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Study: Voter-Suppression Laws Aim To Disenfranchise Black People

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Study: Voter-Suppression Laws Aim To Disenfranchise Black People


A new research study from University of Massachusetts Boston professors Keith G. Bentele and Erin E. O’Brien confirms what voting rights advocates have been charging for years: Voter-suppression laws are partisan measures that disproportionately target African-Americans.

In the study, titled “Jim Crow 2.0? Why States Consider and Adopt Restrictive Voter Access Policies,” the authors argue that “the Republican Party has engaged in strategic demobilization efforts in response to changing demographics, shifting electoral fortunes, and an internal rightward ideological drift among the party faithful.”

Specifically, the authors find a strong statistical relationship between the racial composition of a state and the proposal of new laws that would restrict access to the ballot. “[W]here African-Americans and poor people vote more frequently, and there are larger numbers of non-citizens, restrictive-access legislation is more likely to be proposed,” they write.

These conditions also hold true with regards to the passage of restrictive laws. The authors’ analysis finds that “states where minority turnout has increased since the previous presidential election were more likely to pass restrictive legislation.”

On the other hand, states where the elderly population is growing are significantly less likely to pass laws that make it harder to vote. This is unsurprising when one considers that, between 2006 and 2011, 83 percent of the restrictive laws to be passed came from Republican-controlled state legislatures. In short, it appears that Republican lawmakers are much more interested in stopping “voter fraud” when it will impact reliably Democratic voters, and less so when it could impact Republican-dominated constituencies.

The authors conclude that “Democrats are justified in their concern that restrictive voter legislation takes aim along racial lines with strategic partisan intent.” The finding is hardly shocking; after all, the primary Republican justification for voter suppression laws — that they are necessary to fight back against an epidemic of voter fraud — has been repeatedly proven to be hollow.

The latest evidence of how voter fraud is a paper tiger came on Monday, when Iowa secretary of state Matt Schultz’s 18-month investigation into the topic was revealed to have uncovered no statistically significant evidence. Schultz’s investigation, which cost the state nearly $150,000, yielded criminal charges in just 16 cases. Five of those cases have been dismissed, and five led to guilty pleas (three of which involved registration by felons whose voting rights had not been restored, one of which involved a woman who cast an absentee ballot on behalf of her daughter, and one of which involved identity fraud).

Bentele and O’Brien’s study can be read in its entirety here.

Photo: Erik Hersman via Flickr

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. idamag December 16, 2013

    It was pretty obvious when Bush won. The restrictive hours, changing voting places and keeping it secret and the unAmerican purging all affected areas that voted heavily Democrat. Then Ohio tried it during the last Presidential election. They wanted to shorten voting hours in certain districts and not others. These criminals do not even try to hide their crimes anymore.

    1. Independent1 December 16, 2013

      In the 2000 election, Gore won the popular vote by 500,000 votes but what’s especially troublesome is that 100 million Americans who were old enough to vote didn’t. And a lot of the reason why only 51% eligible voters voted is possibly due to GOP voter suppression. But 100 million not voting still seems to indicate that there are a lot of Americans who don’t take their responsibility to vote seriously, and my guess is, that a lot of those who didn’t make the effort to vote would have voted Democratic. We absolutely have to do a better job of getting voters to the polls in 2014 and 2016!! Democrats and Independents have to realize that by not making the effort to vote, they’re allowing their lives to be controlled by a party that’s just looking to take every advantage of them that they can get away with.

      1. Bill Thompson December 17, 2013

        I agree with you 100% the fact of the matter is unless Democrats and Independents do they do diligence the outcome will remain the same. The Democratic Party has to get serious about (getting out the vote there are no 2 ways about it. Tthe only way to fight disenfranchisement is to increase the democrats voting rolls. But first people have to care.

        1. angelsinca December 17, 2013

          A good way to fight supposed disenfranchisement is to just blame this imaginary problem on the republican boogie man.

          1. Bill Thompson December 17, 2013

            This study is a little lengthy but worth reading and may help you see what is in fact happening. By all means please forward me any information in the form of proof that voter fraud has run rampant and change the outcome of elections. I am not saying that voter fraud does not exist but the instances are so miniscule that the republican response can only be described as disenfranchisement. Don’t be afraid to open your mind to the facts nothing will fall out.


          2. Independent1 December 17, 2013

            Thanks for the article!! If you haven’t seen Rachel Maddow’s show on how nefarious the GOP voter suppression tactics are in NC, take about 11 minutes and watch her show. Here’s a link:


          3. Sand_Cat December 18, 2013

            Get serious and don’t waste your time.

          4. Bill Thompson December 18, 2013

            You are right I very rarely get into back-and-forth’s with people but when I have information that is irrefutable I feel it is worth sharing. Unfortunately many people on this site get into the back-and-forth’s and the conversation only digresses. Probably if we ignored the right wing radicals they would eventually just go away.

          5. Independent1 December 17, 2013

            Tell you what angel, spend 11 mins and watch Rachel Maddow’s program on the extent that North Carolina has been going to to implement voter suppression. And then come back and tell me in all honesty that what Dems are complaining about is “an imaginary problem”!!

            Here’s the link:


          6. Sand_Cat December 18, 2013

            Our angel is innocent of facts, and has no desire to gain any inconvenient ones, which he dismisses as “imaginary.”

      2. angelsinca December 17, 2013

        You say one third the population doesn’t vote because they “don’t take their responsibility to vote seriously”, suggesting most are likely Democrats. This doesn’t sound like a GOP-caused problem.

        1. Andy Kinnard December 17, 2013

          Nobody said it was a GOP-caused problem, especially not Independent1. Your faux outrage is wafer thin, Angels.

          1. Independent1 December 17, 2013

            Andy, just to make sure people see how nefarious the Republican voter suppression tactics in NC are, I’ve located a link to her show that she gave a couple weeks ago. Take about 11 mins to watch her show and see the trouble Dems will be in if something isn’t done to prevent other Red States from pulling the tricks NC is:


          2. angelsinca December 18, 2013

            No outrage here but thanks for sharing. On further review, it seems Independent1 did say something more along the lines that Dems & Indies need to get out and vote (presumeably for more Dems) or their lives will be forever controlled by the other party that only wants to take advantage of them. Good thing we have the Dems & Indies to make sure we all do only the right things. The things they want us to do. Sorry, but the independent’s plan doesn’t seem very independent.

          3. Andy Kinnard December 19, 2013

            Ok, if not faux outrage, then faux objection (to something that didn’t happen). Either way, your objection is unsupportable.

          4. angelsinca December 20, 2013

            You sure like that word a lot. Let me guess; you hate FoxNews, it’s all GW Bush’s fault, and the GOP is forcing Obama to be a lousy president. Got it. What was the objection, again?

          5. Andy Kinnard December 24, 2013

            “Faux” is a real word. Why does it make you so uncomfortable? Your questions are shrill condemnations and crude attempts to stuff my point of view into some predetermined stereotype (you’re maintaining). They don’t warrant answers.

          6. idamag January 16, 2014

            Fox news is owned by Rupert Murdoch and the Koch Brothers. Rupert Murdoch already announced it would be a right-wing promotion station. If you really wanted a well rounded education, you would watch C-span or the documentary, “Koch Brothers Exposed.” It is not a hate slinging documentary. The facts are in it. You are so full of hate, it vibrates on your posts. You were probably raised in a backwoods community where there is not a lot of diversity of opinion. Or, you had a religion that didn’t allow thinking.

        2. Independent1 December 17, 2013

          No! What I said was 49% of those eligible to vote didn’t vote back in 2000. And it probably wasn’t much different for 2012 – almost HALF of those old enough to vote didn’t. And that is not entirely a GOP problem, although their voter suppression tackics are contributing to it.

          And here again is a documentary on just how nefarious their voter suppression tactics are:


          1. angelsinca December 18, 2013

            Thanks for the link. I’ve seen it before, probably the first time it played. Maddow’s reporting is usually wide & thorough but she presumes political nefariousness only by the GOP, always. The anti-republican steadfastness heavily discounts the credibility of her analyses.

          2. angelsinca December 18, 2013

            btw, Maddow’s work isn’t a ‘documentary’. It is opinion piece with giant leaps of presumption.

        3. bikejedi December 17, 2013

          Great point and Why do the Dems and Liberals disrespect those who vote for them . If I were Black I would feel very disrespected by a Party that thinks and portrays that just because my color I am any less capable of getting an ID as anyone else . The Complete fraud and Scandal of the last 5 yrs should tell even Liberals that we need Voter I D and Term Limits

          1. angelsinca December 18, 2013

            The rate of fraud is ‘statistically insignificant’, yet there were cases of fraud. I wonder how much fraud there has to be before it is deemed statistically significant enough to not look the other way.

          2. Andy Kinnard December 18, 2013

            Not numbers like these:http://freakoutnation.com/2013/12/16/republican-led-iowa-voter-fraud-probe-results-in-no-significant-evidence-of-voter-fraud/. A hanful of cases in the whole state only one of which was actual voter fraud and none of which would be prevented by voter ID laws. These finding echo those of exhaustive GOP-backed studies in other states. Plainly, disenfranchisement by these laws vastly outweighs the fraud they could prevent.

          3. idamag January 16, 2014

            That is right. If we believe in our Democracy and our counbtry, every man’s right to vote should not be tampered with.

          4. idamag January 16, 2014

            Their so-called instances of voter fraud means some Democrats got in office. Taking this country to one-party system (and that party being a party that rigidly adheres to certain rules0 will take down our Democracy. There was an European country that had a near-perfect democracy. It was destroyed by a madman. It was destroyed from within.

          5. Sand_Cat December 18, 2013

            While you of course know that there’s no possible way a prince of a candidate like the Mittwit and all the other delusional fanatics who lost to Democrats could POSSIBLY have been fairly defeated, most reasonable and sane people know this sudden Republican obsession with voter fraud is pure hokum designed to assure election of more of them by any means necessary. Perhaps they have planned and attempted voter fraud themselves – there’s more, and more credible, evidence of this than the alleged voting 10 times by – naturally – Democratic individuals – and they assume the Dems are doing the same.

          6. bikejedi December 18, 2013

            How does anyone really know how much vote fraud goes on ? No one investigates it nor tries to stop it . Without Voter I D you don’t even have a reliable way to try to stop it . It is very telling that no matter how big or small the fraud is that Liberals and Dems do everything they can to preserve it . It shows they are afraid that they wouldn’t be able to steal elections without it .

          7. Andy Kinnard December 18, 2013

            That is NOT the Democratic Party position and is a gross, disingenuous bastardization of it. The disproportionate impact is statistical; nobody (but you) is claiming it’s based on innate traits or personal failures of those groups disproportionately impacted. That’s some rank and detestable trolling on your part.

          8. bikejedi December 18, 2013

            Really ? Don’t they show what they think by their words and deeds ? Or is that just to be overlooked ? So claiming that poor people and minorities wont be able to get I D ‘s is what then ? Is that Kinnard or Canard ?” Is that air you’re breathing ? ” Morpheos to Neo from the Matrix . The Only way we will ever have verifiable elections is to stop electronic transmitted data transfer ( it can be too easily hacked ) Voter I D and the next and most important thing is term limits .

          9. Andy Kinnard December 19, 2013

            I already wrote that it’s a nod to statistical facts.

            Make another personal attack on me, and I’m done with you — I commented on your behavior…you made a playground-worthy joke with my name.

            I agree that non-verifiable electronics involved in voting is a very bad thing. I would allow that voter ID is fine as long as a wide variety of photo IDs are allowed: These laws that deny student IDs, government issued work IDs, public assistance IDs are all aimed at disenfranchising voters. There also needs to be SOME kind of assistance for voters of limited means to help them GET ID when it is difficult (which is not minor or quibbling matter).

          10. bikejedi December 19, 2013

            Ok so we agree that Voter I D is a good thing ? If so that is very cool . I also didn’t mean to make a joke but I thought your first post sounded condescending . Maybe I misjudged so I apologize . I think the two biggest changes that we can make to help this country in this time would be Voter I D and Term Limits .

          11. Andy Kinnard December 24, 2013

            No. Blanket statements dismiss the complexities of life. What I’m saying is that, given safeguards against disenfranchising people who have difficulty getting ID, given fair standards for what is and isn’t accepted (e.g., all state-issued, picture IDs [including student IDs] should be fine), then, and ONLY then, is voter ID ok.

            I disagree completely with your last sentence. Voter ID has no potential to prevent voter fraud because the voter fraud “problem” is statistically insignificant (i.e., it is SO small that it has changed zero political elections in modern, US history). Congressional and SCOTUS terms limits MIGHT do some good if they aren’t SO short as to deny Congress (or the SCOTUS) of needed governing expertise. Properly formulated, they MIGHT do some good but solve no problems that I’d agree are the biggest governance issues of our time.

          12. bikejedi December 24, 2013

            That Voter Fraud is insignificant and didn’t sway an election is a Liberal Talking point that is erroneous . First off since no one looks for it or investigates it ( Do you really think Eric Holder would investigate Dems doing Voter Fraud ? Can even a Liberal say to themselves that he is trustworthy or ethical on ANYTHING ? ) What we do know is that there are what, over 30 Ex Acorn people who have been convicted of Voter Fraud . We also know that Acorn sent out Voter registration forms to peoples PETS in Chicago and elsewhere . We know that there were 59 Philly precincts without a single Romney vote which is a statistical impossibility ( never investigated by Holder … Shocking right ? ) . We know that ILLEGAL ALIENS voted in Ohio and that there were over 100% voter turnout in some Ohio and Fla counties and yes I know about the 2 page ballot but that still doesn’t account for the massive over vote . So there is no real mechanism to protect against Vote Fraud and no one in Holders Dept of Injustice is going to look for it and or investigate it . Soooo . Meanwhile We also know that Holder will look past Voter Intimidation tactics( that were caught on tape ) by the Black Panthers …But no double standard there right ? So that talking point that you tout is designed to TRY to diffuse the fact that Americans Overwhelmingly support Voter I D . It is designed to say it doesn’t exist and that Voter I D would disenfranchise minority voters . Look if they don’t want to get an I D then don’t vote . Even the recently deceased Mandela supported Voter I D in his Impovershed land .

          13. Andy Kinnard January 1, 2014

            Let me know as soon as anyone turns up statistically significant voter fraud. (There have been PLENTY of full fledged investigations (see below), even ones run by Republicans; they never find anything of significance.) Feel free to double down on outrage if any of it is of the form that would be deterred by voter ID laws. Until then, you have suspicion, a LOT of bad facts (AEB your whole comment immediately above), and your hatred of “the other” for what you see as going wrong in our world. Enjoy the blissful ignorance!

          14. bikejedi January 1, 2014

            That is one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever seen . If you have no mechanism to prove it what are you looking for ? If no one looks , and with Holder as AG no one is , then what will you find ? The fact of the matter is AMERICA sees it as a problem while Liberals try to defend the practice because they are afraid their heroes cant win without dirty tricks . I guess over 100 %voter turnout in several key counties in Fla and Ohio as well as 59 Precincts in Philly mean nothing to you . I guess that over what is it now …I think 35 ACORN members convicted of vote fraud means nothing to you and I guess that ACORN sending out voter registration to peoples pets means nothing . I live in Chicago we wrote the book on this stuff and my ex GF works as an election judge every election . It is rampant . You enjoy your intolerance and living ion hate K . Americans want Voter ID at a 72% clip so they see it as a Problem . 3rd World Country’s have it yet we don’t . 72% want it and a lot of those people are Liberals . As I said it seems the only ones who don’t want it are the hard core sheep .

          15. Andy Kinnard January 2, 2014

            I will grant that Voter ID laws would allow for more thorough and reliable tracking of potential fraud. That is why I’m NOT invariably against them; the problem is that all of the laws have been written so as to be onerously dissuasive to enough voters that they are too problematic (i.e., disenfranchising) to be legitimate redress of a problem that cannot even be quantified as significant. No, AMERICA does not see it as a problem; there is much less support for these laws than you seem to think. From whence cometh your 72% figure?

            Keep throwing around your anecdotes; they don’t matter. All of those have been investigated anyway. Acorn has been out of business for years; let it go. Yes, Chicago politics are notoriously dirty; so what? Yes, your election judge friend has probably seen some fishy stuff; so what? All of that stuff is anecdotal. What matters is the results of concerted voter fraud investigations (of which there have been several over the last few years); they never amount to anything of significance.

            Look, I can favor Voter ID laws, but the law HAS to make allowances and, yes, provide assistance (including financial), to help folks who have trouble getting adequate documentation (to get it). The law has to provide enough time between passage and elections that people can get their ID together; yes, that means AT LEAST a year, probably two. The law has to accept all forms of government-issued photo ID; no accepting ONLY DMV and concealed carry ID to the exclusion of student and benefit IDs. There has to be a reasonable arbitration process that allows people to vote provisionally if their ID is in question: No turning people away at the polling station. Then, and only then, would I accept Voter ID.

            I also see ZERO reason why national election days shouldn’t be national holidays, why early voting or same day registration and voting should ever be curtailed. We need to make voting MORE accessible, not less.

          16. bikejedi January 2, 2014

            Thank you for the civil conversation and sorry of I got snarky . Yes America both left and right see it as a problem and that is why over 70% support Voter ID laws ..www.politico.com/news/stories/0412/75300.html.
            The only thing I listed that was ancedotal was the election judge thing . Everything else is a matter of election returns . ( that would be the 59 Philly precincts without a single Romney Vote and the Ohio and Fla Counties with over 100 % voter turnout ) Holder did not and will not investigate these for obvious reasons .
            ACORN is only out of business because of Brietbart exposing them . Most of the former ACORN employee’s were absorbed by the Obama admin and a lot of them are working as Obamacare Navigators ( google it ) there are still several of them awaiting trial so no I wont give it up . They are criminals and instead of the Obama admin distancing themselves from them they are embracing them .
            So we agree it will be problematic but that is no reason not to do it . If 3rd world countries can do it we should be able to . Or have we fallen so far from the days when we put a man on the moon to the point that we cant build a freaking web site in 3 1/2 yrs even at a cost of over 600 million and we cant even get people ID ‘s ?
            I have no problem with the National holiday thing for Presidential elections only . I believe early voting should only be allowed for those outside the Country . In the last two elections my State of Illinois got ballots delivered to the jails but not to our troops overseas . Not once but in the last two elections . Thank you for the civil conversation .

          17. Andy Kinnard January 3, 2014

            So, when vote counts in those precincts in Philly, Ohio and Florida were challenged, what became of them? Holder is NOT the only official who can investigate.

            Acorn is out of business because they got disingenuously smeared for things they didn’t do, but I’m glad you’ll be letting go of your rhetoric about it (since you agree that it’s not an entity any more). Whether they are awaiting trial or not is not germane to discussions of an organization that cannot do any more harm (because it cannot do anything); it would be a bit like debating the damage done by a third GW Bush term. So, one local group in New Orleans run by a former ACORN guy starts up to help train navigators and you and Fox amplify that into some wider conspiracy?!?! Dude, that’s way beyond reasonable, and it’s definitely NOT equivalent to “a lot of them are working as Obamacare Navigators”.

            Yes, we agree it would be problematic. It would disenfranchise significant numbers of voters (unless carefully crafted not to). That’s an unacceptable cost to address an issue that, at best, is not well established. I will not address your cheap chides about third-world countries; the issue can succeed or fail on its own merits.

            Obviously both troops and inmates (if still eligible to vote) should BOTH get their absentee ballots. Voting day should be a national holiday for POTUS races AND mid-term (national) elections; why would you leave out mid-terms? Why eliminate early voting (for residents) where it doesn’t present a problem?

          18. bikejedi January 3, 2014

            Andy no one investigated or challenged them because those Counties are Dem Controlled . The Liberal Media purposely buried the stories because it doenst support YOUR narrative . If it weren’t for a few brave souls who spilled the beans and a few outlets with the balls to report these things they wouldn’t even be known .
            Just because ACORN was defunded doesn’t mean those people aren’t still doing their nefarious work . A lot of them were rewarded with jobs in the Obama regime ., and the reality that there a lot of them are in Jail and or under indictment makes them relevant to the conversation . It isn’t just one office in New Orleans there are a lot of these people all over the Country that got these Navigator Positions .. You can call it a wider conspiracy if you want you can be in denial if you want . It is the way these people operate and continue to operate .
            By the way how many scandals and conspiracies would it take for you people to admit something is rotten ? I mean is everything every single day a Phony Scandal and all the people who mention it just racist or can you name ANY President who had this much BS going on daily and the Media not cover it ? Picture if Obama were a Republican … The Liberal Media would be circling like Sharks .
            What I stated about 3rd World Country’s were not cheap shots but fact but feel free to use an Alinsky style tactic to not answer or face an inconvenient question .
            Early voting should not be necessary for people who are in Country and it becomes problematic for two reasons . A late scandal may have changed the way people who voted early may have voted and it also is too easy for those results to be manipulated .

          19. Andy Kinnard January 7, 2014

            Those investigations could have been performed by the states in which they occurred. I won’t discuss “liberal media” or your apparent willingness to disparage politically active people because of an alleged prior association (which you aren’t even supporting) with a political organization that is now shut down.

          20. bikejedi January 7, 2014

            It isn’t an alleged prior association it is a real prior association .

          21. idamag January 16, 2014

            If they really and truly wanted to prohibit voter fraud, they would be checking our names between elections. Starting something just before an election is so transparent. When you lose your right to vote, how will you feel?

          22. Andy Kinnard January 17, 2014

            Yes, I think that was part of my points above (though I didn’t specifically address voter roll purges).

      3. omgamike December 17, 2013

        I’ve been screaming the same thing for so long that I’m getting callouses on my fingertips and my blood pressure keeps going through the roof. So many people who either don’t exercise their right to vote and then complain about those who end up being elected and the policies that follow their election. Or low information voters who spend way too much time listening to the likes of Limbaugh, or Hannity, or Riley, or Coulter, or Ryan, or Cantor, etc., etc., etc..

        1. Independent1 December 17, 2013

          I couldn’t agree more. But GOP voter suppression is also a big problem, and unless we do something it will only get much worse. We have to stop what NC is doing to suppress voting because if they get away with it, Dems are really going to be in trouble.

          If you haven’t seen Rachel Maddow’s show on what NC has been doing, take 11 minutes and watch her show from this link:


          1. omgamike December 17, 2013

            I’m a consistent viewer of The Ed Show, Hard Ball With Chris Matthews, and The Rachel Maddow Show. I saw that piece on NC and their shenanigans. I am hoping that the DOJ will step in and put a stop to the suppression.

          2. Independent1 December 17, 2013

            You and me both. Republicans are really over the top these days!! Personally, I don’t see how some of these people live with themselves they way they act like outright crooks.

        2. bikejedi December 17, 2013

          Uh excuse me . that comment is comical coming from a Liberal .. The terms low information and Liberal voter are synonymous and proven by your support of a Pathological Liar ( and you people thought he was telling the truth ..what a hoot )

          1. Melvin Miller December 18, 2013

            You must only watch FOX news? If that is your only source of information, then you are a low information voter.

          2. bikejedi December 18, 2013

            I love it when Liberals try to blast FOX . There is a reason they are the highest rated cable station . Not just news but all of cable . Their news programming is top notch and it is accurate . They don’t LIE to their viewers or do PR for the Whitehouse or any agenda on their news programming .When they make a mistake they apologize and retract . Now I agree that their opinion programming leans to the right but those are opinion shows . Now lets compare that to the mind numbing brainwashing and talking point campaigning you get on MSNBC NBC ABC CBS NPR CNN … Well we have recent history to show that those networks use their NEWS PROGRAMMING to LIE and support an IDEOLOGY … See the Trayvon Story .. I mean who comes up with White Hispanic other the Liberal Media and why ? Oh that’s right to support a racist and divisive agenda that Obama was touting to make Liberals suffer from some sort of White guilt … What do you feel guilty for and why ? Next they outright LIE to promote that by altering audio and video tape of the same story … Why ? And their viewers were too stupid to demand more accurate coverage or complain when they were caught . Hell most of you still believe the LIES . Your Media supported Obamacare and never once questioned all the LIES you were being told by Obama and his Media . I mean come on now …” If you like your Insurance ” Please . Meanwhile we were telling you for three years that he was LYING . Don’t you feel used and Clowned …He Clowned you and you repeated his LIES as your talking points .. The Liberal Media Clowned you and turned you into useful tools . By the way maybe you better check with the UBER LIBERAL PEW RESEARCH PEOPLE … in their study they found that Conservatives were the smarter and better informed group by a wide margin …OUCH right ??? We know why you try to marginalize FOX and people like Limbaugh and that is because you know if Liberals start tuning them in they will turn . You are afraid of fair reporting

    2. bikejedi December 17, 2013

      Why do the Dems and Liberals disrespect those who vote for them . If I were Black I would feel very disrespected by a Party that thinks and portrays that just because my color I am any less capable of getting an ID as anyone else . The Complete fraud and Scandal of the last 5 yrs should tell even Liberals that we need Voter I D and Term Limits

      1. Sand_Cat December 18, 2013

        Not disrespect. We know that many black and Latino people can easily handle the ID requirements. It’s the old and poor ones who can’t, and that’s just the fact, plus, you have – like most defenders of these laws – focused exclusively on the ID requirement, conveniently ignoring the reduction of hours and number of polling places, etc.
        The only complete fraud and scandal of the last five years that I’ve seen has been the GOP and its apologists and the way they have behaved. Nothing personal intended.

        1. bikejedi December 18, 2013

          This may shock you but I agree with the hours thing that you mentioned but that is one State . I think a plan could be instituted that would solve all the issues you brought up about the elderly . I disagree with you on the fact that the way that ” most ” Dems fight against it is on the basis of that blacks cant or are some how incapable of getting an I D .. They cite poverty as an issue . Most people in poverty get entitlements which means they already have I D ‘s . For the people who cite that Vote Fraud is miniscule …How would we know ? I mean it’s not like there is a reliable way to check without I D ‘s .. I say the best way to right this ship is Voter I D and TERM LIMITS . Sand you are one of the coolest people on here . I don’t even know if you are a girl or a guy …but you are still cool

          1. Sand_Cat December 20, 2013

            Don’t think it’s just one state; pretty much all of them have measures designed to make it difficult for people who have jobs and can’t afford to miss work, combined in some cases with hugely-oversized precincts in minority or other likely Democratic-voting areas, location of polling places in out-of-the way spots with no public transit access for those without cars and 5-6 parking places for those who do.
            I liked the suggestion one guy made here that the electoral commission issue a security-protected and difficult to forge photo-ID to people as they register, but that won’t help those who registered long ago when they were young and healthy, but who are old and infirm now. That’s one of the difficult issues. Perhaps with some goodwill, we could work that out; I have no objection in principle to requiring ID to vote or do other things that affect others’ rights as well.
            Thanks again; I do enjoy talking to you. I happen to be an old male geezer with a somewhat short fuse and a lot of cynicism, but I was impressed in my first discussion with you that you were willing to read and think about what I said. Wish I did that better myself.

          2. bikejedi December 20, 2013

            Im all for Voter I D . if we can put a man on the moon we can come up with a solution to that . I agree that the precinct thing should be fair to all .. And I too enjoy reading your opinions .

        2. angelsinca December 20, 2013

          The cuts couldn’t possibly be due to cost saving measures. Of course not. That would expose the whimsy of a supposed war on democrat voters.

          1. Sand_Cat December 20, 2013

            Yeah, keep telling yourself that. A Democratic Republic such as ours has an obligation to provide adequate opportunity for eligible voters to exercise their rights. Since we’re getting smart-alecky about it, I guess all those sponsors of the bills who said their objective was to reduce the Democratic vote, or “wallop” the Democrats, were just kidding. If you really believe these are cost-saving measures, you must be dumber than a post. I may not like you, and I may disagree strongly with you, you won’t convince me you’re that stupid, especially as an excuse for supporting an unconscionable act of discrimination designed to destroy the Constitutional mandates that give at least some hope that this trainwreck of a country might actually recover.

          2. angelsinca December 23, 2013

            Ah…the ‘you-are-too-stupid’ argument. Got it. Is the catbox full already?

          3. Sand_Cat December 28, 2013

            Ah, so you want to prove the argument.
            Go ahead. I guess it’s better than admitting the truth.

    3. Marshall Cypress January 16, 2014

      your tears are delicious.nothing compares to the voter fraud used to re-elect the worst president in American history… obama.

      1. idamag January 16, 2014

        If a Black man becomes president,there must have been voter fraud. There has been less than 1 percent proven voter fraud in 10 years. The Bible does not say, ”
        Thous shalt not lie.” It ssays, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” Bible scholars say tat law came about because people were lying about their neighbors so the theocratic courts would give them another man’s property. The great lies that are being told today are similar to the lies being told then. B y repeating the Koch lies, you are bearing false witness and it also says in the Bible if you break one commandment, you break them all. I would rather let a person vote who shouldn’t than deny one real American the right to vote. You are a liar.


        1. Marshall Cypress January 17, 2014

          superstition much?

          also please reread your bible, you do not seem to know it. I have read it from cover to cover twice. mostly boring really.

  2. George Allegro December 17, 2013

    A society of merit is a society of chores performed rather than success achieved; a society subject to the whims of those who judge merit.

    1. S.J. Jolly December 17, 2013

      True, but really nothing new, for thousands of years.

  3. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh December 17, 2013

    Gee. Maybe if we required everyone to perform two or more years in the military (or other public service) to be allowed to vote (ala the dystopia in “Starship Troopers”) then we would see a higher percentage of Black and Hispanic voters and a lower percentage of White voters! Bet that would increase suburban enlistment numbers!

    1. S.J. Jolly December 17, 2013

      Allowed to vote, and making it easier to get a parenthood permit. A degree of social control that wouldn’t have a chance to pass today.
      The US military couldn’t begin to absorb the millions of young people coming of legal age every year, let alone the backlog of older people that would apply to join. Neither could the Peace Corps, or Domestic Peace Corps (is it still around?). Otherwise, some form of public service would be a good idea, ala the Mormon missionary service requirement.

    2. plc97477 December 18, 2013

      That would also not help the repugs because most if them would not be able to vote, not having been in the military.

  4. Lovefacts December 17, 2013

    These laws also aim to marginalize female voters, Hispanic voters, and Asian voters. These laws have only one aim, to guarantee that Republican candidates will win and move their agenda forward. One that means business is the true governing agency of this country. And it’ll only get worse, unless Americans vote. If we, Democrats, Independents, and true Libertarians–not those co-opted by the Republican Party, get out and vote–while we still can–we’ll take back our state governments and the Senate and Congress.

    1. Independent1 December 17, 2013

      The GOP voter suppression tactics go a lot further than marginalizing those you mentioned. Take about 11 minutes and watch Rachel Maddows show on the nefarious tactics the GOP is using to suppress voting in NC:


      1. angelsinca December 18, 2013

        Thanks much for the link. I’ve seen it before, probably the first time it played. Maddow’s reporting is usually wide & thorough but she presumes political nefariousness only by the GOP, always. The anti-republican steadfastness heavily discounts the credibility of her analyses.

    2. angelsinca December 20, 2013

      You already did get out and vote, in record numbers. You won. You rubbed the faces of the GOP in it . You imposed a hugely unpopular Democrat agenda on the people. We now have an historically dissatisfied electorate and waning popularity for the Democrat’s hope & change guy. Your solution to this mess is…..more Democrats. Probably won’t happen

      1. Sand_Cat December 20, 2013

        Of course, people like you never rubbed anyone’s face in anything, right? We hoped for change, and – much as I hate to admit it – you have something of a point there, though I’m sure you’re relieved he didn’t make the changes I wanted. But most of the hope and change died on the Senate floor at the hands of a group of arrogant anti-democratic (more so than anti-Democratic), mean, willfully-ignorant, and racist people who openly declared and acted on their intention to ruin the presidency of a lawfully and fairly elected president at a time when the country desperately needed him to succeed. They opposed all measures even they themselves had proposed in the past, markedly lengthening and increasing the misery of those victimized by their incompetence in the previous administration and undermining the security of the country, then had the temerity to blame it all on him.

  5. NCSteve December 17, 2013

    Huh. Well knock me over with a feather. Who could have imagined such a thing?

  6. Marshall Cypress January 16, 2014

    So, the Republicans are trying to “suppress” the vote, but the democrats are doing voter fraud, so it evens out.

    I fail to see how requiring ID’s and other measures are “suppressing” the vote, when everyone in this country has to have an ID to use a check, buy a plane ticket, board a plane, and many other things, but it’s too much to ask for an ID to vote?!? I am confused.


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