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Republicans Aim For Their Own Feet

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Republicans Aim For Their Own Feet


What do women want? Republicans are trying to answer that question and, as usual, they are getting it wrong.

The party has an unerring genius for alienating exactly the demographics it needs to win the White House. Republicans have made it harder for students, urbanites, and minorities to vote. Many of their presidential candidates are competing over who can deport the most immigrants and build the best border wall. Why should the GOP approach to women be any different?

Donald Trump, who has been flamboyantly insulting to immigrants, isn’t helping Republicans with women, either. His history of crude insults about female appearances led NBC’s Chuck Todd to ask him, “Why do looks matter to you so much?” He still talks in weird generalizations and 1950s stereotypes about women (see: “I cherish women” or “women love me” or “I understand the importance of women”).

You’d think Carly Fiorina, another presidential contender from the business world, and the only woman in the GOP field, would have a better handle on this. But she has become a lightning rod because she opposes a requirement that businesses offer paid leave to new parents. She wants it to be a perk companies offer to attract workers.

The United States is the only advanced country that doesn’t give employees paid parental leave, as President Obama has noted repeatedly. But Fiorina says requiring paid parental leave discourages the hiring and promotion of women. Besides, she asks, who would pay for it?

Fiorina’s position, however, carries its own health and monetary costs. Mothers who don’t take leave are less likely to breastfeed or bring a baby to doctor appointments. And low-income workers who take unpaid leave to care for an infant often rely on government help. “When a low-wage worker cannot even have a sick day or a paid leave day after the birth of an infant, she is far more likely to go on assistance, public assistance,” Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) sponsor of a bill requiring paid leave, told Fortune magazine. The upshot is that taxpayers foot the bill, she added.

As for the politics of paid leave, Fiorina’s stand is a loser. Polls show 60 to 80 percent of Americans support requiring paid leave for new parents. That 80 percent figure, from a CBS/New York Times poll in May, includes 71 percent of Republicans and 85 percent of women.

Now abortion is preoccupying the GOP, thrust there by conservatives who secretly filmed Planned Parenthood executives talking casually and graphically about the mechanics and costs of donating tissue from aborted fetuses for research. Republican candidates have grabbed at the chance to demonstrate their credentials as cultural conservatives — emphasizing their opposition to abortion and demanding an end to federal funding of Planned Parenthood, even if that leads to a government shutdown. Some 50 advocacy groups are co-sponsoring protests in nearly 300 cities this weekend to highlight what the Family Research Council calls “Planned Parenthood’s harvesting and selling of aborted baby parts.”

Ohio governor John Kasich explained the rising prominence of the abortion issue this way recently on CNN: “Now that the issue of gay marriage is kind of off the table, we’re kind of down to one social issue.”

The nature of the GOP primary electorate requires that Republican candidates take as hard a line as they can against abortion and explain in great detail their positions on exceptions, restrictions, and any shifts in thinking they may have undergone. They may be convinced that this won’t hurt them with women or moderates in a general election. Gallup found in May that 21 percent of Americans would only vote for a candidate who shared their view on abortion. That’s an all-time high in the 19 years the question has been asked, but they were about equally divided on both sides of the issue.

So does that make it a wash? Probably not. For one thing, the tide seems to be turning in the other direction. Half of Americans told Gallup in May that they were “pro-choice” on abortion compared with 44 percent who said they were “pro-life.” Analyst Lydia Saad wrote that was the first statistically significant lead for the “pro-choice” position in seven years. In addition, polls show pluralities of Americans have positive views of Planned Parenthood and oppose cutting off its federal money.

That hasn’t stopped various Republican hopefuls from calling for a Justice Department investigation into Planned Parenthood. Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana governor, has even vowed to sic the IRS on the group. The crusade is a classic example of overreach that could backfire in a general election. Republicans are their own worst enemy on this, but here’s the real problem: They are jeopardizing health care for low-income women who need birth control, cancer screening, or — yes — an abortion. The potential political bonanza for the Democratic nominee is not worth that price.

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File photo: Protesters stand on a sidewalk outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Vista, California, August 3, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Jill Lawrence

Award-winning journalist Jill Lawrence is a nationally syndicated columnist and a contributing editor to U.S. News & World Report. She also contributed to The Surge: 2014's Big GOP Win and What It Means for the Next Presidential Race (2015). Lawrence has discussed political and policy developments on television, radio, and many other media outlets. She was an adjunct professorial lecturer at American University in 2014, teaching on the relationship between politics and the media.

Lawrence has covered every presidential campaign since 1988, as well as historic events such as the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress, the Clinton impeachment, the Florida recount, and the 1993 and 2009 battles over health reform.

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  1. Dominick Vila August 20, 2015

    The best thing we could do at this point is to take off our blinders, consider the political realities that surround us, and do something about it besides trying to find feel good comfort. Donald Trump control the media, public opinion, and the agenda. I, like most Democrats, hope he is a temporary phenomena that will drown in his own rhetoric, but the reactions by his followers, who seem to be growing in numbers by the day, tell us otherwise. He is real, and dismissing his chances to win is the last thing we should do. The same goes for Carly Fiorina, who is being groomed as a counter balance to Hillary.
    The sad truth is that Hillary’s candidacy has taken a serious hit. Regardless of whether or not there is an iota of truth behind all the pseudo scandals we are seeing, the fact is that they are harming her chances, and destroying the personal attributes that made her a formidable challenger to the nomination of the Democratic party 7 years ago. Bernie Sanders is saying what most of us expected Hillary to say. It remains to be seen whether he can survive the onslaught the GOP will direct at him as soon as Hillary is out of the way.
    The GOP establishment is, indeed, in trouble, but that does not mean Trump is. He appeals to the disenchanted, to those who are looking for a non-political figure to lead the country, to those who don’t trust career politicians, and to those who are looking for something different. I consider him the greatest danger to our democracy and freedoms, and I fear the potential effects of his incendiary and irresponsible rhetoric. Hopefully, his rhetoric regarding illegal immigration will not degenerate the way Slobodan Milosevic’s did in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    1. charleo1 August 20, 2015

      If Trump were the last GOP standing, would moderate, and establishment types on the Right vote for him over say, Hillary Clinton, or Burnie Sanders? Yes, I’m pretty certain they would. They would probably cross their fingers, say a prayer to Jesus, and vote to elect the one biggest demagogues, charlatans, and know nothings this Country has seen since Father Charles Coughlin. And in so doing, play out one of the Founders greatest concerns for democracy as it relates to the commoners having the power of the vote in the first place.

      1. TZToronto August 20, 2015

        Trump as President would probably have some surprises in store–for himself. At some point he’d probably decide that the country needs to do something (anything will do) but discover, to his chagrin, that he can’t do it without Congressional approval. Or that what he wants to do violates the Constitution or is in direct conflict with decisions of the Supreme Court. Or that other countries won’t just do what he says they must do–like Mexico paying for a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of the U.S. I just do not believe that Trump has any idea that everything he thinks is right is legal. Thinking with one’s mouth is not actually thinking.

        1. Independent1 August 20, 2015

          Exactly, 80% of what Trump is spewing is simply not doable for any numbers of reasons – a number of which you just pointed out. The biggest danger I see should Trump be elected, is that the U.S, could be stagnated for 4 years and accomplish little to nothing in moving forward, as Trump haggles over one undoable agenda item after another, while maybe styming the Congress with vetoes on legislation that America really needs to move forward; because of some quirky idea of his.

          1. 1standlastword August 22, 2015

            Actually, A Trump presidency would start a Third World War, we’ll come out on top–at the loss of millions of children from the poor and working and middle class families, and that would make America Great Again for president Trump

    2. @HawaiianTater August 20, 2015

      I think you’re letting Trump’s rabid GOP primary support cloud your judgement on this issue. There is not a doubt in my mind that he has no chance in hell of winning the general election. The Dems could nominate a turd sandwich and it would win in a landslide against Trump. That is exactly why I am cheering Trump on as much as possible right now. I hope and pray every single day that the GOP primary voters are stupid enough to let him get the nom because it was guarantee a Dem win. Preferably, that would be Bernie but I don’t think even Hillary could screw up an election against Trump.

  2. charleo1 August 20, 2015

    Not smart, is one way to describe Republican politics. And seemingly inescapably so.
    In the wake of their humiliating defeat in 2012. Bobby Jindal famously pleaded with his fellow Republicans that, “We need to quit being the stupid Party.” And yet there he
    was, post the marriage equality ruling. Vowing to ignore the High Court’s 6/3 decision in his Home State of LA. And going so far as to vow to refuse to recognize those unions granted outside his State. Not smart Governor. Suppressing, or limiting the vote by State statute of a certain demographic, or faction of the voting public that polls show do not agree with your Party’s policies, is not a long term strategy for success. And creates huge residual resentment among the disenfranchised that lasts for years. Just as gerrymandering the heck of districts all over the Country only gets you so far. Huge amounts of money injected into the political process, is very powerful. But when the plurality of the voting public disagrees with your Party’s ideology. It just makes common sense, the mass numbers will sooner, or later end that Party’s relevancy, if they cannot, or will not modify their positions.

    1. robertblair3174 August 20, 2015

      Many black and Latino voters are devoutly religious, and would probably vote for the GOPs socially conservative, if it wasn’t for the war mongering, rabidly racism, open corruption, and terrible economic ideas

      1. Independent1 August 20, 2015

        You mean it should be obvious to anyone with 1/2 a brain that pretending to be Christian is just a GOP Charade? That the term Conservative Christian is an oxymoron – being conservative and being Christian just can’t happen together; they are mutually exclusive! And anyone who thinks you can mix the two, are totally delusional and therby living a lie!!

        1. Insinnergy August 20, 2015

          It’s true.
          Conservative Christian essentially means you must demean and disadvantage the poor.
          This is at odds with pretty much most of the New Testament as I understand it.
          TLDR: Jesus would be sad with you.

          1. 1standlastword August 22, 2015

            Thus my understanding. Jesus was NOT A CHRISTIAN! –if he ever existed that is.

            Christianity is a modern fiction for the consumption of people who can’t tolerate their natural condition

    2. Joan August 22, 2015

      When the first debate was over and Trump was still polling as the leader in a field that aspire to mediocrity I began to be very worried. I do not find him funny anymore – nor should anyone. A Trump Presidency would be disastrous for this country.

      1. charleo1 August 23, 2015

        I agree a Trump Presidency would make the George W. years look like a pleasant walk in the park by comparison. However, we must consider Trump’s poll numbers only reflect what is a plurality of a relatively small number of self identified Republican respondents, when comparing Trump to the rest of the GOP Candidates. It’s interesting that among his supporters their second choices tend to be candidates, Cruz, Huckabee, and Carson. All running as anti-establishment outsiders. And espousing views that are seen by the vast majority of Americans as ideologically rigid, out of step, or extreme. While several polls have shown 75% of all Republicans have an overall negative impression of Trump. And deem Trump to be more of an entertainer, than a person qualified to lead their Party, or be President. So, is it possible that Trump continue on, against the majority within the Republican Party to capture the nomination? Yes, definitely. Is it at all likely? The experts still say no. I sincerely hope this little post serves to make your day brighter. As it did mine, upon learning these few salient perspectives.

  3. Bosda August 20, 2015

    Go Sanders.

  4. Otto Greif August 20, 2015

    Married women vote Republican.

    1. Bob Eddy August 22, 2015

      Then you better hope a lot more women get married before the election because Romney lost the women’s vote by 11 points and I can’t see any of the Republican front runners coming even close to that!

    2. Looner August 22, 2015

      Been married 38 years and We vote democrat. So do my children and their spouses.

      1. Otto Greif August 22, 2015

        You’re in the minority.

  5. Whatmeworry August 20, 2015

    70% of those polled are against abortion except for incest and rape

    1. Insinnergy August 20, 2015

      Evidence or STFU.

      1. Whatmeworry August 20, 2015

        Evidence?? Ever Poll take on the subject

        1. Independent1 August 20, 2015

          Kind of strange that back last May 29, a Gallup Poll showed that more Americans are Pro-choice than Pro-life:

          For the first time since 2008, significantly more Americans described themselves as “pro-choice” than “pro-life” in a Gallup poll asking for their position on “the abortion issue.”

          Fifty percent of survey respondents said they were “pro-choice” while 44 percent said they were “pro-life” in answering the question, “With respect to the abortion issue, would you consider yourself to be pro-choice or pro-life?”

          The other 6 percent of respondents either said they had mixed views, that neither label applied, that they didn’t know what the term meant, or that they had no opinion. These responses were volunteered, and not given as options in the poll question.


          (Keep in mind that the about 38% of that 44% Pro-life (are really Pro-Birth Republicans.)

          1. Whatmeworry August 20, 2015

            You apparently never read the Gallop poll data. It showed that 30% of Americans are opposed to abortion for any reason. 22% agreed it should be on demand. And he balance were opposed to abortion EXCEPT In cases of rape or incest

          2. Independent1 August 20, 2015

            That was clearly a poll taken of just Republicans. Over the past 20 years, being PRO-Birth (those pretending to be pro-life) has never exceeded 50% of the population!! So your numbers make no sense!!!

          3. Whatmeworry August 21, 2015

            Gallop has always been a left of center poling group. The pro death group are the 47% of the population that doesn’t pay taxes.
            Abortion on demand has always comprised the smallest segment of the population

          4. Independent1 August 21, 2015

            You always to get everything backward – Gallup is a clearly a right-wing biased polling organization – it’s the one that predicted a landslide for Romney in 2012.

            And if there’s a ‘pro-death’ group it’s the supposed pro-lifers who are really pro-birthers that will actually increase abortions and women dying in botched abortions.

            Given that the fake pro-lifers are actually Republicans, and GOP governance is equivalent to premature death, I guess you could call them t e pro-death group.

            And pro-choice at one time was as high as 65% of the population. So you’re numbers as usual are all mixed up.

          5. Max_ August 22, 2015

            They predicted a win for Romney as did several other polling groups and forecasters because there really is no way to factor in stuffed ballot boxes,hacked electronic voting machines and voter fraud accurately,.. Hey How-about that stock market,;~) what was that about me not having secret information? This is just the start, who are you gonna blame this on again? Ron Paul? Republicans? anyone and everyone but Lord Obama, Change you can believe in “Third World Status” You people are all fcking Morons…

          6. Looner August 22, 2015

            That is hilarious Max. People like you are so diseased in the head and so far gone you wouldn’t know the truth any more… If you ever did. If any one shows you the truth you start name calling and twisting stuff into an illogical pretzel because you can’t stand to try to think for yourself and not be brainwashed by al the weird talking heads and radio voices you guys follow. You really aren’t worth talking to, because you are too far gone and the only fcking moron is the one you see in the mirror.

          7. Max_ August 22, 2015

            Ay least your name is close to being right ..

            Ha ha what a DUMBSHIT!!!

          8. Independent1 August 22, 2015

            And once again you choose to distort the truth. Virtually every case of elections fraud that has been successfully prosecuted in the past decade has involved a Republican; doing similar actions to what you just accused Democrats of doing. But on top of that Republicans were caught, phoning voters and claiming to be authorized to take their votes and then tossing them; or doing the same thing at polling places while people waited in line and t hen tossing them; or posting false voting information on advertising boards in cities where low income people are just to keep them from getting to voting places at the right time and place; and even other devious schemes TO STEAL VOTES!!

            And on top of that is taking gerrymandering and voter suppression to heights never seen before so they could even win seats back in the Senate, when the Democrats in 2012 actually received 20 million more votes for the Senate seats that were open for election that year – which makes it pretty clear how much voter suppression took place in Red States because the GOP got slaughtered in every senate race in a blue state. In fact in Oregon, where there was over a 60% turnout, Democrats no hold EVERY ELECTABLE OFFICE IN THE STATE!!

          9. Max_ August 22, 2015

            The difference is that I am aware that BOTH sides Suck and that the American political system is nothing but a joke, no better than any Third World Banana Republic, We used to at least pretend to be a upstanding Republic, a Nation of Laws, but now we not only have a President a Executive Branch and a Congress that openly act like a Third World Banana Republic but we HAVE A BUNCH OF MORONS LIKE YOU THAT ACTUALLY SUPPORT AND CHEER THEM ON!!.. FOOL’s ALL!!!

          10. Independent1 August 22, 2015

            You are clearly a VERY SAD – MENTALLY DISTURBED PERSON, who has his priorities completely SCREWED UP!!

          11. Max_ August 22, 2015

            My priorities completely SCREWED UP? Look who;s fcking talking you P O S, you are helping the masters of the universe to finally crash this nation, there hasn’t been a single president that either knowing, unwittingly or through black mail or coercion that the Powers that be hasn’t owned for a long long time if ever, And believe me when I say there has NEVER been a more !!OWNED!! President than Obama, at least the Bush’s were running their own crime syndicate, and the Clinton’s worked for and with the Bush’s at least at first, but Obama is owned and operated, he is a true puppet of the Powers That Be… As are about 75% or more of the Congress…
            And all of you idiots are just useful idiots for the time being, soon to be discarded as useless idiots (KILLED), the fate of all useless idiots when puppet dictators no longer need you..

          12. Independent1 August 22, 2015

            More more totally absurd rhetoric from a totally disturbed person who clearly has his head way up his rearend!!!!!! You are totally full of crap!!!!!!!!

          13. Max_ August 22, 2015

            Says the useless idiot, Propaganda BS spreader…

          14. Independent1 August 22, 2015

            No President PERIOD!! NO PRESIDENT Has tried to do more to move America forward than Barack Obama!! And I can remember listening to FDR’s fireside chats!! YOU ARE A MENTALLY INCOMPETENT TOTAL IDIOT!! GO STICK YOUR HEAD IN THE NEAREST TOILET, BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE YOU BELONG!!!

          15. Max_ August 22, 2015

            You are BLIND leading the even more blind, you are very easy to fool that’s why I can call you a FOOL, yeah Obama has really moved America forward, secret we have to pass it to see whats in it health care bills written by insurance co’s for insurance co’s, secret trade deals and treaties that sell Americas sovereignty out to Corporations and the UN,, fomented racial unrest, allowing and encouraging an alien invasion of this country.etc etc etc all this while hiding behind homosexual marriage, the only real thing he has gotten for you idiots, more people on the dole than ever in the history of this country, a larger percentage of the work force unemployed than there ever has been in the history of this country, if it weren’t for food stamps, food shelf’s, and government checks we would be witnessing the greatest depression ever, soon and I mean very soon they will not be able to maintain this facade this farce, and their BS house of cards will come tumbling down, and all’s you will do is BLAME BLAME BLAME everyone and everything but yourselves for being soGodDamn Stupid and giving your freedom, liberty, personal and national sovereignty away all in the name of phony progress.. Fools All!!!

          16. Independent1 August 22, 2015

            I’ve got a challenge for you. I’m sure you’d be pretty upset if ISIS actually made it into America and started their ethnic cleansing campaign going around killing people who didn’t chose to join Islam. Well explain to me in that way, how the GOP is any different than ISIS.

            ISIS goes around killing people who chose not to join Islam, while the GOP goes around prematurely killing people who are not, or don’t have the where-with-all to become wealthy.

            Let me give you an example:

            When the Republicans 1st took over the state of Maine in 2010, the absolutely 1st thing that the GOP governor and legislature did was vote to reduce the top income tax rate so most of them and the other already wealthy Mainers could keep more money in THEIR POCKETS. In order to pay for being able to do that, they voted to reduce the monies allocated to Maine’s equivalent of Medicaid, thereby kicking 70,000 Mainers off of Mainecare thereby depriving 70,000 Maine residents of the health care they need keep living.

            It’s been projected that since then, over 4,000 Maine people have died prematurely because of just that one decision. And that’s not the only decision that GOP legislators and governor have made in Maine that have been projected to result in Maine people dying prematurely because of the GOP’s desire to shovel money to already wealthy while cutting programs people need to keep living.

            So what is the difference between the GOP and ISIS?? Because ISIS goes around brutally killing people, while the GOP kills them MAYBE in a less brutal way. But have you ever had to be with someone dying from a cancer that wasn’t cured because the GOP robbed them of the health care check that may have caught it in time to prevent it from become fatal!!! Like happened to Maine’s current Senator King when a Melanoma was found before it expolded in his body!!


          17. Max_ August 22, 2015

            I’ve got a challenge for you, lets see if you can get your head out your @ss!.. Tough job I know but if you really really try It just might be done… Ha ha What a P O S …

          18. Independent1 August 22, 2015

            As I said in a lower post – YOU ARE A VERY SAD MENTALLY DISTURBED PERSON!!!

          19. Max_ August 22, 2015

            Ha ha What a Goof..

          20. Independent1 August 22, 2015

            Look, it’s going to do you absolutely no good going through life saying the whole system is terrible. Unfortunately, as much as we may not like it, the wold’s at a point where you have to choose between the bad you can live with, and the bad that’s too terrible to live with.

            Despite my constant damning of the GOP today, I’ve voted for 3 GOP presidents in my lifetime – I am a true Independent. I like to vote for who I feel is the best candidate.

            Unfortunately, since Reagan, the GOP has moved more and more to the absurd right, to the point that the party has become beset by nothing but thieves and murderers. People who are so enamored with money, that they’ll deliberately let people die to get more of it, even when they’re already enormously wealthy. I CAN’T LIVE WITH THAT.

            Although there are things I would like to see the Democrats do differently, they’re not currently focused on doing everything they can to destroy my retirement by killing SS, destroy my healthcare by destroying Medicare, constantly working to allow millions of Americans to die prematurely by refusing to pass job creation legislation, refusing to extend unemployment benefits, cutting the budget to food stamps and medical care for the less fortunate, and on and on.

            So I can live with the Democrats because they’re not currently trying to destroy the country I live in like the GOP!!

            You’re going to grow up to be a very angry old man if you don’t learn to make a choice between the bad you can live with and the terribly bad you can’t.

          21. Max_ August 22, 2015

            There was a coup and the Reagan administration was taken over by old man Bush and his crime syndicate, That kicked the fall of the USA into high gear and the rise of a new World order, a Corporate fascist tyrannical World government,, and the Clinton’s worked for and with the Bush’s, Obama was and is just a racial weapon puppet, It was decided that sexism wasn’t quite as strong as racism so Hillary stood aside letting Obama win, and you idiots just keep on falling for this $hit, you’re all FOOLS!!.. I am a very angry old man dumbshit.. I have told you before I can’t live in the USA anymore I have LEFT, I no longer live there full time I just vist from time to time.. It is now nothing more than a open air prison for crazy people..

          22. Bob Eddy August 22, 2015

            Now you’re just being nonsensical, so I will assume that it was not just an honest mistake, but a clear attempt to distort the truth. Sigh, another morally and ethically conservative exposed!

          23. Whatmeworry August 23, 2015

            Now your acing like Barak when you are outed with facts

          24. Bob Eddy August 23, 2015

            Except I wasn’t outed by fact! YOU LIED!!! This is directly from a May 2015 Gallup poll. People who think abortion should be legal:
            In all cases – 29%
            In most cases- 51%
            Never – 19%

            Of course it is possible that your improper spelling of “Gallup” wasn’t an accident and was a blatant attempt to deceive by creating a bogus poll intended to give the impression of legitimacy. In any case you statistics do not agree with the real “Gallup” polling firm. So I don’t know if you are incredibly st upid or incredibly dishonest.

          25. Whatmeworry August 23, 2015

            Thanks for your spin o the Gallup poll. The 51% you quote is qualified by words only in the case of rape or incest

          26. Bob Eddy August 23, 2015

            No it doesn’t, but that’s irrelevant any way since you are a liar. Bottom line, 80% say they approve of abortion in some cases (the poll does not ask under what conditions)which exposes your lie that 70% oppose abortion

          27. Whatmeworry August 23, 2015

            Bottom line 70% of the population OPPOSE abortion on demand

          28. Bob Eddy August 23, 2015

            Bottom line, you are a liar, so no matter how you try to reword it, you are still a liar because it appears 80% approve abortion on demand under certain conditions. You are free to continue lying to yourself, but please spare us your dishonesty.

          29. Whatmeworry August 23, 2015

            Typical Dem numbers aren’t your friend

          30. Bob Eddy August 22, 2015

            I read the Gallup poll and that is not correct! Gallup poll 2015: those who think abortion should be illegal in all circumstance s – 19‰. Those who think abortion should be legal in all circumstances or most circumstances – 42%. I think you better start worrying if a set of numbers are so thoroughly mangled. It may be your eyesight or maybe you just got temporarily blinded by too much right wing BS, the the real numbers are quite different than what you state…and I got my numbers directly from the Gallup web site.if you didn’t, it serves to remind you that mindlessly regurgitating right wing talking points can,at best, make a person look quite silly. At worst, make a person look dishonest.

        2. Bob Eddy August 22, 2015

          Name one!

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