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Sister Simone Campbell Urges Senators: “Stop This Destruction Of Healthcare In Our Nation”

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Sister Simone Campbell Urges Senators: “Stop This Destruction Of Healthcare In Our Nation”

Sister Simone

Sister Simone Campbell — executive director of NETWORK, a Catholic social justice lobby based in Washington, D.C. — on Thursday released a series of videos urging a handful of relatively moderate Republican senators to vote against repealing the Affordable Care Act.

In addition to targeted appeals — to Senators Bill Cassidy (LA), Shelley Moore Capito (WV), Rob Portman (OH), Jeff Flake (AZ), and Dean Heller (NV) — Sister Campbell released another video in which she reads from a letter signed by 7,150 Catholic Sisters representing all 50 states and sent to the entire U.S. Senate earlier this week.

As Catholic women religious, we have witnessed firsthand the moral crisis of lack of quality, affordable healthcare in this country. We have seen early and avoidable deaths because of lack of insurance, prohibitive costs, and lack of access to quality care. We fought for the expansion of coverage in the Affordable Care Act because we saw the life-giving value of crucial healthcare programs such as Medicaid. This program covers over 70 million Americans, including children, pregnant women (and nearly half of all births in this country), people with disabilities, people struggling to get by, and senior citizens. Further, some of our fellow women religious rely on Medicaid in nursing homes when we can no longer care for our sisters at home.

Watch below and find the full letter — and 100 pages of signatures — here:



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 27, 2017

    Sorry Sister, but the children in DC called US legislators are too busy with expressing their frustration with being outdone entirely by the former President. Trump is too busy admiring himself in the mirror and feeding his ego to help out with serious matters, Congress is too full of animus towards each other as a matter of procedure and what they feel is the way to behave, and the generality of America still hasn’t found its voice to speak out and say “STOP!”, to their respective representatives in DC. And even if those bumps were smoothed out, the byzantine structure of Congress makes decision-making and consensus impossible.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 27, 2017

    The GOP farce regarding healthcare has reached new heights of absurdity, and rightly so. The confusion gripping the feeble minds of these combatants is juvenile and a sign that the minds have been so twisted as a result of decades of a rancorous adversarial approach to governance, using an antiquated and rigid procedure for getting anything useful done.

    The excerpt below taken from the article points this out:

    “The strange drama — Republican senators imploring their own colleagues across the Capitol to vow that they would not pass the bill they are about to pass — unfolded as lawmakers prepared to kick off a long and exhausting open-amendment process in the Senate known as vote-a-rama.”

    Really. Despite McCain’s seemingly sincere lament about disunity in US Government—which was just a lark only meant as PR—DC still shows an
    alarming inability to concentrate squarely on what needs to be done. Too
    enmeshed in political ideology has them all thrashing about like roaches caught in their own spider’s web.

  3. 788eddie July 28, 2017

    In a wealthy country such as ours, healthcare ought to be a right for every citizen, rather than our current system of if you can afford it, you’ve got it, and if you can’t afford it, tough nuts!

    1. Eulamvelasquez July 29, 2017

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