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Reverence: R.I.P.

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Reverence: R.I.P.


You might call this a requiem for reverence.

It seems that one Jeffrey Darnell Paul, a graphic artist from Miami Beach, had been tasked with creating a poster for a strip club’s so-called “I Have a Dream Bash” last week in apparent “honor” of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. So this genius concocts an image of the nation’s greatest human rights leader holding up a fan of $100 dollar bills like some low-rent “playa” while a scantily clad woman looks on. Paul, let the record show as African-Americans duck their heads in mortification, is black.

Leonard Pitts Jr.

Leonard Pitts Jr. is a nationally syndicated commentator, journalist, and novelist. Pitts' column for the Miami Herald deals with the intersection between race, politics, and culture, and has won him multiple awards including a Pulitzer Prize in 2004.

The highly regarded novel, Freeman (2009), is his most recent book.

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  1. cpnoles1 January 23, 2012

    Seems to me, when attacking conservatives, anything is allowed. Nothing, including the families are off limits. Only when attacking liberals, blacks or haspanics is everything considered racism and bigotry! I am a Independent, and have voted for democrats and republicans! If democrats want to be taken seriously, they have to stop with the hypocricy!

  2. AlanAlanApurim January 23, 2012

    There are two M.L. King parades in Houston — one is by the Black Heritage Society founded by Ovide Duncantell, an activist who 40 years ago was fighting for our State of Texas to have an official M.L. King Day, and for the City of Houston to rename arterial South Park Boulevard as M.L. King Boulevard. See http://OriginalMLKParade.org and promoting community, learning, sharing, cooperation, etc. … The other, a “commercial” parade, promotes entertainers and competition (to be better than all other “loser” teams in the parade), and military units. Its website http://MLKGrandeParade.org this year featured a slide show in which a military unit is pictured with a miniature mock-up of a Space Shuttle. Was it named “Columbia” or “Endeavour” or “Atlantis” or even “Enterprise”? No, it was labeled “War Eagle”! What an insult to this man of peace, opposed to war and violence in solving problems!

  3. philamigo January 23, 2012

    Mr. Noles, what has your comment to do with the lack of respect for much of anything in the current zeitgeist?

  4. oldbutyoung January 23, 2012

    It seems if a liberalism protests a valid point, a conservative calls it unfair. So it is the conservative that really is liberal and the liberal the conservative. It is unfair to take any leader and disrespect them and their race. It’s demeaning to everyone, whether you want to admit to it or not. Those being disrepected are obviously demeaned and the person issuing the disrepect, demeans themselves. There is nothing gained and nothing to be proud of at all. Otherwise, lets put a picture with a name along with their disrepect into a history book for all the world to see. With emphasis on family, friends, employers, and the future families and friends to view and see. See, nothing to be gained, nothing to be proud of. Just like the KKK and their white sheets. They weren’t proud either.

  5. jimmyags January 23, 2012

    Was one day without professing your hatred of other americans that much to ask of you cpnoles1? The article was about how ALL americans on both sides have lost any respect for what is supposed to be anything sacred and you turn it into a chance to show how you hate anyone who isn’t like you. If I were as shallow as you I would post a diatribe about your views but instead I’ll pray that maybe,someday what that man stood for might find it’s way into your heart.

  6. kurt.lorentzen January 23, 2012

    This has nothing to do with Liberalism. The article points out that this mindset – one that exploits and diminishes the contribution and ultimate sacrifice of a man of principle, is the modern norm. Pitts points out that the club owner’s lack of understanding of why this would be offensive speaks to the history void that plagues America. Without a grasp of history, without learning from the mistakes of the past, it is certain to repeat itself. Shame on us. A country only 230 years old has no excuse for being such dunces.

  7. rustacus21 January 23, 2012

    … isn’t confined to victims of wars’ barbarisms; the last 11 years of Conservative ideology & policy “offense’s” against the world, resulted in this “weirdness” displayed by Kings own progeny, defiling his legacy. By the end of every Conservative administration, post Nixon, America & the world has slowly become alittle less human & less civilized, by significant degrees. We are reflected, as a result, in the media, if any 1 cares do an exploration of how Conservative, corporate $$$ has disfigured media, thus disfiguring our perceptions of life. Therefore, it comes as no surprise African-Americans are, to each other, “ni#$a’s”, in mind & behaviors, in defiance of all the uplifting virtues Dr. King advocated. M.L. King was as human as U & I, but how many of “U” reading this, would put U’r life on the line for something bigger than U’r weekly pay? A 50″ flat screen? an i-pod or PS-3? A date w/the finest chick from U’r tribal circle? How about support for a Black or Hispanic kid who was setup & arrested by crooked cops & U know the charges were thoroughly false? How about campaigning to get a child-predator fired from a high-profile, high-paying job? How about working against the destruction of the worlds Rain Forests, which produce 80% of the worlds oxygen? Sacrifice is easily ridiculed when the martyr is Liberal. Why are there no Conservative “martyr’s”, tho? It’s b/c they only have values that come w/a price tag, to be sold to the highest bidder. What, then, is the price of the soul of the poster artists? Only God will be setting that price…

  8. k.drone January 24, 2012

    “Liberalism” -cpnoles1, you are correct, have you noticed the list of white & black mainstream media music moguls? they don’t like “haters”, haters are people who do not fit their mold or confront them on issues-those are the teachers of today, often times supported by Democratic politicians, their main purpose is to profit in sales, they do less for others & more for themselves, its (LoL) all a part of Martin Luthers Dream, to use skin color & charity for marketing purposes so people such as themselves can retail clothes & use ethnicity as a mannequin of sorts to show others what things look like. Interscope Records + Trumpet Conscience = (0)nothing………


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