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So Tell Me Again How The Tea Party Wasn’t Racially Motivated

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So Tell Me Again How The Tea Party Wasn’t Racially Motivated

white trash

This post originally appeared on Eclectablog.

Donald Trump’s recent anti-immigrant bro-down with fellow birther Sheriff Joe reminded me a lot of another Fox News-fed phenomenon that died off when it became no longer electorally convenient for the GOP:

Strangely enough, a new poll last week revealed this:

What changed since June?

Trump started his slurring of Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists.

During the first hot flashes of the Tea Party movement, I was reluctant to push the notion that it was racially motivated — mostly because it was Fox News organizing meetings of its own Mickey Mouse Club built on symbolism stolen from Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign. The press enjoyed painting it as “non-partisan political neophytes” because most Fox viewers hadn’t been active politically (beyond voting) until 2009. But anyone paying actual attention could see the movement wasn’t just partisan — it was the raging of a defeated GOP base.

This time around, with these same sorts of folks lining up behind a guy who is only Republican by virtue of his birtherism, I have no qualms about pointing out the motivations at play.

If this continues, either the GOP could face a major reckoning or America is about to have its last presidential election decided by white resentment — though demographics make that nearly impossible.

This Trump candidacy, which I imagine will flutter out by the time he has to fill out any serious paperwork, feels like karmic revenge on conservatives. The right has relied on the logic of dogwhistle politics for decades, and now conservatives are scared.

But the fear we’re seeing now isn’t akin to the late ’80s unease fed by George H.W. Bush’s Willie Horton ads. Crime and undocumented immigration are both on historic declines. The fear we see from Trump followers comes from a base that senses its party wanting to reach out to minorities. And even though Republicans must bring Asians, blacks, and Latinos into the fold to survive, this outreach feels like a betrayal of what it means to be a conservative in the Obama era.

You’ll remember that the candidate who won the GOP nomination in 2012, Mitt Romney, did so by turning hard to the right on immigration. This primary season was designed by party officials to avoid just this kind of fiasco. Instead, Trump is making the only news most non-politics nerds are hearing about this election. And even the Republican elite trying to neutralize him are saying this like, “Trump is offensive but he makes some good points about…”

No. Nope. He doesn’t.

The eventual Republican nominee could successfully navigate the next few months without saying things he or she will regret about immigration. But when that nominee hits the general election and tries to completely disavow the party’s nativist bent, he’ll have to be a genius at unifying the base, or a GOP crackup may be inevitable. I don’t know if that means conservatives will stay home in November or a third-party candidate may arise. But it will be pretty to watch.

Originally published on Eclectablog.

Photo: Charles Rodstrom via Flickr



  1. akjm July 18, 2015

    Americans other than tp members back Trumps’ message. It’s not wrong to love your Nation, it’s not wrong to choose to help one’s countrymen before aiding others.

    1. Bren Frowick July 18, 2015

      It IS wrong to accuse an entire race of being rapists, drug dealers, and murderers to stir up wild-eyed racist fanatics, in order to gain their support. And it is beyond moronic to keep on suggesting that a wall is the answer, when the cost is on a par with the space program and all it takes to defeat it is a tunnel or a ladder.

      1. stcroixcarp July 18, 2015

        Or some well placed plastic explosives.

      2. johninPCFL July 18, 2015

        Well, the teabaggers haven’t figured out that once you build the wall, you’ll be deploying the entire US army along the wall to defeat ladders and tunnels. So, in addition to hundreds of $Billions to build it, you’ll be spending another $400B per year to watch it.

        I guess one good thing would be that since the Army was otherwise occupied, the next president couldn’t use the “Bush Doctrine” to invade another foreign country.

      3. Populationist July 20, 2015

        Uh, you might get your terminology correct. “Mexican” is not a race; it’s a nationality.

        1. Bren Frowick July 20, 2015

          So the Tea Party is fine with Guatemalans, Peruvians, Hondurans, El Salvadorans, et al? I never even MENTIONED Mexicans…

          1. Populationist July 20, 2015

            The article was about Trump’s comments, the brunt of which was directed at Mexico.

          2. Bren Frowick July 20, 2015

            Ah ok, so TRUMP has no problem with Guatemalans, etc… No, sorry, he uses “Mexicans” as a convenient catch-all for ANY brown-skinned people coming across the southern border. I wonder how long it will be until he insults Bobby Jindal, whose Indian family is part of the second largest group of illegal immigrants to this country… http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/450000-illegal-immigrants-in-US-are-from-India-Report/articleshow/45201279.cms

    2. The lucky one July 18, 2015

      Agree with all you said but can’t understand why anyone would favor a megalomaniac, proven liar, repeated bankruptcy user who was born on third base thinking he hit a triple, and in Trump’s case complaining that he was robbed unfairly of a homerun.

    3. stcroixcarp July 18, 2015

      While it is not wrong to love your nation and help one’s countrymen before aiding others it is WRONG to scapegoat people, it is WRONG to promote fear, racism and hatred and it is WRONG to slander other human beings.

  2. Dominick Vila July 18, 2015

    The Tea Party began as an Angela Merkel style austerity champion. Anything that would result in spending reductions, and avoid tax increases, was welcome regardless of how much damage such “solutions” would have on our economy, our international posture, our society, and even our national security.
    It didn’t take long for the most radical members of the party to view the Tea Party as an instrument of dissent and a platform to rise to the top. By now, the TP does not even resemble the original movement. It has been hijacked by radicals, who managed to advance their agenda thanks to the indifference or complacency of establishment Republicans. Today, they dominate the GOP, its goals, its purported values, the agenda, and very likely the nomination process.

    1. idamag July 20, 2015

      I thought it was Greece that was foundering because of their austerity program and Angela Merkley focused on job creation and is now bailing out Greece.

  3. R Michael Maddox July 18, 2015

    In my humble opinion, I see the MAIN problem is the American Voter making these IMPORTANT decisions on whom to vote for by focusing on ONE ISSUE!! Why would you elect an IDIOT based on one issue. That is what has gotten us the POLITICAL DISFUNCTION we have now. How about considering ALL issues before making a decision. Like “VIA” says. These morons hear “Tax cuts” or “immigration” and vote for the one that has their views on that ONE issue, Without considering whether or not the guy can walk and chew bubblegum at the same time. It is fine to rant against thins you are passionate about. BUT, DO NOT put out nation at risk of destruction by voting for some IDIOT that says ONE THING you agree with. OPEN YOUR EYES AND MINDS and CONCIDER THE BIG PICTURE!!

    1. CrankyToo July 18, 2015

      While I agree with your basic premise (that low-information voters – LIVs – tend to focus on a single issue), I don’t think that’s the “MAIN problem”. Rather, I think it’s a byproduct of the MAIN problem, which is correctly identified in this piece as the corrupting influence of dark money on our electoral processes.

      There’s just SO much money being “invested” by the oligarchs to obfuscate the issues and confuse the LIVs – many of whom are also low-intellect. For those who haven’t the time, the tools, or the inclination to do the research necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff, focusing on issues that matter most to them just makes sense. And let’s not forget that, thanks to the economic policies foisted upon us for the last three decades by the very same dirtbags, most people don’t have the time to spend because, in the main, they’re working several low-wage, part time jobs, just trying to stay afloat. And even if they have the resources, where can they go for reliable information, when every blogger’s got a dog in the fight and the media (particularly the beltway media) has become just another corrupt and untrustworthy institution?

      We’ve got the 1%-ers, the Supreme Court, both chambers of Congress and the newsmedia working to the detriment of the other 99%. By my reckoning, we’re about 99% screwed, and the single-issue voter is not the culprit.

      We need serious reform of our electoral processes. We need to start by getting Citizen’s United reversed (and throwing those activist Supreme Court judges who’ve subverted our democracy underneath the f##king jail). We need to install politicians who will (a) appoint more reasonable judges to the bench, and (b) enact legislation to bring dark campaign money into the light. Or better still, remove it from the process altogether. In other words, we need to elect Democrats – pusillanimous, indecisive, unorganized though they may be – because Republicans are obviously done with the man on the street, unless that man is wearing a three-piece suit.

      Bottom line for me: if you vote Republican anywhere on your ballot, you’re a self-destructive idiot.

      1. highpckts July 18, 2015


      2. Dominick Vila July 18, 2015

        The greatest threat to our democracy is, indeed, money. The influence of money on policy-making and our electoral process should be obvious to the most casual observer.
        Perhaps not surprisingly, the wealthy manipulators that control our government, and that hide behind a veneer of righteousness that makes Machiavelli look like a chump, are taking advantage of primal prejudices, superstition, fear of change, and overt ethnic and cultural hatred to advance their agenda.
        The GOP excuse for doing nothing to find a long term solution to our illegal immigration problem – building longer and higher fences, and a discriminatory e-Verify system for Hispanics and Latinos only – is eerily similar to the not so subtle tactics used by “leaders” such as Reagan, when he cited the “lady that drove her Cadillac to collect her welfare check”, or the efforts of the far right to discredit President Obama’s policies and attack his academic record. The latter resonates among those who see Affirmative Action as an evil concept that helps “undeserving” African Americans get the education and business opportunities they need to succeed and rise to the top, allegedly, at the expense of those who prefer to spend their time texting or playing video games.
        The struggle that is evident in our society to achieve social, legal, and financial equality for ethnic minorities and women, is viewed by many as the last stand against integration.
        Not surprisingly, many politicians are seizing the opportunity to rally the party faithful and get votes by appealing to the most radical elements in our society. The same goes for the big boys whose fortunes have transformed our electoral process into a Third World farce for sale to the highest bidder…including pregnant and hanging chads.

        1. CrankyToo July 18, 2015

          Prescient remarks, absolutely correct and very well stated.

    2. idamag July 20, 2015

      I knew some people who voted for bush because of their stance on abortion. Look what we got – a convicted war criminal.

  4. plc97477 July 18, 2015

    The gotp are going to have a hard time salvaging anything from the republican party after the donald get done with it. I am looking forward to watching them go belly up.

  5. Louis Allen July 18, 2015

    Still waiting for The National Memo to illuminate us about Kate Steinle’s murder in the “sanctuary city” of San Francisco and about TNM’s position on the recently proposed “Kate’s Law”, these issues being as important as the one discussed here.
    What about it, National Memo?

    1. highpckts July 18, 2015

      What about it??? That is certainly not a “main” issue with this country! Murders happen all the time and by both races!! That is a shame but those are the facts! More murders happen in this county than most foreign countries. Building a higher and stronger wall will not stop immigration. You can’t wall off the US!!! The real problems are low wages, hungry kids, broken infrastructure, all of which the GOP refuses to even talk about much less come up with any viable solutions as usual! We are not a one issue country and Trump can blow off his mouth all he wants with his billions of dollars, That is all he is hot air!!

      1. Louis Allen July 18, 2015

        Agreed: Trump is an arsehooole and you are one too !!
        I wonder what your “thoughts” would have been if Kate had been a black woman killed by a white man.

        1. Sand_Cat July 19, 2015

          We already know what your thoughts would be: she must have done something to deserve it!
          Assuming we can dignify what goes on in your head as “thought.”

          1. Louis Allen July 20, 2015

            I am going to tell you what I told that other dumbass, cranky:
            Keep showing it. Keep showing it.
            …. your brain-dead ignorance ….

        2. SecludedCompound July 20, 2015

          Same: crime happens. I certainly wouldn’t take one instance of a terrible crime as statistically significant. But, then again, I’m an educated person not motivated by fear and fake news.

          1. Louis Allen July 20, 2015

            Keep showing it. Keep showing it.
            …. your brain-dead ignorance ….

          2. SecludedCompound July 21, 2015

            Yet you can;t even construct a reasonably well-put-together sentence.

      2. BillP July 18, 2015

        In at least 3 other NM topics he brought up the same issue. It doesn’t matter what the topic is. He bring up the murder of Kate Steinle. He is like a broken record, keeps sticking on the same spot.

        1. Louis Allen July 18, 2015

          As befits a leftist/liberal/socialist/”progressive”/populist
          nincompoop, you miss the point, avoid the subject at hand, and completely miss the point of my comments.
          Of COURSE Kate murder at the hands of an illegal is “just” one murder out of many committed every day.

          The point (and, of course you do not possess the intellectual capacity to extract it) was that San Francisco’s Sanctuary ordinance is an OBSCENITY. The mayor and all the councilmen and councilwomen should all be HUNG
          by the ba… !!

          What’s the matter with our federal government that it will NOT enforce our laws under our present president?

          Why does a state (Arizona) have to SUE the federal government to try to force them to uphold immigration laws?? This is ridiculous !!

          When it comes to immigration laws, why do we allow our present “president” to CHOOSE which laws he enforces and which he completely ignores??

          DUH !!

          1. bobnstuff July 18, 2015

            You ask why the president doesn’t enforce the immigration laws. Here are a few things to think about. He doesn’t have enough money to do the job, not enough manpower, so he must pick and chose how he spend that limited resource. He has stated that he wants to get rid of the illegals that are committing the crimes first, like the gunman in SF. Also if you can’t send them home get them out of the shadows, make them pay taxes and keep track of them. The reason not to do that is cheap labor with out having to worry about labor laws. Last, if we took all 8 million illegals out of the work force tomorrow there would be a large labor shortage. There just isn’t enough people who could fill those jobs. It’s not that we have a job shortage in this country today but that the workers are not where the jobs are. Take away the migrant work force would only make the problem worse.

          2. idamag July 20, 2015

            The reason the immigration laws cannot be enforced is the money that brings them in illegally so they can cheat them. There are people, in Mexico, who put their names in to immigrate and must be guaranteed a job before they can.

          3. Louis Allen July 20, 2015

            Another idiotic cop out from an ydiott.

          4. SecludedCompound July 20, 2015

            Dude, you realize when you type “DUH!!1!” it kind of reveals your stupidity, right?

          5. Louis Allen July 20, 2015

            And do you dumbass realize that when you type “Dude” it definitely reveals your complete lack of a working brain, right?

          6. SecludedCompound July 21, 2015

            Nah, it denotes somebody who is being dismissive of somebody who is probably older, slower, and less intelligent. Using the language of off-handed derision common in the street to say “basically, you don’t deserve any more than a passing scoff.”

            Get it, rube?

          7. Louis Allen July 21, 2015

            Yeah, but YOU dummy are older, slower, and certainly (that’s so obvious) less intelligent than me.
            LOL !!!

          8. SecludedCompound July 22, 2015

            Well, seeing as how you basically just said the same thing I said to you back to me and appear to think that’s a good retort, I somehow think you might have a higher opinion of your intelligence than is warranted.

        2. idamag July 20, 2015

          I have met people like him. If our crime arrests show Jones, , Allen, Johnson and Garcia were arrested, they say, “See I told you. Most of the criminals have hispanic names.” Only they don’t use big words like “Hispanic.”

          1. SecludedCompound July 21, 2015

            Yeah, these keyboard warriors are all just sad old dead-enders. Oh well. The demographic shift can’t get here fast enough.

      3. idamag July 20, 2015

        And the daily doses of hate and fear.

    2. SecludedCompound July 20, 2015

      Using headlines to blow statistical anomalies out of proportion, a Republican White Nationalist tradition!

  6. Populationist July 18, 2015

    Yip … go ahead, trot out all the usual suspects — “nativists,” “racists,” “anti-immigrant.” That’s a great smoke screen for trying to skirt the issue.

    You can’t have a country without immigration laws and still have a country, in the long run. While Donald lacked eloquence, he does speak the truth. Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants and by others who have gamed our immigration system. And there are thousands of gang members, drug pushers and human traffickers who are illegal aliens.

    What part of if these folks hadn’t been here than Americans would still be alive do you not get?

    How can anyone look at the murder of Kate Steinle and not understand we have a failed immigration system, driven by our elected leaders? Obviously if a multiple felon who had been deported numerous times can come and go as he pleases, our borders are not secure, despite the many reassurances of former DHS secretary Napolitano.

    But Steinle certainly is not the first completely avoidable death at the hands of a criminal illegal alien. Sanctuary city San Francisco has other blood on its hands: the father and two sons who were killed by an illegal alien, the son of the now outspoken critic of illegal immigration, Don Rosenberg. And the list of avoidable death and other crime across the country is documented, in case any of the liberal elite and Open Borders pushers ever choose to deal in reality and support what is right for America and American citizens.

    Oh, and how easily we forget 9/11 and the destruction and death that day. All caused by men who gamed our immigration system. We did a great job of fixing our immigration system after the deaths of nearly 3,000 people.

    I think anyone who supports this absurdist Open Borders approach to running this country is both a fool and a traitor to the United States.

    1. CrankyToo July 18, 2015

      So your position is that most immigrants are criminals?

      1. Populationist July 18, 2015

        Illegal aliens have broken the law by entering the country illegally, overstaying visas, etc. Beyond that, some of them commit fraud by obtaining false Social Security numbers and other forms of identification. Beyond that, there is a percentage that engages in serious crime, including rape, murder, human trafficking and drug running.

        According to the Center for Immigration Studies (based on a March 2015 ICE report), there were 168,680 convicted criminal immigrants who had final orders of removal but who remained at large in the U.S. Another 179,018 convicted criminal immigrants with deportation cases pending also remained at large.

        In 2013, the Obama administration released 36,007 criminal immigrants who had nearly 88,000 convictions. Among those convictions, there were 193 homicide convictions, 426 sexual assault convictions, 303 kidnapping convictions and 1,075 aggravated assault convictions.

        So, why don’t you tell me if there’s a problem with criminal immigrants?

        1. CrankyToo July 19, 2015

          Those numbers are straw men; they mean nothing without context. Furthermore, you didn’t answer my question, but I infer from all your tap dancing that you do, indeed, believe that most immigrants are criminals.

          1. Louis Allen July 20, 2015

            Keep showing it. Keep showing it.
            …. your brain-dead ignorance….

          2. Populationist July 20, 2015

            Cranky – I did answer the question, and apparently you can’t understand statistics, follow an argument, comprehend the nature of a problem or read the writing on the wall.

          3. CrankyToo July 20, 2015

            Your xenophobic ranting belies the fact that you’re a reasonably intelligent person. That being the case, I now have two questions:

            1. Do you believe most immigrants are criminal? (I ask you again, because, contrary to your last comment, you certainly have not answered that question even still). And,

            2. If you truly are possessed of a modicum of intelligence, and I suspect you are, why do you act like such a phucking moron?

          4. Populationist July 20, 2015

            Your labeling a belief in a country of laws and an immigration system with integrity as “xenophobic” really doesn’t even merit a response. I don’t know; maybe you’re simply an anarchist. I did answer your question. But honestly, what I do or do not think is criminal is, frankly, irrelevant. These things are defined in law. You can certainly look up all the definitions related to crime and immigration, so you can be factually correct. Re: No. 2, really? You truly should be both embarrassed and ashamed at how you communicate. It’s incredibly disrespectful to yourself and to me. And if this is how you talk with people, I pity anyone who crosses your path. Think I’m pretty much done with our little “chat.” I actually have to work for a living, and there’s no reason to spend time with someone who isn’t smart enough to look at a situation and grasp it, and certainly someone who has no respect for the country or American citizens.

      2. Louis Allen July 20, 2015

        Even though Populationist writes very clearly, I just knew a “plebe” like you would not only not understand him, but would just come right ahead and tell everybody that he is an ignoramus who can’t read.

    2. johninPCFL July 18, 2015

      Sure. 35000 American per year are killed by other Americans with guns, but three killed by immigrants are the thing to get spun up about.

      1. Populationist July 18, 2015

        Your comment strikes me as incredibly callous.

        Before trying to interject another issue to distract from illegal alien crime, I suggest you do some research on how much crime is committed by illegal aliens in the U.S. You seem to completely miss the point that if we had an immigration system with integrity (and knowing no system is perfect, yes, some, criminals still would get through), then many of these deaths would not have occurred.

        In 2010 alone, 3,500 people were killed by illegal aliens’ driving!


        1. SecludedCompound July 20, 2015

          Makes crazy claim, uses white nationalist site as citation. Winning!

      2. paulyz July 18, 2015

        So you want to take away guns from Americans but keep allowing Illegals to roam free. There are thousands of Americans murdered, raped, or asssulted by Illegals, plus the many child sexual assaults. Illegals don’t care if your a Conservative or a Liberal, they are equal opportunity attackers. And ifvthet were not here, crime rates would be much less.

        1. 788eddie July 18, 2015

          Hey Paulyz,not to state the obvious, but if guns were not there, there would be less crime (and deaths) too.

          1. Louis Allen July 18, 2015

            Another liberal yyddiot !
            Where did you guys learn these arguments??!!

          2. 788eddie July 18, 2015

            And just where did you learn to reply in such a poor manner?

          3. Louis Allen July 20, 2015

            You said: “if guns were not there, there would be less crime (and deaths) too.”
            WOW !! What perception, what deep analysis, what brilliance!!
            P.S. – And if we did not have cars, there would not be so many deaths on the highways and roads ….
            Come on, eddie, I know you can do better than that!
            ….. but perhaps you can’t.

          4. SecludedCompound July 20, 2015

            How’d that traitor flag rally go in SC, Louis? You and your fat white trash buddies were in fine form!

          5. Louis Allen July 20, 2015

            Shut up, SecludedBrains.
            I know what kind of ydiott you are.

          6. SecludedCompound July 21, 2015

            Hm. Interesting. Hahaha.

          7. idamag July 20, 2015

            Just because he is louder, more opinionated, and less learned, he can’t understand why you don’t lean anything from him.

          8. Sand_Cat July 19, 2015

            Unlike you, liberals don’t “learn” our argument from someone else. As for idiots? You guys have almost a monopoly. Who is anti-science, anti-intellectual, anti-black, anti-Muslim, anti-poor and so on? Who flourishes in states with the lowest educational standards? Who relies on ignorance and fear for most of their “base”? Take a look in the mirror, idiot.

          9. Louis Allen July 20, 2015

            1) So you never “learn” anything from someone else? THAT is a dumb, dumb, dumb, statement.
            2) No wonder someone who knows you well said on this very site some time ago that you are “as dumb as a box of nails” LOL !!!
            3) Tell polana and JP, 2 dummies just like you, to stop showing their ignorance and making fools of themselves by “up-thumbing” you.

          10. Sand_Cat July 20, 2015

            As usual, you still don’t get it. Guess you just can’t read English. But I don’t care to argue with idiots.

          11. Louis Allen July 20, 2015

            Not true.
            You argue with yourself all the time.

          12. Sand_Cat July 21, 2015

            That’s the best you got? (LAUGHING)

          13. idamag August 21, 2015

            Ah, you are getting smarter. I never even read what that poorly education person says. He never uses facts so I can’t ponder them. He probably grew up debating cows and horses and then probably the nether end.

          14. idamag July 20, 2015

            Good point.

          15. idamag July 20, 2015

            Actually guns are not the problem. It is the scared, beligerent whackos who carry them. Back to the dumbing down of America. Some of them do not know that Dirty Harry, Rambo, Get-your-ass-in-the-saddle John Wayne are fictional characters.

      3. Louis Allen July 18, 2015

        As befits a leftist/liberal/socialist/”progressive”/populist
        nincompoop, you miss the point, avoid the subject at hand, and completely miss the point of my comments.

        Of COURSE Kate murder at the hands of an illegal is “just” one murder out of many committed every day.

        The point (and, of course you do not possess the intellectual capacity to extract it) was that San Francisco’s Sanctuary ordinance is an
        OBSCENITY. The mayor and all the councilmen and councilwomen should all be HUNG by the ba… !!

        What’s the matter with our federal government that it will NOT enforce our laws under our present president?

        Why does a state (Arizona) have to SUE the federal government
        to try to force them to uphold immigration laws?? This is ridiculous !!

        When it comes to immigration laws, why do we allow our present “president” to CHOOSE which laws he enforces and which he
        completely ignores??

        DUH !!

        1. SecludedCompound July 20, 2015

          It’s kind of hilarious that you guys think you’re smart, when you’re not.

          1. Louis Allen July 20, 2015

            Wow. Is that the best you can come with?
            Oh brother. I am surrounded with cockroaches.

          2. SecludedCompound July 21, 2015

            It’s okay. A lot of right-wingers suffer under the delusion that they are superior to those around them. It’s a defense mechanism for their usually low intelligence and physical shortcomings.

    3. Rick Derris July 19, 2015

      Go burn a cross already.

      1. Populationist July 19, 2015

        Rick – You couldn’t come up with a credible comment, so you resort to nonsense. A real genius, I see.

        1. Rick Derris July 19, 2015

          That’s always the b.s. line you guys throw out when we refuse to take your racism seriously.

          Racism isn’t something to be debated. It’s to be mocked.

          1. Louis Allen July 20, 2015

            Rick, you are a real dumbass.

          2. Rick Derris July 20, 2015

            Cry me a river.

          3. Louis Allen July 20, 2015

            Yes. Confirmed.
            A real dumbass.

          4. SecludedCompound July 20, 2015

            Hahaha, you guys are soooo scared! It’s hilarious.

          5. Populationist July 20, 2015

            Rick – Please explain what “racism” you’re referring to. I really have no idea what you’re talking about.

          6. Rick Derris July 20, 2015

            Oh, just your usual fearmongering of non-whites.

            Go cry to your mom if you can’t handle being called out.

          7. Populationist July 20, 2015

            Rick – You’re really far removed from reality and how the world works. If you can’t figure out that growing the country to a completely unsustainable 500 million people, or billion, through mass, unchecked illegal immigration is not a good idea for the environment, for biodiversity, for Americans, for prosperity, I can’t help you. I think you may be an imbecile. Go cry to my momma … really? Geez … this may be the problem with the country; it has a preponderance of people incapable of critical thinking. Again, the only (non)argument you can come up with is to cry race? Pathetic.

          8. Rick Derris July 20, 2015

            See, there you go!

            Please keep posting b.s. statistics. It really shows your racism!

            Could you cite Stormfront as your source?

          9. Rick Derris July 20, 2015

            Hey, Mr. P. I noticed you got kinda quiet once I called you out for using statistics created by a white supremacist group. Just wanted to see if you were still there, or if you were too busy burning down black churches to get on the internet.

          10. Populationist July 20, 2015

            I believe I replied … maybe it didn’t post. My response was that FAIR is a longstanding organization that’s worked on immigration for years. Your labeling it something offensive and untrue is apparently your way of not dealing with facts. I also said that the label likely comes from the Southern Poverty Law Center, which itself should probably be called out as a hate group. Any group that has an opposing viewpoint to SPLC is an easy target. Their entire strategy is silencing opposition by calling them nativist, racist, etc. As they have chocked up an impressive war chest — $100 million at one time — they have money to burn to slander anyone in their path they don’t like. Your comment about “burning churches” is highly offensive. Could you even sit down face to face and carry on a civilized conversation, if this is the sort of horrible, hate speech you use online? Somehow I don’t think so.

          11. Rick Derris July 20, 2015

            LOL. I love how you racists always denounce the SPLC whenever your group is accurately labeled a hate group. FAIR has well-known ties to white supremacists and their founder has gone on the record saying that his stance on immigration is based on wanting to retain a largely white country.

            Cry me a river if you’re offended. You’re using statistics from white supremacist groups (who I’m sure are totally not biased at all) to engage in fear mongering of brown people.

            I’d say things that would make you cry even more, but I don’t know how strict the moderators are on here.

          12. Populationist July 20, 2015

            Pretty much done with you. You’re rude, offensive and wrong. I think it’s pretty clear the only “racist” in this exchange appears to be you. Everything you have said is untrue and written to gin up the discussion, generate hate and polarize.

            If you think a U.S. of 500 million people is a good thing, well, I just hope you don’t have any kids and grandkids who have to live through that.

            Keep on spreading your lies. Obviously, there are more people like you who are so ignorant, unable to understand history and unable to think critically — and who don’t understand basic math — that we have a pretty good chance of doom if there grow to be enough of you!

          13. Rick Derris July 20, 2015

            That’s another tactic of white supremacy. When you’re called out for your racism, you call the other person a racist despite not having any bit of evidence for doing so.

            “You’re against white supremacy? You must be racist!” LOL

            Don’t run away, Mr. P! I enjoy our conversations. It keeps you from “accidentally” discharging your weapon when you go on patrol with the minutemen.

          14. CrankyToo July 21, 2015

            Don’t worry about the moderators. Phuck ’em up, Bro.

            PS You know you’re pissing off the wingdings when Louis Allen chimes in out of nowhere to call you a dumba$$. I love to ignore that guy. Don’t you?

          15. Rick Derris July 21, 2015

            This is my first time here. Never dealt with him before.

          16. CrankyToo July 21, 2015

            Well cheers, Bro. A voice of reason is always welcome here – at least as far as the other voices of reason are concerned..
            As regards Louis Allen, well let’s just say he’s not one of those voices. Rather, he’s one of those LIPs (low information posters). I tried to engage him when he first showed up here. It turned out to be an arduous task, indeed. (Imagine trying to shove a stick of butter up a wildcat’s a$$….. Now imagine trying to do it with a red-hot poker….)
            Anyhow, nowadays I just ignore poor old Louis. I’ve gotta hand it to him, though – he’s not easily discouraged. The more I ignore him, the more determined he seems to be to get my attention. Which, of course, is why I love to ignore him.
            He does a couple of fans in Paulyz and Dave, however. They’re birds of a feather. One lies and the other two swear to it. A genuine wingding circle jerk. You’ll love reading their sh!t.
            Anyhow, welcome. If, like myself, you have murder in your heart for conservatives in general, or Turd Partiers in particular, you’ll find this to be a target rich environment.

          17. idamag August 3, 2015

            Hate groups, in America, are a putrid malignancy.

        2. Louis Allen July 20, 2015

          Wow! This guy Rick Derris is a real dumbass ….

    4. SecludedCompound July 20, 2015

      Well, basically you posted a bunch of supposition, non sequitur, and opinion, then ask people to respond to it with fact. Nope. You don’t deserve that. You nativists suppose that immigration somehow dilutes a country’s power, rather than reinforcing it like we’ve seen in America time and again. You’re wrong. The people that believed like you a hundred years ago when my Italian immigrant family moved here were wrong.

      Today’s immigrants are tomorrow’s Americans.

      Get used to it. It’s kind of great, because your kind is dying off and being replaced by these folks, who are pretty much better people all around.

  7. danielistical July 18, 2015

    Report That Links Tea Party Leaders to ‘Hate Groups’

    Mary C. Curtis

    National Correspondent

    The charge of “racism” is one that the Tea Party movement would like
    to shake. In the past, it has dismissed the label as only representing a few of
    its members on the fringe. However, the issue surfaced again on Wednesday when
    the NAACP — which made news in July when it asked the Tea Party to repudiate
    racist elements within its ranks – issued a report that details associations
    between Tea Party organizations and hate groups in this country.

    In a conference call with journalists, NAACP President Benjamin Jealous said
    that while there are policy disagreements, the civil rights group has “no
    problem with the Tea Party expressing their views in their great debate in our
    great democracy.” The majority of Tea Party members “are
    sincere,” and some are also in the NAACP, he said.”

    “Here’s a sampling of attitudes among tea party followers:
    63 percent believes that discrimination against whites is as big a problem as
    discrimination against minority groups. 66 percent believes that the values of
    Islam are at odds with American values. 54 percent believes that American
    Muslims are trying to establish Sharia law in the U.S. 56 percent believes that
    newcomers from other countries threaten traditional American customs and
    values. 72 percent believes we should deport all illegal immigrants back to
    their home countries”

    1. idamag July 20, 2015

      And Trump’s rise in popularity solidified the notion that the t-party is racist.

  8. booker25 July 19, 2015

    When Bill O’Reilly goes on and on nightly about Tiller the baby killer, then Dr Tiller is killed, don’t tell me there isn’t a connection. Bill should of been charged as accessory to murder. Fox is pure propaganda, 24/7 spin. In this case hate.

  9. Eleanore Whitaker July 19, 2015

    Look…We get that there are regions of the US that simply have no desire to change. That’s all well and good. But, the people in these regions insist upon perpetuating lifestyles that cost the rest of us in higher taxes. This has been proven time and again.

    We are all tolerant of justifiably vulnerable and low income Americans when there is a valid reason. But when you have shows on TV like Duck Dynasty, Honey Boo Boo and the rest of ragtag “country” people, you are not talking about justifiably vulnerable or low income Americans. You are talking about people attempting to perpetuate lifestyles that are 100 years from the past. Then, these same southern and midwestern lunkheads call the rest of us “elitist” because we have moved 100 years past them?

    The Tea Party was nothing more than an attempt at regime takeover of government using these same Teaballs with no educations and antiquated handicaps that keep them living like it’s Pre-Civil War.

    These are the same people who in the 60s bashed hippies…How look at them…they look just the same as hippies did 45 years ago…unkempt and unwashed and fighting the system they hate most: our government.

    So basically, the next time you see one of the TeaBalls out ther with their long hair, their fat beer bellies and their strident mouths agape, what you are really seeing is the very thing these lunatic fringe hated about the hippies in the 60s. The only addition is a KKK hater CONFederate flag.

    And just like the 60s Manson family, they want to live as low to the trash bins as they can.

    1. Louis Allen July 20, 2015

      You forgot to blame the MEN, specifically, Ellie.

      1. SecludedCompound July 20, 2015

        What? Shut up, doofus.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker August 17, 2015

          Remember the “Lost in Space” Robot …”warning, warning, warning…” Allen is freak of nature. He’s like a dog who chases after cars. If ever he managed to catch one, he wouldn’t what to do with it. We keep him around mainly to amuse ourselves and to be thankful for his so blatant example of insanity.

    2. idamag July 20, 2015

      A season for weeping. In regards to those reality shows, you mention, the law of supply is demand. In order to grow, intellectually, we need mental stimulation. Those shows have done more damage to the United States than Muslims or communists ever could. If a cyber savvy nation defeats the United States, lay the blame where it belongs – the dumbing down by media.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker July 20, 2015

        Ida…I agree. When you consider how “free press” according to the first Amendment has been bastardized by 6 billionaires who own a monopoly on the media, you see how easy it is for the GOP who is owned by these same billionaires to reinterpret the intent of the First Amendment to mean “free to print only what men like Murdoch, Zuckerberg, Adelson, Turner and Charles and David Koch tell their journalists to print.”

        Bias isn’t journalism. Bias is personal opinion. If the media has become far too biased to the point where all news reports are unreliable and skewed to a back room agenda, it simply means there are no teeth in laws that prevent crooks and corruption from filtering their subtle forms of indoctrination into media.

        1. tdm3624 August 17, 2015

          It isn’t just the billionaires though. People choose to watch the reality shows. They could watch something else but for some reason, they choose to watch the reality shows. Maybe that is why the GOP debates get so much coverage! 🙂

          1. Eleanore Whitaker August 17, 2015

            It is just male billionaires who long ago lost interest in their wealth and moved up the ladder to autonomous power. Not going to happen. Carnegie, Mellon, Vanderbilt, Gould and JP Morgan all tried that. Then, came the muckrakers who investigated their fraud in their industries. No more Carnegie Steel, Jay Gould went to prison for fraud just like Madoff, Vanderbilt and several of the Robber Barons mansions are now federally funded museums.

            What goes up always comes down and so will the egos on these power freaks. Men who believe in their own power already show the chink in their armor.

  10. idamag July 20, 2015

    I was so proud when I found out my great-great-grandfather was one of the first Republicans. It was what the Republican Party was then. It is the opposite of what it was. When Trump’s rating jumped after he made racist remarks, it left no doubt as to what those who call themselves Republicans are now.

    1. Peter Tobias August 21, 2015

      Republicans and Democrats have made many turns and taken the opposite side of their old views, but the constant are the Southern Conservatives who once organized in the Democratic party and now in the Republican party. If you oppose them, you are in the right side

      1. idamag August 21, 2015

        I oppose the tea party. I was a child when WWII ended and the news reels came out showing what they found in the death camps. Maniacs are born all the time, but I never understood how a civilized country could follow one and commit what they did. I have made a lifelong study of it. For this reason, I do not trust the tea party. Similarities in them and the fledgling nazi party: First, the nazis started an anti-government movement. They taught people that their government was their enemy. One of their arguments was that the democratic German Government was rife with communists. Second, they infiltrated the government and destroyed the democracy from within. We have a lot of people who are ready to take up arms against their government any time. We, the people, are the government. Yes, it has some problems that must be solved and we, the people should solve them.

  11. tdm3624 August 17, 2015

    “Crime and undocumented immigration are both on historic declines. ”

    But yet conservatives fear immigration and liberals fear guns.


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