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Senator John McCain Loses His Cool—Again

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Senator John McCain Loses His Cool—Again


Ever since President Obama took office in 2008, Republicans in Congress—not to mention Fox News—have sustained a hair-trigger response to the slightest possibility of a scandal. Their first real opportunity came with Operation Fast and Furious, in which Obama’s assertion of executive privilege sent Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and rest of the GOP into a paranoid frenzy. When the consulate attack in Benghazi took place, the administration’s failure to present a cohesive narrative ignited the fire of controversy—fire which Republicans continue to stoke.

On Wednesday, Senator John McCain (R-AZ), joined by fellow senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), proposed to create a select committee with wide powers to investigate the incident, and the Obama administration’s response to it. McCain has repeatedly turned to the media to rail against what he believes to be a catastrophic mishandling of the events in Libya, and to call for further investigation. Therefore, when McCain missed a classified Senate briefing on the attack on Thursday, and instead held a press conference about the lack of information on said attack, CNN’s Ted Barrett, naturally, pressed him to comment on it. McCain snapped and refused to answer the question. Here’s the video:

“I have no comment about my schedule and I’m not going to comment on how I spend my time to the media,” McCain told Barrett. “I have the right as a senator to have no comment and who the hell are you to tell me I can or not?” Later on, his spokesman Brian Rogers cited a “scheduling error.”

Senator Susan Collins criticized McCain for missing the briefing, Politico reported. “I do not see the benefit of creating a brand-new committee when we already have the Senate’s chief oversight committee, plus the Intelligence Committee, examining this very important matter.”

On Wednesday, McCain’s temper was again set off when a reporter asked if the David Petraeus sex scandal posed a greater threat to national security than the Benghazi attack. “With great respect,” McCain responded, “that’s one of the dumbest questions I’ve ever heard.” The video below shows his exasperated response:

While Senator McCain continues to pursue the Benghazi matter, an issue most Americans do not find worthy of a scandal, his daughter, Meghan McCain, threatened to leave the Republican Party in a Daily Beast op-ed. Citing the Tea Party’s antiquated focus on social issues, the senator’s daughter urged the GOP to modernize or risk permanently losing relevance.

Times are changing. The face of America is changing and we as Republicans stand at a crossroads. Are we going to accept the changing face of America and change with it? Or are we going to continue to become more isolated and irrelevant? It’s possible to maintain the core values of this party and evolve when it comes to social issues. Quite frankly, I don’t see any other path to success.

I’ve spent most of my adult life fighting for change from inside the Republican Party. We Republicans need to look at the future instead of living in the past. We have to learn from what the last two presidential elections have taught us. We must accept each other and the different opinions within the party instead of trying to cannibalize people that diverge from an arbitrary purity test. I refuse to let the extremists win. We can’t let the Tea Party bully us any longer. We can’t keep worrying about ultraconservative white male voters. At the end of the day, I still believe I’m on the right side of history, and we can’t let this party sink away. We can and we must evolve. I don’t know exactly how yet, but I for one am ready to spend the next four years helping us get there.

So far, the volatile senator hasn’t treated us to a public tantrum regarding his daughter’s threatened defection and disavowal of all he holds dear. But tomorrow is another day.


  1. nobsartist November 16, 2012

    another one of the 47% needs to go.

  2. Lynda November 16, 2012

    The poor man is upset that the march of time and progress has passed him by. He is hopelessly stuck in agony over losing the election four years ago. He has yet to face up to the fact that it was him who pushed Ms Palin upon the rest of the world. He can’t take responsbility for his own actions, so he vents his spleen against the President and those serving the White House. It is very sad indeed watching the once so-called maverick becoming just a punch line.

    1. Nomad November 17, 2012

      Imagine his pain of watching Obama doing a far better job (every day) than he could ever have done. The sad fate of political hacks is that when things are done properly, the world can clearly see their lack of talent whether they like it or not. I wish I could say it is heart-wrenching but I find his blustering and bullying merely a confirmation that Americans made the right decision in 2008.

      Actually, America must really and truly be blessed by some divinity to have dodged the McCain/Palin bullet and four years later, god-awful Romney/Ryan pie in the face.

      1. nobsartist November 18, 2012

        I will bet that President Obama could even fly jets better than mccain.

  3. Tom November 16, 2012

    “Keating Five” McCain really is the most corrupt politician to ever have a US Senate seat.

  4. Nomad November 17, 2012

    I thought the question about the sex scandal WAS ridiculous but watching McCain trying to stay focused as the question dragged on and on, was pure comedy.
    In reality McCain has always been a hack and a third-rate politician. His life story is full of unanswered questions that he has chosen to ignore. Not only that, he has always been famous for his short fuse and snapping at people in a bullying manner. (Anybody recall that MIA hearing years and years ago when he snapped at families of those Missing in Action?)

    It says something about the Republican party that people like Lindsey Graham, Newt Gingrich and John McCain would be considered by many in the party to be worth listening to.

  5. nobsartist November 17, 2012

    mccain needs to either do his job or quit. We 47% want to kick him out of our club.

  6. bcarreiro November 17, 2012

    some people just need to get over themselves …………..there should be no republican agenda in a democratic nation. sounds like mccain holds resentment and his daughter is really an undercover democrat.

  7. soul68 November 17, 2012

    Aaannd McCain once again proves America was right not to elect him as President.

    The question was valid, and he was right to ask it. Classified information in the hands of uncertified personnel is a security risk. What happened in Benghazi was an isolated incident having no ongoing incidents related to it.

  8. pattyalt November 17, 2012

    This is sad. McCain used to be a statesman. He often cooperated with other Senators to help this country. He won the nomination in 08 and then made the mistake of bringing along Ms. Palin. That cost him my vote. Now, he seems to be having some kind of a problem. Again, so sad!!

  9. Merl Allen November 17, 2012

    Isn’t Meghan about 22 ? Which means she’s been ‘fighting’ to change the Party for 4 years or so.
    As for McCain he landed on his head in all 4 of his plane wrecks.

  10. I Zheet M'Drawz November 17, 2012

    He is in the first stages of Altheimers called Sometimers.

    Sometimes he’s lucid other times he’s not.

    When he starts ranting and raving in Congress about finding a cure for pancakes maybe they’ll try to shut him up.

  11. Erdman West III November 17, 2012

    It is the sole purpose of the right wing to reach complete control of our government. Anything they do or say stems from that purpose so they will do or say anything. Do not trust them!

  12. Budjob November 18, 2012

    He needs to retire his senile old ass and,go back home to his wife for a blow job or two.That”ll either fix him up or fuck him up!

  13. winds7seas November 18, 2012

    He’s become a doddering old fool.

  14. Milo November 18, 2012

    I really think that government officials should have an expiration date! This guy is a walking example of what happens when walking corpses are allowed to take part on the running, and sometimes ruining, of this great nation! Talk about stale, phew! GET OFF MY GRASS!!!

  15. Mildred Ortega Calderon November 18, 2012

    So much power, if only he could have it.

  16. Mildred Ortega Calderon November 18, 2012

    Looking forward to in 2 years, we get to clean House.


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