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Romney’s Former Classmate: Mitt ‘Kind Of A Jerk’ [Video]

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Romney’s Former Classmate: Mitt ‘Kind Of A Jerk’ [Video]


As the Mitt Romney bullying controversy continues to escalate, the Romney campaign is apparently asking his former classmates to step forward and defend the Republican candidate.

They shouldn’t bother with Michael Barone, however. In a video uncovered by Buzzfeed‘s Andrew Kaczynski, the former Cranbrook student (and current conservative pundit and American Enterprise Institute fellow) says that he can’t take Romney seriously, because he remembers him as “kind of a jerk.”

Although, as one of Barone’s fellow panelists notes, at least he’s consistent about it.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Michael Morris May 11, 2012

    Mitt is still a jerk.

    1. ChowT May 21, 2012

      And Jerking now

    2. marya May 24, 2012

      His only consistency.

  2. middleclasstaxpayer May 11, 2012

    Try quoting the gentleman IN FULL, not printing only what you WANT to hear!

    1. CPANY May 11, 2012

      Mittens isn’t only a jerk, he’s an elitist prick.

    2. Sal N May 11, 2012

      What more do you Know? Get us the rest of this quote,(Paul Harvy)

  3. majong13 May 11, 2012

    I will not vote for Romney, but I think we all did stupid things when we were 14 years old. I will not vote for him because he’s part of the 1% and will never understand the rest of us.

    1. Jon May 12, 2012

      Well, the fact everyone is dredging this up is because once it leaked in the media the pro-Romneys’ waved it off as nothing of significance, that it was the past when he was (literally) a h.s. bully and that libs are fools to make fun of him over it YET they can’t stop ragging about Obama’s dog eating incident that took place when he was (literally) a child. Though two wrongs doesn’t make a right, tit for tat is perfectly acceptable. It may not put both slurs to bed but it shows that nobody is perfect and those who thinks ANOTHER Pub will rescue us shouldn’t assume that Mittens is the exception to that rule.

      1. majong13 May 12, 2012

        I agree!

      2. marya May 24, 2012

        Only vegetarians get to be outraged over Obama’s dog-eating. Beef after all, cow, a sweet, harmless animal who never did anything but give us milk for our strong bones and teeth. So what do we do in return? Kill them, chop them up in various ways, cook and eat them.

        1. DurdyDawg May 25, 2012

          Don’t just weep over the cow (which to me, eating ‘baby’ beef is even worse) but all animals and creatures that we consume that don’t eat us first. Meanwhile, as a food source, we utterly destroyed the buffalo in order to starve out a people.

          1. Benito August 14, 2012

            … and don’t forget the passenger pigeon – the most numerous animal in the Americas – which you Americans slaughtered right down to the very last one! They were so numerous that the sun was blotted out from horizon to horizon, and now, not even a feather . . .

      3. muggsmcginnis September 4, 2012

        Obama’s record as President is the worse and he cannot point out any good thing from it! So smear and destroy Romney like he did to Hillary and McCain and all his other opponents from the past! Obama and the Democrats are no good!

    2. marya May 24, 2012

      And he lied about an event involving him, to his detriment, that only a sociopath wouldn’t remember.

    3. sophiathursday1st July 13, 2012

      If Barack Obama’s citizenship can be questioned after he produced a birth certificate that confirms he was born in Hawaii, and even the Republican Governor of that state confirm that all his birth related documents are in order; Romney’s finances are too. Saying that he does not know where his $250M investment is requires a leap of faith bigger than McCain not knowing how many houses he owns. Owning “shell” companies in Bermuda that are often nothing more than a POB, laundering money to the Cayman Islands and Switzerland to avoid paying taxes, submitting documents to the SEC showing he was the CEO and then saying he was not responsible for the outsourcings recommended by Bain Capital are more than disturbing, some of these things border on criminal activities.

    4. muggsmcginnis September 4, 2012

      Mitt Romney is part of the Moral Majority which will speak loud and clear on November 6th! Your 1% propaganda is another lying Democommunistcrat fabricated talking point!

  4. Raoul May 11, 2012

    I am afraid we may all say the same thing soon!

  5. TSO May 11, 2012

    His character hasn’t changed in 50 years! Still a jerk.

    1. ChowT May 21, 2012

      Leopard never loses its spots!

  6. sheilab2 May 11, 2012

    Willard sure has selective memory. He can remember all of his shady Bain transactions but not this cruel event. I call this more than just a high school hi jinks prank. I call it evidence of a basic cruel streak, ie., strapping his dog on the roof of his car until the poor thing got sick. He is such a liar-trying to make us think that he and wifey-poo raised those 5 kids without help. No nannies, no housecleaners, no gardeners, no laudresses, etc. What a crock of horse apples. He was a draft doger as well during the Vietnam war. Preferred sashaying off to Franch to try to persuade people to accept the magic underwear gold plates religion. Willard, I hope you lose big time and just can go back to riding up and down in your car elevator and counting your money.

    1. noelle99 May 11, 2012

      I couldn’t agree with you more. He is a used car salesman who has never driven a used car.

    2. Linda Sampson Rotella June 12, 2012

      And his five sons are draftdodgers in IRAQ

      1. jim July 11, 2012

        Not a Romney supporter at all, but let’s stick to facts, please. I’m not sure what country you’re referring to, but there’s been no draft in play in the US for many, many years…

        1. sophiathursday1st July 13, 2012


        2. Bozo August 8, 2012

          Dodgers in respect of finding ways to be in the military fringes without going anywhere out of the country or danger.

        3. LVSUNSHINE September 26, 2012

          Jim, I think that she was referring to Mitt being a draft dodger since he went to France to get exempt from the draft and not one of his sons has volunteered to serve their country.

      2. sophiathursday1st July 13, 2012

        YOU MEAN IRAN NOT IRAQIf Barack Obama’s citizenship can be questioned after he produced a birth certificate that confirms he was born in Hawaii, and even the Republican Governor of that state confirm that all his birth related documents are in order; Romney’s finances are too. Saying that he does not know where his $250M investment is requires a leap of faith bigger than McCain not knowing how many houses he owns. Owning “shell” companies in Bermuda that are often nothing more than a POB, laundering money to the Cayman Islands and Switzerland to avoid paying taxes, submitting documents to the SEC showing he was the CEO and then saying he was not responsible for the outsourcings recommended by Bain Capital are more than disturbing, some of these things border on criminal activities.

        1. libsbite August 22, 2012

          you mean like obammies buddies. Heck even obammie says he was born in kenya. His book says so? so where do you get this demen crap stuff from?

          1. Woodrow_Wilson_Smith August 23, 2012

            Gee, “Obammie” doesn’t sound like a racial epithet at all!

          2. De Gray August 24, 2012

            His book never stated that. A publicists for the publishing company either embellished this, or didn’t know her clients well enough! It’s funny, question about where he was born is all you guys imagine you have on him. Good luck in November!

          3. Bill Vdy August 30, 2012

            WE won”t need luck . WE have the guts to do!! not just say we”ll do! Oh by the way his birth certificate is
            in kenya with his brother george.

          4. LVSUNSHINE September 26, 2012

            Oh Billy Boy! Look at the Polls!! Romney is going down! Even Ryan called Romney a Stench!! Does that mean Romney stinks????
            OH Well!!!!

          5. Cecil B August 26, 2012

            Have someone re-read the book TO you. Then let them explain what they read. Maybe then, just maybe…

          6. FredAllen1941 September 3, 2012


          7. Jerry Lissman March 10, 2013


          8. LVSUNSHINE September 26, 2012

            Libs-it, I read the book and YOU are full of crap!!! Get educated, you are letting your ignorance show!

          9. brotherscoe October 7, 2012

            Looks like you’ve been caught in another white lie.

          10. adler56 October 20, 2012

            No retards like you needed in this country. Hit the road moron.

          11. Linda October 21, 2012

            Get your facts straight Romoney-lover, if you are so gullible to believe the sicko conspiracy theorists lies of the GOP, then you must really love Romoney’s shady deals too.

          12. shaun dalton October 23, 2012

            “This demen crap stuff” Well my friend, probably more reliable sources than you get your information. Obama was born in Hawaii, not Kenya. Who says otherwise is a moron, and by your command of the English language at lack of utilising facts, it seems so are you.

          13. Jim October 26, 2012

            One wonders who is paying you to be a troll? We all know any Republican can be bought, and as a matter of fact, all of them have been bought by their billionaire buddies. You’re probably trolling because you have no friends and no life. Why don’t you get one and quit talking bad about people who are more intelligent than you are?

          14. empaty1 November 9, 2012

            dear libsbite: “Obammie” book does not say he was born in Kenya. You never read the book. If you had a title would you care if people respected you?

          15. Annemb November 28, 2012

            sophiathursday1st’s post is accurate.

            President Obama was born in Hawaii, not in Kenya. BTW, where did you glean this misinformation from?

        2. brotherscoe September 24, 2012

          Rommney has did nothing now to stimulate jobs in this country. In regards to Obama birth certificae ,if you tell a lie long enough you can make yourself belive it. Confusion and uncertainty about obamas birth, is racist and aimed at making him be an “unqualified black” a term used generally, against blacks or”over qualified” for the job when companies want to hire certain people. Obama is the poster boy against ny change against the status quo, that profits enormously from our misery.


        3. David Matoke November 15, 2012

          Romney, the man lost many many votes when he refused to produce his tax returns and likening his taxes to those of John Kerry’s wife. What a shame! Take my word for it should be his middle name. Those returns might be mixed up in his binders.

      3. libsbite August 22, 2012

        like obamma. heck he wasn’t even born in this country according to his own book.

      4. libsbite August 22, 2012

        Linda you are a stupid bitch. there is no draft.

        1. Alex Comnenus September 28, 2012

          Libsbite you are a stupid something asshole bitch take your pick. I feel bad for MYSELF that I have to breathe the same air as you racist republicans

          1. libsbite September 29, 2012

            alex you ass dripping fag. you should feel bad about yourself sucking the life out of other people because either your to stupid to work or just lazy. lazy good for nothing libtards. What i don’t understand is why don’t all those abortions reduce your populations. your like herpes always coming back.

      5. Tom September 3, 2012

        There is no draft, Linda. Way to be on your facts.

      6. wayne September 24, 2012

        There was no draft during the Iraq war. Get a clue.

        1. BDD1951 October 8, 2012

          And that’s too bad. If there had been a draft, then we wouldn’t have had these wars. Congress wouldn’t want their children fighting in a war.

      7. letmeeatcake November 18, 2012

        and compare with Internet photos of young obama who dresses as if he grew up in iraq.

    3. libsbite August 22, 2012

      are you talking about obammie. Heck no one even know where he went to college? NO IDEA WHERE HE CAME FROM.

    4. libsbite September 29, 2012

      don’t you know its unkind to make fun of religion, just ask the muslim in chief. He gives special rights to islam. so stuff your ass with that. what has obama gave to use . he has taken 26 vacations aready for a tune of 1.6 billions dollars paid from me because you are a dead beat libtard.

    5. MoForBO November 5, 2012

      Wow, Sheila, I’m with you that his prank is cruel and awful, but disgusted that you attack his religion – and mine. What’s the difference between calling my religion the “magic underwear and gold plates religion” and Catholicism the “Pope and wine religion” or Islam the “towelhead and terror” religion? You need to put your bigotry card back in your wallet instead of flashing it around so proudly.

    6. David Matoke November 15, 2012

      Thank you. Thank you. You nailed it in the head.

    7. David Matoke November 15, 2012

      Don’t forget the $5000.00 he paid walmart to fool mericans that he had influenced his supporters to buy items for Sandy victims when it was money out of his pocket. And please don’t forget the$25,000.00 he spent to buy victory fireworks for Nov.6TH evening. He was counting on your vote&mine. We had him fooled real good!!!

    8. letmeeatcake November 18, 2012

      clinton had shady whitewater tranactions, was a draft dodger, and he was a jerk. so what? are only democrats allowed to be shady draft dodging jerks? obama has never served this country; in either the military or in office.

    9. Annemb November 28, 2012

      Yes, it’s selective Romnesia!

    10. Sierra111 April 24, 2013

      As much as I don’t like Romney, he drew a high number in the draft. The next step for him was to go to dangerous France and risk his life among the French people (this was according to his campaign’s TV biography that came out during his presidential campaign). How dumb can his campaign get for even saying that!

  7. Angel J. Perea May 11, 2012

    KEEPING IT THOUGTHFULLY HONEST: All 14 boys including myself can be immature at times, but most of us do not behave as jerks or bullies with others that are less weak than us! And it is even truer in our high school days which all of us well remember the good, bad and ugly! This guy according to reports was a character without character! Mr. flip flop Romney has been caught in another of his etch sketch moments which started quite early in life!

  8. Geronimo Schmidt May 11, 2012

    So Mitt was a jerk in High School and Obama ate dog in Indonesia.
    What do those issues have to do the ability of running the most powerful country in the world?

    Let us focus on the issues and policies proposed to solve them.
    I was also a jerk and an slacker in High School and I think I turn out quite well in time.

    1. joyscarbo May 13, 2012

      Ahhh! But, Geronimo, YOU OPENLY ADMIT you were a jerk and a slacker!! You regret having been a slacker and a jerk. The fact that you turned out well is testiment to your having learned the lessons of why it’s not productive nor good to be a jerk and a slacker. This shows growth of your character and conscience.

      Mitt Romney won’t openly admit that he did anything. Who really forgets that they participated in phsyically restraining a person and cutting off their hair?! This is an action that has been freely admitted by the four other cohorts who participated. Every man remembers this act in great detail and every man expresses genuine remorse for their cruel and immature actsions. Everyone, that is, except for Mitt Romney. I would feel very differently if Mitt followed suit and agreed with his former classmates about the inappropriatness of his actions and expressed guilt and remorse. Mitt’s distancing himself from this makes me seriously question his basic sense of right and wrong. This is not someone who learns from mistakes. It suggests he is fatally flawed in both character and conscience. The only other reasoning is that Mitt thinks what he did was okay and he has no reason to feel remorse or guilt. Either way, he’s not worthy of the office of president.

  9. Bigspender May 11, 2012

    Mitt’s former buddies remember his as “kind of a jerk”. Some thinks don’t ever seem to change, do they?

  10. Mary Beth McDonald May 11, 2012

    Romney was 18-an adult.

  11. Sidney R Smith May 11, 2012

    Once a jerk always a jerk.

    1. Don Alfera May 11, 2012

      A person can’t vote for this person only because you don’t know who is pulling his strings. He has no real inner value system, only just to be the elite of the elite. He has no knowledge of real people trying to make ends meet each month and try and plan for what future we can. He is anything but consistant, his faith teaches him to be part of the community, help and develop the community. He does that, just in his own little community that has nothing to do with the rest of us in the country. The only thing about what he did as a kid is that he never changed his behavior. He still treats people that he dislikes with distain and very hurtful means. Now he uses money to crush people and destroy them behind the scenes, before as a kid he used physical means to crush people. Either way, he is the same person. His faith was not strong enough to teach his heart.

      1. catball July 14, 2012

        Yes ! We all have seen plenty of string pulling from the Bush admin. Geo. W was just a puppet. Cheney and Carl Rowe were really running the country. Have you ever looked at W’s work record? Everything he ever did fell apart including owning the Texas Rangers. Daddy always had to bail him out. He went to college to be a cheerleader.

  12. joyscarbo May 11, 2012

    Let me preface this with I do not like Romney and I think he’s a sorry example of what is supposed to be the BEST of the republican party…but…

    I’m not too impressed with this sound bite. I am the only sister to 3 brothers. Each one was a jerk in his own way when they were around the age of 14. I really don’t care about Mitt being like any other 14 year old boys. It’s a non-issue and this sound bite is not compelling in the least.

    Lets get to the MEAT of Mitt….he has a mountain of character flaws that are evidenced by his words and actions. Lets focus on that.

    1. georgia51 May 11, 2012

      But Mitt was 17 or 18, not 14, when this happened. What bothers me the most is him saying he doesn’t remember the incident and laughing about it. Either he is not being truthful when he says he doesn’t remember or these “pranks” were so common place for him and the individuals so insignificant that they weren’t important enough for him to pay attention or remember them. Obviously he didn’t reflect on his behavior even as an adult or he would be showing some remorse for his behavior and not dismiss it as a prank. It shows me that he is so arrogant and feels so privileged that rules and standards of conduct and decent behavior to those “beneath” him don’t apply. Just like the incidents with the dog on the roof, it shows Mitt to lack empathy. Not a good characteristic.

      1. joyscarbo May 12, 2012

        I think you misunderstood me. I was only commenting on what the classmate of Mitt said about him when he was 14. That sound bite is just a sound bite.

        I agree with you wholeheartedly about Mitt’s behavior in high school. It was a full out assault on a young man who was “different” than him. Four other students who participated in this barbaric act remember it VIVIDLY and openly express their remorse and guilt for comitting such an act. The fact that old Mitty tries to convince the general public that he doesn’t remember participating in this heinous act of bullying is showing how bereft of character this wealthy ass truly is.

        It’s true that many of us, as teens, stupidly comitted acts that didn’t demonstrate decenency of conscience or character. We learn from our own cowardly and unkind actions- that’s what builds character and moral conscience. I know I did. I didn’t bully anyone as a teen but I did do somethings that I’m not proud of and I certainly don’t try to deny it!! Mitt has certainly had more than enough time to ponder his own actions and the fact that he refuses to own his actions means that he sees this country as something that is there for him to exclusively plunder for his personal gains. He has no conscience.

  13. ralphkr May 12, 2012

    OK, This would only be worth noting if Romney had been claiming to have been a model student and having been a friend of everyone when he was in high school but I don’t recall him claiming any such thing. This has no more bearing today than my friend’s recollection of another presidential candidate standing on Main Street when he was a teenager with tears running down his face (some soldier in a passing military convoy had tossed a tear gas grenade at him) and distraught because he had dropped and lost the money he had been carrying to the bank to deposit for his father.

  14. ibincuft May 12, 2012

    He did say, “…like we all were [at the age of 14].” I not a Romney supporter, but I hate to see misleading information (disinformation?) being a part of the political process at such a critical time.

  15. montanabill May 15, 2012

    Look at the selective outrage below. No amount of real facts would change any of these peoples’ closed minds. At least, Romney has a history. Our current President is the one with a really vague history and even less qualifications to be President. He’s a great campaigner as he works hard to keep everyone’s eye of the economic ball and on peripheral issues.

  16. Alison.Welles May 17, 2012

    Bullying is a sign of low self-esteem. I think I can still spot it, even now. More’s the pity, but I do not want this man as our leader.

  17. Ayaya Worenwu May 19, 2012

    That Romney was a jerk-bully in High school? Then ended up creating just 100,000 jobs the whole of his business career life. But that job number is not up to the number of jobs that America needs in one single month Mitt?

  18. ExPAVIC May 20, 2012

    Still A Jerk

    Still trying to figure out why Mittens singled out Russian President Putin as an “enemy.” Is Romney stuck in a time warp?

    This is a good indication of Mitt’s lack of expertise in foreign relations.

    So while the Nations of Islam and China have shown to be in opposition to our peaceful coexistence, we should be courting friends such as the modern Russia, to be an ally against those powers who oppose us. And, we should be doing as little as possible to piss them off and refrain from baseless inferences.

  19. ChowT May 21, 2012

    Mitt is not only a Jerk. Mitt Romney is already Jerking as a Presidential ciandidate.

  20. He remembers Rmoney as a jerk then, and he is an even bigger Jerk now! It is important to remember that sociopaths often show behavior in their formative years which includes torturing and abusing animals and bullying classmates. The man should have an exhaustive psychological examination and get treatment, NOT run for office or be allowed to head a corporation. His actions at Bain Capital show a continued mean streak, or at the very least a callous indifference to the effects of his actions on the people who worked at the companies he sucked dry and the negative effects their planned bankruptcies caused the communities in which they were located.

  21. fontalys May 22, 2012

    Romney neologism: The new Mitt Romney football play is a tackle whereby 2 linebackers
    tackle a spectator with long hair and hold him down on the field while Mitt Romney cuts off
    his hair with a pair of garden shears.

  22. coraktp May 23, 2012

    Why is it, all the Republicans can come up with are candidates with the ethics and character of sewer sludge??? The idea of Mittens – I love DurdyDawg’s nickname for him-, that sorry excuse of a human being sitting in the white house makes me want to puke. Every time I see that other sorry excuse for a human being, McCain, blathering on with some stupid right wing nonsense, it makes me almost get down on my knees in gratitude that idiot didn’t win in 2008. Unfortunately, the Republican swine candidate made it in 2000 and now that I think about it, Daddy Bush wasn’t known for his upstanding character or compassion either. Then there was Ronnie Ray Gun’s Iran/Contra lawbreaking and letting Ollie North take the fall for taking orders from the President – that’s character for you. Richard Nixon and Watergate. Good God, where do they get these creeps!

  23. jack May 28, 2012

    Finally everything is coming out in the forefront. He bullied while @ Bain maintaing his ‘bullied’ nature from his HS to College to his adult life. He is attempting to bullied into the WH. American citizens have known him enough. They will not fall into his disastrous politics – aided and abetted by Koch brothers and ricketti Ricetts.

  24. Margaret Wright June 8, 2012

    nothing changed, once a jerk always a jerk

    1. ChowT September 19, 2012

      and jerking.

  25. Karen Brown June 11, 2012

    Honestly, not remembering it is more disturbing than claiming it and simply apologizing. After all, most of us WOULD remember being involved in such a thing…unless it was such a typical, every day thing that it just blended in with all the other times he did such things, so it didn’t stick out. So, which is it, you did it, can’t simply deny it, so doing the Reagan defense of ‘can’t remember’ (without the excuses of age and Alzeheimer’s to explain why), or you were a serial bully and so cruel that such an event doesn’t even merit remembering.

    1. Stammon56 August 6, 2012

      Or it all is a liberal lie.

  26. widollar June 11, 2012

    Mitt Romney is a very strange duck and the thought of this misfit sitting in the oval office makes me want to throw up! He is a total train wreck for America, and sadly his super PACs can probably buy the oval office for him. It that happens we are ALL in big trouble, except the one percent of course!

  27. ord July 2, 2012

    My problem is you cannot be on both sides of the line. Say one thing to conservatives and another message to Liberals. Stand on principles and have a back bone. You come off as weak. We need someone who will take on unpopular issues, and willing to take the heat
    no matter how it’s resolves.

  28. olafaux July 5, 2012

    This is our take:
    Our friend, Mitt? Mitt is a VIOLENT kid. Mitt beat up kids in them days, if they don’t look right. The Mormon “””philososososophy”””. Among the Mortal sins in the Mormon Covenant , is that BLACKS must NEVER have SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS with mormon whites; That BLACKS may never step on the mormon pulpits. SERIOUSLY! This boy loves money so bad, he goes to BAIN CAPITAL, FIRES everyone. WHITE folks BLACK folks Newly Wed folks, GRABBS the cash gives the casah to his sond & his ole lady and watch ALL OF US go bankrupt. Mitt is a bad boy. And, this is the worse: God Himself is on Mitt’s case NOW.
    God bless Amjerica!

  29. Larry July 11, 2012

    If hes elected this country will be in a total depression within a year ,maybe even something far worse,

    1. Stammon56 August 6, 2012

      We’re in a depression now. Let’s get a successful businessman in the White House. At least he can make a profit.

      1. ChowT September 19, 2012

        Businessman in the white house??? As if the mess in wall street is not enough?

  30. montanabill July 19, 2012

    High School? There isn’t a single person who went to high school where we couldn’t find one of your classmates to say something derogatory about you. This is a pretty pathetic smear attempt and really sophomoric.

  31. missdiessy July 28, 2012

    Not a Romney supporter either. I think using silly clips like this hurts your credibility. It is as bad as Romney’s campaign taking ‘you didn’t build that’ out of context. Come on, guys, keep it real and factual if you want us to pay attention.

  32. Hugh W Buckingham July 30, 2012

    Ladies and Gentlemen:
    Anyone who thinks Sarah Palin has stopped ingratiating Dick Chaney is wrong. Look what the tea bagging woman has done with the Republican senatorial primary in Texas – dispite the dizarz of Prick Rery. He likes X, while the Palin lady likes Y. The tea baggers are creeping back into the Frey, and guess who’s coming back….Rick Sanctum Sanctorum, homophobe and boy catholic. The Repubbies’ convention will be a sight to see. Little important men struggling over the administration of their clubhouse and some ladies along for the ride. The guys from the UK and the BBC will show up to report on the fireworks. T’will be swell.

  33. speedy August 6, 2012

    Come on Barack and company, be honest! What Michael Barone said is, “I remember him as “kind of a jerk, as all 14 year old boys are, me included.” If you are going to tell it, tell like it is, not how you want it to be.

  34. Doris August 8, 2012

    He has’nt changed a bit from his school days. He is still a jerk and he married the class jerkette to insure a happy marriage of privilege, entitlement and scorn for anyone “less than”. I wonder if they know, God created everyone in his image, no one is better than, only in their own minds.

  35. Bozo August 8, 2012

    Kind of a Jerk, I bet the guy was trying not to say complete Jerk and was being nice about the whole thing.

  36. Robert A. Williams August 8, 2012

    Buzzfeed‘s Andrew Kaczynski? Wasn’t he the UniBomber?

    Seriously, has anyone checked with Obama’s classmates to get feedback on him? Oh, that’s right – Obama sealed all his school records, so nobody can do the checking.

    Obama reportedly liked to party, however. Supposedly the first thing he said when he came to a party was “Hey! Where the white women at?”

    1. Steve Perkins August 21, 2012

      You’re so full of manure that it is seeping out of your ears, dude! REALLY!…

    2. Sand_Cat September 27, 2012

      And from what impeccable source did you receive your “facts”?

  37. Benito August 14, 2012

    He shows every characteristic of a sociopath! Just look them up on a search engine. It is chilling how many boxes you will tick when comparing them to Mitt Romney!
    If you want a Republican (I don’t) pick Ron Paul. At least he appears to have integrity and a grasp of reality! Pity he’s not a Democrat!

  38. Benito August 14, 2012

    You can bet your life HE will make a profit! But YOU won’t . . .

  39. Benito August 14, 2012

    And don’t forget you have to wear funny underwear if you are a moron, sorry, Mormon!

  40. libsbite August 22, 2012

    you mean there is somebody that seen romney in college? WOOOOOW. No one seen obama. they interviewed 400 people NO ON SEEN OBAMMIE

    1. REMY August 26, 2012

      Check your “facts” idiot.

      1. ChowT September 19, 2012

        Dont waste time. He is a GOPer.

    2. Sand_Cat September 27, 2012

      Judging by your grammar, no one seen you in college, either.

    3. BDD1951 October 8, 2012

      That’s BS. Lots of people saw him in college. There was even a recorded clip of him introducing a professor that republican made a big deal of. How could he not be seen on campus and yet someone taped him making that introduction? Grow up!!

  41. 654ja August 24, 2012

    I can’t believe how dumb people are to believe that PRESIDENT OBAMA was not born in the USA! If he’s a Muslim, then so I am, he attended the Church of Christ for 25 yrs, the Church of Christ is where I’ve gone to church my whole life. Since GOOD OLE’ MITT’s family came from Mexico, I want to see his BC, I want to make sure he wasn’t born in Mexico!!!

    1. Sand_Cat September 27, 2012

      The worst of all is that whether he’s a Christian or not matters so much to so many people in a country founded at least partly on religious liberty. “Liberty” doesn’t mean much if one is to be shunned and condemned for exercising it, nor does freedom OF religion mean much without the right to freedom FROM religion.

  42. ballsnow August 29, 2012

    Romney received 4 deferments during the Vietnam war, then he spent 2 years in a foreign country for the Mormon Cult. He has 5 sons, and like their father, noone has given a dimes worth of Armed Forces time, to the US. But all have given two years of their lives, to the Mormon Cult. Paul Ryan is no better than Romney, trying to take women’s rights away from women and also wanting to Gut FEMA. There is no way of ever knowing, how many million of dollars Romney is hiding in foreign banks.

  43. Bill Vdy August 30, 2012

    You little fuzzy wuzzy libbys believe all that fluff. You little leakers were & are whinny wanabes!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sand_Cat September 27, 2012

      Very profound. You’re the best argument around at the moment for believing it’s unlikely Mitt grew up and changed in such matters, assuming you’re a biological adult. All you can do is call childish names.

  44. Barbara Elaine Frame-Love August 30, 2012

    At least he admitted Romney was only 14 at the time……

  45. joben8 September 8, 2012

    I think that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are serious, steady-minded men with vastly different backgrounds and ideas of how government should work. Which man comes closer to the
    American ideal will be revealed in November. Until then, the public should, can, and will have
    the opportunity to assess their recommendations for a better society.
    Meanwhile, I hope they will be able to model a mutually respectful relationship.
    Joan Dickstein

  46. Donald Eyermann September 8, 2012

    Why is it the Republicans are so vile and demeaning in their attacks (as well as spouting lies?) ??

    Most of the preceding posts by them are so rude towards people who disagree with their position.

    Pro-Lifers want every baby born…adolescent, rape, incest, death of the mother whatever. So why don’t they care about food and education and shelter for the babies and children after they are born? All I hear them screaming is smaller government and no social programs and so I guess without social programs the old and infirm/handicapped and poor babies/children should just die in the street in their vision of world. I saw Tea Baggers stand up and applaud at that comment by a speaker at an event…it was on the national news. I hear them screaming they want to kill the Department of Education…so we have a disjointed national education system, different states doing whatever they like, and which on the world competitive stage is ineffective. (Condoleezza Rice gave an awesome speech for better education, sounding diametrically opposite & very different from the Tea Baggers) I hear Republicans screaming against the EPA. So just this week millions of fish died and washed ashore in the Great Lakes….with no EPA there would be no-one to investigate and find out what environmentally irresponsible corporation dumped chemicals into the water and poisoned them. Will your water be poisoned too? Why wouldn’t it? The EPA was created AFTER numerous corporations committed irresponsible acts. Why wouldn’t they be irresponsible if there were NO “environmental police”?
    There’s a true US history of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s about children working in terrible conditions in factories for pennies…and being injured and maimed for life. It is easy to find photos on-line from the good old days Republicans say they love and want to go back to. Our grandfathers and their fathers fought (with guns and sticks and clubs!) for better working conditions and the right for collective bargaining and unions came into being…and a Middle Class grew out of the working class….and America became a great nation because of that middle class. Now the Tea Baggers led by billionaires want to eliminate the OSHA, and end states workers rights to collective bargaining and then you’ll be next with no say in government….don’t you get that? A small weak government is what the corporations want…so they can exploit YOU and the land, air and sea as well, and there won’t be anyone big enough to stop them. Romney represents the top 1% and he IS saying anything to get elected. His flip flopping in videos is a laughing stock. Why is it 50% of Americans would even consider voting for a man who is absolutely going to make it harder on the middle class? Rich corporations have TRIOLLIONS of dollars of CASH in their coffers right now. They have had TEN YEARS of the Bush Tax Cuts, they have the lowest taxes since WWII right now. Investigative reports confirm the top ten largest corporations in America paid about 4% taxes last year. What makes you think reducing taxes even more will make those conservatives “create” jobs for the middle class? That is not even how it works. The Middle Class fought for better pay, and they won, then they had money to buy things. That is called DEMAND. When there is demand and the demand is strong, then the money hoarding conservatives will build a factory to produce more of that item. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and Hewlet Packard and many others all started out small, had trouble getting funding and only after there was proven demand for their products did the wealthy get involved. Rich people don’t invent new industries. Name one that Rockefeller or Trump or Koch invented? I can name the industries they exploited.
    Does Donald Trump say “You’re Hired” or “You’re Fired”? Did n’t Mitt Romney him self say “I like firing people!” What makes you think these guys give a rat’s ass if you have a job?

  47. Gatorpa September 8, 2012

    And isn’t Obama part of the 1% as well. Remember the 30,000$ ring he bought her for the inaugural address? Almost all politicians are in the 1% whether democrat or republican.

    1. Sand_Cat September 27, 2012

      True enough. Being part of the 1%, while it may be a handicap to virtue, doesn’t guarantee selfishness, meanness, and arrogance.

      If Mitt’s only problem were his income, he’d have no problem. It’s the fact that the hundreds of millions he has, and that his friends have, isn’t enough, and the ruinous tax cuts pushed by W. aren’t enough, and that he shows obvious contempt for those who don’t have that kind of money, and for those who do, but elect not to be as greedy and selfish as he is.

  48. Fran September 18, 2012

    I have said and predicted…that by mid October..it is going to be the worst time of this whole campaign…he is not only a bully…he can say things to you…but, don’t dare talk back to him…he thinks he is god…notice the little g I placed there…even when he headed the mormon church one of the members got pregnant and he told her she had to get an abortion…killing an unborn baby..wow wow…and not wanting others to see his tax returns…he used techniques so, he would not have to pay the right amount of taxes like everyone does..and his investments with a foreign company…it is not going to be good for him…if he is a liar now..just think if he was president..what other lies and sneaky things he would do behind Americans back…like I said..all of the other people..such as John Kerry produced 20 years worth…that was more than he had to produced..and this jerk…is lying..just like kids do…when they don’t want their parents to find out the truth…he has to be truthful with the American people and he isn’t.

    1. brotherscoe September 24, 2012

      Fran, you are absolutely right! He is no better than that Senator John Edwards, when he was running for president.

      1. Sand_Cat September 27, 2012

        Is that supposed to exonerate Mitt or mitigate his actions?

        John Edwards didn’t come close to becoming president, and he isn’t running now.

        1. brotherscoe September 27, 2012

          I think you are taking my statements wrong. Mitt is just as bad or worse than John Edwards, masquerading as a wholesome american white male, while crucifying Obama, for every conceivable wrong thing in this country.

          1. kds October 1, 2012

            Brothers Coe…as in “The Family”s Brothers Coe leader?

          2. brotherscoe October 3, 2012


          3. sara October 7, 2012

            On the contrary, Obama is guilty of everything which was said about him … lazy… dismissing his Presidential duties for something more pleasureable to himself … and the Benghazi Incident when no-one was to blame but the President Obama of America himelf who kept on denying the fact that it was a Terrorist Attack but a ‘video’ about their Prophet Mohammad until it could be denied no longer nine days later. Some say of Obama that he is even a worse President than Carter …. Indeed he did win that 2008 Electon but his charisma then was beguiling ….but we know better now …

          4. brotherscoe October 7, 2012

            By some tea birthiers or congress or others of your ilk. Making Obama resposible for the attack in Benghazi is what has been done against black men in general for crimes they didn’t do. The old adage “any “N” will do, applies here to I guess. If Obama circulates himself to much, critics feel he should just stay in the whithe house. If he stays in the white house, critics complain what is he doing to help the people.

      2. sara October 7, 2012

        Consequently it would appear that most Amercans would rather go through another four years being no better off than they were the previous four years just so that that ‘smart alec’ Mitt Romney who beat the Failed and Incumbent President Obama to a frazzle in their First Debate will not Win the Presidency. Any wonder that America is in a turmoil today and what happened in Benghazi was no fault of President Obama at all, oh no, not even when the Diary of the murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens was found wherein he stated that he was surprised that there was no Security in is domain at all even when he had even commented on it ……….

        1. brotherscoe October 7, 2012

          Mitt is talking about what he’s going to do as president. What did he do as Govenor of Mass… and what is he doing now as CEO of his billion dollar companies, to generate jobs, stimulate the economy. Also because a white
          man died in Benghazi, it was Obamas fault.

          1. John Christopher October 13, 2012

            As CEO of the so called billion dollar companies Mitt made millions… each of these companies after having had 10’s of millions funneled into them ended up bankrupting.
            In the short term he has created some jobs, which following the companies bankrupting ended up in unemployment for…not 10’s …..not 100’s… but 1000’s of employees at his billion dollar companies.
            On average Mitt has earned US 20,000 for each person who became unemployes at his billion dollar companies.

            How in your opinion does this stimulate the economy ???
            It doesnt!!!

            Also … making a comment where you say “also a white man died in Benghazi, it was Obama’s fault” is so stupid. Thats the same as saying that the President is to blame if there is no toilet paper in the Congresses toilets.
            Yes…. It is terrible that the Ambassador was killed, and yes there should have been proper security cameras in place at the embassy…. “wait…. isn’t that the responsibility of the security at the embassy?? or the ambassador personally who is supposed to run the embassy ???”

            Now before you jump on your bandwagon about which political party I support…. I do not support any parties, as I feel that all are too interested in politics and how they can dirty the name of the other.
            “If Jesus Christ was alive and running for President of the US today, he wouldn’t stand a chance due to his relationship with Mary Magdalen, throwing the money lenders out of the temple, etc, etc, etc… need I go on?”
            What the US needs is a return to the time when politicians were patriots and peoples rights meant something….both are now distant memories.

          2. brotherscoe October 13, 2012

            So what is Mitt going to do any better than Obama. Money will have to be spent for correction of the debt problem, a chance you take spending when rectifying expenditures, or maybe just keep borrowing from the Chinese. As for the Ambassador, I was merely reiterating what was said by the media, I totally agree with you on that point.

        2. JustmeViv October 9, 2012

          Yes I would rather have Pres. Obama another four years to try and right the wrongs of the Republican party for the 8 years they were in charge. Go ahead and bury your head Sara because you and the other Republicans all seem to forget what happened during the Bush years. You also forgot that your Republican Congress has not cared about anything but getting the Black President out of the white house. They would rather run this country in the ground just to prove a point, the point being, we hate this Black guy. We all try to believe that the racism in this country is getting better but the Republicans have proven that it is just masked. They proved that it is not the content of a person’s character, it is their color. They have even proved that if your mother was white, they still see Black. Mitt Romney is an idiot who outsourced our jobs to other countries and believes that he can run this country as he runs his businesses, right into the ground. Who needs a job, who needs healthcare, who needs medicare, who needs social security. Mitt doesn’t. Real people do. Mitt doesn’t know a thing about real people. He knows about having money and keeping it along with the millionaires who are paying for his election. Sara if you are not a millionaire, you get nothing. If Mitt is elected, you will be hanging on for dear life with the rest of us.

        3. Donald Schirmer October 11, 2012

          actually romney lost this debate as Obama allowed Romneyhood to speak so much about taxes that he litterally killed himself putting his foot into his mouth without checking on the calculations as to the taxes that would take most of the money away from the poor and middle class. i am ashamed of this man Mitt Romney. I thought he was a good Christian man but no, he tells lies and when as a child he had to lie before the Mormon elders that he touched himself.

    2. libsbite September 29, 2012

      it sounds like your talking about obama. he can never stop lying. heck he doesn’t know what the truth is any more. he said he wanted his daughers to get abortions on national TV. the one thing is no one remember pot smoking barry sorreto. aka obama. Obama has already failed. Do not encourage anyone to steal from you. he has stole our time and money.

      1. ruffsoft September 29, 2012

        Bite me!

      2. Margo October 1, 2012

        be specific..! Wait you can’t if your a republican. Your not so smart if you think Robme is good for you. He will eat you up and spit you out of his white ass hole.

      3. kds October 1, 2012

        Take your meds, Libs, and turn off Fox.

    3. lana ward October 5, 2012

      WOW! And Obama has been truthful with the American people? Where have you been for 5 years? And who thinks he is God? Obama is the one we’ve been waiting for, he can walk on water, he can part the sea

    4. sara October 7, 2012

      You sorry to say are just another one of ‘them’……

  49. theeye September 20, 2012

    He said it so well, republicans don’t care about most Americans, they care mostly for themselves!

  50. ltomaselli September 20, 2012

    I still dont’ get it. If Mitt Romney’s father was born in Mexico, how could he run for President?

    1. timeforchange321 October 10, 2012

      Hey…Let’s DEPORT Mitt!!!

  51. charles September 22, 2012

    santorum said..the worst republican going against obama….and newt ginrich said he is a liar..mitt you can’t get away with the reality….show more of your tax….it is true…he is out of touch.

  52. Bernard Forson September 23, 2012

    What a viewpoint from close range. But I have my misgivings. The Man Romney could not have been so successful and be a “jerk”, at the same time. He governed Mass, and successfully managed the La Olympics. C”mmon let us set aside diffrences in political philosophies and give credit when it’s due. I lean towards Obama, but please let us be honorable in our outburts.

    1. Sand_Cat September 27, 2012

      Best I can say is, you’re far more charitable and fair-minded than Romney and his handlers.

    2. timeforchange321 October 10, 2012

      Romney had alot of non paid Mormon members to work for him to support the olympics, so dont give him all the credit..and he paid for it with Federal assistance funding

  53. libsbite September 29, 2012

    does anyone even remember obama in college? that is right no one does cause he never went to all his classes and never passed. he has no diploma. To busy smoking and toking dope to finish.

    1. timeforchange321 October 10, 2012

      Does anyone remember you in college libsbite? or did you attend, because I am in college and I am too busy with ONLINE classes to go visit the campus and make friends.. please.. Robme is a fancy liar and does not care about you either.

  54. kds October 1, 2012

    Given the chance, Mitt could be worse than Geo. W and he was a plague on our country. The scars will last for generations.

  55. David Wright October 6, 2012

    Yes Mitt is a “jerk” .He lies too much and can never be trusted for a second.

  56. sara October 7, 2012

    Re Mitt Romney… all I can say is ‘When Jealousy awakens Wisdom goes to sleep’. Have any of his mates succeeded in making over 200 million for themseles as Mitt has….? So let them just keep their mouths shut. It’s just ‘Jealousy’ all the way …. and wll be all of the time. It will follow Mitt through right up to his Contending to be President when he beats the Incumbent Presdent Obama to a frazzle. They had to admit that Mitt was great, but it must have been really hard to do it…….

  57. Sanford Hall October 8, 2012

    Romney is making a fool of himself, he may win the next election but not this year’s. Stands a much better chance in 2016.

  58. bassvikingmama October 8, 2012

    Uh…did ya even listen to the guy’s comments? Dude said in jest…that he has trouble taking Romney seriously ‘cuz he still… “remembers him as the 14 yr old jerk…..like most 14 yr old boys are at that age”… & this was while he himself was a 17 yr old attending the same school. At NO time did he call Romney a bully…nor did he mention any acts of bullying on Romney’s part.

    SO Puh-lease! Most 17 yr olds will perceive 14 yr old guys to be geeky or immature pests? Get a grip here people! Liberal media-types are at it again. This is just some lame pro-Democrat attempt to sling any un-favorable anecdote at Mitt Romney…hopin’ to tarnish his Mr. Clean image. And – THIS is ALL they got to show for it? Really pathetic!

  59. bassvikingmama October 8, 2012

    Just ‘cuz some then 17 yr old perceived some 14 yr old kid to be a jerk….doesn’t mean those perceptions were accurate or reflect upon Mitt Romney’s character or maturity today.

    As a returned missionary & adult family -man Mitt Romney was called to be the presiding member of a Bishiopric in his church. As such he would have visited, served, & counselled with the elderly, widows, the sick & dying, out-of-work individuals, immigrants, & youth…by daily using his time & resources along with other church members to comfort & help them through their daily routines or difficulties. One might argue he pays less taxes than other rich men because he has chosen to GIVE much of what he earns to charitable causes.

    Romney no doubt believes that the American people & their neighbours will choose to serve each another BETTER (more efficiently & effectively) than government by CHOICE…than government will or can by taking greater tax dollars & letting the system eat-at-it or skim-it-away through the slow & laborious over-head of government bureaucracy. NO ONE should choose that….when the result would bankrupt our nation.

  60. bassvikingmama October 9, 2012

    Just ‘cuz some then 17 yr old perceived some 14 yr old kid to be a jerk….doesn’t mean those perceptions were accurate or reflect upon Mitt Romney’s character or maturity today.

    Mitt Romney was called to be the presiding member of a Bishiopric in his church. As such he would have visited, served, & counselled with the elderly, widows, sick & dying, out-of-work individuals, immigrants, & youth…daily using his time, resources & connections with others to comfort them & help them through their daily routines or difficulties. He pays less taxes than other rich men because he has chosen to GIVE much of what he has earned to charitable causes.

    Romney no doubt believes that the American people & their neighbours will choose to serve each another more efficiently & effectively than any government by CHOICE. Currently the Obama government takes tax dollars & lets the system eat-at-it or skim-it-away through the slow or laborious over-head of government bureaucracy. NO ONE should choose that….when the results will bankrupt the nation.

    1. timeforchange321 October 10, 2012

      RESPONDING TO gUEST: Mitt Romney was called to be the presiding member of a Bishiopric in his church. As such he would have visited, served, & counselled with the elderly, widows, sick & dying, out-of-work individuals, immigrants, & youth…daily using his time, resources & connections with others to comfort them & help them through their daily routines or difficulties. He pays less taxes than other rich men because he has chosen to GIVE much of what he has earned to charitable causes.

      I was a member of the mormon church for ten years and EVERY man in any ward is called to be a member of the bishopric as is EVERY woman called to be something in the church as well. 2. Accepting the calling from the Bishop is Required and EVEREY man in the cuurch is worthy of the position when it is their turn. 3. 10% tithe is REQUIRED and is reviewed by the bishop at the end of the year…. Romney does not or did not donate to any other cause outside of his church or to any other community program outside of the mormon groups.
      Being Mormon is nothing special.. It is a group that excludes all other members of society from their social club and once you are not a member they have nothing to do with you. Mormon members have no idea about the real world and they don’t want to.

    2. Donald DeVallon Robin October 10, 2012

      To what extend..?? Did anybody recuperate financially ?? Donah..//

  61. bassvikingmama October 9, 2012

    🙁 to the cheeky inference made by Romney’s upper-classman. 🙂 to 14 yr olds everywhere!

  62. Donald DeVallon Robin October 10, 2012

    The more controversy I see in politics the more interesting Ami politics becomes…. leading to nothing because it´s been that way since Lincoln (or was it Washington..??).. So having said that I take a comfortable “back seat” in my recliner, configuritively… Friday, 01:00 London Time.. CNN will air on the satellites and we will “enjoy” the spectical.. Ol´Biden against young whippersnapper Ryan… I will give Ol´Joe the edge… but then.. who knows…. Donah..// NO… I´m not in favor of anybody…. ( I´m awaiting Jezus K reappearing on my radar. knocking some heads zusammen just to show “his” folks America is His Country….. ´you know ??

  63. keith payne October 11, 2012

    Again, Anti-Romney Bias.
    He didn’t say Romney was a jerk. He said that as his memory of the 14 year old , Romney was kind of a jerk, as he was, and all 14 year olds tend to be.

  64. opeben October 13, 2012

    Mitt is a disgrace to all the people of the US. How can a future president of the US be so erratic and with no clear cut beliefs? He jumps from one policy belief to another and always finding a place to hide his gaffes and inconsistent statements. The British people dealt with him when he went to the Uk and made a stupid statement about their preparation of the Olympics. England is not the US. British people talk with facts and they are consistent leftist or rightist. They dont dangle around like Romney is doing. That guy Romney is not a trustworthy guy. He is a very dishonest and cunning man. Let him sell his company and forfeit the money to his country if he loves his that much.

  65. jstsyn October 15, 2012

    Kids change. Some that were jerks aren’t and some, like romoney, are and will be until they are dead and buried.

  66. Katyindebt October 19, 2012

    Did we lose focus on what we want from a president? Job qualifications? Would we be pissed if we were interviewing for a job and got eliminated because we were poor or rich? Are we all just jealous that Romney is a self made man that made it? He actually built businesses. I’m a small business person, and let me tell you how frickn tough it is. I also paid my way through school – I did NOT have either middle class grandparents or parents that bank rolled me. Do you think that Obama will ride off in the sunset and have no money? He and Michelle will make more bank once he’s left – besides the residuals from his books just keep coming in. You think his 2 darling girls will have a hard time finding a job? – they have the same as Romney’s background now. Both Obama and Romney’s money’s are in blind trusts – yes neither knows where the money is invested in – that’s why it’s called a blind trust. 100% sure some of that pile is invested in China, who cares? Given our economy is in the tank, I would rather have someone that knows what the heck a P&L is, knows if you spend, you must pay for it and stop us from continuing to borrow from China. I could give a rat’s ass on how much dough either has, it ain’t my dough. My vote is who is going to help me get more my dough so I can put food on the table for my family and my employees?

    1. docb November 4, 2012

      you are deluded , katy! Not one point has not been debunked or proven totally false about romnies background and tenure as gov! His veto was over -ridden 740 times as gov and he did not write or negotiate the Health Care Law.. The Common Wealths House wrote it with Ted Kennedy’s help..He left office early with a 32% approval and would never have been re-elected…The US Gov’t Wrote a $1.3billion dollar check to balance the Olympics budget … ETC ETC! He has been shown to be 99% negative in campaign ads and ‘pants on fire’ over 83%!

      He is currently under investigation with bain exec about the abuse of the carried interest deduction by the NY AG!

      Catch up..you are way behind or willfully ignorant!

  67. Katyindebt October 19, 2012

    Did we lose focus on what we want from a president? Job qualifications? Would we be pissed if we were interviewing for a job and got eliminated because we were poor or rich? Are we all just jealous that Romney is a self made man that made it? He actually built businesses. I’m a small business person, and let me tell you how frickn tough it is. I also paid my way through school – I did NOT have either middle class grandparents or parents that bank rolled me. Do you think that Obama will ride off in the sunset and have no money? He and Michelle will make more bank once he’s left – besides the residuals from his books just keep coming in. You think his 2 darling girls will have a hard time finding a job? – they have the same as Romney’s background now. Both Obama and Romney’s money’s are in blind trusts – yes neither knows where the money is invested in – that’s why it’s called a blind trust. 100% sure some of that pile is invested in China, who cares? Given our economy is in the tank, I would rather have someone that knows what the heck a P&L is, knows if you spend, you must pay for it and stop us from continuing to borrow from China. I could give a rat’s ass on how much dough either has, it ain’t my dough. My vote is who is going to help me get more my dough so I can put food on the table for my family and my employees?

  68. JLP October 30, 2012

    Are we American’s this stupid?????!!!!! They are both liars!!!!! They are both trying to become the president of the United States, they will lie cheat and steal, neither are above that, this is a RACE people!!!!!
    Does it really matter what either did as kids?
    Do I really care about their tax returns birth certificates bank accounts, if their nice guys??!!??!?
    HELL NO! I care if either one of them can get my country back on track!!! SO cut the BS and give me a sure fire plan to help me not empty my wallet at the grocery store or the pump!!!!!

  69. JLP October 30, 2012

    All of you go back and read your stupid comments! It’s disgusting what is being said about these two man, one of which is still our commander and cheif.
    The other is a very respected man and was a Governor of one of our states. How dare all of you.
    Both sides have campaign managers who are letting this BS out!!!

  70. Pratap M October 30, 2012

    Liar liar pant’s on fire. Mind is not at the right place. Mitt Romney keeps on changing his statements (flip flop), for political advantage. America knows well by this time who is telling the truth, who is taking good care of middle class families, who is championing for higher and better education with acceleration in science and math. Who has the 10 year vision. Who bailed auto industries, who is going to give tax benefits etc to the corporations who are willing to bring manufacturing back in USA. It takes time, things just don’t happen overnight specially when congress is not helping at all and instead of becoming a road block they should be working together for the interest of American people. We pay for their salaries and benefits. Rich corporations, CEO’s and high pay executives need to pay a fair share of taxes, and shouldn’t take advantage of loopholes in tax systems by highring high paid Tax accountants, attorney etc. Mitt Romney is a good example of not being transparent about his last ten years tax returns. Why is he hiding from American people. Why he has great interest and have made heavy investments and deposits of American dollars in foreign countries. How can you trust this person for the highest office of USA? Vote on Nov 6. Give President Obama another four years to finish the challenges he is facing to bring America back, good on all including more job creations and improving economy. No more wars, he need to take care of Americans at home first like he is right now extremely busy with FEMA official to take care of victims of Sandy, He has cancelled all his political appointments, meetings, rallies for 2-3 days. He knows what is most important. He is on top of it, proving he is one of most proactive President and commander in chief.

    God Bless America

  71. manservant November 9, 2012

    Mitt Romney is a nice guy who just is not ready to be President some people take up hobbies like bee keeping butterfly collecting,but when you decide to take up sky diving that is a different type hoobie with outcomes that can be very different,sending men into combat being the watchman over a vast nation with such might and prestige is for a man sent by God most of the time a steady hand a wise and kind heart not that mitt is not moral i agree with most of his moral stands like aborrtion and some others but just wanting something is always the best reason for having it ,sincere purpose destiny and drive also is need with such lofty office for the best sucess for all involved.

  72. alicecbrown November 19, 2012

    Just think how narrowly we dodged the bullet. And thanks to his spending his last 2 years as gov of my state running for president, we were spared more damage from his actions. Ex: he pulled back the investigation by the Pharmacy Board that regulated the compounding companies, such as NECC, thereby setting in motion the continuation of the filth that killed 32 sufferers of fungal meningitis, and maybe more to come.

  73. george December 4, 2012

    Cranbrook is nothing but a breeding ground for corporate pud lickers

  74. I Zheet M'Drawz December 12, 2012

    Calling Mitt Romney a ‘jerk’ is unreasonable to say the least.

    The author owes all jerks around the nation a sincere apology. Putting jerks in the same category as this person is really a slur.

  75. Arbaminch December 13, 2012

    Did Romney win?

  76. Jerry Lissman March 10, 2013

    it was also reported he did not list all of his deduction so his tax rate would be a little higher, he can real file at a later date to get the lower tax rate LIKE AFTER THE ELECTION

  77. Jerry Lissman March 10, 2013

    and stayed in France for 3 years The Mormon Missions are only for 2 years and did not like to share a bathroom, could have also been the reason he would have not like the Army

  78. Jerry Lissman March 10, 2013



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