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Republicans’ Southern Strategy Can No Longer Work

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Republicans’ Southern Strategy Can No Longer Work


Last week, 18-year-old Christopher Berry, who is black, stood in line for an hour at a suburban Atlanta polling place to cast his very first ballot. He voted for President Obama because, he said, “I really like his stance on health care (and) I feel like he is a president for all the people of the United States.”

Berry is emblematic of the new face of America, a browner electorate that neither Mitt Romney nor the Republican establishment believed was significant. They thought that relying on white voters alone would be enough to propel Romney to victory.

Though the U.S. Census, demographers and, in particular, Obama’s campaign strategists knew that the percentage of black and brown citizens is larger in every election cycle, the Republican establishment apparently did not. Or, if it did, its wise men — and I use that term advisedly — did not believe black and Latino citizens would bother to vote in substantial numbers. (Of course, Republican state legislatures had gone to great lengths to make voting as difficult as possible in several states.) Denial and disrespect can extract a steep price.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party is still in denial. Its leading lights have seized on comprehensive immigration reform as the ticket to courting Latino voters, whom they have succeeded in alienating. Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity, a barometer of right-wing sentiment, claims to have “evolved” on immigration reform and now supports a path to citizenship for illegal workers.

Evolution or not, that misses the point. Now, it’s true that the Republican Party’s intransigence on immigration reform has been costly. And Romney dutifully channeled the hostility that the GOP base holds toward illegal immigrants during the primaries.

But the Republican Party has a much bigger problem than merely immigration reform: For decades now, it has built its presidential election campaigns on a raw antagonism toward people of color. It relies on sending signals that telegraph disrespect toward those citizens — especially blacks and Latinos — to racially antagonistic whites. It’s called the “Southern strategy,” and the modern GOP, which has its base in the Deep South, took it all over the country.

You need look no further than Romney’s ads on welfare reform, in which he claimed that Obama would end the work requirement for welfare recipients. Romney’s campaign kept running the ads even after several fact-checkers pointed out that they were lies.

Cynthia Tucker Haynes

Cynthia Tucker Haynes, a veteran newspaper journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner, is a Visiting Professor of Journalism and Charlayne Hunter-Gault Distinguished Writer-in-Residence at the University of Georgia. She is also a highly-regarded commentator on TV and radio news shows.

Haynes was editorial page editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper for 17 years, where she led the development of opinion policy. More recently, she was that newspaper’s Washington-based political columnist. She maintains a syndicated column through Universal Press Syndicate, which is published in dozens of newspapers around the country. Besides winning the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2007, Haynes has also received numerous other awards, including Journalist of the Year from the National Association of Black Journalists.

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  1. Nomad November 10, 2012

    I wouldn’t hold my breath that Hannity could “evolve” on any subject.

    1. Lynda November 10, 2012

      Hannity is a fraud and well paid for his dishonest tone. In his heart of hearts nothing has changed.

      1. Fern Woodfork November 10, 2012

        Hannity Is A Racist Bitch!!

  2. dmikee November 10, 2012

    A shameful strategy indeed and people everywhere are finally realizing that there is no room for racism in politics. Yet a poor black in Georgia has virtually no chance of being on the winning side, still. Or in Alabama or Mississippi.

    1. JJ November 10, 2012

      but dmikee, he IS on the winning side…..
      the RIGHT to vote….and despite all the
      shameless tactics and obstacles from the
      GOP to prevent it, he voted…..
      for the winning side!!

    2. John November 11, 2012

      But yet the people of the south still vote for the policies. I truly believe in my heart that the southern people have a good deal of pride and love for all people and that is why they will work 2 jobs. The real issue as brought up before is…why does he/her have to work 2 jobs? Are we not educated enough or do the crumbs of the corps only reach so far after their salaries are paid. I do not believe in punishing those that make more…it is HOW they go about it!

  3. Mimi2kool November 10, 2012

    What the GOP is not taking into account in their skewed strategy is that educated and informed white people don’t support them either.

    1. Barb Markovich November 10, 2012

      What a great response! This very, very white woman agrees with you !

      1. Lisztman November 10, 2012

        I’m of 50% Czech extraction, 50% German. I guess that puts me in the “very white” category with you, Barb. I happen to be male. But I also agree wholeheartedly not only with the sentiments of Cynthia Tucker, but with what Mimi2kool said above.

        “Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” (It’s inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.) Just don’t let them vote. They may eventually expect some fruits for their labors.

        1. Fern Woodfork November 10, 2012


          1. joceandre November 11, 2012

            Fern we knew that was coming. I do not know for the life of me why anyone would vote for those sick ideas. The truth of the matter is not that Romney was a bad man , he is just a puppet and did not know what crowd to please. Let us pray for healing, and remember common sense usually prevails. I am so happy that it did this time.

          2. Fern Woodfork November 11, 2012

            If You Think Stripping American Companies And Shipping American Jobs Overseas Is Not Bad That I Have No Idea What’s Bad !!! Here ‘s A Clue Romney Was A Money Hoarding DEMON!!! He Would Do And Say ANYTHING TO GET MONEY AND TO WIN!!! ROMNEY IS A VERY BAD MAN!!!!!! Why In The Hell You Think He Hid Those Tax Returns It Was Full Of Low Down Things Romney Did To Make His Money!!!!!!

        2. chrise November 10, 2012

          Very well written. The GOP is full of dinosaurs. Old, white, male dinosaurs. And we all know what happened to them, right?

      2. Fern Woodfork November 10, 2012

        I Love You Too My Friend We ALL WANT THE AMERICAN DREAM!!!

      3. ayayaboy November 10, 2012

        Voters feared ryanization phobia more than they had feared the veneral romnesia disease. Donald Trump caught both diseases at the same time. That was why he was barking like a toothless pitbull.

        1. Fern Woodfork November 10, 2012

          LOL Good One My Friend And The Other Nuts Who Got The Same Disease Can Thank Obama For The Precondition That’s Part Of ACA Now They Can Get The Help They Need!!! LOL ayayaboy I Can’t See Now Thanks To You My Eyes Are So Full Of Tears Cause I’m Laughing So Hard At Your Statement!! LOL

          1. zeldaq November 11, 2012

            you are right, fern. what happened to west, will happen to the rest of the tea party in 2014 if they continue to stand in the way of progress. if the remaining tea party racists continue to support the grover norquist pledge, instead of their first pledge to the american people, they will surely lose their jobs . norquist can’t help them win re election. this ”nov. election” proved that all the money the GOP put up to steal the election, was invane.
            i think that if the tea party starts to work with mr. obama, and the dems; america will thriving like never before. it boils down to progress can start now, or in 2014. mr. obama has sent bills to congress that will put millions back to work, getting our roads and bridges repaired. in my opinion mr. obama is one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had. the tea party should stop the racism and co operate, and compromise. i also think that mr. obama should keep the pressure on them.

          2. Michael Peterson November 11, 2012

            you have that right!!

          3. zeldaq November 12, 2012

            the only reason the GOP still holds the majority in the house of reps; is because most of them were not up for re election. a bunch of tea party members will up for re election in 2014. if mr. obama sends bills to them for getting the country moving again, and they don’t sign, they will be cutting their own throats. i hope the tea party is smart enough to see that. if so, we will see progress right away. if not, we have to wait until 2014, when they are defeated in the mid terms. mr. obama’s strategy is amazing. to me it looks like he played this last election exactley right. the results of the whole thing could not have been better. it’s like he forced the tea party to paint themselves into a corner. the only way out, is to do what they were elected to do. and, mr. obama gave the tea party the opertunity to walk away from norquist’s pledge. they are in a tight spot now. they must co opperate or down the road they go. zeldaq Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Republicans’ Southern Strategy Can No Longer Work

          4. Fern Woodfork November 11, 2012

            You Got That Right The GOP Think It’s 1950, And The Tea Party Think It’s 1850 And We Know They Are Both WRONG They Better Stop Living In The Past Cause Sooner They Come To The 2012 Both Party Will Have Hell Getting Into Office!!!

      4. Bradbrea November 10, 2012

        This very, very, not so young white woman agrees too!!!

        1. Zooli November 11, 2012

          I can’t believe you admitted to being a white WOMAN in public! LOL
          (I am too, but keep it on the down low, I fears the Mitt will git me.)

      5. Sandra November 10, 2012

        There will come a day when Whites esp. in Southern States will have to acknowledge that they are the 47% that Romnesia was referencing. They make up the majority of Americans who are on welfare and food stamps but fail to grasp the reality and will continue to vote against their best interest.

        1. Fern Woodfork November 10, 2012

          YES It’s Really Sad That They Are The Main One’s On The Government Tits!!! Romney Would Have Had The Dumb Asses Out In The Streets Hungry But Yet They Voted For That Thug!!! Sad Real Sad!!!

          1. AngelM November 11, 2012

            Are you really that angry? You are disrespectful to our fellow southern citizens and your President. If you are near Philly, PA my granddaughter is a psychologist that works with trouble children that throw temper tantrums.

          2. Fern Woodfork November 12, 2012

            I’m Not Angry At All The South At The Base Of The GOP/Tea Party! Maybe You Need To Seek Treatment Sound Like The Me You At Just The One Who Needs Help!! Or Maybe You Need To Look At What Real!! Those Are All RED STATES!!! THEY ARE THE ONE VOTING FOR THE GOP/Tea Party!!!

        2. Hillbilly November 10, 2012

          Sandra, have you ever talked to any Southerns, if you had you would realize that a good many Southern people work 2 or more jobs to stay off welfare . Where are you getting your figures that Southerns make up the majority of Americans on welfare and food stamps. I was born and raised in the South and still live in the South, all the Southern people I have known all my life would rather 2-3 job than to ask for food stamps and won’t ask for welfare so long as they are able to keep food on the table, roof over their families’s head and clothes on their back. I am a senior citizen and have been told repeatedly that I could get food stamps because of the amount of money I draw but I have never applied for them nor have a lot of retired people and never will apply for them. I am an old poor white lady that voted for President Obama both times and I am proud of it because he is better for the Country than the 2 R’s would have ever been.

          1. Yappy2 November 11, 2012

            I am not critcizing you, but why is it that so many southerns have to work 2 or more jobs just to supply the bare necessary things for their families?

          2. donaldogomez November 11, 2012

            Bless your heart! I think what the writer might have meant is not that southerners are welfare moochers etc. What is a shame is that the system R&R wanted to augment would have made things harder for many southern whites/blacks/latins/whoever……
            what is indisputable is that southern states are larger recipients of federal aid than any other area. They pay fewer taxes and get more federal funds than any of the blue states.
            Many years ago, Bob Dylan wrote a song called
            Only a Pawn in the Game…….

          3. ehershon November 11, 2012

            Dylan also wrote another song back in the 60’s when this country was going through changes.

            Come gather ’round people
            Wherever you roam
            And admit that the waters
            Around you have grown
            And accept it that soon
            You’ll be drenched to the bone
            If your time to you
            Is worth savin’
            Then you better start swimmin’
            Or you’ll sink like a stone
            For the times they are a-changin’.

            Come writers and critics
            Who prophesize with your pen
            And keep your eyes wide
            The chance won’t come again
            And don’t speak too soon
            For the wheel’s still in spin
            And there’s no tellin’ who
            That it’s namin’
            For the loser now
            Will be later to win
            For the times they are a-changin’.

            Come senators, congressmen
            Please heed the call
            Don’t stand in the doorway
            Don’t block up the hall
            For he that gets hurt
            Will be he who has stalled
            There’s a battle outside
            And it is ragin’
            It’ll soon shake your windows
            And rattle your walls
            For the times they are a-changin’.

            Come mothers and fathers
            Throughout the land
            And don’t criticize
            What you can’t understand
            Your sons and your daughters
            Are beyond your command
            Your old road is
            Rapidly agin’
            Please get out of the new one
            If you can’t lend your hand
            For the times they are a-changin’.

            The line it is drawn
            The curse it is cast
            The slow one now
            Will later be fast
            As the present now
            Will later be past
            The order is
            Rapidly fadin’
            And the first one now
            Will later be last
            For the times they are a-changin’.

            Seems as this is even more relevent today than it was back then! Maybe the Republicans need to listen to more Dylan!!

        3. Yappy2 November 11, 2012

          I agree with you. I never could understand why Mississippi always votes to strongly for republicans. There are so many poor people there. It seems they are voting against their own interest.

      6. frogger November 10, 2012

        Love the way D(ipstick) Trump(et mouth) loves to blow and assume every person with white skin will agree. I am in three of the categories Republicans ‘think’ they ‘own’; I am a 69 year old white female. My parents and teachers taught me, correctly, to follow my heart, listen carefully, and be wary of those who speak with forked tongues (i.e. both sides of their mouth=Romney)! And so I have.

        1. Fern Woodfork November 10, 2012

          Donald Thump Is Not Happy Even Is He Own The Whole World Cause The Rat Nest On Top Of His Head Can Never Be Fixed!!! LOL Not All The Money In The World Can Fixed That Bird Nest!!!LOL He Is Stuck With It FOR LIFE!!!! LOL The World Is Laughing At Him And That Bad Hair Comb Over!!!LOL

    2. motorfingaz November 10, 2012

      Their tactic was always to divide the white majority against the black minority….. Conservatism makes one look backwards because if they were Progressives, they’d be looking FORWARD into the reality. Hispanics and Afr. Americans populations are increasing and the demographics change but all of that isn’t as relevant as the right wings policies that is leading to their irrelevancy!

      1. Fern Woodfork November 10, 2012

        WE DON’T Die WE MULTIPLY!!! WE ARE A RAINBOW OF PEOPLE!! WE Don’t Want To Go Back To The Bad Old Days Where The Rich Robber Barrons Rule The World!! We All Want A Piece Of The Pie!! And We Are To Smart To Go Back!! WE Know How The Game Is Played!! There To Many Of Us That Got Money And Brains And We Also Know How To Vote!!! Our Brains Have Been Educated And We Know What’s Best For Us And The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Is Not What We Want To Lead Us NOWHERE!!!

        1. old_blu November 10, 2012

          Well said Fern I love the “RAINBOW OF PEOPLE”.

          You’re one awesome girl.

          1. Zooli November 11, 2012

            hey, you two quit you’re flirtin’ This is politics disq. LOL
            ( Rainbow’s Rock!)

      2. Ed November 10, 2012

        White against blacks was only one of the “wedge issues” the repubs used to divide u, although it was the largest. Then there is abortion, immigrations, anti union campaigns, and on and on.

        1. Fern Woodfork November 10, 2012

          They Just Don’t Know We Are United In This Need To Give EVERYBODY A FAIR SHARE!! This Is Not A Black Against White Thing That’s What They Are Trying To Make It Seem Like This Is A UNITED THING WITH ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE RAINBOW OF RACES TO BE TREATED EQUAL!! I Love All People I Just Don’t Like Them Trying To Push Their Bullshit On Me!!! I’m Not Going To Take It We All Shouldn’t Have To Take They Bullshit!! Who Die And Made Them KING OR GOD???

    3. Fern Woodfork November 10, 2012

      The South Lost The War!!! They Think They Are Going To Rise Again LOL There’s Too Many Of WE THE PEOPLE THAT WILL NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN!!! WE WILL MOVE THE COUNTRY FORWARD!!!!!

      1. Ed November 10, 2012

        When one social scientist was asked if the Klan coluld rise again he snawered, “the klan depended on the backing of law enforcement. Now half the sherrifs in the south are black. Endof story”

        1. Zooli November 11, 2012

          That is NOT true of FL. (just so’s ya know.)

      2. Hillbilly November 10, 2012

        Fern, you are making remarks about the South that is not completely true. When the Civil War was fought there were as many men from the South that fought with the Union Army as there were Northern Men that fought for the Confederacy. I had a great great Grandfather fight and die as a rebel, at the same time I had a great grandfather that fought as union soldier both of them raised in the South. So there are many people in the Northern state that are hoping that the Confederacy will rise again, there may be more there than there is in the South. This Southern woman doesn’t want to see any war especially between the states in this Country. President Obama is better than Romney will be because he knows what it is like to be cold, hungry and no roof over your head. What he went through when he was growing made the better man because he has been in the same places that a lot of us have been and knows what is needed to help all citizens of this Country and this Country something that Romney/ Ryan would never understand.

        1. Fern Woodfork November 11, 2012

          It All Come Down To The People Has Spoken And We Don’t Want To Go Back To The Good Old Days To Them, Not Us, They Were The Bad Old Days!! That Why Ron Paul Will Never Be President Either Cause He Is In The South Raising Again Bullshit !! Most Picture You See Of Him He Got The Confederate Flag Flying Behind Him!!! We Are Too Smart To Fall For His Crap Also!!! We Know Just What That Confederate Flag Means!!! KKK , John Birch Society The Racism Can Not Be Hidden!! Most Of WE THE PEOPLE Can READ BETWEEN THE LINES!!! We Know Just What They Mean By We Want To Take Our Country Back!!! We Are Not Stupid!!!

        2. donaldogomez November 11, 2012

          Thank you for your comment. Of course you are right about the fact that the south has many, many people of good will who vote their hearts.Your logic is indisputable and heartfelt. Your good heart adds to the glow in my Latino heart at this happy opportunity for our country. I worked in FLA these past two campaigns for Obama and found many folks who fit the category on appearance of “crackers” or “bubbas” and yet they were working tirelessly for Obama. I stayed with a Jewish family and worked with kids whose parents hailed from El Salvador, Nicaragua,Puerto Rico,Ecuador,Cuba and the Dominican Republic.
          It is my hope that this election. even more than the first, will herald a move to broaden all of our horizons and hopes.

        3. Zooli November 11, 2012

          Ya know, Mitts Daddy was on welfare assistance a few years when he first came here. Ironically; If Mitt had been in office then/Mitt would not be the success he is today.

          1. Fern Woodfork November 12, 2012

            You Better Believe It ALL These People Got Help From Government They Just Don’t Want You To Get Any!!!

    4. joyscarbo November 10, 2012

      Republicans didn’t even get it right when it came to who voted for Obama in some of the wealthiest communities in the US.
      5 of the top six wealthiest counties in the US voted for Obama.

      However, overall, only 39% of all white people voted for Obama. Those are really lousy numbers, which means white people chose to vote for a really flawed, flip flopping, dishonest white guy than vote for Obama. A majority of white people really do think if it aint white, it aint right. That has to change.
      It’s true that white people have enjoyed running everything here in the US for a couple hundred years. But those days are numbered. White people had better get their heads out of their butts and join REALITY. The time for the “good ole boy,” white people majority and superiority attitude must come to an end. Stop with the suspicous and sterotypical comments and attitudes and start learning about your non-white fellow man. Most people on the earth (many who have immigrated here) are people of color- black, brown, red, yellow- and these folks will have increasingly a greater voice in how our country is run. I’ve long since accepted this truth and embaced those of different color than my own. I want to know how they think and what shapes their thinking.

      I live in a very diverse community. I work in public health as an RN. My primary patient population is Muslim Somalis, Africans, Hispanics and Asians. There are smaller numbers of American blacks and whites. One thing I’ve noticed about Muslims is that although I interact with them all the time, they’ve never said to me, “I would like to share with you what Mohamed has done for my life.” That is, they’ve never approached me trying to convert my to Islam. By the same token, they aren’t offended by christianity either.
      I work with a lovely Indian woman. My home city has a realatively small- but tight knit- population of immagrants from India. These folk’s religion is Sikh (pronounced “seek.”) Many of you may remember the tragic shooting at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin. A white supremacist shot and killed 6 and wounded 4 others because he thought they were arab and muslim. Sikhs are utterly peaceful!!!! They are from India, NOT the arab world. And even if they were a group of arabs and/or muslims, they wouldn’t have deserved such an attack. The Sikh Temple in our city will be having an open house, welcoming ALL people in the community. Their goal is to educate the community on what being Sikh is about and will offer their culture’s food to the publica as well. It’s next weekend and I’m going. What a great way of reaching across the race aisle! I wish we all could do this more as a country!
      White Americans MUST learn to accept and embrace those who are of color.

      1. FredAppell November 10, 2012

        I have and those were some of the most beautiful words that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Your words are testament to your heart and soul and the world could use more joyscarbo’s.

      2. donaldogomez November 11, 2012

        You are a wonderful woman who does super inmportant work. You, and your heartfelt values are the genuine future of this great nation. I am jokingly known as a Mexi-Rican american . I am proud of you for your warmth and humanity. You are a true inspiration.

      3. Zooli November 11, 2012

        It would be nice if they liked white Women as well.

      4. Fern Woodfork November 12, 2012

        Very Well Said Just Like They Want People To Believe This Is A Black vs White They Also Want To Have Us To Believe This Is Rich Men Vs Poor People Who Want Stuff !!! LOL Just More GOP/Tea Party LIES!!! Bruce Springsteen JayZ Marc Anthony And So On Are All Millionaires Katy Perry And Over Half Of Hollywood BIG MONEY PEOPLE!!! Plus George Clooney!!!

    5. Dominick Vila November 11, 2012

      What the GOP must understand is that no candidate running on policies and values that appeal only to the Confederacy and the Bible Belt can become President of the United States. People capable of rational thinking and truly devoted to country are only interested in going back when the focus is on learning from the errors made in years past. Otherwise, the goal must always be to move forward.
      President Obama’s victory was influenced by many factors, but high among them was a rejection of the overt hatred, intolerance and lack of compassionthat characterized the Republican campaign strategy in 2012.

      1. Zooli November 11, 2012

        And the Ridiculous Notion that they should create legislation against Women; and even ATTEMP to create law that could land some in jail for not being able to carry a child to term. That would violate HIPPA; and lead to serious 5th Amend-rights violations. You cant be forced to be a witness against yourself; (O hey lets throw this ultra-sound up on the board and use it against you in a court of “law”.)

        It reads Life, Liberty, & Justice for ALL. NOT LIFE OVER LIBERTY.

    6. ORAXX November 11, 2012

      Educated and informed people of any color.

  4. jnsgraphic November 10, 2012

    Suprisingly Boehner is being very agreeable to compromise with ‘Obamacare’ and the fiscal deficit… beware of sheep in wolfs clothing!

    1. Mimi2kool November 10, 2012

      To compare wolves with Boehner is to insult the wolves.

    2. latebloomingrandma November 10, 2012

      Maybe he’ll be able to compromise since he has rid himself of a few teaparty people.

      1. Lynda November 10, 2012

        Boehner is not man enough to deal with the Tea Party. He waited two years hoping that the voters would toss them out. Only 47 or the 60 will no longer be in the House, so big John has to set up and deal with the rest. Is he up for it? I doubt it as his history has clearly shown. Boehner is interested in only thing…power.

        1. Fern Woodfork November 10, 2012

          Power Control And Money Is All They Want And In Boehner Case Plus Another Drink!!!

      2. Zooli November 11, 2012

        I hope so; I would so miss that pink tie.

      3. CPANewYork November 12, 2012

        Boehner doesn’t have to relieve himself of anyone for him to be himself. He’s a genuine ultra conservative son of a bitch.

    3. Liz Feeser-Regan November 10, 2012

      You got that right.

    4. Sandra November 10, 2012

      Actually he included caveats in his statement, he expects PO to acquiese to his and the R’thugs’ idelogy of more tax cuts for the rich and complete deregulation of Wall Street, I don’t think he realises that his party lost or he refuses to acknowledge it.

    5. CPANewYork November 12, 2012

      I think that 2014 will witness the Republicans losing the House of Representatives. Then, for at least two more years after that, Obama will have a clear mandate to push through his legislative and international programs.

      1. jnsgraphic November 12, 2012

        Agreed! And if Hillary runs in the next election she will be a shoe’in!

  5. Mark Metcalf November 10, 2012

    This is not a issue of race, so why bring it up?
    I am a second generation American, and I thought it might make a diffidence to some to mention that.
    I believe that All people should be accountable for there actions, and as I have this attitude,
    We as a whole should not support drug users or those that are able to work.
    I’m just saying that a line should be drawn were people that work hard for there moneys should have it a little better then those that work the system.
    Thank you for looking at my statement with a open mind.

    1. Ashetalia Staatz November 10, 2012

      The Southern Strategy, as the article states, IS a matter of race; the GOP decision to support racist Southern whites affected its take on race and policy. They then tried to take it nationwide in the guise of “fiscal responsibility,” summed up in “welfare queens.” If you have any doubts about that, read some interviews with Lee Atwater.

      Institutionalizing racism solidified GOP’s Deep South, Southwest base, but did not help the middle class in real time. This election, the GOP lost the white vote in Northern, Midwestern states, as those folks had no reason to support them. GOP also lost on moral grounds by alienating voters who were disgusted by their bigotry. Remember, they actually RAN people like Akin and Mourdock. That is crazy.

      As far as social programs–no one is lucky all the time, and the world is often out of our control. When s**t happens, we all need a social safety net to survive and move forward. Where there is a program, be it federally or privately run, there’ll be people who “work the system.” That doesn’t mean that the system should be scrapped. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    2. commserver November 10, 2012

      The problem in this country is that the pie is too small. If group A gets a bigger slice then group B is going to feel resentful.

      The solution is to have the pie get larger so that all have a fair piece of the pie.

      Of course in recent days the pie has gotten smaller and it is easier to look for scapegoats. the obvious are minorities and immigrants.

      Another problem is that in many cases the pay is so low and/or the jobs is undesirable so the only people willing to take those jobs are illegal aliens. Lets be honest would you want to do stoop labor at the minimum salary?

  6. Baron Cormac November 10, 2012

    What a lot of folks tend to forget is the “Why” of the Republican “Southern Strategy”. This started with President Lyndon Johnson and his Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts. Because of the strong opposition by the Southern Conservative Democrats (i.e. the ante-bellum version of the party), Johnson needed the support of the Northern and West Coast Liberal Republicans (yes, there were such things before Barry Goldwater had them totally demonized) to pass the legislation.

    Now, fast forward to 1968. George Wallace ran on a separate ticket (implying but not outright supporting segregation) that split the Democratic Party giving Richard Nixon the second”Minority Presidency” win in this century. Thanks to their disaffection with the national focus of the Democratic Party, Nixon welcomed those Southern Democrats into the Republican ranks. The true irony is Wallace remained a mainstay of the Alabama and National Democratic Party until the day he died, publicly renouncing segregationism and working to further integrate Alabama.

    As people tend to vote for incumbents, those who voted for their formerly Democratic Representatives and Senators now started to vote for those same folks as Republicans. However, another thing happened. While the majority of Southern Blacks HAD been voting Republican, all of a sudden they noted the folks who had been denying them their rights were now on the Republican ticked. So the Black Southerners joined the Northern and Midwestern Blacks in shifting their votes to the Democratic Party.

    So the Republican Party came to be more dominated by the Southern and Western Conservative philosophies, as opposed to the Northeast/Midwest/West Coast Progressive philosophies. The amusing thing is here in New England, with the exception of John Sununu, most of the Republicans tend to be old-style progressives who support public education, believe in climate change, and are not strict social regulators that their Southern cousins are. Tea Party types do not do well in our primaries, nor in the actual elections.

  7. Kenneth Morgan November 10, 2012

    One other thing the repubs continue t9 do at their own risk is to let the religious extremists control much of their policies of exclusion. Politics is not the place for religion to take the forefront.

    1. Zooli November 11, 2012

      Just because they think they are god; does not mean they are religious., (really I agree with you–it’s just so; Bible in one hand-blanket purposefully infected with small pox in the other hand; I don’t know if is extremism or genocide.) It certainly isn’t in the best interest of the country.

  8. Liz Feeser-Regan November 10, 2012

    The Republican party is still the party I will never trust regardless of what they say.

  9. commserver November 10, 2012

    Unfortunately for the GOP, the Old South isn’t a reality.

    Too many Northerners have move South to retire and for other reasons. Look at Florida which eventually went to Obama.

    States like North Carolina and Virginia are attracting workers who are younger, more educated and more liberal. North Carolina did go Romney but due to other reasons. Virginia went with Obama, especially in those suburbs of Washington DC.

    Many of the Northern African-Americans have move South to states like Georgia. Georgia isn’t a solid red state any more.

    Of course you will have states in the Deep South, but they are slowly evolving.

    As people get more and more educated then they become more and more tolerant. Of course you will always have people who will hate no matter what.

    The demographics are changing.

  10. aaastickit November 10, 2012

    the repuick party has sowed the seed of HATE into the SOUTHERN bastards i mean baptists and it will continue to foster death to our great president as we have seen already people threatening to assasinate the president.
    These are the southers puicks and usually they are the white trailer trash on welfare themselves

    1. Bradbrea November 10, 2012

      @aaastickit – Please don’t lump ALL Southerners and Baptists into your “HATE” banter. I am both Southern and Baptist and I supported President Obama in Both elections as did many of my friends. In his first term I was living in Miami, FL where politics were very heated but I was still very vocal on my stand for Obama. This election, I live in SC where, WOW is all I can say! However, I was extremely surprised to see that Obama won 42% of the votes in SC which if you know your history, that is HUGE. In the end, I DO believe that the South is progressing but their progression will not be helped by people constantly lumping all Southerners in with the “crazies”.

  11. ignore the facts November 10, 2012

    After being given the “Romney sneeer” at the postal station by an angry old white man, it only confirms my dedication as a Democrat. Truly, face it, these old folks are not going to be around that much longer. It’s interesting though how they don’t even care about their own children and grandchildren. I suppose if you can leave them hundreds of thousands of dollars, you don’t have to worry about them./ But, a lot of us can’t do that./ So, we HAVE to worry about them. It’s nice that Romney’s daddy gave them their first house. /

  12. howa4x November 10, 2012

    Lee Atwater you’ve gone too soon! He was the last republican stratagest to tell the GOP that they needed a big tent, and had to go beyond it’s racially biased approach. Even though it was him that designed the Willy Horton adds for Bush the elder he knew the writing was on the wall. Instead of heading that advise the GOP opened the door to the tea party and courted the evangelical vote. Now there are barriers to change that. One giant barrier is Fox news, and although Hannity is making some meek guestures about comprehensive immigration reform, the rest of the rouges gallery is not on the band wagon yet. There is a cadre of media stars on the right that have made fortunes taking the opposite view, and have built up millions of followers. How are they going to tell all these white men that they made angry that they were really only kidding, and that Gays, Latinos, Afro-Americans, Asians and feminists and not so bad after all. They are not, is the answer. They will still appeal to the most cynical, sexist, and racist segment of the base, because they are making millions doing it. How is Rush and Glen and Ann all of a sudden say we were wrong?
    The other big problem the GOP has is the states. It s here that the Republican legislatures have caused the Brand so much damage. From vaginal probes, restrictions on abortion , voter suppression, anti immigrant laws, union busting,and enviornmental neglect, republicans on the state level have an all out assualt on the groups they eventually will have to reach out to. Can you see governor Brewer of Arizona reaching out to Latinos? Of course not , because it is the epi center of the war on them. It is because of the vaginal probe controversy, that women mobilized in Virginia, and because of the union busting of Scott Walker in Wis. a democrat who is an open lesbian won the senate race there.
    So national republican party can say anything they want, but the forces they set in motion will take a generation to change

  13. Walter Gregory November 10, 2012

    Thank you, Mimi2kool, you explained it perfectly. President Obama was not elected by just black people. He was re-elected by those of us who recognized that he really cares about ALL of us. He has proven time and time again that he understands what the country’s needs are and what can be done to FIX what was broken by others. The president and I knew the facts would speak for themselves and the majority of our fellow Americans agree.

  14. Stephen Johnson November 10, 2012

    Besides seeming to change policy towards minorities, the GOTP has another huge problem: how to purge its party of racists who dominate its right wing. Where are they going to go? And who’s going to make them leave? The Tea Party as a separate third party would be perfect for the country. The moderates can then come back to the GOP and the TP would go by way of the Dixiecrats.

  15. Karen Brown November 10, 2012

    There’s some very good reasons why this doesn’t work anymore.
    1. There are fewer states it works on. Used to be you could count on states like Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio…these are now SWING states, and two of them, at least, swung blue twice in a row, and North Carolina…never thought I’d see the day THAT would be a swing state.
    2. And this is a big one, this is a strategy of mutual exclusion. Namely, if you run the Southern strategy, there are states that you will get (and it isn’t saying there aren’t other ways to GET those states), but there are also states that you will LOSE by using that strategy. And not only can you not win with only the states it works with, but the states it causes you to lose…will cause you to lose the General Election

    This is a good thing, it is a hateful, destructive strategy that increases diverseness, fear, and anger. You win by appealing to the very worst in people’s natures, and this sort of ‘scorched Earth’ campaign that leaves you with a candidate that has to live up to it in their policies if they want to use it again does the nation, or even those states it works with, no favors. We’re better off without it.

  16. Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin November 10, 2012

    The “Southern Strategy” does not even work with 40+% of Southerners, either. 48.4% of North Carolinians who voted, voted for Obama this time, and over 50% last time. Even 44% of Texans repudiated Romney. Check out Virginia. Speaking as a native Southerner, white, older, and Christian … practically everyone I know (and like) feels the same way I do. I am mostly infuriated and insulted by Republicans assuming Southern = bigot = too stupid to figure out their 1% agenda.

    1. donaldogomez November 11, 2012

      thank you for the cogent arguements you are right in every single line.Your thoughts are the nightmare of every t party type.
      R ^R counted on people being too ignorant or brainwashed to know the game they were running….thank you

  17. Victor Craig November 10, 2012

    Well written.

    Romney, the Republicans and the people whom they represent, collectively think that we are all too stupid to have known about their true feelings about those of us who are classified as “minorities”, whether we are Black, Hispanic or female of any color and it back-fired on them.

    Romney was justifiably “booed” after his address at the meeting of the NAACP as he promised to repeal “Obamacare”. He wanted that to happen as he pandered to the hate-filled, anti-Obama feelings of the ranks of his party.

    They and the rest of the White American population who think that “Liberty and Justice for all” only pertains only to them, need to be completely re-educated.

    A good start for them would be by reading and practicing the principles that are set forth in the Declaration of Independence, the preamble to the US constitution and the teachings of Jesus that they claim to love so much.

  18. ayayaboy November 10, 2012

    Voters feared ryanization phobia more than they had feared the veneral romnesia disease. Donald Trump caught both diseases at the same time. That was why he was barking like a toothless pitbull.

  19. amarquez647 November 10, 2012

    The “Southern Strategy” was an electoral strategy engineered by Herbert Hoover. The Dixie south was strongly democratic and the black population was strongly republican. The republicans were seeking a way to make inroads in the south. Hover’s strategy threw the black population under the bus to gain acceptance of the dixie-crats. The southern strategy had major success during the campaign that led to Richard Nixon presidency. From Teddy to Richard the republican transformed from a progressives party to a sudo-conservatism based on the notion that this is a country founded by whites for whites. The closer we are to being homogeneous people the harder some resist the inevitable.

  20. JJ November 10, 2012

    unfortunately for them they forget one of the basic principles upon which This America was founded..Separation of church and state.

    They seem to have another America in mind..AND….THEY “TAKE IT BACK”

    Wonder WHERE IT IS!!

  21. Debbie Brady November 10, 2012

    the republican party’s base of raciest bigots is shrinking even in the south as a generation of tolerant young people replaces the intolerant bigots that are dying off.
    If the GOP continues to pander to intolerance and bigotry is will slowly sink into the obscurity it so richly deserves.

  22. Ed November 10, 2012

    Wouldn’t be a big deal if the Republican Party dissolved.

  23. JJ November 10, 2012

    Wholeheartedly agree with Karen, as well as the lesson in history
    from Baron, and remarks from commserver.
    Even as we watch North Carolina with the fast shifting demographics
    GOP Romeny only on is by the “squeak” as did Obama in 08. Look for this one to be the next one to go blue and remain blue next federal cycle.

  24. ivory69690 November 10, 2012

    see you ding dong GOP . all you did was pray on the all mighty whitey hate . ooops guess what ? times and color changed and your not on the white side of the fence any more . and Christopher Berry, im 52 yrs old and this was my first time i voted in my life too . but as for our colors , yes thy are different . for im what one would call white . but we did vote for the same guy Pres. Obama 🙂 you maybe because he is a black man . and more reasons im sure . for me i voted for him because it was the right vote . and is life still a race thing ? hmmmm ill say yes and untill ppl. understand this then and only then can the world move on . so when the question is asked to me RACE ? YA HUMAN. and i wonder what the ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY puts down when he,s asked RACE ? him being or his farther being from MEXICO .wouldnt that make him latino or hispanic ? for no matter witch of the 2 he isnt WHITE . i wonder if he was running back when his father came to this country from mexico if he would of told him to self deport him self hmmmmmm. maybe he would of but first asked how much money he,d get ? being the greedy bastard he is .

  25. Karen Brown November 10, 2012

    Well, part of the issue is that they turned what was supposed to be a cynical ‘strategy’ into a tenet of belief. And beliefs you support whether they benefit you or not. So, now it is ‘us’ vs. ‘them’, with them being lazy, moochers, unpatriotic, ungodly, and wrong.

    All they learned (and this was a hard enough lesson, actually) was that ‘them’ is actually bigger than their ‘us’. Learning that ‘they’ aren’t what the GOP paints them to be? Don’t see that happening any time soon. So, what is happening is ‘we’re right, we’re just not the majority, and the voters are a bunch of lazy, ignorant ‘takers’ who want stuff’.

    Good luck winning THAT way.

  26. ivory69690 November 10, 2012

    Last week, right-wing pundit Erick Erickson wrote, “Demography is only destiny when you [sic] party is obsessed with race as the Democrats are//// YUP YOU GOT THAT RIGHT AND ITS ABOUT TIME TOO ( RACE??? YUP HUMAN )

  27. Len Carrier November 10, 2012

    Many years ago demographics convinced me that our future population would be browner, more latinized, and more diverse. The GOP will never again be more than a footnote to history until they recognize basic facts about our planet and our increasingly immigrant population. Angry white men and women, right-wing evangelicals, and skin-head haters no longer compose a political majority. If the GOP continues to bank on this coalition, it will simply fade away.

  28. John Breithaupt November 10, 2012

    Black people, Latinos, and white people under the influence of those dangerous radicals, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King, need to remember that the GOP is alive and well, and can be defeated at the polls only if their political opponents work their tails off, and work smart, taking the Obama campaign organization as its model and inspiration. Victory won’t happen automatically!

  29. Jo Ward November 10, 2012

    Looking at the final map of election results, I was reminded of an invasion. The red interior of the country was surrounded by blue. I see this as a reaction by Americans to how free enterprise, which forms the basis of the Republican Party, has been abused. Free enterprise built a prosperous America, but it cannot be sustained without morality. When money and power become a political party’s motivating force, that party faces self destruction.

    1. northroader1775 November 10, 2012

      Same with a business…when your motivation is money…you lose…happy customers will happily pay you….make customer satisfaction your number one goal you will be wildly successful…make money your goal and you may or may not get rich but you will never be successful.

  30. Bunny November 10, 2012

    Is it possible , if the Republicans wanted to, elect a new Speaker of the House ? Or is Boehners positions written in Stone ?

  31. robert November 10, 2012

    It was obvious during the Republican/Tea Party primary and the presidential campaign that race played a large part in their “them” vs. “us” diatribes and rants. Eventhough africans in America make up only 30% of the U.S. population (38m), we have been the target of white supremaxist politics for the last 150 years. Even when Africans in America ignored the bs in late 19 and early 20th century to build nationhood within the nation, we were attacked, invaded, and criminalized. Since the election of President Obama, many people has attempted to deny race as an issue of the criticism that he recieves from the fringe, the GOP, and Tea Party, but it is an issue and always has been an issue. Listen to what Rush Limbo said after the election, that “we” (whites) should separate from the United States, re-create the confederacy, and install Myth Romney and Paul Romney as president and VP. That treasonous diatribe sparked a riot on the Ole Miss campus in Mississippi where “educated”, “intelligent” college students rallied, using ugly racial slur and calling for a separate nation. Just yesterday a woman was investigated by the secret service for posting racial remarks regarding President Obama and saying that “tyhis time he ought to be assassinated.” This same sorry hatred was prevalent in 1865, the 19th century, and is still prevalent in the U.S. today in the 21st century. It is shameful that because we have an African president of the U.S. and half the country, especially those here in the south can’t separate their deep and intrinsic indoctrination of white supremacy from reality and can’t, from this illusion of white supremacy, separate Africans or this African president from the ugly caricatures and stereotypes that they see us from. Where is the intelligence, the Christianity, the human dignity in all of this? There is none, because they would prefer to see their own nation be torn apart than to stand up and be true Americans. But, the aristocrats of white supremacy has always used the poor and the persecuted among them to carry out their sorry agenda, and it is saddening to see a white, who is a victim of poverty and persecution from this same white supremacist, to act out the barbarism, animalistic savagery, and evil. When, if ever, will we get pass this and move forward into the future? America needs progress now, not hatred, for its healing and recovery.

    1. northroader1775 November 10, 2012

      Brother we will get past this…it is going to take some effort but that effort is going to be great fun. In 3-5 generations we will all be a lovely coco color and have slightly slanted eyes and there will be no real differences to point at (there are no real differences now but still they point) so if we remove even the appearance of differences even the dumb ones will have to shut up. racism will be dead in 30-60 years it will just fade out.

      1. dtgraham November 11, 2012

        northroader I wish you were right but I’m not convinced. I remember having a conversation with some co workers many years ago where I trotted out my idea of a racial blender which just came to me at that moment. I was telling them, hey! wouldn’t the world be a better place if you could take all of the races in the world and put them all into a racial blender….everyone jumps in. Whatever a human being looks like that emerged from the blender, well that’s what we all look like.

        It occurred to me later though just how tribal human beings are. We love to separate ourselves with any number of things. Even if we all had the exact same racial features we would dream things up to imagine our differences. That’s what I think. People might group themselves into the long ear lobed and short ear lobed people for example. You know, never trust those short ear lobed people. They’re all no good. You think we wouldn’t?

        Anyway, look at the Serbs trying to exterminate the Bosnians and they’re both white Europeans. I know it was partly religious, but it was also partly racial. Look at the Hutuu committing genocide against the Tuttsi and they’re both black Africans.

        Yes I think there would be some improvement with no racial differences in the world, but probably not as much as we would hope for and possibly not very much at all. We’re a crazy species we are.

    2. Zooli November 11, 2012

      When will we get past it? When the Chinese Government call the several T$ loan due and foreclose on our whole nation and move it. I believe it well be too late then.

      UNITE! LET TAX CUTS EXPIRE! (Who is asking for taxes to be RAISED? )
      Loop Holes–they are tax breaks. ( Just Pay the taxes for crying out loud.)
      Cut wasteful spending & Fraud. PAY THAT LOOMING CLOUD OVER US BACK-
      –We owe it to ourselves & children who may, (or may not) have a future here.
      All those over paid in the politicians need to scale it down.
      Every drop in the bucket we can get counts.

      (that does NOT mean cut ALL Medicaid–but it MUST STOP PAYING FOR NARCOTICS.)
      The prescription thing set up by Bush needs to be slashed. (Stop over medicating the elderly through it, it does NOT cure–it destroys the golden years & causes them more trips to dr.)


      Leave Social Security ALONE. It is a trust that is paid for & when people get older & retire they have a little cha-ching to spend–SO IT FUELS THE ECONOMY. It creates some jobs when they need a hand with things……(yep–it is FDIC) Security for the elderly that THEY PAID FOR.

      AIG the FDIC insurance group that covers Mortgage backed securities to entice the big Money to invest, (you know the one that went bankrupt and the taxpayers bailedout.) ALLOWS BIG MONEY TO INVEST WITHOUT RISK.
      NO ONE is asking for it to be changed.

      FDIC for the Big Money-AIG : FDIC for the Middle Class retires Social Security.


      well, now that I have solved all these problems I need to jump in the shower!!

      p/s the 16T is NOT going to be paid back over night.
      It must be handled like a chess game, strategically. Growth must be balanced to feed income–NOT crazy slashes that cost MORE in the long run.

      1. CPANewYork November 12, 2012

        China isn’t strong enough to enforce payment on our bonds, but they wouldn’t have to enforce payment. They’ll be paid, but perhaps with dollars that are worth far less than the dollars that they used to buy the bonds.

  32. Julius John Hayden III November 10, 2012


    Living just outside of Atlanta, and being involved in the county Democratic Party, the view looks very black and white to me. The Georgia Rs have squeezed democrats into smaller and smaller districts as they attempted to make “safe” nests in which their acolytes can win election without too much bother. With house building at 30 year low and many Latino works gone home south of the border, it looks like the traditional power struggle between Massa and the freed-man. At least the Rs didn’t buy a super majority in the GA Legislature (for now).

    I really hope that the demographic shift happens soon.

  33. bogmart November 10, 2012

    I am an 84 year old white female, native Texan. I can remember when lots of Southern white folks still hated Republicans because Lincoln freed the slaves and burned crops and buildings all over the South. In the 50s these Southern Democrats were called DixieCrats, and they began drifting toward the Republican party. It was not until the voting rights act that there was much realization that minorities would have any influence in politics. Just a little look at history. An Obama supporter.

  34. JJ November 10, 2012

    Bradbrea, you are right many of us Southerners’ are in different places .Perspective-wise,,sooo pleaseaaastickit don’t paint everyone with the same brush based on geography..that IS NOT the real world..there are enough seeds of hate” to go around , however they are sprinkled all about”
    Let us all work to pull together for the President to fulfill the dream we al ahve,,,for ALL.

  35. nobsartist November 10, 2012

    I guess hitching your wagon to the John Birch Society was not as smart of a move as they thought it was.

    Time to finish the job. I hope that the koch brothers wind up getting audited for the rest of their miserable lives.

  36. JJ November 10, 2012

    Bunny, they {his own party members} will “throw him under the bus”
    at the earliest opportunity.!1

  37. JJ November 10, 2012

    Particularly for the GOP, mainly because what they currently espouse is WHAT they feel and what they believe in!!

  38. Honey Bucket November 10, 2012

    The GOP made a serious mistake when they thought that all whites would vote for him. I voted for the better man (President Obama). I didn’t look at race in my vote. By the way, I am Anglo.
    I didn’t vote for Romney because I just didn’t like him or his attitude toward the majority of voters. If you are rich, he was for you. If you weren’t, then too bad you will suffer.

  39. Thomas Calderon November 10, 2012

    Mitt of the LDS was thinking the hold time how can I win? I got all the money people giving me Billions,I have the Don,Rush,Rove and Vegas money hell I know I can fool the middle calls $250,000.00 up I don’t need the 47%. I should win……

  40. Davekzy1 November 10, 2012

    Why do you think they tried to supress their vote. Should be a crime!

    1. Richie T November 10, 2012

      It is, they have years of experience doing it, that ‘s why they didn’t get caught.

  41. stcroixcarp November 10, 2012

    All I can say is THANK YOU to all the black and brown voters who stood in line for hours and wouldn’t give up their right to vote. You have saved our country, and me from dying in poverty. I am deeply grateful.

    1. Fern Woodfork November 11, 2012

      We Are In This Together We All Did This My Friend!!!

  42. Patrick Henry November 10, 2012

    How can giving Amnesty to Millions of Illegals help this country? WHen we did have a (one-time) Amnesty in 1986 under Reagan, the enforcement measures were neve enforces, thus the 20 Million Illegals now. America generously lets 1 Million immigrants enter the US Legally, but we can not absorb the huge influx of Millions of Illegals. Many are unskilled and are overwhelming the education system, hospitals, & workforce. Amnesty is not the way to go. Actually the policy of Romney’s was very good, have Mandatory E-verify, Border Security leading to self-deportation, not mass rounding up of Illegals. And he wanted to allow some children of Illegals under certain conditions that benefit all of us, be able to stay here. Many Hispanic organizations liked this policy. General Amnesty only encourages more Illegal entry, and it needs to stop.

  43. Independent1 November 10, 2012

    The large number of brainwashed, misguided Fox News listeners that post on Yahoo is really sad. So many are not only convinced that all liberals are on the ‘take’, many also have the misguided notion that Obama is a big spender and is responsible for all 16 trillion of America’s debt. Fox News has done such a thorough brainwashing job that it’s almost a total waste of time trying to clue them in with the truth…and that’s another problem…Republicans seem to be so used to their candidates spewing lies, that they don’t even believe the truth when they hear it…to them, the truth is a lie. It’s really sad Fox News has gotten away for so long broadcasting distorted news and even censoring news that’s not favorable to the GOP.

  44. College_Park_Guy_1812 November 10, 2012

    Southern “strategy” was “tactic” of Nixon and all Republicans that followed. Copying same racist, misogynist, homophobic, anti-science, fundamentalist, know-nothing kowtowing and appealing to the uneducated white trash non-urban constituency. Sorry Bubbas and Bubbettes, you’ve been led once again by Strom Thurmond Dixiecrats turned into Republicans.

  45. Will3691 November 10, 2012

    Republicans haven’t kept up with demographic changes. In 1956 Eisenhower ran against Stevenson for the second time. The democrat won the 7 southern states, Eisenhower won the rest of the nation. Now the Democrats won the East coast, West coast and swing states. Without a mass migration of Republicans from decidedly blue states into swing states there’s really no hope for a national win. Because Republicans don’t see a problem with their core beliefs, just ineffectual messaging. They’re wrong. Social issues shouldn’t be decided nationally, how can they be? Gay marriage isn’t a political issue. Contraception isn’t a political issue. Religion isn’t a political issue. Or at least they’re not a an issue that should be decided by politicians. Not dealing with illegal immigrants already here is foolish and that’s a political issue. Not resolving the deficit and debt are political issues where EVERYTHING should be on the table. Limbaugh, Akin and Mourdock did their best to alienate women. Grover Norquist sealed the deal with taxes.

  46. Hillbilly November 10, 2012

    Why is it so hard for people to understand the color of the skin you see on the outside has nothing to do with the heart on the inside. No matter what color your skin is if we were all turned inside out, then no one could tell what race you are all they would see would be the same colors for the same parts in each other’s body and that everyone’s blood is red. To me that is how everyone should look at each other. Don’t let the out side color of a humans skin be it yellow, brown, black, white or purple be what you judge people on. Judge them on their words, actions and how they treat you and others and you will be surprised to find that the majority of people no matter what their skin pigment is is a lot better than you thought they were. A fact that a lot of people need to learn.

    1. robert November 11, 2012

      there’s only one race, the human race.

    2. ALLLLAMERICAN November 11, 2012

      The “BLACKS” have made a name for themselves!!!

      They could act like normal human beings and get a job and act civilized
      BUT, they choose not to.

      They (most) act like a bunch of animals

      They are the ones on the news raping, killing shooting robbing
      They are the ones walking around with their pants down with their butts hanging out waiting for someone to come up behind them and boofu them.
      They are the ones that try to make us some other kind of language Ebonics
      They are the ones that always have these gangs
      They are the ones mostly on drugs
      They are the ones to lazy to get the jobs and want the handouts

      If they acted NORMAL like a human being should, then NOBODY would have a problem with them.

      YOU’RE RIGHT—the color on the outside doesn’t mean nothing to me until I see how they act and then they start talking like some kind of jigbo animal from Africa.

  47. Y November 10, 2012

    Hillbilly, I am from North Carolina and we are in between red and blue…..2008 we went blue, this year we went back to red. I think that there is a generalization that people from the South are somewhat a step behind. We are not here in NC, partly because of our education system and Research Triangle Park so a lot of people come here and move to our state from everywhere. I am Southern, however not deep South and there is a difference amongst us, we are not all the same.

    That being said, perhaps you do not have anyone in your family or know of anyone who is on public assistance; however I can assure you that a lot of the people who voted for Mitt Romney receive some kind of so called handout. Also, some of the people who voted for Obama also receive some assistance as well. We need to move away from blue and red, handouts, food stamps and other code words to describe one another. How did we get to the point that we have cities and rural areas where the poor are so beaten down they cannot get up?

    We are all Americans and yes there are some of our fellow citizens that are hurting and need some help, there are some that can and want to work but cannot find a job(poor areas, lack of education, skills) and there are some that do not want to work for whatever reason(gave up, lack of motivation, other reasons) and further still there are many who are disabled(my sister is deaf) and they just do not have the same opportunities as others. Everyone cannot pull themselves up because they do not have the mental or physical strength to do so, they are held back or hold themselves back and some just give up. Its easy to make assumptions about each other rather than stop to think about or help the poor because it takes less time to label people lazy and ignorant.

  48. redeyedsil November 11, 2012

    What would have become of the USA, today if the South had won?

  49. donaldogomez November 11, 2012

    Well done article . But the GOP problems with demographics run even deeper than MS Tucker outlined. Asian americans went 73% for Obama,they are increasing rapidly in both population and voters.Florida has broken the southern strategy twice in a row.Virginia as well.Probably Georgia with its large Afro-american population and a rapidly growing Latino population will be the next to crumble from the shrinking electoral cake.Other southern states have growing Latino populations as well.
    Three of the top four electoral states are now blue. California is so blue it is purple, New York much the same. Florida moving in that direction and all that 47% , takers, want stuff crap doesnt even phase anybody. It is a tired song playing to a tired choir.
    The genuine end of this racist old whiteboys network will be when Texas crosses into blue in a couple more cycles.That will create the mathematical impossibility of any more GOP wins. But it is even more grim for the GOP…..young people (under 35)are 60% demo in outlook. Unmarried women even higher. Overall women are 55% plus democratic voting and that figure is only going to go up.
    Worse yet is the fact that the majority of teenagers today do not share either the racist or sexist views on minorities, women,gays or birth control of the hard right GOP. Many of their own children will grow into “traitors” to the right wing extremists.One does not hear kids talking about how cool Rush,Sean,or Mitt are.The same is also true for any of the cast and crew from this year’s GOP clown car
    The GOP took its lumps in a well orchestrated campaign. But is is the numbers that are going to kill them.Large percentages of the population want to tax the rich more. Despite Fox News attempts to the contrary, people will soon realize that we can tax corporations more, create a separate property tax role for HUGE businesses.Microsoft or even General Motors should pay a higher property tax rate than you or I. All these numbers are lethal unless the GOP undergoes major changes.

  50. stoptheinsanity November 11, 2012

    Hillbilly, Everyone knows there aren’t two or three jobs that you could find anywhere in Mississippi, unless you’re talking about picking up cans, selling crack or moonshine, and digging ditches. Mississippi still ranks as the worst state in all categories. Statistics definitively prove that more whites are on welfare and other government-assisted programs in Mississippi than anywhere in the U S. Research your facts and don’t make unsupported assumptions. I know you’re on welfare. Stop telling LIES!!!

  51. alumahead November 11, 2012

    Younger voters last a long time. Angry old white guys die at alarming rates.

    How do Republicans plan on generating enough angry old white guys to remain relevant?

  52. alumahead November 11, 2012

    The longer Republicans encourage racism, they sooner they will become irrelevant.

  53. zeldaq November 11, 2012

    because BUSH totally ruined the economy by giving tax breaks to the wealthy, started a very expensive war with iraq for no reason, and started a prescription drug plan.
    none of this was paid for. he left the payments for mr. obama.

    1. ALLLLAMERICAN November 12, 2012

      Soooo what your saying is….

      YOU want to live off the WEALTHY???

      YOU think the world works from the WEALTHY???



      YOU HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. zeldaq November 13, 2012

        no where in my comment did i say i hate anyone. i stated FACTS about the economy of this country. mr. allllamerican, are you stating that GWB did not start an unfunded war with iraq, because he, and chaney made up a story about WMD? and that he DIDN’T give unpaid for tax breaks to the wealthiest americans. and are you saying that GWB didn’t authorize a prescription drug plan that was not paid for? well, you are wrong!!! mr. bush did all of these things. i, and millions of seniors paid into SS our whole working life, i assume you did too. it was a mandatory insurance plan, that was funding itself, until BUSH used those funds for the three programs mentioned above. mr. clinton left office with a healthy surplus in the SS account, after rescuing the economy from BUSH senior. that surplus belonged to SS. i, and millions of seniors are not ”living off the wealthy.” we get our money from the SS account, that we paid for. i am not blaming the wealthy, i blame BUSH for carelessly using OUR money on unnecessary projects. not to mention that the war he started in iraq was totally against the constitution. in other words, it was ILLEGAL. i think he should be tried in court for the lose of life ” OUR MILITARY,” and spending tax payers money to pay for this war. mr. allllamerican, if you disagree with my posts on this matter, i think you should watch some other news channel, than FOX. sounds to me like you are a die hard republican. did this last election not show you where the majority of americans are on this? the people are sick, and tired of the GOP’s racists governing. they have blocked every bill that mr. obama has presented to get the economy moving again. all because there is a man of color in the white house. i, and most of the population of this country, see mr. obama as one of the smartest and fairest presidents we’ve ever had. SOOOO i did NOT say i hate anyone. you are trying to put a negative spin on what i did say. but that’s what the GOP, and the tea party always do, and i’m not surprised. you should just accept, that the american people have spoken. tea party people, and the GOP will either start working for the country, or the will be defeated in the mid term elections. these are the only two choices they have.the bottom line is, BUSH, and THE GOP, has ripped us all off, including YOU. [i’m assuming you are a tax payer] and if you think i’m pissed off about it, your damn right i am. Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Republicans’ Southern Strategy Can No Longer Work

  54. robert November 11, 2012

    Kudos, brother! Dead on, northbroader1775!

  55. ALLLLAMERICAN November 11, 2012

    Voting-Rights Law Gets Supreme Court Review

    The Supreme Court will consider overturning a signal achievement of the civil rights movement, agreeing to hear a challenge to part of the 1965 Voting Rights Act in a case loaded with racial and political ramifications.

    Acting three days after minority voters propelled President Barack Obama to re-election, the court Friday said it will review a provision that requires all or part of 16 mostly Southern states to get federal approval before changing their voting rules. Opponents say that “preclearance” provision is no longer warranted.

    With the justices already considering whether to roll back university affirmative action, the court’s current term is now a potential watershed for the legal rules governing race. Chief Justice John Roberts has questioned the constitutionality of the preclearance rule, which the Obama administration used this year to stop Republican-backed voter-identification laws in Texas and South Carolina from going into effect.

    Preclearance “has been one of the most powerful tools in the civil rights arsenal,” said Heather Gerken, a professor at Yale Law School who specializes in election and constitutional law. “It’s made more of a difference in improving the civil rights of African Americans than any other statute I can think of.”
    The Voting Rights Act was enacted to combat discrimination that kept black people away from Southern polling places for generations. A separate section of the law bars voting discrimination nationwide and isn’t affected by the high court case.
    Under the preclearance requirement, a covered jurisdiction must seek approval from the Justice Department or a federal court before changing voting district lines, polling places or other aspects of the election system. The Justice Department has used the requirement, also known as Section 5, to object to more than 2,400 state and local voting changes since 1982.
    In the case before the justices, Shelby County, Ala., objects to the law’s method for determining which states are subject to Section 5. The law uses a formula that relies on a state’s decades-old voting patterns and rules.
    The formula was designed to include the states with the deepest history of racial discrimination — Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Virginia. Three other states — Alaska, Arizona and Texas — were added in the 1970s when the statute was expanded to protect “language minority” groups.
    Congress let some areas escape coverage if they can show compliance with anti-discrimination rules. Lawmakers also allowed judges to put other areas under the preclearance system.
    Shelby County contends that when Congress reauthorized the Voting Rights Act in 2006, it lacked grounds for treating some states differently than others. The county says the voter-ID laws in Texas and South Carolina shouldn’t be judged under a tougher standard than those in non-covered states.
    The Obama administration urged the court not to take up the issue, saying a federal appeals court was correct in upholding the Voting Rights Act in the Shelby County case. The administration points to instances of intentional discrimination in covered states and to data it says show that those jurisdictions still need close monitoring.
    A Supreme Court ruling in a 2009 case indicated that a majority of the nine justices may consider Section 5 to be outdated. Roberts wrote for the court that the provision raised “serious constitutional questions” because it applied only to some parts of the country. “We are now a very different nation” than in 1965, Roberts wrote.
    Supporters of the Voting Rights Act say the 2012 election shows the law is still needed. Democrats and minority groups say Republicans engaged in voter suppression by imposing identification requirements and limiting early voting hours.
    “The America that elected and re-elected Barack Obama as its first African American president is far different than when the Voting Rights Act was first enacted in 1965,” said Edward Blum, who helped put the Shelby County lawsuit together as director of the Alexandria, Va.-based Project on Fair Representation. “Congress unwisely reauthorized a bill that is stuck in a Jim Crow-era time warp. It is unconstitutional.”

    1. daniel bostdorf November 11, 2012

      This has been “cut and pasted” from Business Week, who endorsed Mitt Romney….not an original idea of yours.

      1. ALLLLAMERICAN November 12, 2012

        Who said it was RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!

        I didn’t CLAIM to have wrote my IDEAS

        I’m trying to educate some of you

        1. daniel bostdorf November 13, 2012

          You must give attribution to where you took it from. That’s all.

  56. ALLLLAMERICAN November 11, 2012

    ALLLLLLLLLLL you LIBS hate the Wealthy—-
    How you going to like it when our Counrty crashes???

    “YOU” aren’t going to make our counrty run on what YOU make.


    HOW YOU LIKE THAT???????

    The money is going to STOP trickling down—


    1. Corey November 11, 2012


    2. Lem Stoll November 11, 2012

      Marlarky as Biden would say…

  57. Andrew Rei November 11, 2012

    Although the Southern Strategy might be dead, the fact that most Southerners are still racist as all get-out is still concerning…the fact that the GOP kept the US House majority when they should have lost it big-time and also the fact that GOP voters blocked a badly-needed childish overuse of the filibuster-quashing Demo supermajority in the US Senate means that they’re still a force “to be reckoned with”. While I was happy to see that a coalition of voting blocs re-elected the President, the fact that the President won by only 3 million votes (he beat Ol’ Johnny Mac by nearly 10 million votes four years ago) tells us that we still need to be concerned.
    I blame male GOP moderates mostly for this problem. I saw hundreds of posts and comments online over the past year from GOP moderates saying that “the party left me” and that they were tired of GOP BS. Yet, many of them ended up voting for Republicans, anyway. What was needed was a complete rout of the GOP in the 2012 elections. If the moderates would have voted for Democrats, we’d have got that. Instead, we’ve got a Republican Party that’s in the hospital for observation with a looming “civil war”, where the Conservatives (“Cons”) and the Tea Party Militia (“Baggers”) will be battling moderates for control of the party. I’ve tried to warn the moderates that the fascist corporate plutarchy (Karl Rove, Grover “Darth Vader” Norquist, Frank Luntz, the Koch bros., Shelly Adelson, Foster Friess, etc.) run the GOP now and they support the Cons and Baggers, not them, the moderates. A rout of the GOP last week would have forced the Cons and Baggers to start their own parties, leaving the GOP for the moderates.
    Whenever I say that the Republican Party is no longer a “Big-Tent Party” but a “Pup-Tent Party”, it elicits a hearty chuckle from my best friend, who’s a reformed Republican. He mostly chuckles because he knows I’m correct…this past election clearly showed that the Democratic Party is now the Big Tent Party. The GOP caters to one very small group of people, angry rich old white men, and two other groups that the party considers “people”, fetuses and big corporations. The only silver lining to the GOP’s survival is that the FCP spent hundreds of millions of dollars to buy our government and enough people realized it to stop it from happening. But, as Turdblossom (Rove) said, when he had to tell the FCP that he spent $325 million of their money for practically nothing, “it’d have been much worse” had he not spent all of their cash.
    Perhaps, now that many people have realized I am correct about the FCP, we can completely kill it on 4 November, 2014, the date of the midterm elections. It’s painfully obvious that the GOP has no interest in governing for the people; they’re governing against them and for the FCP. The voters of this country need to send a message to the GOP on that day: “no more bullsh!t…you’re gone…take your corruption and idiocy elsewhere”. Remember that today’s Republican Party has 8 cornerstones: bigotry, hypocrisy, elitism, fascism, greed, corruption, incompetence and arrogance. The only thing you can do with the politicians of such a party is to vote them out and refuse to vote them into office in the first place. So you say you didn’t like the last two years in Washington, with a House GOP majority and enough GOP seats in Senate to filibuster everything? If you voted for the GOP last week, you were obviously tired of it, because the next two years are going to closely resemble the last two years in DC. Nice job, GOP moderate f*ckwits! 🙁 ssmdh

    1. Andrew Rei November 11, 2012

      ooops….”you weren’t tired of it, because the next two years…”….great….after fighting against GOP math for so long, I have to fight GOP grammar, as well 🙁 smh

    2. daniel bostdorf November 11, 2012

      At last….someone with a personal opinion!

      Not rehashed “copy and pasted” mush from someone else. Or stolen from another news source like Business Week et al…

      You are right on target with this post especially when you state:

      “Whenever I say that the Republican Party is no longer a “Big-Tent Party” but a “Pup-Tent Party”, it elicits a hearty chuckle from my best friend, who’s a reformed Republican. He mostly chuckles because he knows I’m correct…this past election clearly showed that the Democratic Party is now the Big Tent Party. The GOP caters to one very small group of people, angry rich old white men, and two other groups that the party considers “people”, fetuses and big corporations.”

      Refreshing to read that you know “Turdblossom…” (snicker) LOL…
      Definition of “Turdblossom.”

      Turdblossom is the “street” nickname for Karl Rove, advisor to George W Bush SR., Junior league…worked with Nixon,

      “Somebody better go tell Turdblossom to quit outing secret agents”

      As a noun it means: mostly crustified piece of crap which hangs on anal hairs (in other words, a recently discharged dingleberry). Looks hard, but secretes its soft innards when squeezed.

      In the fall of 1970, Rove used a false identity to enter the campaign office of Democrat Alan J. Dixon, who was running for Treasurer of Illinois. He stole 1000 sheets of paper with campaign letterhead, printed fake campaign rally fliers promising “free beer, free food, girls and a good time for nothing”, and distributed them at rock concerts and homeless shelters, with the effect of disrupting Dixon’s rally.

      1977: Rove’s initial job in Texas was as a legislative aide for Fred Agnich, a Texas state representative, in Agnich’s Dallas office. Later in 1977, Rove got a job as executive director of the Fund for Limited Government, a political action committee (PAC) in Houston headed by James Baker, a Houston lawyer (later President George H.W. Bush’s Secretary of State). The PAC eventually became the genesis of the Bush-for-President campaign of 1979–1980.

      1984: Rove handled direct-mail for the Reagan-Bush campaign.

      In 1990, two other Rove candidates won: Rick Perry, the future governor of the state, became agricultural commissioner, and Kay Bailey Hutchison became state treasurer.

      In 1992 during George Bush campaign: Rove was fired from the 1992 Bush presidential campaign after he planted a negative story with columnist Robert Novak about dissatisfaction with campaign fundraising chief Robert Mosbacher Jr.

      in 1994: Rove has been accused of using the push poll technique to call voters to ask such things as whether people would be “more or less likely to vote for Governor Richards if they knew her staff is dominated by lesbians”.

      When George W. Bush was first inaugurated in January 2001, Rove accepted an appointment as Senior Advisor. He was later given the title Deputy Chief of Staff to the President after the successful 2004 Presidential election.

      Following Todd Akin’s comments regarding “legitimate rape” and the notion that raped women are unlikely to become pregnant, Rove joked about murdering the Missouri Senate candidate, saying “We should sink Todd Akin. If he’s found mysteriously murdered, don’t look for my whereabouts!”

      I can hardly wait to see how the morons of obozomustgo, montanabill, allllamerican and their fascist ilk respond to your post…

      I think the fascist propagandist at this site just had a collective “brain seizure.”

      Thank you for this post!

      Fascist propaganda:
      Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said it best:

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    3. amazonfan November 11, 2012

      Brilliant post!!! Your 8 cornerstones (and you can add ignorance) are spot on!

  58. Jackmack November 11, 2012

    now that the election is over let’s see if the Republicans will work with President Obama to get stuff done or go back to their B*s ways

  59. Butch November 11, 2012

    rejection is a bear to get over. enjoy this wonderful new feeling mr romney and you are still unemployed – take some time lick your wounds and fire someone.

  60. Corey November 11, 2012

    Just look at how states voted and it resembles where the most black haters were when the Southern Stategy was used the first time, all the way up to when Reagan used it and more recently Mittens. Its good we have a black president, so those of us who did not live through the horrendous times when blacks were treated so badly in the civil rights era, can see, even though we dont have separate water fountains, the USA is still VERY VERY racist. Americans majority of whites is declining, always has been, which is why the very people who claim this country is wonderful, only mean it if they can keep immigrants and any non-white folks either born here or not, as second class citizens. Italians were called n_ggers when they first got here if they were from Sicily, because the old story goes that Africans fled there, from ships, prior to being delivered to America as slaves. When the white conservative Christian is finally a minority, the country and the world will be a better place. At least then, when they whine about being the majority, we can believe them, except the part about always being victims, while they have always been the ones who have treated ALL OTHERS badly.

  61. amazonfan November 11, 2012

    How is Frum reality-based? Not only did he come up with Axis of Evil, but he co-wrote a book calling for America to bomb the entire world! He may be reality-based compared to some of his fellow Repubs, but he’s still a delusional and intellectually bankrupt hack!

  62. bpai99 November 14, 2012

    There is nothing wrong with the current GOP strategy that cannot be addressed simply by making it much harder for non-whites to vote. Presto – demographic problem solved for the next few election cycles at least.


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