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Shameless Trump Accuses Obama Of Knowing About Attack: ‘He Gets It Better Than Anybody Understands’

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Shameless Trump Accuses Obama Of Knowing About Attack: ‘He Gets It Better Than Anybody Understands’

Trump Fox and Friends Orlando Shooting

Donald Trump, the most famous figure in the “birther” movement — an attempt to delegitimize the president of the United States by saying that his father was an illegal immigrant and that he doesn’t love America — used the worst mass shooting in American history to accuse the president of knowing ahead of time that the attacks would happen.

All emphasis is added by the author:

“He doesn’t get it, or he gets it better than anybody understands,” Trump told Fox & Friends this morning, the show where his birtherism was originally given a platform.

“It’s one or the other, and either one is unacceptable, number one, and number two,” Trump said.

Let’s be clear: Donald Trump is saying that there are two possibilities: Either the president is too clueless to know about the possibility of an attack, or he did know that the attack was coming and let it happen.

Later in the interview, Trump emphasized the point again: “Look, we’re led by a man that either is not tough, not smart, or he’s got something else in mind. And the something else in mind… you know, people can’t believe it. They cannot believe that President Obama is acting the way he acts.”

Trump is following a very familiar playbook, one that he used to delegitimize the president in a months-long racist attack on his background. Trump also distracted the media from the multiple class-action lawsuits facing Trump University, his allegedly fraudulent wealth seminar program, by calling into question Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s allegiance to America by calling him a “Mexican,” though Curiel was born in the United States to immigrant parents. Trump’s mother was an immigrant.

Later, in an appearance on the Today show, Trump again repeated the accusation:

Well there are a lot of people that think maybe he doesn’t want to get it,” Trump said. “A lot of people think maybe he doesn’t want to know about it. I happen to think that he just doesn’t know what he’s doing, but there are many people that think maybe he doesn’t want to get it. He doesn’t want to see what’s really happening. And that could be.”



  1. drdroad June 13, 2016

    Hard to believe anyone wants to vote for this guy. Yea, he’s outside the mainstream, he’s not a Politician. So what, he’s certifiable!

    1. nancygold June 13, 2016

      he’s outside the human race!

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

      wait for it wait for it the DUMPSTER picks his running mate S. PALIN

      1. drdroad June 13, 2016

        Wow, that would make this the most entertaining election ever! Trump/Palin in one big crazy package.

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

          but really think about it what other way those 2 the pair that would swing from the back of a bull’s sack that both of them just seek attention always thy be trying to up do the other one till the DUMPSTER say hey PALIN let me show you a trick I learned by doing to her then he will rape her and pull a patch of hair out of her head . heck then she would use that for a show how I was raped by DONNY DUMP and she show where the patch of hair was ripped out the hair is in lock up now but she will have pics to show

      2. idamag June 13, 2016

        That would be interesting. A pair of narcissists on the same platform.

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 14, 2016

          it would be what go’s on off the stage with that pair that swing from the back of a bull’s sack that would be news headlines

  2. bobnstuff June 13, 2016

    There is a third possibility here, Trump hired the guy to kill all those people to make the president look bad. He sure know what happened fast, He seemed to know things before the police or anyone else did so he must have been in on it. I wouldn’t put it past him.

    1. oldlion June 13, 2016

      Many, many thousands of people believe this, OK, believe me.

      1. bobnstuff June 13, 2016

        How did he know it was ISIS and a terrorist act before the police? He even said he know it was coming. Could Trump be an agent of ISIS?

        1. jmprint June 13, 2016

          …as in orange agent of ISIS, high possibility.

        2. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

          wouldn’t put it pass him for he is truly mentally deranged

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

      well there is still a chance seeing how brain dead his followers are that he might pay one of them to do a bad deed and kill some one and that brain dead might just shot him and then say did I do it right ? where’s my money ?

  3. nancygold June 13, 2016

    desperate and shameless…and he’s just getting started!

  4. jakenhyde June 13, 2016

    It’s a toss up between The Donald and Cruz for which one is the scummiest person in the country.
    I wonder if the brain dead folks in Texas who voted for Cruz will have a change of heart next time he’s up for election? Nah….they’re too far gone.

    1. plc97477 June 14, 2016

      I think we need to add cheney to the short list.

      1. jakenhyde June 14, 2016

        You’re absolutely correct. Cheney is still making millions of dollars off the no bid contracts he set up for his buddies at Halliburton. All that money is born on the backs of the thousands of brave American military personnel who either lost their lives or came back maimed mentally or physically from Cheney’s and Dubya’s folly.

  5. Kristine M. Smith June 13, 2016

    Seriously? OMG. Trump is certifiable! But most of us knew that long before this happened…

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

    Trump’s mother was an immigrant. // and that being she is worse then any kind of terror group heck ISIS has nothing on her for she gave the country DONNY DUMP THE DUMPSTER mouth enough said

    1. fansgb June 13, 2016

      well if you can say that about a woman you never met, one can say the same about your mother and all the other mothers that gave birth to haters with no
      coomom sense like yourself. Besides yout mother,this is especially true of Obama amd Hollary’s mother.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 14, 2016

        well fango first its common not cooMOM seein you know so much about mom mothers is it because you bang your mother and bang your mothers mother (that would be your grandmother so tell me how long you been having sex with your mothers ? you must have a nasty house with all the motherbanging you do dose your daddy watch you do the mothers ? or are you a nice son and let your daddy watch you have sex with your mothers so he know how to bang you ? so you like your daddy having sex with you ? you must bend over nice for your daddy and he watched you bang your mommys so he knows how you want him to bang you that sounds like a tight butt banging family you have there . how long your daddy been banging you ? ill bet since you was about 3 or 4 right ? you must truly love your daddy

        1. fansgb June 14, 2016

          You have just proven my point about saying stuff about a woman you have never met. Because I am a woman. So have ever had sex with any wo, especially my mother. My Mother WAS a sweet woman that never knew much about lesbians. I never knew either of my grandmothers so I couldn’t have banged them either, using your nasty language. My dad was to busy working about 16 hours a day to make a living for his family. So no he never banged any of his children . He also died at a young age. So there goes all your nasty comments theories. I loved both my parents, they both have been gone for many years, They would be shocked at today’s world. I am sorry that you hated parents They certainly did not teach you respect of others and to have decent morals about ones self.
          You need to take some Ivory soap and wash your nasty mouth if you actually say these words out loud. I am not offended about you pointing out a couple of typing errors.
          Typing errors are so small in comparison to your nasty mind and comments.

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 15, 2016

        well Fandago i understand thy typo’s i have my own fair share . now on the upset hand you seem to have . first off MSSS dont first throw stones and if you do understand other’s might just throw boulders back at you when you set the rules don’t get mad if one plays by your rules you set . I tend to let go about a lot of thing on here but if one talks and says things about my mother or anyone in my family I do come back hard . as to g ones r . right I might not . but I do see one that acts the clown and like a deranged mentally disordered clown . makes me think where it might of came from . and don’t get upset with me for I defend Hillary and Obama do you even understand what you are saying ? that you feel that DONNY DUMP would be a good thing for the USA ? are you kidding me a nuke bomb ready to blow up not just the USA but the world . and if you might read back and feel you didn’t insult me or any of my family . well I see it as you came too close and my defended mode kicked in

      3. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 15, 2016

        and also the very things I said about the DUMPSTER where thing very well gotten mixed up as for him he is nasty you want to see just type in trump wants to bang his daughter . another one trump has a law suit for $100 million for rape . you set back read and watch the interview he has and what he says while sitting right next to his daughter . he is one sick puppy . where did it come from ??????/ who know I just feel sorry for all that comes in touch with it and him

  7. Marv Nochowitz June 13, 2016

    Trump must not be allowed to get near the White House. Not even to visit. Vote for every democrat you can for every office. We really do need to get our government back

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

      even a fly over is too close

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

      doing that filling all the sits with DEMS would help and look at it this way for all those GOP gang of idiots lover. if it dosent work out then you can always vot the GOP idiots in next term . the DEMS cant do no worse then the father’s of ISIS the DIRTY BUSH AND CHEEZY CHANEY

    3. fansgb June 13, 2016

      why because he has the guts to stand up to Obama and the rest of you hateful
      demorats. I can’t believe any of you voted forObama and plan to continue down the path of the destruction of the USA by voting for Clinton. We need our country back from those that care only about being FIRST in ever category so they can go down in history.

      1. johninPCFL June 13, 2016

        Trump hired the guy that murdered all those people.

        1. fansgb June 13, 2016

          Ah you must have been in on it to know this close information, Well if that is the case get ready for a knock on your door and also the proof that you have to make this statement. Of course we all this is typical BS from a losing loberal.
          I will expect you to share your information with Hillary, who will share it with Obama, and in return he will have Donald arrest, which means you will be arrest, since you were in on the deal Then you will have a First you can be proud of, like Obama and Hillary. Hey thanks for adding more stupid BS to already such a horrible stituation. But that is something that is expected of a low life true hater like yourself. Such a fool.

          1. johninPCFL June 14, 2016

            Hey dumbshit, the guy is from Queens, the same as the Donald. He picked the weekend the Donald was getting his ass handed to him to launch his murders. He called 911 during the murders to claim his ISIS link, just as the Donald told him to. The shooter had frequented the bar for months preparing his attack, just as the Donald told him to.

    4. dpaano June 28, 2016

      And for those still sane Republicans who don’t want to vote for Trump…..don’t! Go ahead and vote for senators, congressmen or women, etc., but leave that little block unchecked!!! It’s better NOT to vote for someone you really don’t trust than to vote for them just because he’s in your party! Many’s the time when I’ve left the presidential choices blank because I didn’t like either nomination…..you can all do it if you really feel that he is NOT what the GOP needs right now.

  8. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

    even worse or just as worse as the DUMPSTER its all his brain dead followers . and its those people that DONNY DUMP will blame for some reason or another for anything that happens or dosent happen

    1. plc97477 June 14, 2016

      He will take a page from the repugs and just blame the dems.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 14, 2016

        naaaaaaaaaaaaa he has so many page’s in his own idiot book . he wants all the stupid credit he can get

  9. ResqDogz June 13, 2016

    Trump is a FUKWAD of the First Order… as is ANYONE who listens to and accepts the drivel that spews from his mouth.
    Fails at everything “business” he touches*

    *To clarify, he files – or threatens to file – bankruptcy as a way to “renegotiate” contracts that other parties sign in good faith with him … putting them out of business and their employees, out of work. And engages in negotiations under assumed names, so he won’t have to pay what most assume the Trump name could/should afford. And pays no taxes.

    If that’s the kind of businessman you admire, your simply screwing yourself: Kindly don’t allow him to screw the entire country (and free world) be even considering casting a vote for him?!

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

      I truly belive how he might not pay taxes is he go’s down to the IRS office and he don’t shut up until thy say OK OK we had enough of you now get out of here your the IRS’s right off just shut up and get out of here

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

      one never know if and when the CIA will come in and save the country and the world from him

      1. Gilbert West June 13, 2016

        Good point… He’s got to be at least as dangerous as the others…

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

          if not more

  10. Bubububba Bubba June 13, 2016

    I knew Trump was going to say that……….
    He is so predictable !

  11. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

    and when he cant have feels like he failed he then takes rapes and beats holds a patch of her hair in his hand stands there ready for one to take a pic .

  12. Bubububba Bubba June 13, 2016

    Make GOP Honest About Their Bigotry ! VOTE TRUMP 2016

  13. Voice of Reason June 13, 2016

    The Trump personae seem to be appealing to many on the right: conspiracist, bully, liar, cheat, philanderer, racist, narcissist, just to point out a few.

    If he were a character in a novel or movie, everyone would think him an unrealistic exaggerated portrayal of a protagonist and dismiss the credulity of the story.

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

      or that he is killed on the first page of the book

    2. A. D. Reed June 13, 2016

      He is a character in a novel and movie: Elmer Gantry (book and movie) comes to mind. As does Huey Long (All the King’s Men). And Il Duce. Berlusconi. And others.

  14. Gilbert West June 13, 2016

    This demonstrates just how petty Donald Trump really is… That might be the way his mind works… he would offer to pay for the attackers legal fees or funeral… but that doesn’t mean that everyone’s mind is as warped as his. This is also an indication of just how stupid and gullible he believes his supporters are! He can just make stuff up and say it with no conscience of being a liar. Republicans… God has judged your misdeeds by cursing you with Donald Trump. He is all yours!!!

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

      i beg to diffa on how stupid the DUMPSTERS follower truly are I believe if DONNY DUMP was to ask them to strap a bomb on themselves there would be too many that would . and I know this from just debating with all these brain dead clown on here lately its scary

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

      God don’t want him he say send him to hell where he belongs

  15. gypsy0 June 13, 2016

    Donald Trump is a paranoid fool running for president.

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

      and that’s talking nice about him

  16. greenlantern1 June 13, 2016

    IKE was of German origin.
    Did he let Hitler’s ATLANTIC WALL stop him?
    Ever read about Mexico’s AZTEC EAGLES?
    They were part of the UNITED STATES ARMY AIR FORCE!
    They helped a great American general, General Douglas MacArthur, return!

  17. Blueberry Hill June 13, 2016

    Too bad this Crooked Trump was not one of the victims. This country would be so much better off if his mouth was sewn shut. He has been preaching this hatred of just about everyone for a year and is causing it to rise among the POSs that think like this POS. Hope he spends a long time in jail for his fraud. He defrauds everyone he can and right now is doing it to his pathetic followers. We can stop him.


    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

      and of blown up his mouth heck one could fit a whole lot of TNT in the DUMPSTER’S mouth

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

      preaching this hatred // and who dose that sound like ? the DIRTY BUSH AND CHEEZY CHANEY’S child ISIS

      1. idamag June 13, 2016

        And another world leader in the 1930s

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 14, 2016

          yes Histler Some of the old old old timers called him and asked how he feels about being compared to Hitler he said that dosent bother him . maybe because his brain (what little one he might have ) is just as twisted as his another pair in a bulls sack

  18. DOC June 13, 2016

    What worries me is people that believe Trump.

    1. davekzy1@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

      Here’s a new resource;


    2. idamag June 13, 2016

      A certain type of person.

  19. bluetune June 13, 2016

    Obama should box his ears! Trump as President? The ultimate insult to America!

    1. plc97477 June 14, 2016

      Clinton’s going to take care of him in Nov.

  20. Thomas Martin June 13, 2016

    Wow, what a sicko. Can we move the election up to next month and get this over with?

    1. Irishgrammy June 13, 2016

      OH, God Almighty do I wish the same….after this afternoons “speech” from the Donald yelling in his own special way with that guttural yell and the lying on an epic scale along with Trumps’ colossal case of Islamaphobia and demagoguery on full display. witnessing this twisted train wreck of a man for another 5 months will be intolerable!!!

  21. dixonsteele June 13, 2016

    Since he gained enough delegates, it seems that every time that Deadbeat Donny opens his mouth it’s done purposefully to box the pols in the GOP into a corner where they will be forced to rupture the party in two, and deny him the nomination.
    I say that his chances of ever being on a podium in Cleveland are about 1 in 4.

  22. 14hei June 13, 2016

    Donald Trump the gift that keeps on giving!

  23. Andrew Long June 13, 2016

    This man is toxic.

  24. davekzy1@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

    This slaughter is on the gop in congress, the dumb people who vote gop, the NRA and you Trump! This citizen, born here, was on the FBI watch and no fly list. Remember how the gop blocked a bill a few months ago that would of prevented this radical from buying assault weapons. The blood is on all your hands.

    Leaning to a particular ideology? Funny thing Islam and right wing Christians ideology is identical;
    *They’re anti-abortion
    * They support the death penalty
    *They oppose the separation of church and state
    *They believe religion doctrine should be taught in school
    *The believe women should have fewer rights than men
    *They oppose multiculturalism
    They believe homosexuality is evil and gay marriage should be outlawed.
    Pay particular attention to the last one.
    So which ideology was he following when the two are identical. The FBI stated he made 2 calls to 911 pledging allegiance to ISIL and another group in Iraq who opposes ISIS.

    In a surprising new revelation about the Orlando shooter suspect, we’re now finding out that the killer’s imam, or prayer leader, is pro-Trump.
    It can’t be confirmed how much of the Trump ideology was picked up by the shooter himself, but let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.
    Think about it – Trump represents extremism and bigotry. He represents ideology and hatred. That kind of extremism can happen within any culture, community, religion or other group of people.
    But at the end of the day, it’s extremism and bigotry. And so was the horrific shooting in Orlando.
    Hate breeds hate, as they say. The kind of divisive, offensive and even violence-inducing rhetoric Trump uses should only appeal to an extremist. And if the shooter was gathering his ideology from his mosque, it’s not surprising that Trump is well-regarded among its leaders.
    This may shock some Trump-supporting conservatives. Many of them think of themselves on the pro-America anti-terrorist side of the debate.
    But what they don’t understand is, underlying Trump’s language is mindless bigotry, and in many cases, that is what underlies terrorism as well.
    It seems very clear that the shooter was targeting the LGBTQ community. But to have the mindset that makes you justify shooting a group of people like that must require the kind of ideological extremism that Trump exhibits.
    While it may be unthinkable that the shooter’s imam would support a guy who wanted to “ban all Muslims” from coming to America, it may not be as shocking as it at first seems. The shooter was radicalized by elements of his culture and the society around him.
    Does it seem so surprising that Trump would be well-regarded in his place of worship

    1. Frank Pig June 13, 2016

      Great writing, thanks.

      1. davekzy1@yahoo.com June 13, 2016


    2. Roberto Davila June 13, 2016

      Very well said. !!!! Nice to see someone with smarts.

      1. davekzy1@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

        Thanks. I used several sources to put it together.

  25. Terry June 13, 2016

    Why does the media keep giving him the soapbox. Let’s vote now on shutting this punk up. This is not newsworthy – we all know his positions.

    1. Diane June 13, 2016

      I am certainly not alone in thinking that media giving him a soapbox for his hate speech the pat 9 months or so is the way he won the nomination. He brought the worst of the worst Republicans out of the cracks.

    2. Box June 13, 2016

      The best way to do that is to stop talking about him —yet you dont.

      1. Jmz Nesky June 20, 2016

        Obviously you don’t understand the media.. It’s the media that’s keeping this bobblehead alive and with each outrageous statement that they capitalize on it forces us to challenge the ignorance.. If the media would shut up and stop bringing him up it wouldn’t take long to make hm a faint memory just as we did when the media stopped bringing up the name Zimmerman.. Now do you get it?

  26. notafoxfan June 13, 2016

    to give credence to trumps outlandish statements (as fox has been doing pretty much all along)is to show how his fear mongering statements and his ignorance (yes,ignorance)of the world outside of his own mind has “reeled” people in..he should not be given “soapbox” by any media outlet to spout his hatred and stupidity..we all know this was a horrific act done by a man with the mindset to murder..his ex wife even said he was mentally ill and he used to beat her..how he got a job with a firm that does security work,we will never know..what we do know is that he purchased guns legally and had a handgun license,even though he had bee interviewed twice by the fbi for statements he had made..he was born in the usa in new York (a point trump did not seem to know)..to this point,the investigation has shown him to be a “lone wolf”, who was easily influenced.

  27. Bren Frowick June 13, 2016

    Seeing his “speech” today, I had to wonder if he has Sarah Palin writing his material. Hopelessly stupid word salad. The man is an embarrassment to the country, and it’s depressing that we’ll have to put up with the mindless drivel of him and his useful idiots for the next six months.

  28. itsfun June 13, 2016

    Shameless is Obama cowering to ISIS. Shameless is Obama now ordering the State Department to not release any Hillary emails until after the election. Obama has succeeded in making Nixon look like a saint. Obama should be impeached for treason immediately.

    1. chino49p June 13, 2016

      Oh shameless thy name is itsfun. You are really a mindless idiot.

      1. idamag June 13, 2016

        He fits in my first post He is a malignancy.

        1. Diane June 13, 2016

          Yes, he is a MALIGNANCY!

          1. Kurt CPI June 13, 2016

            He could definitely benefit from attending that grammar school of which he speaks. Grammar is not his strong point.

          2. Diane June 13, 2016

            Reminds me of an oxymoron going around: Trump University.

      2. itsfun June 13, 2016

        Oh my feelings are so hurt by your intelligent response.

    2. Diane June 13, 2016

      And I bet you admire trump.

      1. itsfun June 13, 2016

        At least he won’t cower to every piss ant dictator and terrorist in the world.

        1. Greig Watson June 14, 2016

          Trump loves Putin, nuff said!

          1. itsfun June 14, 2016

            He has respect for Putin not love. He will not underestimate Putin or be pushed around by him as Obama has been.

          2. Greig Watson June 14, 2016

            If that is what you believe, run with it!

    3. Leftout June 13, 2016

      Obama is not shameless, but shameful. Obamas puss E policies hinder ICE, the Police of sanctuary cities and Border Patrol and created an atmosphere of lawlessness. Jeh Jeh should resign from Homeland Insecurity, he is as bad as that moron Tom Ridge who had Childish Red, Orange Green warning balloons to indicate the Security level threats……What BS….you guys not running a Grammar School Safety Drill…… RESIGN – DO NOT MAKE US COME DOWN THERE. OMAR from Orlando was contracted to Homeless Insecurity, of course you , JEH, probably knew that of your Moslem Friend , OMAR.

    4. Box June 13, 2016

      Right. So while the NM group keeps saying all the allegations against Hillary are lies, why did Obama do that? What happened to “if you did nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about” ? After the election when and if the DOJ moves forward, Hillary would be in the position to block or thwart or delay them and to her thats all that matters. Will it work?

  29. idamag June 13, 2016

    I consider anyone who admires trump, the dregs of society. All of that hate and racism was beneath the surface, but it was there and trump took a stick and stirred it to the surface.

    1. Box June 13, 2016

      You mean all the racially divisive events during the past eight years were only brought to the surface recently by Trump? Ok, I think you were kidding with that one. Meantime, I never heard of anyone actually admiring Trump, even from 30 years ago. But today his supporters see him as a weapon against Obama’s agenda, against the causes of Hillary and Bernie which they dont agree with. The people I know who are voting for Trump dislike him as much as anyone but see a chance for the Constitution to be uplifted and the chance for Socialism not to spread further. Admiration for speaking up? Yes. Admiration for the person? No. When I vote for Trump the only way I could get through the stamping of the vote card is cringing and blindfolded, frankly, because I dislike Trump and his ways. But I’ll make that leap because I disagree with Hillary. She doesnt speak for me at all. Bernie doesnt either. That leaves the libertarian Gary Johnson but that campaign will go nowhere. Only Trump is left. Give me someone else and lets talk again.

      1. dpaano June 28, 2016

        Why don’t you just not vote for the presidential candidate and just vote for the senate nominees, etc. Wouldn’t that make it more palatable than voting for someone that you really don’t admire or trust?

  30. Kurt CPI June 13, 2016

    This is just typical negative campaigning. Any ammo is is fair in politics. The negative talking points and ads are ramping up on both sides.

    1. Box June 13, 2016

      I was about the say the same, all is fair in love and war, and thats what this is. But these levels are unlike ever before and its disgraceful of everyone. But then, fights between ideologies are seldom pretty, most involve bloodshed and I hope that doesnt completely unfold.

  31. Eden Keel June 13, 2016

    typical fox post using trump as a sound bite fox news is full of addlepated rectalbettleheads that leer and sneer at the world from their own arse saying they can’t see for sheet

  32. Box June 13, 2016

    The bashing between everyone doesnt serve any good. Why dont you folks here just say what you want for the country and, assuming you are voting for Hillary, why she would be good. Example, “what I want for the country is a major redistribution of wealth because wealth is too concentrated in too few hands and in this regard capitalism has failed, in my mind. I think Hillary would be the best person to work on that because of _______ and _______ and ___________.” Go ahead.

  33. Aaron_of_Portsmouth June 14, 2016

    Trump’s downward trend in decency and a total lack of a sense of shame is yet another sign of a profound disdain for spiritual concepts—something that an inordinate lust for material goods usually engenders.

    By using the tragedy in Orlando to further advance himself(a full-time preoccupation of his), he and his surrogates are willing to stoop so low as to use the suffering of scores of people to sway society’s opinion in his favor. Very little else can surpass this degree of barbarity and callousness which this son of immigrants has added to American society.

    There is a quote which I feel touches on the attitude he has chosen to project:

    “Indeed, there existeth in man a faculty which deterreth him from, and guardeth him against, whatever is unworthy and unseemly, and which is known as his sense of shame. This, however, is confined to but a few; all have not possessed, and do not possess, it.” (from a section of “Baha’u’llah’s ‘Epistle to the Son of the Wolf’ ).

    I think it is safe to say that Donald is not included in the “few” mentioned above, nor is he in the least bit deterred from acting in an unworthy manner. There have to be serious consequences for anyone and/or any Party that chooses to act so shamelessly.


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