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Romney Reverses Again On Abortion

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Romney Reverses Again On Abortion


In his latest policy reversal of the campaign so far, Mitt Romney said Tuesday that no abortion legislation would be part of his agenda. This comes from the same candidate who earlier this year said he would scrap funding for Planned Parenthood, and appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade.

In statements to the Des Moines Register, Romney continued along the recent trend of denying his previous conservative positions in favor of more moderate ones. “There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda,” Romney said.

As in the presidential debate, Romney has largely abandoned his fire-and-thunder conservative rhetoric, and tried to woo the small but influential percentage of undecided voters with new, as-yet-unheard-of centrist policies.

Romney’s off-the-cuff comments on abortion policy were later corrected by his spokespersons—a sequence of events that has been common in this campaign when the Republican candidate has deviated from the script. Spokeswoman Andrea Saul clarified that Romney “would of course support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life,” she told National Review Online‘s Katrina Trinko. His aides, of course, did not concede that the candidate had contradicted himself. Mitt Romney is proudly pro-life and will be a pro-life president,” Saul said.

In a speech in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Bill Clinton mocked the new moderate version of Mitt Romney that has suddenly appeared in the last three weeks before the election. “I had a different reaction to that first debate than a lot of people did. I mean, I thought, ‘Wow, here’s old Moderate Mitt. Where you been, boy, I missed you all these years.'”


Romney, however, is not alone in being hypocritical about abortion. According to a phone call transcript obtained by The Huffington Post, Scott DesJarlais (R-TN), a pro-life Republican congressman and former doctor, had an affair with a patient and upon discovering she was pregnant, pressured her into getting an abortion.

The call was made in September, 2000, at a time when DesJarlais was attempting to save his marriage. In response to questions regarding this new document, DesJarlais characterized it as a smear campaign, and a willingness to play dirty while avoiding solving the real issues. “Desperate personal attacks do not solve our nation’s problems, yet it appears my opponents are choosing to once again engage in the same gutter politics that CBS News called the dirtiest in the nation just two years ago,” DesJarlais said.




  1. ROBERT C HASTINGS October 10, 2012

    DesJarlais must have been one of Romney’s debate partners. Let’s see, Gingrich must have been another one. And Ryan had to be in there, too. While these three don’t seem to have much in common with the current incarnation Willard Mitt Romney, they all three have taken positions that are belied by their personal lives. For DesJarlais to insist his girlfriend have an abortion then insist he is prolife is, at best, hypocritical. Gingrich was having an affair at the time he was pursuing impeachment against Clinton for – having an affair (well, technically lying was the charge, or perjury). This is, in its best light, also hypocrisy. Ryan’s budget plan has been blasted by officials of his Catholic Church as reflecting anything BUT Catholic values. This, too, is in the best light hypocritical. And how does this fit in with Romney and his current changes. Well, if you can’t figure that out you just haven’t been watching for the past two weeks.

    1. dotutz October 10, 2012

      Also Gingrich was having an affair with an intern while his wife was in the hospital fighting cancer. What a guy!!!!

      1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

        dotutz: This guy Gingrich is despicable and his morals are even worse.
        — Bill Clinton —

  2. bcarreiro October 10, 2012

    this is up to a woman to decide ………………..theres no debating over a womans body anymore. the flip flop is mitt romney and his time at bain and that will go to show everyone his true colors.

    1. agnessue October 10, 2012

      best comment I have seen on this subject. Only the woman involved can and should make whatever decision is best for her.

      1. DurdyDawg October 10, 2012

        Unfortunately, some use this system as a way of life which is what the pubs are picking up on, just like some abuse the social welfare system thus jeopardizing the starving and the needy. A simple watch panel is enough to balance things out but the pubs propose to beat out the middle man by destroying it for everyone. No one in their right mind would deny a woman’s right for abortion under incest, death or rape.. THAT would be her choice..

        1. lindablue October 11, 2012

          You mean like the Social Welfare Programs that Michelle Bachmann and many other Republican congressional figures get like farm subsidies, Save the gay therapy, taxpayer funding to start Drug testing Centers that their spouses own, Making laws that effect us and not them, the free college tuition we pay for their children to attend college free? Just saying our congressional leaders cas in on more social welfare than any poor person.

          1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

            lindablue: “The problem with liberals is not so much that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.”
            — Ronald Reagan —

          2. lindablue October 11, 2012

            The problem with conservatives is they are morally bankrupt who hide behind a Bible that they don’t even know or follow the tenets of. Ignorance does not even begin to describe a Republican, they vote against their own best interest while sticking up for the rich who would bury them with the rest of us. You’re a tool to the means to their ends and your not bright enough to figure it our for yourself.

          3. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

            linda: There you go: “Stick it to the rich”; “The rich are inmoral”; “The rich benefit from ‘burying’ you” ; “You can make the poor richer by making the rich poorer” (this one being one of your best), etc., etc., yada, yada, yada ….
            Just shows that it is YOU who are not bright enough to be able to “smell the coffee”.
            We’ll talk on November 6th !!

          4. lindablue October 11, 2012

            My friend I can’t smell the coffee because the rich are depriving me a descent living wage to buy coffee.

          5. Edsanjuan October 12, 2012

            linda: You are right: You are in a “descent” living ! (“decent”, Linda, “decent !”)
            linda: You can pay $200/hr to a psychologist for advice on “reality thinking” or take it from me for free:
            Repeat 30 times each morning, at noon and in the evening:
            3) “I DON’T HAVE TO STAY AT A JOB WHERE I AM NOT APPRECIATED AND AM BEING PAID BELOW WHAT I AM WORTH” (Note: This one could be a problem and, since I now know you do not possess the sophistication needed to identify the problem, I’ll tell you what it is: perhaps you can not switch jobs PRECISELY because right now you are being paid MORE than you are worth …)

            There you go, lindablue, even if you (so ignorantly) vote for Obama, and I couldn’t care less, I still took the time to offer sincere and realistic advice to you, …. which most probably will not be appreciated and will be answered with “what planet are you from?”

            Anyway, the best to you, Lindablue!

          6. lindablue October 12, 2012

            Seems you psychologist hasn’t helped you much.

          7. Edsanjuan October 12, 2012

            lindablue: Sorry your very limited or non-existent intelligence does not allow you to understand my words.
            Keep your appointments with your psychiatrist ($200/hr !!)
            P.S. – Linda, also PLEASE get some English lessons (“you” psychologist”, Linda??!!)

          8. lindablue October 12, 2012

            You must be on Prozac and wear rose colored glasses.

          9. lindablue October 12, 2012

            You don’t have to stay at a job where your not appreciated. Yeah right and I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. What a complete moron. Everyone stays at jobs where they are not appreciated because the 1% has you by the balls.

    2. jarheadgene October 10, 2012

      I agree……who are these men that want to decide, for women what their rights are to their own bodies and vaginal privacy. DOWN with Corbett and his “Just close your eyes and pretend it isn’t happening.” Gov. Corbett….PA….has to go.

  3. R.T. Castleberry October 10, 2012

    What does he believe and when does he believe it?

    1. AMADAL October 10, 2012

      He believes whatever you believe. He believes it when he is front of you. That goes for anyone while he is trying to get your vote.

      1. Fern Woodfork October 10, 2012

        The Great Con Man!!!

        1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

          Fernie: I concur; Obozo IS a Con Man ….

    2. Fern Woodfork October 10, 2012

      Mitt Romney And MONEY!!!

  4. Clarence Swinney October 10, 2012

    I sent these to Obama. He could have won re-election with them
    “My first act will be to defund Planned Parenthood.”
    PP prevents more abortions than any unit in America.
    Free contraceptions to poor of poor women.
    Sir, have you heard of Jesus Christ?
    His number one word in the bible is POOR.
    PP provides preventative health care for poorest of the poor women

    “my first act will be to repeal Obamacre.”
    Sir, We have “laws”. They cannot be changed on a whim.

    clarence lifeaholics of america

  5. highpckts October 10, 2012

    He so lies!! He just wants in and then you will see the real Romney! I don’t trust him!!

    1. Fern Woodfork October 10, 2012

      Only A Damn Fool Would Trust A Man That Lies All The Times Non Stop Lying!!!

      1. JSquercia October 10, 2012

        AND the very NEXT day his campaign was correcting things that he said .He didn’t really mean he was in favor of stopping Insurance companies from refusing to insure those with preexisting Conditions .

        Interesting isn’t it that when he was a Governor his business acumen resulted in his state being next to LAST in JOB GROWTH

        1. Fern Woodfork October 10, 2012

          Mind You A State Where He Way Behind Obama Maybe Cause The Real Fact That He Just Wasn’t That Good Of A Governor!! Remember He Was In 47th Place In Creating Jobs And Hell It’s Only 50 States Here Now What Do That Tell You???? Romney Use To Shipping Jobs Overseas Not Creating Them!!!

          1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

            Fernie: You are wrong !! Obozo said there are 57 states.

      2. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

        Fern: Yep !! Isn’t that Obozo a non-stop compulsive liar ?

      3. Eduardo October 14, 2012

        Fern: You are a complete IGNORAMUS RETARD. STFU!!!!
        You are damaging whatever “intelligent” postings are being sent.
        I repeat: STFU !!!!

  6. wrice64 October 10, 2012

    My problem with Romney is you never know which Romney will show up. He changes his views faster than when he was dodging the draft.

    1. jarheadgene October 10, 2012

      NO HYPOCRITICAL Vietnam Draft Dodgers should be President. He would send Americans to war, something he was too much of a COWARD to do himself. USMC….OOrah!

      1. oldtack October 10, 2012

        We saw that in the last tenure with Bush and Cheney( unless you call sporadic attendance in the Air National Guard actual service). Before that there was William Jefferson Clinton who was and anti-war protester. I wonder how many draft dodging SOB’s there are hiding out in the Halls of Congress?

        1. CPANY October 10, 2012


          1. oldtack October 10, 2012

            Son od a Gun! we found common ground – Many.
            Have a good evening CPANY

          2. CPANY October 15, 2012

            Not hard to do. Congress is filled with worthless crooks who just want to milk the system for all they can get out of it.

        2. Ed October 10, 2012

          Many Many, and they belittle any veteran that runs against them for office, as we see in this present race for congress.

          1. oldtack October 10, 2012

            Amen brother. It is very evident in that respect.
            Have a good evening Ed

          2. CaptainWes October 11, 2012

            I truly hope this thread is a bipartisan condemnation of those people, as I got from the original post. The latest round of servicemen – turned – politicians are running AGAINST Republicans, who are belittling their service to our country; at least the ones that make it into the news.

          3. joujou228 October 11, 2012

            Shameful! I can only imagine the sacrifices these people made for this country.

          4. ROBERT C HASTINGS October 11, 2012

            John Kerry and the triple amputee from Georgia were both men denigrated by the conservatives during recent campaigns. Kerry was put down by the “fast-boaters”(most of which turned out to be liars, anyway), and Max Clelland (?) from Georgia, a triple amputee serving in Congress received his from a Republican who never served. There is another servicemember, who lost both her legs, and is currently running against the same kind of people as Kerry and Clelland, people who easily send young people off to war and refuse to deal with them when they come home. During the Bush administration, one of the first thingsW cut in order to pay for taxcuts for the wealthy were veterans’ benefits. Obama has reversed that, and appointed as head of the VA Gen. Shinseki, who was forced out of his leadership role in the military for his opposition to W and Rumsfeld on Veterans’ benefits. It is not difficult to understand why military, both active and retired, are voting Democrat in increasing numbers. It should also follow that the rest of us should wake up.

        3. JuneBug2 October 10, 2012

          I believe I recall Clinton had a deferment, then turned it in and reciieved a draft number. The number was high enough that he wasn’t called. Please correct me if I’m wrong

          1. Warren Nicholson October 10, 2012

            You are correct.

            A retired Master Sergeant, with 26 years service and Airborne.

          2. CPANY October 15, 2012

            Sounds like something that Slick Willy would do to keep himself politically viable.

        4. David West October 10, 2012

          You’re worried about “anti-war protesters!!??” Your basic freedoms and the future of your grandchildren are being directly threatened by the most horrendous group of blood-sucking, uncaring, soul-less, heart-less F^*#@#S since the NAZI regime of WWII Germany ——why do I bother getting so upset about something that you all are going to have to live with long after I’m gone—which is a VERY short time from now.? Thank God …

          1. CPANY October 15, 2012

            Well, if we’re going to have to deal with it, then you don’t have to worry. Pleasant dreams.

        5. jarheadgene October 11, 2012

          I give credit to anyone who protested Vietnam and if they got legit differments O.K. But to those chickenhawks like Cheney and Romney …..I detest their hypocritical dodge…they were all in favor of the war and yet sought ways to run away. If you are FOR something, stand and fight, don’t be a chickens**t.

          1. CPANY October 15, 2012

            There’s and old saying that history is filled with examples of old farts telling young men to go to war and risk being killed.

            We haven’t been engaged in a “just war” since Korea and there’s a few people who thought that Korea was none of our business.

        6. ROBERT C HASTINGS October 11, 2012

          At least Clinton was going to college at Cambridge in London, working on a hard-earned(and legitimate)Rhodes Scholarship, not a faux MBA his father bought for him as a “legacy” student.

          1. CPANY October 15, 2012

            Cambridge University isn’t in London. it’s in Cambridge.

            What is a “legacy student”?

        7. CPANY October 15, 2012


      2. Joseph Hemphill October 10, 2012

        with ya there Jarhead, Semper fi !

      3. Canistercook October 11, 2012

        Guess you are referring to Obama!

        1. jarheadgene October 11, 2012

          Obama was in Jr. High during that time, Canister. And by the way I don’t have any issues with legit differments. But the guy below….he changes his mind with the wind.

      4. ps2os2 October 13, 2012

        Not to defend the guy but his religion might allow him to opt out.

        1. lindablue October 13, 2012

          He rallied for the Vietnam War and then used his religion to dodge the war. Really there is no defense for his actions.

          1. ps2os2 October 13, 2012

            Well it is the inconsistencies that really make it troubling for anyone wanting to vote for him. On PBS there was a mini biography of both candidates and to tell you the truth neither inspired confidence but both had issues when they were in their 20’s. Now its not like either of them were in jail or suspected trouble, except Obama was head of the Harvard Law
            which really *IS* something. Romney was over in France trying to preach to the French was was at best a losing proposition. The 30’s were for both a non starter, IMO. Although admittedly to be honest a lawyer doesn’t start making it till his 40’s.
            I just got the idea that Romney rode his fathers tails till Bain came along.

          2. lindablue October 14, 2012

            You must also remember that even with Bain Romney wouldn’t have started it without daddy’s connections. Romney has never made it on his own. Obama has. Weather you like the guy or not the one thing you can say about Obama is he did the work to get where he is and had no connections other than the ones he made along the way.

      5. Canistercook October 16, 2012

        Who is the draft dodger? Obama or Romney?

        1. jarheadgene October 17, 2012

          THIS GUY….

    2. Fern Woodfork October 10, 2012

      Romney Is A Shape Shifter, A Great Con Man And A Snake Oil Sales Man!! A Mother Of One Of The Navy Seals Who Got Killed In Benghazi Told Romney She Don’t No Trust Him And Stop Using She Son Death In His Lies And His Crap Against Obama !! Now That Is Really Low Down On Romney Part Using A Navy Seals Death Just To Get Votes!!!

      1. Canistercook October 11, 2012

        Gosh I do wonder if you have looked at anything that is really important when it comes to running the country, you seem so involved in calling people stupid names and making stupid accusations. Sad that some people get to vote though!

    3. CPANY October 10, 2012

      I know which Romney will show up: the lying Romney.

      1. Fern Woodfork October 11, 2012

        Romney is A Chicken Shit Draft Dodger Who Known To Have Dodge The Draft 5 Time!!! But He Do Mind Sending You, You Family And Friends To Wars The He Nor None Of His Sons Will Fight In!!!!

        1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

          Fernie: Learn to write in English, you Occupy Wall Street Socialist moron ….

    4. 1standlastword October 10, 2012

      wrice said: “He changes his views faster than when he was dodging the draft.”

      I’m sure we agree that the only thing multiple versions of Mitt could all agree on is that he didn’t want to fall on a pungy stick or get shot out of his magical Mormon panties

    5. slygirl October 10, 2012

      Not only military service should be deemed a great trait for a presidential nominee but also a tour of all the American military cemeteries overseas. There are vast acreages in
      Europe for our fallen heroes. Plus a trip to the South Pacific where the remains of those heroes lie scattered in that terrain. How can we elect a leader at this critical juncture when
      war looms all over the world if that person has the faintest clue about military service?

    6. Canistercook October 10, 2012

      The man that showed up at the debate was the man that turned around Bain and turned around the problems besetting the Salt Lake Olympics. He has adapted some of his views to align with the electorate and so has Obama, i.e. Gay marriage i.e.

      1. DurdyDawg October 10, 2012

        That may be true in a sense (and as far as bain, you would have to confirm his success with the people he burnt) but Romney does this (blathering) on an on-going level according to which audience he’s lying to at any given time. You’ve probably forgotten, but the United States of America is not a ‘for profit’ corporation. capitalist sharks have no b’ness running this country and I’m not too happy that there’s an over-abundance of ambulance chasers either.

      2. dranyamelknur October 10, 2012

        Romney registered as a lobbyist and ended up getting a $2.7 billion bailout from Bush to “save” the Olympics. In reality, it was the taxpayers, not Mitt, who saved the Utah Winter Olympics.
        What about Bain? Romney did prove adept at getting big loans (He got millions from right wing oligarchic El Salvadorian death squad funders to get started) using those loans to buy out companies, load those loans on his victims, then fatten them up for what he called”harvesting.” He found he enjoyed firing workers. He also enjoyed using their pensions into his off-shore bank accounts. What a clever businessmen. In this way, he was able to avoid those nasty taxes.
        Another strategy – to jerk the rugout from under US workers by forcing them to train employees from other countries and then ship the factories abroad.
        Right now this is happening at Sensata Technologies in Freeport, Il. By the end of November those workers will be out of a job, worker affiliated insurance, and pensions plans. When they tried to make appeals to him, he ignored them. They made sensors for autos, planes and missiles. Just what Red China needs.
        His tactics made him rich and the middle class poorer but do NOT make him an appealing candidate for straightening up our economy.The fact that he had the biggest per capita debt in Massachusetts, was 47th in job creation, thinks he can cut everyone’s taxes and use loopholes to balance the budget while adding $2 Trillion in an unrequested Pentagon budget bonanza

        1. CPANY October 11, 2012

          There’s no doubt about it: Romney’s a piece of crap.

          1. Eduardo October 14, 2012

            CEMPTY: I agree with you !! Obozo and The Clown are a piece of crap !!
            You are soooo right !! (pun intended)

          2. CPANY October 15, 2012

            There’s no pun there. What are you talking about?

        2. Canistercook October 11, 2012

          Didn’t know Romney had anything to do with Sensata. You had better tell him, I think it will surprise him! He filed his taxes legally just like Obama’s buddy Buffet. Just like most Democrat and Republican representatives in D.C. and just like Obama. If you don;t like a law ask your representative to change it, don’t fault those who obey it.

          1. lindablue October 11, 2012

            Sensata is a Bain-owned company that is closing a factory in in Freeport, Il to move the jobs to China. The workers have set up a camp they call “Bainport” and workers and supporters are trying to block the Bain trucks that are moving equipment out to ship to China right now. In breaking news there were arrests made on Monday.

          2. Canistercook October 12, 2012

            So what in the heck does that have to do with Romney who left the company over 6 years ago.
            He makes none of their decisions today. Talk to their present Board and CEO. Is a worker who retired from GM 5 or 6 years ago responsible for what they do today?

          3. CPANY October 15, 2012

            As a political commentator has pointed out on television, Romney has maintained his connection to Bain despite his written declarations to the contrary.

            As hard as it is to believe, Mittens lied, again.

          4. lindablue October 15, 2012

            You’ll never get through to them. Ideology before facts.

          5. Canistercook October 15, 2012

            You sure do get your facts confused. Other than he now gets his vested Pension through Bain he has no hand now or for several years has not had any hand in the running of Bain.
            Guess the lefwingt brainwashing works though!

          6. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Boy you’ll believe anything won’t you? I guess he made 1 billion on his 401k the legal way too.

          7. Canistercook October 15, 2012

            I don’t know and I don’t make accusations like that without reasonable evidence.
            I do believe Romney is a very honest upstanding man with high integrity. If you have ‘evidence’ of any illegal activity on his part I’d like to see it.

          8. CPANY October 16, 2012

            Rachel Maddow, on her television program, produced documents that show Romney’s continuing connection to Bain and his participation in its management. It caused quite a stir and throughout Mittens refused to refute or even to respond to Maddow.

          9. CPANY October 15, 2012

            You see, Canistercook, the laws are there because the rich directed their Congressional toadies to put those laws in place. Did you really think that those loopholes were on the books innocently and the lawyers and tax accountants for the rich just happened to come upon them?

          10. Canistercook October 15, 2012

            You are I guess so far to the left that if Stalin was alive he could recruit you to his cause.

          11. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Beats following Hitler like the right does.

          12. Canistercook October 15, 2012

            Your comment doesn’t deserve a response.

          13. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Must be cause its true.

          14. CPANY October 16, 2012

            Are you being intentionally obtuse or are you really that naive?

        3. CPANY October 15, 2012

          Why did the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics need saving? I thought that the Mormons were such shart business people.

      3. Cairndance October 11, 2012

        He turned around the Olympics with more than a 1.5 BILLION Dollar gift from the Government! He didn’t do it on his own!

        1. neece00 October 11, 2012

          I flew into Salt Lake City recently and was told by someone at the airport that because of the Olympics, SLC got a new rail system (TRAX) which was paid by; 25% Olympics committee, 25% by the city and 50% by the federal government. Your Federal dollars at work.

          1. lindablue October 11, 2012

            So the Salt Lake airport was funded 75 % by government funding since the government funded the Olympic committee.

        2. Canistercook October 11, 2012

          Stupid! He wasn’t ‘hired’ to bail out the USA financially that had volunteered to hold the Olympics, he was hired by the government to sort out the mess they were in trying to look good to the rest of the world. He did a great job of work. He did the organizing alone!

          1. lindablue October 11, 2012

            Oh come on he did with with government money that you claim should not be used to help anyone or anything.

          2. Canistercook October 11, 2012

            If a government volunteers to hold the Olympics in its country as we did of course THE taxpayerst pick up the tab. They just needed a smart exec in the U.S. to organize construction and organization of the games. Utah was not doing well with the organization so they had to bring in Romney. Like us, the U.K. tax payers picked up the tab for their Olympic games. Every country pays the cost of the Olympics from money collected in taxes. I never claimed the taxpayers should not help the truly deserving needy but I do question the amount of fraud and why I should be taxed to educate children pouring in illegally from all over the world like the Teachers’ Union wants.
            We are becoming another Greece unfortunately. Just hope someone can put the breaks on and rescue us!

          3. lindablue October 11, 2012

            Lets not talk about fraud in Social Welfare Programs unless your willing to talk about Corporate fraud and the corruption our elected officials are engaging in. That’s the real fraud. We only become another Greece because we spend 92 billion dollars a year giving money to blue chip corporations who do not need or want our tax dollars. Corporate Welfare must end if you truly believe in a make it on your own world view.

          4. Canistercook October 12, 2012

            I’m for stopping ALL fraud – Corporate and welfare. The 92 billion is a serious concern but so is the almost 16 Trillion!

          5. lindablue October 12, 2012

            Only takes 16 year of 92 billion dollars a year in corporate welfare to equal 16 trillion dollars.

          6. Canistercook October 12, 2012

            Yes and GM is enjoying some of that ‘corporate welfare’ right now. Guess some people will wake up too late if we fall off that cliff paying all the welfare programs and government employee wages and pensions. Take another look at which organizsations and companies get government ‘welfare’ and who voted for it, and I think you will get a big shock!

          7. lindablue October 12, 2012

            Blue chip corporations rake in more government welfare than any other but lets be honest here G.M. will be paying back their government loan and in fact have paid back most already. How much does gas, coal, and oil pay back? Nothing!!!!

          8. Canistercook October 12, 2012

            Guess you must have some information no one else has! Government BOUGHT GM Stock at almost twice what it is now worth and will lose billions on it. GM will use the ‘profit’ to pay the Union wages and pensions/

          9. lindablue October 12, 2012

            G.M repaid $23.1 billion of the $49.5 billion it got from the U.S. Treasury, including all of its outstanding loans. How much has the banks paid back? How much has Nissan paid back? How much has Ford paid back who got a loan the same month G.M. went into bankruptcy? How much has Toyota paid back. Did you know that the Republican Party force us to give Toyota and Nissan money even though their country subsidizes their auto industry?

          10. Canistercook October 12, 2012

            I understand that Ford rejected the government’s offer of bailout money and is quite successful without it. I have never heard nor have evidence that Toyota or Nissan were ever given U.S. subsidies or that our treasury was forced to give it to them by ‘the Republicans’. There is a lot of false facts circulating and we can always pray that GM will pay back the other 26.5 billion or so I guess! Wonder who has that 26+ billion?

          11. lindablue October 12, 2012

            You still haven’t said how much money gas, oil, and coal repays our government. Waiting.

          12. lindablue October 13, 2012

            I know interest from the G.W. Bush Administrations spending on the credit card sure adds up fast.

          13. Canistercook October 13, 2012

            I believe Bush made a bad mistake going into Iraq and that his drug program provided far too much profit for drug companies and is too expensive. I believe Clinton made a big error when he privatized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the loans made for the overpriced homes backed by government taxpayers insurance which has caused much of our financial problem today. That is why I am able to be an Independent and separate myself from ‘the party’ and judge the individuals capabilities .Both Clinton and Bush however had leadership ability and did not try to divide us as a country which Obama is doing.
            I am not thrilled with either party but feel I must choose between the two and right now I favor Romney who I feel has much more experience in leadership and running an organization, is a fair honest man that rather then attending Rev Wright’s church for 20 years and listening to “God damn America” has been a missionary and tithes to a group who on the whole have proven themselves to be hard working Americans and like Obama he is a good family man. We are a deeply troubled country right now and good leadership is essential. No matter who wins the election the future looks bleak, especially for those unemployed and under-employed as bringing jobs back to America will not be an easy task. Obama is selling ‘Change’. I wish I knew what the heck that means.

          14. ps2os2 October 13, 2012

            Clinton I agreed screwed America in several ways (as well as the reputation of America) and as such I have never forgiven him (and probably never will). The only Bush leadership had was to give the “rich” more money than they ever had at the cost of the rest of America. He also got us into an war(s) which spent trillions and killed thousands of young US soldiers.
            Neither president should be looked on favorably. Obama should be held up to a higher level as he should have taken the high road but he has consistently caved in to the previous administrations on issues that should have been tossed to the side and re-written the roll of the president. Just as an example the patriot act he should have taken it and discarded a lot of provision from it and retained the meat.
            I know the damned congress was a loggerhead but he (Obama) needed to show them where to get off. If that means sending in Biden as a bull dog (since obviously he can’t debate) so be it.

          15. lindablue October 13, 2012

            Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae should have remained a government entity and showed that the government can do it better than a private entity. Clinton did not privatize Freddie and Fannie Mae, Lyndon Johnson did during the Vietnam war to get it off the government books so our debt didn’t look so big.
            For the first thirty years following its inception, Fannie Mae held a veritable monopoly over the secondary mortgage market. In 1968, due to fiscal pressures created by the Vietnam War, Lyndon B. Johnson privatized Fannie Mae in order to remove it from the national budget. At this point, Fannie Mae began operating as a GSE, generating profits for stock holders while enjoying the benefits of exemption from taxation and oversight as well as implied government backing. In order to prevent any further monopolization of the market, a second GSE known as Freddie Mac was created in 1970. Currently, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac control about 90 percent of the nation’s secondary mortgage market.
            Obama has not made us divisive the Tea Party and the Koch brother’s have. Can’t handle having a black President. You favor the guy that created the blueprint for shipping Americans jobs to China. That sure will make the country stronger or at least his pockets fuller. Go ahead and vote for the Mormon who’s father was born in a compound in Mexico and is from a polygamist family tree. Great thing about America that’s your right to vote for who ever you choose.

          16. Canistercook October 13, 2012

            Guess you have your facts the way you want them. Re-check and you will find Clinton signed the laws that privatized Freddie and Fannie. Barney Frank was one of the guys that pushed it through. It is still the taxpayers debt though as government (the taxpayer) guarantees their mortgage losses.! They still unfortunately hold most of the home mortgages and we the tax payers are picking up their losses which are colossal. The color of a man’s skin has nothing to do with it, it is his policies that count. I don’t know much about Romney’s father and if he was or was not associated with a polygamist group, but I do not label any child with ‘the sins of his father’. No one chooses their parents. I feel unfortunately there are individuals like you who do not respect others religion. I am not a Mormon but I am privileged to have some very fine Mormon neighbors, like others around me, Catholics, Baptists etc., I do not feel it should be an issue in a truly Democratic society as I am not a biased bigot..

          17. lindablue October 14, 2012

            did you read the links I sent you. Those are not my facts they are the facts. Lyndon Johnson privatized Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. That is a fact. Just like the government guarantees your money will be safe in the bank of your choice. I myself like government backed banks otherwise I’d have to bury my money in the back yard. I thank God for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae otherwise I would never of been able to buy my first home. I’m sure a lot of Americans feel the same way. Obama’s policies have been moderate. Try again. Real you don’t label any child with the sins of their fathers than WTF is all the welfare talk coming from the Republican Party? Should we as a society make a child go hungry because the child’s parents did not get lucky and get a great paying job? How about the child’s parent that works everyday of their life in low wage jobs and are unable to provide the child with health care should the child be allowed to die? Should we not as a society except that not everyone is a Brain surgeon and that in every society there in inequities and as a society help those that live with those inequities? Jesus teaches to help the little children, to help your neighbor, for a just society. My friend do not use the Bible when you have no clue as to what is truly means.

          18. lindablue October 12, 2012

            Justifying Romney getting government funds to run the Olympics. How Tea Party of you. It’s fine when a Republican gets government welfare.

          19. Canistercook October 12, 2012

            Can’t believe it. Do you really think that when a national government asks to be allowed to hold the Olympic Games in their country the people hired by that government to organize them on behalf of the government are getting ‘welfare’ if the government pays the bills! Wonder if you really can be that dense!

          20. lindablue October 12, 2012

            Again how Tea Party of you to think its okay when a Republican gets government welfare. How about the farm subsidies Michelle Bachmann’s family gets and he husbands government welfare for the “Pray away the Gay” therapy that has been proven to fake and does serious damage to a gay individual. My guess is you only hate helping the poor.

          21. Canistercook October 12, 2012

            Don’t think I ever said anyone in particular should or should not get welfare and unless it benefits society I don’t think Bachmann’s family should be getting or are getting welfare for their therapy program. I don’t have any evidence one way or another. I do send a check most months to the Salvation Army and Doctors without Borders along with a few other charities and I hope you are able to help them out. They both do good work and did a lot for the poor people of Haiti as well as in those suffering in Africa.

          22. lindablue October 13, 2012

            As I am on a non profit dental committee in my state and have had doctors without Boarders come into my state to provide health care to the poor that my state does not provide health care and dental care too I am a supporter of this organization and have sent money to the Ed Show to help this organization provide health care in many red states that refuse to tax the people fairly to provide health care to their poor.

          23. Canistercook October 13, 2012

            Glad to hear you are helping Doctors without Borders out. Thank you. Most ‘working’ Americans, unless they have a lot of capital gains income, are paying between 25 and 50% tax on their net annual incomes depending on which State they live in and how much money they make. Federal tax, State tax, Sales tax, Property tax, gasoline tax, etc. How much do you think they should pay to meet your definition of ‘fair’ 45% to 75%- 65% to 85%?

          24. lindablue October 13, 2012

            I agree that the middle income earners pay 35% to 37 % of their income in Federal Taxes. The should the rich pay the same amount of Federal taxes on their income as a laborer pays without all the tax deduction set up to give them a different rate than the average earner. Of course I understand that they have paid their way into a lower tax rate than us it does not make it is fair taxation. Why do you think they deserve a lower tax rate?

          25. Canistercook October 13, 2012

            They get the same IRS rates as are available to you and me. The difference is they invest in our society like in tax free government bonds and venture capital. These investments are available to all, including you and me. If they invest 100,000 in a start up company and lose it they get to take the amount off as a loss against their capital gain income as would you if you invested your money. Tax free bond investments can be purchased from Schwab or your bank by you. However, if a bond issuer goes bankrupt your out of luck and can only reduce your taxable capital gain income not your taxes by the amount of your loss. Since they risk their money if they hit it good and make $100,000 capital gain profit they are taxed on that gain at a lower 15% percentage to encourage investment in our country. Tax free California bonds are available to you – just pray California doesn’t go bankrupt if you buy them. Many countries to encourage investment have 0 tax on capital gains. We need people to invest in our country or China will make mincemeat out of us!

          26. lindablue October 14, 2012

            The difference is they got their wealth to invest in things like government bonds and venture capital off their father’s trust funds. We should all be so lucky and they bought the politician’s along the way to enact tax laws to pay less again we should all be so lucky. Why do you continually argue for an unfair tax system?

          27. Canistercook October 14, 2012

            Then why don’t you use this ‘unfair tax system’ they have tax free bond accounts for all savers big and small? If its so unfair why doesn’t Obama want to revise it like Romney instead of taxing higher those who are already paying such a big share of our taxes. I’ll tell you why – because his buddy Buffet likes the existing system and Obama will too when he leaves the Presidency.
            I inherited something from my father and mother – “work ethnicity in place of a trust account”. It works. They also taught me how to avoid being ‘brain washed ‘ too.

          28. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Hey how is that work ethic helping you avoid paying your taxes?

          29. Canistercook October 15, 2012

            Taxes are what you legally owe – only an idiot pays more than they are legally required to pay to the government – especially to a government that is already over taxing its citizens to support overpaid and over pensioned government employees. Get yourself a qualified CPA to help you do your taxes correctly if you need one. There is free help available.

          30. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Well I don’t use loop hole because I’m patriotic and want my country to succeed. I’m American and I fight and pay for my country.

          31. ps2os2 October 15, 2012

            Ahhh but if someone say owes taxes oh lets say $5,000 in order to get a really good tax account and they end up paying the tax accountant $6,000 what does it gain her? Where as when you get into high income the tax bill may be lets say $600,000 then it is feasible to start paying $100,000 to work the tax system and reduce your taxes to say $50,000 (or less) if you know how to work the system. That is NOT a level playing field. Now if we had a flat tax and say minimal deductions interest on house etc then everyone would have to pay the same percent (and that means no off shore accounts or companies (unless you paid tax)).
            That is the problem with comparing Romeny with joe blow tax payer there is NOT an even field.

          32. Canistercook October 15, 2012

            Don’t know if I can get it out of your head that having an off-shore bank account is not cheating or avoiding taxes if one declares it and pays taxes on any income. Many people have them. Free income tax help is available. The ‘ Rich’ like Romney, Clinton, Pelosi etc., pay most of our taxes but instead of raising taxes on those already paying more than their fair share Obama should propose closing some of the loopholes. I.E No deduction for interest on second homes, yatchs, expensive cars, interest on private residences limited to loans of not exceeding say $1,000,000 business meals limited to $25 and no alcohol.
            It’s difficult to make a system fair and equitable unfortunately but Romney works and pays his fair share. The attacks on his wealth are very unfounded. If you don’t like his politics that’s one thing but trying to make people jealous of his wealth is wrong.

          33. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Wow. Your sound like Romney Projecting what he will do on Obama. Romney and the Republican Party are the ones that want to close the home mortgage loop hole on you not them. Why do you think Romney bought his home in California this year?

          34. ps2os2 October 16, 2012

            Right…. The problem is it has the appearance of deceiving someone. AND since the banking laws of the Caymans (and other locals) is secrecy. There is no way to monitor the money. In the US the proper authorities *CAN* get the banks to notify them through legal means (court orders etc). Once it moves offshore to some locations (like Switzerland but that is slowly being taken away) there is no way to trace the money. So is one can *assume* that everything is legal? Ahhh I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. This is the major issue with offshore banks while it is legal it has all the stink of illegal. Look for over 60 years Switzerland kept millions take from Jewish people (and others) for the NAZI’s of course it was legal at the time but was it really morally correct? I am not saying the people who hide money in offshore account are NAZI’s but when money is shuffled around it becomes impossible to tell from tainted money from money that isn’t.
            That plainly is wrong. On top of it the US laws are gotten around as it the SUPER PACS put money in and take money out and with one broad stroke they have circumvented the meaning of the law.
            You are trying to be too simplistic and will not admit that the reason for offshore accounts is for exactly that especially in SUPERPACS. As to Romeny, the stink is there and there is no amount of air freshner that can rid of the stench.

            Just so there is no mistake I am not explicitly accusing Romeny getting illegal Super Pac money (yet). I was using the superpacs as an example for skirting the law.

          35. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            We live in a commercial world these days and the need for companies to have off shore banks and foreign currency available is important. Trouble is small wage earners cannot understand that something they produce may need to be sold in Japan, China or Switzerland and the Unions and left wingers do a good job of brain washing those small wage earners that the big bad ‘evil’ corporations and their executives are all evil.
            Sad but this is one of the reasons our country and it’s standard of living for all, especially those smaller wage earners, is going down and fast! Hope we can stop the descent but too many are buying into someone who yells ‘change’ and does not have a clue what he is doing and cares more about his ego than the country.

          36. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Everything is the Unions fault don’t you know. The leadership in our Country starting with Ronald Reagan played no part in selling out the workers in this country. We are all brainwashed by the Unions who tried to warn us what a global economy would mean to the manufacturing industry in this country. Then like now the rich paved the way to make more money at our expense but by all means blame the Unions for being idiots and listening to the elected officials that you voted in.

          37. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            May be you should go out and look at what happened to our Steel, Shoe making, Clothing making, Computor making, and all the other industries that made products WE in the past exported to China and other countries and you might learn something. Even our subway cars and steel for our bridges are made overseas and if we continue with overpaid union workers and government union workers our companies like Deere and aircraft producers will soon be gone too. We had the highest standard of living in the world once, and it was the product of people like Henry Ford and others that formed companies
            that produced products at reasonable cost the world wanted! We have lost that competitive spirit! Union members think that somehow it doesn’t matter if a company is profitable but sooner or later the bank account is zero.

          38. lindablue October 16, 2012

            I stand by my statement. I was around in the 80’s when Ronald Reagan sold the country out for cheap good from China. Union worker were the one blowing the alarms that Americans chose not to listen too. We are living with the results of lack of political leadership at the time. I know exactly where those jobs went to and who’s policy drove our jobs off shore. You love to demonize the very workers who told Americans what would happen to our good paying jobs. Take my American flag off your foreign car. Henry Ford understood that unless he paid his workers a fair wage they could not afford to buy his car. Unlike these profit only driven Corporations whom for saving a very small amount of profits are making sure fewer and fewer people can buy their products even using cheap China wage earner.

          39. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            Unfortunately you don’t understand what it takes to sell American l abor made products like aircraft, agricultural products, John Deere farm machinery etc., to other countries.
            In world trade unless we can compete we are doomed.

          40. lindablue October 16, 2012

            How then is Germany one of the unionized European countries competing and doing just fine? 1st they invest in every citizen, rich and poor. Second they don’t let the financial industry make their own rules and play Russian Roulette with their workers pensions.

          41. ps2os2 October 16, 2012

            Come on get over it. IF american wanted to sell cheap machinery we could . Foreign countries buy it because it is dependable and for the most part it is not subsidized by the government where as most (if not all) of foreign companies are subsidized by their government. Look at Germany and how the government subsidizes their agriculture business machine making. *IF* american did sell cheap stuff our market would dry up as countries could get the stuff from China at less cost but crappy product.

          42. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Two thumbs up!!!

          43. ps2os2 October 16, 2012

            Ahhh again here is the rub. Its one thing to have corporate interest and a need for an offshore bank, but how about mr average citizen. Which when you come down to it is Mitt.
            He (and other) should disclose all offshore accounts and monies coming in and out to get rid of the stench.

          44. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            He does disclose it that’s how you got to find out about it on his tax return!

          45. ps2os2 October 16, 2012

            Again its not all the information that is needed. Its like trying to determine you family history and you only hear it from aunt sara. You get a small uneven glimpse of the family tree and oh yes what about uncle joe who had an illegitimate son? He is now going to marry sara. Talk about inbreeding. Or how about the birthers’ claim on Obama (we know that its crap) you just can’t do it with one document you have to have access to the family tree.

          46. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Or all his tax returns for the last 20 years unfiltered by his tax lawyer.

          47. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            Did you ever check into the ‘Super Pac’ money contributed by the Unions? Yes our whole election is full of brain washing by Pac money and it is coming from all sides. Didn’t Obama promise to stop this! Now take a hard look at how much money he has spent calling Romney evil and ask yourself where it came from. Both sides are using Pac money; they have to to try to buy the election. They both have difficulty tho buying us Independents although both are trying pretty hard. I don’t buy either side completely but do feel Romney as a clean upstanding businessman and grandfather is a better man to take over the helm than a law school graduate even though one side is trying to sell stupid women pro-abortion and the other side anti-abortion, neither of which platform will save our economy. We are in BIG trouble.

          48. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Yeah ps2os2, don’t know that the guy selling our jobs our to China is a much better clean cut guy to finish the job, and besides he will profit off of giving China drilling right in the Gulf of Mexico by his investment in ECOOC and destroy our National Security interest. But hey his pockets will be full.

          49. ps2os2 October 16, 2012

            Not sure where you are coming from are you sure you aren’t high on something?
            Nowhere have I been pro Romeny if anything I have been anti romeny .
            I agree with you that (giving the oil rights to China would be stupid and an great error in judgement) Hell even our US companies botched it terribly, I can only imagine how China would do.

          50. lindablue October 16, 2012

            my reply was sarcasm based on Canistercooks reply. Don’t know why our replies sometimes end up on others response blocks.

          51. ps2os2 October 16, 2012

            Yes and its a piddling amount compared to Koch brothers. Did you see now that companies are now firing people who disagree with corporate beliefs? Thats right companies are now warning their employees that they will be fired if they use FACEBOOK or any other media to disagree with company interests (courtesy of the Supreme court saying that companies are people) Now will it withstand court challenges that is something else but you could be fired for advocating OBAMA or say even saying don’t vote for Romeny!

          52. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            Following these comments has informed me as to how much misinformation there is out there and perhaps why there is such growth in the number of independents who have become aware of this. Each side jumps on the others words or actions whether it’s “They didn’t do it alone or Big Bird does not need a taxpayer subsidy” Some are so misinformed they think Romney could ‘defer’ paying his taxes by filing his 1040 form late. Other blame entirely Obama for the Libya raid rather than the State Department. And so the naming and blaming goes on. The real issue is can we continue the current amount of government spending and borrowing and how much should we cut back and/or raise taxes. It’s the economy stupid!

          53. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Your right it is the economy stupid. The argument is where should the cuts be? Education? Innovation? Social Security that workers have paid into? Medicare for which workers have paid into? The Military Complex for which Romney wants to raise their spending 2 trillion more than the Military has asked for? You can’t reduce the deficit by taking away 4% of the populations home mortgage deduction, you can’t reduce the deficit giving the population another 5 trillion in tax breaks? Where will the money come from to reduce the deficit? I’ll tell you by wheeling granny off the cliff, or continue spending us into larger deficits like Romney wants to do, just like he did in Mass. Who is going to take the pain that is the question? How much will states be forced to increase fee’s do to Romney’s spending? These are the relevant questions.

          54. ps2os2 October 16, 2012

            We probably can *IF* the rich pay their fair share in taxes. You know the money grubbing can’t get enough money, the romeny types.

            Yes there are a few democrats who are misinformed and we can deal with a few of those. The bigger problem is the right wing (you know the Ayn Rand types and the 1 percenter’s).
            The misinformed democrats are no match for the above. With the Koch brothers (who BTW donate money to PBS programming) who have essentially bottomless pockets of cash those are the dangerous types who are putting out Democracy in dire straights should be ashamed of themselves, putting their self interest above Americans. I don’t care how they coat it it is wrong what they are doing. Now compare Big money to the small misinformed democrats and you can see where the real danger is.

          55. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            The 1% ers (probably more like 10%ers) are propping up this country now. We are split down the middle, Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Union Members versus the rest of the workers. But some are waking up which is why they are not voting for a black president to overcome past discrimination.

          56. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Really the 1% or more like the 10%er are propping up this country? How? How is dodging their tax responsibility propping up our country? Why do we have thousands of unsafe bridges in this country if they are propping up this country? Why are there school districts in PA going bankrupted and teachers working for free if they are propping up this country? Reading PA teachers working for free. Damn union workers how dare them work for free when the 1% – 10% are propping up this country.

          57. ps2os2 October 16, 2012

            Don’t you believe that crap that the tea party is spouting. The 1 percenters *USED* to pay at 90 percent and then they started paying less and less till its pretty much close to zero. The government has a minimum but 13 percent or is it 14 percent that Romeny paid last year (he should disclose for say last 6 years but we are letting him get away with it (so far).
            I suspect you will find the last year was an exception as he knew he was going to run for President. SHOW US YOUR TAX RETURNS!!!!!!!!!!
            Let us be the judge.

          58. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            Do you have evidence – I doubt it. But a company can prevent you doing things like this on their time. What you do at home they cannot prevent.

          59. Canistercook October 14, 2012

            If 10 men go out to hunt and 9 of them sit around and play cards while the other one hunts I guess it’s only ‘fair’ in your estimation if he comes home and shares his kill with the other 9! Guess there are a lot of interpretations of the word ‘fair’.

          60. lindablue October 14, 2012

            Why do you repeatedly argue for a unfair tax system? Just saying you work for a living and pay hirer taxes than the guy who does no work for his money. Don’t you think the tax system should be in the favor of the guy that actually works for his money? Should their not be criminal laws to deal with the tax evaders?

          61. Canistercook October 14, 2012

            In theory I agree with you ‘earned’ income should be taxed lower than unearned income but all societies need individuals to risk their money to build their industries and employment base which is called ‘venture capital investments’. For every Apple and Microsoft there are hundreds of start up companies that go bankrupt every year. The investors in those bankrupt companies lose their money. As an incentive to invest and take the risks we offer them a lower tax rate on profits, if they make them! Some of the most financially stable countries in the world have no tax on capital gains. There are criminal penalties on tax ‘evaders’ and many of them are the individuals who put a dollar in the till and a dollar in their pocket. I think the ‘underground economy is big in our country’. I do not get the impression that there is anything illegal in Romney’s tax returns. Rather I feel jealousy exists because he is rich as are many like Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi etc. Class warfare will not produce a better country for us to live in.
            I believe at this time Romney has the most background and experience to bring our country back to productivity even though I do not buy into all the Republican platform and ideas. There are only two parties in reality to choose from and I feel Obama is a great speaker with a Teleprompter but has a great lack of experience in running a business and the USA needs BIG Business if we are going to pick up the bills for Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, etc.

          62. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Yes there are laws on the books for tax evaders but for some reason congress keeps passing Bills that give them amnesty. As far as Romney’s experience if sending our jobs overseas is good experience to get Americans back to work? If investing in China companies like CNOOC who wants to get their hands on our off shore oil drilling sites and give Romney another hefty profit. Then I guess he would be your guy. Romney is out for himself and giving him the presidency to do so would be a huge mistake.

          63. Canistercook October 15, 2012

            Perhaps you should check out what companies some of your ‘rich’ Democrats like Pelosi and Fienstein et al get their dividends from and how much they earn from work sent abroad. I think you would be in for a big surprise. Check around your home and closets and see how any foreign made products you have. Unfortunately our domestic made products are few and far between now because Unions along with taxes and regulations have sent them overseas. I’m not sure anyone can revitilize our manufacturing industry now. Steel, shoes, clothing, electronics and our auto industries (f it wasn’t for government bail out) are all gone. Sooner or later though I hope we will wake up before it is too late.

          64. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Feinstein and Pelosi are not in my district so I don’t vote for for them. I buy American as much as possible and support the country I live in by paying my fair share of taxes. If only all Americans did the same. Union wages are not the problem. High cost of Health care is a problem with our country competing with other industrialized nations since they all have National health care that cost less than what we provide health care for. State Governor’s are the problem since they appoint the treasurer of their state, and give State Welfare to corporations diminishing the state workers wages and pensions. You are right though since Reagan sold everyone on the global economy I doubt we will ever get back what we once had. Unless we start voting for people who are not in politics for their own financial gain.

          65. Canistercook October 15, 2012

            Finally we agree on something – Healthcare is twice as expensive and inefficient as it should be. I pay my fair share of legally required taxes, I voted for Feinstein as she is better than most and not a socialist. Wake up – they are all mostly in politics for gain but Romney does not need money, like me he wants to save the country from disaster! Obama has an ego that goes through the roof and is a hard left socialist at heart unfortunately. We need a leader not a teleprompter speaker on a soapbox.

          66. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Romney may not need the money but he is more than happy to take the money. Have you researched his part in the China oil company ENOOC? it may change your mind about him, unless you want China in the Gulf of Mexico so Romney can profit off it. Also Romeny through ENOOC is doing business with Iran. Is that okay too? Oh you don’t seem to have a problem with Corporate Socialism, soclialism is just a bad thing when it comes to helping the poor. Right?

          67. Canistercook October 15, 2012

            Do wonder where you get your ‘facts’ and information. Romney has no control over ENOOC but if there is a problem with anyone doing business with Iran presumably Obama could control it – he is the man right now in the White House! I favor helping the needy who deserve help not the idle greedy!

          68. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Why would a smart businessman buy into a company like ENOOC if he can’t control it? Thank for pointing out that he isn’t that bright. So who would you call the idle greedy? Someone who is sick, disabled, retired, maybe the Sonasta workers whom Bain is shipping their jobs to China? Who do you prey tell believe is needy?

          69. Canistercook October 15, 2012

            A lot of people I guess have ENOOC stock! No the idle greedy are those who are young, healthy and able and possibly have produced children they have never supported or cared for and live like leeches off welfare mothers for example. Those that are out there scribbling on our walls, shooting one another and in general just poor excuses for mankind. There seems to be a growing number of them!

          70. lindablue October 15, 2012

            It is so easy to point fingers. How do we solve the problem that causes the kind of people you point at? How board of stoke you paint of people who were not born on home plate.

          71. lindablue October 16, 2012

            There will be more scribbling on the walls and shooting each other if Romney is elected he wants to take money out of public education and give it to the Private Equality Firm his son Tag runs that is trying to privatize our public education and which will make education even harder to attainable for the poor. Yes the birth to prison pipeline is thriving thanks to states privatizing prison systems. another perk for the rich Republican donors.

          72. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            Not in my neighborhood I think as most kids in my neighborhood get a good education and go to school regularly and don’t get pregnant at 15.

          73. lindablue October 16, 2012

            How fortunate for you to live in a good neighborhood and with great schools. Maybe you should look at your states Kid Count if you want to know how many pregnant teens come from your country. It may surprise you. Teen pregnancy continues to grow in all states and no county is devoid the problem. Take off your blinder my friend and you will see every county in the nation has the same problems no matter how well off they are. Even rich kids have problems.

          74. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Really name other rich guys who have stock in ENOOC? Name American Banks who have money in ENOOC? Love to know who they are.

          75. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            Have no idea – suggest your write them and ask for a list of their stock holders.

          76. lindablue October 16, 2012

            So you spout shit you have no idea about? Go figure.

          77. lindablue October 16, 2012

            You’re the one who said I’d be surprised by who is invested in ECOOC. So you must know something I don’t. I do know that Romney is invested in ECOOC and that ECOOC is owned by China since all businesses in China are owned by the communist country of China and that with Romney’s help they are tring to get drilling rights in the Gulf of Mexico. Which would be a National Security disaster for our country to allow China to have our oil rights.

          78. lindablue October 18, 2012

            You act as if the type you cast as poor excuses for mankind is just found in poor neighborhoods. No anyone from every class can be those you describe as poor excuses for mankind. Many rich men choose to ignore their children and not pay their child support. Many of their wives end up on Welfare. Shooting one another has more to do with the availability of guns than from being from a poor neighborhood. Ask George Zimmerman.

          79. Canistercook October 18, 2012

            Wonder how so many ‘poor’ can afford to buy guns and can’t afford to support their children!
            Guess I don’t know any ‘rich men’ who are not supporting their children! There may be some somewhere!

          80. lindablue October 18, 2012

            Watch Housewives of NYC. Then you’ll see at least on rich guy that does not support his children.
            Because they want what the rich has. Lots of guns.

          81. Canistercook October 18, 2012

            Have better things to do and read than watch that trash.

          82. ps2os2 October 18, 2012

            In short PLENTY. Just look at the court system. For what ever reason some rich people refuse to support their children.

          83. Canistercook October 18, 2012

            The courts simply decidea what level of support a parent owes to his children not IF they owe support.

          84. lindablue October 18, 2012

            Your right they give the job of collecting child support to The Friend of the Court who keeps track of how much a parent owes to their children.

          85. ps2os2 October 18, 2012

            Well lets see they do decide paternity so in that sense they decide a lot of things that come after.

          86. lindablue October 19, 2012

            See how far government has reached into our every day lives while turning a blind eye to what business is doing. Have you ever heard of a business Friend of the Court that deals solely on safety infractions they have not complied with or an environmental court that solely deals with infractions business do against our environment? No its small government when it comes to businesses behavior and large government when it comes to us. Funny how we have listened to our government preach personal responsibility and yet we don’t hear corporate responsibility and have nothing set in place to make sure they are complying.

          87. ps2os2 October 20, 2012

            I suspect you are really complaining about OSHA although you didn’t really say it.
            For the most part OSHA (IMO) is doing its job well. They are working on our behalf so businesses do not use poisons in the work place or would you rather work in a toxic waste dump everyday. That is what employers do they cheat and and pretty soon the workplace become an unhealthy place to work in. Would you mind working next to a drum of toxic chemicals? Common sense items like that employers try and get away with. Chairs that are not dangerous are common sense items and on and on. Employers try and get over on employees every chance they get to save a buck.

          88. lindablue October 20, 2012

            Your right OSHA does a good job with businesses that understand that the rules they make are in the best interest of the employer but for businesses that don’t feel that the rules are there to protect their best interest no so much of a good job. Lets look at that Coal business owner where workers continue to die due to bad safety practices the fines they pay are minimum compared to the lives lost they have caused. I do have a strong belief in OSHA and thank God for them everyday. I’m just saying that their department is not large enough nor funded well enough to adequately go after those that choose not to follow the law and that workers in those businesses that don’t follow the law have no protection from bad work place behavior by these type of companies.

          89. ps2os2 October 20, 2012

            Then I would ask that you write you Senators & Congress persons to allocate more money to the agency:) The republicans want to cripple and or abolish it.

          90. lindablue October 20, 2012

            Yes the Republicans do want to eliminate OSHA and the EPA. Only we can stop them by voting them out. I do write my congressmen and women about these issues and many more.

          91. lindablue October 20, 2012

            Actually I was complaining about those who complain about big government and not complaining about government. I think government has a place in doing the common good for the people.

          92. ps2os2 October 18, 2012

            Ahhh but here is the rub… The courts can’t see places like the Caymans or Switzerland (and the like). The banks laugh at subpoenas as they are just not enforceable (maybe that is why Romeny is hiding his money just in case his marriage goes south. The best the courts can do (and its a big if) they can ask for the government to supply copies of the tax returns.

          93. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Duh we have had sanctions about not doing business with Iran for well over a decade. Why would your candidate buy into a Company in a country known to do business with a country that sponsors terrorist against America? Google it.

          94. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Perhaps you should like I have get involved in “Citizens United” against the rich buying our elections. Don’t complain about the other guy playing by the rules the Republicans put in place. If you don’t like the rules then do something about it.

          95. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            Citizens United is a left wing group as is Townhall a right wing group. Both the Corporations and the Union leaders are trying to buy voters and I am smart enough to know they are and rise above their brain washing.

          96. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Citizen United is an non profit/independent group of citizens trying to get corporate funding out of elections. Get your facts straight. They fight for “We the people” not for “Corporations are people too my friend.”

          97. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            Citizens united i in favor of getting Corporate and Union as well as Pac money out of funding elections which is why they are non-profit and tax free. They are fighting for all the people, rich and poor alike to take big money contributions from buying our Congressmen and President. Right now they are not succeeding though!

          98. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Really cause people who believe in getting big money out of politics should be joining them.

          99. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Your right they want all big money out of elections.

          100. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Really a left wing group wants to take the Union voice away so that big business can drop your wages down to minimum wage. Yeah right. It’s a non partisan group. Has nothing to do with left or right that’s why it’s so scary to you.

          101. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Isn’t profit their reward for their risk? Small businesses don’t get this advantage and neither should S Corps and Blue Chip Corps. I for one have no problem with Obama saving our auto makers they are at a unfair disadvantage to foreign auto makers since their countries subsidize their auto makers, I wouldn’t have a problem with our government subsidizing our steel makers since they too are at a disadvantage with other countries subsidizing their steel industry. We must do what needs to be done to compete on a level playing field.

          102. Canistercook October 15, 2012

            The Government cannot ‘subsidize’ any company – the taxpayers must come up with the subsidy money and with many people in California now paying up to 50% of their net earnings in the various taxes they are not thrilled with Brown’s new tax increases to fund government pensions let alone more tax increases. Sooner or later if you penalize your workers like you suggest they leave and we would become just another 3rd world country. Looks like we are heading in that direction. A level playing field requires that you can make a good car for $10,000 if most of the workers in other countries can. Japan and most other countries do not subsidize their export companies. Do you suggest we borrow more money from China to provide these subsidies! Guess eventually we might all be working for China!

          103. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Yea too bad they voted in Arnie who drove their deficit sky high. Our government through our tax dollars subsidizes oil, gas, and coal, and they are not even American companies they are multi national companies. I’m I right or wrong?

          104. Canistercook October 15, 2012

            I don’t know exactly all the subsidies but I feel we need to know more about them. The California government put BTE in our gasoline and subsidized gasoline companies to put it in our gasoline and now they are taxing us to remove it from our water wells! There is way too much PORK distributed in DC by them all. That’s why I think we already pay too much tax.

          105. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Google it if you want to know.

          106. lindablue October 16, 2012

            I do know the the California government put BTE in your gas to control smog just like many large congested states do. Arizona also does this because of the large population in Phoenix and surrounding area. They understand that without air regulations they would pay more in health care cost.

          107. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            Well the California government took out BTE several years ago because they found it was poisoning our water wells and did not help with SMOG. Sure hope Arizona is not still using it!
            They understand diddly all! It was another government boondoggle!

          108. lindablue October 15, 2012

            As I have known many people who have moved out of California it’s not just their tax base that drives the population out of that state. It’s high housing prices. Not enough affordable homes. Business is very happy in your state as they are in every state cause the tax payer subsidize them in every state.

          109. lindablue October 14, 2012

            Really I didn’t know that putting your money in a Swiss Bank accounts, the Cayman Isles, and Bermuda was investing in Government Bonds that help our country. I must of miss that one on Romney’s tax returns. Or Koch’s brother’s returns, or Sheldon Adelson’s returns, or the Walton’s Families returns. By the way the government has investigations into all of them for Foreign Corruption Practices.

          110. Canistercook October 14, 2012

            Owing a foreign or Swiss bank account is not corruption. Provided you declare it and pay tax on any earnings it is perfectly legal. If one does business overseas as most companies and executives do they hold money overseas. Government is looking for those who cheat or money launder.
            Seems like you have made up your mind though to call Romney a cheat and/or a liar just because he is richer than you. He could sit back and play golf but he apparently like me is concerned about the direction of our country and is willing to take on the job to try and save it.

          111. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Yeah the problem is that if you have a Swiss Bank account the Swiss don’t report how much you have in it and we have to take the word of the crook that is tax evading in their own country.

          112. Canistercook October 15, 2012

            Yes and you have to take the word of the small merchant that deals in cash and the tree surgeon who chops down trees – there are crooks and honest people. That does not mean that everyone who has some money for overseas business in a foreign bank is a crook.

          113. lindablue October 15, 2012

            Oh their not idle greedy?

          114. lindablue October 15, 2012

            So you don’t question why Romney feels the need to prop up other countries with his money. Thank goodness he is so patriotic and supports China, Iran, Switzerland, Cayman, Bermuda, at our expense. Not to mention being the guy with the blue print to ship good paying manufacturing jobs over seas.

          115. lindablue October 16, 2012

            You have an excuse for everything. You excuse the rich for hiding their money which denies our country of much needed resources for infrastructure, you blame the small businessman who is barely making a living for doing work for cash to hide his earnings, and yet you just can’t wrap your brain around the fact that the odds are stacked against you and you are perfectly willing to vote the guy in that has been stacking the odds against you.

          116. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            Don’t excuse anyone for ‘hiding money’ but so far Romney has not had a chance to ‘stack any odds against me’ but I want to give him a chance to give us all a fair shake.

          117. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Lol. Romney the creator of the blue print for shipping American jobs to China has not stacked the odds against you. LMBO. Do you under stand that every dollar he does not pay in taxes comes out of your pocket?

          118. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Ah and there is the catch. Romney did not declare his earnings from his off shore accounts until he decided to run for office and still owes the government for those earnings. You do know that he always owes the government money because he defers his taxes year to year.

          119. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            I have to defer my tax return because sometimes if I don’t get all the right information sent me.
            However estimated taxes must be timely paid even if one defers filing ones return. No where did I see that Romney has failed to pay anything he owed the government. You seem to be either a very misinformed individual or brainwashed!

          120. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Do you defer your taxes every year? Do you owe the I.R.S. money every time you defer your taxes or do you get large checks back from the government? Yeah Romney didn’t owe the government taxes until he decided to run for office then he decided he better pay a little so people didn’t know how many tax loop hole he really gets. Fair taxation!!!!

          121. Canistercook October 16, 2012

            No one is allowed automatically to ‘defer’ their taxes unless they are bankrupt. You can file your RETURN though by filing for an extension to file your 1040 as late as October 15th. However your taxes must be paid in advance on the April 15th deadline or you must pay penalties and interest. Many do file for an extension, especially if they do not have all the information available to them on April 15th.

          122. lindablue October 13, 2012

            Oh by the way most working Americans give to charities without using their charitable deductions. They support their local schools bands, choirs, sports teams, Boy’s/Cub/Girls Scout programs, Veteran organizations, Running for the Cure Cancer, Little Leagues, give to local food pantry’s. Just because it comes out of their pockets weekly and not all in one big check don’t think the average worker is not just as important as any other giver or that they don’t do their fair share of giving. They just don’t burden themselves with reporting it for a tax deduction.

          123. ps2os2 October 13, 2012

            Exactly…. The weekly/bi-weekly/monthly contribution going to a multiple charities and at the end of the year it doesn’t meet the minimum for tax deduction (I went though this for 20+ years). To top it off places like the United Way gives to boy scouts who clearly discriminate against gays (I stopped that a few years ago and stopped giving). I am trying to remember but as (at that time) I did not own a house and was not able to take the deduction for interest on the mortgage. I think I was taxed at 30 percent (or there abouts).
            I now own a home and can take the deduction but it really doesn’t amount to much (granted I am on disability) .

          124. lindablue October 14, 2012

            Then you get the “Earned Income Tax Credit.” I have no problem with that it helps my parents every year since they are retired and on a fixed income. The one good thing Ronald Reagan did for the low income for whom he loved to Reilly against.

          125. Eduardo October 14, 2012

            canister: She IS that DENSE !!
            She posted that “the rich in this country have 288.1 % of ALL the wealth”!!
            … and then could not understand why that was a “Biden Blooper”…. go figure !

        3. Canistercook October 11, 2012

          didn’t know the ‘government’ had any money to give ‘gifts’ out to anyone!

        4. Joel Sorenson October 11, 2012

          wait you mean he didn’t “BUILD THAT!” no he didn’t. We did and WE need to claim it. WE NEED to stand up and call him on his bull shit.

      4. fedupwitgop October 11, 2012

        Yes turned around Bain and sent the jobs marching straight to China, Cayman Island, Bermuda and God only knows where else since he will not release his tax returns!!! Mitt Romney thinks he can win the election with lies, half truths and saying one thing today and flipping that same thing around tomorrow. Can’t trust him too unstable as Ann Romney said in an interview if he is elected president, she “worries about his mental stability”.

    7. dalnb October 11, 2012

      I would hope your message is being spread to every family member, every relative, friend and neighbor. It is imperative we do everything we can to see America is not sold to the highest bidder. Keep America the land of the free, the land so many of us fought for, so many died for. We do not need hypocrites marching to the tune of draft dodgers running our country!

    8. Charles October 11, 2012

      Talk about real Flip -Flop aspiring president to be. How desperate for want of presidency. I am really tired of this very unreasonable and immature attitude in a person. It is frustration to the people. Please Mr Presidential candidate, take a stand in a belief, we cannot follow a person who cannot make up their mind, and by chaging ciolors whenever you pleases, not caring who you are hurting is wrong. It is not how to rule or be a leader, for the most part.

    9. joujou228 October 11, 2012

      And there lies the problem. He did this and won for Governor in Mass. This time, he’s going down with his flip/flop/flip/flop…….. I am so sick and tired of him saying one thing on camera, and then his campaign putting out the total opposite statement. Geoge W Bush had trouble remember the fool me once comment. America remember the whole comment “fool me once, shame on you, fool twice, shame on me”

    10. Canistercook October 11, 2012

      Well we do know which Obama will show up. The far left leaning one that has little or no experience as a leader or organizer – Our first Black President!

      1. lindablue October 11, 2012

        We hope so.

        1. jarheadgene October 16, 2012

          If you are in agreement with Canistercook I wonder…..are you racists? You probably feel very comfortable voting for ALL GOP that support your GOP Candidate in Arkansas…LOY MAUCH who compares Abraham Lincoln to Karl Marx. …ha.ha.ha…He says slavery is a blessing…..ha..ha..ha…YOU REPUBLICANS should be SO ASHAMED these days. To align yourselves with RACISTS, Religious Zealots, and Rich Elitist snobs………you are way too …too ignorant.

          1. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Sorry to disappoint you my friend but I’m not a GOP supporter and you would know that is you read my post. Sarcasm.

          2. jarheadgene October 16, 2012

            SORRY……DUH…..I guess my first clue was that you sign as lindaBLUE….duh. Sorry but I tried to post that more as a response to Canistercook. And yeah….I see your other post. Sorry. I am so looking forward to tonight’s debate. I hope Obama comes out and just about SCREAMS…..L I A R !!!!! And I pray for a better moderator than Jim Leher…..wow has he lost his touch.

          3. lindablue October 16, 2012

            It’s lindablue, tyvm. I too hope Obama can carry the night. No he hasn’t lost his touch he was flood by the constant lies of his opponent about his own policies, as was everyone who follow Romney for the last 2 years. Newt warned us all that Romney is liar – in – chief.

          4. ps2os2 October 16, 2012

            I would not use Newt as a quotable source. He is at once worse than Romney and the rest of the GOP combined.

          5. lindablue October 16, 2012

            Lol. They all copy Newt. Worse or just the same?

          6. ps2os2 October 16, 2012

            I beg to defer. Newt has made a mess of his personal and professional life. Taking money from places he should know better and handling of his personal life is just legend. At least Mitt has a reasonably sane personal life. He (at least so far) has no need to take money from corporations that are trying to get something out of the government (you might disagree on this but I am not going to deep as that would open a can of worms).
            He is wealthy enough to run around Washington with his wallet open begging for money to pay his Tiffany bill.

            Newt was the worst of the lot, followed by Santorium. There was another but he wasn’t up to get get any votes because of his dishonesty.

          7. lindablue October 16, 2012

            When did honesty ever play into Republican politics? Lol. I do agree that Newt is worse although Romney’s personal life as far as family seems ideal his actions/behavior in his private school as a teen was far from ideal. Unless of course being a bully and cutting another students hair is model behavior. If he had done this today he would have been arrested of less of course your father is the Governor of the state in which the school is.

          8. ps2os2 October 17, 2012

            Thanks for pointing out I had forgotten about that. Thats one more strike (that we know about).
            Bullying is a major item that should be sent to every voter in the next few weeks.
            From his bio (and thats all I know) I would worry about the very idea that a president to be would be on the door steps of Frenchmen trying to convert them to Mormanism *AND* another item I had forgotten was that he was not a steller type in college. My memory is saying he got mostly “B”‘s when you compare it to Obama it was abysmal. Being president of the Harvard Law review requires a first class mind but what feet did mitt do while in college… nothing comes to mind.

          9. lindablue October 17, 2012

            During his college days didn’t he rally for the war before going to the France Chaetae?

          10. ps2os2 October 17, 2012

            You know I am not going to take him to task on that. I think you have a right to make your thoughts known during a protest. However I draw the line at breaking the law like painting or some other destructive means.

          11. lindablue October 17, 2012

            Did you notice Mitt’s disrespect for Candy Crowely in the debate last night? He tried bullying her and she put him right in his place. Did you also notice is was less than truthful about his stance on contraceptives, he did not say he supported the Lilly Ledbetter Act, he blamed mother’s for gun violence, he knew no women to hire for his Administration in Mass when he became Gov. Wonder how Ann will get him out of this one?

          12. ps2os2 October 17, 2012

            It pretty much showed that Jim Leher(sp?) was not up to the duty. He might be a terrific news anchor but that is where it ends.

  7. Dominick Vila October 10, 2012

    At the rate he is going he might as well change his first name to Barack! After months of demonizing women not only because of abortion but even those that use contraceptives, the GOP standard bearer now promises not to overturn Roe Vs Wade! My first reaction was pity towards those who feel strongly about this issue, but I then remembered that abortion, like spending reductions, the Arab Spring and everything else are just pawns in a chess game to be sacrificed when necessary to get a check mate.
    Republicans may not realize it yet, but they have lost all credibility and at this point they have nothing they can truly call a value they are willing to fight for to the bitter end. Flip flopping needs to be redefined to accomodate the Republican habit to change positions.

    1. dotutz October 10, 2012

      Can you just imagine what life will be if good ole Mitt wins? I shudder every time I think of it!

      1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

        dotutz: Get ready for the landslide vote against Obozo on November 6th …

        1. CPANY October 11, 2012

          The polls indicate a very close election.

          1. lindablue October 11, 2012

            We always have close elections because of the low information voters in the Republican Party that continue to vote against their own best interest and for the interest of the rich. They love low wages, no medical benefits, and no pensions.

    2. CPANY October 10, 2012

      Mr. Vila:

      If the Republicans have lost all credibility, then why is Romney doing so well in the polls, even among old people? Don’t get me wrong. I hate Romney’s guts.

      But, you have to be practical: don’t underestimate the enemy. A lot of people like him. He was even able to win the governorship in non-Mormon Massachusetts. But, then again, those people are Red Sox fans, so there’s really no accounting for their actions.

      1. ChicagoGirl2975 October 10, 2012

        Then why is he so far behind in the polls in state of Massachusetts? Clearly the constituents who know him the best like him the least.

      2. mac macey October 10, 2012

        Mitt’s one debate doesn’t make him a President.

      3. Fern Woodfork October 10, 2012

        Well That Depend On What Polls You Seen!! But The Answer Is Tell On The Only Poll That Counts And That’s The Voter Booth Polls!!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

        1. Eduardo October 14, 2012

          Fernie: STFU !!
          Let the INTELLIGENT (more or lesssss!!) people post !!!!

      4. Joseph Hemphill October 10, 2012

        We must be vigilant and get out and vote, statistics say there are more Democrats than republicans but Dems are less likely to vote. The low information voters are to be feared, they did give W two terms after all.

        1. DurdyDawg October 10, 2012

          Not really.. The second one was determined by robed idiots.. Had the supreme court majority been Libs then Dubya wouldn’t have had a chance no matter how much the GOP sabotaged the counts. By the way I recently read that yesterday at the deadline of early voting in a particular state (can’t remember which one) the Dems outnumbered the Pubs six to one.. I think the message is being heard.

          1. Fern Woodfork October 11, 2012

            It Was Florida!!! Yes They Seen All Flip Flopping And Bait Switching Plus Heard Enough Of Their LIES!!!

        2. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

          Joe: It is true, to quote you, that “Dems are less likely to vote.”
          …. But it is also true that they vote twice, …. or thrice …

          1. Joseph Hemphill October 11, 2012

            gee, the only voter fraud I’ve seen in the news is republican fraud.

          2. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

            Gee, Joe: Voter fraud “in the news”??!!
            No way, for 2 reasons:
            1) Voter fraud is almost impossible to detect. Once the non-ID “voter” leaves the polling place, nobody can identify that vote as fraudulent.
            2) The “journalists” in this country are subservient to Obama and the Liberals. Don’t ever expect them to “show” voter fraud in “their” newscasts.
            Wake up Joe !!

          3. lindablue October 11, 2012

            Oh their you go again whining over something you can’t prove. Prove the voter fraud in this country?

          4. Edsanjuan October 12, 2012

            linda: There (NOT “their”, Linda !) YOU go again ! Whining about the “non-existence” of voter fraud in this country.
            FYI, linda, Don’t ever doubt that it occurs, given 2 facts:
            a) soooo easy to perpetrate (means easy to DO, Linda …)
            b) difficult, almost impossible to detect.
            Is the fact that so few illegal drugs are ever intercepted at the US-Canada border “proof” that illegal drugs do not enter through Canada?
            Well, to answer my own question, in the minds of you liberal retards, YESSSS !!

          5. lindablue October 12, 2012

            Prove where voter fraud has been found. Where is your proof?

          6. Edsanjuan October 12, 2012

            dear linda: There you go again with your OBTUSE (look it up, Linda …) questions.
            Let me answer by repeating: Whining about the “non-existence” of voter fraud in this country. FYI, linda, Don’t ever doubt that it occurs, given 2 facts:
            a) soooo easy to perpetrate (means easy to DO, Linda …)
            b) difficult, almost impossible to detect. Is the fact that so few illegal drugs are ever intercepted at the US-Canada border “proof” that illegal drugs do not enter through Canada? Well, to answer my own question, in the minds of you liberal retards, YESSSS !!

          7. lindablue October 12, 2012

            Got any data to back up your ignorance?

          8. lindablue October 12, 2012

            The only whiner on here is you.

      5. DurdyDawg October 10, 2012

        Everybody takes these polls too seriously.. Each day even the same pollsters will come out with different results in accordance to who they poll. The only poll that’s accurate is the total count on Nov. 6th. Don’t believe me? Check out other polls not affiliated with politics and see if you agree with them. Their bogus.. An on-going media money maker, period. I go by my feelings, my comparison of each candidates failures and successes and how they gained or lost and the lies involved.. I do not vote according to what others tell me.. It is MY vote, not theirs…!

      6. lindablue October 11, 2012

        He is not winning in Massachusetts now, they remember the debt he left them in.

  8. Stella53 October 10, 2012

    Mr. Flip Flopping Etch-A-Sketch does it again! Will the real Mitt Romney please rise? Who are you?

    1. jarheadgene October 10, 2012

      Here I am……

    2. JSquercia October 10, 2012

      The REAL Mitt Romney is someone who will do anything to avoid paying taxes .
      Want to bet that Mitt has already filed that amended return taking the full amount of Charitable deductions .They said he didn’t take the full amount so that his taxes would be in the range he said they would fall . There is NO way in Hell that Mitt is NOT going to file an amended return

    3. Fern Woodfork October 10, 2012

      Just Heard That Romney Bully A Woman In The Mormon Church Not To Have An Abortion When It Was A Life And Death Situation For Her!!! Romney Has A Lot Of Evil Things In His Past!! And That The Main Reason Why He Wont Show More Of His Tax Returns!!! The Man Is Awful!!!

      1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

        Fern: That’s not what you said about Romney when you were married to him ….

    4. DurdyDawg October 10, 2012

      Haven’t you figured it out yet? There is no ‘real’ Mitt Romney.. There’s only past employed bodies and Chinese slaves that he’s created for profit.

  9. AMADAL October 10, 2012

    Again RoMoney is acting like a fish out of water because that what he is–trying to go where he has no business going and don’t fit in.

  10. CooofNJ October 10, 2012

    I never really had problems with so-called “flip-flopping”. I always felt it was fine, and in fact admirable, to adjust your views with new information. We should all be learning creatures. Mr. Romney however, just has me reeling! I read in a NYT magazine article this past weekend a discussion on how he, at one time, supported abortion rights, but then changed his mind based upon information about stem cell research. Okay, he is allowed to change his mind. But please, don’t keep going back and forth!

  11. lindablue October 10, 2012

    I guess Romney doesn’t pay attention to what is going on in his own Party.

    1. DurdyDawg October 10, 2012

      Oh, he knows alright.. Fact is, he thinks HE’S the party thus they bow to him.. then when it’s all over and done, he’ll blame his lose on Obama (which this time will be true).

  12. Irene Padilla October 10, 2012

    Romney is ONLY for Romney.

    1. Fern Woodfork October 10, 2012

      And Maybe The 2% Rich People But He Might Turn On Them!!! The Man Is A Sociopath!!!

  13. Judy Gyarmathy October 10, 2012

    He is a hypocrite. If he does that to his own church, what would he do as President? We don’t need a hypocrite running our country. Romney is scary and not all there mentally. I think that is why President Obama was in shock and awe when he heard Romney’s comments during the debate. I was. I think that Romney has a split personality.

    1. CPANY October 10, 2012

      I don’t think that his personality is split. I think that he’s an overbearing prick and showed that to the nation. I also think that he is such an elitist that he doesn’t care what ordinary people think of him.

      1. JuneBug2 October 10, 2012

        Romney showed what a bully he is when he pointed his finger at Jim Leher and said he would fire him. He’s a rich Bully Boy!

    2. lindablue October 11, 2012

      Well even his wife has concerns for his mental stability. So should we. Slippery Mitt.

      1. Eduardo October 14, 2012

        linda: You OBTUSE you !! Even your HUSBAND (if he still has not DIVORCED you) has doubts about YOUR mental stability (…. and Fern’s !!)

        1. lindablue October 14, 2012

          We all see your mentally unstable. Take your Prozac and see your doctor you TP trash.

  14. Melvin Chatman October 10, 2012

    It’s a SHAME when somebody goes “MISSING” with no signs of a struggle!
    We’ll NEVER know the “Real Mittens” – easier to find a Cure for the Common Cold”

    1. Fern Woodfork October 10, 2012

      We Know The Real Mitt Romney The One Who Had Caught Up With His Rich Crowd Throwing 47% Of American Under The Bus!!! That’s The Real Mitt Romney!!!

      1. lindablue October 11, 2012

        The one who went out on his yacht on the 4th of July.

        1. Eduardo October 14, 2012

          linda and Fernie: You both make a TEAM !!!! …. of RETARDS !!
          Get a life, BOTH of you !!

          1. lindablue October 14, 2012

            Again take your Prozac and see your doctor you piece of TP garbage.

  15. RobertMay4 October 10, 2012

    I think that is why Obama looked like a deer in the headlights. He could not believe what Willard was telling the people by saying the opposites of what he was preaching during the primaries. How would it be if you were ready for a debate and your opponent was preaching your policies instead of his own? Pretty scary, I would hate to have Romney in the driver’s seat when a policy is set in place and Willard comes out a day later and speaks with a foreign tongue.

  16. Saverio October 10, 2012

    It appears Romney will say anything and has said everything, often going back and forth depending on who he is appealing to. Is this what we want as our President?
    I hope not.

    1. lindablue October 11, 2012

      Not to mention a Romney Presidency = Out Sourcing the rest of America.

      1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

        lindablue: Don’t worry. Even you will be able to recognize President Romney’s first 4 years as what this Nation desperately needed….

        1. lindablue October 11, 2012

          “The country is headed toward a single and splendid government of an aristocracy founded on banking institutions and moneyed incorporations and if this tendency continues it will be the end of freedom and democracy, the few will be ruling…I hope we shall…crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government to trial and bid defiance to the laws of our country. I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.”[1] Thomas Jefferson. Do we ever learn from history.

          1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

            linda: WHO, pray tell, bailed the banks and the corporations “too big to fail”?
            Your perception of reality is so defective !!

          2. lindablue October 11, 2012

            G.W. Bush put Congress in a tough spot. Telling them if they did not pass the bail out that very night that the whole U.S. banking system would collapses. The terms of the bail out was under G.W, Bush and Paulson.
            The TARP program was created in 2008 to stabilize the financial system. The Treasury Department has committed more than $500 billion to more than 800 firms through the program. While Mr. Obama did not enact TARP, his administration has largely been responsible for administering it.
            Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) — Henry Paulson’s bank bailouts, done under “great stress” during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, failed to win for U.S. taxpayers what Warren Buffett received for his shareholders by investing in Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
            The Treasury secretary made 174 purchases of banks’ preferred shares that include warrants to buy stock at a later date. While he invested $10 billion in Goldman Sachs in October, twice as much as Buffett did the month before, Paulson gained certificates worth one-fourth as much as the billionaire, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The Goldman Sachs terms were repeated in most of the other bank bailouts.
            Paulson’s decisions to prop up the financial system included purchasing shares in institutions from Goldman Sachs, the most profitable Wall Street firm last year, to Saigon National Bank, a Westminster, California, lender whose market value is $3.8 million.
            “We were not looking to replicate one-off private deals” in the transactions, made under the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program, Paulson said in a Bloomberg TV interview yesterday.
            “The market was under great stress and the private sector was extracting very, very severe terms. What we were attempting to do, which I think we did successfully, was design a program that would be accepted by a large group of healthy banks with terms that would replicate what you would get in normal market conditions,” he said.
            ‘20-20 Hindsight’

            “With 20/20 hindsight,” the bank-capital injections have achieved their objectives and the decisions on TARP will “prove to be the right ones,” the Treasury secretary said.
            Paulson’s warrant deals may give taxpayers less profit from any recovery in financial stocks than shareholders such as Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein and Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, owner of 4 percent of Citigroup Inc., said Simon Johnson, former chief economist for the International Monetary Fund.
            The transactions are “just egregious,” said Johnson, a fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington. “You want to do it the way Warren does it.”
            Paulson said “he had to make it attractive to banks, which is code for ‘I’m going to give money away,’” said Joseph Stiglitz, who won a Nobel Prize in 2001 for his work on the economic value of information.

            “The worst aspect of this is that they were designed not to do what they were supposed to do,” he said in a telephone interview from Paris Jan. 7. “In many ways, it’s not only a giveaway, but a giveaway that was designed not to work.”
            The Treasury would have held warrants for 116 million shares of Goldman Sachs under Buffett’s terms, which would be equivalent to a 21 percent stake when added to those currently outstanding. Instead, the dilution is 2.7 percent under the Treasury plan. Blankfein is the company’s biggest individual investor, with 2.08 million shares worth about $178 million today, according to Bloomberg data. His 0.47 percent interest would have declined to 0.36 percent under Buffett’s terms and would be 0.44 percent if the Treasury’s warrants were exercised

          3. Edsanjuan October 12, 2012

            linda: WOW !! ANOTHER copy-and-paste from somewhere too long to read !

          4. lindablue October 13, 2012

            You asked a question and I took the time to find the answer for you. Lazy f***king TP troll.

          5. Eduardo October 14, 2012

            linda: The “TP” will be the cause of Obozo’s demise, you Occupy-Wall-Street-Idiot.
            And that will happen because you Democraps are CORRUPT (and most of you, also STUPID like you !)

          6. lindablue October 14, 2012

            The only corrupt Party is the one afraid of the peoples vote.

          7. lindablue October 13, 2012

            I know educating oneself takes a lot of reading. Sorry if you find that reading it is too daunting for you.

          8. Eduardo October 14, 2012

            linda: Depends on where you do your “reading”, my dear.
            I guess you “read” at Mother Jones, MSLSD (Rachel MADCOW), Michael Moore’s “movies”, whatever Pelosi “feeds” you, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Wolf Blitzer, and, the biggest IDIOT of all, …. TA DA!!!! …. BILL MAHER !! Ha, ha, ha, haaaa !!!
            Get a life, linda …

          9. lindablue October 14, 2012

            You get your information form the Cato Institute, Heartland Institute, Brietbart blog, The Family Center, listening to Rush, Glen Beck, and Faux News. All discredited and use no facts.

          10. lindablue October 11, 2012

            My friend if being defective means understanding reality I’m guilty as hell.

        2. lindablue October 11, 2012

          Sensata is a Bain-owned company that is closing a factory in in Freeport, Il to move the jobs to China. The workers have set up a camp they call “Bainport” and workers and supporters are trying to block the Bain trucks that are moving equipment out to ship to China right now. In breaking news there were arrests made on Monday. Yeah great for America. We need more Bain and less American jobs?

  17. FRED October 10, 2012

    Flip flop Romney is at it again. He will lie and cheat and say or do anything
    to get elected.

  18. karinursula October 10, 2012

    Are we demo they only one who reads about this crap? Don’t the Rep not understand what a flip-flopper he is. If he would get the White House would he tell us something today and tomorrow something else? Romney is just not only a flipp-fl0pper he is also dangerous. What prevents him saying he is not going to war and than changes his mind? Actually this Man scares me, I don’t want to call the American people stupid, but you need to wake up and see this man for what he really is.

    1. CPANY October 10, 2012


      Don’t hesitate to call the American voter stupid. Many of them are stupid.

      I notice that you use going to war as an example. Please keep in mind that Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, campaigned for re-election on the platform “He kept us out of the war.” As soon as he was re-elected, he got us into World War I.

      Same with Franklin Roosevelt. He promised to keep us out of World War II. He didn’t keep his promise, did he? Of course, Japan stupidly started our participation by attacking Pearl Harbor, but Roosevelt openly favored the allies and precipitated the Japanese attack by embargoing shipments of oil and steel to Japan. I think that ol’ Franklin knew that he was inviting an attack by a nation that grossly overestimated its fighting ability.

      1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

        CPANY: Yes, I agree: The American voters were stupid in 2008, but they have learned a lesson (they have learned it from Obozo, the MOST inept President in history) and will NOT be stupid in 2012.
        In 2008 the liberal mobs went crazy with this guy who promised (promises, promises !) “hope and change”; they did not care whether he could deliver (he has not), only that he “promised” .
        …. what happened??

        1. lindablue October 11, 2012

          The American voter were stupid in 2010 and stop any progress for which they would have benefitted from. Tea Party = no jobs, no Social Security, no health care, no pensions, no fairness.

          1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

            linda: Tell me you are joking; you can’t be THAT naive !!
            What did the Democraps achieve between 2008 and 2010 when they had complete (and filibuster-proof) control of BOTH houses of the Legislative AND also the Executive ?? DUH !!

          2. lindablue October 11, 2012

            ACA, Lilly Ledbetter Act, Better health care for U.S. troops coming home for Iraq.
            Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives for the 112th Congress, is focused on strengthening America’s middle class and creating jobs. From 2007 to 2011, Pelosi served as Speaker of the House, the first woman to do so in American history.
            Under the leadership of Pelosi, the 111th Congress was heralded as “one of the most productive Congresses in history” by Congressional scholar Norman Ornstein. President Barack Obama stated, Speaker Pelosi “is an extraordinary leader for the American people” and the Christian Science Monitor wrote: “…make no mistake: Nancy Pelosi is the most powerful woman in American politics and the most powerful House Speaker since Sam Rayburn a half century ago.”
            Working in partnership with President Obama, Pelosi led the House effort to pass the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in early 2009 to create and save millions of American jobs, provide relief for American families, and provide a tax cut to 95 percent of working Americans. With the House Democratic Caucus, Pelosi continues to focus on the need to create jobs in America and prevent them from being shipped overseas.
            Pelosi spearheaded passage of historic health insurance reform legislation in the House which provides a Patients’ Bill of Rights and will provide insurance for 32 million more Americans while lowering health care costs over the long term. The new law provides patients with affordable insurance choices, curbs abuses by the insurance industry, strengthens Medicare, and will reduce the deficit by $143 billion over the next 10 years.
            In the 111th Congress, Pelosi also lead the Congress in passing strong Wall Street reforms to rein in big banks and protect consumers as well as the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, which expands educational opportunities and reforms the financial aid system to save billions of taxpayers’ dollars.
            Additional key legislation passed into law included the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to restore the ability of women and all workers to access our judicial system to fight pay discrimination, legislation to provide health care for 11 million American children, national service legislation, and hate crimes legislation. In late 2010, Pelosi led the Congress in passing child nutrition and food safety legislation as well as repealing the discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, which prohibited gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military.
            Pelosi has made energy security her flagship issue, enacting comprehensive energy legislation in 2007 that raised vehicle fuel efficiency standards for the first time in 32 years and making an historic commitment to American home grown biofuels. In 2009, under her leadership, the House passed the landmark American Clean Energy and Security Act – a comprehensive bill to create clean energy jobs, combat climate change, and transition America to a clean energy economy. The legislation was blocked by Republicans in the United States Senate, but sent a strong signal to the world on the United States’ commitment to fighting the climate crisis.
            In continuing to push for accountability and transparency in government, under Speaker Pelosi, the House has passed the toughest ethics reform legislation in the history of the Congress, including the creation of an independent ethics panel, increased accountability and transparency in House operations, including earmark reforms. As Speaker, Pelosi led the fight to pass the DISCLOSE Act in the House, which fights a corporate takeover of U.S. elections and ensures additional disclosure.
            Additional key accomplishments signed into law under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi include: an increase in the minimum wage for the first time in 10 years, the largest college aid expansion since the GI bill in more than 60 years, and a new GI education bill for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and increased services for the veterans, caregivers, and the Veterans Administration.
            Pelosi will mark her 25th year of service in the House representing San Francisco, California’s Eighth District, in 2012. She made history in November 2002 when House Democrats elected her the first woman to lead a major political party. Pelosi served as Democratic Leader from 2003 to 2007 and previously served as House Democratic Whip for one year.

            Not to mention the first back in leadership over the House and Means Committee.

            You must live under a rock or have a very short memory. Either way you very ill informed.

          3. Edsanjuan October 12, 2012

            linda: It is you who live under a rock.
            I didn’t know you could post a “cut-and-paste” article from Wikipedia about the “achievements” of Nancy Pelosi before the 2010 “debacle”….
            And, let me ask you, if the Democrats’ and Obama’s record is so good and their achievements so many, then why is the Obama campaign about Romney and not about his record/achievements?
            ANSWER: Because there is NO record (I don’t mean his college records….) and few (being generous) achievements !

          4. lindablue October 12, 2012

            You have a lot of opinions but never provide facts. Where is your facts?

          5. Edsanjuan October 12, 2012

            linda: AGAIN, get some BASIC English composition classes !
            “Where ‘is’ your facts?” Yo !!

          6. lindablue October 12, 2012

            The democrats campaign about Romney has been truthful. You just can’t except the truth. Like all Republicans you listen to the like of Faux New, Limbaugh, and Beck the wholly rollers of fear mongers.

          7. Edsanjuan October 12, 2012

            linda, oh, please linda: I am beginning to lose my faith in you !
            You do not even know what “Faux” means ! You just repeat, as the USEFUL MORON that you are (see? I’m losing my patience here), what you’ve heard from OTHER useful morons about Fox News ….
            Oh, brother ….

          8. lindablue October 12, 2012

            I can’t even watch Faux News tried once but they like you they use no facts to based their fear mongering, slant everything in the Republican direction, take Karl Roves/ Heartland Institutes/ The family Centers slander advise, and use people like Malkin and Beck to put fear into old peoples lives.

          9. lindablue October 12, 2012

            I live under a rock then you must live under a boulder.

    2. lindablue October 11, 2012

      The only thing Republicans have ever cared about is power. They could care less about the means to get it.

      1. Eduardo October 14, 2012

        linda, you moron: NOT “COULD care less”!!
        Repeat after me, …. 125 times every morning: “COULDN’T care less”; “COULDN’T care less”; “COULDN’T care less”; “COULDN’T care less”; “COULDN’T care less”; “COULDN’T care less”; “COULDN’T care less” !!
        In 3 to 6 more years (Romney’/Ryan 1st OR 2nd term) you MIGHT (not a sure thing, given your advanced condition of “moron-ness”) get it !!
        You, linda, are a HOPELESS moron !!

        1. lindablue October 14, 2012

          Who are you an English professor? You f******G TP MORON. When you have no argument you resort to picking on peoples grammar. Still in grade school, aye?

  19. Johnny October 10, 2012

    If there is to be no abortion, why is it so outstanding that there will be no support for planned parenthood? What is it you idiots just don’t comprehend. Reversing Roe & Wade will mean no abortions. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    1. AMADAL October 10, 2012

      Hey smart guy, NO government money goes for abortions. Planned Parenthood only uses private donations for abortions. Many poor woomen need Planned Parenthood for their healthcare needs–one of the biggest needs is breast cancer screening as well as other cancer screenings. Try finding out what an agency does before you try and comment on it. You know it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt.

  20. William Deutschlander October 10, 2012

    I am 75 tears young and have been involved volunteering, following politics since my teens, even served as a small city chairman at one time.
    I am a registered Independent.
    In all my years of political involvment, I have never witnessed so much crass misrepresentation, LIES, as is evident and the normal, in the Romney Republican Party.
    It is apparent that Mormons, Romney, certainly do not follow the tenents of lieing that Jesus proclaimed. Yes I also taught religous education.
    Only a slithering snake would proclaim one thing in front of the audience, cameras, press and then behind the scenes have his aide then issue, very secretly, that the slithering snake did not mean what he said, to placate the zealots.
    As a Christian I find this common practice of Romney vile and vulgar, no other statesman in the world could possibly beleive anything Romney might say, much less the American people.

    1. CPANY October 10, 2012

      Mr. Deutschlander:

      I believe that many American voters are very gullible and will vote for Mittens for a number of reasons: aversion to rising taxation, racial prejudice, ignorance of the impact of what he advocates on one’s personal life, stupidity, etc.

      Don’t understimate the attraction of the demagogue.

      1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

        CPANY: Truer words were never spoken: “Don’t understimate the attraction of the demagogue.” Look at what Obozo has been able to achieve !!

        1. CPANY October 11, 2012

          We certainly don’t have an all-star cast running for president, but even though I’m a registered Republican, I think that Obama is better for me, so I’ll vote for him.

          1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

            CPANY: Go ahead. Shoot yourself in the foot ….

          2. Eduardo October 14, 2012

            CPANY: You?? A “registered Republican”???? !!!!
            Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,m ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaa!!!!!
            You, CPANY, do not possess HALF the brains or HALF the “smarts”, or HALF the sophistication, or HALF the common sense to be a Republican, ….. MUCH LESS a Conservative !!
            THAT was FUNNNNNNNNYYYY!!!

          3. CPANY October 15, 2012

            That’s right Eduardo, but in those long ago days, the Republican Party was conservative.

            No longer. Now it’s the party of the brain damaged rednecks, illegal aliens and neocons who want to turn this country into a modern day version of Hitlerite Germany. I’m disgusted with it.

            I’m uncertain where you would fit in those descriptive terms, though. You may require a new term: asshole.

  21. 1standlastword October 10, 2012

    Axel said: “As in the presidential debate, Romney has largely abandoned his fire-and-thunder conservative rhetoric, and tried to woo the small but influential percentage of undecided voters with new, as-yet-unheard-of centrist policies.”

    No…Axel!! In 1994 Mitt’s position on abortion was exactly what this most recent version of Mitt says–while the severe conservative version of Mitt…the one that showed up at the laughable rEpUbLiCaN con-convention said he’d appoint supreme court justices that who overturn R v.R

    Now we had Soledad O’Brien chewin up a vulnerable Mitt staffer on the contradiction about Palestine and a false difference between Mitt and Obama on Iran

    And, Mitt is locked in a statistical tie with Obama.

    Only on planet Earth!?

  22. Phyllis Kosen October 10, 2012

    Interesting choice of words “that I’m aware of.” Lets him sign into law new legislation if, heaven forbid, he becomes president without being accused of lying once more, and in the meantime his campaign staff can, wink, wink, reassure the anti-abortion base.

  23. john October 10, 2012

    Mr Scott missed the point by a wide mile, if true then his pro life stance is a crock if he had someone get an abortion to save his own skin. Its about a woman having the choices about her own body, not some hypocritical man TELLING her what she has to do. And note he did not say it wasnt true but rather attacked the reporting it. Which tells you a lot.

  24. Ed October 10, 2012

    I am not sure why Romney’s campaign made the statement reversing Romney’s position. He said he would not seek legislation on abortion. According to his previous statements that is true. He has announced that he will use Supreme Court appointments to reverse Roe V. Wade. No legislation required.

    1. lindablue October 11, 2012

      The President does not seek legislation the House writes the legislation. But he will support their legislation you can be sure of that.

    2. Eduardo October 14, 2012

      Ed: lindablue can not understand what you (correctly) said.
      Please lower your comments to HER level, so she can answer in an “intelligent”, gasp! … way …

      1. lindablue October 14, 2012

        Eduardo you have no intellect. You’re a follower.

  25. Paul October 10, 2012

    No woman and no man who is concerned about women’s rights should even consider voting for Gov. Romney.

    1. DurdyDawg October 10, 2012

      Gov. my asshairs.. The dupe tossed that away as easily as he tossed good workers to the dogs just so he could gain a position where he could toss even more Americans away like confetti.. His logo is’ servitude’ and his battlefield is every American. Don’t be fooled by this slime bag.. Only his family sees him as a savior (wonder what they’d feel if he was a broke middle class unemployed parent?).

    2. lindablue October 11, 2012

      Men may not be thinking about the consequences they will live with if this Republican Party wins.

  26. ram1020 October 10, 2012

    All he is saying is that he’s not going to set up a Supreme Court case on Abortion., which would be the result of any legislation. This isnt a change of position, since the Court would not overturn Roe v. Wade, and it would make it harder to change in the future. It is more like a strategy, or a statement of priority.

    Of course, if you don’t understand the stupidity of challenging Roe v Wade now, and only think of all or nothing on every issue, then feel free to enjoy your flip-flop talking point. I think most Americans can think a little deeper than to fall for the rhetoric,.

    1. Jim Myers October 10, 2012

      In response to ram1020, WHY DOESN’T ROMNEY ACTUALLY SAY WHAT HE MEANS?

      Is he afraid that the voting public might actually disagree with him?

      Or that the Ultra-conservatives won’t vote for him?

    2. JuneBug2 October 10, 2012

      Romney would not have to bring the case to the Supreme Court – it could originate anywhere, just as Roe V. Wade did. With 6 Catholics on the Supreme Court and it’s Conservative stance, how long do you think Rv.W would last. Also consider that the new President would have a sure opportunity to appoint one new Supreme Court Justice and possibly two. To have another like Scalia, Roberts, Thomas, – the thought makes my hair stand on end.

  27. JOEL K October 10, 2012

    America should return to the days that the commander and chief lead from the front of his troops rather than the rear. Sleeping in the mud and rain in the open. Served in Vietnam in 5-66/67. OCS class 10-66 Infantry School.

    1. lindablue October 11, 2012

      Oh yeah lets become Russia.

  28. LVSUNSHINE October 10, 2012

    I am still trying to figure who is really running for President. Romney will tell the people one thing that he believes in and a couple of hours later the GOP/Teabaggers will say “No he doesn’t believe that way”. Can they not get together and let Romney know what he really believes?

    1. lindablue October 11, 2012

      The shumck is running but the Tea Party will be the one in control if he wins.

  29. mac macey October 10, 2012

    DesJarlais pokes his peepee into anything with a pulse.

  30. emadis41 October 10, 2012

    Which Romney are we talking about?
    The Pro-Choice of yesteryears, or the Ant-Abortion who said that he wanted to repeal Roe Vs Wade by the Supreme Court just two weeks ago?
    Or is it the Romney who wanted to be elected at any cost?

  31. Lutrell Simmons October 10, 2012

    romey is just a dam liar and for the life of me i don’t understand how people can fall for his lies every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie i wish he would just go and hide under a rock where he came from he may be smiling now but we will have the last laugh come nov 6

  32. Whosoeverwill October 10, 2012

    Some say Governor Romney may have a multiple personality. Others including the GOP say that Mitt will change his positions on everything and say what he believes the people wants to hear even though he was against those views moments ago to get elected. This is not good for the country and can’t be accepted by the American people.

    1. Eduardo October 14, 2012

      “Bunny”face Emeka Nnakwe “Enthusiat”:
      One advice and one question:
      Advice: Learn to write “enthusiast”, especially if you are an “enthusiast”;
      Question: Are you Obozo’s younger sister?

      1. lindablue October 14, 2012

        Romney says one thing in front of the camera and another thing in front of his supporters. He flips more than a fish on the beach.

  33. bud2011 October 10, 2012

    Romney’s position that abortion legislation would not be part of his administration is correct, since that is a medical condition between the patient and the doctor.
    Obama reversed his position on Libya – now admitting that the attack on the embassy was not spontaneous, but a calculated terrist attack, after repeated requests from the ambassodor for security was rejected by the administration.

    1. lindablue October 11, 2012

      Obama never got on national t.v. and said the Libya attack on the embassy was spontaneous. Obama has been carefully measured and waited for the investigation. Unlike mission accomplished Bush or gun –ho Romney who spoke before he knew the facts and in fact before the attack ever happened.

  34. Whosoeverwill October 10, 2012

    Some say Governor Romney may have a multiple personality. Others including the GOP say that Mitt will change his positions on everything and say what he believes the people wants to hear even though he was against those views moments ago to get elected. This is not good for the country and can’t be accepted by the American people.

    1. lindablue October 11, 2012

      A one Republican even called him a liar on national Television, Hmmm, must be something to it.

  35. Jerry October 10, 2012

    just rember this morning nixionbushromney for it by lunch time he against it by dinner time he for all the above!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Hal Raymond October 10, 2012

    Mitt the trip; Mitt the flip; Mitt the jip; now Mitt the waffler! This guy changes his opinion more than a woman (no offense, ladies)!

  37. Hal Raymond October 10, 2012

    Mitt the trip; Mitt the flip; Mitt the jip; now Mitt the waffler! This guy changes his opinion more than a woman (no offense, ladies)!

    1. lindablue October 11, 2012

      I don’t know a woman with as many opinions as Mitt the Slippery, especially on one subject, lol.

  38. daniel bostdorf October 10, 2012

    This is about “Romney Reverses Again On Abortion.”


    Quoting article:

    “Romney’s off-the-cuff comments on abortion policy were later corrected by his spokespersons—a sequence of events that has been common in this campaign when the Republican candidate has deviated from the script. Spokeswoman Andrea Saul clarified that Romney “would of course support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life,” she told National Review Online‘s Katrina Trinko. His aides, of course, did not concede that the candidate had contradicted himself. Mitt Romney is proudly pro-life and will be a pro-life president,” Saul said.”

    So—-can you Karl Rove right wing paid propagandist get back on topic? Doubt it…

    Distractions and lies and off topic baloney. You are “prisoners of propaganda.”

    Plato describes in his “Cave Allegory.”

    Plato likens people who are stupid to prisoners chained in a cave, unable to turn their heads. All they can see is the wall of the cave (ignorance). Behind them burns a fire. (truth) Between the fire and the prisoners there is a parapet, along which puppeteers (liars and propagandists) can walk.

    The puppeteers, who are behind the prisoners, hold up puppets that cast shadows on the wall of the cave. The prisoners are unable to see these puppets, the real objects, that pass behind them. What the prisoners see and hear are shadows and echoes cast by objects that they do not see.

    They see propaganda. Karl Rove operatives are unable to see these puppets….They are right wing nazis facists of today.

    Watch these “prisoners of propaganda” and monitor their inane posts.

    oh—just a quick reminder…if you forgot:

    Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said it best:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” (likeFox FAUX News, Limbaugh, Beck and Rove believe)
    or as Adolph Hitler stated:

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

    Keep lying Mitt. And your “prisoners of propaganda.”

    1. jarheadgene October 11, 2012

      I agree…the opinions just took a detour there, but the point is the same……Romney will flip and flip and flip again, then flop, and flop and flop again.

    2. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

      daniel: You (as always) remembered to include Goebbel’s and Hitler’s maxims (for a time, not anymore, they made you seem sophisticated), but you forgot to recommend the book everybody is supposed to read before they dare post on this cesspool of useful idiots and moron liberals.
      LOL !!
      “The private sector is doing fine.” — Barry Obama —

      1. lindablue October 11, 2012

        The private sector is doing fine they have 288.1% of all the wealth. They have created over 5 million jobs in the last 4 years. They get 92 Billion dollars in corporate welfare every year. Tea Party morons do not provide any facts just communist propaganda.

        1. Edsanjuan October 12, 2012

          linda, linda: I don’t think you are a bad person; I just think you are as dumb as a box of nails. You repeat all the slogans and over-simplifications your moronic liberal friends feed you:
          How can ANYBODY have 288.1 % (more than 100% and why the “.1”) of ALL the wealth ???!!!
          Therefore, how can ANYBODY in this cesspool called The National Memo read the rest of your moronic post ?

          1. lindablue October 12, 2012

            More communist rhetoric with no facts.

          2. Eduardo October 14, 2012

            linda, linda! Please have anyone of your MORON friends in this cesspool of idiots explain to you (if they can) that NO “facts” are needed to understand and accept that NOBODY can have 288.1 % (more than 100% ) of ALL the wealth !!
            If you, honey, can not understand this “complicated” concept, get some other lib retard to explain it to you….

          3. lindablue October 14, 2012

            You get on this thread and yet you don’t read any of the articles. How ideology of you.

  39. James Townsel October 10, 2012

    The Republican party puts Mitt Romney up as some-kind of come back kid…that is the illusion they have cast for years…ect.

  40. Canistercook October 10, 2012

    Romney did not say anything different to what he has always said. He would support the ‘protection of life’ but he has never said he would enact or propose laws on the issue.
    Guess anything he says the writers in the National Memo will find some way to twist it.
    Too bad we can’t have a good debate on the important issues instead of biased twisted articles written by biased journalists. Our country is in trouble and the pro nor anti abortionists will fix the problems.

  41. David West October 10, 2012

    &^%$ him and the horse he rode in on!! This liar is a danger to our lives , our freedom and our future! Wake up, people! This is LAST CALL!

  42. DurdyDawg October 10, 2012

    What I can’t understand is his followers continually ignore his flip-flops and blatant lies.. There’s no honor in winning any way you can and Romney’s totally honorless which says volumes about the backers and followers who tolerates it with gusto.

  43. robert October 10, 2012

    FLOP. That’s Romney flipping again. He can’t help himself. That’s why President obama let him go on. He knew Romney was putting his foot in his mouth. Give it two days and he’ll flip on something else he’s said. It’s a pattern with Romney/Ryan.

  44. oldtack October 10, 2012


    Bill Clinton’s Military non-life is a murky though interesting story beclouded by the fact that many of the main characters have long since died and the remainder, including Bill Clinton have “vague” memories.

    He did register for the draft as required by law on his eighteenth birthday and subsequently rated as 1-A. Then the “drama” begins. He was a College Student and sought deferment.

    With help from his Uncle Raymond Clinton and family friend,Henry Britt, Hot Springs lawyer and former Judge, Bill managed to evade the draft and after graduation he was selected as a Rhodes Scholar and went to England. That is where I remember the picture of him with long hair and beard protesting the War.

    In his words, He was not oppose d to the Military or War in General but he was morally opposed to the War in Vietnam.

    His and George Bush’s stories were re-enacted in many well-to-do families with political influence.

    If we had the same draft today one would witness this parody played out many times by those in power.

    It is the wealthy and politically influential power base that foments war. But, it is the poor masses that bleed and die in those wars. Just a nasty fact of life.

    1. ExPAVIC October 11, 2012


      ALL college students got draft deferments. Of course rich kids stayed in college while some of us got our boots in the Vietnam mud.

      Screw the rich kids, like RoMoney. I went and they didn’t so I say F*** them all, and I became a proud Democrat.

      1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

        ExSMART: Your statement that “Screw the rich kids, like RoMoney. I went and they didn’t so I say F*** them all, and I became a proud Democrat.” SHOWS how ignorant you are, ….. but it’s funny …

  45. 1silverstar7 October 10, 2012

    typical mr fip flop & his partner mr Bean counter, so tired of the lies from the G O P & please Mr president grow some balls & take him on

  46. 1silverstar7 October 10, 2012

    typical mr fip flop & mr Bean counter, Please mr president grow some balls & take him on

  47. Diane Ribbentrop October 10, 2012

    Romney always flips NO core NO guts Does NOT stand for any thing except
    ‘ Corps are People Money is speech 47 % of us are lazy victims
    Who work and pay loads of taxes except Income tax due to lower income or having few kids to support. Privileged Mitt for Pres ? NOPE

  48. Diane Ribbentrop October 10, 2012

    Mitt kicked crazy T party followers to the curb We knew that was coming
    Etch a sketch time again Mitt has NO spine No core beliefs
    None that he will stand behind ..for more than few weeks…

  49. Diane Ribbentrop October 10, 2012

    Obama will Just had a bad night 2 debates to go Obama has a job
    Mitt is UNemployed Lots of time to fabricate

    1. ExPAVIC October 11, 2012

      Good Idea

      Let’s keep Mittens unemployed. Time to start talking to your friends and telling them what a bad choice that guy is for individuals, women, and the country.

      This is going to be a team EFFORT to get people out to vote for Obama. You can be sure the American Taliban Republicans are going to be carrying people to the polls on their backs.

      1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

        ExSMART: ” You can be sure the American Taliban Republicans are going to be carrying people to the polls on their backs.”
        CORRECT !! … But the same will be done by the American Occupy Wall Street Socialist IDIOTS Democrats !!
        Romney/Ryan will win by a LANDSLIDE, though ….

        1. lindablue October 11, 2012

          The the dumb ass third party voter is wasting their vote. But hey that works for us.

  50. Bill Borchardt October 10, 2012

    Soooo, make a big deal out of this and avoid the BIG issues of the campaign (and our future), mounting debt, out of control government spending, and increasing private sector jobs. Anything else is smoke.

    1. DurdyDawg October 11, 2012

      But that isn’t the issue.. If every question that popped up would always turn to what you’re concerned about then the people wouldn’t be as informed except in areas that we shouldn’t bring up but what the candidates need to address. If one of you’re questions did come up I’m sure we would all have an opinion to relate but until then we must reply to what we receive and in my books, none of it is ‘smoke’.. Do you have an answer to those profound questions? Only the runners have and it seems to me that neither one wants to come out with them because the questions are even bigger than this Country. Eventually they will address them else the majority of votes might just result in, “None of the above”..

    2. roguerunners October 11, 2012

      Home foreclosures at it’s LOWEST since October 2007! Chew on that!

    3. lindablue October 11, 2012

      Mounting debt caused by Republican credit card spending on 2 unpaid for wars, an unpaid for Senior Drug Plan, 3 unpaid for tax breaks, the creation of a new government department that was unpaid for, mounting debt created by the interest on the Republicans spending spree on a credit card for 8 years. Yes a the Republican Party that wants to now get the deficit in order on the backs of seniors, disabled, and poor. Morally corrupt.

      1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

        lindablue: “Mounting debt caused by Republicans”??
        And NOT by Obozo??!!
        Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

        linda, stop frying your brains with those hallucinogenics ….

        1. lindablue October 11, 2012

          Over the past two decades, American companies have dramatically expanded their overseas operations and supply networks, especially in Asia, while shrinking their workforces at home. McKinsey Global Institute estimated in 2006 that $18.4 billion in global information technology work and $11.4 billion in business-process services have been moved abroad. This is Mittens Record on helping America. Wake up and get your head out of the Rich Guy’s Ass.

          1. Edsanjuan October 12, 2012

            linda: As always happens with you idiotic liberals, you never stick to the subject at hand and you prefer to skirt it:
            1) Your new statements, suppossedly in response to mine, have NOTHING to do with the subject. My comments were to the effect that “Mounting debt caused by Republicans”?? And NOT by Obozo??!!” You, my dear lady, did not address this.

            2) About what you correctly mention to the effect that business-process services have been (gradually) moving abroad, let me say this:
            a) You (intentionally) make it sound as if Romney alone was responsible for this. (Wow! This Romney guy is more powerful than I thought !)
            b) There are so many other factors and parameters causing these effects. One of them being the confiscatory corporate tax rates that American corporations have to pay in the U.S. (the highest in the world). Obama has tried to address this condition but, as always, being the “wishy-washy” “leader” that he is, he has only paid lip service to it.

            So, lindablue, YOU wake up and get your head out of Obama’s ASS ….

          2. lindablue October 12, 2012

            Commie Republican moron.

          3. Eduardo October 14, 2012

            linda: ANSWER my comments, you MORON !!!

          4. lindablue October 14, 2012

            Commie Republican Moron.

        2. lindablue October 11, 2012

          My friend the only one on hallucinogens are you. Get you head out of Brietbart’s commentary pages and Faux news, and Limbaugh’s hate radio and think for your self.

  51. batavier October 10, 2012

    Cheer up!
    There are only 365-days in a year. So, if the American people in their ‘infinite’ wisdom elect Romney, they’ll have 4 X 365 = 12260 diggerent Romney-positions on ABORTION alone….
    ardly enough time to GOVERN, eh!

  52. Okay Chemical October 10, 2012

    Of course, his campaign says one thing and he says another…..When are they gonna have the same campaign agenda? May be after Nov.6. Whatever that gets them into the White House regardless of what the voters thing about their Honesty…….it really doesn’t matter to most voters…….f### honesty and give us your VOTE!!!!!!!

  53. oldtack October 10, 2012

    David West,
    I re-read my post and I can find nothing on my subject that has anything to do with your diatribe.

    I was speaking of the numbers of draft dodgers that hide in the Halls of Congress – not the State of our Country and our Government.

    I have expressed some of your obvious concerns on the forum also.We are in one hell of a mess in this Country but it is not recent and not the fault of one particular party. It is a cancer that has grown over many decades and is coming to fruition at this time.

    Your last sentence give room for concern “…a long time after I’m gone which is a very short time from now.” Hope that is a metaphor and not indicative of your health.

    Sorry if my comments disturbed you.

    Take Care and have a good evening.


  54. Bob Williams October 11, 2012

    When they asked Obama about the Abortion Bill, he said “Don’t worry – I’ll pay it!”

  55. ExPAVIC October 11, 2012

    Mr. Etch-A-Sketch

    Shake that baby up and re-write your stand on virtually everything. What a phoney SOB is that RoMoney.

    Now he wants to tells us how a pacifist Mormon will handle our national defense. Some one who chose to sit out the Vietnam War in Le Harve, France, wants to tells us how to defend our country. The jerk doesn’t even recognize his own limits.

    1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

      ExSMART: Yeah!
      1) Compare Romney’s participation (none) in the Vietnam War with Obama’s heroism (not the drug, you dummy!) in BOTH Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. What a difference !!
      2) And compare Mrs. Romney’s patriotism with Michelle Obama’s REAL patriotism: “For the very first time in my life I feel pride in my Country.” THAT’S real patriotism!
      3) And compare how a “pacifist Mormon” would handle our national defense with the skillful and adept way in which Obama has handled our Ambassador to Libya’s assassination as a direct (and obvious) reaction to a movie.
      Oh, brother ….

  56. dalnb October 11, 2012

    “We sleep, but the loom of life never stops, and the pattern which was weaving when the sun went down is weaving when it comes up in the morning.”~ Henry Ward Beecher

    Romney’s problem is when he awakes the next morning he changes the pattern!

    It is impossible to stay on course when you change with your audience. Romney can not keep up with himself!

  57. ridemybroom October 11, 2012

    the only man i know( romney ) who can quick change without having a curtain to hide in…..if he flips on abortion rights does that mean he will flip on gay rights as well…anyone notice how his alzheimers keeps getting in the way….this man really needs to have a check up just to see if hes getting ready to check out…btw…i wonder if anne romney is ok…she doesnt look good, i mean this with all sincerity….something just doesnt look right with her…look at her really good the next time you see her…you will see what i mean….i hope she is ok !

  58. dalnb October 11, 2012

    President Bill Clinton set a high standard for Presidents to follow. During his administration America enjoyed the Highest Quality-of-life it has in a hundred years.
    Romney claims raising taxes will hurt our economy ; he needs to look back on the Clinton era when taxes were raised.

    America had plenty of jobs, more jobs than we had available workers. Workers could bargain with different employers picking the jobs they wanted. We were happy, we were spending, we were buying and we were getting America out of debt. ( Bush senior left America in debt over-spending our national GDP by over 9%. ) Clinton took office, got us all but out of debt under-spending the GDP and left a huge financial surplus (All Democratic Presidents since World War II have kept spending under the GDP until the current financial mess left by G W Bush. G W Over-spent the GDP by 20.7% ). Romney says we can not raise taxes on the rich and expect any job improvements. – Clinton did it,

    Romney needs to look at history and get his facts straight – – we may be in the 47% group but were not as stupid as he may think!

  59. Lynda October 11, 2012

    The trust of the innocent (or stupid) is the liar’s most useful tool.

  60. joyscarbo October 11, 2012

    I’m reading this thread and I’m not seeing ANYTHING about the right to ensuring that every woman has the right to her own reproductive destiny!!! A lot of people (mostly men, I think) are talking about draft dodging and political posturing.
    No matter where you fall on the abortion issue, the facts are well-documented and crystal clear. Making abortion illegal does not save lives. It takes more lives. Women who do not have access to legal, medically safe abortion will still seek out these services. The difference is that back alley abortions kill BOTH the fetus and the woman. Women suffer life-threatening conditions- infections, disfigurement of their sexual organs and even sterility.
    This is an issue that women should ONLY be making decisions about. Predominantly male lawmakers are legislating that women must undergo invasive, medically uneccessary procedures before exercising their legal right to abortion. Mitt Romney will END funding for Planned Parenthood an organization that provides care for both men and women that are in need of birth control, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, cancer screenings for testicular and penile cancers as well cervical and breast caner.
    There is MUCH at stake here. People need to quit being silent about it and support the right to have control of each person’s right to their reproductive decisions.

  61. ivory69690 October 11, 2012

    the anti-christ romney seems like he just want to play both side for every one to see . i guess he,s hopeing for the hates in the country to vote for him he think thats theres enough ppl. that hate the black man and he can steal and hate his way to the house . whats wrong with the ppl. of this country ? if the Pres. Obama had messed up ands flip floped as much as the anti-christ has during this election he,d be gone . here the anti- christ putsa down 47% of the p[pl. and the country and itys a close race still unbelivable . he lies through his teeth all the time and when he,s not lieing him and lil eddie monster look-a-like idiot dont and wont tell anyone the plans thy have . its like wait till you vote me in the house . well ppl. of this country if you go and be that stupid . when the anti-christ gets in the house then the pair that swings in a bull,s sack will drop the hammer on the country and the ppl,s head . and by then its too late . then its right back to the dirty bush days more wars no jobs and the stock market down to 5000 . and then you.ll say OMG how did this happen ? the funny thing is the anti-christ is showing you that will happen your just to blind to see . and then you be begging for something to save the country but it will be to laate by then . and saying MR OBAMA please come back and save the copuntry and the ppl. again . and if i was him id drop my pants and tell you to kiss my blacvk and white butt idiots

  62. ivory69690 October 11, 2012

    Desperate personal attacks do not solve our nation’s problems, yet it appears my opponents are choosing to once again engage in the same gutter politics that CBS News called the dirtiest in the nation just two years ago,” DesJarlais said./// ur the dirtiest in the nation your self you cant keep it in ur pants ur just nasty you should be dumped be every one and put where you belong in a tolit bowl you POS

  63. Joyce October 11, 2012

    The contradictions , inconsistencies are an everyday event for Robme. Its amnesia setting in or this man is a pathological liar This man needs therapy before he gets to a rubber room

  64. CaptainWes October 11, 2012

    “ “There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda,’ Romney said.” Read this carefully. HIS agenda means what he plans to start once he is president, if that disaster should happen. Those words do NOT say he will OPPOSE any effort by Congress to pass such legislation.

    Typical Repugnant doublespeak, if you ask me.


  65. roguerunners October 11, 2012

    Home foreclosures at it’s lowest since October 2007!!! OCTOBER 2007!!!
    This Independent voter is going with Obama!!!
    Romney is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  66. supercarp October 11, 2012

    It is very easy to be anti-abortion until you (if you’re female) or your former girlfriend (if you’re not) is pregnant and needs one. I still assert that if men could get pregnant there would be an abortion clinic in every hardware store.

  67. raymond October 11, 2012

    What ever it takes to get elected! Mitt Romanie will do. How can you trust another Dick Channey? Read between the lines people he is for the wealthy and big corporations they are even telling there workers they will close there busness if Obama gets elected? Workers will have low wages and no worker rights if Romanie gets in.

  68. Canistercook October 11, 2012

    With the right to vote, afforded to all, I do wish more of these comments were addressing the issues facing the country instead of throwing nasty and often stupid and unfounded accusations around. Jobs, the deficit, foreign policies et al.

    1. Sand_Cat October 11, 2012

      First of all, the right to vote is not “afforded to all.”
      How far up your posterior has your head been the last year or so while voter-suppression laws were pressed in most states, and actually passed in several key “swing states”?

      Second, the accusation against Romney of constant lying are “unfounded”? Again, your head must have been almost to your appendix, if not halfway up your small intestine.

      Third, the Romney campaign and its Republican supporters are mostly the ones who have brought up these nasty issues and thrown at least half of the accusations (most of them, admittedly, not just unfounded, but demonstrably absurd).

      Fourth, perhaps Romney, despite his claims to be concerned about “jobs, the deficit, foreign policies, et al,” prefers to divert the debate because he realizes that it is becoming increasingly evident that he is incredibly misinformed and inept in the matter of foreign policy, and that – despite his “credentials” as a successful parasite on businesses someone else started and built – people are starting to realize that his proposed policies are likely to swell both the ranks of the unemployed and the deficit to unimaginable levels.

      1. Eduardo October 14, 2012

        Sand: CONFIRMED!!: you want voters to vote twice, thrice or 4 or 5 times each ….
        Bravo !!

        1. lindablue October 14, 2012

          Where is your proof of voter fraud?

    2. lindablue October 11, 2012

      With the right to vote afforded to all. What reality are you living in. 16 states have enacted voter suppression laws. AlterNet reality much?

  69. PamelaT October 11, 2012

    Lie after lie after lie never ends with this guy

  70. bwmconst October 11, 2012

    Romney is a good case for birth control…As are many who don’t understand that the poor souls being born here, many times don’t know what they are getting into…The main “silent” reason is to bring in as many as you can, is so we can milk ’em till they’re 65, and ‘ya got to have some you can send to war, so your own ass doesn’t get shot off… If only the “policy” makers had to do their own “dirty work”…, a trip to earth would more palatable…

  71. norman October 11, 2012

    The Republican Party is NOT the only group doing this.

    Springfield (Illinois) Housing Authority has been doing the same, for about a year, now.

    Example: Normally, a persons rent is considered PAID, when the person delivers the rent payment to the management office. Not so, Springfield Housing Authority.

    In a new twist, on the English language, Springfield Housing Authority now says that DELIVERY of rent, to management does NOT mean rent is paid.

    To Springfield Housing Authority, rent is only considered PAID, I-F management CHOOSES to post rent to Accounts Receivable.

    If management chooses not to POST a payment, then rent is considered NOT paid (even if payment made via Money Order).

    This is the way bureaucrats are.

  72. Sand_Cat October 11, 2012

    I wish you would stop catering to these fanatics by calling them “pro-life.”
    The Republican agenda, from foreign policy to labor relations to reproductive rights and family planning, is one of the most anti-life agendas in a world full of human self-detructive actions.
    They wish to starve and miseducate those “precious pre-born” babies as soon as they leave the womb.
    They jump at any excuse to attack anyone in the world with bombs, terrorism (“freedom fighters”), and anything else lethal that comes to hand.
    They would assure that all people, and especially the old, would be subject to de facto “death panels” in the name of insurance company profits.
    They would destroy all ecosystems on the planet for profit, or at least those that survive and adapt to the accelerated global warming their energy and transportation agendas assure.

    It seems to me that the Republican ethos summarized is that if a problem cannot be solved by tax cuts for billionaires, blowing up or imprisoning people, allowing any nut his own personal arsenal and allowing him to carry it everywhere, or ramming fundamentalist religion down someone’s throat, that problem does not exist.

    1. lindablue October 11, 2012

      Great points it just to show how Republican Romney is. Pro life until the baby leave the womb then it gets it prison number.

      1. Eduardo October 14, 2012

        linda: ANOTHER STUPID, obtuse (look it up, linda !) comment !
        Keep degrading yourself and showing off your stupidity, linda !!

        1. lindablue October 14, 2012

          Oh my comments bother you? Good!!!!

  73. AliceR51 October 11, 2012

    “What were Republicans thinking”an email-showig just one video of Romney-Romney-on how he “contraditited”himself-many times!Just him alone in his own video-can u imagine-the topic he was talking about -anyone of them/he was stating to vote for this one/then ,same topic-he staing I wont vote for this at all-what the @%# gives?He dont make sense .U have to watch sooo &%$# funny-its stupid.Hes just standing there telling many of his plans on his topics ,yet he changed his
    mind so many times on each one,so “which”is the right Romney?Who the –knows??Beats the —out of me.??couldnt tell ya.You have to watch the video-look it up.Man soo—-stupid,makes u —-lollololol.I could NOT believe my ears ,eyes.Just to see him alone in HIS own video making these remarks against himself..???They are real-on video-himself-changing his tune several times to something differnt-like YOU cant make up ur mind on what ur going to do being a presi??He said he wouldnt have to follow his church choice -being elected presi-.???He already passed in a state-abortion-then he said he was totally against it???/Okkk.Id say he has deep issues.Hes even been into a store yelling fire,when NO fire was there??He also had a toy machine gun-going off inside store.duh.This is when he was younger-being a “bully” they called him,a jerk.Playing a part of cop,with uniform,car from one state,outfit from another,??WOW!!

  74. AliceR51 October 11, 2012

    OHHH,this video-was with him on one side then otherside was another him-first one topic,then other side hed change & his comment.Why he does this ???????Does he remember what hes sayingor what???He said something of immagrants-& again of them,I think he had hired some,even though he had said NO of it beforehand.???Some didnt make much sense.He contradicted his churc also??

  75. ExPAVIC October 11, 2012


    If you are a woman (female human being) and you vote for RoMoney, you are in dire need of a head check, or a change in climate, or both.

    Ask yourself, why does Mitt hate women? Too bad Mitt won’t talk about it so it must go rather deep in his Mormon inner sanctum.

    1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

      ExSMART: Mitt “hates” women?
      Comments like that show what’s inside your brain, …… NOTHING !!
      LOL !!

      1. ExPAVIC October 11, 2012

        Let’s Compare

        Retired and living comfortably in Florida at age 52. How about you? Ready to freeze your ass off this winter?

        Nothing? Want to compare balance sheets asshole?

        1. Edsanjuan October 12, 2012

          ExSMART: I repeat my previous comment that was NOT addressed by you:

          Mitt “hates” women? Comments like that show what’s inside your brain, …… NOTHING !!”

          You have not addressed the fact that saying Mitt “hates” women is the perfect, unassailable proof that YOU, ExSMART, are the perfect MORON asshole.

          Your wanting to “compare balance sheets” with me just CONFIRMS what an idiot asshole you are: my finances can “run rings” around yours, ExSMART, but then, WHO CARES? Who really cares??!!

          It is only morons like you who really believe that being “rich” has everything to do with having money.

          FYI, you ignorant fool, there are four (4) states/conditions:
          1) Being RICH, which is ALWAYS GOOD, has NOTHING to do with money, and is really a MINDSET;
          2) Having plenty of money, which can be good or bad, depending on how you got it and what you do with that money;
          3) Having a lack of money, being BROKE, which, by itself is NOT bad because it is (or should be) a TEMPORARY condition;
          4) Being POOR, which is ALWAYS BAD, has NOTHING to do with money, and is really a MINDSET (a permanent one! POOR people will always be poor!)

          You, sir, and so many other class hatred advocates that “contribute” to this cesspool of losers called The National Memo, have shown that you belong to the last category ….

          Oh, brother! Why do I even bother to correct morons like you ??!!

          1. ExPAVIC October 12, 2012


            Tell me about your trip back home after RoMoney and his friends put you all on a banana boat back to Central America. Via con Mittens express.

          2. Edsanjuan October 12, 2012

            ExSMART: Is THAT the best you can come up with?
            CONFIRMED that you are just a stupid asshole !!

          3. ExPAVIC October 12, 2012

            Your Trip

            Don’t forget your sombrero Pedro, the sun is brutal down there. Ole’.

          4. Eduardo October 14, 2012

            ExSMART and STILLStupid: That was not even funny. You stupid Liberal retards are such useful idiots (and that’s how Obozo wants you!) that you can’t even come up with something that:
            a) addresses the issue at hand;
            b) constitutes a reasonable “counterpoint” to what is being discussed.
            The only retort that your so small brain could come up with was “Don’t forget your sombrero Pedro, the sun is brutal down there. Ole’.” WOW, ExSMART, that was deep!!
            I am not Mexican (full-blooded American), but if I were:
            a) I would be proud of my heritage and would despise ignoramuses and BIGOTS like you;
            b) I would still be “running rings” around you, my moron “pen pal”, like I am doing right now.
            What a pathetic, ignorant slob you are, Ex. Get a life, you moron ….
            …. and, of course, you and your fellow rats, …. vote for Obozo !!

          5. ExPAVIC October 14, 2012


            No wonder RoMoney is still around, morons like you go for his bullshit.

          6. Eduardo October 14, 2012

            EX: YES! RINGS!!
            MORONS like you SWALLOW Obozo’s BULLSHIT !!
            Get a life, … and vote for whom the contents of your brain dictate: … er, er, … “contents of my brain?” NOBODY then !!

          7. ExPAVIC October 14, 2012

            Eddy. Eddy. Eddy

            RoMoney blows smoke up your ass and you buy it. Fortunately most intelligent people (that leaves you out) recognize that this multimillionaire doesn’t give a rats ass about you. Y0u didn’t understand his 47% breakdown of the electorate? Man you are retarded and stupid.

  76. James October 11, 2012

    this Romney is amazing to tell one lie after another .and I don’t understand how people can just accept these lie well let us look and see what bible which is the word of GOD said. James Chapter 1 .a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Two-faced and Unreliable

  77. Onofre J. Escobar Rivera October 11, 2012

    I guess this new position will even give Romney a bigger bounce in the polls just like last debate when all he said was lie after lie and he bounced big in the polls. Is that how naive and innocent the American Voters have become. We have to call Romney out, we cannot let him lie and lie without consequences. Watch out America, Romney is a pathological flip-floper, he can look you straight in the eye and lie big. I suggest in the next debate before voting on who won the debate, voters verify the candidates’ answers and information they give. Good luck.

    1. lindablue October 11, 2012

      How gullible the voters are.

      1. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

        lindablue: “How gullible the voters are”??
        Yep !
        They showed it in 2008 ….

        1. lindablue October 11, 2012

          They showed in 2010 and are paying the price for letting the Koch brothers buy their votes.

          1. Edsanjuan October 12, 2012

            lindablue: You see why we Conservatives consider you Liberals so empty brained?
            It’s because you have a “sloganized” and shallow answer to every issue!
            You would have the readers of this “forum” believe that the Koch brothers really, really BOUGHT all those votes (an avalanche really!) cast in 2010 against the Democrats??!!
            Wow !! I wasn’t contacted about selling my vote to them !
            Oh brother ….

          2. Eduardo October 14, 2012

            linda: 10/14/2012, 6:20pm EST, STILL no answer from you!
            Got tired of your stupidities?

    2. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

      OJ Escobar: “he can look you straight in the eye and lie big”, you say??
      Man, you are describing Obama/Biden to a “T” !!!
      You ARE perceptive ! (Then again, that is soooo obvious !!)

  78. ROBERT C HASTINGS October 11, 2012

    In the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine, it is shown that as a candidate for the governor’s office of Massachusetts, he told someone interested in working with him that he supported a woman’s right to choose,including the right to choose abortion. While this seems a little long ago for Romney’s flip-flop timetable, it is revealing that he felt, at the time, that it was acceptable to take more liberal stances when working in a more liberal environment, a mind set that helps us more clearly understand his willingness to so readily change tack when heading into adverse winds. Either way you spin it, he apparently believes, deeply, that it is acceptable lie.

  79. ROBERT C HASTINGS October 11, 2012

    Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican! Dante’s “Inferno” has a VERY special place for hypocrites.

  80. Edsanjuan October 11, 2012

    What??!! Obozo and the Democraps claiming that Romney is a hypocrite? !!
    That’s a good one !
    P.S. – Joe “The Clown” Biden will get his sorry ass kicked around the whole stage tonight … LOL !!

    1. ExPAVIC October 11, 2012

      Ass Kicked?

      Horse shit pedro.

  81. billy October 11, 2012

    Mr. Romney, Sir, I have no doubt that you are at heart a great husband, great dad, good governor and a religious man, but there comes a time when great men face up to reality that sometimes they cant handle whats ahead of them. There is no shame in admitting that its to much and out of your league. Some of us back-up and get more experience, some of us go back to school and some of us just change directions. Sit down with your family and close friends and ask them to be truthful with you on whether you are ready to lead as President of the U.S.A.. All the things that are happening in the world today must be handled very carefully and I just think that you lack that experience at this time. Observe and learn a couple more years and you might find yourself more equipped. Think about it anyway.

  82. oldtack October 11, 2012

    Agree on that point.

    Under the old SSS rules – draft dodging was legal. If the draft was revised Draft Dodging would probably still be legal.

    Toward the end of the Vietnam War I made the statement that if my son became draft age I would spirit him out of the Country because at that stage of that Political debacle I, like Clinton , felt that it had become morally wrong. I wouldn’t have carried through my threat due to money and means but that is the way I felt.

    Doesn’t make Draft Dodging deferments and more right – but – they will always be legal.
    And -That’s life in the War zone.

  83. Canistercook October 11, 2012

    Reading some of these comments leaves me worrying about the future of our country. Why do we need to call individuals liars, cheats, stupid etc, when we disagree with their opinions? Why don’t we just correct the ‘facts’ if in fact we know they are wrong. Trouble is many of the ‘facts’ are not really available to us so we don’t have the right to call anyone a liar unless we can prove it.

  84. ExPAVIC October 11, 2012


    Who hates women the most, RoMoney or Ryan? Was it their mothers, early girl friends, or current wives that did the trick?

  85. ps2os2 October 14, 2012

    I also have trouble with Bain as they never bet with their own money. If it had all been their own money I do not think I would have as strong objections as I do have with them. Even if only 25 percent it would have been somewhat realistic.
    Given a blank check like they had of course you can gamble its not quite as bad as a casino as they did have odds stacked with them.

  86. ps2os2 October 14, 2012


    Sorry to hear about your parents. I am to on a fixed income (Social Security) and get no earned income deduction (I have my taxes done by pros). The point is that not everyone qualifies for certain deductions which may or may not be good. For a while there you could have several houses (all with mortgages) and deduct the interest. Now they have stopped that loop hole and (I think) its down to one house (primary residence) which is reasonable (IMO). The rich have hired the tax geniuses to find other such loop hole *OR* have gotten special legislation passed so they basically can hide their earnings (ala Mitt R and others). Neith you nor me can have the luxury to hire tax specialist to find the holes.

    1. lindablue October 14, 2012

      When did they stop the loop hole of not being able to deduct more than one home? I have seen recently politicians taking about removing that loop hole but it’s just talk. No actions have been taken to my knowledge. How is it that you get no earned income credit? Your disabled and low income and get no earned income credit? Even if we did hire a tax expert we would get flagged and have to hire a tax attorney to fight our case, in which case is it worth it?

  87. ps2os2 October 14, 2012

    One of the issue with thinking like this is that the “low interest (tax free) bonds” is that while most are reasonably safe (there are exceptions look at Georgia) is that the pay off is at the minimum 25 years off in the future so you need to forget about the money and throw away the key. It is a good place to park excess funds which you will not need for a while, but who amongst us can afford to have several 100K squirreled away for long periods?

  88. ps2os2 October 15, 2012

    Ahhh but there is a catch in what you are saying. In theory what you say is true but that *ASSUMES* a level playing field. Bain (Mitt) took reasonably successful companies and gutted them leaving them with piles of debt. One semi survived (One of the office supply companies). The rest were run into bankruptcy because of the DEBT that Mitt (Bain) saddled them with. Now some of the companies were questionable (granted) but they were making a go of it until Mitt got his fingers in them. Probably 90 percent ended up selling themselves to other companies and or end up in bankruptcy. When Bain didn’t do well crippling them with debt and some how managed to get by they were saddled with “management fees” to Bain. Bain just screwed every company they put their “mitts” on (pun intended). Now if that is called making a profit you are a fool. The only work that was done (no sweat equity) was for the lawyers and Bain. That is not the american way of doing business (ie invest work hard and hopefully succeed) I am not suggesting that Mitt is anti American I am suggesting that (again) he used every back door that could be used instead of hard work and doing an honest days work. The only time might have done hard work is when he tried to convert the French people to Mormonism.

  89. ps2os2 October 16, 2012

    I would guess that there are many reasons why there are people leaving SoCal and there is probably a couple real one reason for it. I suspect the top 5 is real estate cost, the crazy idea that citizens can mandate laws by a vote. Another top one I suspect is the weed is part of it (availability and use) and traffic .

    1. lindablue October 16, 2012

      I doubt weed has anything to do with why people leave Cal. I do suspect if California legalizes it many people will seek out California as a place to retire if they have health problems. Could be California’s new boom not to mention their way out of the debt Arnie put them in.

      1. ps2os2 October 16, 2012

        Bzzzt wrong. More than a few people are leaving California just on that reason alone. They are afraid to drive as they know the stoners are out on the roads. I had two people tell me that do not want their kids crossing streets with all the stoned drivers. With all the stoners getting high the state will end up supporting these people and in order to support their habit they will start B&E’ing and crime will go through the roof.

        1. lindablue October 16, 2012

          Give me a friggin break. You always know who the stoners are they drive 10 miles under the speed limit like granny does. It’s the drunks you need to worry about and last I heard drinking is still legal and Jack Daniels is still making whiskey.

  90. Canistercook October 16, 2012

    Rachel is so far to the left anything she produced would be very questionable. Some people would believe the sky is yellow if Obama said it. Trouble is a lot of people, i.e. Blacks, Hispanics, Union members all want something Obama is promising them for free – Welfare, a green card, high pensions for years on end etc. “Who cares if the country goes down the tube giving it all to them” After all why shouldn’t the rich taxpayers subsidize Big Bird even if by selling Sesame toys et al Sesame Street makes millions. We don’t really need the ‘rich’ to invest their money in rebuilding our industries and creating jobs I guess! Obama does a good ‘sales’ job. Too bad he’s not selling used cars to dummies.

    1. lindablue October 16, 2012

      First the ones who wants green cards for illegals/legal immigrants is the businesses. I have yet to see the Republican House pass one Bill to stop illegal migration to this country and you won’t see them do it either because their pay masters don’t want them too. Yeah blame the unions for wanting to save our countries manufacturing base, which by the way is in our national interest. Why shouldn’t the rich subsidize Big Bird? You do understand that early childhood learning is again in the best interest of the country don’t you. As for Welfare. I have a solution. Pass a law that no married adults can divorce until their children are out of college. I’m sure “The Family Center” can get Republicans to do that. No the rich does not invest their money in rebuilding industries and creating jobs, the tax payers do with Corporate Welfare and our tax laws allow industry to spit in our face by giving them tax breaks to move those jobs to China where Romney makes out like a Billionaire. The only snake oil salesman in the Presidential race is Romney and your buying his shit hook, line and sinker.

      1. Canistercook October 16, 2012

        Unfortunately it looks like as far as you are concerned brain washing has done its job on you. By the way BIG BIRD and those that own it ARE RICH and are subsidized as well.

        1. ps2os2 October 16, 2012

          There are multiple issues here and of course Romeny aimed at the wrong target.
          The big bird is paid for through corporate sponsorship not much (if any money goes to support him). Jim Lehr(sp?) as well is paid for through corporate sponsorship not a red penny goes for his upkeep. A *LOT* of other big shows on PBS get paid for in their entirety by corporate sponsor ship the rest is paid through US subsidy. NPR is paid for by corporate sponsor ship (I do not think a penny comes from the us government). So quit acting like we the tax paying public (nor China) is paying for it. Get you facts straight.

        2. lindablue October 16, 2012

          Yes you are brainwashed and against your own best interest.

        3. lindablue October 18, 2012

          Yes liberal rich people fund PBS you know their type the ones that don’t mind having their taxes raised to support their country. Like the Gates.

          1. Canistercook October 18, 2012

            Guess you didn’t check how much Romney gave to charity!

          2. lindablue October 18, 2012

            Well why don’t you share with me. How much did Romney give to PBS?

          3. lindablue October 18, 2012

            You said that the Romney’s give to PBS. How much? Where is your proof?

          4. Canistercook October 18, 2012

            I don’t know and nor do you!

          5. lindablue October 18, 2012

            You said that you knew. You no why we don’t know? Because Romney has not released his full tax record to the American voter’s.

          6. Canistercook October 18, 2012

            For good reason. There are a heap of jealous people out there I guess like you.

          7. lindablue October 19, 2012

            You brought up jealousy I guess because you hate someone getting something your not getting. I don’t mind someone having things I don’t have because every job is different. Some jobs are very dangerous and in turn the employer offers them a perk say like the United State Military does for their soldiers. Doesn’t bother me that soldiers get feel health care. Why does it bother you?

          8. Canistercook October 19, 2012

            Agree all military personnel should get free healthcare, all who have served 20 years or more should get healthcare, all injured vets should get free health care and everyone should get affordable healthcare. Trouble is without big changes and corrections Obamacare is not an affordable option. Even systems like in Canada and U.K. that are far superior and not tied to employment are difficult to afford. The insurance and drug comanies love Obamacare. Obamacare is an unaffordable disaster that our young entering the workforce will be unable to sustain.
            As a senior citizen that’s what bothers me.

          9. lindablue October 19, 2012

            Agree Obama care is not the health care we the people wanted. Guess why? Who whined, moaned, screamed, and yelled the whole time health care was being worked out? If you say Republicans your right. We got just what the Republicans wanted us to get a health profit for the health care industry. If your unhappy with Obama care vote out the people who created yet another mess for the people. You do understand that the government could not afford health care the it was, and we the people were going bankrupted to pay our portion of the health care bill, and companies could not afford health care. So what side were you on when health care was being discussed. The side whining about Obama trying to make it a system we could all afford or the side trying to give a public option that would of made it affordable for all? Tell it too Mitt, The Heritage Foundation, and the Republican Party that paved the way for the health care we now have.

          10. Canistercook October 19, 2012

            Interesting twist. Now you want to blame the Republicans for ‘Obamacare”. I’m on the side of complete overhaul of the system in a sensible manner. Allowing everyone to deduct their premium and full health care costs from their taxable income. Doing away with Bush’s drug program and replacing it with a program that does not enrich the drug companies. Also a program that encourages doctors to limit drugs to the essential and not overdose people. Canada has a pretty good system!

          11. lindablue October 19, 2012

            Oh and your not bright enough to blame the Republicans for Obamacare. So you think that we don’t have many working people that pay into their employer provided health care and are too poor to go to the doctor? You really do live quite the pampered life on Medicare don’t you? Can’t see the forest through the trees can you? A typical Republican only look at life through your own rose colored glasses and not reality.

          12. Canistercook October 19, 2012

            At least I feel I will have rose colored glasses if Romney wins the election. Sounds like you are badly in need of glasses.

          13. lindablue October 19, 2012

            Yeah he will be another George H. Bush “read my lips no new taxes” if you believe that one I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. We all will have a tax increase sooner than later thanks to the last Republican Presidents and Republican House and Senate’s spending on a credit card it always come down to revenue don’t you know? We the middle class will have to contribute to fixing the deficit just like we did under President Clinton even Ben Stein said that on Fox News yesterday. The truth can be painful but its necessary.

          14. lindablue October 19, 2012

            Try that Romney feels he is above doing what every other Presidential candidate has done to assure the American voter they are on the up and up. I feel no jealousy for a man who thinks he is entitled to office of the Presidency due to his privilege and shows it in everything he does. I do however feel for you the low information voter that will vote for him even though he has no plan to create jobs, no plan for foreign policy except to allow China to buy up America, and for him to profit more off from China taking over our manufacturing industry. I guess what’s good the Romney is good enough for you.

          15. Canistercook October 19, 2012

            Guess you will dream on with your loser and failure of a President. Unfortunately so many like you have never been to the any place but North America and do not understand
            the need to deal with international trade and American exports and how important they are to our standard of living. I am not thrilled with either man but Romney has far more experience and expertise than Obama. Obama is not just a big failure he is a disaster!

          16. lindablue October 19, 2012

            The only loser will be Romney. He can’t buy his way into the White House like the last rich guy did. American’s have woken up. We don’t want an unstable rich guy that thinks more about his bottom line than getting American’s back to work. He is such a loser that even your own didn’t want him but alas as usual Republicans will vote for anyone with an R behind his name.

          17. Canistercook October 19, 2012

            Time will tell. Fortunately the Independents like me now have some power. He’s a pretty Rich loser which sounds like the reason you don’t like him – jealousy!
            Well when the R is so much better than the D we have no other choice.

          18. lindablue October 19, 2012

            Your not an independent you’re a Republican who thinks he’s an independent. Your views say differently. No Rand Paul follower is a independent.

          19. Canistercook October 19, 2012

            I vote for the most intelligent capable individuals not blindly following the ‘party line’.
            How many times have you voted for anything but a left wing Democrat?

          20. lindablue October 19, 2012

            Bullshit you listen to the likes of Rand Paul and Paul Ryan who by the way has their way paid by our tax dollar while he convinces you how bad it is for everyone else. You use the very socialist programs that you claim is bad for everyone else and you call me blind. Lol.

          21. Canistercook October 19, 2012

            I don’t USE them I was forced to contribute to them. I have never listened to Rand Paul and I’m able to make up my own mind. Paul Ryan does make a lot of sense though.
            Someone needs to step up and stop us becomming another Greece.

          22. lindablue October 20, 2012

            Yeah Paul Ryan makes a lot of sense to selfish idiots that take from the very programs they rail against. I’ve got mine f**K you type. You are not forced to use Medicare or Social Security that is a choice. You can always mail back the funds to the U.S, Treasury Department. Your making excuses for your talking out of both sides of your mouth.

          23. Canistercook October 20, 2012

            I would if they would give me back what I paid in with 5% interest on it.

          24. lindablue October 20, 2012


          25. lindablue October 20, 2012

            I used to vote Republican when I was younger and the party stood for something now I would never consider voting for this group of selfish morons.

          26. Canistercook October 20, 2012

            Guess you want them to stand for ‘redistributing the wealth even if you don’t earn it’
            ‘the right to sire children and not support them’ ‘tax the heck out of those that work hard and get ahead’ ‘support for overpaid over-pensioned government union employees to retire at 55 and making the rest of the workers work to 67 to support them’ Don’t think they will so they obviously Reublican candidate won’t get your support or vote!

          27. lindablue October 20, 2012

            The children I have bared I supported and continue to support even as adults because they never had the opportunities for well paid work with good benefits like we had even though they have gone through tech school and college. Hmmm seems it does matter where you live as to what your opportunities are, the time in history you were born and the connections your parents have made.

          28. Canistercook October 20, 2012

            You are right – it does make a difference. Having left school at 14 years of age and having left home that same year I was fortunate to find how many opportunities there were to get a job, albeit as someone whose job was to make coffee and tea for others and wash their cups etc. But night school was available to me and I took classes. Studied hard and found the world is full of opportunities if one is willing to work and learn. Sure would have been nice I guess to have had parents with connections but I guess even then ones life and future depends on ones own efforts and how they make use of those connections.
            There are a lot of children of the ‘rich’ that are big failures.

          29. lindablue October 20, 2012

            Wake up the world is not like it was when you were a kid. My children have always worked hard at work and at school.

          30. Canistercook October 20, 2012

            Then I assume that like my children they have good jobs even in this poor economy. One is an Engineer and one a nurse!

          31. lindablue October 21, 2012

            No actually my children are back in school going for their Masters Degree’s.

          32. Canistercook October 21, 2012

            Good luck to them. There were a lot of Degrees and Master Degree graduates out there protesting with OWS group because there are too many degrees and not enough producers. Hope their degrees will be in engineering or something useful. They will need it in this society were we are striving to become productive again.

          33. lindablue October 21, 2012

            Yes I hope their degrees will be useful too. We are definitely moving away from from manufacturing and into a pure service economy. The problem with that is that we are moving a lot of service jobs to India. I really don’t know where our economy will end up but I do know that allowing other countries to take our manufacturing base is a very poor choice for our country. Why would we give our National Security jobs to other countries to steal the advancements we have made is ridicules and dangerous. I’m beginning to think we would be better off without a congress since they are up for sale to the highest bidder. Not a good democratic system and a real National Security threat.

          34. Canistercook October 21, 2012

            We finally agree on something. The world has changed and we must change with it.
            They don’t ‘take’ our manufacturing jobs they compete for them. We must become competitive and stop babying irresponsible people. Healthy people need to contribute their fair share of effort; the obese need to slim down, the smokers need to stop smoking the drinkers need to stop drinking and the drug takers need to stop taking drugs. We are supporting a huge number of single mothers raising babies some absent father sired. Octomum is now on welfare with 14 children. China punishes absentee dads! A Parliamentary system is a better form of democracy like Canada but not perfect. Our system sucks! Romney I believe is more interested in his grand children’s future than himself, has more business experience and more education than a law degree graduate with two years of sitting in the Senate. Obama is a great speaker with a teleprompter but lacks experience and leadership. His only real achievement to date is passing Obamacare and the drug companies, Health insurers, Hospitals and Doctors that rip us off love it. Did you ever ask why a hospital bed is $1,500 a night and a Holiday Inn room $150? I can’t change the system but at least I can vote for the man with the most experience who knows how to compete in this changing world. We must compete or we will be just another Greece. Their empire collapsed!! We have two parties each putting out a lot of nonsense to brainwash us but as an Independent I look at what a person has really done in their past and their ability to lead and my god do we ever need leadership and direction right now! So many are stuck on ‘their party’. I voted for Clinton and will still vote in November for our Democratic Senator but would NEVER vote for Obama again. Four more years of Obama and we will all be in dire straits. We will owe the country to China!

          35. ps2os2 October 21, 2012

            Good luck with that most of the people you are talking about are republicans who are still denying climate change, and you expect them to change???

          36. Canistercook October 21, 2012

            Most Republicans I know don’t deny climate changes it has changed before many times. They just agree that we really are not smart enough to know why and how much man is contributing to it and want to use common sense in dealing with it.

          37. ps2os2 October 21, 2012

            Sure and that is where the problem is. We are not experiencing a short change in the weather but one that will last many thousands of years and thats even if we start now (which they won’t). We will be one of the species going extinct during the coming ice age.

          38. lindablue October 23, 2012

            They don’t compete for our jobs Romney hands our jobs to them to make a fortune for himself and his investors and to make the American work force cheap labor. Oh yes it’s fair competition when China builds the factory for Bain to ship Senasta’s jobs to China. That’s not competition that’s allowing a communist country to buy our jobs. You do understand the difference between competition and unfairly being able to buy off a Capital Investment Firm?

          39. Canistercook October 23, 2012

            Another brainwashed socialist dreamer!

          40. lindablue October 23, 2012

            I know reality is always called brainwashing socialist dreamers. Damn you’re a sick Republican brain dead moron. Even when it comes to you candidate selling your countries jobs to a communist country you seem perfectly content to allow him to so. But oh its so terrible for the U.S. to allow China to loan us money for our deficit. Ohhhhh my but it’s fine for Romney to sell out American jobs to communist China.

          41. lindablue October 24, 2012

            Mitt Romney’s jobs plan is a collection of bullet points masking the fact that he has literally no proposals to create jobs. President Barack Obama’s newly published jobs plan is a collection of bullet points that understates the detail in the jobs policies he has already proposed. The heart of the Obama plan is stated very succinctly, almost casually, but it’s a very big deal: “use half the savings from ending foreign wars to pay down the debt and the other half to invest in infrastructure at home.” Those savings are not chump change. They are currently estimated at $848 billion. We don’t have a choice between two jobs plan. We have a choice between a plan and no plan.

          42. Canistercook October 24, 2012

            Too bad he has had almost 4 years to make it work but instead had to prop up the economy again with taxpayers money!

          43. lindablue October 24, 2012

            Too bad your willing to vote for a guy with no jobs plan and not willing to tell what he’ll do to lower the deficit. Doesn’t that scare you?

          44. Canistercook October 24, 2012

            You must be referring to Obama! If you listened carefully neither of them has an absolute plan or direction. Furthermore neither of them can perform miracles. But one has business work experience and the other a piece of paper that says “I is a lawyer”.
            One has 10 or 15 years of leadership, the other has none. Revising the tax code and fixing the economy are the solution to the deficit which hopefully Romney will be able to do. I also hope he can re-unite our country instead of divide us,

          45. ps2os2 October 24, 2012

            Ahhh not quite. Obama can’t plan squat except for a few items that aren’t controlled by Congress. Depending on the outcome of the election who has the majority in the house(s) then and only then can planning take place. The repugs are down right obstructionists and can and will block almost all legislative moves. There can be theoretical things planned but nothing can be done in real INK until the dust settles after the election. Romney has so much air in his so called plans that anything he said he was thinking of doing that actually happens is something else. I don’t care what Romney says how he worked both sides of the isle in MA the houses are entirely different and he will find himself hamstrung on most issues just like Obama is/was.

          46. lindablue October 25, 2012

            I guess if you call vetoing 300 pieces of legislation working together in Mass when he was Governor that he worked with them. That is why the people in Mass is just rearing to vote for him don’t you know. Lol.

          47. Canistercook October 25, 2012

            Had the house for two years and even then had, to RAM through Obamacare, his only real bill.

          48. lindablue October 25, 2012

            Its because Obama had the house for two years that he was able to create over 5 million jobs over the last 4 years without any Republicans help. He put in place sound economy policies to get our economy moving again after Bush destroyed it.

          49. Canistercook October 25, 2012

            Too bad you don’t understand how they come up with that number. Lots of people change jobs every year and go to a ‘new job’!

          50. lindablue October 25, 2012

            Explain it to me.

          51. Canistercook October 25, 2012

            Well if you work for Walmart and they fire you and you get a job at Target you are a ‘new hire’ and you report ‘new hires’ to the Labor dept quarterly.

          52. lindablue October 26, 2012

            ????? WTF?

          53. lindablue October 26, 2012

            Lots of people change jobs every year because Private Equity Firms come in and take their jobs to China. Lots of people used to work at the same company their whole lives until Congress changed our laws and gave tax breaks to corporations to move their business to third world countries, changed our tax laws to allow Private Equity Firms to hid their money off shore.

          54. lindablue October 25, 2012

            Obama has had a jobs plan for over 2 years now. Put money into infrastructure which gives local economies a boost, put money into re-educating workers for todays jobs, and make sure that states have the money they need to keep teachers, firefighters, and police. All could have already happened if the Republicans were as interested in governing as they are in playing political gamesmanship. Hopefully people wake up before it’s too late. This plan worked during the Clinton years and it will work now. If you want to know why so many people are on food stamps and other safety net programs you need only look to the behavior of Republican Party for the last 4 years. Republicans have no credibility with most voters that pay any attention at all to what has been going on. oters

          55. Canistercook October 25, 2012

            Plan for more government union jobs = more democratic voters.

          56. lindablue October 25, 2012

            Cry me a river. Its so sad that you hate unions so much. You hate that unions what? Fight for fair pay, unions fight for vacations for all workers, paid sick days? What is wrong with workers negotiating with their employers? Gee those poor job creators that must give a pittance of their profits to hard working people that allow them to make a profit. How bad is that for the economy? Come on now unions are not the problem greedy job creators are the problem. As we have all witnessed for the last 30 years. You should be thankful for democratic voters or you wouldn’t of been paid enough to save for your retirement.

          57. Canistercook October 25, 2012

            Nothing wrong with Unions except when they spend millions buying politicians who vote to allow them to retire at 55 on fat pensions while others have to work to 65 or 67 to get pittance pension and pay the bill for the government workers fat pension.

          58. lindablue October 25, 2012

            So how much has the rich spent to buy the politicians? A hell of a lot more than unions, that’s for sure . Sheldon Adelson alone has out spent the unions. Wonder what he is getting out of it? You know it’s something big much bigger than a guy retiring at 55. How about his freedom from breaking the “Foreign Corruption Act” law.
            Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2012 2:50 PM
            To: lindatift@united.net
            Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Romney Reverses Again On Abortion

            Canistercook wrote, in response to lindablue:

            Nothing wrong with Unions except when they spend millions buying politicians who vote to allow them to retire at 55 on fat pensions while others have to work to 65 or 67 to get pittance pension and pay the bill for the government workers fat pension.
            Link to comment

          59. Canistercook October 25, 2012

            Check your numbers Unions/versus Corporations and Pacs/versus Pacs I think you would be in for a BIG surprise. They are about LEVEL.

          60. Canistercook October 25, 2012

            The big thing he retired at 55 – lives to be 95 and collects a big check for 40 years and he only worked 30!

          61. lindablue October 26, 2012

            I would love to meet these guys you talk about. Most teachers I know work way past their 30 years to get their retirement, have to because the pay is so low and health benefits don’t start until the reach 63. Now you know why even after a teacher reaches the burn out point they must remain. Federal employee’s I know that retire at 30 years have done so because the jobs they were in were so dangerous and their physically unable to do them anymore. F.B.I., C.I.A. and the Military men and women.

          62. lindablue October 26, 2012

            Your making assumptions. Most people die with in a year of retiring.

          63. Canistercook October 26, 2012

            Not my friends and relatives! My brother just died 92

          64. lindablue October 27, 2012

            Fantasy most people die with months of retiring. It’s only the rich who never got dirty while working that lives to 90, the rest of us are dying on the job trying to get to 63 to retire.

          65. Canistercook October 27, 2012

            The census belies your comments

          66. lindablue October 27, 2012

            Yeah right they are telling you what they want you to think so they can take, take, take, from us. What are you willing to give up to fix the deficit?

          67. Canistercook October 27, 2012

            My social security check since it’s not worth much and Medicare if they will cancel it and let the free market take medical insurance back over.

          68. lindablue October 28, 2012

            Yeah I just bet you are. No one is stopping you from writing a check to the treasury every year to cover the SS and Medicare you receive. So let me know when you write the check. Bet you’ll even make the evening news and we will all hear about it.

          69. Canistercook October 28, 2012

            Why give more for them to give to the CEO of Solyndra etc.

          70. lindablue October 29, 2012

            Yeah why did G.W. give Solyndra the start up money and why is at least 2 of the Solyndra board members funding Romney?

          71. Canistercook October 29, 2012

            Check your facts. Obama gave them the money which is why he was shown lauding their factory before they declared bankruptcy on the taxpayers dollar. You sure do have your facts confused!

          72. ps2os2 October 29, 2012

            And how many companies has Mitt been responsible for making them go bankrupt?

          73. Canistercook October 29, 2012

            None I believe. He did close down some unprofitable companies and open up and save some that were either in or close to bankruptcy.

          74. ps2os2 October 30, 2012

            Here we go again. By closing down was forcing immense debt on companies that was the only option available, STAPLES comes to mind. Oh wait he testified in court that it was worthless and helped the husband avoid a costly divorce if that is what you mean by honesty.

          75. lindablue October 29, 2012

            Bush Admin. Advanced 16 Projects, Including Solyndra, Out Of 143 Submissions. The Department of Energy’s Loan Guarantee Program was created by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and expanded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. At a congressional hearing, Jonathan Silver, the Executive Director of Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office, testified that the Bush administration’s DOE [Department of Energy] selected Solyndra from 143 submissions to move forward in the process.
            How’s that for checking facts. Not hard to find out the truth when you look for the truth.

          76. Canistercook October 29, 2012

            Solyndra had applied I believe when Bush was in office and was under consideration along with many other groups.
            Obama decided they were eligible and gave them the funding!

            Bush NEVER selected Solyndra or agreed to fund them. What exactly does “Move forward” mean? Guess one man’s truths are another man’s lies! Guess you have Silver’s testimony!

          77. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Solyndra had already been approved time and time again by the Bush Administration when Obama took office so Obama is to blame for a bad processing execution by the Bush Administration? I gave you the proof and still you deny the facts.

          78. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            Proof or wishful thinking? Suggest you look it up on the internet. The request was asked in the Bush era, the funding was done by Obama. Your biases are showing badly

          79. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Your bias is showing greatly Solyndra went through 16 Bush administrative approvals before Obama took office.

          80. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Yes you do have your facts confused but I recognize at your age confusion is understandable.

          81. lindablue October 30, 2012

            What drugs are you on or is it just too much Faux News?

          82. lindablue October 28, 2012

            We don’t have a free market system in health care we have a monopolized insurance system in health care. So you want something we have never had.

          83. Canistercook October 28, 2012

            I agree. That is because the biggest payer of premiums to support that health system is the Government and Employers. Employers are balking but not the government because they can pass the cost on to the rest of the taxpayers. A free market means we each shop and pay our own insurance.

          84. lindablue October 29, 2012

            No it’s because your legislature in your state says who can and can not sell insurance in your state. Damn can’t educate you can I. I know what a free market is and as I have explained to you, we don’t have a free market insurance industry we have a monopolized insurance industry in each state due to our legislators. They could of always allowed a free market health care but they take the money from the insurance industry to keep it a monopolized insurance industry. Who did not want a public option that would have opened the insurance industry to every citizens despite where they live? The Republicans working for the insurance industry, that’s who.

          85. Canistercook October 29, 2012

            Some Republicans have been trying to pass legislation that would allow insurance companies to cross lines along with some Democrats, but Obamacare will not allow that.

          86. lindablue October 29, 2012

            Funny because that was Obama’s original idea when he first started talking about the public option, allowing insurance companies to cover anyone no matter what state they lived in and the Republicans with the insurance companies help went crazy calling it government health care which is was not. But that is how we ended up where we are now. The insurance companies won the battle and you will now pay more because there is no competition. The insurance companies wanted their protected area’s and that is what we got. So the only one you are fooling is yourself. I was in the game fighting for public option so I paid attention to what was going on and who prevented it from happening.

          87. Canistercook October 29, 2012

            So he sold out to the Insurance companies! Wonder how much they contributed to his campaign? In place of the public option let everyone buy insurance and deduct their premium from their taxable income. Only those that don’t file a tax return will be left over and they are on Medicaid programs anyway!

          88. lindablue October 30, 2012

            No the Republicans sold your best interest out to the insurance companies.

          89. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            Then why did Obama give them such a good deal. He wants everyone to be forced to buy their policies!

          90. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Did you actually watch the negotiations over health care? I did and Obama used all the Republicans idea’s hoping for bi-partisanship. You do know that the health care plan we ended up with came from the Republican think tank the Heritage Foundation? Right?

          91. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            Wrong. A lot of idea were proposed – some good, some bad. Obamacare is a disaster as it is a big gift to the Insurers the medical society and the drug companies and can only be supported by taxing the hell out of our industries who provide jobs.

          92. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Obamacare is exactly the health care plan that the Republicans directed by their paymasters the insurance companies wanted you to have. Obama wanted Public Option and the Republicans played their little games and and screamed and yelled government controlled health care and got a bunch of Republicans out to Town Halls screaming and yelling Government care and the Republicans got their way. How quickly one forgets how thing really went down. Noticed Ben Nelson was punished for his roll in the health care game.

          93. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            The Unions screamed about Public Payer because they don’t want to take over payment of their health care premiums since they get it tax free now. Can’t believe how much misinformation there is out there

          94. lindablue October 31, 2012

            Not true the Republicans screamed about single payer because they were bought by the insurance companies. That’s funny because the people I saw screaming at the Town Halls where all seniors with no stake in the fight, except the fear of a government take over of health care which they are already in a government health care program and love it. Funny how easy those who have no stake in the fight were used for the Republicans needs. Sheeples.

          95. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Well you better wake up man because we are the ones paying for those who can’t afford health care with or without Obamacare. That’s why it cost so much out of pocket every time I go to the doctor office and why it cost seniors so much every time they go to the pharmacy. We have always paid for the uninsured.

          96. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            That’s true only we will pay more for them under Obamacare!

          97. lindablue October 31, 2012

            Yes we will but it will cost us less than emergency care because we will catch the illness before it gets serious.

          98. ps2os2 October 30, 2012

            I am not sure of that. Several studies indicate there are a multitude of costs that seem to be built in to the system that are supposedly semi controllable. My memory is not specific as to the ranking but it went something like this.
            a. Visits to the doctor that could have been taken care of by a nurse.
            b. Duplicate tests run by doctors
            c. Unneeded tests
            (I don’t remember if b & C were one item)
            d. Paperwork
            e. through z other

            I might disagree with c. I know on my many visits to the doctors I got results from tests that were not right and they had to be run again. So maybe a qualified c

          99. lindablue October 31, 2012

            Many visits to doctors now days you are being treated by a para-professional nurse. I don’t think insurers pay for as many duplicate test as they once did although if the test is iffy I’m sure they do have to rerun the test. Part of what Obamacare does is to steam line paper work because insurance companies now will get paid for results not just care for the sake of care. Also by computerizing the industry far fewer error is care because they must use best care practices. Which is care that has a proven record of working.

          100. ps2os2 November 1, 2012

            The majority of my visits to a doctor need to be with a doctor (I won’t list the ailments) but let us say they are complicated. I go to 2-3 specialists a month for the bigger items and again those can’t be handled by doctor as I always run it past him before I go to see a specialist. A lot of my issues seem to be complicated and any new drugs have to be run by my doctor. I have even caught specialist given me medications that I should have (because of other medications) they do not like it when I do (They have full access to my drug list).

          101. lindablue November 1, 2012

            I guess I’m lucky my doctor takes out his book on medications and always looks up to make sure he is not giving me anything that could cause harm with other medications I’m on, but then I go to a doctor within a college of medicine. Not everyone is luck enough to live by such facilities.

          102. ps2os2 November 2, 2012

            Well I go to one of the major medical (teaching hospital) in the midwest. Doctors are lazy no matter where you go. BTW my PCP is always on his handheld looking up drugs and their interactions (he even shows me the results – most of the time). Its *SOME* doctors .

          103. lindablue November 1, 2012

            Your wrong. Obama care was the Heritage Foundations idea and Mitt showed the country that it can work. Your voting for the Godfather of ORomney care.

          104. Canistercook November 1, 2012

            Romney compromised o what both sides of the aisles wanted to pass not one side of the aisle. Heritage merely discusses issues.

          105. lindablue November 1, 2012

            Romney vetoed 800 Bills as Gov. of Mass. The only way anything got done while he was in office is the democratic congress over rode his vetos. The guy is more or as toxic as Cheney. Funny Republicans pass a lot of legislation that the Heritage Foundation supports and ALEC writes for them.

          106. Canistercook November 1, 2012

            More false information

          107. lindablue November 2, 2012

            More truth Romney did veto 800 Bills as Mass Gov. It was the overrides by the Democratic legislature that got anything done during his time as Gov. Romney couldn’t get a turd to come out of a asshole.

          108. Canistercook November 2, 2012

            Guess you counted them. I didn’t

          109. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Tell me which Republicans are trying to pass legislation to allow insurance companies to cross state lines, would love to know who they are and in what state? Because they have almost ever legislature in this country so if they want it it can happen lick-ity split.

          110. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Well really? The state government is the biggest payer of premiums if they are then they are not passing laws that benefit you but the employers and makes one think what is the problem then that jobs keep moving to China when health care is not a factor for businesses? Hmmm. I know what free market is so why don’t we have a free market health care system? Who stopped the free market health care system from kicking in and I want proof. Not your opinion.

          111. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            Our representatives on both sides of the aisle that get their election campaign money to keep their well paid jobs from unions, insurance companies and drug companies.

          112. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Well we know that the insurance companies and drug companies fund the Republicans well indeed.

          113. lindablue October 27, 2012

            Oh now you believe the government?

          114. Canistercook October 27, 2012

            Not completely but it’s supposed to count us!

          115. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Well according to you we need a small government how will they count us if we don’t have a government we can count on?

          116. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            We need a lot of new IRS workers to send out Obamacare bills,

          117. lindablue October 31, 2012

            Lol. Obama will not be the one using the IRS to go after you that’s something the Republicans will do, tell you they want small government then use the government to take from you. Ask they women that voted for them in the last election how that small government is working for them?

          118. ps2os2 October 25, 2012

            Unions do not go to politicians to get things done when it comes to collective bargaining.
            Hint: its done face to face when the the negotiations are done for the contract.

          119. lindablue October 26, 2012

            He obviously never worked a Union job and purely listens to spin.

          120. lindablue October 25, 2012

            Obama has a jobs plan and went on the road to sell it. Again he wants to put half the savings from winding down the two wars into reducing the deficit and half of the savings into rebuilding our infrastructure. He wants to retrain our work force for the jobs we have with not enough trained workers to do those jobs. And he wants the rich to be patriotic and pay their share of taxes. This worked under Clinton and it will work now. What’s Mitt’s jobs plan? What’s Mitt’s deficit reduction plan? What’s Mitt’s health care plan?

          121. Canistercook October 25, 2012

            He wants to do something – but right now we NEED to DO something!

          122. lindablue October 25, 2012

            Then write John Bohner if you want something done. Yeah that will work, lol.

          123. Canistercook October 25, 2012

            I do ask for correction and sometimes it works

          124. lindablue October 26, 2012

            What will Romney do right now to get people back to work? What is Romney’s job plan? What is Romney’s deficit plan? What is Romney’s tax plan?

          125. Canistercook October 26, 2012

            Meet with Ceo’s of companies instead of playing golf! and campaigning! And he won’t appear on the View!

          126. lindablue October 27, 2012

            What is Romney’s job plan? What is Romney’s deficit plan? What is Romney’s tax plan?

          127. Canistercook October 27, 2012

            Meet with industrialists – those who create jobs, have good apprentice programs, discourage people getting on unnecessary government payrolls since they are un-productive, make it attractive to produce something here other than government jobs, print less money, reduce corporate taxes, cut government union pay and pensions where they are higher than rest of population etc.

          128. lindablue October 27, 2012

            Give me the companies names that have apprentice programs? My children would love to meet with them. Yeah the guy that has benefited from sending our jobs to China now wants other businesses to start apprentice programs to educate their work force. Then why did Bain just move a trained work force Sensata workers jobs to China even though the company has made record profits? Explain that one to me? Because of the way Mitt Romney and Bain and other Private Equity Firms have done business we have a larger welfare state in this country. So you believe him. LMAO. Cutting peoples pay and pensions only means they are less able to care for their families, and themselves. Another spin you buy into. Well why don’t you look at what the average state worker is paid it may wake you up. Hey I have a bridge to sell you.

          129. Canistercook October 27, 2012

            Not many right now. Sensata was NOT profitable in fact was in bankruptcy. If you pay high pay and pensions to government employees you have to tax the rest of the workers for the money. Hence wages have to be high for everyone. Hence not competitive. Hence you have no need for workers because you have no factories because you can’t sell anything. Simple math! China is starting to have problems because their sales are dropping rapidly.

          130. lindablue October 27, 2012

            Not true Sensata was very profitable. The company had it’s most profitable year in it’s history and yet Bain is moving their jobs to China. Which is what Bain/Private equity is all about selling out American jobs to China. I don’t where your getting your information from maybe you should talk to the workers. Hence you mean Bain is GREEDY and wants even more profits by using sweat laborers. They is no end to Bain’s Greed.

          131. lindablue November 1, 2012

            In fact Sensata had it’s most profitable year yet just last year. So your just plain wrong.

          132. Canistercook November 1, 2012

            The records I read is that they are on the verge of bankruptcy!

          133. lindablue November 1, 2012

            In fact that is untrue. Sensata was the most profitable last year than anytime in it’s history so their was no reason for Bain to move their jobs to China other than GREED, GREED, & MORE GREED.

          134. lindablue October 27, 2012

            Obama has had a plan for the last four years, Republicans have obstructed his jobs plan for the last four years. Do you even pay attention? Take off those rose colored glasses.

          135. Canistercook October 27, 2012

            Guess I don’t know why did not get pushed through and worked when he had control of House and Senate. Exactly what was his plan – tax the ‘rich’ hire a bunch more government IRS workers to audit them and redistribute the existing wealth to others and create another expensive poorly designed health care system to cover all the welfare bunch that now use county hospitals and cover men on mama’s insurance until they are 26!.

          136. lindablue October 27, 2012

            Some of his plan did get through the small stimulus plan that the Republicans forced on the country created 5 million private sector jobs. Can you imagine where we would be had the Republicans listened to the economist instead of their think tanks. He took the middle man out of college loans so more people could afford to stay in college. I love government workers having them means I don’t have to wait all day to get my license renewed, government workers pick up my trash, government workers teach my grandchildren, government workers keep my neighborhood safe, government workers put out fires that protect my house, government workers fix the pot holes in the roads I drive on. Obamacare was the first step in fixing an already broken health care system. Jez, you want what you want and you want it now. You sound like Eric Cantor. You can’t understand that things in government has to be done inclemently. Nothing for the people ever happens in one swoop. What are you willing to give up that solely effects you to fix the deficit?

          137. Canistercook October 27, 2012

            They sure do a lot of you and I guess you expect others to pay them and work harder to pay them. Wonder why investors are leaving the country!

          138. lindablue October 28, 2012

            Who do you think got the lot of the stimulus plan? You do understand it was business that got the greatest share of the stimulus money don’t you? In fact every business Romney has done photo ops at where businesses that got stimulus money. Ha, ha, ha. What a game he plays with those willing to except anything that comes out of his mouth.

          139. Canistercook October 28, 2012

            Solyndra, GM, electric battery companies and companies like that headed up by Obama supporters along with government departments. There are businesses and businesses! Just wait till they run out again of stimulus money!

          140. lindablue October 29, 2012

            Funny you speak of auto suppliers who Mitt’s Wife Ann just made a killing off from because the Vulture Private Equity Firm she has her stock in just bought Delphi and striped the workers of their union and their $10.00 an hour job. Sending 25 of the 26 plants to China. Again we have the Romney’s for depressing the workers wages and sending thousands more jobs to China.

          141. Canistercook October 29, 2012

            Think you dream up statistics! Guess for you anyone who made it in life is evil. Take a look at Obama’s 2011 tax return. Almost 1.5 million. Sure came up fast for a guy who has only learned how to talk.

          142. lindablue October 29, 2012

            Making is one thing. Making on the back of the American workers is just plan greedy. Robber Baron’s. Obama is not closing down American Manufacturing companies and putting American’s out of work for a few more bucks and neither is his wife. Michelle Obama had a great job before she became First Lady. I’m sure they made good investments during their working lives. You see the difference they worked for their money vs trust fund babies like Mitt and Ann.

          143. Canistercook October 29, 2012


          144. ps2os2 October 29, 2012

            Please go back to the swamp.
            Obama was in charge of the Harvard Law Review he got that with his expertise not by the his use of the minority.

          145. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            Guess you know it all. I wonder how many tried to become Editors of the Law Review! If he was the only volunteer he would get the job. That is a student publication!

          146. ps2os2 October 30, 2012

            Only if…
            It is *THE* most prestigious legal publication in the US. Lawyers read and learn from it. In case you didn’t know lawyers are smarter than you (and me) or Joe The Plumber (I am capitalizing Plumber only for your sake).

          147. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            Then that says why we are in such a mess then if they are really considered prestigious!

          148. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Your way of thinking is why this country is so F**ked up. The idea that you would deny a brilliant man who earned his grades by doing his homework and studying and hold up the guy whose father bought his way into every school he went too show’s why this country is as divided as it is. Shame on you.

          149. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            Seems like you inject black and old people into conversation, not me. Don’t know who paid Obama’s tuition so I won’t comment on it.

          150. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Wow he is so bigoted when it comes to a black President that now the Harvard Law Review is now considered nothing. The guy has real mental problems as even when given facts he makes excuses for his own thinking or should I say his own bigotry.

          151. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            It is considered prestigious, and it is very dedicated to ‘affirmative action’ which is good and we don’t know to what degree that played in Obama’s selection or if it didn’t. However it is still a student publication. I have never as such questioned the fact that Obama is pretty smart and not dumb by any means, but rather I question his very left wing politicalleaning and his leaning to Communistic style of government. Stalin and Hitler both were not dumb either but became leaders in their time. Many highly supported them at the time they ran for office unfortunately on the promise of redistribution of the wealth!. Their rise to power meant death to many others and ultimate destruction for others. I believe in equal opportunity and the free enterprise system. I also believe those that can should contribute their fair share of work and effort to society. It sure took East Germany a while to catch up to West Germany after they had became so used to a Communistic system while under it. They are happy now though they have adjusted back to a Capitalistic system because it works better and provides them a better standard of living.

          152. ps2os2 October 30, 2012

            Sigh you are starting to sound like Romney who still thinks Russia is our prime enemy. Still happy living in the 1950’s? Becareful the future is here and it will bite you in the a** if you aren’t careful.

          153. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            Russia and China are powers and we need to be aware of that. They are not our friends they are our competitors.

          154. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Laughing. The Republicans are using every communist trick in the book but Obama who governs more like a Eisenhower is a communist. You are so funny.

          155. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Excuse me you do understand that anyone can get a student loan. Getting student loans has nothing to do with being a minority. Having the grades to be invited into Harvard or Yale is most students problem. Michelle and Barack had the grades to be invited into Harvard and didn’t get in their cause daddy had the money to buy their way in like Mitt and G.W.

          156. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            That is a problem and 8 billion of those loans government does not expect will ever b paid back. My friends two children have the last name Rodriques and they got admitted to a college because they are a minority. At least their name is even if they were adopted by their stepfather and had no minority parent. I don’t blame them for taking advantage of their new name.

          157. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Then why do you try using minority status to make Obama look bad if that is something that does not bother you? By the way Obama worked for his static his daddy did not buy it for him. He got excellent grades in college and worked his way up to Harvard Review. He was not dependent on his daddies name and economic status to get into any school or to become President.

          158. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            It has nothing to do with his minority status, just his actions and ability to lead.

          159. lindablue October 30, 2012

            It has everything to do with his minority status. That’s why the Tea Party was out with their disgusting signs portraying our President as a African witch doctor and worse. He has lead with honor despite the actions of your Party this President can actually say every bit of improvement this country has made the past 4 years he has done on his own without any Republican help. The first time in history a sitting President can say he did it on his own and did a great job. Our President has more class than any Republican even Reagan.

          160. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            You really are in love with him. He made almost 4 million a year on royalties from Random House selling his book to his lovers. A good deal for him.

          161. lindablue October 31, 2012

            That’s right a hard working author that wrote a book. So now that’s a bad thing? I thought you were all about hard work? Yes how much did Romney make on his book? Lots you can be sure.

          162. Canistercook October 31, 2012

            You are a dreamer. They don’t write these books, writer’s write them for them. All of them come out with a book. Bush, O’Reilly, Clinton, et al.

          163. lindablue October 31, 2012

            Maybe your guy’s get writers to write for them Obama is bright enough to write his own books. Harvard grads that’s daddy didn’t buy their way into Harvard actually depends on their own brains to get through the work of writing a book.

          164. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            Not the Tea Party’s actions – individuals are free to do what they want. There are right wing and left wing idiots!

          165. ps2os2 October 31, 2012

            Sorry do not buy it. Go back and look at the town hall’s that were held. It was plain that these meeting were disrupted on purpose by the tea party.

          166. lindablue October 31, 2012

            Absolutely the Town Halls were interrupted on purpose by the racist hateful Tea Party that was bought and paid for by the Koch brother’s and organized by Dick Army.

          167. lindablue October 31, 2012

            Who are you trying to fool? All of America watched in horror as the Tea Party marched on the Capital with their ridicules sign of Obama as a witch doctor. Don’t tread on me snake in the grass asses.

          168. Canistercook October 31, 2012

            I didn’t watch? Was it the Party or one individual?

          169. lindablue October 31, 2012

            It was the Party, bought and paid for by the Koch brother’s who bused the Tea Party into Washington. Who acted like a bunch of racist morons. Is it the Party or the individual that makes John Bohner attend Nazi Rally’s to speak at?

          170. ps2os2 October 29, 2012

            There are insults and there are insults but this is a new low even for you. President Obama is more intelligent than you and is better educated than you and his accomplishments disprove your writing. Go back to the swamp where you crawled out of.

          171. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            Guess it is insulting to advise you that a man who has produced nothing is now a very rich man and laughing at you all the way to the Bank! I am impressed with his sales pitches and nothing else.

          172. ps2os2 October 30, 2012

            Be-careful of the word “producing” it will bite you in the ass. Lawyers actually work for a living (after seeing enough lawyer shows and talking with same) you would be surprised what they create. And YES they do not create “items” as you would think of things their work is words and use there of. Most lawyers would spit you out as they have some taste.

          173. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            They laugh all the way to the bank getting $450 and hour!

          174. lindablue November 1, 2012

            Investors are leaving our country because our legislature/Republicans made it profitable to send our jobs overseas and their cash off shore.

          175. Canistercook November 1, 2012

            Dream on!

          176. lindablue November 1, 2012

            Reality check.

          177. lindablue November 1, 2012

            First of all when Obama first got into office he had no idea how bad of shape the Republicans left our country in. Seems you didn’t notice either or you would be smart enough to vote every Republican of office.

          178. Canistercook November 1, 2012

            This is an international recession = guess you never heard of Greece or Ireland? Sure hope next term will see someone who knows what is happening!

          179. lindablue November 1, 2012

            Yes I recognize that Republicans deregulation of the financial institutions have caused a worldwide recession. Oh what harm our voters have put upon the world.

          180. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Yeah thanks Republican for destroying our economy.

          181. lindablue October 20, 2012

            You are such a whiner. You whine about people who can’t find a job and then you think we should give in to the black mailing rich and kiss their ass for us providing them with their wealth. You whine about unions that fought to give you the very government programs that you now live off from without even giving it a second thought before you open your mouth.

          182. ps2os2 October 20, 2012

            sigh… yes there are issues (in private industry and the public sectors) about retiring early.
            And in fact a lot of people are lucky and can do it and sigh turn around and become contractors. There are both good and bad things about the situation and there is no straightforward answer on it, however IMO becoming a contractor is not an option (unless it is in a totally unrelated industry).

          183. Canistercook October 20, 2012

            I am stlll looking for the good side of my neighbor who worked 3 – 12 hour night shifts a week as a fireman, retired at 55 – gets $5,000 a month pension and now runs a pool business. I had to work to 65, to get $1200 a month social security. Also the retired Government commissioner who retired on $150,000 a year retirement and then got hired back to run the County Water Board at $200,000 a year. Sure could live it up on $350,000 a year plus gets health and all the other perks free. The average worker is being ripped off royally not by the Corporations, but by the Government unions and Obama is their man – bought and paid for. The Unions are spending a fortune brain washing the little people – they don’t have to brain wash the union members they are Obama’s children. I am just hoping enough people will wake up. Romney is not my first choice and I wish they didn’t have to cater to that group of evangelists to get elected but getting Obama out before we crash under the weight of government payroll and pensions and poorly enforced un- audited entitlements I feel is a MUST.

          184. lindablue October 20, 2012

            Wow you must live in a very up scale area for a Commissioner to get $150,000 a year. But some Cities have more than others. Not all elected officials make that kind of money. Must say though many Government workers do work more than one government job at a time. I know in my rural area a principal was elected as a county commissioner in more than one district. I don’t blame him for running but as a voter I would never vote a guy in as a commissioner who will be voting on the school budget but those in their district seem not to see the conflict of interest. You do understand that many county and state workers pay into their pensions and health care depending on where you live? I still see a need for unions because look at what we pay Governors and his staff. The Governor does not always look at the best interest of their citizens. Michigan is a good example of that look at what their Governor is spending a year on his city managers that are not doing any better than the government that the people voted in and does not answer to the people.

          185. lindablue October 21, 2012

            I don’t know about your wealth but my wealth has always been redistributed every time my state votes in a Republican Governor and a Republican President with a Republican congress. They give me a piddling of what they give the rich let Wall Street write their own rulers to rip off my 401k with their bad investments that I first take at hit on my 401k, then I have to pay for their bailout. If that isn’t redistribution of wealth at my eexpense I don’t know what is.

          186. Canistercook October 21, 2012

            That’s why capital gains earnings have a lower rate because sometimes one takes one heck of a hit on one’s investments. I could agree with you though there are a lot of rip off artists in Wall Street so one has to be careful. I have done about the same under both parties but have been taxed a lot more by Democratic politicians. Right now Gov Brown is trying to raise our State tax to 12% plus 9% on sales. Why buy a new car when one has to pay $120 to the government on each $1,000 you pay for the car. I don’t think we should bail out anyone.

          187. lindablue October 23, 2012

            Capital Gains Investment firms take no hits what so ever. Name one hit they have taken at the risk of their own money? You don’t think we should have an industrial base in this country? We should have just low paying service jobs for the people in this country? We should all live on the crumbs of the rich? How many poor is expectable to you? Interesting what would have happened to our banking system had we not bailed them out? Do you buy foreign cars that subsidize their industrial base?

          188. Canistercook October 23, 2012

            Well I wonder why I lost my $5000 I invested in Washington Mutual then! Guess you have never saved up and invested in an American enterprise!

          189. lindablue October 23, 2012

            Washington Mutual Inc (WAMU), is a savings bank holding company. Founded in 1889 as a loan and investment association, the company which later undergo several name chances as well as strategic shifts in it’s banking and loan practices through its nearly 120 years of existence. From it’s inception until 1983, WaMu operated as a mutual company deriving profits and gains to be reinvested towards services and products for its existing and future members. During the time which WaMu operated as a mutual company, a series of purchases of other banks and holdings were made as a way to expand the membership of the bank and it’s services.
            In 1983 the company went through demutualization following 94 years of operation. For the first time in it’s history WaMu would issue capital stock onto the free market and change it’s overal business purpose to “for profit”, while it strives to maintain the same benefits and services that it had provided before demutualization. Shortly after converting over the company, WaMu would see its assets double in just 6 years. During that time and the years that followed, the company would go on to acquire 29 more banking companies and divisions, adding more assets to the company’s portfolio. WaMu also saw the addition of several mortgage companies and a credit card division into its business plan. By 2005, WaMu had become the 3rd largest mortgage company in the United State, as well as the 9th largest credit card company.
            As early as late 2006, WaMu would begin to become a victim of what would eventually become the worst recession in US history since the Great Depression of 1929. WaMu’s aggressive business strategy would begin to unfold throughout the end of 2006 and become increasingly disastrous through 2007. As housing rates were at all time highs before the recession began, WaMu would use its considerable leverage and assets to make large amounts of loans in both subprime mortgages and subprime credit cards. The banking division of WaMu at one point before the end of 2007 had nearly 336 stand-alone branch buildings where various types of home loans were processed and approved. WaMu would eventually over leverage themselves due to the high number of Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs). As the US economy slowed down, the number of home loan defaults began to rise in quick succession. This coupled with the falling home prices throughout most of the US meant that even with foreclosures and the properties back in the hands of the company, they were unable to sell them back into the market, or were not able to derive enough revenue from the sale to cover the loan that was made on them. In the mean time, the credit card division was also seeing a surge in the number of late and non payments being made.

            Oops it became the victim of the deregulation that the Republicans pushed for. Sorry for your loss and sorry you can’t see that the party you support has bankrupted many citizens for the profits of a few.

          190. lindablue October 24, 2012

            How about just paying their workers a fair wage for a days work and giving them health care.

          191. Canistercook October 24, 2012

            They do provide wages they love and all get healthcare costing half what Obamacare will cost.

          192. lindablue October 24, 2012

            Who pays fair wages and give health care?

          193. lindablue October 30, 2012

            You mean they pay into health care that they can’t afford to use you are right but they don’t pay fair wages unless you call $10.00 a hour or less a living wage?

          194. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            No not a living wage, especially with the inflation in the past 3 years in the price of food and gas. Looks like we will have health care but nothing to eat!

          195. lindablue October 30, 2012

            I think your right. LOL.

          196. lindablue October 19, 2012

            Not jealous just want to keep good paying jobs in our country and not keep sending them to China via Romney and Bain.

          197. Canistercook October 19, 2012

            Then check out all your rich Democratic politicians like Pelosi and Feinstein et al and see how much stock they own in companies that make products overseas. Even Obama!
            Most US companies have overseas production in order to compete in the world market and politicians use the phrase to excite the ‘little’ guy into voting for them because they know they are not very well informed. The US would go broke if they did not compete in the world market and could not sell their planes and agricultural products to other companies.

          198. lindablue October 19, 2012

            Tell me someone who’s pensions are tied to overseas investments and I’ll show you an idiot. Especially when the Republican Party gives Wall Street car blanch/ write their own rules / and let them play Russian Roulette with our pensions. You’d have to be a moron to keep all your money invested our market. You like to point fingers at Democrats that are the only thing between you and getting no SS & Medicare. Brainwashed much?

          199. Canistercook October 19, 2012

            The majority of pension funds, Calpers, the Presidents, most government groups have investments in overseas producing companies. You are not very well informed on how to invest. Both Democrats and Republicans have their pension funds in foreign investments in the U.K. Beers in S. Africa, Oil in Brazil etc etc. I did not choose to join SS and Medicare I was forced into it. Hopefully someone can save them both before we go broke as China may refuse to bail us out in the future. Better have your children learn Chinese if we keep going in the direction we are heading right now. You may need to go to China to get a job! I’ve been there and they are building like crazy with our big interest payments.

          200. lindablue October 20, 2012

            We did not choose to pay into Social Security and Medicare either but we are going to fight to make sure that everyone that does gets the same benefits that your getting. We don’t have that I’ve got mine f**k you attitude. We are not going to sit idly by and allow any group of politicians take from us what we have given to you and to them.

          201. Canistercook October 20, 2012

            Just hope the Chinese will help you pick up the bills!

          202. lindablue October 20, 2012

            Hey we paid back Japan in the when Reagan barrowed from them and we will pay back China even if it was the Republicans that spent us into bankruptcy just like Reagan did in the 80’s.

          203. Canistercook October 20, 2012

            Hope you pay back your families share – its several thousand dollars.

          204. lindablue October 21, 2012

            Republicans always worry about debt after they spent all the money. Did not hear one whine from the Republican voters when G.W. and comrades were spending all the money out of the Treasury. Where were TP protesters then? My family like ever family in Amercia paid for the last spending Spree Republicans went on and we will pay for this one too, like we always do. We just will not let you take our SS and Medicare benefits while were paying for your parties spending spree.

          205. Canistercook October 21, 2012

            Guess you are deaf. We are not trying to ‘take’ anything from you but trying to preserve it for your children and grandchildren. Without a viable producing society all these programs will not survive. Even the Russians have learned that! We seek to help the deserving needy not the obese, smoking, drinking, sexually reckless greedy!

          206. lindablue October 21, 2012

            To preserve it for my children, really? How is taking away my Share of Social Security and Medicare saving it for my children. I have worked as hard as you have. I have paid into as long as you have. I will fight to keep what you have for me and my children. If they want to save our country money then they should go back to the 2006 spending limits on the Pentagon and not build a bunch of ships we don’t need and other military hardware that will just collect dust. Or perhaps we will not keep our promises to you after all. If you believe that you will be protected from cuts I have a bridge to sell you. Off the Cliff.

          207. lindablue October 21, 2012

            It’s not our interest payment paying to build up China it’s Capital Investment firms moving our jobs to China to make a profit and to further degrade the standard of living of the American work force.

          208. Canistercook October 21, 2012

            It’s both but at least the sale of the Chinese products puts dividends into Americans IRA’s and gov pension funds!

          209. lindablue October 21, 2012

            I can honestly say that my 401k is not invested in any China businesses. Sorry that you can’t. Cheap China products in this country is a disaster for the American worker. Aren’t you lucky that in your time as a worker you did not have to compete with cheap China slave encampment workers that Capital Investment Firms soaked their investors money into to compete with your work and your wages.

          210. lindablue October 23, 2012

            No American I know buys directly into China investments except Romney.

          211. Canistercook October 23, 2012

            Guess you don’t have an IRA then!

          212. lindablue October 23, 2012

            No single American can buy into China. You must be an Investment Firm to do business in China. My IRA’s are not invested in China. Could be I’m not good at making money or it could be that I have ethics to whom I will do business with.

          213. Canistercook October 23, 2012

            Your an exception then, most IRA’s are in Companies that manufacture overseas. Mine is.

          214. Canistercook October 23, 2012

            I,m talking about American companies producing their products in China!

          215. lindablue October 24, 2012

            You mean Investment Firms like Bain who buy American companies to make American workers unemployed to give China workers the work in sweatshop conditions all so they can make a few more bucks and get tax breaks for doing so. So sorry that Obama wants to stop this unfair practice. But hey you vote for the tax dodger.

          216. Canistercook October 24, 2012

            Don’t want to confuse you with facts and realities. Ford is just considering closing its plant in Belgium and moving it to Spain because labor is cheaper there! You obviously have little understanding of the world we MUST compete in or become a third world country like Mexico, Even They are trying hard to enter world markets.

          217. lindablue October 24, 2012

            So that is why I’m voting for Obama. He will give a tax break to Ford to bring the jobs back to America where they will employ American workers. I also make sure when I buy a car from an American Car Company that the car is actually built in America. That is how you combat any company from going to other countries to make their products with your wallet.

          218. Canistercook October 24, 2012

            Wrong again! There is no such animal as a car ‘made in America’. There are cars ‘assembled’ in America and many of the parts, and sometime most of the parts are made abroad. But we do need to reduce corporate taxes it is driving industry out of the country except for high tech. My vote goes to the one with most experience in running a business not someone with a law degree and two years as a politician. America is BIG BUSINESS!

          219. lindablue October 24, 2012

            I understand that some parts are made in other countries but I’ve seen all three big three car companies bring back model from other countries because American’s won’t buy them if they are built in other countries. If they want to build in other countries so that those who live in those counties can buy them fine, no problem. I will not buy any American Car Companies vehicle that was built in another country nor will I buy a foreign car built in this country. I stand by unionized workers. Lol. You stand with the guy that invested Delphi and closed 24 American plants and sent their jobs to China and stuck you the taxpayer holding the bill for their pensions.

          220. Canistercook October 24, 2012

            Toyota Japan assembles most of their cars in the U.S. with union employees!

          221. lindablue October 25, 2012

            Well duh we do buy most of their cars but unfortunately they are not unionized workers in the U.S. building their cars it’s $15,00 an hour workers. If you didn’t notice during Japans Tsunami and earth quack the Japanese’s only buy cars from companies that originates in their country because they understand that the money they spend on their cars when buying them supports their nation. they have that thing called patriotism for their country. They don’t have to come up with excuses why it’s okay to buy foreign cars because they don’t.

          222. Canistercook October 25, 2012

            British ‘used’ to buy more Fords than any other vehicle!

          223. lindablue October 25, 2012

            What does the Brits have to do with us not using our buying power to support workers in our country or for that matter supporting our Nabors job?

          224. Canistercook October 25, 2012

            The fact that what goes into your pension fund depends on what they and Europe buys from American companies. 40% of our exports go to U>K> and Europe. But you wouldn’t understand that

          225. lindablue October 25, 2012

            We still have the buying power to change how business does business and we are still the worlds largest economy. China has not caught up because they pay their work force a horribly small wage and the people can not afford to buy the products they make.

          226. Canistercook October 25, 2012

            Only just! But our standard of living is not as high as some other countries and our production is lower than many based on our population.

          227. lindablue October 26, 2012

            First we are the only industrialized nation that has no protectionist laws. Our production is lower because they were smart enough to take care of their own people first.

          228. Canistercook October 25, 2012

            How surprised you would be if you were to visit Beijing today versus 20 years ago. Even I was shocked by their progress!

          229. ps2os2 October 25, 2012

            *AND* their terrible pollution that kills many each year. The air is as thick as you can get it. No one in their right mind would willingly work in that kind of toxic air dump.

          230. lindablue October 26, 2012

            You have always got an answer to the obvious. Obviously the China worker does not make enough money to bring up their standard of living. They are although with the help of Private Equity Firms bring up the standard of their country.

          231. lindablue October 25, 2012

            Oh buy the way that means that 60% of the products made in this country are bought by the workers in this country. See we do have buying power.

          232. Canistercook October 25, 2012

            No. 40% of our ‘exports’ go to Europe. A lot more goes to Canada, Australia, Asia. Some companies export all their products others very little!

          233. lindablue October 26, 2012

            Other than Canada the other countries do take enough of our exports to spit on. Why you ask because they don’t have a large enough population to match ours. Even those that do have big populations their workers don’t make an income to buy enough of our products.

          234. lindablue October 26, 2012

            Canadians still do. My last trip to Canada and I went in through Buffalo N.Y. and went out in Detroit. You don’t see any Japanese cars their because they are bright enough to drive the American cars that they build. Unlike us. We buy a bunch of foreign car that send the money back to the country of Japan, Germany, etc.

          235. Canistercook October 26, 2012

            Check out the number of Toyotas and BMW’s licensed in Canada!

          236. lindablue October 26, 2012

            I don’t have to check it out like I said I was there and saw what the people drive they drive American cars and trucks that they build in their country.

          237. lindablue October 27, 2012

            No unions in Japanese plants in the U.S. since the majority of those plants are in right to work states and the people in the southern right to work states know nothing but low paying jobs.

          238. Canistercook October 27, 2012

            Not all but they sure try to be.

          239. ps2os2 October 27, 2012


            The Japanese may not have unions but they have something similar. It (from a weak memory) is almost in a lot of ways a lot worse than unions (some ways better though).
            They have rules that are utterly complex and at the same time simple. A boss cannot tell employee to do anything it must be communicated to a superior and it must be done in a precise way and it is totally foreign to how you and I would think it should be. The production lines are not to be believed. employee just can’t do anything that is not in the manual and the employee cannot do anything that is not in the manual. There is no room for discussion with a boss. If the book says the wrench must be turned left and its (should be right) the entire process breaks down and there is no room for discussion. It is so rigid that it would have your head shaking with disbelief in a few minutes.

          240. lindablue October 27, 2012

            Sounds like American production is likes these days. Everything is not timed and no one has time in between jobs to do anything but walk over for the next part to be put on. That is why I laugh at Dumbo who thinks unions are so bad. Unions want the company to make money so they can have jobs. Only people who have never been in a job that produces anything would not understand the rigors of a production line and why unions are an important part of our economy.

          241. lindablue October 25, 2012

            Vote with your wallet you will be amazed what work will come back to the U.S.A, if you do.

          242. lindablue October 24, 2012

            The cost of those cheaper goods is closed American factories, lost jobs and stagnant wages for most of us who still have jobs. It also means sacrificing our ability to make a living in the future. If we keep going down this path, the U.S. will no longer be the leading source of innovation and new technology.

          243. Canistercook October 24, 2012

            You are right, we had better wake up and compete.

          244. ps2os2 October 24, 2012

            Ehhh Ford did that 10 (or so) moved some (or most) of its assembly lines to Mexico (this was just after NAFTA but I could be wrong). I bought a mustang that was assembled in Mexico and was not happy when I found it out. I stopped buying Ford products as a result.

          245. lindablue October 24, 2012

            I always do my research before purchasing any vehicle to make sure its made in the good ole U.S.A. I don’t buy any foreign brands even if they are made here. I want my money to stay in America.

          246. ps2os2 October 24, 2012

            Good luck with any car now days. It also gets complicated as the manufacture will make the parts in other countries and assemble them here.

          247. lindablue October 24, 2012

            Yes electrical parts are made in China. You would be surprised at how many part where made here in the U.S.A, before Romney and his hence men took advantage of the auto bailout and sent those Delphi jobs to China and made a huge profit while doing so.

          248. Canistercook October 24, 2012

            You are mistaken it is happening Jan 1 and the Belgian workers are hopping mad. All American car manufacturers make cars overseas. Guess you better stop buying American cars!

          249. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Yes but I don’t buy any American car built in another country so I make sure I only buy from American Companies whose product is built here. It’s not that hard to find out where the car is made just Google.

          250. Canistercook October 30, 2012

            Assembled here you must mean!

          251. lindablue October 30, 2012

            Some part just can’t be made by U.S. workers as cheap as China is willing to do it in their sweatshops.

          252. Canistercook October 31, 2012

            Suggest you take a trip to China and see how happy the majority are with their progress.

          253. lindablue October 24, 2012

            Still you make my point. IRA’s go through an Investment Firm. You don’t buy your IRA’s on your own. No individual can buy into a communist country like China on their own.

          254. Canistercook October 24, 2012

            McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks, etc., all did!

          255. lindablue October 24, 2012

            Yes corporations can you can’t.

          256. lindablue October 30, 2012

            KFC, McDonald’s and Starbucks are a Corporation they are not individuals.

          257. lindablue October 19, 2012

            I’ll take my loser President that is fighting for the middle class any day over your rich guy who won’t show his whole tax return.

          258. Canistercook October 19, 2012

            Another 4 years of Obamaonmics and there won’t be much ‘middle class’ left only the food stamp and entitlement receivers looking for someone ‘rich’ to tax!

          259. lindablue October 19, 2012

            Yes sir. 5 million private sector jobs during the slowest growth period since the great depression in just 4 years, while reducing the government. Slowest growth in the deficit since Bill Clinton years. 7 law suit against China and won and 10 pending. Pass a law to equalize women’s pay “Lily Ledbetter Act.” Slowest health care premium increase in 10 years, 1st ever health care rebate from insurance companies. Ended the Iraq war and gave us a date to end war in Afghanistan. You bet ya!!!!

          260. lindablue October 19, 2012

            There won’t be any middle class if Romney becomes President. King of shipping middle class our jobs to China Romney.

          261. ps2os2 October 19, 2012

            I am a bit more realistic. Obama will be the place Holder For Hillary.
            If Mitt got elected I think I would move out of the US .

          262. Canistercook October 18, 2012

            Nice that you are volunteering to pay more ta to ‘support your ‘country’, or are you?

          263. lindablue October 18, 2012

            Are you willing to do your share to support your country?

          264. Canistercook October 18, 2012

            I too would suppport Big Bird if I thought they needed it but I would not indebt my country to China to do it.

          265. lindablue October 18, 2012

            Sure you would. At anytime you can make a donation to your local PBS station and guess what it won’t cost the government a dime if you do your share.

          266. Canistercook October 18, 2012

            I’m willing to post on line copies of my many donations and copies of my cancelled checks to KQED if you will! PBS and Sesame Street are great but I would not criticize a man for saying he would not put us in debt to a foreign country to support them, especially since Sesame street earns millions. We do need common sense to prevail. This whole political campaign has hit an all time low level of integrity.

          267. lindablue October 18, 2012

            But yet you seem to have a problem with making our tax code fair. Hmmm love your double standard. 4.4 million dollars the government gives to local PBS stations will not balance the budget. The 56 Billion a year the rich get out of paying into the treasury sure would.

          268. Canistercook October 18, 2012

            One thing Obama has done well – recruit those jealous of anyone who has made it in life.
            There are several things I would do to make the tax code fairer, i.e.make government and union workers pay tax on their health care premiums like I do, limit mortgage insurance
            to say $1,000,000 interest not 5,000,000 on a mansion; not allow interest deduction on second homes, but Obama is suggesting none of these, just raising taxes on those already paying more then their fair share. He is sure Buffet’s friend and wants to preserve his friend’s tax breaks.

          269. lindablue October 18, 2012

            Do you pay taxes on your health care? No you don’t pay taxes on your health care as a matter of fact if you are an employer you get a tax deduction on your health care premium. The rich are not paying more than their fair share unless they are paying at a minimum of 35% like every other worker in this country. Buffett and Gates want fair taxes. unlike you they believe the tax rates on them should at the very least amount to what the hard working middle class is asled to pay. So sorry to hear that your not willing to do your share when the country is in such dire straights.

          270. Canistercook October 18, 2012

            You sure are a very misinformed individual. About 47% pay no income tax and the majority of American workers pay between 15% and 24% on their earnings depending on their income. A small percentage of high income people and investors pay between 24% and 35% depending on their income. Buffet like Romney pays 15% on an income of millions because he has mostly capital gain income. I don’t know what Gates pays and nor do you. Buffet has never proposed increasing his capital gains rate. The reason the capital gains rate is low because it has risks and because investment is needed to provide jobs and productivity. My share is to pay the percentage I do and it is high enough. The country is in dire straits because the Government Unions and Auto Unions have driven productivity out of the country. Even Obama is suggesting we should reduce Corporate taxes because they too are driving work away from our country. Wake up and smell the roses before it is too late. Sounds like you might like to move to a Communistic country like Cuba.

          271. lindablue October 19, 2012

            You believe the right wing spin machine. So lets talk about the 47% who pay no taxes. Soldiers or anyone serving our country in the military pay no taxes. Retired folks generally pay no taxes, disabled people pay no taxes do to the severity of their disability, I think I’ve summed who does not pay taxes in our country and gee I think our society will survive with out their the small amount they could pay but that would leave them without important live saving medications, a roof over their heads, or a warm house to go home too. The Rich on the other hand would still have their many homes, yatchs, and would feel no hardship in doing their fair share of tax paying. My problem is the well off are whining about doing their duty to their country. How much to you make a year? Must be over a million or your whining for someone else and not about what is in your best interest. Romney’s Capital gains tax he never took a risk on with his own money, he got the investors to take the risk for him and changed them a fee for setting up the business deal.

          272. ps2os2 October 19, 2012

            Just a small nit with your entry.
            Retired do pay taxes on their SS (I am not sure if they pay SS tax but it would seem to be an over reach if they were to)

          273. lindablue October 19, 2012

            I know they do my mother- in -law owes taxes every year. They have to pay on their investments they bought when they worked, they pay property tax every six months, and all the same taxes we pay. I do however know elderly that do not pay taxes due to having been stay at home mom and living solely on SS. So it goes both ways, although even they pay property taxes.

          274. Canistercook October 19, 2012

            Amazing how uninformed some people are. Military pay taxes depending on their income. Retired – like Romney – pay taxes depending on their income, disabled pay taxes depending on their income. The people who don’t pay income taxes are the truly poor, those that have little or no income and those that should but don’t declare their income.
            Liberals seem to think that some people, just because they have worked hard and succeeded in life are not ‘fair’ unless they prop up the idle, lazy and overpaid union members including government union members. Romney could have become a playboy after graduating from college, instead he worked and become a producer of jobs!

          275. lindablue October 19, 2012

            Laughing that you believe that Romney is retied. I’m not the one whining about the 47% who don’t pay taxes that would be your candidate doing the whining and you. You mean like Romney who hides his money in foreign accounts and will not come clean with the American people about how much he is worth and show his whole tax return? Please name the idle and lazy people in this country? I’m sick of your blanket statements about the poor that never seem to materialize. So you think that liberals are the problem? Liberals don’t work hard their whole life and never make anything of themselves, right? I can name many liberals that have done quite well like Rob Reiner, Penny Marshall, the list goes on and on. So what is your excuse for taking Social Security and Medicare programs you claim to hate? You know those good for nothing liberal programs that only low life’s use. Could it be that after paying taxes your whole life and paying into those liberal programs you feel entitled to them? Should we make the churches responsible for the poor alone? You mean like the jobs Romney provides in China? Not here in America!!! You have I’m sure heard of Senata worker who are now being put out of work by Romney and his investors who are at this very moment sending their jobs and that Union made machinery over to China.

          276. ps2os2 October 19, 2012

            I would like to see all those people who are bitching about medicare once and for all to shut up and pledge that they will never use nor receive any benefit from Medicare. Go ahead let them burn their medicare card just do not get any benefits from it.

          277. lindablue October 19, 2012

            Damn skippy, they whine about liberal programs while their collecting. Make me want to puke on them. Hell I’ll even buy them the lighter.

          278. lindablue October 19, 2012

            Hell if they are true libertarians they would take the money they have invested over their working lives and their savings and move to Mexico where they can pull themselves up by their own boot straps and live off their own money and not bother trying to change our collective society.