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The Super Committee Post-Mortem: Get Ready For More Gridlock


The Super Committee Post-Mortem: Get Ready For More Gridlock


Both parties continue to trip over the low bar Americans have set for them, and we can look forward to more of the same for the next four years.

The super committee fell below even my own low expectations. I knew they would not come up with anything resembling an actual deal, but I thought they would at least agree on something, even if that something combined a minimum of anything real and the maximum of fakery. But no, they failed to agree on anything. However, the capacity of this sorry Congress to never fail to miss a chance to miss a chance should not be a surprise. So what are the consequences?

The consequences of sequestration itself — the automatic cuts that were supposed to be the doomsday scenario forcing some deal — will be mostly zilch. The actual cuts do not go into effect until 2013. The domestic cuts will make government a little bit worse, but not a lot, and the defense cuts will all be reversed. President Obama has said he will veto any effort to reverse the defense cuts, but they won’t come to him as a single, separate package and that’s an empty threat anyway. The defense sequestrations will be bundled in the defense appropriation for next year, and I’m willing to accept bets that the president will not veto a defense appropriations bill in the midst of a reelection campaign. In any case, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is on record opposing these cuts, and Leon is not someone with whom the White House wants to have a public debate.

The consequences of the inevitable blame game now going on will be a lower level of trust and confidence for everyone involved — Democrats and Republicans, the Congress and the president. No one comes out a winner here, although my guess is that on the margin President Obama is hurt the worst. Why? People know who he is and they know this thing failed. People have no idea who the congressional members of the super committee were. The entire leadership of Congress stayed as far away from this as possible, and if you believe that was an accident then you were probably also visited by the tooth fairy last night.

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  1. 1olderbutwiser1 December 1, 2011

    Let’s not forget Roosevelt was a very wealthy man. Just as the great depression was a failure of government, so was ww2. Really, how many people must die to protect the bums we have in office everywhere? Maybe ww3 is on the horizon as a way to get us out of the depression we are now in? There probably would be little of soldiers’ bloodshed, just civilians. Everything would be done by remote control over the internet. After most civilians are killed, the world military would not be needed anymore. A police state would be easy then, to accomplish. Everything by rank, maybe we could then unionize everybody with a new world bank and agreed-upon inflation of maybe 4%/annum, and nobody would ever have to think they have to work harder, but rather just be weenies kissing his next-in-command’s ass to make sure he doesn’t get passed over when he has the necessary time for an increase in rank. Nobody in the course of the war would consider bombing China, as they will be the ones working as slaves for $2.00/day to make all the war machinery, and let’s face it, nobody wants to work that cheap, now do they?

    I would surmise that as the war is finished, suddenly all the weapons fail to work.The manufacturers will see to that, and then just use the old stock themselves.As long as americans stay as spoiled as they are, this likelihood grows more serious. We have become the laziest people on the planet, no doubt at all.

    Everybody in america wants to make an outstanding living by giving lip service public or private, or signing papers and then collecting forever. Very few people work hard enough to crack a sweat, which is why we have so many obese people, and half or better of the obese are on food stamps, as though they are hungry. Go to walmart and see how many skinny and malnourished people you see. Virtually none. But look at people buying food with food stamps, and very obese people just taking carts at a time to their vans as they waddle along. Sure there are a few people with glandular problems causing their weight gain, but the vast majority are lazy overfed and undereducated in such a simple task as eating right. Our whole nation should be ashamed of these oinkers.


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