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Slain Soldier’s Mother Confirms Trump ‘Disrespected’ Family

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Slain Soldier’s Mother Confirms Trump ‘Disrespected’ Family

Donald Trump talking

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.


The mother of Sgt. David Johnson said President Donald Trump disrespected her slain son during a widely publicized phone call.

Cowanda Jones-Johnson was present when the president called her daughter-in-law, Myeshia Johnson, during the ride to greet the slain serviceman’s body, reported the Washington Post.

The call, which was taken over speaker phone, was overheard by Rep. Frederica Johnson (D-FL) and a county official riding in the car.

“President Trump did disrespect my son and my daughter and also me and my husband,” Jones-Johnson told the newspaper.

The soldier’s mother declined to elaborate, but she told the newspaper that Wilson’s account of the conversation was accurate.

The president disputed Wilson’s account Wednesday morning after she appeared on MSNBC, and he claimed to have proof.

But the lawmaker stood by her account of the conversation and told CNN she had proof.

Travis Gettys is an editor for Raw Story. 




  1. Dominick Vila October 19, 2017

    As inhumane as Trump’s words were, the most embarrassing part of this unfortunate episode are the excuses being made. Some Trump supporters are saying that what the media, and the American people, should focus on is his intent to console the families of the fallen soldiers, not his words. Translation: they are admitting that Trump’s insensitivity and poor command of the English language should be ignored, and we should only focus on the “spirit” of his actions. Good thing Halloween is around the corner!

    1. wth_jp2 October 19, 2017

      But the only reason he called the families to “console” them is because he was getting called out for NOT doing so. I am so sick of the excuses and the never say die attitude of this jackwipe’s followers. They will never admit they were wrong for voting him in. I wish they knew that those of us who detest the man would be a little more understanding if only they admitted their mistake and at least attempted to hold him accountable for the whacko things he does and says every day.

      1. idamag October 19, 2017

        He did say he had letters written and just hadn’t mailed them yet.

        1. wth_jp2 October 19, 2017


      2. Dominick Vila October 19, 2017

        You are right. Another possibility, however, is that Trump deliberately used this controversy to deflect attention from our covert operations i Niger. Did he get Congressional approval and funding to carry out those operations? Why did it take him 12 days, until the media revealed what was going on, to acknowledge that something tragic did happen? Why was Sgt. Johnson left behind? Sadly, the likelihood of a thorough investigation, and having Trump testify in Congress for hours, is not even in the real of possibilities. Such investigations are reserved for Democrats in office or running for President. When the tragic results of military adventurism backfire, the GOP executioners in Congress, and conservatives in general, run for cover and pretend nothing happened…or come up with some scheme to distract us from reality. Trump’s Benghazi? It should be, but not a finger will be lifted to keep The Donald from his golf courses.

        1. dpaano October 19, 2017

          And why was his body found by locals and not our own troops? What happened to “leave no man behind.”

          1. Dominick Vila October 19, 2017

            And why nobody said anything about what had happened until the media broke the news? There are many unanswered questions, including what the goal of operations such as this is, what role at the Russians playing in Niger, and many more. As for Trump’s remarks, perhaps the most callous was the end, when he added “I suppose it hurts”.

  2. FireBaron October 19, 2017

    For a man with zero empathy, he sure is doing a great job of p1$$1ng off everyone. Normally it takes a bit of empathy to do that successfully. Hell of a job, Donnie!

  3. Mama Bear October 19, 2017

    My take…for what it’s worth – and I am not in anyway minimizing the horror that these families are going thru. But…..this is a distraction he is creating to keep us from asking the question ” what the f$%k were our soldiers doing there?” What was this mission about? From my reading it was a Russian mission, not a joint mission. We need to focus on what his right hand is doing when his left hand creates a distraction.

    1. stcroixcarp October 19, 2017

      Four Americans were killed in Niger. Why? Where are the republicans who investigated Benghazi and why aren’t they screaming for answers? Obama and Hillary Clinton must be at fault some how.

      1. idamag October 19, 2017

        8 hearings on Benghazi to keep it in the minds of the people in case she decided to run for president. More hearings on her e-mails. There is most definitely, two sets of standards. One for Democrats and one for the hate mongering, selfish, Koch brother owned legislators.

  4. bojimbo26 October 19, 2017

    When the Moron says or does something , his translator HAS to come out to say what he *actually* meant .

  5. Dapper Dan October 19, 2017

    What I can’t understand is why does IQ of 45 say he has proof knowing that if he doesn’t he’ll have to concede it was yet another lie ? I genuinely think he’s not rationalizing and just reacting to the moment not giving any thought he’ll have to show evidence. This man is so scatterbrained and if we don’t invoke the 25th Amendment or have him impeached why does Congress even have these tools if they won’t remove such an unstable man from the presidency ?

    1. idamag October 19, 2017

      Congress is the largest part of the problem. They allow him to violate the constitution and golf all the time. Although, I think it is safer for him to golf and do nothing than to make more costly mistakes.

      1. Dominick Vila October 19, 2017

        I agree, but would add that the Democratic party is partially at fault. Why aren’t our elected officials asking relevant questions, such as what were our soldiers doing in Niger? Did Congress approve that adventure? Was that covert operation funded by Congress? Why was Sgt. Johnson left behind? I have the feeling that getting answers to any of these questions is as elusive as expecting Trump to tell the truth about anything.

        1. idamag October 19, 2017

          When 44 senators wrote a letter to Iran while the president was seeking a pact from them, That was treason. President Obama was successful and the UN Peacekeepers are allowed into Iran for periodic inspections. Those senators broke the law. Where were the Democrats who should have called this out and took it to the supreme court? When they violated Obama;s right (as per Article II of the Constitution) to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court, why didn’t the Democrats take that to the Supreme Court? When trump decides to change a law that has been voted on and passed, where are the Democrats. Why don’t they take it to the supreme court? It is getting close to a time when there will not be an impartial supreme court and they should act while they can.

          1. Dominick Vila October 20, 2017

            I agree. We criticize Republican elected officials, who often act based on greed, thirst for political power, and ideology rather than what is best for the country, but where are the Democrats in all this? I suspect that most Democrats in Congress are so traumatized by the losses our party has suffered during the last decade or so that they are afraid to express criticism or take a stand on anything. The solution is to elect younger politicians willing to put up a fight, especially when progressive values and our national security and interests are jeopardized.

  6. idamag October 19, 2017

    There are jobs with known hazards that someone has to do. If everyone decided to not join the service because it was one of those, who would protect lard ass? Who would fight his wars? Why is he given a pass on every stupid thing he does? His response to that widow is the lowest of the low.

  7. ps0rjl October 19, 2017

    Maybe someone in his administration needs to show him a copy of Abraham Lincoln’s letter to Mrs. Bixby who lost five sons in the Civil War. I copied the last line of the letter, ” I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.” Now that is a letter truly heartfelt.

  8. dpaano October 19, 2017

    He has NO proof, but he thinks that just because he says so means He’s right…much like the “proof he said he had about President Obama tapping his phones. Just more of his petty BS that we have learned to ignore!

  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 19, 2017

    Trump is going all out to further cement his hold on being the most despicable person in history. Sure, there have been serial rapists, mass murderers, pedophiles in the Church, ISIS fanatics, and they deserve the title of Most Horrific.

    But Donald is in a special class all to himself. He is cruel because it gives him pleasure to be so—this is ordinarily called sadistic. In addition he is an habitual liar, never able to admit he made any error. He is a sexual predator, greedy, lacks good judgment, and is unusually boorish.

    We need words that go beyond sadistic for the type of creature Trump represents. There is no one word to my knowledge that encapsulates all the worthless qualities of Donald.

  10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 19, 2017

    This week’s “Newsweek” magazine has a nice article on Trump and his so-called Christian connection. The cover caught my attention as I was browsing in B&N because it beckons us to explore the deplorable state of much of the Christian community in America, and the sordid connection Trump has with Evangelicals and Right Wing extremists. In many places in the article we note the careless attitude that the lay-people in the Evangelical section of multi-sectarian Christianity have concerning the Bible, and are made aware of the lack of knowledge of the intent and basic Message of Jesus Christ by so many Christians, particularly those who support Trump. What is especially galling, and at the same time understandable and expected, is the fawning approval many of the clergy show for Trump. The photo showing some clerics laying their grubby hands on Trump’s shoulders is unsightly and with clarity demonstrates how far astray the clergy have gone—which becomes reflected in the attitude of the casual Trump supporter who supposedly attend church services led by these clerics.

    Although I was made aware of this discrepancy as a youth while attending a segregated church in Jackson, Miss. in the 50’s and early 60’s. By my sophomore year in high school, I could perceive more clearly that a major contradiction defined at least the Christian community in the South. Later in life, I realized that the contradictions were wide-spread throughout the Christian community across the globe, and that other Religions were similarly affected—especially Islam.

    But back to Trump—When you have a person who shows no fear of God in spite of claims to be religious, there can be no relationship and trust that can be established with such a person; treachery becomes natural for such a person, lying becomes easier because you begin to get comfortable doing it because you don’t have any sense of accountability.

    Where there is no fear of being held accountable for despicable acts—either by God, or lesser entities like human institutions—then anything goes. The person feels they have a license to do and say whatever they want, without concern for consequences.

    Such a situation is a powder keg ready to explode in countless ways, destabilizing societies by destroying trust; honesty is dismissed as important; greed is seen as a virtue not a liability. Trustworthiness is a dead letter, etc.


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