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Romney Stands Against “More Firemen, More Policemen, More Teachers”

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Romney Stands Against “More Firemen, More Policemen, More Teachers”


Mitt Romney attacked firemen, teachers, and police today in his response to President Obama’s press conference on the economy. “[Obama] says we need more fireman, more policeman, more teachers,” Romney said. “Did he not get the message of Wisconsin? The American people did. It’s time for us to cut back on government and help the American people.”

His position, in other words, is to double-down on every economic policy that hasn’t worked so far. In fact, it’s Romney who hasn’t learned the lesson of Wisconsin — even right-wing Governor Scott Walker knew to exempt cops and firefighters from his anti-union crackdown. Instead, Romney’s taking his cues from Ohio Governor John Kasich, whose attempt to gut the rights of public employees was emphatically rejected by Ohio voters last November.

Romney was attacking Obama for saying that the “private sector is doing fine” this morning. While “fine” might not be the best way to describe a private sector job growth rate that probably should be higher, it’s clear that Obama was making a more important point — budget-cutting austerity, the core Republican (and European) policy these days, cripples entire economies. Here’s the full context of his words:

We’ve created 4.3 million jobs over the past 27 months. The private sector is doing fine. Where we’re seeing problems is with state and local government, often with cuts initiated by governors or mayors who are not getting the kind of help they’re accustomed to from the federal government.

The biggest shock to the American labor market since the 2009 stimulus — which provided aid to local governments — ran out in 2011 has been the gutting and firing of public employees like teachers and state workers. Getting rid of essential public services means there is also less money in the pocket of state employees who buy things from the private sector.

And Obama made clear in the conference that he thinks Republican-style budget-slashing is killing Europe, too. He called out policies — pushed by Germany — that would bring “austerity too quickly” to Spain and Greece, and instead called for an economic strategy where countries do “everything we can to grow now even as we lock in a long-term plan to stabilize our debt and our deficits and start bringing them down in a — in a steady, sensible way.”


  1. Johntheoldguy June 8, 2012

    Romney has nothing against teachers, firefighters and policemen. He just thinks that they should be employed in the private sector, by companies that then contract with the government to provide a public service. Charter schools, for profit prisons, Blackwater police, subscription fire departments.

    1. hilandar1000 June 8, 2012

      Oh, yeah — that’s a great idea — then we can pay the CEO’s of those companies multi-million dollar bonuses, and they can hire teachers, prison guards, police, and firemen to do the real work for peanuts —with no benefits.

    2. truevoice4real June 8, 2012

      You are beyond stupid if you think the private sector is going to contract firefighters and policemen

      1. ralphkr June 8, 2012

        Sorry to burst your bubble, truevoice4real, but that is what was done in the past. You would pay a fee at the start of each accounting period and would be given a plaque to post on your building. If a building is on fire and does not have a current plaque the firemen just watch it burn. There are some areas of the US today where this is still the system. This was also true for police but I think the last city that used this system for police protection was San Francisco.

        1. truevoice4real June 8, 2012

          This system that you talk about doesn’t work because someone’s house burned to the ground…Therefore it will never work because it doesn’t work…

          1. ralphkr June 8, 2012

            Oh, it definitely does work. The firefighters standing around and watching the fire do its job because the owner had not paid his dues is a great incentive to get every one else to cough up the cash for protection. On the other hand, if the fire fighters put out the fire even though the owner did not have a current medallion then that would tell everyone not to bother paying their dues and the private fire department would go bankrupt.

          2. truevoice4real June 9, 2012

            Watching a persons house burn down because of some stupid fees DOESN’T WORK….Use a little comoon sense…

          3. Hillbilly June 9, 2012

            truevoice4real there are volunteer fire departments in some rural areas in states like my state of Tennessee that do work on fees like ralphkr states and they have watched houses burn because of a yearly fee not being paid. I think the yearly fee was something between fifty dollars to a hundred dollars a year . Them watching a home burn does not always make others willing to pay their fee. This happened in 2011. We also have privately run prisons here and at least once or more every month there is an article in the newspapers and on TV where they are being sued for doing things they shouldn’t have done or not doing things they should have done like getting medical care for a person going into diabetic shock because they weren’t given their insulin shot that day. So there are fire department most of which are volunteer fire departments that work on a fee being paid. The privately owned prisons end up costing the tax payers of the state more money than state ran prisons do because every time they get sued and lose the state ends up paying part of the judgement against them in addition to the money they are paid yearly to house prisoners in these prisons. What would be poetic justice for Romney after saying there was no need for more firemen, policeman or teachers his house catches on fire and he calls for help but no one comes to fight the fire, his other house is burglarized he calls for the police and no one comes to investigate and there are no teachers to teach whoever in his family needs a teacher.

          4. truevoice4real June 9, 2012

            Like I said….Tomney’s plan doesn’t work and here’s a question for all Romney supporters…Do you want a privately own fire department or a government run fire department putting out your fire…Which department will get there first…???

          5. ralphkr June 9, 2012

            Kindly pay attention to the subject at hand. The fact that someone’s house or barn burned to the ground definitely DOES prove that the system works. The system is that if you do not pay your annual fire fee then there shall be no effort to put out the fire by the fire department (although, if there is someone trapped in the building they may try and save them). There have been articles our newspaper over the years describing buildings burning down while fire departments ignored them because no annual fee had been paid. It is exactly the same as if you do not pay for fire insurance and your house burns down then the insurance company won’t give you any money. By the way, this used to be the ONLY commercial system for many decades and it worked very well.

          6. truevoice4real June 9, 2012

            So let me get this straoght..You think that a house burning down for a few bucks…Less than $100 proves that the system wotks…???..Only a clueless right wing iodiot would think like that….

          7. ralphkr June 9, 2012

            Evidently you have forgotten that we are discussing how private for profit fire departments (and police departments) operate. Obviously, if you do not pay the annual dues for the service then neither department shall lift a finger to put out fires or investigate or stop crime at your place. To be exact, in two cases the building owner offered over twice the annual $1,000+ fee to the fire department to put out the fire but they refused because that would send the wrong message to the populace: ‘you won’t have to pay us until after you need us’ and that message would quickly bankrupt a private company which needs EVERYBODY to cough up their annual fee to stay in business. By the way, this is not an opinion based upon political leaning but based upon cold honest business practice.

    3. Patricia June 8, 2012

      So John, you’re saying that teachers, firefighters & police officers should be employed in the private sector where their pay will be cut, their health care cancelled and their pensions dissolved? And as for ‘for profit prisons’ — we have these in Arizona, and they are by far much more expensive than our state prisons — this fact has been published in The Arizona Republic Newspaper many times. We also have charter schools here. The problem with them is that poor children have no way to get to the good charter schools — there are no school buses to them, their parents work and cannot drive them because the schools are so far away from poor neighborhoods. So what happens is that the poor children end up even more concentrated and isolated in their poor neighborhood public schools — and the poor children fall behind even more. Got anymore good Republican ideas?

    4. rmarqua2921 June 8, 2012

      And who is going to pay these private employers? Yes, I think we should have Blackwater take care of our security needs just like they did in Iraq!

    5. metrognome3830 June 8, 2012

      You are being sarcastic — aren’t you?

      1. metrognome3830 June 8, 2012

        Sounds like a great plan ralphkr! I hope Mitt doesn’t read your post or it will become part of his plan. Got any other good money-saving ideas?

      2. Johntheoldguy June 9, 2012

        Yes, or at least that was my intent. Many posters failed to note the bulge in my cheek.

  2. bingofan65 June 8, 2012

    Doesn’t Brainy Mitt know that policemen, firemen and teachers are American people and not government!!!!!! He’s confused again because his one track mind is “corporations are people,” not
    people are people!!

    1. joujou228 June 8, 2012

      I don’t know why the Obama campaign is letting him get away with these non-sense. And who are those people applauding? They didn’t hear what he was saying?

      1. EdC June 8, 2012

        because the so called liberal media can’t get permission from its conservative owners to run these particular statements, or any stupid states from conservative lips.

      2. mynx1 June 8, 2012

        Patience joujou228, wait till the presidential debates start. Obama will wipe the carpet up with the non-sense that Romney will spew

        1. Kentebe D June 8, 2012

          I am an American by law but an African by birth. I realize that lots of Americans are either ignorant or merely foolish. Else, how can anyone vote for a party that brings in unemployment and ensure that the 99% perhaps commit suicide due to imminent poverty?

        2. joujou228 June 8, 2012

          I hope they don’t wait until then. It seems to me that Romney has a team sitting at a computer waiting for every opportunity to put out a web ad. He has told so many lies that go unanswered, for example, the president doesn’t have a job plan to name one. Even when the media from ap to cnn, to msnbc, time etc call him out, he continues to spout his lies. I am a born again christian, we are touch that lying is a sin. I don’t know what the LDS church teaches about lies and deception. I hope a reporter ask him soon.

          1. jimruef June 8, 2012

            I say let the fool have enough rope and he will hang himself. By the way the LDS is not a church, it is a cult. If you live in Utah and are not a mormon then you aren’t crap.

          2. Dianes4babies June 9, 2012

            Yes, many news media outlets call Romney 0ut on his lies. The problem, though, is that the right people are not watching the stations!

        3. kinklu June 9, 2012

          I hope you’re right, but from what I’ve noticed, the Old White Man’s Party usually ignores reality and just lies about it as they look unblinkingly into the camera … somewhat like Dracula, now that I think about it.

        4. scareygary June 11, 2012

          If only people LISTENED to the logic in debates and arguments. It’s the simplest answers and sound bytes that attract some voters. Too often people fall for the cute little phrases like “tax and spend liberal”, “job creators”, “job killing taxes”, “union thugs” and the like to actually THINK about the complex realities that accompany these over simplistic catch phrases. I don’t buy ANY of them…

          People don’t even seem to KNOW that tax rates are at their lowest in decades for most everyone, especially the rich, and that most big corporations DON’T pay but a few % on their billions in profits, no matter the ‘paper rate’. Tax collection is so low these days that it’s killing us, but all the GOP wants to suggest is “CUT and GUT”, and “Greedy Ones Protected”; that’s what the GOP has come to mean for me….. and I reject that philosophy. I’m not seeing any ‘trickle down’ unless one counts China….

  3. Peggy June 8, 2012

    need to quit paying for peoples divorces, then we pay for; their attorneys, welfare, housing, food stamps, courts etc. we could put the money toward people who need help with injustice. we should not pay for divorces that is a personal problem. and is their problem who they marry

    1. gggmax June 8, 2012

      What the *%*(@# are you talking about? Pay for their divorces, attorneys ect you know a party line is a party line the problem is the hook gets caught in your guts and stuff like this gets vomited up.
      The point here is
      are being fired and he thinks it is right. Do you agree?

    2. rmarqua2921 June 8, 2012

      I could agree with some of that, but I am going to tell you what we need to stop doing is paying subsidies, like to oil companies, who are filling their pockets with our tax money! We need to stop giving the rich tax breaks even as their pockets are being filled even more! If tax breaks produce jobs, where the hell are all the jobs from the big tax breaks the Republicans gave to the rich and corporations during GW’s time in the Oval office? Every tax break they get, and Romney even wants more, save him 5 million a year! Who has to pay those taxes the rich don’t pay? You guessed it the middle class and the poor! Who pays for the firemen and police if the rich don’t have to pay taxes! We do! We also have to pay their wages to protect the homes and persons of the rich!

  4. Elsa June 8, 2012

    People like to know that others are getting cut and not them self, until it is their house is on fire with no firemen to help, or their home is broken into with police too busy with other things. If all those things need to be cut, I say along with the fire public service worker every governor, congress person, manager and supervisors needs to get their salaries cut as well. If you cannot afford to protest my life, property, and community with the money I pay in taxes then I cannot afford to pay them because now I need the money to protect myself.

  5. Geraldine McBarker June 8, 2012

    What? Teachers, firefighters, policemen are not american citizens? Those people are not “government” – they are public servants; they are american citizens who need their jobs. The rest of us are american citizens who need their services. It’s what (most of us) pay taxes for.

  6. Justin Napolitano June 8, 2012

    Keep talking Romney; we will get the know the real you before long.
    Maybe his kids have personal teachers, body guards, and firefighters that made sure his house(s) doesn’t burn down. He also must have a personal doctor and an ambulance ready to take any member of his family to the hospital should they need to go there. Or, perhaps he has his own hospital and emergency personal and doesn’t need public facilities.
    The rich really do live differently than the rest of us.

    1. kinklu June 9, 2012

      Rich people don’t need many public police and they can afford to pay for extra commercial police protection in their neighborhoods. Public services are less important for those who have the money to hire their own private guards. That’s the American Way. God bless motherhood and apple pie!

  7. woody4070 June 8, 2012

    This attitude is not just Romney’s, its thee Ron Paul/Tea Party that wants to pay no taxes so who is going to pay for the teachers. police and firemen even if they are private companies?

  8. Patricia June 8, 2012

    Union jobs are American middle class/blue collar jobs. These are the kind of jobs we need in America. So, unions want fair pay, health care & pensions — who doesn’t? In the 1960s & 1970s the top 2% of the wealthiest people in America owned 8% of the wealth. Today they own a whopping 40%! Given that, obviously unions are not the problem here. And Romney wants to cut the number, the pay, the health care & the pensions of fire fighters, police officers & teachers to name a few — like these people are getting paid huge amounts of money.

    If Romney has his way we will all be working minimum wage jobs, without any kind of benefits, and he will outsource the rest of the good jobs overseas. Romney had a strong record of outsourcing jobs overseas when he was CEO of Bain and Gov. of Massachusetts — because, you see, as the businessman that he is, he understands that it makes the big corporations more efficient and more profitable, but it sure screws the rest of Americans. No wonder the lions share of voters ( 78%) in a Massachusetts poll said they would never vote for Romney again. Obama, on the other hand, wants to give corporations tax incentives if they keep their jobs in America — big difference from what Romney wants. Romney is for rich white men only. He is not for women, the middle class, the working poor, the elderly, the disabled or even poor children. Romney will not be happy until the top 2% of the wealthiest people in America own 95% of the wealth and the rest of us live like 3rd world refugees.

    1. Bunny June 8, 2012

      Very well said ! ! !

    2. joyscarbo June 8, 2012

      Patricia! You said we’ll all be making minimum wage? If Mitt is elected, he’ll repeal minimum wage laws because the republicans, neo-conservatives, tea party and right-wingnuts don’t support a “mandatory minimum wage.”

    3. Dave_dido June 11, 2012

      Very well said, Patricia. In two short paragraphs you have summarized why working people would be foolish to vote Republican. If they do, and I fear they might in the upcoming presidential election, we can only say that they will get exactly what they deserve: a life as an indentured servant with little hope for improving their lives or having a decent retirement. Maybe this is why Republicans don’t like putting money out for education: they want to keep the plebes ignorant. As a self-employed businessman, I’m amazed at how many “welfare Republicans” I run into.

  9. Butch June 8, 2012

    where would romney be without the little people that make his life grand? let the la jolla place burn to the ground after it gets luted! he does not need the services of firemen, policemen, and his kids didn’t need teachers? romney is a moron. like santorum teehee teehee.

    1. Ed June 8, 2012

      Unfortunately he is a nmoron that people like to believe. (Other morons)

    2. EdC June 8, 2012

      He is in the economic level that all of it will be replaced without cost to himself from tax payers, and others that buy insurance. His kids get teachers to come to the house.

  10. truevoice4real June 8, 2012

    Republicans hate the American people…It’s that simple…

    1. Bunny June 8, 2012

      They just love money and control more then the American people .

  11. Larry Gentry June 8, 2012

    What part of “he’s an idiot” did romney not understand? he is a bully, Michigan State Trooper impersonator, and failed State Governor. he made money in Bain, at the cost of the working class. he is a night talk show joke worst than George W ever was?

  12. joujou228 June 8, 2012

    I guess firemans, teachesr ect. are not part of the americans fabrics.

  13. Kathy G June 8, 2012

    Mitt children are getting best educatio, but he wish to deprive other children. I guess he is living up to his statement, “He does not care about the poor.” I don’t Mitt care about anyone but the rich that are supporting his campaign.

  14. TheOldNorthChurch June 8, 2012

    Can any of you explain the new math for employment? The BLS reported that for 2009 the average workforce was 139,878 million workers. For the past twelve months (6/2011 to 5/2012) there have been an average of 141,072 million working. I was taught that 139,878 – 141,072 = 1,194.

    Is 130,878 – 141,072 = 4,300 something taught at Harvard?

    The peak of employment in the US occurred during the twelve month period of 2007 at 146,047. We are currently at the 2005 level without adjustments for population gains. We need to get to about 153,349 to equal the 2007 number with current population gains. In Pepperdine math, that means we need to add 12,277 million more jobs.

    1. rmarqua2921 June 8, 2012

      So what has Congress recently done about it? The Republicans have done everything they can to destroy Obamas policies, because they are scared as hell they might work!

      1. TheOldNorthChurch June 8, 2012

        The Senate has done nothing for the past twelve months. Obama’s policies were implemented in 2009 & 2010, and by passage of the continuing spending resolutions in 2011 & 2012. Just like FDR’s policies, Obama’s plans did not work and will not work. Jobs are not created in the Government sector.

        The House and Senate need to act and roll back all regulations and impediments to the 1990 levels, when we were growing as an economy.

        1. Dave_dido June 11, 2012

          To say that “jobs are not created in the government sector” is one of those truisms that simply is not true. A good example would be NASA which offered many good-paying jobs and resulted in valuable innovations that we still use today in addition to achievements that gave us a sense of national pride and the admiration of the world. The NASA jobs were here in the U.S. and so the money was well-spent. Today’s teapartyers and fiscal conservatives would have you believe that we don’t have the money for projects like NASA today. I disagree. We are by far the wealthiest country in the world. Problem is that the 2%ers hold much of the wealth and want to hold more of it. They intend to do so by owning your Congress. Are you going to let them ?

          1. TheOldNorthChurch June 11, 2012

            There are of course jobs that are provided by the Government Sector, the issue is that they must remain in proportion to those in the private sector where the revenues are generated from to pay those “Government Jobs”.

            During the middle of the space program 1968, Federal Government Expenditures were 17.6% of GDP. In 1969 at the peak of the Vietnam War they were 19.7%. It only went above this number again in 1999 and then 2000. It had dropped back to 17.1 in 2003.

            Today they are nearing 24%. If we were spending in the 18% level and could pay for a NASA type program, I do not think the objections would be very loud. The problem is that the Government Sector has outstripped the private sector ability to pay for it. The 50%ers who pay taxes have had enough of this irresponsibility.

          2. Dave_dido June 12, 2012

            Disqus generic email templateYour arguments are well-taken, OldNorthChurch. Where I don’t agree with you, however, is that you make it sound as though “government jobs” are superfluous, that they exist only because there are private sector jobs to pay for them.Many, if not most “government jobs” are necessary in and of themselves. When the letter carrier delivers your mail, he gets paid partly by taxes and partly by the cost of the postage stamp. If and when we go to a private system of postal delivery you will pay the cost out-of-pocket directly to the provider.Either way it’s a necessary job that requires a payment. How is that any different than a construction worker getting paid by a contractor in the private sector? Regarding NASA, I would say two things. First, we don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. If NASA’s expenditures have become overblown, then we need to scale back. But remember this: NASA expenditures for the most part stay here in the U.S. It’s like me paying my son $100 to mow the lawn.Maybe I’ve overpaid, but the money is still in the family. What irritates me about the teaparty way of thinking is that they never got very excited about our paying Eric Prince and Blackwater Securities over $2 billion dollars for services in Iraq or the hundreds of millions spent to build the world’s largest embassy in Iraq. That money is gone, kiss it goodbye, as is over a trillion dollars for two useless wars. The money that was paid to our military people doesn’t bother me, but how much of our money stayed in the Middle East? Yet teapartiers get awfully excited about government workers making too much money even though it’s money that stays here and gets taxed. I know I’m getting a little windy here,sorry, so I’ll wrap it up with this: It boils down to what kind of country we want to have. Do we want roads and bridges that are safe, police and fire departments that are well-staffed, schools and teachers that are admirable?If so, we need to belly up and pay for them. We are still ,by far, the wealthiest country in the world. There’s a whole lot of money here. We don’t need to act like a third world country. And here I’ll say that the people I’m acquainted with who cry the loudest about taxes live like kings compared to the rest of the world.I don’t subscribe to the self-made man myth. Everyone who is successful in the U.S. got help from the simple fact that they lived in the world’s best economy. Our taxes are not overbearing and the bellyachers need to cut it out.( I don’t mean you) Dave D
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            TheOldNorthChurch wrote, in response to Dave_dido:

            There are of course jobs that are provided by the Government Sector, the issue is that they must remain in proportion to those in the private sector where the revenues are generated from to pay those “Government Jobs”.
            During the middle of the space program 1968, Federal Government Expenditures were 17.6% of GDP. In 1969 at the peak of the Vietnam War they were 19.7%. It only went above this number again in 1999 and then 2000. It had dropped back to 17.1 in 2003.
            Today they are nearing 24%. If we were spending in the 18% level and could pay for a NASA type program, I do not think the objections would be very loud. The problem is that the Government Sector has outstripped the private sector ability to pay for it. The 50%ers who pay taxes have had enough of this irresponsibility.

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          3. TheOldNorthChurch June 13, 2012

            What I believe is that some government jobs are necessary to insure a civil and safe society, but when they outstrip the ability to be paid for and they are being provided without the consent of the govern then there continuation is dangerous. The Tea Party has been outspoken regarding all forms of “Corporate Welfare” and the danger of being the Worlds Policemen. There has been direct criticism for what has gone on in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya without regard to its impact on the future of America.

            John Kennedy –
            The scarlet thread running through the thoughts and actions of people all over the world is the delegation of great problems to the all-absorbing leviathan – the state. … Every time that we try to lift a problem to the government, to the same extent we are sacrificing the liberties of the people.

            Thomas Jefferson –
            I place economy among the 1st and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers to be feared. To preserve our independence we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. If we run into such debt we must be taxed in our meat and drink, in our necessities and in our comforts, in our labor and amusements. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.

            Your comments were well stated. I might add that, everyone who is successful in this country were helped by living with the freedoms afford to them from the most exceptional country ever be formed on this planet. It will take all of us to put our great country back to where it belongs and pass it on to our children and their children.

          4. Dave_dido June 13, 2012

            —– Original Message —– Good enough, OldNorthChurch. You are a scholar and a gentleman(or gentlewoman, sorry but I don’t know).Obviously our differences are workable.I think it’s very important for U.S. citizens to dialogue respectfully. Best of luck to you. Dave D From: Disqus
            To: ddidomenico@wayneagency.com
            Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 2:17 AM
            Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Romney Stands Against “More Firemen, More Policemen, More Teachers”

            TheOldNorthChurch wrote, in response to Dave_dido:

            What I believe is that some government jobs are necessary to insure a civil and safe society, but when they outstrip the ability to be paid for and they are being provided without the consent of the govern then there continuation is dangerous. The Tea Party has been outspoken regarding all forms of “Corporate Welfare” and the danger of being the Worlds Policemen. There has been direct criticism for what has gone on in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya without regard to its impact on the future of America.
            John Kennedy –
            The scarlet thread running through the thoughts and actions of people all over the world is the delegation of great problems to the all-absorbing leviathan – the state. … Every time that we try to lift a problem to the government, to the same extent we are sacrificing the liberties of the people.
            Thomas Jefferson –
            I place economy among the 1st and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers to be feared. To preserve our independence we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. If we run into such debt we must be taxed in our meat and drink, in our necessities and in our comforts, in our labor and amusements. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.
            Your comments were well stated. I might add that, everyone who is successful in this country were helped by living with the freedoms afford to them from the most exceptional country ever be formed on this planet. It will take all of us to put our great country back to where it belongs and pass it on to our children and their children.

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  15. Kobe2000 June 8, 2012

    Don’t Firemen, Policemen and Teachers HELP “The American People” Are they themselves not “The American People” – It sounds more and more Republicans want us all to turn our backs on “Our” Government rather than make “Our” Government work for everyone!!!

  16. Kobe2000 June 8, 2012

    Just more proof that we all MUST VOTE in the November election. If we don’t VOTE more Democrats and President Obama back into office we have no one to blame but ourselves. EVERYONE MUST VOTE!!

    1. ace June 8, 2012

      Like i have said before the Democrats and the Unions Mafia depend on ignorance

      1. Bunny June 8, 2012

        The Republicans are depending on you to believe this . Wake up.

      2. joyscarbo June 8, 2012

        Ace, you’re an ignorant, uninformed moron.
        Unions are organizations that are strictly voluntary. If a place of business is “closed shop” union your participation is required and you need not apply there. Other organizations have optional union membership and you need not join but we unionized workers don’t want you there. NO ONE is forcing you to work anywhere. Unions supported work-related programs, initiatives and benefits like safe workplaces, maternity leave, vacation, regular pay increases, healthcare coverage and child labor laws.
        You should just work for Mitt- I’m sure he can find a goon like you a place doing menial labor. Maybe you could wash his car for whatever Mitty will throw your direction. Good luck with that.

  17. Rudy Mendez June 8, 2012

    This is real sad, cause the 2 partys still talking stupid things, but, noone have the real solution for the american people, God, what you do, with the real liders?

    1. rmarqua2921 June 8, 2012

      Since for three years this economy has still been running on Republican economic policies, tax breaks for the rich and corporations, cuts to the poor and middle class, it sure would be nice to actually see what Obama and the democrats can do! the Republicans were scared to death after Clinton, and since Obama’s economic policies are mainly those of Clinton, they are scared to death to be defeated by a black man! Time to get the millionaires out of Congress!

  18. faye June 8, 2012

    Romney anther G Bush lol what a joke people hes think’s he’s a cop ,,,what’s you going do went they come for you bad boy bad boy lol he scare’s me pal hes running for President ,,hes one more sick Republican lol

  19. Phillip Tock June 8, 2012

    guess the american people or the american republicans are just so simplistic to know any better than what the mitt-man said , for we need more teachers ,mo0re fireman , etc,etc.and this guy wants to run the us of a , just can’t wait for his next remarks , haven’t we learn from nixon , reagan, gw !!! especially gw !!! he singlehandlely tried to get the rich back to what they were before the best president in my generation president bill clinton!!! by going yhroughg the laws one by one and turning each law for the rich-man , and getting us intoi another war like nixon done trying to get the citizens of this great countrty to depend on the government and not to depend on themselves !!! you tell it like it is justin !!! thankyou very much america the land of the free !!! you know i read somewhere where gw wanted tomgdetr5 his picture on the us currency !!!

  20. Lynda June 8, 2012

    It is clear that both men misspoke on the issue of the private economy. Which will be damaged the most remains to be seen. Mitt does not believe that fireman, police and teachers are real Americans, but that just might be lost in the noise machine. The presidents remark will be on an endless loop until election day, and unfortunately far too many may be swayed. Those paying attention to Obama’s remarks fully understand what he was trying to say, but about half of the country never pays attention. That’s a problem that won’t be going away anytime soon.

  21. desertdustoff June 8, 2012

    Kentebe…if you realize that lots of Americans are ignorant or foolish, maybe you should return to Africa where I guess all the people aren’t foolish? Or if you stay, try doing your homework before you show the world what you haven’t yet learned about America. Your 99% suicide rate…I think that is the rate of murder from tribal warfare in your home land.

  22. Joe_Buckstrap June 8, 2012

    This will probably be the most expensive race in history thanks to the State Corporatists on SCOTUS who gave us the Citizens United travesty. There will be $ hundreds of millions poured into the Romney coffers by billionairres and corporations eager to raid the US Treasury and squeeze the middle class tax livestock when they buy Romney’s way to the WH. That was the real message of Wisconsin.

    1. Hillbilly June 9, 2012

      You are right Joe but think one billion or more, that is what the Republican Party and its backers ( Koch brothers, Karl Roves, millionaires and billionaires whose names we will never know thinks to the Supreme Court) are saying they are willing to spend to get the White House back. If they are willing to spend a billion dollars( a billion dollars could create a quite few jobs or help a lot of people that need help) to gain control of the White Housen then how much are they willing to pay to gain control of both houses of Congress? This is not the type of election that our Forefathers fought the American Revolution for nor is the type of election that our grand fathers and fathers fought for in WWI WWiI, Korea, and all the military action that our ancestors, fathers, brothers, and sisters have fought for and lost their lives to keep Everyone in the USA free. All the people that gave their lives to keep this country from becoming the kind of country that the Republicans, Tea Party and their backers are working to turn it into are turning in their graves here in the USA . They are also turning in their graves in every Country where American lives have been lost to keep this country a place where everyone is equal and has a say in how the government is ran. If the Republicans can control of any of the Houses along with the White House, there will no longer be a Middle Class citizen, there will only be the Haves and the Have not citizens and the women in this country will find that the Republicans ect will do its best to put them back in the kitchen and pregnant every year until they get past child bearing age or die from having to many kids to fast kill them.

  23. nomaster June 8, 2012

    Romney is stuck in the old thinking of the out of touch. The mormon wonderchild that has always had everything given to him. Take away the services that make society exist and let chaos run wild. When his house is burning, or he needs police to fend him from the antisocials let his rich buddies come to his rescue.

  24. Mike R June 8, 2012

    Evidently Mitt didn’t get the message from Wisconsin either. The Democrats might have lost the governorship, but they won control of the state senate. So obviously that was NOT the message the people of Wisconsin were trying to give.

    1. Bunny June 8, 2012

      Very good insight ! I hope you are right. I wonder if the people of Wisconsin were just angry about the Recall ?

  25. Don B June 8, 2012

    Yeah–privatize the firemen and police…..If you don’t pay yearly dues, or a consulting fee if you’re house is burning down or you’ve been robbed–well, too bad….you lose—My, you should have thougfht of that before you had the fire or robbery!!! Give me a break……The Romney plan is no plan—Poor old Ben Franklin would turn over in his grave to see the craven people like Romney that now run our country for profit….

  26. Diane Ribbentrop June 8, 2012

    Gov’t worker = Teachers for our kids- Firemen Police whats wrong with GOP voters who cheer firing workers for education- schools- essential public safety- put out fires – and emergencies ? Seems Most cons do not know Wis unions gave in to ALL Gov Walkers demands early on Lower pay – pensions- benefits Everything Yet the right wing and corp media conversation ignores that fact !!! No wonder so many are ill informed

  27. Bunny June 8, 2012

    If you are a firemen,teacher, or police and Romney gets in office……HIDE ! ! !

  28. wipster June 8, 2012

    Unbelievable… when I heard him say that, I thought, “this guy just doesn’t get it.” What the people want is more of all of those folks, it’s just that we need a way to pay for them and that’s certainly not going to come from any of the policies he’s prescribing, especially further reducing taxes on the rich! Times like this are when the Federal Government has to assist the state and local governments to keep what they have at a minimum and add more to get back to desired levels if possible… none of this will happen with the party of “Just Say No” controlling the House and barring the Senate from passing anything because of the 60 vote debacle (that came back and bit the Dems bad).

    Vote the Republicans out, that’s the only way this country will get keep this recession from turning into a depression much worse than the 1930’s… just look at Europe to see how these policies have failed.

  29. ExPAVIC June 8, 2012

    One More Thing

    Next Mittens is going to tell us that retired people don’t need all that Social Security money they have been receiving.

    This guy is a marvel. He is a marvel that the American Taliban Republicans have stuck themselves with this rich, old, sexist, elitist, anti-union, overly religious, bigoted white guy and they want the entire country to be stuck with him too.

    I want to know why the American Taliban think this guy will do any good for the country because every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it.

    Watching the debates should be fun as Mittens contorts himself to talk and keep his feet out of his mouth at the same time.


  30. Rick Riviezzo June 8, 2012

    Typical corperate raider thinking mitt, lets bully the little guy and while we have him down lets cut his hair. Before you know it they will have all of our dogs living on the roof of our cars

  31. msroadrunner June 8, 2012

    I can not believe any teacher, fireman or police officer would vote for Romney. Most of the people I talk to don’t even know the issues. I also know people that receive government assistance. They just hate black Obama and can’t get passed that. Sad isn’t it.

    1. Bunny June 8, 2012

      I know some people like that . I will never understood !

      1. DurdyDawg June 9, 2012

        It’s really simple.. These welfare hogs actually thinks the money they get is manna from heaven.. Never really understanding that their time is just about done once the Rummy get’s the lead. Maybe that’s not a bad thing if only he would stop at that but do not bet on it.

  32. Judith Woyak June 8, 2012

    Romney thinks he is so sharp, but I have news for him, he,s not. My life in Wisconsin is not with him or definetly not with Walker. They are both decitfull liers and will answer for it on judgement day. I think the Congress of our great country need a freeze on their wages we are paying them, until they get busy and do what they were voted in for. They are planly predujust and sick in the way they are acting and ruining our lives.

    1. DurdyDawg June 9, 2012

      Judith, they haven’t even began to ruin our lives.. If Rummy does get in THAT’S the indicator of life ruining.. Maybe Obama won’t be any better but by giving this gashole a chance, he’ll definitely slam us.

  33. Penelope Forrester June 8, 2012

    Remember when Romney said, “If I told you my plans you wouldn’t vote for me?”

    I call this a HUGH slip!

    Keep talkin’ Mittens. We’re listening (and we’re not liking what we’re hearing).

  34. ace June 8, 2012

    All you liberal are just what the Democrats and Unions want ignorance !!!!!

    1. Bunny June 8, 2012

      Please explain.

    2. DurdyDawg June 9, 2012

      acehole, you’ll understand what ignorance really is if Mitten’s becomes head bozo and kills all the unions.. Gonna look real stupid trying to fill up your Honda while making $1.25 hour. That’s how the corporate toads did it before unionization and that’s what they’ll do once their competition is gone.. Our advocates then will be those corporate lawyers who do not work for peanuts.

    3. Hillbilly June 9, 2012

      No ace you are just what the Republicans, the Koch brothers and the Tea Party want. We are not the ignore one you and people like you are

  35. John Deer June 8, 2012


  36. Budgie June 8, 2012

    When homes begin burning to the ground because there just aren’t enough firemen to put them out and gangs begin taking over whole neighborhoods because of a lack of policemen, Romney will have an answer for that. He’ll simply quintuple his secret service guards and make sure a couple of them are assigned to his house to keep the shrubs and lawns watered so they don’t pose a fire hazard. In the words of the immortal Buggs Bunny, “What an octamaroon!”

  37. bigspender7 June 8, 2012

    Okay. Let’s try real hard to find something good to say about Mitt Romney. Hmmmmmmm!
    I’m waiting……… Give up? Me too.

    1. DurdyDawg June 9, 2012

      It’s simply gonna be ‘big b’ness’ with this hoodoo and there’s no room for public service, help for the poor and needy or medical care for the aged, disabled and sick. These are not profit oriented.. Big B’ness is profit oriented, but only for the elite and the share holders.. There’s churches to help the poor and insurance corp. to tend to the ill.. Cops and firemen are just useless union moochers.. Romney just doesn’t know what the problem is as he will solve the problem right after he destroys Obamacare for good.. His biggest decisions will revolve around the first class seat on air force 1 that he and his family will ride to France for that wonderful vacation once he buy’s his way into becoming Big Top’s leading clown.. And he’s got to win the brass ring ’cause his masters told him so, else wise he’ll have to foot the plane ride on his own dime.. Uh! oh! All profitable b’nesses had better not sell out to this chump as he’ll use you as his overhead.

  38. Gammaanya June 8, 2012

    Welcome to United States of Austerity. I said before that Walker will win because thee people are divided, misguided, gullible and plain lazy to do research/think for themselves. Wisconsin was sold, rather quick and on the cheap. For the life of me I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND why people believe any crap they put out (both parties) and don’t check facts. Truth, honesty, integrity is not a virtue of any politician.
    T. Jefferson.
    When it shall be said in any country in the world: My poor are happy, my jails are empty of prisoners, my streets of beggars, the aged are not in want, the taxes not opressive … then may that country boast of it’s Constitution and it’s government. Thomas Payne.
    Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Sir W. Churchill
    If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating, eventually they will come to believe it. Goebbels – Nazi Propaganda Minister and Germany got Hitler, Wisconsin got to keep Walker a Koch Bros, Citizen United puppet.
    Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives. John Stuart Mill (1806-1873 English Economist and philosopher) How true.

  39. Foxglovecat June 8, 2012

    Firemen, teachers, and police aren’t American people?

    1. edwardw69 June 9, 2012

      No, they are not. However, corporations are people.

  40. daffodilly June 8, 2012

    While Romney’s busy saying President Obama is “out of touch” he’s implying (or just plain stating) that our public employees that perform tasks far more difficult than anything he’s ever attempted, aren’t worthy of the title “American Citizen”. Pretty soon, even he is going to have to admit to himself that he doesn’t know what the poop he’s talking about. How dare he!!!

    1. Michael Stoll June 9, 2012

      You are a good sheep . Are you kidding me Romney said nothing of the sort . You should be more concerned that Obama said” the Private Sector is doing just fine “..lets look at the scorecard . Fed Public Union employee’s ranks have swollen to record levels under Obama have sufferedc no cuts in pay and have in fact seen pay increases . They also get Healthcare and Benefiots on our dime . Lets look at the Private Sector > They are having record Unemployment levels due to Dem Policies taxes and regulations . The haven’t recieved pay raises and are being asked to do the work three of their co workers used to do . They don’t get health care and if they did Obama care willsee to that that their Companies wont supply it any longer and they will have to pay for that themselves . to add injury to insult Obama will give Illegal Aliens free healthcare that those in the Private Sector will pay for . meanwhile Washington DC is the city with the highest medium income because the average Fed Worker there is making 125,000 yr ( WSJ) ( Inv Bus Daily )Wisconsin proves romneys way will work . Illinois where I live , proves Obama’s and the Dems ideas don’t . Illinois and California are just like Greece thanks to Dem rule and their Unions . By the way did you see the Stock Market rally the day after the Walker landslide ?Business voted that day and what they said was that they can see November from Wisconsin

      1. daffodilly June 9, 2012

        They have taught you what to say, unfortunately, they didn’t give you a spelling or capitalization lesson. I put the President’s remark on the private sector in the same catagory. When one has many things on ones mind, as I’m sure you must, misunderstandings can occur. As long as we have the protections of government, we are expected to pay. If we want to do away with those protections, then so be it. If we want our homes or belongings to be paid for, in case of emergency, then we buy insurance. We always have the right to not carry that insurance but then we and society (our neighbors in the case of abandoned ruined property) suffer. Individual productivity (three doing the work of one) is definitely up because employers find it cheaper to work current employees unrelentingly rather than hire new employees and so reduce our unemployment rolls. They do not receive pay raises or health care benefits because the employer finds it more profitable to not offer those things. Polls in Wisconsin show that people voted on the issue at hand not the Nov. Presidential election. About 1/3 of the people who voted for Walker’s position said they will vote for President Obama in Nov. Anyone who tries to draw long term conclusions from the activity of the stock market is delusional. Your enthusiasim is due to the algorithms of a computer not the God given wisdom of the Republican party. See ya!

  41. j. sadler June 9, 2012

    I am lucky to live in a place that has rather excellent police protection. But we could still use a few more cops. Fire and rescue are a different issue. They have good response times but once in a while rescue gets a bit backed up. As for teachers we really need to have tighter credentials and accept teachers only from the better universities. The typical teacher is pretty good but still somewhat limited. For example many teachers parrot back what they were taught and have never looked upon source documents . There is also much new knowledge in both the arts and sciences. Sadly this means each student will need an ever mounting body of knowledge just to be adequate. For example computer software at the deepest levels requires forms of math that most graduates have never even heard of. At this point we probably need two years of calculus just to justify any high school diploma. Really that means that a diligent student, from a good and stable home, without issues, probably will normally fail in a proper high school environment. We are going towards the origins of the “high” school where only the mentally elite could pass. Those with more mundane minds will simply have no real place in this world no matter how much we wish it was not true.

  42. Michael Stoll June 9, 2012

    This is incredible disinformation . Just like Obama is doing in his attack ads this article is spreading disinformation on the tone of romney’s comments . He said some of that to refute Obama’s claim ( Blame card ) that congress should act to pass a new SPENDING bill so Obama can SPEND more mnoney and hire more Public Union memebers . !st5 Public safety employees should be hired and at a premium , the way you can do that without increased SPENDING and TAXING , would be to do what Walker did in Wisconsin and bring Public Union pensions pay and benefits somewhat in line with what is customary in the Private sector . You know the people who actually pay taxes that support the Public Unions who make more them thme and get pensions those who are paying their salaries don’t enjoy . That savings could then be used to hire more Police and fire and walla . Meanwhile you have Obama who sounds like a 5th grader when he’s talking about the economy Europe and what would work here .And Liberals think he is smart ???Obozo then went on to say that the” Private Sector is doing fine “and you people are troubled by what Romney correctly stated in response ??? Really ? talk about out of touch with common folk . This BOZO has been to more fundraisers with 1%er Liberals who are spending 35,000 a plate and has had more of them in 1 yr then Bush had in 8 Yrs . No wonder he doesn’t know whats going on in Europe . Dude doesn’t work he just goes to fundraisers and palys Golf . talk about out of touch

    1. Hillbilly June 9, 2012

      So you think Obama is out of touch because he doesn’t know what is going on in Europe well Michael he knows a lot more about what is going on in Europe than Romney does and he definitely knows what is going on in this country regards to the people that aren’t millionaires and billionaires a lot more than Romney Knows or will ever know about the majority of the people in this country. As for his fund raising he is doing the same thing that Bush2 did from 2001 -2008 as have all past presidents Talking about fund raising when Romney has one the people that go to them pay $50, 000 a plate and if they want to shake his hand or talk to him they have to pay more. Also we knew what he meant when he said the private sector is doing fine but you didn’t , must get your news from the Republicans favorite TV news network, Fox.. It meant the private sector is coming back like it needs to do to improve the economy and create the jobs that the Rich were suppose to do when Bush2 cut their taxes in 2001 and again in 2003 but the rich didn’t create any jobs nor did the rich corporations that he gave a tax holiday to 2004 so they could bring money into the country they had invested in other countries or hidden in the banks of other countries without paying any taxes on it. That tax free money went to the pockets of the owners of the corporations and their top shareholders, not all shareholders just the top ones and not one job was created from that tax free money and one of the people that gained money from the tax free holiday is the present Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Also Walker did not bring the public union employees pension funds and health care on level of the private sector when he destroyed their right to have a union negotiate for them, the union had already agreed to the increase on the employees part to pay for more their health insurance and into their pension funds all Walker did was what the corporations owned by the millionaires in Wisconsin bought him to do or didn’t you see the film clip where a woman that owns a roofing manufacturing corporation and has more money than she could spend in 3 lifetimes ask him him would do something about the unions and he told her he already had a plan for that, he would divide and conquer the unions, he said this before he was elected and the corporation the woman owned wrote him a big campaign check afterward their talk. So she and others like her own Walker in many people’s opinion.

    2. ClydeMcWhorter June 9, 2012

      macheal stupman,111

      you are bright,and intelgent. You just keep listoning to the lies that Rip Momney is telling. Rip is the biggest liar in the history of thecountry, he has said sh** about everything, then said something different about the same thing. Even when he is caught lying he does not say he mispoke or made a MISTAKE OR ANYTHING wrong. wake up

    3. tifosies June 9, 2012

      We’ll see. imo the debates can’t come soon enough, and we’ll see how Romney plans to pay for all his (Ryan Plan) taxcuts for the wealthy.

  43. Sheila Smith June 9, 2012

    Once again the mitten has shown his total disconnect and understanding about the basics. Our teachers should get combat pay and there are not enough of them to do it all. Considering the number of families that have lost their homes and the untold number of children displaced by a crisis set in motion by another ignorant Republican, teachers have to do more damage control to help these struggling children with their emotions before they can learn the three “R’s”.

    Less firemen and policemen! Everyday, both lose their life fighting for the safety of all citizens. The crime rate has risen and so has the arson rate. To cut the number of firemen and policemen puts the life of the remaining few to do more with less. Less in this case means more police officers and firemen will die fighting for their communities.

    Mitt, go back to Michigan before you hurt more people with your stupidity. I live in MI and we locals don’t like you either

    Sheila Smith

  44. ClydeMcWhorter June 9, 2012

    Romomney doesn’t hate people, cops,firemen, or teachers! He is Mormon and he is going to be a God in the next life. He is distined to be president (a god) in the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven. It Says so in the Book of Mormon . If what I say is not true tell us where I am wrong.

  45. faye June 9, 2012

    I wont to see wonder boy republican Romney get us out of this sh1t that republican Bush got us in that’s right republican ,,you rich republicans get mad when you say Bush’s name lol you republicans know who lad the rod up our a$$ BUSH ,republicans picked anther looser to run,, we have no one to blame but ourselves. EVERYONE MUST VOTE!! Obama!!!

  46. tr7fan June 9, 2012

    this kind of talk is not very good for his hope of winning the presidency. of course i look at it as the lesser of two evils . im pretty

  47. Shirley June 9, 2012

    My name is Mint Wrongly and I want to be President. I will say or do whatever it takes with whatever audience it takes at the time. Fox News will back me up, because we know those folks who watch it don’t watch any other channel for news. I am safe, so I will spew lies, distort my record and run down the President. They will all applaud and even if they have a teacher, firefighter, or policeman in their family who loses a job, I will blame it on President Obama and they will believe me, because they are brain dead.

  48. jlelandthomas June 9, 2012

    Romney would rather let us have fewer cops so they can have an excuse to kill more innocent people and get away with it the firemen I don’t know much about but those unions are killing us with the pay rates they want and get plus never being satisfied with what they have the ones that need more money like mechanics and other non union public workers do not get it. No wonder people are angry the ones that actually earn their money and do work for it are cheated out of it the teachers need to be added as do work under threat every day the parents are not taking time with their kids and teaching them what is right and what is wrong so the teachers have to try and do it under stressful conditions as their power is very limited as what they are allowed to do with the ones that won’t mind and theirs parents lie about them being trouble maker’s and turn them lose on us .Obama is at least half way to the point I think he will get their where Romney ignores the facts and does not care as he has paid aids at his side and always has his money his comfort .He even sends American jobs out of the country so he pays a lot less he does not care about us at all his track record shows that he does not care about his country at all and allows way for the big business man to get away with a lot more than ever one else just like Bush left us in dept with problems that would run us further in dept and take a long time for us to climb out they see us as use less worms in a bucket when then get finished using us.

  49. nomaster June 9, 2012

    Maybe he always wanted to be a fireman or a policeman but was two rich to stoop so low. Them nasty public employees always milking the system. He sure likes to imitate police officers. Guess it holds true to style; Romney, the great pretender or flip flopper.

  50. catlady53 June 9, 2012

    Romney just does not get it. We, the teachers, firemen, policewomen, etc., we are the people that Obama is watching out for; we are holding the jobs that he would be laying off. I doubt whether he would lay off his children’s nannies and his household servants. He and his wife (neither of them have ever served anyone, including the public) are and have always been doubly rich and never had to seriously budget whether they buy milk and bread or medicine for the kids that week. Never did they have to just “make do” on what is left in the cupboard for a meal. We the Peopole, do get it and we get him.

  51. ivory69690 June 9, 2012

    what should happen is romney the anti-christ house should catch fire and he should get some one to put a 9 mm in his face and be robed and car jacked . and any one there protecting him at the time get shot . then he might think that those ppl. help . and if not then as his house burns with him in it screaming out the window for help. there should be firemen and police men sitting there and saying cant help you anti-christ . for you realy dont need us as you have said .

  52. ivory69690 June 9, 2012

    the real you anti-christ romney is a coward lil punk that can only beat up andf cut kids hair when you have ppl. helping you and holding down ppl. you punk . get ur police suit on and go pull over some ppl. and mayber on will have a gun and add a 9mm shot to ur enpty head

  53. kane June 9, 2012

    Travel across the Midwest, South, and Southwest where they have recently had severe storms, tornadoes and wildfires, and explain to the people in these communities that what they need is fewer firefighters.

    Travel along Appalachia down to Florida where the increase in crime related to the growing number of pill-mills is taxing state and local resources, and tell voters there that laying off more police officers is a good idea.

    Travel across the country and tell parents that the answer to our education challenges is to layoff teachers and increase the student-teacher ratio.

    Good luck with that.

  54. Craig Hersha June 9, 2012

    We need firefighters and teachers!

  55. Rhiannon West June 9, 2012

    Mitt Romney and the republicans, the party of lean back

  56. Lynda June 9, 2012

    Wishing that government would just go away is no substitute for figuring out how to run it. So far Mitt has failed to put forth a reasonable plan for doing just that. Claiming Obama this and that is not a plan of governance. Standing against public servants is certainly not a good way to start the conversation. Trying to conflate the vote in Wisconsin as a clear message that real Americans don’t want fireman, police and teachers is just plain nuts. Mitt’s crack staff needs to put their heads together and get control of Mitt’s mouth before anymore damage is done. Obama handed him a great opportunity and as usual Mitt missed the opportunity to exploit that opportunity.

  57. jerder June 9, 2012

    Nearly every community and school in the United States has cut teaching staff, closed schools so there are still less teaching staff and classrooms in the last five years in order to try and save money and revenue. And this is helped American families how? Let’s see. . .cutting teaching staff has created large unmanageable classrooms, made it harder or nearly impossible for teachers to help children with learning disabilities, who struggle in certain subjects like Math and English, and has also forced many states to cut pre- K programs, after school programs that provide a safe haven for children whose parent work and a place to do school work, and to reduce full day kindergarten programs back to part day. Tens of thousands of teachers nationwide are already paying more expenses out of pocket for art supplies etc. as states have also cut back on monies for supplies. By cutting more teachers and continuing to increase classroom size, as a result, the existing teachers will be paying more out of pocket to provide enough additional supplies like pencils and paper for students. Thousands of teachers have already quit their jobs and changed careers because their wages have stagnated and most states do not allow teachers to receive unemployment during the summer, so that they struggle to care for their own families during the summer recess.

    By cutting teachers, fireman, and police officers, the public at large would be put at risk, violent crime and crimes against women and children would escalate, especially in larger urban areas. Property crimes, and drug crimes would escalate, as there would be decreased response time due to not enough police.

    Without enough fireman and other first responders, like EMT personnel, fewer children and adults could be gotten out of burning houses or cars so that death and severe burns would increase, and houses would burn to the ground because there would not be enough firemen and women to put the fire out in a timely manner. In addition, there would not be enough first responders to reach fires in large apartment complexes, hotels, and office buildings.

    And where would this country have been on 9/11 without enough access to local firemen, police, and ambulances, and emergency personnel from other cities and states, to assist?

    The republican party should be ashamed to embrace Mitt Romney as the man to represent their party as a presidential candidate.

  58. sandyswalker June 9, 2012


    1. rmarqua2921 June 9, 2012

      I am glad you turned Republican! With your ideas you fit right in! Wouldn’t want you ideas in my party! What you advocate I believe is called plutocracy, not democracy! In case you don’t know, plutocracy is “a government or state in which the wealthy class rules.” So if you prefer plutocracy over democracy! Sorry, that is not the American way! BTW a great country for you would be Russia! A well known and famous plutocracy! Don’t have to worry about unions there!

  59. Jonny Dancer June 9, 2012

    Another DIMITT idea to destroy the middle class!

  60. Ida Thompson June 9, 2012

    does he not think teachers and firemen are people. he is such a phony i cannot believe he is being allowed to run for president. that i a serious job not just a play job for a rich guy.

  61. labman57 June 9, 2012

    If conservatives had their way, these services (education, police, fire) would all be privatized … and, of course, be provided at a profit-generating cost to the public.

    1. wipster June 9, 2012

      You hit it on the nose… remember RoboCop? Well it’s all possible and if Newt Romney gets selected, it may happen quicker than we all think. After all, with Mitt’s business experience, he’ll lay every government employee off to save costs (except military… that gives us our value), package the whole country up, and sell us to China, with the money (after the debt payoff, unless we declare bankruptcy) all going into the hands of the bankers and Repuglicans… the Dems will all be in jail after declared terrorists for threatening to impose Keynesian economics, which to the Repugs is worse than sharia law. Maybe he’ll declare war on Cuba so he’ll have a place to send them all… Guantanamo will fill up fast.

  62. cheeseheadinzion June 9, 2012

    What an asshat.

    Romney may have his own police force – and his kids can afford private education – but what happens if his house burns?

    What an idiot.

  63. RodgerMitchell June 9, 2012

    Bringing down federal deficits, whether fast or in a “steady, sensible way,” is stupid. There is absolutely no reason to cut federal deficits. Period.

    Is there anyone out there who actually believes the federal government will run out of dollars? Does anyone really believe the federal government won’t be able to pay its bills?

    The federal government is different from you and me. We can run short of money. The states, counties and cities and businesses can run short of money. The federal government absolutely, positively cannot run short of dollars.

    If you don’t understand the differences between Monetary Sovereignty and monetary non-sovereignty, please stop writing articles. You only make a fool of yourself.

    Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

  64. ord June 9, 2012

    Well Gov. Romney, you just proved my point, you are a raving idiot!

  65. William Cunningham June 10, 2012

    I just want to know is Mitt going to get up all Hours of the Morning to the Crying of someone one needing help, us as Volunteer FireFighters & Carrier Police and Firefighters do this.
    The Teachers who Teach our Childern & Adults are a needed crew for the future of America.
    We are one of the Biggest Group’s of American workers.
    This is what we do and have been doing long before you & the rest of the Elected officals have been around, so I would be putting my so called mind working extra hard to finding other ways of getting us out of this situtation which has been happening long before the President was elected but gets the Blame., I’m hoping the American people can see through the Somke Screen & Give President Obama another 4 Years.

  66. Rich Heckmann June 10, 2012

    There is a point I would like to make to all my progressive colleagues. I share some of the emotion of Gov. Walker’s supporters while completely rejecting our current right wing Republicanism.
    The public sector, on the whole, receives benefit, including pension packages that those who work for private industry don’t come close to getting. They are also upset that they have to pay for these packages with their hard earned tax dollars. Please don’t forget this. It is a valid issue.

    1. wipster June 10, 2012


      I understand what you’re saying, but consider, private industry used to have these benefits, and they have slowly been stripped away from us because we chose not to have the protection of unions. Yes, some of the benefits that the public sector has, like insurance and pensions, are far superior now to what the private sector has, but it didn’t used to be like that… it started almost to the day that Reagan took office and screwed the air traffic controllers.

      So what is the option? Should everyone be forced to have the lowest common denominator or should we be fighting to get those benefits back for everyone again? All of those benefits have been stripped away so that Romney and his ilk, plus the CEO’s, and the bankers, and the wall streeters make 50 times more than they did back in 1981. Slowly but surely we’ve seen the benefits that unions help win for us be stripped away in order to “make more money for the shareholders this quarter.” Well they better start worrying about the stakeholders and people who buy the crap now built in China, where they’ve never known benefits so they’re loving $10 a day. The only thing we make now is weapons and now that Cheney has started the War on Terrorism that can never end and that’s just the Military Industrial Complex wants it… we didn’t heed Ike’s warning and look where it’s got us.

  67. Jeffrey Whipple June 10, 2012

    What an Ass…spoiled rotten little rich kid that has no idea what is going on in 99% of American homes…

    1. CAThinker June 11, 2012

      And in the schools. I thought is was funny as hell when he went to a high performing elementary school to pretend to be interested and said something about bigger class sizes being better… A teacher called him out on it… A good example, one of many, why Mitt doesn’t get it… I wonder what the teacher/student ratios were in the schools he was in and the schools he sent his kids to? But that’s just the tip of the ice berg of being out of touch… And he had the nerve to say that Obama was out of touch… Sheeesh…

  68. solver63 June 10, 2012

    I’m going to stop being adult and “politically” correct and call all GOPTEA Pols. and voters what they are – Scumbags and retards – The former is a no brainer, the latter is a have no brains-err. FOX and 30 second spot ads “politically” educated morons.

  69. old coco June 11, 2012

    The college men who were Veterans of WW2 put our country with inventors,scientists,teachers,as the best place in the world. America had homes and education for everyone.Next we will hear Romney
    saying “let them eat cake” We had polio vaccine for everybody and that was wiping out a dreaded
    disease in this country….next AIDS vaccine can do the same…Mitt just does not understand logical
    results from the past.

  70. mellie20 June 11, 2012

    it’s about time a politician came clean and told the truth to the american people. we can no longer continue to pay fire fighters and police officers very cushiony salaries – which essentially amounts to socialized welfare – on the theory that they have some kind of skill set (yawn) that cannot be readily duplicated by others, meanwhile they work so few shits per week, that at least in nj, it is not at all uncommon for your typical fire fighter or police officer to have a second job and sometimes even a part-time 3rd job. why not when you only work two days during the week, and have that time isn’t really spent doing much of anything. this is nothing more than socialized, hidden welfare to folks that without public jobs, don’t have the smarts or talent to really succeed. covered up welfare so that these mostly men can support their children. what a joke.

    1. winterfrdiscontent June 22, 2012

      that’s a discouraging and offensive comment to make. public safety workers and teachers, like soldiers, sign their names on the dotted line knowing in dispensing with duty, some cracker with a gun may kill them, a structure burning out of control a firefighter will run in to find civilians; because parents don’t discipline their children well, teachers must put up with saucy, disrepectful, and at times, downright intimidating hoodlums in a classroom — and socialized welfare is the insensitive comment made.

      how about we address corporate welfare. corporations — banking, big oil, pharma, agribusiness — all making record profits, even during a recession with millions upon billions, getting government subsidies via our tax payer dollars. if there was ever welfare, it would be that …

  71. Kay Van Houten June 12, 2012


  72. Blue June 12, 2012

    I guess Mitt Romney would rather that individuals like: George Zimmerman, were the ones patrolling the streets and neighborhoods of all the American towns, cities, in the entire USA, rather than actual trained police, firefighters and all first responders, along w/volunteer teachers, nurses, and all service personnel associated with our health care system.

  73. Sharon Penland-Mace June 18, 2012

    Sorry, Mitt, handsome doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to make sense in these hard economic times. I was vacillating until I heard you make these statements. That’s the best you can come up with? Cut the jobs and/or pay of people who protect us from fires and crime and those who teach our children? What is wrong with this man? With all these Republicans?

  74. charles holloway June 24, 2012

    an educated fool


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