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Sanders Condemns Dr. Paul Song’s Comments

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Sanders Condemns Dr. Paul Song’s Comments


Dr. Paul Song, a healthcare activist who spoke at Bernie Sanders’s rally last night in Washington Square Park, apologized shortly after his speech for saying that “corporate Democratic whores who are beholden to big pharma” are responsible for preventing the adoption of a Medicare-for-all system, which would require transitioning away from the employer- and private insurance-based system in the Affordable Care Act.

In his apology, Park said that he was referring “to some in congress who are beholden to corporations and not us,” though many in Hillary Clinton’s camp took his remarks as an over-the-top attack on their candidate.

Bernie Sanders responded early this morning:

The Sanders campaign has had to respond in recent months to so-called “Bernie Bros” — whose numbers are, predictably, debatable — known for their harassment of journalists and Clinton supporters, especially women, who speak critically of Sanders on the internet.

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  1. JohnJ April 14, 2016

    He was also not specific enough. The Obama administration killed the public option over the pleas of congressional Democrats who knew they would get really hurt in the 2010 elections if the stinker bill without the public option was put forward.

    1. JPHALL April 14, 2016

      YOU HAVE TAHAT WRONG. They cried that the public option would label them as Socialists and they would lose their elections. They forced Obama to remove that option.

    2. Independent1 April 14, 2016

      Sorry, what you posted is total hogwash!!

      Fact is – Pelosi and Reid had to talk Obama out of continuing to press for the public option because Pelosi didn’t have the votes in the House to support a public option and Reid didn’t have the votes in the Senate either. Until the Dems assured a senator from Nebraska, I forget his name, they didn’t have the votes to override a Mitch McConnels fake filibuster threat until they ensured the Nebraska Democrat, Ben Nelson, that federal monies could not be used under ACA to fund abortions (it was called the ‘cornhusker kickback’); and they had to make special concessions for Connecticut Senator Lieberman to get his vote for ACA – Both Lieberman and Nelson had absolutely refused to consider either a public option or a single-payer plan.

      I don’t know where you people get all these misguided notions about Obama. You need to do a little research. Here’s a link that describes the whole convoluted process the Dems had to go through just to get ACA passed in the form it got passed.


  2. Otto T. Goat April 14, 2016

    There once was a doctor named Song, he and Hillary did not get along. He called her a ho, which made Bernie blow, and Bernie to Song said so long.


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