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Endorse This! Kimmel Destroys 'Absentee Dad' Herschel Walker

If ever there could be an African-American version of Donald Trump, that unquestionably would be Georgia Republican senate wannabe and former football star Herschel Walker. From his constant weird lying to his verbal word salads that make Sarah Palin sound like Orwell, Walker embodies MAGA: lies, conspiracies, lack of accountability, incompetence, and ignorance.

Well, it seems we can add deadbeat dad to the mix.

Jimmy Kimmel took aim at Walker after a series of reports about multiple hidden children whom he fathered.

“Just in time for Father’s Day, we found out he has not one but three children he somehow forgot to mention,” noted Kimmel. “He has four kids and raised one of them, which is interesting because he’s a very outspoken critic of absentee fathers. He blames every societal problem on absentee dads and I guess he would know, because he is one!”

Kimmel has a few more choice words for this clown candidate.

Watch the entire segment below:

Endorse This! Colbert Hilariously Destroys Herschel Walker's 'Gun Plan'

Republicans have been tripping over themselves in an all-out race to shield the NRA and find any blame for gun shootings that ignores actual guns. And while we thought Ted Cruz had the dumbest excuse, Georgia's Trump-backed Senate candidate and former football player Herschel Walker appear to have out-dumbed Cruz.

Walker says the solution to school shootings involves "a department that can look at young men that's looking at women that's looking at social media." Did Walker play wearing a helmet? Late Show host Stephen Colbert gleefully assessed his suggestion.

“Yeah, what about doing that?” Colbert said on Wednesday night. “It’s high time to create the Federal Bureau Of Looking At Young Men Who Are Looking At Women Who Are Looking At Social Media.”

Colbert even came up with a logo for this so-called agency.

GOP Senate Candidate In Georgia Says Existence Of Apes Disproves Evolution

Trump-endorsed Georgia Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, Herschel Walker, revealed on Sunday that he is a science-denying religious extremist. Walker wrongly insisted the existence of apes dispels the scientific theory of evolution, and there was no Big Bang Theory. He attributes all of creation to God.

“I tell you something else I heard – now think about this,” Walker very proudly told the pastor of Georgia’s Sugar Hill Church, Chuck Allen, “at one time, science said, man came from apes.”

"Did it not?” Walker, a former college and pro-football star asked, pointing at the audience. “Well, what is interesting though, if that is true, why are there still apes?”

“Think about it,” Walker pressed.

HuffPost’s Amanda Terkel, who first reported Walker’s false anti-science beliefs, explains he “gets some basic facts wrong”:

Humans did not evolve from the apes that you see at the zoo. Rather, humans and apes have a common (and now extinct) ancestor that lived roughly 10 million years ago. Technically, all humans are apes, but that doesn’t mean that chimpanzees are one step away from becoming people. Walker’s summary of evolution is incorrect, and there’s nothing incompatible about humans coexisting with other apes.

Walker then explained that, according to him, God is necessary for “the conception of a baby.”

“Let me tell you, science can’t do that. They are trying to do it but they can’t because there had to be a God.

“So when God came and said, ‘Now let me create this.’ And God created the earth. And he put Adam and Eve there, and stuff.”

After some rambling remarks likening the United States to the biblical Garden of Eden, because of “freedom,” Walker declared, “I tell people this, I’m not trying to teach you to love Jesus. I love him. You can like who you want to like, but I’m going to tell you there’s only one of them. There’s only one god, there’s only one Jesus. So if you’d go in with the wrong horse, I’m sorry for you. I’ll tell you I love Jesus.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also backs Walker.


Trump Pal Herschel Walker Lied Profusely About Fitness Council Post

Republican Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker was removed last week from his position on the President's Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition. In addition to apparent ethical violations, it appears he repeatedly misled the public about the post over his three-plus years on the council.

Then-President Donald Trump named Walker, a former player for the team he owned in the short-lived United States Football League and a contestant on Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" television show, to a two-year term as an unpaid member of the council in May 2018.

Trump appointed him to be council co-chair for another two years in December 2020 after losing the presidential election.

But according to experts, Walker's decision to run for Senate put him in violation of Biden administration ethics policies and possibly of the Hatch Act, a 1939 ethics law that prohibits "special government employees" from doing their public duties while also seeking partisan political office.

On March 23, the administration asked him to resign or "be terminated."

Rather than comply with the law, Walker played victim. "President Biden is so scared about us beating Raphael Warnock that he has asked me to resign from my unpaid position on the President's Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition," he tweeted Thursday, hours after being removed and replaced. "I'm not a quitter so you are going to have to fire me."

Walker appears to have repeatedly exaggerated and misled about his tenure on the council.

In a Fox News appearance in October 2020, Walker, a prominent Trump backer, attacked Biden's candidacy. In the middle of comments calling out the Democratic nominee for having helped enact several anti-crime laws, he suddenly said, "I think the American people need to know the truth. And that's all he talks about, knowing the truth. Well, the truth is, talk about your son. The truth is I've never been offered a position in Washington from President Trump."

Trump had appointed him to the council more than two years earlier — a fact Walker had bragged about in an interview just weeks before.

A Walker spokesperson did not immediately respond to an inquiry for this story.

The fitness council, established in 1956 to promote healthy eating and physical activity, includes up to 30 members who agree to work without salary but can receive per diem stipends and travel reimbursements. It is supported by a small staff of typically between two and five full-time employees.

But at a January 2020 rally at Austin College in Texas, Walker falsely suggested it was a much larger operation:

Being in Washington ain't the best thing in the world because I'm in trouble all the time. But let me tell you what's so funny: I have changed some stuff up there and how they do stuff. I have 75 people in Washington work for me, and we work. And right now I have a bill right now already through the Ways and Means, on the Senate floor, that's gonna be passed, that's gonna incentivize people to start working out. And what it is, is, when you pay to play [sic] for your child, uh, play sports, you're gonna be able to write that off.

Though the council had no formal role in responding to the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests in the wake of the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, Walker seemed to suggest it did. He told interviewers on "The Bigun Rick Show" that June: "We are trying to be active in the youth sports world and a lot of the people out doing different things, and so we have different meetings and different calls from the White House. And so we're active. And with everything going on right now, with the rioting and all that stuff, you know, we're trying to help out as well."

Walker has been endorsed by Trump and by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in the Georgia Republican Senate primary to face off against first-term Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA).

So far, Walker's candidacy has been marred by questions about his long-time Texas residency, allegations of repeated domestic abuse, and reports about his ties to racist, homophobic, and antisemitic extremists.

Reprinted with permission from American Independent

Sen. Warnock Crushing His Trump Lapdog Opponent, Herschel Walker, In Fundraising

Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock has proved once again that his reputation is warranted. He’s a fundraising giant. He has outraised his GOP opponent, Herschel Walker, by almost double in the last quarter of 2021, with donations averaging $43.

According to Warnock’s campaign, the Democratic senator raked in $9.8 million to the retired NFL star’s $5.4 million in the same three-month period ending on December 31.

Warnock’s latest haul will give him a hefty $23 million cash on hand for a reelection battle that could decide control the U.S. Senate. His campaign says he acquired the contributions from 130,000 donors from October to December.

"As Reverend Warnock continues to fight for hardworking Georgia families, the enthusiasm behind Reverend Warnock's campaign continues to grow,” Warnock’s campaign manager Quentin Fulks said in a statement, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“After driving another record-breaking fundraising haul, our strong network of grassroots support is fired up to send Reverend Warnock back to the Senate to fight for Georgia,” Fulks added.

    The state’s first Black senator and Ebenezer Baptist Church pastor is seeking a full six-year term, but given Georgia’s divided political landscape, Warnock is far from being a shoo-in.

    Walker has been knighted by former twice-impeached former President Donald Trump and racist, vote suppressing Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, which, so far, has worked in his favor—hand in hand with the fact that he’s beloved in Georgia.

    According to Fox Business, a super PAC supporting Walker, 34N22, spent more than $50,000 on a billboard campaign attacking Warnock. The billboards target inflation and gas prices, while a third reads, "Crime is killing Atlanta."

    But all the attacks on Warnock in the world aren’t going to undo Herschel’s own history, not to mention his recent mistakes while campaigning.

    In December, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Greg Bluestein called out Walker for saying he “graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice,” a lie found on his Amazon author site, his Speaker Booking Agency page, and his New Georgia Encyclopedia entry, AJC reported.

    Now, here’s the thing: Not everyone cares whether a senate candidate is a college graduate, but I would suspect most care if you lie about it.

    Walker also has a very dark history of mental health issues. Again, not a big deal, unless you have a history of domestic violence.

    According to public records reviewed by Associated Press, Walker repeatedly threatened ex-wife Cindy Grossman during his divorce. In 2005, Grossman secured a protective order against him, alleging violence and controlling behavior, AP reports.

    In an interview with ABC News, Grossman said Walker held a gun to her head, saying, “I’m going to blow your f---ing brains out.” She filed for divorce in 2001, citing “physically abusive and extremely threatening behavior.”

    In October, Walker fumbled again when he was forced to cancel a planned fundraiser after the host was discovered to have a swastika as her profile pic.

    The event was co-hosted by dubious figure Bettina Sofia Viviano-Langlais—a film producer, proud birther, and president and owner of Accelerate Entertainment, which offers a very short slate of very bad movies.

    Viviano-Langlais not only produces crap entertainment, but she’s also a vehement right-wing anti-vaxxer. This brings me to my next embarrassing Walker tidbit.

    The Daily Beast found an August 2020 interview where Walker told right-wing talk show host Glenn Beck about the new FDA-approved “spray” that kills COVID on contact.

    “I probably shouldn’t tell you,” Walker says, adding “Do you know right now, I have something that [you can bring] into a building, that will clean you of COVID, as you walk through this, this dry mist?”

    Even Beck looked suspicious, but Walker rambled on.

    “As you walk through the door, it will kill any COVID on your body,” he continues. He leans in and adds, “EPA-, FDA-approved,” then continues: “When you leave—it will kill the virus as you leave, this here product,” Walker says. He adds that he has a second unspecified miracle product, a “spray” possibly indicated for use after the dry mist treatment.

    “They don’t want to talk about that. They don’t want to hear about that,” Walker says. “And I’m serious.”

    Walker is up against at least three other Republican primary candidates for Warnock’s seat, including the state Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, a Navy veteran; former bank executive Latham Saddler; and construction company owner Kelvin King.

    Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos

    How Trump Is Ruining McConnell's Plan To Regain Senate Majority

    Reprinted with permission from DailyKos

    New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu dealt a serious blow to Senate Republicans Tuesday when he took a pass on running for Senate against one of the GOP's top targets—Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire.

    But Sununu is no exception to the rule, and he could very well be the canary in the coal mine for Senate Republicans. While Republicans had been eyeing New Hampshire as a serious pick-up opportunity, they had also dabbled with the idea of making Democrats at least squander some resources on playing defense in blue states like Vermont and Maryland. But as NBC News points out, that GOP aspiration is contingent on one of those state's popular Republican governors showing any interest at all in signing on to be part of the Senate GOP caucus.

    "Vermont Gov. Phil Scott won re-election by 15 percentage points in 2018, the same year his famously progressive state overwhelmingly handed independent Sen. Bernie Sanders a third term," writes NBC. But Scott—really the only Vermont Republican who could pull off an upset against incumbent Sen. Patrick Leahy—didn't even vote for Trump and has no interest in running for Senate.

    Maryland's Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is in the same boat—popular but uninterested in running.

    In short, it appears no moderate, sane-ish Republicans are jumping at the chance to join Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's caucus, particularly because Trump is so clearly calling the shots. Sununu's very public rejection of the Senate GOP also isn't going to make joining the caucus seem any more appealing to the kinds of candidates who would likely fare better in a general election.

    So as moderate Republicans decline to run while fringe GOP candidates dominate the field, the entire Republican line up is getting more extreme.

    That has Brian Walsh, a former Senate GOP campaign operative, hearing "echoes of 2010," when Senate Republicans failed to seize a majority despite the pro-Republican political environment.

    "Arguably, Republicans lost five seats between 2010 and 2012 because of bad general election candidates," Walsh told NBC. "I'm not saying that's necessarily going to happen here. We don't know that yet. But broadly, candidates matter."

    Here's the GOP scorecard so far:

    In New Hampshire, which Republicans had slated as a top target for a pick up, they're now scrambling for a candidate.

    In Georgia, another GOP pick-up opportunity, Republicans will likely be saddled with Trump pick Herschel Walker, who has a violent and allegedly abusive history.

    In Nevada, which Republicans also hope to flip, the state party is in the midst of an epic meltdown. At the same time, they appear to be rallying around former state Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who made stoking Trump's Big Lie his life's mission.

    Laxalt sued to stop the ballot counting in the state's largest county (which Trump lost), sued to overturn Biden's victory, baselessly claimed votes of dead people had been counted, baselessly claimed votes from undocumented immigrants had tipped the state to Biden, and again filed a post-certification lawsuit alleging the GOP secretary of state had allowed non-citizens to vote.

    In Arizona, another GOP flip opportunity, the four-person primary is headed hard right and nasty negative as state Attorney General Mark Brnovich, energy executive Jim Lamon, retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Mick McGuire and Blake Masters duke it out. Brnovich (aka nunchuck guy) likely has the highest statewide name recognition outside of GOP Gov. Doug Ducey (who Trump hates and has declined to run). But Masters runs billionaire Peter Thiel's investment firm and just this week Trump announced a fundraiser for him (because Trump also faults Brnovich for failing to overturn the state's 2020 results).

    In Pennsylvania, one of Democrats' best pick-up opportunities, the GOP primary for the open seat has turned downright embarrassing. Trump endorsed Army vet Sean Parnell, who is embroiled in an ugly custody battle in which his estranged wife testified that Parnell abused her and one of their children. Senate Republicans are dodging questions about the race as Parnell's candidacy spirals.

    In North Carolina, which also has an open Senate seat, Trump complicated the race with an early endorsement of a lesser-known GOP congressman, Rep. Ted Budd, while former Gov. Pat McCrory has a higher profile and a likely edge among Republican voters. If McCrory triumphs, it remains to be seen whether he can win over Trump voters in the general election.

    Other potential Democratic pick ups include Florida and Wisconsin, with incumbent Sens. Marco Rubio and Ron Johnson, and on the outside edge, open seats in Ohio and Missouri, where Republicans just might manage to put the seats in play despite their considerable advantages in each state.

    Notably, Trump is playing the key role in nearly every one of those Senate contests. In almost every state, Trump has done at least one of several things: repelled a top-tier candidate, made an endorsement, radicalized the GOP field, or become a complicating factor by incessantly pushing his election fraud lies and demanding absolute fealty.

    Trump Senate Candidates Bring Heavy Domestic Abuse Baggage

    Reprinted with permission from DailyKos

    As Donald Trump has consolidated power in the Republican Party this year, his slow-but-steady takeover has sometimes masked the overwhelming creep of extremism into every corner of the Republican Party.

    Read Now Show less

    Herschel Walker’s Fox-Fueled Senate Bid Scares GOP Leaders

    Reprinted with permission from Media Matters

    Herschel Walker, a former football star whose frequent Fox News appearances helped make him a MAGA sensation, launched a campaign on Tuesday for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat held by Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock.

    Walker's move is renewing fears among GOP leaders that the former football star will cost them a pick-up opportunity. "I don't know a single significant GOP operative who thinks Walker will lose the primary," well-connected right-wing talk radio host Erick Erickson tweeted. "I don't know a single significant GOP operative who thinks Walker will win the general."

    Republicans have plenty of reasons to worry about Walker's chances of winning a general election in a swing state: He's a first-time candidate who is moving to the state for the race, he's a conspiracy theorist, and his wife is currently under investigation by state authorities for allegedly illegally voting in Georgia while living in Texas.

    And last month, the Associated Press revealed that the candidate has "repeatedly threatened his ex-wife's life, exaggerated claims of financial success and alarmed business associates with unpredictable behavior."

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly opposed Walker's potential campaign, and when the AP story dropped, one of McConnell's longtime senior advisers, Josh Holmes, called it "about as comprehensive a takedown as I've ever read," adding, "My lord." Erickson has subsequently suggested that the story was based on opposition research assembled by GOP operatives who were presumably trying to keep Walker out of the race.

    But Walker had two of the most powerful forces in GOP politics behind him. Former President Donald Trump, who has a long personal relationship with Walker, publicly urged him to enter the race. And Fox, the propaganda outlet most trusted by the Republican base, helped him build a political brand by giving him frequent opportunities to appear on the network.

    Walker has made at least 38 Fox appearances on the network since last June. First booked as a Black guest the network could turn to to criticize the nationwide protests against racial injustice and police brutality, Walker became a regular presence on the network discussing a range of topics -- including the false claims of election fraud which saturated Fox's coverage over the winter. "I think the president's got to get it right, and the people that need to go to jail need to go to jail," Walker said during a December 18 Fox appearance.

    Walker's Fox hits helped turn the former NFL star into a MAGA sensation -- and prime-time star Sean Hannity helped turn him into a candidate. Nine of Walker's appearances came on Hannity's program. Beginning in February, the host repeatedly urged Walker on air to seek the Senate seat, and he started plugging Walker's potential candidacy during interviews of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Indeed, Trump issued his statement urging Walker to run the day after Hannity and Graham touted a possible Walker campaign.

    Following the publication of the AP report, Walker followed the example of many other Republican politicians when faced with a potentially damaging story: He went on Hannity's show three days later for one of the host's typically fawning clean-up interviews.

    This July 26 interview was, as far as I can tell, the only time the AP story has been even tangentially referenced on Fox. And Hannity never mentioned its content -- he simply said that he "read people starting to attack you a little bit," which he claimed shows that "there's a great fear that Herschel Walker is going to get in that Senate race in the state of Georgia, where you are one of the most loved figures." He then asked Walker, "Where are you on that decision?" Walker responded that he was considering the race and that "little articles like that ain't going to scare me."

    Later in the program, Hannity again endorsed Walker's candidacy, saying that he "will be a phenomenal senator from Georgia" and "his policies will resonate with the people of Georgia and around the country."

    Thanks to Hannity and his network, we might find out.

    Update (8/25/21): Language updated for clarity.