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Is Relying On Social Security Lazy?

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Is Relying On Social Security Lazy?


In this week’s “Social Security and You,” Tom Margenau explains who’s to blame when senior citizens are forced to rely solely on social security to keep themselves afloat:

So who’s to blame if the older seniors didn’t get the message and relied too much on the government to take care of them? Were they lazy or just unlucky? Obviously, some people simply didn’t plan well. But many times, it was circumstances beyond their control that drove them towards poverty.

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  1. Craig November 30, 2011

    Do you know how big businesses maintain the illusion that they not trying to monopolize the market? Megacorps are in cahoots with the brokerage houses, the brokers take anything less than say about one million dollars and invest it in businesses they know are going to fail making it easy for the vulture multinational corporations to swoop down and by them out. Employee pension plans, ha! what a joke. Fact is most brokers/speculators are the trash of society when they are not conspiring with the the executive officers of other big businesses they are buying up large sums of shares and then unrealistically saying this is what the demand for this commodity will be 6-12 mos. down the road. When you hear people in the same field saying that the true projections for the demand of oil by-products for the next 2-3 yrs. would place the price per barrel at no more than $35 should be a federal offense. You heard me correctly, making the elderly and disabled having to make a choice between eating, medication, and heating their houses, driving up the cost of living, because the wealthy will not sacrifice, so they drive their costs up due to shipping price increases.


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