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5 Republican Leadership Conference Speakers Who Should Embarrass Republican Leaders

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5 Republican Leadership Conference Speakers Who Should Embarrass Republican Leaders

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Donald Trump

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Bachmann, Cruz, Robertson, Trump, West… the Republican Leadership Conference is getting the band back together!

For the low, low price of $189.00, right-wingers of all stripes can enjoy three full days of presentations by conservative firebrands at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans this weekend. And the lineup does not disappoint.

In a list that reads like a “who’s who” of Tea Party Republicans, the bill at this year’s conference shows just how sharp a right turn the Republican Party has taken in recent years. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is set to kick things off Thursday evening, followed by Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and rising Tea Party star Ben Sasse (R-NE).

And that’s just the opening-day appetizer.

As an organizer of the event described it in 2011, the RLC is “designed to showcase the top Republican leaders and ideas in the country — to talk about limited government, fiscal responsibility and rebuilding the American economy.” Apparently, the Republican Party is now being led by reality stars and Michele Bachmann.

Here’s a look at five speakers who will get a shot at remaking the Republican Party in their own intellectual image this weekend:



  1. Independent1 May 28, 2014

    The RLC should be a rousing event for those who really get their kicks from spending a few days at a “Funny Farm”!!

    1. kanawah May 29, 2014

      Does each seat come with a straight jacket. After listening to this collection of idiots, the audience will probably need to be restrained.

      1. RobertCHastings July 2, 2014

        It should much resemble Gotham Asylum.

    2. joe schmo June 23, 2014

      Well, suppose I could say the same thing about the Dems only I think they get their kicks from spending a few days in the heart of the old Kremlin.

      1. jmprint June 23, 2014

        You could say it if it were true, but you can’t.

      2. Justin Napolitano June 23, 2014

        Joe, you have to remove you head from your posterior every now and then or you will suffocate.

      3. WhutHeSaid June 23, 2014

        Joe, why don’t you go back to Mother Russia? You already see a communist under every bed. For God’s sake — 1956 called and they want their boogeyman back.

        Get a clue, you anti American schmuck!

        1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

          Nope, I’m not a Communist. You are bordering on that. My Dad would not say that America is becoming more Communist every day if he hadn’t lived it. You are the one walking around with blinders on.

          Why don’t I give you a clue. Take your extreme Communist ideology and move it Cuba. You are the anti-American ‘whateverhesaidwaswrong.’

          1. WhutHeSaid June 24, 2014

            OK, so now you just stepped in it. Explain how I am ‘bordering’ on communism. Next, for extra points, explain how someone who is ‘bordering on communism’ in one sentence has an ‘extreme communist ideology’ a couple sentences later.

            I’m guessing that they have redneck goobers in Russia too, yes? Is your dad not as smart as cattle too?

          2. Sand_Cat June 24, 2014

            Logic? What’s the matter with you?
            I like the line about “not as smart as cattle.”

          3. RobertCHastings July 2, 2014

            Probably like the Robertsons, they use them for companionship on cold Siberian nights.

          4. Sand_Cat June 24, 2014

            And you’re “older” and more out-of-touch than your dad.

          5. RobertCHastings July 2, 2014

            And what does Cuba have to do with this? Does Castro now sit in our White House? Really? I don’t think even Trump has gone that far, yet.

      4. RobertCHastings July 2, 2014

        Do you even know where the Kremlin is? Unless the Democrats who truly feel science is a true and faithful representation of reality have been able to develop some sort of teletransportation device, the Kremlin would represent a totally impracticable base.

        1. joe schmo July 3, 2014

          You mean to tell me you are worse…..? You don’t need a transporter device. All you need to do to escape reality is to drop a few ludes or smoke some weed or meth. That is the Democratic way isn’t it. I have often heard that drug addicts believe they are superior to everyone else. Now I totally get it. Some of the brain cells have gone out the door. There no longer is any common sense…..

  2. idamag May 29, 2014

    Those people who sent them to Washington should apologize to the rest of the nation for the damage they have inflicted on the United States and the danger to Democracy.

    1. dana becker May 29, 2014

      You got that right. They are all seditious.

    2. joe schmo June 23, 2014

      Those people who sent Obama to the White House must have been nuts!

      1. jmprint June 23, 2014

        Joe stop spewing, President is doing a find job, if you have a better idea, let’s here it, or shut up.

      2. Jim Myers June 23, 2014

        The only reason President Obama won the first election was because of George the Second and “DICK” Cheney.

        1. joe schmo July 3, 2014

          This is true! I told everyone already I voted as an independent for Obama in 2008 because I was sick of what Bush had done. But Obama has made things worse. He could have done so much. Two horrible presidents don’t make a right. I can only hope in 2016 we get our shit together.

      3. Justin Napolitano June 23, 2014

        Joe you are an expert on nuts since you certainly are? Stay away from squirrels, they might find you tasty.

        1. joe schmo July 3, 2014

          Now wouldn’t you like that. While we’re at it, why don’t we get rid of all those ‘nutty’ capatilistic, gun toting Conservatives. You know the ones that care about this country and the people who keep a balance between two parties. You know those lunatics who want to take away ALL your social programs (come on), the people who want the immigration laws to be enforced making it fair for all who want to enter the U.S. (not just the dummies and diseased). The citizens who believe in the Constitution and freedom of speech. The people who believe in the American dream. Who hope by taking a risk, working hard and starting a small business they can achieve success. You know those big nutty dreamers who have made too much money. The ones you believe should share the wealth. Spread it around like a good communist. While we are at it let’s unionize every company so that those corrupt unions can dictate policy and push the wage up even more so that more companies both foreign and domestic leave. Let’s MAKE these capitalists suffer by making them ride bikes because fuel is way too expensive to buy. Oh and food has gone through the roof. Why? Because we produce little and it takes fuel to have that food shipped in. Costing us plenty in fuel for boats and rail etc…..which ends up in the store. Let’s force them to install those environmentally polluting wind machines and toxic solar panels. If you live in an area like I do where everything is very spread out, I guess it will take a couple days to get to work, but oh well, we can be late. Being on time is not a great priority. Can’t lose your job if your union. So you get paid to be lazy. Let’s continue to increase taxes and let’s give more and more money to a wasteful government with no checks and balances and believe me they will want more and more..,..and, by gum, let’s let everyone and their mother into the country. Let’s flood it with illegals who will certainly vote Democrat because they want all the freebies. It is just to easy to be a Democrat. All you need is a whiny mouth and violent protesting abilities to qualify. Violence, I though Democrats preached Coexist? Let’s let those insane lying trolls dirty the air with the demand for more and more oil and coal. Disgusting! Those greedy bastards who want that pipeline to go in because they want Americans to have more jobs. All they want to do is pollute, pollute, pollute all the while Obama gave 2 billion to Brazil to keep the oil on their soil. Oh and let’s just continue to give freely to our enemies. We have plenty of money because we can keep printing and printing and printing until…..July 1st 2014. Oops, better not play with other nations, they may turn on you. What’s that, they already have? And what about that global warming, oh no….I mean ‘climate change.’ Which one was it? How much has it cost us? Why China and South America keep right on polluting. Guess we are the poster child for the environment. We are so stiff with regulations we can no longer move. Will they follow? Nope. They don’t respect us. There used to be ‘control burns’ that allowed for underbrush to be burned. Gosh the indians used to do it but no, because those crazy Conservatives think it is necessary for livestock it is a no go. What do you think we end up with? A blast furnace of a fire that burns homes and peoples lives to the ground. And what about those rivers and all that flooding. Used to be we cleared out the creek beds allowing the water to run off with no flooding, but noooo we can’t do that because those idiotic Conservatives don’t want anything to do with preserving the red legged frogs habitat or some fishes sponing ground. We need to keep pushing our extreme agenda because we believe we are the only ones who are right. We hold the power, hee, hee. They have nothing on us. They are old fuddy duddies who don’t know squat. They just don’t want to be part of the pot smoking free loving, Coexist crowd.

          Welcome to our next 3rd world nation and the new Dark Ages complete with all the decadence you can imagine. No need to believe in god or country. The poor naive, ignorant and innocent are our priority because we can control them. What did you say, the schools have already succeeded in brainwashing youth with their secular ideology. Well it worked didn’t it. Welcome to our world, a virtual communist utopia…and believe me this time it will work because we ‘squirrels’ got rid of those freedom loving, gun toting Conservative nuts.

      4. RobertCHastings July 2, 2014

        Glad to see you included “we” in there. That is very revealing.

        1. joe schmo July 3, 2014

          Strife on both sides. Two very bad choices:)

      5. highpckts July 2, 2014

        We??? Very telling!!

        1. joe schmo July 3, 2014

          I have been saying it all along, You are just now getting it? It takes two to tango…..

  3. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh May 29, 2014

    Phil Robertson – Already proven ignorance, now with a bigger microphone

    THE Donald – What are the Las Vegas odds on his being able to generate a coherent sentence at any point, and to have that sentence link directly to the one following it? Given his track record of speeches, I would rate this with Derek Jeter winning “Rookie of the Year” this year.

    Allen West – Before denouncing the patriotism of anyone else who wore the uniform and took the oath of office, he needs to remember his choices were “resign his commission” or “Court Martial”.

    Rick Santorum – Self-righteous prig who will continuously remind us of how much more moral he is than any other creature living on earth today.

    Michelle Bachmann – If anyone in the world can make Allen West sound reasonable, it is she.

    Guess CPAC is really scraping the bottom of the barrel this year.

    1. Grannysmovin May 29, 2014

      They have become a “Reality Show” representing gloom, doom, hatred, intolerance and exclusion.

    2. kanawah May 29, 2014

      I like you “bios” of the collection of riffraff.

    3. highpckts June 23, 2014

      Good descriptions!!

    4. Bill June 23, 2014

      Not a brain in the bunch, not even if you added them all together!!

    5. RobertCHastings July 2, 2014

      It is one of the most severe cases of “you take what you got” I have ever seen. If this is what is viewed as the Republican leadership and these are the folks who will present the current interpretation of the conservative ideology, we have just found the replacement for David Letterman. For reasonable people, this could generate a lot of laughs. For the folks that actually accept what these folks are going to say, this country is screwed.

  4. kanawah May 29, 2014

    If these five are the “republican leadership”, the party and the nation are in deep elephant crap.

    They are a collection of wind bags and idiots.

    What a mess.

    1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

      Well, I guess we should reallllyyyy blame the Republican party for the mess we are in. At least you admit there is a mess. Unfortunately, in the past 6 years it is not the Republicans who have created it. It is the Communists at the helm. …..And those Republicans that you so despise, seems that many Conservatives aren’t too happy with them either. Specifically the Boehners, McConnells, McCains, Ryan etc…. They are mere RINO’s and not all that much different than your side. Weaklings who don’t stick up for our side. Maybe it is good that Republicans have a balance of different types. It might humble the party. Whereas your side, has gone to the extreme opposite end of the spectrum. We need to balance the scales and once again meet in the middle or we are cooked. Trump and Bachmann, although strong personalities, are the least of it. Some of what they say is true. Trump for instance, he wouldn’t be so successful in business if he didn’t have a brain in his head and his ideas on China are spot on…. Of course you wouldn’t understand that because you lean so heavily on your Lord and Savior…..

      1. ProudACLU June 23, 2014

        For a party that is suppose to be religious – your the only ones who refer to the President as a lord and savior

      2. jmprint June 23, 2014

        He is so smart that’s why he has filed for bankruptcy more than once and Bachmann really! My dog has more brain matter and common sense. And if you don’t have the Lord on your side, who is, Satan?

      3. highpckts June 23, 2014

        OH OK! Communists at the helm?? That renders anything you have to say as ravings from a lunatic fringe!!

        1. RobertCHastings July 2, 2014

          He is one of those who likes to throw around terms that SOUND terrible, but of which he does not understand the meaning. Like a small child calling names, he has chosen one that his buddies really like, but none of them understand.

      4. Justin Napolitano June 23, 2014

        Joe, shut the fuc up. You are the personification of stupid.

      5. Artemisia2 June 24, 2014

        When you used the word “Communist” I stopped reading. You have no credibility when you say NONSENSE like that. Our president was duly elected by a majority and he is a member of the Democratic Party. Go back to your John Birch spider hole.

      6. RobertCHastings July 2, 2014

        Your side and our side? Are you really going that route? If it weren’t for Boehner and McConnell, a great deal more would have been accomplished in Congress than has been. Because of the conservative-dominated House, this is, truly, a do-nothing Congress (well, this one and the last one). Your folks have done more to guarantee that the bond that SHOULD exist between the governed and the governing is dissolving. Your mantra has been one of the worn cliches of Ronald Reagan that “government is the problem, not the solution”. I am just so in anticipation of seeing what you will do when the social safety net created by four generations of Progressivism evaporates and you and yours are left with nothing to assure your future. The only thing that has mattered to the Republicans over the past decade or so has been the expansion of our military and projection of American hegemony around the world, and the hell with the rest of the world, including our traditional allies. You just don’t see it, do you? Without the programs that make life better for millions of YOUR fellow citizens, life will only get worse, except for those who have the wherewithal to isolate themselves from the ensuing chaos.

        1. joe schmo July 3, 2014

          Boehner and McConnell are coward RINO’s. Go for it. Go for that anti-colonial Communist agenda because that is what it is.

          TRADITIONAL ALLIES! What traditional allies. Your side made sure there are none. You act like you are the modern recreators of America and it is your precipice that America will jump forth off of. No way. If you think that and if you think we can no longer can pull ourselves out of this hole because of old divide and conquer himself.

          No one is suggesting that we get rid of ALL social programs. You act like it is all or nothing. Everything needs to be toned down. The sick the disabled, unwed mothers with children should be provided for. Able bodied men and women should work for their welfare or get schooling so that they can contribute to society. It shouldn’t be carte blanc at the expense of the taxpayer. WE HAVE NO MORE MONEY TO SHARE. Just like everything else in our government which at the moment is extreme. Our side does nothing, yours does waaaayyyy too much to destroy. If we don’t get our you know what together in 2016 we are COOKED. By then it may be too late anyway.

          That is what I am trying to say, This divide and conquer thing has to end…… We are at each others throats because……of the lacking of that once all mighty dollar and they keep printing and printing and printing with worthless ink and paper…..

          You keep blaming us but you need to look at your camp as well.

  5. howa4x May 29, 2014

    The party is trying to crank up its’ base to play small ball. This.is not the general election, and they need every vote in the congressional districts, and statewide to turn out so they bring out the fire to wind them up and make them angry so they vote

    1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

      All I have to say is you should be afraid, you should be very afraid of Obama becoming a ‘lame duck.’

  6. jointerjohn May 29, 2014

    Why did they invite Phil Robertson?
    Because Ernest T. Bass, Jed Clampett and Ernest P. Whorral are all dead.

    1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

      Well…..they are so smart they’re stupid, huh? I guess you are as rich as they are…….?

      1. jmprint June 23, 2014

        If you are not rich, you have your head screwed on backwards.

        1. plc97477 June 23, 2014

          He has his head screwed on backwards no matter how much money he has.

          1. joe schmo July 3, 2014

            Just a fly on the wall that’s all I am. Just a fly on the wall…..LOLOL

      2. Jim Myers June 23, 2014

        Are you?

      3. RobertCHastings July 2, 2014

        And therein lies the conundrum. “We are good Christians, so, as Jesus commanded us, we will amass all the wealth we can, and despise those who have no wealth or power.” Do you REALLY think Jesus said that?

        1. joe schmo July 3, 2014

          There have always been the have and have nots. If you are a have not maybe you need to work a bit harder or ……maybe you are union. In that case, you make a lot of money and don’t have to work hard.

  7. Dennis Fisher May 29, 2014

    GOP leaders aren’t considering whether these goofs are embarrassing.

    Any thoughtful person not poisoned by ideology knows they are embarrassing. GOP leaders are simply making a pragmatic decision to have these people serve as useful idiots for their cause. The GOP, and to a lesser degree, the Democrats, the two wings of the Money Party, perpetually use every tool available to them to serve their purpose, and useful idiots are among the most helpful tools in the toolkit, falling just behind cultivated bogie men.

    The GOP uses the Duck Dynasty knuckleheads to fill the coffers with donations by promoting them, the Dems use the Duck Dynasty knuckleheads to fill the coffers by mocking them. Lovely symbiosis.

    The GOP, whose actual constituency is about a 1000 people, has to enlist sociopaths to have any chance of winning. Those 1000 people probably hold the people on this list in contempt even more than we do. But they know they need them to have any chance of winning an election in a world where helping billionaires get more isn’t a list topper for most people.

    I vote for Democrats for the same reason I would choose to have my hand slammed in a car door if forced to decide between having my hand or my johnson slammed in the door. I don’t want to choose either, but the repercussions are more dire for one over the other.

  8. Jambi May 29, 2014

    These people are just “whiners and complainers” who have no “leadership ideas or skills”…They just criticize and run …nothing to offer here but ignorant “noise-makers”… The Duck Dynasty Dudes?…get real

    1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

      You are right about the Repubs having a mouth and running. We agree on that one. But what do you suppose will happen when we no longer just use our mouth and the party does not run. Then what? One thing is for sure, for people who stand on a stigma of tolerance, if you are riled up you become violent. That is also not such a great trait to have. Coexist my ass!

      1. Jambi June 23, 2014

        you sound like someone who would make a great next-door neighbor…

      2. Justin Napolitano June 23, 2014


        1. RobertCHastings July 2, 2014

          He must really be mad, ’cause none of that made sense.

  9. Sand_Cat May 29, 2014

    Can you use the word “intellectual” in the same sentence with these luminaries, other than immediately following “anti-“?

  10. Michael G May 29, 2014

    Really – you have to ask – why all the dumb-assed republican representatives that have been elected by their equally dumber than dumb-assed constiuents. The ones that have denied reason for the lunacy of emotionally driven decision. Paraphrasing Ayn Rand who said, “Reason is not automatic. People who deny reason cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone.” should be anough. Republican politicians are driven by their need to emote decision over reasoning decision, and therefore should not be counted on for anything helpful.

    1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

      Emotional! Wow, looks who;s talking. You are the Kings/Queens of emotional mumbo jumbo. ‘People who deny reason cannot be conquered by it.’ Sounds more like your ilk. Conservatives tend to be more factual. ‘We have to pass it to see what’s in it.’ What a brainfart. Only Liberals jump the gun on important issues and never think about the consequences. You can have that airhead Peloser and Reidtard. Will be glad when they have to step down.

      1. BillP June 24, 2014

        Schmooey you do like to use that phrase “emotional mumbo jumbo”. When presented with provable facts (you know the usual troll bs facts) you resort to your emotional mumbo jumbo
        phrase. Ask Joe Schmuck about voter fraud and his proof is 2 disavowed investigations. If you press Schmuck he will tell you to go F*** yourself. You are a real “class” act

  11. ExRadioGuy15 May 29, 2014

    The Fascist GOP have no shame and this “leadership conference” is all about continuing their Fascist “gaslighting” propaganda campaign. They’ve been doing this for nearly a century (since the Roaring Twenties). Two-thirds of the GOP voters are actually Progressives and Moderates, but, their fear, ignorance and cognitive dissonance is a result of that propaganda campaign. The only way for the Progressives and Moderates to kick these bastards out of the party is to stop voting for them and vote for the group of politicians who truly represent them now: Democrats…

    1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

      How would you know that 2/3rds of the GOP voters are Progressives and Moderates? They are not! ….And becoming more stanch in their opinions because they are sick of the ‘new change in America.’ They are tired of this new Communist regime.

      I think you need to look up Fascist. You don’t really know what it is and while you are at it do some research on Conservatives because you really don’t know us at all.

      1. jmprint June 23, 2014

        The communist region left, when cheney left.

        1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

          No, the Communist faction is alive and well in America.

          1) “I know something about what Obama
          believed in 1980. At that time, the future president was a doctrinaire Marxist revolutionary.”

          2 )It is no secret that Obama revered Saul Alinsky.

          3) Obama’s mother was as far left as one can
          get and still have both feet on terra firma. Her Marxist friends referred to her as a “fellow traveler,” i.e., a communist sympathizer. That is further validated when we consider that her parents sent her to a communist-run high school.

          4) It is inconceivable to believe that Obama,
          Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, would be the close friends they are unless they shared the same ideologies.

          5) It should be clear to everyone why Obama
          is using race to divide America, and why he has branded successful capitalists as the enemy. It is to bring about a revolution that will result in the downfall of capitalism. But unlike in 1980, when he had openly advocated for a murderous revolution, he has since adopted the Alinsky model and has opted for the downfall of capitalism vis-a-vis a
          political revolution.

          Of course, Obama’s presidency is following what is called the Cloward-Piven plan to a tee—that is, creating a crisis where the welfare state, through an unsustainable debt, collapses the economy, creating an economic apocalypse whereby the central planners can then easily usher
          in a totalitarian Marxist state.

          If Barack Obama is in fact a Marxist plant, then his actions since coming to power make complete sense.

          Pushing for massive spending, creating a massive welfare state, pushing the national debt towards what many estimate is the economy’s tipping point—$20 trillion by the end of Obama’s second term.

          Shoving socialized healthcare down the throat of America.

          Calling for the disarming of the American public through a phony “assault weapons” ban.

          Pushing for a “universal background check” to purchase guns, which is really nothing more than a Trojan horse for a national gun registry—something the communist Russian government did in October of 1918, six months before they confiscated all guns.

          Amassing a staggering amount of ammunition, over two billion rounds by last count, most of it the hollow point, armor piercing variety (enough to kill every American man, woman, and child five times.)

          The proof is in the pudding, comrad.

          1. johninPCFL June 23, 2014

            1) Reagan was a union organizer. No one can change, right?
            2) Dick Armey (of teabagger fame) is also an Alinsky admirer. He has claimed to often use Alinsky’s methods.
            3) Never head this line of idiocy before. To my knowledge there are no “communist run” schools in America.
            5) James Carville (Dem strategist) married Mary Matelin (GOP strategist). You’re an idiot.
            5) Same calls issued by the KKK in 1965 for the “revolution” by NO LATER THAN 1970. How did we miss the black-on-white civil war? Oh yeah, it didn’t happen.
            You may want to read the Constitution. The GOP-controlled House controls spending, as it has every year between 1996 through 2007 and 2010 until today. $12T in debt were added during those years.
            WRT ACA, you may recall that Congress passed a law that the president signed. That law had more than 800 amendments, over 160 proposed by the GOP. “Jammed down your throat” by both parties, I guess.
            Saint Reagan also pushed for (and succeeded in getting through Congress) an assault weapons ban, which was vociferously supported by his VP GHWB. GHWB famously renounced his membership in the NRA following a “jackbooted thugs” comment by the NRA president when referring to the ban.
            The”staggering amount of ammunition” bullshit has been debunked many, many, many, many, many, many, may, many, many times. The only ones that still parrot the bullshit are the lunatic true believers.

          2. joe schmo June 24, 2014

            1)SAG- Come on! Of course, he would have wanted to give back to an organization who helped make him famous. He was already showing his leadership skills. I am not against the Unions. They have had their place in history. My problem with modern unions is the fact that they have become extreme and they force companies to implement their tactics. Should be the choice of the Companies and employees.

            2) Alinsky’s theories could work both ways. Not saying I approve of his ideology, but I have read some of it and I see how it can work both ways.

            3) Obama’s Mother – his mother’s parents were members of a left-wing Unitarian church near Seattle. The church located in Bellevue, Washington was knicknamed “the little red church,” because of its communist leanings.

            The school Ann attended, Mercer Island High School, was a hotbed of
            pro-Marxist radical teachers. John Stenhouse, board member, told the House Un-American Activities Subcommittee that he had been a member of the Communist Party USA and this school has a number of Marxists on it’s staff. Two teachers at this school, Val Foubert and Jim Wichterman, both Frankfurt School style Marxists, taught a critical theory
            curriculum to students which include d; rejection of societal norms,
            attacks on Christianity, the traditional family, and assigned readings
            by Karl Marx. The hallway between Fouberts and Wichterman classrooms was sometimes called “anarchy ally.”

            4) Believe this because it is rare when you see a Liberal and Conservative marry. Ideology always wins out in the end. Many of the people Barack surrounds himself with were Communists and you cannot debunk that.

            5) It’s happening with a whisper. Backdoor Communism. We can only hope that who ever comes in after Obama eliminates all his executive decisions. Many of his orders can thankfully be over turned.

            In case you don’t remember, Congress passed some of those brainfalls when both the house and senate were Democrat controlled. Congress’ ineffectiveness is largely due to Obama’s one=sided decision making.

            Bush is not a Conservative favorite. Both were too left leaning for our liking…

            Really, the ammo issue is false. Why is it that many people that I know of that own weapons cannot get ammo…..because the American Government has bought up a huge amount. Maybe that is their answer to gun control.

            ‘Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is contracted to purchase 704,390,250 rounds of ammunition over the next four years, which is
            equal to a total of about 2,500 rounds per DHS agent per year, according to a January 2014 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report’

            The federal government drew the ire of
            Congress for sucking up ammunition supplies so fast that citizens and even police forces have been unable to meet their own needs.

            Postal Service?

            National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – through purchases orchestrated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

            U.S. Department of Education – The Education Dept. has spent over $80,000 so far on Glock pistols and over $17,000 on Remington shotguns.

            Army – Additionally, the U.S. Army bought almost 600,000 Soviet AK-47 magazines last fall, enough to hold nearly 18,000,000 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammo which is not standard-issue for either the U.S. military or even NATO. It would take a Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy, one of the largest cargo aircraft in the world, two trips to haul that many magazines.”

            “”The Feds have also spent millions on riot control measures in addition to the ammo acquisitions.

            “While the government gears up for civil unrest and stockpiles ammo without limit, private gun owners on the other hand are finding ammunition shelves empty at gun stores across America, including shortages of once-common cartridges such as .22 Long Rifle.”

            ……And you tell me that I’m wrong. How do you know that you are so, so, so, so right. Open your eyes!

      2. marriea June 23, 2014

        The new change???, you mean a black man in the White House? Really, you need to get over yourself. Do You know what Communist really mean. Never mind. Let’s just hope that China doesn’t decide to call in their markers any time soon

        1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

          What didn’t you get brainiac.

          “It should be clear to everyone why Obama
          is using race to divide
          America, and why he has branded successful capitalists as the enemy. It
          is to bring about a revolution that will result in the downfall of
          capitalism. But unlike in 1980, when he had openly advocated for a
          murderous revolution, he has since adopted the Alinsky model and has
          opted for the downfall of capitalism vis-a-vis a political revolution.”

          You are asking me about Communism? LOLOLOL…. My family escaped from Communism, I had family in Communist Europe as I grew up. I heard my parents talk about it all the time. I went over to Communist Europe when I was a child. Never was I so afraid. No you get over yourself. Do some research and you find out exactly what I am referring to. If you don’t understand, then I feel you are denser than I thought. I might ask you a question. Do you hate this Country? Are you ashamed of this Country? If you say yes to either one of these questions, you are no longer welcome here.

          1. marriea June 24, 2014

            Joe, first of all you give Obama way too much credit. The race issue in this country has been here since the pilgrims first invaded this country. Obama,using race to divide this country? get real. Secondly trying to start a revolution against capitalism? This country is a capitalistic country, even from the onset. The past leaders were rich white GUYS. They set up the constitution for their benefit, and their benefit only. There were no rich women, the Indians were considered nobody, and the blacks at that time were considered sub-human. The only thing Obama is trying to do, obviously not successfully, is trying to get the ‘lesser than financially’ to understand is the power they have over the rich and super rich via their votes. The Communist in Europe and probably China will out and out kill their dissenters and their family members also. In this country, folks are not killed physically, but destroyed, economically. If you have no income in this country, one is considered useless. On top of that if you do manage to get income one is probably going to be at the mercy of their employer in terms of wages or/ and possible fringe benefits if at all. All of the big time bosses especially either sponsor someone to politics or are involved themselves in politics so as to dictate the rules and regulations of what the ‘rest’, the have nots can and have to do, yet those same rules don’t apply to themselves. have you actually checked out your Congress lately, or do you listen to blow hearts on the radio to tell you how to think, who themselves are being paid healthy wages to convince you.
            Obama is trying to open folks eyes to this plight. But folks always have given difference to kings, the ones with the money. Reagan knew this which is why that ‘trickle down theory’ is still so popular today. The king is not going to give up anything except to a handful of few who then go on the media and tell everyone this is what the ‘king did for me’ with the implication that he will do it for you too. Yeah right. You might not like what Obama looks like, indeed if he were white the message would be more tasteful. But instead of actually listening, the blow hearts have you concentrating on the messenger. Beware of those with money who is telling you can do without. They use petty grievances, jealousies, bigotry, and class warfare (think India) to make one person feel ‘better than’ another. Advertisement tells you if you don’t have this or that, than you ain’t ‘with it’ and of course everyone wants to be with it. You are being programmed by nonsense but what do you do?, you blame Obama. Seriously? You truly need to stop and think and realize who’s really running the show. And trust me or your pocketbook…honey it ain’t Obama. Try your Congress. That being said, I personally don’t agree totally with everything Obama has done and said. I do understand the whys, but don’t necessarily like it. But even more so I get where he is coming from. Being white in this country might get you to a certain point. But in sheer numbers there are more poor whites in this country than all other races. Percentage wise, no. But that’s why %s are used instead of #. You indicate you or your relatives are from communist Europe. You really need to read up on how much of American polities have based on much of European cultures. Read the conservative and liberal views and really take a look at how this country is run. Not how THEY say but what you observe. As for do I hate this country. I love my country as it’s the only country I know. I was born here. Do I like what my country has done in the name of process and progress, heck no. Like I said, my country doesn’t kill, it destroys.

      3. ralphkr June 23, 2014

        I strongly suggest, joe, that YOU check out Fascism and you shall soon see that the Fascist agenda and the Republican agenda are extremely closely aligned. Both need an enemy that must be suppressed (Nazis had Jew, Gypsy, & Homosexuals) (Republicans have any one who is not white), constant wars, supremacy of big business over all other groups, and the list goes on. Oh, that is right, in your alternate universe anything that does not jive with your warped sensibilities is fiction.

        1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

          No they are not!. Look up Fascism.

          ‘Fascism is an important political category, but a confusing one. People
          use the word fascism in many different ways, and often without a clear
          sense of what it means.’

          1) It is a suppressive regime where the middle class and farmers reign supreme. (Where is this happening at the moment?)
          2) One-sided, one-race, prejudice ideology (Conservatives are not because there are many ethnic groups who are now Republicans.)
          3) Authoritarian- where have the Republicans been authoritarian? Only Obama has done that.
          4) A way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator (Obama like)
          controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to
          disagree with the government
          5) 1.”Everything in the state”. The Government is supreme and the country
          is all-encompasing, and all within it must conform to the ruling body,
          often a dictator.(Sounds more like you all)
          6) “Nothing outside the state”. The country must grow and the implied
          goal of any fascist nation is to rule the world, and have every human
          submit to the government. (Rule the world! No Conservative wants this)
          7) 3.”Nothing against the state”. Any type of questioning the government
          is not to be tolerated. If you do not see things our way, you are
          wrong. If you do not agree with the government, you cannot be allowed
          to live and taint the minds of the rest of the good citizens.

          The use of militarism was implied only as a means to accomplish one
          of the three above principles, mainly to keep the people and rest of the
          world in line. Fascist countries are known for their harmony and lack
          of internal strife. There are no conflicting parties or elections in
          fascist countries.(Oh dear, sounds more like you folks and talk about strife internally…..)

          You are way off the mark…..I should also inflate that the world you revolve around is Communist. Make sure you look that one up. If you don’t believe you are then I can pull up plenty of facts that indicate your ‘uber’ socialistic views and prove you wrong.

          1. ralphkr June 24, 2014

            Oh,joe.schmo, you have just proven beyond a doubt that your screen name is apt and you do not have a clue about history and you probably learned everything from graphic novels and other purveyors of fiction such as Rush and that ilk.

            1. Completely incorrect. Fascism completely makes big business the be all and end all of the country (Hitler even supplied slave labor to big businesses to enhance profits)
            2. Obviously you never paid attention to the aims of the “true Republicans” who wish to put down everyone who is not a wealthy Caucasian and promote slave wages for all others. Your statement about Republicans being a house for all ethnic groups has been recognized their leaders as being false. Observe their prattling about not having any Hispanic votes and how they must find a way to con minorities to vote Republican.
            3. Republicans are NOT authoritarian?!?! I strongly suggest you look up the meaning of the word. Republicans are in lock-step to block absolutely anything that might reflect well upon a Black President and started that program before Obama was inaugurated and care not a whit how much they are hurting the US just in order to regain total power.
            4. & 5. Republican want a USA where everything is subjugated to big business and the citizens are powerless.
            6. Fascism does not require ruling the world but needs other nations that it can declare as being threats to the Fascists so all the citizens must rally around. Republicans are the ones that called for “New World Order” and “Homeland Security” (right out of Nazi playbook) and keep demanding that we bring “peace & democracy” to nations by attacking them.
            7. One must not say anything against the government. I have noticed in various hearings that any time testimony does not jive with what the Republicans do not want to hear that they tend to shut mike of so no one can hear the “incorrect” testimony, redact anything from published transcripts that does not follow the Republican script and/or claim that the “incorrect” testimony is all part of a giant conspiracy.

            You are indeed fortunate, joe, that Democrats are not the Fascists that Republicans aspire to be or your posts would never appear..anywhere.

            You are also completely mistaken about the world that I am in as I am definitely a Capitalist although there is a chance that I could be accused of some Communist beliefs since I do believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and his teachings and TRUE Communism have much in common.

          2. joe schmo June 26, 2014

            No Ralph, didn’t learn this from Rush, or Fox or Beck or any other Conservative commentator. I learned it from someone who lived during three different regimes in his lifetime and hated two of them vehemently. American Capitalism gave him everything he now has and holds dear. This person is much older than you and I and he says that this Country is going the way of Communism. Namely, this person is my father. I know all about Communism because I grew up with family in Communist Europe. My parents talked about it all the time. I also know about Fascism which is the worst of the worst. So you see, I am not so stupid when it comes to these regimes. Specifically because I heard about them all my life. You may think you know them but you really don’t. Unless you have lived that type of life how can anyone know how horrible those two totalitarian lifestyles are.

            I know how to discern socialism from capitalism. Glad you at least are a Capitalist. That tells me that you venture somewhere towards the center. Which is a good thing. I too am a Christian. I believe perhaps you are referring to the laws of morality portrayed in the Commandments as Communist? Well, I don’t know about that. I don’t think they are all that bad. It separates people from good and evil and gives us hope to carry on.

          3. ralphkr June 26, 2014

            No, Joe, I don’t think that Christianity or the Ten Commandments are Communist but that much of the Communist principles seem to have been lifted from the teachings of Jesus Christ (he was first by a long shot) There has NEVER been a true Communist nation just as there are no true Christian nation. Back in the first century there were a few groups that tried to live as true Christians but they soon disappeared. Human beings are just too greedy to live as true Christians.

          4. joe schmo June 26, 2014

            So true, Ralph, so true:)

          5. joe schmo June 27, 2014

            Ralph, don’t agree with you that Communist principles are lifted from Christianity because Communism is an atheist regime. Christianity was not allowed. True there has never been a true Communist nation because greed evolved at the top. You are right, Humans are greedy, but I can honestly say there are some good ones out there. As long as you live your life by principles and morals, I think God forgives you your trespasses.
            Besides if we were perfect, we would be like God and we simply are not. Some Christians never get out of preschool.

          6. ralphkr June 27, 2014

            Sorry, joe, but I must disagree with you about Communism principles could not have been adopted from the teachings of Christ because items such as from each to each and sharing are directly from the New Testament as well as all humans equal. Note that many truly fundamentalist Christians lived in share & share alike groups and, like Communist groups, they tended to degrade to everybody shares with the bosses.

            I must say that often agree with the Communist opinion of religion when I observe the actions & statements of various “Christian” groups. Especially with so many worshiping money and wishing to have a government according to the Old Testament (Females are chattel, slavery, etc.) and sound exactly like the radical Muslims)

          7. joe schmo June 27, 2014

            Ralph, I think we have digressed from that last statement. I really don’t see where it is communist although you have a point with regards to equality. However, I think it refers more to an established acceptance rather than being equal. Unfortunately, unless we can except each other and become more tolerant of our brothers, there is no chance that the Biblical ideal will occur. Unfortunately, I believe we are still to immature for that.

      4. RobertCHastings July 2, 2014

        MOST Republicans are in the same economic situation the rest of us are, and basically hold most of the same values. So, give me a reasonable explanation as to why more than half of Republicans vote in obvious contradiction of their self-interests.

  12. Mary Ann Hoogeveen May 29, 2014

    No wonder the republican party is in the toilet!

    1. Independent1 May 29, 2014

      There are certainly many of us here that could think of nothing better that the whole bunch of them getting “flushed” in the next election. That sure would be a happy day!!

      1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

        Won’t happen. Too many unhappy campers….. If you side wins, our goose is as good as cooked.

    2. plc97477 June 23, 2014

      Don’t you hate it when they forget to flush.

      1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

        We can’t help it that you all are already in the sewage pond with your ideology. We don’t want to be flushed like the rest of you already have been.

    3. joe schmo June 23, 2014

      Honestly! Have to say that about your party. If we keep heading down the spiral into the cesspool, what do you think will be left? You tell me.

  13. 1standlastword May 29, 2014

    I’d like to see what would happen to GOP credibility if this clown show was aired on national TV at prime time.

    1. adler56 May 30, 2014

      The redneck section of the Republican base wouldn’t be watching that- especially if reruns of Duck Dynasty could be seen “on demand”.

    2. joe schmo June 23, 2014

      Why should this surprise you. Obama does it all the time…..as does Peloser and Reidtard.

  14. adler56 May 30, 2014

    Don’t bother to send in the clowns- they’re already here. The Duck Dynasty AND Trump? Wow! A shame that they closed down most Psychiatric Hospitals- tea party clowns could have had their own floor.

    1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

      Get your head out of Obama’s ass for once. The government is not the end all of end all’s. We want less. By the way, I bet you are not as well off as Trump or the Duck Dynasty crowd. Obama has been the ruination of this nation. Look who’s talking about being a nut case.

      1. Jim Myers June 23, 2014

        All this self-righteousness about less government, and so forth.


        Of course, now that the Democrats have someone in the White House, we aren’t supposed to lay fault with past (Republican) administrations.

        Just blame every hangnail and any other problem you can dream up on the present administration.

        1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

          Dude, get over it. Even Conservatives had no use for Bush at the end of his term….. We can’t help it that Obama has taken America further into sewage pond.

          1. Sand_Cat June 24, 2014

            Wow, you’re one to talk about having one’s head stuck in a rectum. It must look pretty bleak in there, judging by your ranting and raving.

          2. joe schmo June 27, 2014

            Hey, your Dude has topped it all. Better get your head out of the sand before it is too late and the walls of Jericho come crumbling down………. because they are coming down as we speak. Supreme court is starting to act. If the Conservatives take the house……lame duck. Then where will we be in 2016…toast? Thank you very much for your contribution to the former United States of America. Oops, that’s a bad word isn’t it. You mean the GLOBALIZED STATES OF THE UN…. Not the ‘change we want to see.’ It’s the chains Obama wants to see…..

      2. Justin Napolitano June 23, 2014

        Joe, you are a moron so stop while you are just a little behind.

        1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

          Cat got your tongue!

          1. Sand_Cat June 24, 2014

            No, he’s just unable to comprehend how anyone could be as stupid as you.

  15. kanawah June 6, 2014

    The “guest list” sounds like the RLC cleaned out the Funny Farm, again.
    None of the listed speakers have enough sense to come in out of the rain.
    They are all a disgrace, not only to themselves but the republican party and the nation.

  16. dpaano June 6, 2014

    If that’s the future of the Republicans, we intelligent Democrats shouldn’t have much to worry about (except for the not-so-intelligent Republicans who believe everything these idiots say)! By the way, how does Santorum KNOW how things are “supposed to be.” Did he walk next to Jesus when he was preaching the gospel…..I doubt it! No one was around then that can honestly say how things are “supposed to be!” And to “presume” to know is just plain idiotic and narcissistic as far as I’m concerned.

  17. Dominick Vila June 23, 2014

    If there is one thing we must all learn is to stop predicting which Republican-TP is going to lose. We have been proven wrong, time and again, and the reason for our obtuseness should be obvious to everyone. The people we despise are adored by a segment of our population whose opinions, goals, and intellectual acumen is not like ours. GOP-TP elected officials are in office because the electorate in their states and districts like them, and they approve of what their elected officials are doing.
    The best thing we can do is accept the reality of our circumstances and focus instead on highlighting our record, our accomplishments, our values and vision.

    1. plc97477 June 23, 2014

      With gerrymandering they really don’t need to like their politicians.

  18. Eleanore Whitaker June 23, 2014

    So, they have $189 for a GOP conference but no money to pay for their own health insurance? They have $189 dollars to waste on a bunch of power freak obsessed white middle aged males but can’t pay enough in state taxes to support their own states the same way they expect blue states to do?

    All those Geniuse GOP Governors have amassed track records of abominable failure. Take a look a Cheney’s faired haired boy Chris Christie. This high handed tyrant doesn’t mind spending tax payer dollars for his Big Business cronies. When it comes to giving back to the people paying the highest property taxes in the nation, he uses the same Cheney tactic…VETO to show his authority. Take a good look at Jindal in LA. Another GOP hot hot who can’t manage to rely on state taxes before he goes a’begging for Federal funds from other states.

  19. matt June 23, 2014

    intellectual and republicans they don’t go together for obvious reasons

    1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

      Speak for yourself…….and Trump is not intelligent or intellectual? LOL Bet you are not as successful as he is…..

      1. matt June 23, 2014

        your moniker is joe schmo say no more. trump is a mutant hump you must be a humpbacker now shut the f up

        1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

          That’s what you all say when you have nothing to contribute. I think it is the losers way out.

          Go hump yourself.

      2. Justin Napolitano June 23, 2014

        He is a fucing crook, so say many people.

        1. joe schmo June 23, 2014

          I’ve heard different. I hear he is an extremely organized business man. I love the fact that he got his name on his building before ‘fricken’ Emanuel could stop him. He went by the law. Unfortunately for you, the man is briliant….and, apparently, you are not otherwise you would be SOMEBODY.

          I suppose you think Obama, Peloser and Reidtard are honest? Pleeaaasee!

  20. Robert Gifford June 23, 2014

    What a mess, I said What a mess, I say what a mess The Demorats will have
    a eazy election with this mess.

  21. terry b June 23, 2014

    Anyone who is against birth control is truly a mentally deficient person. Nothing prevents abortion like the pill. Only truly ignorant people do not know that. If you are against something, an intelligent person would simply choose to not do it. Not the nutcases, like Rick Santorum for instance.

  22. Justin Napolitano June 23, 2014

    All I can say is that squirrels will be in hog heaven with all of these nuts around.

  23. blucorsair June 24, 2014

    In Iraq, Bush won with the “surge” and Obama lost with the “purge”, pretty much sums it up for political fervor now! I don’t see Democrats doing much in the mid terms, unless they really, really distance themselves from the Obama administration and Obamacare. Hillary is the latest victim flip floping on her original stance on Iraq and eleven senate seats, are now in serious jeopardy. Even MSMBC, has said that they’ve been supporting a fake in the white house on Iraq!

  24. dpaano July 24, 2014

    Wow, this could be another version of “Last Comic Standing!”


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