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Scalia: Black Students Do Better At ‘Slower-Track’ Schools That Aren’t ‘Too Fast For Them’

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Scalia: Black Students Do Better At ‘Slower-Track’ Schools That Aren’t ‘Too Fast For Them’


During oral arguments Wednesday at the Supreme Court in a key college affirmative action case, conservative stalwart Justice Antonin Scalia made a shocking case for a modern American jurist: He suggested that African-American students might be better off, and able to attain more achievement, by going to different schools.

“There are those who contend that it does not benefit African-­Americans to to get them into the University of Texas where they do not do well, as opposed to having them go to a less-­advanced school, a less — a slower­-track school where they do well,” Scalia told Gregory Garre, attorney for the university in this legal challenge, Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin. The case is a rearguing on further appeal of a prior Supreme Court decision from two years ago, involving the state of Texas’ efforts to promote diversity by guaranteeing admissions to all students who perform in the top ranks of their respective high schools.

Scalia further elucidated, however, on the experience of African-Americans in higher education: “One of the briefs pointed out that most of the black scientists in this country don’t come from schools like the University of Texas. They come from lesser schools where they do not feel that they’re — that they’re being pushed ahead in — in classes that are too — too fast for them.”

Scalia arrived at this view of the case: “I’m just not impressed by the fact that the University of Texas may have fewer. Maybe it ought to have fewer.”

He even added that having a greater number of minority students at the University of Texas was bad for those lesser schools, too — since they, in turn, don’t get more talented admissions: “You know, when you take more, the number of blacks, really competent blacks admitted to lesser schools, turns out to be less. And I don’t think stands to reason that it’s a good thing for the University of Texas to admit as many blacks as possible.”

Here is the exchange, from the Supreme Court’s official transcript (from page 67 of the linked transcript):

JUSTICE SCALIA: There are — there are those who contend that it does not benefit African-­Americans to — to get them into the University of Texas where they do not do well, as opposed to having them go to a less-­advanced school, a less — a slower­-track school where they do well. One of — one of the briefs pointed out that — that most of the — most of the black scientists in this country don’t come from schools like the University of Texas.

MR. GARRE: So this Court—

JUSTICE SCALIA: They come from lesser schools where they do not feel that they’re — that they’re being pushed ahead in — in classes that are too — too fast for them.

MR. GARRE: This Court—

JUSTICE SCALIA: I’m just not impressed by the fact that — that the University of Texas may have fewer. Maybe it ought to have fewer. And maybe some — you know, when you take more, the number of blacks, really competent blacks admitted to lesser schools, turns out to be less. And — and I — I don’t think it — it — it stands to reason that it’s a good thing for the University of Texas to admit as many blacks as possible. I just don’t think—

MR. GARRE: This Court heard and rejected that argument, with respect, Justice Scalia, in the Grutter case, a case that our opponents have and asked this Court to overrule. If you look at the academic performance of holistic minority admits versus the top 10 percent admits, over time, they — they fare better. And, frankly, I don’t think the solution to the problems with student body diversity can be to set up a system in which not only are minorities going to separate schools, they’re going to inferior schools. I think what experience shows, at Texas, California, and Michigan, is that now is not the time and this is not the case to roll back student body diversity in America.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.



  1. I of John December 9, 2015

    Some folks just dont know when to retire!

    1. @HawaiianTater December 9, 2015

      You misspelled die.

      1. I of John December 9, 2015

        my bad.

        1. @HawaiianTater December 9, 2015

          I’m pretty sure Scalia sucked up all the bad for this conversation. There isn’t any left to go around.

          1. I of John December 9, 2015

            He sucks alright.

          2. @HawaiianTater December 10, 2015

            Like a black hole.

          3. joe schmo December 10, 2015

            Oh boy, ignorance is bliss…….

          4. @HawaiianTater December 10, 2015

            You must lead a very happy life.

          5. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

            schmo (aka Greif) must dance on the head of a racist white pin of delusion.

          6. BillP December 10, 2015

            Then you must be the most blissful person n the world Scmuck!

      2. stcroixcarp December 10, 2015

        The good news is that Scalia is a hunting buddy of Cheney.

  2. Otto Greif December 9, 2015

    He’s restating evidence presented in briefs to the court.

    1. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

      See, white people are stupid! Especially when you fail to notice that the attorney had to correct him.

      1. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

        “There are those who contend that it does not benefit African-Americans to get them into the University of Texas where they do not do well, as opposed to having them go to a less-advanced school, a less — a slower-track school where they do well. One of the briefs pointed out that most of the black scientists in this country don’t come from schools like the University of Texas. They come from lesser schools where they do not feel that they’re being pushed ahead in classes that are too fast for them. I’m just not impressed by the fact that the University of Texas may have fewer. Maybe it ought to have fewer.”

        What did Scalia say that was wrong?

        1. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

          Did you read anything other than the first paragraph? Seriously. He does clarify later on that it is HIM saying that.

  3. skeptical69 December 9, 2015

    How many years has he been sitting next to Thomas?

    1. TZToronto December 9, 2015

      Maybe Thomas is the only black guy Scalia knows. He thinks all black people are as useless as Clarence.

  4. TZToronto December 9, 2015

    Perhaps Scalia should have attended a school that goes at a slower pace. And perhaps he didn’t notice that a lot of non-black students have trouble making it at U of Texas and other major universities. This guy needs to retire ASAP.

  5. Otto Greif December 9, 2015

    What did Scalia say that is incorrect?

    1. Insinnergy December 9, 2015

      Stupid troll is stupid… and in this case: with extra stupid on top.

      1. joe schmo December 10, 2015

        Your answer is not at all an intellectual one.

        1. The lucky one December 10, 2015

          And your’s are??? Hahahahahaha, thanks for my morning chuckle.

          1. joe schmo December 10, 2015

            I have taught college. I have a master’s. My family is from Europe and I know how their educational system works. Sorry, I have experience in this field and I know what works:)

          2. stcroixcarp December 10, 2015

            You must have had Clarence Thomas and Ben Carson in class.

          3. BillP December 10, 2015

            Here’s it is folks the 1st “I have a Master’s degree comment from chicken little. He seems to think that any of his claims have validity. So according to Scalia every black who wants to go to college should go to a community college or some lesser 4 year school. That painting a whole race of people with a very, very broad paintbrush. There is another term for this “racism”! As usual you crow about some imaginary degree and your immigrant family. So by your logic President Obama should never have been admitted to Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School. His wife Michele should have never been admitted to Princeton University and Harvard Law School. You write some of the most inane and trite comments ever.

    2. JPHALL December 9, 2015

      He repeated your stupidity from the 1960’s, that since Blacks are inferior to Whites, they need special help.

      1. Otto Greif December 9, 2015

        That’s the defendants argument, Scalia was restating briefs supporting the plaintiff’s case.

      2. joe schmo December 10, 2015

        That was not a valid answer? You need to be more specific then that. Just like you do with Global Warming, oops, I mean, Climate Change, you need to state scientific proof to why you think this is not true. We want EVIDENCE!

        I’m, frankly, on the fence on this subject. I do not think that Blacks have been given sufficient enough schooling. I believe that many Blacks who are put in a parochial type setting can succeed. They need structure and discipline moreso than average students. I have seen studies on this and these type of schools seem to help these kids who come from poorer backgrounds. You cannot deny that many Black children come from dysfunctional environments.

        1. The lucky one December 10, 2015

          As do many white kids and as poverty increases that sad fact will too. I assume you are white. A casual perusal of your comments is enough to put to rest any thoughts of white people being smarter than others.
          We know your idea of “evidence”. “I’ve seen studies” or “My dad told me” or the conservative favorite, “Every body knows that (fill in whatever batshit biased statement they heard from Rush, the Duck or one of the other hate mongers).

          1. joe schmo December 10, 2015

            In this case, it doesn’t matter what side of the fence you are on. The plain and simple fact is that our HS’s suck and I can imagine that Black schools are even worse than the norm. In my opinion more structure is in order. Perhaps even government sponsored boarding schools where u have all boy or all girl schools. I believe inviting an atmosphere of learning is very important for these kids so that the focus is on studying. This in turn will keep them out of trouble and off the streets.

          2. The lucky one December 10, 2015

            We mostly agree on the situation but differ on the solution.
            I don’t think gender segregation is any help at all. Education has always been seen as the panacea to solve all of society’s ills and as important as it is to our national health education alone cannot solve the wealth disparity and corporate dominance of our culture.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker December 10, 2015

            It depends on where in the country these high schools are. NJ has many fine high schools with high populations of minority. NJ ranks in the top ten of secondary education.

            High schools like the one in South Brunswick NJ are so state-of-the-art inside and out. Yet, more than half of the student population is comprised of minorities. It is one of the top schools in our state of which we are singularly proud.

          4. BillP December 10, 2015

            Eleanore how many times do I have to tell you not to bother Schmuck with real facts, his brain overheats when he tries to process them. Didn’t see his comment that states “I have a Master’s degree” that means lets see he attended Dumbfuck College and then went to NoNuthin University.

            I do enjoy his histrionics though especially something like “Climate Change, you need to state scientific proof to why you think this is not true. We want EVIDENCE! He is always speaking for the masses or is that the masters?

    3. The lucky one December 10, 2015

      Just about all of it. A better question would be what did he say that that is correct?

      1. joe schmo December 10, 2015

        Again, you are jumping the gun and reading something into what Scalia said that was not stated at all.

        1. The lucky one December 10, 2015

          I don’t think so but I have to admit your posts on this subject have been the most cogent that I have seen from ou and and I do agree with many of your statements about the educational system and the step for HS to college.

          Where Scalia erred was in attributing any of it to a
          specific skin color or ethnicity. He betrayed his racism despite his valid point about placing unprepared students on a track they can’t maintain. BTW I also have a Master’s and teach in a college, for whatever that is worth.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker December 10, 2015

            Good, now can we put all of those undereducated in the south and midwest ON those tracks? Or is this another subtle racist post?

            I never went to college…but I taught dance at Rutgers for 12 years…Some of us can teach ourselves just about anything we put our energy to. Some of us are trained in areas that do not require a college degree.

            Today, a college degree is not the glitz and glamor empowerment it once might have been..not when you consider guys like Bush, A Harvard MBA, whose college degree brought this country into a near second Great Depression.

          2. The lucky one December 10, 2015

            I agree except it’s not just the South and Midwest, or as I think
            you may be implying the “red” states. I teach at a community college in upstate NY. A high percentage of high School grads are not prepared for college, academically or emotionally. We also have the burden here of a hypocritical governor who bemoans the state of higher education but repeatedly reneges on the mandate for the state to share 1/3 of CC funding. I believe his ultimate goal is to privatize the SUNY CC system to enrich his hedge fund manager associates who fill his large campaign coffers.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker December 10, 2015

            Upstate NY is a “red state.” It’s Peter King territory. I’ve listened to King during House speeches and I couldn’t believe how obtuse the man is.

            Schools and colleges today, like prisons, are industries. They are no longer specifically for education. Not unless, corporate thievery is the biggest education in the US today.

          4. The lucky one December 10, 2015

            Good point but I am way upstate. Elise Stefanik is our rep,
            which proves a woman can be as obtuse and as much of a political hack as a man.
            She is a Rove Republican who does exactly as the GOP tells her. Yes in America Inc. corporate dominance is the norm, increasingly so in education and Cuomo is a leader in destroying public education.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker December 10, 2015

          Do you usually read words and choose what YOU YOU YOU think they mean? Or do you suppose that is the real problem with the narrow minds?

          1. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

            I bet you anything that if you were to assign the words “black” to “white” and have it presented that Obama said it, joe schmo and Otto Greif (probably one in the same) wouldn’t be so agreeing.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker December 11, 2015

            I have it on good counsel from a friend who is a clinical psychologist that individuals who cannot be reasoned with even when you present “unequivocal supporting proof and truth” are mentally unbalanced. Men like these had daddies who ruled by “fear” and not by the usual parental guidances. So they grow into unreasonable tyrants whose paranoia of loss of control of others forces them to constantly disagree, argue and become mentally or physically abusive to others. The Schmo, Greif and Buckie are sad, pathetic mentally ill men. They are incapable of a single moment of reason. More’s the pity.

            They also base their existences on a bizarre theory that they can say and do whatever they please and there are no consequences. Those with mental balance know we all can say and do what we please…the difference is we know what we shouldn’t say and do. They don’t. Reasonable mentally stable people know the limits to common decency. Mentally ill individuals never do. To them, excessive behavior that’s out of control is “normal.”

          3. Buck Ofama December 11, 2015

            So your therapist told you that? She was just humoring your delusions.

      2. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

        So nothing.

        1. The lucky one December 10, 2015

          Any categorical statements about “blacks” is incorrect. If
          he said all students should go to a school and program that best suits their
          personal situation and needs that would be appropriate. His other off the cuff remark about Texas rejecting highly qualified black students so as not to rob the “lesser” colleges is also inaccurate and foolish. The “fact” that many highly competent black scientists went to “lesser” schools makes the assumption that the education at more prestigious schools is superior to that at what he calls lesser schools. He does not have anything to back that up except his opinion. If it is true that many of the best went to “lesser” schools that in itself would indicate they in fact are not lesser in any way except in Scalia’s biased view. It’s likely that the best and brightest who chose to go to Scalia’s “lesser” schools did so because of cost and the lower likelihood of dealing with racists, such as Mr. Scalia.

          1. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            Of course some schools aren’t more prestigious. There’s nothing “incorrect” about categorical statements.

          2. The lucky one December 10, 2015

            There is a problem with using categories of racial genetics
            and/or skin color to categorize people according to intelligence, academic aptitude and ability. Had Scalia mentioned that people from poorer neighborhoods are oftentimes less prepared for college than those from more affluent families he would have been closer to the truth. Racial heritage as an indicator of academic performance is meaningless apart from the connection with economics.
            Even that tells us nothing about any particular individual of any genetic inheritance. Aptitude is specific, not generic. Of course Scalia, lackey of the 1% he serves so well, would never admit the role affluence plays in academic success.

          3. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            IQ is largely heritable, race differences in intelligence are well established, go read the peer reviewed research.

          4. The lucky one December 10, 2015

            Nonsense on both counts especially the second. On the
            contrary the only parameter that consistently predicts academic success is zip code. We can’t have this conversation if you’re just going to make things up to suit your prejudice. How fortunate for you that the more intelligent race, in your opinion, is the one you identify with, surely a coincidence and not the result of personal bias.

          5. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            You’re the one making things up and denying science.

          6. The lucky one December 10, 2015

            The biggest problem is your misunderstanding that there are in fact different races.

          7. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            Humans are evolved, science denier.

          8. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

            In fact, there really aren’t “races”. There are genetical groups of certain traits, but nothing as supported by DNA of something called “races”. Science denier.

          9. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            Race can be discerned from DNA, science denier.

          10. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

            Obviously you don’t have a degree in science. Wow.

          11. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            “Previously, we observed that without using prior information about individual sampling locations, a clustering algorithm applied to multilocus genotypes from worldwide human populations produced genetic clusters largely coincident with major geographic regions. It has been argued, however, that the degree of clustering is diminished by use of samples with greater uniformity in geographic distribution, and that the clusters we identified were a consequence of uneven sampling along genetic clines. Expanding our earlier dataset from 377 to 993 markers, we systematically examine the influence of several study design variables—sample size, number of loci, number of clusters, assumptions about correlations in allele frequencies across populations, and the geographic dispersion of the sample—on the “clusteredness” of individuals. With all other variables held constant, geographic dispersion is seen to have comparatively little effect on the degree of clustering. Examination of the relationship between genetic and geographic distance supports a view in which the clusters arise not as an artifact of the sampling scheme, but from small discontinuous jumps in genetic distance for most population pairs on opposite sides of geographic barriers, in comparison with genetic distance for pairs on the same side. Thus, analysis of the 993-locus dataset corroborates our earlier results: if enough markers are used with a sufficiently large worldwide sample, individuals can be partitioned into genetic clusters that match major geographic subdivisions of the globe, with some individuals from intermediate geographic locations having mixed membership in the clusters that correspond to neighboring regions.” –
            lines, Clusters, and the Effect of Study Design on the Inference of Human Population Structure
            Noah A Rosenberg ,
            Saurabh Mahajan,
            Sohini Ramachandran,
            Chengfeng Zhao,
            Jonathan K Pritchard,
            Marcus W Feldman

          12. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

            Do you realize you only proved what I said? smh.

          13. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            You’re not a science denier, you are too stupid to understand science. Are you sure you aren’t black?

          14. The lucky one December 11, 2015

            I’ve never questioned human evolution or that humans
            continue to evolve. I don’t question that whatever physical traits underlie the expression of “intelligence” are heritable. There certainly are differences between people but they are not racial. How could you even do creditable research in that area in this country given the tremendous intermingling of
            genes that has occurred? We’re not talking about different strains of mice kept isolated from each other. Define intelligence.
            Howard Gardner’s research indicates there is no such thing as “general intelligence”, only specific intelligences such as verbal, mathematical, spatial, kinesthetic etc. Anyone who has had experience with many people of different racial backgrounds knows that there is a wide range of intelligence represented by each.
            I’m reminded of Churchill’s reply to Lady Windsor when she asked him who was smarter, men or women. His reply, “Which man and which woman?”

          15. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            As for the role affluence plays, poor whites and Asians score higher on the SAT than blacks from middle and upper class families.

          16. The lucky one December 10, 2015

            Provide a source or keep your claptrap to yourself.

          17. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            The College Board.

          18. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

            Ahh, that “The College Board” that covers the entire world. WTF?

          19. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            The College Board is the company that administers the SAT. You really are clueless.

          20. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

            “Company” is the operative world there. Think of all the people who never take the SATs or CLEP, or any of those tests. And you are clueless, because you failed to grasp what I said. Damn, you are dumb. I give up talking to you.

          21. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            You have retard-level reading comprehension.

          22. The lucky one December 10, 2015

            The College Board doesn’t do IQ tests. SATs are not IQ
            tests. In reply to your other posts: I’m not denying any science. I’m saying there is no scientific evidence to support the theory that skin color or any other physical characteristic commonly used to distinguish the so-called races has any correlation whatsoever with intelligence. Prove me wrong. Cite a specific peer reviewed study that supports your claim. I won’t hold my breath.

          23. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            I pointed out that poor whites and Asians score higher on the SAT than blacks from middle and upper class families. The source for that is the College Board.

          24. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            This paper summarizes thirty years of research:


        2. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

          Hey, you got something correct! You did say nothing “correct”.

    4. Eleanore Whitaker December 10, 2015

      If you have to ask the question, perhaps you need to read the Civil Rights Act of 1974.

      1. plc97477 December 10, 2015

        You assume he can read.

        1. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

          LOL , or think.

      2. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

        Take your own advice.

        1. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

          You are so incredibly racist it hurts.

          1. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            Boo hoo.

          2. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

            What a comeback. See, obviously it hurts you more than any of us.

          3. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            It’s funny you think anyone should care about your being hurt.

          4. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

            Comprehension is not your strong suit. It hurts you buddy, not any of us. Remain ignorant, remain racist, bigoted and misogynist. It only hurts you.

          5. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            If it hurts me, why am I laughing and why are you the one whining about how it hurts?

          6. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

            I don’t know. You would have to explain that one to me why you choose to laugh at your own closeted mind, and why I even bother to comment on it.

    5. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

      Saying that a race of people are inherently slower at learning and so should attend a college that is adjusted for their slower ability. What if an Asian judge said that about whites? Would you be so agreeing?

      1. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

        That’s not what he said, and no one is arguing blacks qualified to go to any particular school should be excluded.

        1. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

          Yes it is what he said. Maybe you should read the actual transcript.

          1. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            No it isn’t. Are you black? You have poor reading comprehension.

          2. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

            Hey, you just confirmed how racist you are. Read your sentence.
            BTW, it shouldn’t matter one way or another, but I am genetically white skinned with green eyes … My ancestors are Viking/ Northern European.
            Are you stupid? Nevermind, don’t answer that question … I have known the answer to that for a long time.

  6. bcarreiro December 9, 2015

    Scalia, judgemental interpretation of your own racist opinion. Academics for you must have been altered like your ego. EMBRACE DIVERSITY ….judge on performance not preference.

  7. harviele December 9, 2015

    Justice Scalia is becoming more senile every day. He probably should be removed from office.

    1. plc97477 December 10, 2015

      If truth be known , he should never have been placed on the court.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker December 10, 2015

        You can thank Ronald Reagan’s back room GOP presidency for that.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker December 10, 2015

      He should be impeached for no reason other than his inability to read law in an unbiased manner. Ruth Bader Ginsberg has called him out many times and when she did, he acted as if she had less rights than he.

  8. dtgraham December 9, 2015

    If you think that affirmative action should now be based more on a social class basis than a race basis, I understand that. It’s an interesting concept. However, when you’re basing your opposition of affirmative action on a theory that blacks are intellectually inferior and don’t belong in the better schools; then I would have to ask why you are still allowed to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court. No, really. Why?

    1. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

      Race differences in IQ are a scientific fact.

      1. The lucky one December 10, 2015

        Complete nonsense.

        1. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

          There is decades of peer reviewed, replicated research, science denier.

      2. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

        No. No it isn’t. I keep asking myself why you hang out here instead of Storm Front.

        1. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

          You’re a science denier.

          1. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

            That would be incredibly difficult, seen as my career is in science

          2. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

            Your writing isn’t any good, either.

          3. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

            Essentially you said “You are writing isn’t any good, either.” Perhaps you should have said “Your writing isn’t any good either.” The irony, it amuses me.

  9. Jerry Schull December 10, 2015

    My first thought on the sensationalized headline was: The guy is a racist. BUT maybe he has a point. IF we first forget race and then analyze whether or not a student is up to the task. Having a average or below average student go to a class where only a optimal bright student can pass is just dumb. Some schools are just fast paced in order to keep costs down. IF it takes 5 years instead of 4 to get that degree, then that’s a problem. People learn at different paces.
    The affirmative action question was the subject, but I think affirmative actions time has passed. Yes, It got many into schools they could have never gotten into, but did it also degrade the quality of the education from that school? IF professors grade on a curve or are required to pass a certain % then absolutely. IF it slows the entire class down and less is therefore taught then, absolutely.

    Just my two cents.

    1. joe schmo December 10, 2015

      Very good analogy and I agree. I also agree with Scalia. I have taught at the University level and I have attended a fast paced (quarter system) University. From day one, you hit the floor running. If you are not on top of the subject matter you will fail. I also believe there are several factors involved:

      1)The talent of student regarding the subject matter the student is studying.
      2) Their age (The older we are the better we learn). Maturity helps.
      3) I think that students are also gifted in different areas. Maybe their area of study is not a fit for them.
      4) Better preparation for college in HS.

      Our HS’s are not the best at preparing students for college. It’s like going from play time to HS. Sometimes I believe HS’s need better counselors or a guidance center that aims at helping a student figure out what they should be studying. Although I think the #3 is a matter of choice, I believe time is needed to complete harder subject matter if that particular student feels that they have their heart set on studying a certain field. All I know is that HS’s DO NOT PREPARE students for college and that is one of the main reasons kids drop out. In Europe not everyone gets to attend University. You have to have a certain mindset to attend. If a young person is not able to make it to University they are usually put into a trade school.

      1. Kurt CPI December 10, 2015

        This is of course true and has nothing to do with race. All people excel in certain areas and struggle in others. The problem with a program like “Common Core” is not just that it focuses so intensely on what are considered the core principals of a good education at the expense of art, music and liberal arts. It’s also that the curriculum completely defines the PROCESS, ignoring the fact that we all learn differently. How many times hav you tried to explain something to someone that they just don’t seem to be able to grasp only to re-state your explanation in a different context and see the light come on? That’s called teaching.

        High School needs to prepare students for college with a diverse education – not ignoring core principals, but also not removing teachers’ abilities to restructure their methods when it benefits a student. We need to prepare students to think for themselves, not try to force them to think like everyone else – that’s an exercise in futility.

        1. joe schmo December 12, 2015

          Absolutely. I agree. It’s all about the individual and how they learn.

  10. _Steve_ December 10, 2015

    It is just not PC to state the truth. He should however rephrased stating that affirmative action often leads to difficulties for students that bite more than they can chew.

    1. joe schmo December 10, 2015

      Starts at the HS level. Our HS do not prepare kids for college.

      1. Marilyn December 10, 2015

        It starts long before HS. Early childhood education is important for later learning. The socio economic level is more significant than race for achievement. When parents are too exhausted from working their second or perhaps third job to read to their children at night or supervise homework, achievement suffers. Reading to children at an early age not only helps them to develop vocabulary and an interest in reading, it also helps them to develop knowledge that is beyond their own personal experience. They can know about places and ways of life they have never seen before. They can know basic scientific facts. They are then prepared to study when they reach elementary school and even more advanced study at HS and college. If we want to overcome poverty and improve education, then early childhood education must be provided for all.

        1. joe schmo December 12, 2015

          Reading to children at night? My parents didn’t do that too often, and my parents, specifically my Dad still took the time to work with me on my math problems after a long long day at work. That is just an excuse.

          Not entirely. I feel my early childhood education was extremely good. Where the education system failed me was English grammar and punctuation. I came out of HS not knowing the difference between a noun and a verb. I had to relearn English in college. Didn’t even know how sentence structure worked nor did I know how to write a proper paper. I still resent the system for that and that lack of grammar started in Jr. High. I feel the education system prior to the 70’s was still good. After that, it took a free fall and it has been horrible ever since. I blame less discipline, lack of responsibility and the dumbing down of curriculum for that.

          I had students coming into my class who DID NOT know how to write a correct sentence nor did they know how to spell. They ALL refused to do assignments in a book, rather they wanted my lectures to be the turned in assignment. Some of my students even went so far as to tell me one particular instructor they had in HS would give them a test, and all the answers were left on the board. BAD,BAD,BAD!

    2. RED December 10, 2015

      It’s always fascinating to see how the ignorant mind works, at least the small part of it that works. Yours is not the most ignorant comment but none the less pretty darn ignorant. Let’s start with “PC,” the phrase of morons who believe that only certain groups are entitled to politeness and respect but not others. I can guarantee that you’ve probably said the phrase “nobody has any manners today,” haven’t ya? Yep! But manners only count for you, right? That’s the first ignorant part of your comment. The second, much more ignorant part is how little you actually know about affirmative action and how you group people together. Just in this ridiculous case alone, do you know that over 100 minority students with higher grades than Fisher were denied entry. Or that more than 40 kids with lower grades were allowed entry with only 4 being minorities? So right there that’s over 100 ahead of this ignorant backwards overprivileged little brat, Fisher. But some people will always remain in the dark.

      1. _Steve_ December 11, 2015

        Grades mean nothing, it the curriculum content. AP coursework, math and science. Why is the truth offensive to you?

        1. RED December 11, 2015

          Wow!! Never ceases to amaze me how committed some morons become to the ignorance. So grades and text scores mean nothing? Weird, cause everyone who ever went Ro college was admitted with a review of their grades and test scores. But clearly you’re an idiot. I especially enjoy the part where you show a little more of your stupidity and ignorant ideology by suggesting math and science are all that matters.

          1. _Steve_ December 11, 2015

            Very few blacks undertake STEM majors, but can achieve A’s in Afro American studies. Surprised?

          2. RED December 11, 2015

            With each click of the keyboard you reveal how amazingly ignorant, uninformed, & just generally horrible human being you are. Sadly, once you’ve contracted the Con sickness, as you so obviously have, the damage to the brain and intellect is irreparable.

          3. _Steve_ December 12, 2015

            The Truth is obfuscated from your PC agenda and bias. that’s all. YOU MIGHT RECOVER

    3. 5612jean December 10, 2015

      We got another bigot here.

      1. _Steve_ December 11, 2015

        And of course you aren’t racist, huh? Your posts certainly reflect that

  11. The lucky one December 10, 2015

    Scalia need to meet more African-American people. His opinion of their intelligence is being clouded by his close proximity to Clarence Thomas.

  12. RetinaD December 10, 2015

    When initially reading the headlines and his actual statement, African Americans may become outraged however; this is classic evidence that the Educational System in America is LIMITED to creating curriculum that caters to Euro Americans who have been “taught to the system” since birth….
    The American Educational System is antiquated and inflexible.., It does not support the vast diverse learning abilities of others therefore people like this Supreme Court Justice typically Blame the Student as opposed to correcting the system!

    1. joe schmo December 10, 2015

      Not quite but almost hit it on the nail. Correcting the system and stop experimenting with our kids.

      1. pmbalele December 10, 2015

        I believe you read what I wrote yesterday. I am Black and I believe affirmative action should end now. Blacks, Whites and other racial minorities are scoring the same in employment exams. Therefore we should have quotas if employer’s workforce does not reflect racial and sex compositions of qualified in a state, county and city. Unfortunately there are still racist and bigot employers wondering why Blacks are now scoring as high as Whites. All those employees you see working in government offices did not score highest in exams and at interviews. They were favored there because they are Whites or have relatives or friends of hiring officials. Actually affirmative action program benefited White women more than Blacks. But also blame racism on federal court White judges. One day I was in USDC- Western District of Wisconsin when White federal female judge wondered how I ranked highest in exam beating Whites. She had been raised to believe Blacks were intellectually inferior to her as a White woman. I have reported her to the US Judiciary Committee. I am also preparing to sue some DOC officials in Wisconsin for their
        fraudulent activities. I caught them when they changed documents to avoid hiring Black males. I will keep you posted. So affirmative action programs are not necessary now. All we need is equal opportunities in schools and at work. Therefore quotas are back as a matter of

        1. joe schmo December 11, 2015

          I agree with you in regard to affirmative action and I also agree with you in regard to quotas. However, the cards are now stacked in your favor. I think perhaps you feel that Whites are thought of more favorably on job applications. That is where I think you are wrong. They are not. There is a clear bias to hire ethnics in the workplace. If a company would state right up front that we enlist a quota for appearing applicants, and, I remind you, that it is done fairly, then we would most likely be on the same page, right?

          I apologize for any offense, but how long will you feel this deprivation? Will it be when ALL Whites no longer have a job? Will that satisfy you? In the state where I reside, quite the opposite is true. The bias goes against the White applicant and Hispanics are hired. I’m not sure where you live in this Country but there can be a reverse bias and maybe you should be looking at Hispanics as well because a great majority of them have taken African American jobs and White jobs as well:)

          1. pmbalele December 11, 2015

            I do not feel deprived of anything. This is because I scored highest in state job exam and was hired. Then came promotion to supervise Whites. I took exam with Whites again and scored highest. The whole top Dept of Administration went numb. The department head refused to promote me. We went to federal court. A federal district judge wondered how I scored highest in Wisconsin. I have filed issue with US Fiduciary Committee. I have not yet gotten answer from them.

          2. joe schmo December 12, 2015

            PM, I feel for you. In our state we have been singled out by Hispanics. Many Whites have resorted to starting their own businesses. White people do not really complain all that much. When the going gets tough the tough get going and we start other enterprises.

            Wisconsin? I certainly am not an expert on that state since I live in a very Blue state and I do feel deprived and mistreated and I am White.. I have a hunch that you are not an American native? That you immigrated to America from another
            Country. Am I right? The only reason I say that is because of your last name. I am assuming that you had a better education and I believe you worked very hard to attain it. I am also assuming that you are gifted at your job? I do think it was very
            unfair what they did to you, however; unfairness in the workplace white or non=white occurs all the time. For instance, my sibling works for the grocery industry. He has been working for the same company for 38 years. He knows it like the back of his hand, yet there are some people who do not want to promote him. My suggestion to you is to hang in there and perhaps that person who did not want to promote you will some day leave or maybe it would be a good idea to look for another job in a similar field that has a higher position. It’s not always an ethnic issue rather than it is a personal opinion coming from that boss above you.

          3. pmbalele December 12, 2015

            We need more African-American as lawyers. I have no idea how Scalia and Clarence Thomas work taking account of what Scalia said about Blacks.

        2. nana4gj December 12, 2015

          One can be a black Harvard Law School Alumna and become President of the USA and your academic record is suspect, as is your very citizenship, because one of your parents was born n Kenya.

          Do you know how many other Presidents graduated from prestigious institutions of higher learning and had a parent, or a grandparent, born in another country? They were all white.

          1. pmbalele December 12, 2015

            You have recruited Ted Cruz as your GOP nominee. Cruz is unqualified for the WH job.He was born in Canada to a Cuban father. You and many right wingers are hypocrite for labeling Obama as alien and not Ted Cruz who is now presenting papers to renounce his Canadian and Cuban citizenship.

          2. nana4gj December 12, 2015

            I am uncertain what in the statement I made above may have led you to believe that I support the GOP and, OMG, Ted Cruz !!

            Most emphatically I do not. I have never been Republican and, over the past 24 to 28 years, would never consider a vote for them for any office.

            The dozen and a half candidates in their primary are nothing but offensive, ignorant, bloviating hot air balloons with not an ounce of common sense or governance ability, some worse than others.

    2. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

      How does math “cater to Euro Americans”?

      1. RetinaD December 10, 2015

        Once again… The EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM in America is limited, antiquated, and inflexible…. The system cators to a linear model of thinking and does not support other learning abilities nor does it support the disadvantaged learner who has not been spoon fed this ideology since birth.. Euro – Americans are accustomed to this learning style that is designed to meet their achievements and learning styles

        1. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

          It’s not the educational system’s fault blacks are bad at math.

          1. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

            And what actual information do you have to support this highly flawed and prejudicial statement, Mr. White Supremist?

  13. rednekokie December 10, 2015

    The problem here, it seems to me, is that all blacks are being lumped together, as well as all whites being lumped together — with no mention of Asians – who would probably be, according to this analysis, a third group yet.

    Admission to schools of higher learning all should be based upon entrance examinations, which are geared to determine the learning speed and capacity of the entrants – whether they are black, white, Asian, or whatever.

    As far as i know, this has never been done. Perhaps it is high time it should, with entrants being assigned to schools that best meet their needs.

    There are fast and slow learners in the white community, there are fast and slow learners in the black community, and the same holds true for Asians. This should be taken into account. I went to school with blacks who ran rings around me, intellectually, and with white who were dumber than doorknobs. People don’t fall into convenient groups.

    I suspect this is more toward what the justice actually meant, even as he was coming across as a racial bigot.

    1. joe schmo December 10, 2015

      Also a very valid idea but it really does not resolve the HS issue which tends to be a huge problem. HS to college is a huge leap in knowledge. HS let students get away with grades, Colleges don’t and that is where the setup for failure begins.

      Exactly! Your last statement is correct.

      1. nana4gj December 10, 2015

        There have been enough black university graduates in every field of study, in every career setting, in every profession today that disqualifies the prejudicial opinion that black students should opt for ‘lesser’ achievements at the educational opportunities available to everyone else, when they have successfully matriculated through elite universities with more obstacles than some of their white peers faced, that makes Scalia’s statement unacceptable and offensive and inappropriate for a SCOTUS on many levels, including the level of determination of any individual’s suitability for college acceptance and potential for success, which is not his job; based on skin color which is not Justice, based on civil law.

        1. joe schmo December 11, 2015

          One of these days you people will see things for what they are. This has nothing to do with the intelligence of White, Black, Asian etc….,. Rather it has to do, on your end, with the term ‘equality.’ I can remember when feminist women felt that they could do what a man could do both physically and mentally. May I remind you that a woman cannot bench press 500lbs. What I am getting at is the fact that each race has unique gifts with regards to their abilities. Again, I remind you it has nothing to do with equality. For some reason, you liberals want to categorize everyone into the same box. That fact is implausible and it is also not accurate. There are exceptions to the rule, however; my observations have been that the human brain has evolved differently in all humans depending on where they came from and it also has tons to do with culture.. When you finally get to the point where you see each human uniquely different from another, each with a specific talent, then we will be better able to understand one another.

          1. nana4gj December 11, 2015

            If you believe that each race has unique gifts with regards to their abilities, as it applies to capacity to learn and be educated, to enter any profession of their choice for which they have been prepared, and that some races can achieve but others cannot because of their race, I strongly disagree with you and I suggest that this is, indeed, the heart of racism.

            Unless they have the same organic deficiency as any individual of any race that impedes cognition, anyone, including black people, can learn and excel.

            You sound as if you cling to the beliefs of the Civil War era, when blacks were considered inherently sub-human, when they were prevented from reading, for fear of their lives.

            Black students have the same wherewithall to learn as anyone else. Many come from cultural environments that make it difficult, but they achieve, which demonstrates that culture does not have that much of an impact on learning, for any of us of any color. It can be the impetus for motivation.

            The woman who cannot bench press 500 lbs like a man can, is a poor analogy. All things are not equal here, as they are with skin color. Skin color does not prevent someone from having the ability to learn and excel.

            Anatomical differences in the body does give some the potential for the ability to bench press 500 lbs and some not. I suppose if a woman wanted to be able to do this badly enough, she could do what some men do, bulk up on steroids and work out..No one is born with the ability to bench press 500 lbs, not even a male..

            It’s a very good thing that none of us need to bench press 500 lbs in order to succeed in life, or that it is a norm that measures someone as having reached their maximum potential, because it is a variable, an option, not a requirement or a necessity. But, we all need an education to explore what is our potential, our abilities to maximize it, and to achieve it, no matter what skin color or anatomical design.

            For “people like you….me….” what “Equality” means is this.
            Everyone, no matter their race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, debility, political beliefs, should have the OPPORTUNITIES to reach their maximum potential in America. We do not believe a black skin color does not carry inherent deficiencies that preclude the ability to reach maximum potential, and it has been proven that it does not, for decades. This is not a bizarre notion. It is somewhere in Bill of Rights or the Constitution; it is in the Bible that we were created equal in the eyes of God, not just white people, but all colors of people. It’s also the Civil Rights Law in this country, in existence since the 1960s.

            One might assume, from 1960 to 2015, that all of us might have learned that, given opportunities, people can achieve and excel and contribute to society. But, of course, some people just cannot learn, will not learn.

            Before the civil rights era, we could claim Ignorance, clinging to old notions, because we had little exposure in our daily lives with black people. Today, we cannot say that. Today, it is willful Ignorance, and that, I cannot entertain, condone, excuse, accept, or debate.

            There are equal numbers of white high school Seniors who will be first attending community colleges before attempting a 4 year university study, as there are black students, brown, yellow, red, or whatever, for the same reasons. The same number who learn that an associate degree is their maximum level of educational potential will not attempt to move on to a University, but, will have in hand a means to make a very good living, with marketable skills.

            I reject any argument that uses skin color or any other subjective qualifier as a determinant for opportunity and worth.

          2. joe schmo December 11, 2015

            I never said a word about race and achievement. That is your mantra. Not mine! I stated equality in such a way that there is no discernment between anyone. How much more clear can I make my point.

            I also never said anything about Blacks not being able to achieve. I stated there are exceptions to every rule for every race.

            You liberals have taken us so far back into the dark ages that in your warped sense of acknowledgement you believe that Muslim terrorists can live among us quite peacefully when in reality they hate our infidel butts. I look at Europe and I see total annihilation against European’s belief and culture all for the sake of Allah. Women have no rights and gays are killed. Is that what you really want here? Anyway, I have gotten off subject, yet it pertains to something you all have fought so hard for and will loose if you keep this uber political nonsense up. Even Jimmy Carter did not allow radicalized Muslims into America. Look it up!

            No my example suits the situation just fine. A woman cannot bench press 500lbs. You and I both know that. You must also acknowledge the fact that each individual has different gifts and strengths. In this case, I will represent races because I know for a fact that is how you relate. For example, Whites do not have the same innate rhythm that many Blacks have. White’s are also not good at Rap. Asians have an ingrained ability to focus on subject matter. Whites at a lesser extent. However, whites can be extremely innovative. Not saying other races are not but the proof is all around us. My gift happens to be in the arts. I had a recognizable gift at age 3. My nephews is in computer science. He cannot do what I can nor can I do what he does. So again, innate uniqueness. A gift an individual is born with. Some races to a greater extent some to a lesser. However, that does not completely explain uniqueness. Nor does it explain exceptions to the rule.

            You know, you are falling further and further behind when you mention civil rights. Democrats were not very excepting of the proposition at the beginning. Democrats also started the first KKK which is considered a Democratic Terrorist movement. I can guarantee you that there are most likely more individuals succumbing to the BLM than there are Klan members left. We’re past that. Blaming others for the past is in no way a road to the future.

            I doubt that you are right on your last paragraph. I am certain there are more Whites and Asians attending universities but not at the same numbers. LOL, in this day and age of Global competition, you have got to be kidding that these kids should be happy with just an AS. No, I always told my students, the higher up the ladder of education you go, the more you know, the more marketable you are, the more confidence you have, the more doors will open for you. In Europe, our system just wouldn’t suffice. If you are not brilliant enough to go to HS, then university, then you are placed in a technical school. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

            Not that I agree, I believe everyone should give whatever they want to do a try. Some will make it and some, in frustration, will choose another path. Too bad that kids didn’t have more guidance counselors to pin point their talents. Again, unique talent is something every ‘individual’ is born with. Equality puts us in the same box which is an impossibility.

          3. nana4gj December 12, 2015

            Scalia’s conservative defenders have rushed to defend his statement by asserting that Scalia was playing “devil’s advocate, asking UT’s lawyer to respond to a popular, disputed, conservative academic theory that affirmative action, ie, giving preferences to minority candidates who have not been prepared for rigorous academic challenges at elite universities is self-defeating and sets up the students for failure. I can accept the fact he was raising conservative argument against affirmative action.

            I do not accept the argument that elite universities accept a student that does not meet their entrance requirements for the sake of AA today, 2015. Initially, they may have. Today, acceptance at these universities is very competitive. The reason elite universities are ranked elite and the best is because they meet criteria of successful full matriculation, few drop outs, numbers of those who proceed to higher degrees, gainful employment, etc, etc. Diversity of student population is also a criteria today, after years of AA. But, I do not think, while they may consider every application, they will accept just anyone. I believe they must have some evidence of potential success.

            My granddaughter is in the process of visiting, interviewing, and application to universities. She is in the top rankings, a good student and learner, sociable, active in student affairs in HS. She may not be accepted in UT…we live in Texas….she will visit Rice University, as well. She visited Texas A&M and it is not at the top of her list. She would prefer U of Colo Boulder, visited, was accepted into Arts and Science Program for her preMed, but it is very expensive for out of state students and not much financial aid available; she received a full scholarship to U of Nebraska on review of her records, but, she does not want to go there. It is not that easy for anyone to be accepted. Elite Universities are very selective.

            Clarence Thomas is cited as having said he views his Yale Law School degree as tainted because he was admitted under an AA program and he wonders if he would have been better off going to law school in his home state of Georgia. Maybe he is an example of conservative academic theory. Maybe that theory might have been appropriate at the beginning of AA. I do not think it is applicable or carries much weight today.

            I think all kids today are brighter, more aggressive about learning, and learn more through more resources than the generation of Clarence Thomas and Scalia and myself. Kids have been and are still enrolled in Day Cares, even when one parent is a stay at home parent. They are not simply fed and watered there; they learn; PreK teaches them, opens them to be receptive to their environment; they go on field trips around the city. And do not discount PBS and the educational programs on TV. Kids, little ones, are more inquisitive, alert, knowing, and sociable. They are read to at early ages and many can read earlier than they used to. While are public schools are not ideal, many minority students are pushed and prodded by their working parents, and while they may live in poverty, there is no poverty of goals and ambitions and expectations and these students make the most of their public school educations. If they meet the requirements, including knowing how to persevere, work hard, have the GPAs and other “documents” of capability, they should have equal opportunity for consideration and should not be lumped into any category because of their skin color or ethnic origin.

            That’s what disturbs me about this statement of Scalia, this conservative academic theory. I do not believe it is applicable today. It is old, as old as racism, which I believe is an aberrant beat in today’s society. I do not believe any one should be denied equal opportunity because of race or circumstances of birth, including poor white kids, either. And that old conservativism that produced this theory, continues to seep into many other aspects of life in today’s society after decades of progress during, after the hard work of civil rights and equality. Some even have stated it was a mistake to pass civil rights legislation….I disagree. All of us are equal by our sheer humanity. We may have unequal abilities, but that is subjective. As long as an individual is given the opportunity to reach his/her individual potential, it matters not that it was at a community college, law school, medical school, community college, technical institute, or on the job training and apprenticeship for plumbing, electrician, or wherever their potential can be achieved. And that makes every one of them successful and productive.

            A Supreme Court Justice should be able to think outside the box; should be able to realize that society is moving forward and so are our kids; that they no longer sit around the house and wait for first grade. Kids in minorities in preK and Day Care are better prepared for elementary school and learn to achieve.

            Above all, SCOTUS should not be advancing any theory that does not support the laws of the country, no matter their ideological “bent”. IMO, the laws grant everyone opportunity. Acceptance into elite universities should be based on the ability to meet the requirements for acceptance and there should be no disqualifying factor simply because of skin color, race, or circumstances of birth.

            It may be more difficult for them to manage the college experience, but that can be said for anyone. We all know of “over 21 yrs, white, and free legacy students” who are matriculated through elite Ivy League institutions on the merit of familial tradition and who are kept there until they graduate, no matter what kind of performance they produce with the only difficulty being parental expectation and too much partying, but, they manage to graduate, don’t they.

            We all know of students of all colors who are accepted into these institutions who must also retain employment. It must be difficult for them, as well.

            If we apply this conservative academic theory about potential for success in these “higher institutions”, we should apply it to more than just skin color. I don’t know what the exact student population would then include.

            But, I do know that, if a student wants it badly enough, they will make it happen and, after they do, most are not ashamed of how they were given the opportunity, unlike Clarence Thomas.

          4. nana4gj December 12, 2015

            Equality does not mean equal ability. It means equal opportunity to achieve the individual’s maximum potential without restriction based on race, religion, sex, etc. If the individual’s maximum potential is trade school and he/she achieves it and can be gainfully employed, self-sufficient, productive, and a contributing member of society, that is cause for celebration as much as if they finished Medical School. We need electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and everyone, and I don’t care what color their skins are.

    2. Albert Harris December 10, 2015

      A very sane statement except it is a extremly RACIST opinon and statement WHEN YOU SINGLE OUT ONE GROUP

    3. 5612jean December 10, 2015

      Don’t make excuses for him. He’s a bigot plan and simple. He probably really believes his own rhetoric.

    4. nana4gj December 10, 2015

      Anyone on the Supreme Court should not need a citizen to “understand” what the SCOTUS meant to say or communicate. We should not have to conclude what was meant, why he implied, inferred. Irresponsible public statements by a SCOTUS should not be the norm, as they are with Scalia, for us to figure out, assume, or excuse.

      A SCOTUS should be able to say exactly what he thinks and wants to say and accept the consequences for same, own it, without any of the rest of us making excuses for him/her. Theoretically, at least, they have been highly educated and are at the top of their profession, and they should be able to responsibly articulate their legal opinions. But, when those legal opinions have nothing to do with Law and everything to do with personal opinions that are as flawed as any other citizen in this country who does not possess an education or degree in Law, and are not sitting on the highest court in the land, it indcates that SCOTUS is probably in a job for which there is no qualification or ability, that maybe he was one of those who should have aimed for something “lesser” than he did, because he cannot apply judiciously what he learned and cannot communicate effectively, either.

  14. Eleanore Whitaker December 10, 2015

    A statement like this should get Scalia impeached. It’s racism at its most public and disgusting. Scalia is the misguided gift from Reagan’s back room presidency that just keeps on giving and giving garbage decisions.

    Teachers have so little input into what compromises education today. That isn’t a coincidence. The narrow minded right loathes anything they cannot control. To them, schools are a cesspool of free thinking, taught by too liberal free thinkers.

    So, I’m guessing that men like John Nash, Einstein, Edison, Salk, Tesla and others should just have kept their minds regimented to Republican right wing curriculum. That way no free thinking is allowed to enter the mind of any of them.

    In nearly every US school, it’s minority children like Asian Indians and Orientals who are always at the top rankings.

    Scalia fools no one. This bigot is doing the same brand of slicing and dicing Republican men seem to believe they have a right to do.

  15. Eleanore Whitaker December 10, 2015

    Bush was going in the right direction with No Child Left Behind, but thanks to his administration and his party, much of the original intent was whitewashed (no pun intended). In reality, it was Laura Bush, a former school teacher, who pushed the idea of No Child Left Behind. Yet, as usual, she received no credit for that.

    The point is that education has to fit the overall societal trends for it to be effective. That’s the reason men like Plato, Socrates, Galileo and Shakespeare fit so neatly into the microcosms of their society to become evergreen teachers.

    The reality is that children all have the ability to learn. To what degree they can learn depends on their maturation of their cognitive skills. That isn’t to say that in the US today, there has not been an attempt to empower only those considered “superior.”

    Great things and great people come from humble beginnings…not always from Vanderbilt mansions.

    1. nana4gj December 10, 2015

      We are “supposed” to have Opportunity for any child to reach their maximum potential in this country. The college application process and standards for acceptance, should be the determining factor for the potential of a student’s ability to succeed in the field of study they desire. This is part of the application process; the reason for academic counsellors once they are in college. It is not for a SCOTUS to determine based on skin color and his/her own flawed ability to do the job of a SCOTUS.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker December 10, 2015

        You know that and I know that…but men today are power addicts. They want power as bad as any drug addict wants heroin.

        If you knew what they really do in southern states to keep minorities out of colleges, you would think this was still the pre-Civil War south. NC, GA and SC are the worst at the denial of equal educational rights.

  16. Grannysmovin December 10, 2015

    This is why the Supreme Court Justices should be forced to adopt a “Code of Ethics” and should have term limits. This man needs to step down or be forced to recuse himself from any cases involving affirmative action, civil rights etc.

    1. nana4gj December 10, 2015

      That Code of Ethics in this case, as well as others that re equality and civil rights, should be part and parcel in deliberations if they would deliberate on rule of law instead of personal opinions and flawed personal judgments and character.

      They should be forced to take their Oats of Office on an annual mandatory basis and when they fail to adhere to that oath, they should terminate each other.

      Scalia is too cute and clever by six in his self-admiration with his little comments that have nothing to do with the law and everything to do with his perverted sense of self and his flawed character full of prejudices that have no place in the US Supreme Court.

  17. Stuck in Kansas December 10, 2015

    I wonder what Justice Clarence Thomas thinks abut this.

    1. 5612jean December 10, 2015

      Clarence Thomas probably agrees with him. He appears to me to be one of those Negroes who don’t want to be what he is, which is Black. It’s ashamed there is no mechanism by which to get rid of a racist justice. A comment like that clearly indicates racism. There are mental challenged people of all socioeconomic races. Stupidity is not exclusive to the Black race.

    2. nana4gj December 10, 2015

      Both Thomas and Scalia are in positions above their abilities and aptitudes, having somehow made it through their educational field of study that was obviously too above their level or expectation for potential success in their chosen field.

      That proves that it is not just the black skinned student who will eventually fail with high goals for him/herself, it is the white skinned student, as well, if we apply The Scalia Standard Prediction for Success.

      It proves anyone can fool themselves and anyone else for a period of time until such time there is evidence of ineptitude, that one has reached higher than their lesser ability to achieve. I think it is called the Peter Principle.

      When it is discovered at the level of US Supreme Court Justice, we all suffer for it, but they are guaranteed their sheltered employment and can be as ignorant and narrow minded and just plain dumb, as they are able to be, at our collective expense.

  18. yabbed December 10, 2015

    That racist pig should be impeached. He should not be on the Supreme Court of the United States of America. That is an outrageous comment for a Justice to make.

    1. pmbalele December 10, 2015

      such puke by Scalia encourages and enables lower federal judges to discriminate
      against Blacks in courts. I was one day in USDC-Western District of Wisconsin
      when White federal female judge wondered how I ranked highest in exam beating
      Whites. She had been raised to believe Blacks were intellectually inferior to
      her as a White woman. I have reported her to the US Judiciary Committee. I do
      not think the Judiciary Committee will act if Scalia pukes stuff like that. I
      am also preparing to sue some DOC officials in Wisconsin for their fraudulent
      activities. I caught them when they changed documents to avoid hiring Black
      males. Scalia should be impeached.

      1. InformedVoter December 13, 2015

        Perhaps you can explain the recently released stats that show, nationwide, that black students in both elementary and high school tested below the average? And not just below by a small amount, but by amounts outside any margin of error? This, after all the slanting of tests to eliminate anti-black biases or lack of income, etc. There was a book printed many years ago called “Paved With Good Intention” that clearly explained the multitude of reasons. The liberal media and many “experts” tried to show the book was flawed but over time, the ideas presented have been proven over and over. Perhaps Al Campanis and Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder were correct with their unpopular statements.

        1. pmbalele December 13, 2015

          I went to college where 99 percent were Whites. I did not see or feel left out. In fact every time after test some white kids would come to my desk to look at my score. Because they were my friends, I share with them. Now I know why they were checking how much I scored-to see how a Black boy was scoring. I meet them off and on -they do respect me – not only as a friend but also I was good as they were in class. I am not saying to be brightest. I think scoring in exams and even at work has to do with your composure. If you use drugs or drink beer too much you will hurt your score or work.

  19. jmprint December 10, 2015

    We need to have free 4 year colleges for ALL. I’m willing to spend my tax dollars on that.

  20. pjm19606 December 10, 2015

    The racism is ripe in Scalia and what is more disgusting is that he’s Italian.

  21. Larry Gagnon December 10, 2015

    No young person, regardless of race, religion, national origin, weight, height, etc., should be thrust into some competition level for which they are not ready. Judging who is ready is extremely difficult and imprecise. Don’t let anyone throw you into a calculus class if you really did not like algebra!!!

    1. nana4gj December 10, 2015

      Which is why college applications, acceptances, and programs of study are so carefully vetted through the application process, interviews, prior academic performance, extra curricular activities, community involvement, and submitted essays, by the prospective student.

      If the applying student demonstrates potential for success, that is the qualifying factor. Once accepted, if the student cannot succeed, there are academic counsellors and available recourses, ie, change the course of study, or withdraw.

      The color of one’s skin should never be the presumptive qualifying factor for either acceptance or denial into any institute of higher learning. In the year 2015, in this country, anyone who believes that it is, has not learned anything, themselves. If they have not ever encountered a black physician, professor, teacher, attorney, JUDGE, CEO, banker, scientist, astronaut, investment banker, Registered Nurse, President, et al, that person lives a very sheltered, narrow life. Or, perhaps, that person simply resents that there are highly capable, well educated black people in important positions that only white people should have.

    2. nana4gj December 10, 2015

      Which is why college applications, acceptances, and programs of study are so carefully vetted through the application process, interviews, prior academic performance, extra curricular activities, community involvement, and submitted essays, by the prospective student. I doubt any student whose ability is not in math would choose a course of study at university that is Math or Physicis, nor would any university force said student to enter the study program for what they do not demonstrate an inclination for. Choosing a Major and a Minor is all about the ability, inclinations, and interests of the student and whether or not a university can provide that course of study.

      If the applying student demonstrates potential for success, that is the qualifying factor. Once accepted, if the student cannot succeed, there are academic counsellors and available recourses, ie, change the course of study, or withdraw.

      The color of one’s skin should never be the presumptive qualifying factor for either acceptance or denial into any institute of higher learning. In the year 2015, in this country, anyone who believes that it is, has not learned anything, themselves. If they have not ever encountered a black physician, professor, teacher, attorney, JUDGE, CEO, banker, scientist, astronaut, investment banker, Registered Nurse, President, et al, that person lives a very sheltered, narrow life. Or, perhaps, that person simply resents that there are highly capable, well educated black people in important positions that only white people should have.

      1. Larry Gagnon December 10, 2015

        To nan4gj: You make several undeniably valid points. Somehow, I read the case facts differently from you. I think that the University is seeking approval of a policy to treat people differently based solely on their race. I believe that the only ones at significant risk from such a policy are those who are admitted based on criteria that are not academically related. Blacks, Whites, Yellows, Greens. If your goal is to crush a young person’s self-image, enter him in a competition for which he is not prepared. I will not lose any sleep over those not admitted because of such a policy because, if I understand their situation, they are likely to have a slight head-start in the less sought-after universities and, hopefully, be able to build off such a possible advantage. To suggest that someone is inferior intellectually because of their race or ethnicity is simply irrational (&, of course, racism at its worst). But, truly color blind decisions are not – unless “color” is a rationally related criterion.

        1. nana4gj December 10, 2015

          The crux of the case is the Supreme Court Justice’s words which group all black students with implication they all need slower paced university settings. The University can accept based on scholastic potential as Id’d per the application process or, their application acceptances may be duty bound by law because they neglect to recruit the black students with the demonstrated potential to be successful.

          If some private Universities can do it, I don’t know why the University of Texas cannot. It could be that UT has become infiltrated by a political conservative toxin that our Republican Governors use to infect all of our educational system, Regents, Boards, et al.

  22. nana4gj December 10, 2015

    Justice Scalia has, perhaps, forgotten, that at one point in time, some people thought the same as he does about black students in any university, about Italian American students of his generation, many of whom learned Italian as their first language, speaking it in the home with their immigrant parents. He has forgotten that it is that recent that Italians were thought to be inferior, “oily”, and only good for peddling groceries in a cart, entertaining with a good song, or for being really good at criminal activities.

    He got his education, though, didn’t he, and I doubt he went to any second class, “lesser than”, institutions of higher learning. If society applied the same norms and standards to his Italian children today as he does to black children, he would not be in the position he is in to discriminate with ignorance. One would think, hope, assume, that with his own history and all of the education he had, and the position he holds as a Justice on the US Supreme Court, ignorance would not be a character trait that he uses in making judicial determinations.

    This is what happens when one takes all of the advantages and opportunities afforded to oneself, and resides in ivory towers, smugly celebrating oneself, and remaining above “the least” of us. Is that so that one can be assured of their own superiority by keeping as many as possible, “beneath” you? Can anyone as well educated and “judicial” really believe what he has said? I think not. I think this is, as other outrageous statements he has made re civil right issues, equality, etc., simply a symptom of what he has become once he attained all he wanted to attain and his own sense of superiority for having attained it.

    As a second generation Italian American, myself, with immigrant grandparents and parents, relatives, who accomplished much without the benefits and opportunities he had, but, who had character and integrity, who never neglected to remind the next generation from whence we all came as we accomplished more, he embarrasses and offends me.

    As a citizen of this country, I am appalled that we are at the mercy of a Supreme Court Justice who is narrow minded, prejudiced, and whose ignorance on certain issues of class, equal opportunities that benefit individuals and society at large, are so flawed. He seems to believe that college acceptance should be based on skin color, with presumptions of inferiority, not on ability. How does that “fit” in the US Supreme Court?

    1. Polana December 10, 2015

      nana, What College did he graduated from – Sewer College or Racist Idiotical College/University of Texas?? How about judge Thomas???I know that Thomas is not so bright and a follower – never challenged , just go w/the flow, I guess he did go to the slow movers/thinkers.
      Looks like Scalia had gone to a College where mouth goes 1st and brain follow.

  23. LCR78 December 10, 2015

    Scalia’s statement makes a good case for affirmative action. I guess Ben Carson should not have gone to Yale because it was “too fast” for him.

    1. Cloudherder December 10, 2015

      Poor example. I think the world is “too fast” a place for Ben Carson.

    2. Polana December 10, 2015

      That’s why he talks soooooo slooooooow

  24. nana4gj December 10, 2015

    Scalia forgets it was not so long ago when some people would have said the same about him, an Italian, as he has said about black students desirous of higher education. There was a time when Scalia’s generation were thought to be good only for peddling vegetables and fruits from a cart, singing a good song, or doing some really big criminal activities.

    He’s got his education, however, and so did his own kids with such a last name, dark “oily” hair, and dicey reputation based on ethnic and cultural origins and heritage.

    As an Italian American, second generation, from immigrant grandparents and relatives who never neglected to tell us from whence they came and that we had an obligation to improve each generation, he embarrasses and offends me. I am not proud of him.

    As a citizen, I am appalled at the fact that a US Supreme Court Justice can deliberate a case, any case, before him that is about equal civil rights law, on the basis and worth of skin color and/or ethnic origins, and not on the merits of a case, such as college entrants requirements that include ability demonstrated for potential to succeed in academic studies selected, regardless of skin color or ethnic origin. I have the naive notion that SCOTUS should use the Rule of Law in their deliberations and not the ignorance and prejudicial personal feelings of the ordinary rest of us in society, since they, themselves, are supposed to be so highly educated and without bias.

    If they cannot apply the years of education they have in their professional field of Justice, they have as much business being on the US Supreme Court as does the student, black or white, who fails algebra in high school applying for a university course of study that requires Calculus, Physics, or Aerospace Science. As with that student, there are other jobs available for Scalia, such as with Koch Bros, or the RNC.

  25. nana4gj December 10, 2015

    Applying the Scalia Standard for college acceptance and performance potential in college, we can assume, based on the performance of Scalia in his chosen field of study, Justice, that he reached farther than his own capabilities and is in a position that exceeds his abilities.

    He fails to grasp that he is supposed to determine a case based on existing law, and, in this particular case, is not the authority to determine whether or not an applying student to a university program of study is qualified or not, or has the potential to succeed; that universities have their own process and system for acceptance, matching students with their abilities and interests and potential for success with what a university may have to offer, an not on their skin color, as the Justice does.

    One can only wonder how a Justice of a once minority group himself that endured years of discrimination based on his Italian heritage could embrace such a concept that students who are black have no potential for success at elite institutes of higher education; that they cannot achieve any more than what their parents and grandparents achieved, with each generation.

    To us Italilan Americans of generations before us, we call that a Dizgratiata, a Disgrace.

    1. plc97477 December 12, 2015

      I think it has been pointed out that his knowledge of African-Americans comes from sharing a place with clarence thomas.

    1. The lucky one December 10, 2015

      I assume you are white. If I’m correct that is proof enough for me that white people have no advantage in intelligence over any other group.

      1. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

        The black-white IQ gap is well established, science denier.

      2. _Steve_ December 11, 2015

        Why not Asian?

        1. The lucky one December 11, 2015

          Doesn’t matter, Asians have no genetic advantage in “intelligence” over Negroid, Caucasoid or any other division of the human race. Every group has their share of geniuses and dummies.

          1. plc97477 December 12, 2015

            I would have to say I am not sure that the gotp can claim any geniuses.

          2. The lucky one December 12, 2015

            Agreed, but that’s due to ideology, not genes.

  26. Otto Greif December 10, 2015

    Black law professor says “Misapplication’ to Law Schools Offer Obstacles to Minorities Seeking to Become Lawyers”


  27. LCR78 December 11, 2015

    Truly amazing that a man with Italian ancestors would be so prejudiced. Apparently, he is too young to have experienced any of this prejudice.

  28. Thomas Martin December 11, 2015

    Scalia: RESIGN

  29. idamag December 11, 2015

    And this type of individual sits on the highest court. It is no wonder people are putting supreme in parenthesis.


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