” Look at Baltimore, all of the police were either found not guilty or charges were dropped.” It’s a tough situation. Cops are in the middle and sometimes make an honest mistake in a dangerous situation. They should not be crucified for that but there have also been numerous instances where deadly force was absolutely not called for and others where the cop escalated a situation that could have been defused. I think it’s obvious that a black man in a police-citizen confrontation is much more likely to suffer death or serious injury than is a white man in a similar spot.

            I agree Obama hasn’t done anything to help inner cities but we can hardly blame him “for the great divide now between races” that has been there ever since our forefathers enslaved Africans. We’ve come a long way since then especially in the last 60 years or so but there is a long way yet to go and Trump certainly will not move us in that direction.

          7. itsfun November 12, 2016

            I hope Trump keeps his word on fixing the inner cities. If he does that and real progress is made, it will the best thing that can happen to race relations in our country. Ever since I can remember we have had ghettos. This is a rich nation, why don’t we fix our problems and help our people first? I drove through a ghetto area in Detroit once and once only. It was terrible. People wandering on the streets, sitting on porches, houses that hadn’t seen a coat of paint in probably 20 or more years. Empty houses with broken out windows. Old beat up cars in front yards, yards that never saw a mower. People coming up to cars and wanting money. Truthfully I was scared crapless. There is no need for that in America. I don’t know how to fix. Do you think maybe having a government program, that does something like give the unemployed folks a job fixing up the houses, painting them, getting yards cleaned up would help at all? People just shouldn’t have to live like that. Build better schools in the areas, instead of busing them to others. I don’t know, just seems to me that is problem that is fixable. People would develop skills fixing the houses that could be used to get good paying jobs.

          8. The lucky one November 13, 2016

            I agree. Maybe Trump will do some good. Since he has no prior history of service and his policy proposals were so ambiguous and often contrary to his previous statements it’s hard to say exactly what he will do. However his lack of any philanthropic contributions, even lying about them, and large number of statements referring to others not at his economic strata as losers makes that seem unlikely.

          9. nlruizjr November 12, 2016

            I agree, but what a lot of people seem to forget is that the Republicans were against helping Obama from day one, I believe a lot more could have been accomplished by Obama if the Republicans had given him the respect he was due and put their party first before the country, that is why I despise Republicans so, they cause damage and blame it on someone else !!!!!

          10. nlruizjr November 12, 2016

            I believe those ghettos were there long before Obama, why didn’t the Republicans try to do something then, instead they just ignored that fact and are you saying that Obama is at fault for hiring all those racist cops that make the true cops look bad, think again and line or no line , it was already drawn when Bush took our country into a war that should not have been but Obama is finally getting it taken care of……Isis is on the run and will be destroyed, a lot more than Bush had done and are you looney, you really think people would cry over a minimal tax or pay the cost of hospitalizing poor people, treating poor people, etc the full cost is handed down to the tax payers, don’t be stupid, oh too late !!!!!

          11. itsfun November 12, 2016

            I said we should pay for people with pre existing conditions such as Parkinsons, MS, MD,Cancer, etc. I didn’t say one word about paying a tax for poor people to have complete health care. I said becausie I don’t think it is right to make a private insurance company insure someone that is already sick. Would a private auto insurance company be forced to pay for a car damaged in a crash after the person bought insurance. Those cops in Baltimore were not convicted or charges were dropped. The cop in Ferguson was not charged. I said Obama jumped to conclusions before know what happened. ISIS is not on the run. Obama is the only President in U.S. history to have our nation in a war for every year of a two term Presidency. The Republicans have been in control of both houses and the Presidency something like 4 years in the last 50 or more. Bush had a rep. house and senate once and now Trump will have for at least 2 years. I don’t think I blamed Obama for the ghettos. I just want our government to fix our great cities to what they were and can be. get a clue before calling names.

          12. Dan S November 12, 2016

            Are you as stupid as you sound ? These are peaceful protesters who have been infiltrated by anarchists who very likely voted Trump. They love to riot & then get the blame pinned on the protesters. Instead of posting your drivel here what are you going to do to help make America great again. Acting like a spoiled child certainly isn’t going to help. I can guarantee you if he had not won it’s people like yourself that would’ve been rioting.

          13. itsfun November 12, 2016

            You mean people like me that were out rioting and destroying property after Obama got elected? I saw with my own eyes broken windshields, a person getting beat up, and a store front destroyed. I don’t call that peaceful.

          14. Dan S November 13, 2016

            No it’s not, that behavior is inexcusable then & it’s inexcusable now. Mr. Trump himself started his campaign with the nastiest talk ever for the Presidency & never let up. He criticized everyone from a Goldstar family to a former Miss Universe. He had cross words with the Pope & went so far as to call Mrs. Clinton Satan. He’s mocked people with disabilities & has been accused by at least a dozen women so far of sexually assaulting them. Also keep in mind as I said before that Anarchists have reportedly blended in with the peaceful protests to create even more havoc. Unfortunately I don’t see this getting any better. I’ll grant you if Trump had lost we’d still see riots by those claiming the election was rigged. Democracy is the real loser in the ugliest Presidential campaign of this generation. What is Trump going to do to make things calmer ? Maybe let President Obamas selection of Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court get a hearing & vote from the Senate before Inauguration Day would be nice

          15. itsfun November 13, 2016

            And Obama calling President-elect Trump the president of the kkk is not hate talk or nasty. Hillary saying President-elect Trump is not fit to be President is also a nice thing to say. This campaign was the nastiest I can remember, but politics is a nasty, dirty, corrupt business. I wonder who hired the protesters that are burning, destroying property, beating up people, etc. Its up to Congress to decide on Merrick Garland, not the President – elect. There is no way a Republican Senate is ever going to approve him. Trump is not going to have it easy, the swamp doesn’t want to get drained. He better act fast or he will get buried by the swamp.

          16. Dan S November 13, 2016

            First and foremost Trump is not qualified to be President. He has zero experience working with congress, how to propose bills how to schmooze with world leaders. His word is not his bond based on so many lies he said that he himself thinks he’s actually telling the truth. Getting a full endorsement from the KKK is the closest equivalent to being their leader especially now that he’s President Elect. Elections have consequences & he has lot of healing & bridge building ahead if he wants to be a good President

          17. itsfun November 14, 2016

            Where is it written what the qualifications are to be President. I couldn’t find any in the Constitution except to be a natural born citizen. He has worked with foreign leaders to get business deals done. How can anyone talk about his word being his bond, then vote for proven liar Hillary. Getting a endorsement from the KKK means absolutely nothing. Elections do have consequences – get use to President Trump.

          18. Dan S November 14, 2016

            Get used to the fact you just elected Americas first bonafide dictator you bonehead. 1 other thing you just overlooked is this country is going to have a civil war once your boy starts rounding up people such as Muslims & Hispanics like the Nazis targeted Jewish people

          19. itsfun November 14, 2016

            He is going to “round up” illegal immigrant criminals and send them back. Do you want to keep the drug dealers, rapists, terrorists, gangs members that came here illegally? You may want to pay for them, I don’t. He wants to have complete background checks on those that want to come here from countries that have terrorist groups. Maybe you want ISIS living here. ISIS today said they want their cells to destroy Thanksgiving. How many children would be killed when they bomb the Thanksgiving Day parade in New York or other large cities?

          20. Dan S November 14, 2016

            Believe it or not with this President out just voted for this country is now in more danger than ever. President Obama successfully captured bin laden & buried his body at sea. He’s not getting the full credit he’s due for bringing the mastermind of 911 to justice. Trump is a great recruitment tool for Isis & is elated at the fact people fell for this stooge. Trump will be nothing but a holy terror breaking up families who’ve been here for a long time. Obama has caught many terror suspects several now at Guantanamo. And if you’ll notice what attacks we’ve had on his watch is domestic terrorism which will only get worse under Trump.

          21. itsfun November 14, 2016

            I thought the Navy Seals killed and buried Bin Laden. Obama has been letting terrorist in Guantanamo go free and back to their terrorist activities. How can any thinking person believe Trump is good for ISIS? You sound like crooked Hillary.

          22. PacifistChristianAnthro November 14, 2016

            His anti-Muslim rhetoric, including the approval of torture not just for terrorist suspects but their families as well, goes beyond our military code of ethics AND the Geneva Convention, and supports the idea of America being in a war against Islam, instead of in a war against terrorists. Hatred fuels more hatred, ignorance begets more ignorance. As most great leaders have said from Jesus, the Buddha, to Dr. King and Ghandi, only love is a radical act of bravery that can stop the spiral of hate that threatens us all.

          23. itsfun November 12, 2016

            And you are probably believe the US attacked Pearl Harbor and blamed it on the Japanese.

          24. nlruizjr November 12, 2016

            I must have missed all those riots in his 8 yr. term, oh yeah, it was like Trump seeing all those Muslims dancing on roof tops while the NY Towers crumbled to the ground, here a word for you “Ding-Bat” !!!!!

          25. itsfun November 12, 2016

            Ferguson, Baltimore. did you forget them? I was talking about protesters and looters doing their riot BS because they don’t like the new President. How many protests did you see in the streets after Obama was elected?

        3. nlruizjr November 12, 2016

          It’s to bad all these white haters are directing their hate towards the wrong people, the one they should be targeting is the Republican gov., they are the one’s that are eliminating your jobs, education and medical benefits and much, much more.

      3. Box November 12, 2016

        What BS. Except the part about splitting the country which I suggested two weeks ago. Shuttup and DO IT!!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

          Southern prosperity on Walmartian paychecks that are supplemented by welfare our federal taxes pay for.

          Enjoy your grits and gravy …while it lasts.

          1. nlruizjr November 12, 2016

            3 cheers E.W. !!!!!

          2. Box November 13, 2016

            Me? You really have me pegged so well. Im not from the south, dont shop at walmart, never took a cent of welfare in my life and neither did any member of my family no matter what generation it could have been.

            Try again. This is fun.

        2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 12, 2016

          Still dictating and pontificating.

          I note with interest that “Box” is on a personal jihad-like rampage in response to other commenters. Not satisfied with the pyrrhic victory Trump achieved, he wants to grind “the other side” into dust, and so he busily engages others with fire and anger. Such is the misery of a denizen of “The Red Zone”.

          A victory whose goal was a sense of power and the spoils isn’t enough for him and other Trump supporters. Just as with Trump, once you acquire what you obsess over, there is still a thirst for more.

  3. TMZ1928 November 12, 2016

    Thugs organized and paid by Hillary’s biggest supporter, George Soros.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

      Right…that’s why your boy Trump paid $100 million to be allowed to run and why he is choosing cocks and balls like Guiliani, Gingrich, Gowdy and Priebus for his cabinet.

      Hillary won the popular vote just like Gore did. And the final tally of the Electoral College doesn’t happen until they meet on Dec. 19th.

      1. t.w. November 12, 2016

        cocks and balls?……bravo,lol

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 13, 2016

          One of the most interesting characters I’ve ever studied in past history was Rasputin. There were 3 attempts on his life. He managed to be immune to the poison in the 5 cakes he ate laced with enough arsenic to kill 5 men. When you read the life of Rasputin, you cannot help but see Trump in Rasputin’s charlatanism. In the end to make sure he died, Prince Felix Yusupov sliced off his “cock and balls” and then, drowned him for good measure. The blade that did it is today kept under great security.

      2. Box November 13, 2016

        well, like Obama said, to paraphrase, at least Trump has got balls.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 12, 2016

      Not satisfied with the pyrrhic, you want to grind “the other side” into dust, and so you too are busily engaged in flame-throwing. Such is the misery of a denizen of “The Red Zone”.

      A victory whose goal was a sense of power and the spoils isn’t enough for you and other Trump supporters. Just as with Trump, once you acquire what you obsess over, there is still a thirst for more.

      1. Box November 13, 2016

        Was it you who accused someone of cutting and pasting the same posts again?

  4. Box November 12, 2016

    Liberals. The peaceful, loving family. Such fine examples of America’s best.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

      You love to dish it out don’t you? But when it’s your turn to take the heat, you want us to all be obedient little puppies. Men like you prove what you expect women to be…Like Melania Trump, The First Whore in the White House…provide sexual favors for every Republican with hot pants.

      9 wives among these 3: Guiliani, Trump and Gingrich. Their dicks must be limp noodles by now..there..How does it feel for me to say what “I” think?

      1. itsfun November 12, 2016

        Your obsession with the body parts of men is the sign of a horny old woman or a person with a filthy mind.

        1. nlruizjr November 12, 2016

          didn’t you just elect that person ????

          1. itsfun November 12, 2016

            I don’t believe he is a gay man.

          2. Box November 13, 2016

            ok thats funny 🙂

      2. Box November 13, 2016

        Im standing right here. What heat have I not taken?

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 12, 2016

      Still lecturing in such stark and bleak terms. Never a hint of a solution—just a vengeful and dreary outlook on life. Little wonder that Trump appeals to you.
      Box, it sounds like you’re pining for an imposition of marshal law; perhaps a lynch mob will be suitable to you.

      1. Box November 12, 2016

        I was referring to the picture and putting that picture along side what liberals say as their message. The two dont match. Where you to derive all this other stuff from?

  5. Box November 12, 2016

    NotOurPresident? Wrong! This town isnt big enough for the both of us. Hillary can indeed be the president of the east,and Trump the west. I dont want the east and DC, too many bad memories there. Take it and dont ever bother the other side again.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker November 12, 2016

      No Not OUR president. You are rapist lover, a thief lover, a crook lover and a dirty scumball lover. Why in the hell would you think that those of us raised properly to know right from wrong would EVER accept a slimeball like Trump?

      You must have pulled off some BIG BIG BIG time corruption to have the balls now to think we will let you get away with it. Sorry..Trump cannot unring a bell. He used racial slurs and men and women like you who supported him all said the same thing, “He says what we are thinking.” Really? So you want to be able to walk up to a black person or Hispanic and have the freedom to call them racial slurs? Who raised YOU BOXbrain? Some amoeba from a NY City gutter?

      1. Box November 12, 2016

        LMAO! Oh my, I have to admit that truly made me laugh which I really needed! Not much humor going around lately so i thank you.

        Tell me, i think others are curious too, what is your job, what do you do for a living?

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 12, 2016

      There you go again, pontificating and dictating. Always striving to give us a perception of divisiveness. Is this what you thrive on? Is your life so meaningless as to be defined by Left and Right?

      1. Box November 12, 2016

        No no…Left and Right is very meaningful this week. Dont you read the news? Ask me another time whats meaningful but this week its that.

        And no no, pontificate is my word and your actions. You cant throw it back like that. Do you do that for your entertainment, accuse the other of your own crimes? Cmon stop that, its ludicrous. Do you want to make some real progress or not?

    3. iamproteus November 12, 2016

      Whoa up there, cowboy! How do you figure that T-rump should be given the West? Did you fail to notice that the entire west coast rejected his ass…..emphatically?

      1. Box November 12, 2016

        Hey i’ll accomodate that. Switch sides then, or cut it north and south. Ok, done. Next problem?

        What I suggested before was that there are enough elements on both sides of the arguments to create two countries. Im not for dividing but what can people expect between rocks and hard places? If liberals and conservatives are in a fight neither can win but each feels they must win, where do you go from here, today? If splitting gets lasting peace, ok then.

        Turn out its very common talk. Example, speaking of the west, about what, 5-6 years ago, California began actions to re-draw the counties to basically create several new states. Its different than secession but amounts to the same thing and doesnt need Congress. Today its being ramped up for speed because of the election results. Shall this be permitted, especially if other states follow? Would you support this in your state?

        Also, secede is nothing new. There are what now, 12 states examining secession since 3-4 years ago, and also a new country is in planning stages off the coast of California. So what im saying is that yes, it looks like “this town isnt big enough for the both of us” as its said. At what point does something have to give?

  6. itsfun November 12, 2016

    Protesters are throwing rocks, breaking into stores, looting, beating people up, Its no wonder someone shot one of them. I fear this will happen more if this rioting and looting doesn’t stop. I see protester carrying signs that say “lovetrumpshate” while they are looting, beating up people, stopping traffic, breaking things, How in the world can that be a sign of love?

    1. charleo1 November 12, 2016

      So never mind it’s always a very small minority in the crowd doing the looting. Let’s use their illegal actions as an excuse to really crack down, and greatly expand police powers. In a law, and order blitz, that’ll really show these “paid seditionists,” who’s boss! It is a well proven fact that whenever rubber bullets, and tear gas are exchanged for real ammo, split heads, and lengthy no trial prison terms, things settle down real fast. One need look no further than the Hungarian Revolution in the summer of ’56. When a bunch of Capitalist were reported to having funded uprisings in Budapest, the Kremlin in Moscow more than knew how to settle. Ditto for the so called Poland October later than same year. Now there’s a leadership that knew how make swift decisions, and didn’t worry about being all politically correct about it either. And besides, isn’t there more important things to worry about than protecting the civil rights of a few citizens who would dare to openly question the new Trump Administration with marches in the streets? Thereby, one might argue, as the Chinese Government did in ’89 in another anti State uprising. That such protests are creating divisions, and disunity within the State that might even jeopardize National security. And so need to be dealt with “accordingly.” So well said Comrade!

      1. itsfun November 12, 2016

        We should reward the looters and beaters and tell them its okay to rob and beat people. We should tell them that elections mean nothing and keep on with what you are doing. Then we should give them a free place to live and feed them and give them health care, and a new car without a broken windshield. We should tell them this is all okay because they are carrying signs that say “love trumps hate” Just look at the love they are spreading.

        1. charleo1 November 12, 2016

          You obviously decided to ignore my rebuttal. and throw up a lot of ridiculousness. Which is typical of having no way to justifying your disagreeing with the premise which happens to be the truth. That love does trump hate. And can very easily be separated from the few who are looting, and destroying property who deserve to be locked up, and punished.

          1. itsfun November 12, 2016

            Didn’t ignore anything Charlie. Just agreeing with your rebuttal. Seems strange to me that I saw someone carrying a sign about love trumping hate while marching in the same crown that was looting and destroying property.

          2. nlruizjr November 12, 2016

            Yeah, I bet they paid their taxes to have that right, yet your new leader hides his taxes and makes deals with the Russians.

          3. itsfun November 12, 2016

            Who was it that made the deal with Russia to give them our uranium rights. Was that Obama or Hillary?

        2. nlruizjr November 12, 2016

          yet did you condone your new leader about his hate spreading ??

          1. itsfun November 12, 2016

            If wanting to secure our borders is spreading hate , so be it. If wanting to make our country safe from terrorist attacks is spreading hate then so be it. if wanting to fix our trade imbalance is spreading hate then so be it.

          2. Box November 12, 2016

            Are you among those who believe that if the words racist, bigamist, hater, etc are used enough they will become fact? Its a very good topic right now. Please take a look at this non-partisan video in regard to this and in this election and then we can talk it further.


          3. itsfun November 13, 2016

            He is not spreading any hate.

      2. nlruizjr November 12, 2016

        well said, just as Trump is receiving his orders from Putin !!!

        1. itsfun November 12, 2016

          He has never even met Putin. Just more BS from the left.

      3. Box November 12, 2016

        Where does free speech end and crime begin?

    2. The lucky one November 12, 2016

      Where did you see a report of protesters “beating people up”? According to the article the shooter was not protecting himself or his property. he exited his car and shot the protester. Blocking the street is not sufficient cause to shoot someone. I have also not seen any reports of looting. I’m sure though that it has or will occur as there are always opportunists who will seize the chance to steal.

      There have also been reports of an increase in minorities being assaulted.

      1. itsfun November 12, 2016

        I saw the fellow in Chicago getting beat up by 3 after a minor fender bender. The 3 were yelling you voted for Trump as they hit him over and over. I also saw in Portland this morning videos of cars with windshields broken out, stores that had been looted. I also read on the yahoo home page this morning where a Muslim lady called the police saying she had been attacked, her head wear torn off and robbed by 3 white guys in a grey sedan. After the police came to help her, she admitted she had made it all up.
        I didn’t mean to give the idea I approved of the shooting, just meant that I wasn’t surprised at it. People get mad and scared and act without thinking.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 12, 2016

          And write and speak w/o thinking, as you’ve so often done.

          1. AgLander November 12, 2016

            Current temperature in your beloved Muscat, Oman is 73 degrees at 12:14AM.
            Christians are being intimidated and in some cases physically assaulted as we speak.
            Rioting and injuring people is an activity you consider a recreational activity wrought on those nasty infidels so your casual approach to the violence of Democrat mobs here at home is not surprising..

          2. nlruizjr November 12, 2016

            and what about your republican rebels beating up people who have a right to protest a Trump rally and they get away with it, the cops just walk right by them while dragging out the victim, you miss have no room to talk about others reactions.

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 13, 2016

            Are you still intimidating Christians in the US, Agatha? And were you involved in church burnings and bombings in the South with the Klan?
            They don’t do those things in Oman. But you wouldn’t know that because you still need help with reading properly.

        2. The lucky one November 13, 2016

          Hard to say. There is so much violence and hatred of the other in our society it’s not hard to find examples from both sides and there are also provocateurs who put up a false flag to cover their true motives. Maybe Trump is realizing the gravity of this since he has at least toned down his divisive rhetoric and claims he will represent all Americans.

          What will happen when it becomes apparent that Trump can’t deliver on his promises. All politicians promise things they can’t or won’t deliver but Trump’s shtick was that he was different, not a politician, and “only he” could make america great. He now has the tiger by the tail. I think what happens next will not be pretty. For Trump it will be his karma but unfortunately the people who can’t hide in their gated enclaves will bear the brunt of it.

  7. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 12, 2016

    I note with interest that “Box” is on a personal jihad-like rampage in response to other commenters. Not satisfied with the pyrrhic, he wants to grind “the other side” into dust, and so he busily engages others with fire and anger. Such is the misery of a denizen of “The Red Zone”.

    A victory whose goal was a sense of power and the spoils isn’t enough for him and other Trump supporters. Just as with Trump, once you acquire what you obsess over, there is still a thirst for more.

    1. charleo1 November 12, 2016

      It’s getting really ugly. It started with Trump. Where it ends I can guarantee you will not be with this Country standing on the side of a Fascist race baiter.

      1. AgLander November 12, 2016

        You’re a bit confused……the fascists are the ones you are seeing on tv right now busting car windows, starting fires and looting businesses. and they are all being directed and coordinated by the DEMOCRAT PARTY and financed by GEORGE SOROS. The Trump supporters are home in bed while the riots occur……you should think of doing the same….IDIOT!!

        1. nlruizjr November 12, 2016

          Yeah, you owe this election to the Russians and Comey and misinformed republican voters, the republican party has been the party of hate for over 50 yrs. now.

          1. Box November 12, 2016

            Who is misinformed? The proposed new head of the DNC is the current head of the Democratic Socialist Party and that thinking is what Trump supporters voted against.

            As to Hillary, she blames FBI and Obama who, in her words, “didnt do enough.” It has nothing to do with Reps misinformation. Try again.

    2. Box November 12, 2016

      Not at all. Im reading news everywhere and seeing the violence spreading. How many times have I already said DONT DO IT, DONT GO THERE. I dont want any spoils out of this, I dont want violence, I want the country to settle down but with the start now of the Purple Revolution, its the liberals asking for a fight. So I will say again, DONT DO IT. But if you will, expect a return fight. Where is the hate and fight baiting on that? Everything is OK if I say that the other side shouldnt fight back and to let the Soros/Clinton revolution proceed? Then we are all friends?

      Right now there are many measures afoot to overturn the election and the country as well. Its the fight of liberalism to have its way when its already been voted down. You blame me for the creation of petititons and violence and revolt? Me, the person who keeps saying to STOP?

      I asked you before to set a higher standard in your own words. But again you are not being godly, you are taking the high hand instead of the high road. You are a fake.


      Can you? Will you? We will see.

      I said it before, look it up, that if Trump wins help him to be a better President. Give ideas, create dialog, find the way to good solutions. I still say it. But that was before the riots and unrest and people no longer care, Hillary supporters are taking the position that all bets are off. That sure did not come from me. And now, im reacting to the fight Hillary supporters want to have. And I say again, STOP IT.

      Youtube is filling up with Trump hate rhetoric and calls to action. I say STOP.

      Clear enough?

    3. AgLander November 13, 2016

      Your seething and hate filled anger has no limits…..Is it a product of your Islamic indoctrination where you were taught a male dominated approach to the world around you complete with a domineering misogynistic view of women and an oppressive attitude toward infidel men who did not agree with your twisted political/theologic view of the world?

  8. wansley.dawn November 12, 2016

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  9. cj November 12, 2016

    Ridiculous you are protesting a democratic vote. Inept little cry babies. Get over yourselves nobody cares you lost! Except it or get out. We don’t want you in Canada either we have enough liberal idiots here.

  10. Rosemhendrix November 13, 2016

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  11. Box November 13, 2016

    Was I mistaken to mention secede? Its not real? I dont think reporting news or the mood of the country qualifies as me trying to bust up the country as a troublemaker. So im saying if this is what people want, fine get on with it and lets have peace if we cannot any other way.


    1. itsfun November 14, 2016

      If it means you will be leaving along with the celebrities that said they would I’ll sign.

  12. AgLander November 13, 2016

    Michigan recount is completed….another state for Trump which puts him over 300 electoral votes. Can you say his win has now entered LANDSLIDE proportions!


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