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Monday, December 09, 2019

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Kellyanne Touted RNC's 'Great Job' -- Without Disclosing Huge Sum It Paid Her

Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway repeatedly went out of her way to praise the efforts of the Republican National Committee around the midterm elections, saying the organization did a “great job” and touting its voter contact program. Neither Fox nor Conway disclosed that the RNC has paid Conway’s firm more than $800,000 since last year.

The lack of disclosure about Conway’s financial ties goes against the ethics-challenged network’s purported policy. A Fox News spokesperson told the Washington Post in 2019 regarding work Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer did with the RNC that “Fox News requires contributors to disclose ties related to any topic he or she discusses on the air in which the contributor may have a financial interest.” The spokesperson added that such a rule would apply when talking about “the RNC on air.”

Conway is a Republican strategist who is best-known for her lie-filled tenure as senior counselor to former President Donald Trump. Fox News hired her on October 3. She is the founder of KAConsulting LLC, “which provides clients advice, polling, and media training.”

The RNC has paid KAConsulting $829,969.38 since 2021 for a variety of expenses. The RNC’s most recent payment was on November 4 for “political strategy services.” The organization recently announced that Conway would serve on a Republican Party Advisory Council “to inform the Republican Party’s 2024 vision and beyond.”

The RNC has faced criticism from fellow Republicans after the GOP’s disappointing performance in the 2022 midterm elections. Blame has also been directed at RNC chair Ronna McDaniel, who presided over the party’s losses in 2020 as well.

Conway has used her Fox News platform to praise the RNC and play defense for McDaniel.

Conway appeared on the November 6 edition of Fox News Sunday, where she went out of her way to praise the RNC’s work. She stated: “I think that the Democrats have enraged people. That's their strategy. Republicans have engaged people. They've had 100 million voter contacts, 1 million volunteers and they've opened 38 community centers through the RNC where you can go into your community and find out what the difference between a Republican and Democrats is. I'd rather engage than enrage people. I think enraging is a failed strategy.”

The next day, she appeared on Sean Hannity’s program, where she again went out of her way to praise the RNC:

KELLYANNE CONWAY: It depends obviously on turnout. But it also depends on motivation and what I call investing in the non-sexy part of politics. OK? Everybody sees the ads, they see the rallies, the campaign, the candidate direct appeals, the TV interviews. What they don't see is who’s investing in data and digital. How many volunteers you have, how many voter contacts have you made. I don't really know what the DNC is doing, but the RNC has done a great job on this, as have all the committees. They've raised over $300 million and spent it. They have over 100 million voter contacts. Think about that. You're calling voters and you're the party talking about inflation, crime, education, immigration, border security, national security, financial security, physical security in your communities. They have over one million volunteers. And you see that all of these candidates have been very well resourced.

Following the midterms, Conway appeared on the November 14 edition of The Ingraham Angle and defended the RNC’s efforts from criticism, saying that Lee Zeldin should instead run for Senate instead of challenging McDaniel. (Zeldin recently announced he would not run for RNC chair.)

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): And by the way they want him to be RNC chief, there's a big push to get Zeldin to be head of the RNC.

CHARLES HURT (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): There has to be a future for people like Lee Zeldin, because he has demonstrated that he gets the message and he gets the mechanics. He does both.

INGRAHAM: Kellyanne you were shaking your head "no."

KELLYANNE CONWAY: I think the 168 [RNC membership] is in charge of electing them. Ronna McDaniel said she'll run again, they invested — I mean, they moved over $303 million to these candidates at the end, had 100 million voter contacts, 1 million volunteers, but I think Lee Zeldin.

INGRAHAM: But I mean none of that matters, does it, if we don't get the results we want.

CONWAY: I think it mattered.

INGRAHAM: I mean, I like Ronna McDaniel.

CONWAY: But hold on. Lee Zeldin is great. He should go take out Kirsten Gillibrand, who's one of the most unremarkable senators and one of the most unremarkable Dartmouth graduates of all time. But very quickly, I think that we didn't get some of the results we wanted because people believe the sugar high of these phony polls, and they were Republican leaning. Everybody went and cherry picked the polls they liked.

In none of those appearances did Conway or Fox News disclose that she has been paid by the RNC.

Correction (12/14): This piece originally stated that Conway encouraged Lee Zeldin to run for New York governor. In fact, she suggested he should run for Senate.

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters.

‘Vows Were Broken’: Kellyanne Conway Openly Rebukes Husband Over Trump

When Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN with host Michael Smerconish, things quickly went awry when he asked her about the chapter in her book that speaks of her husband, George Conway. Instead of focusing on the question, Conway spiraled off into a rant about her husband's stance on former President Donald Trump.

In fact, Conway's rant was so intense that Smerconish was barely able to get a word in. The highly-publicized couple has made headlines multiple times for their clash on Trump. Their feud began when George Conway publicly launched his attack against the former president on Twitter.

During the interview, Kellyanne Conway was also asked about her marital state given their political clash. She wasted no time weighing in.

"You know, in 2016, known as the year of the tweet, George Conway sent zero tweets," she began. "Now he's sent over 100,000. He can change his mind about Donald Trump, this is a free country, George has no allegiance to a political party or presidential candidate but his vows to me I feel were broken because we were all in."

She went on to discuss her book.

"You know, I also write in the book, Michael, that people like to say without Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump would not have gotten elected president of the United States, that's debatable," she said during the Saturday morning interview. "But without George Conway urging, if not insisting me, his wife, to take that campaign management job and helping out with more with the kids and home, I don't see how I could be the campaign manager the level I was. George was my partner."

"Did you ever say, George, what the hell are you doing here?" Smerconish asked.

"I did and that's in the book," she shot back. "All I got was a steady diet of 'Trump, Trump, Trump.' I will tell you that I know he's billed differently now, but for the three years, he was mentioned 48 times by the New York Times. He was mentioned 45 of the 48 times as, quote, 'Kellyanne Conway's husband.' We should be honest about how everybody came to know him and that he became some kind of resistance folk hero but not at a small cost.

"I feel that I should have known ahead of time if this thing called the Lincoln Project was going to exist there were going to be ads, dumping an op-ed the next day, his tweets are going to be about my boss," she continued. "Again, just so your viewers who are saying 'why did you have her on? I turned off the TV,' although they didn't or are reading online, they should know that George -- I feel like I was owed an explanation. And this is not the situation, I gave up millions of dollars to go be a public servant in the White House. George wanted to have a big job in the Trump administration, we moved our family to Washington as a family. He changed his mind about Donald Trump somewhere along the way. Famously, Donald Trump never changes. I didn't change my mind."

Shortly after the interview, Smerconish addressed critical responses to him having Kellyanne Conway on the show. During the interview, many frustrated viewers tweeted their concerns. His remarks came after one viewer even demanded that the interview footage be taken down.

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

Danziger Draws

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Endorse This! Kimmel Tweaks Kellyanne's Very Awkward New Book

Returning to his late-night show after another COVID hiatus, Jimmy Kimmel mocked the release of Kellyanne Conway's new book. Pointing out that she writes almost as well as she tells the truth, Kimmel played a clip of Conway reading from Here’s The Deal: A Memoir --- and concluding with an “amen” for her own words.

“Yeah, ‘amen,‘” he chortled. “I don’t think you’re allowed to end your own book with ‘amen.’”

But just when you thought that might be the most awkward part of wacky Conway's book, Kimmel dug a little bit further. A Trump spokesperson issued a statement calling a key anecdote in the book “totally false.” Wait, did Conway just encounter "alternative facts"?

“In other words, Kellyanne got Kellyanne’ed today!” Kimmel said. “Isn’t that something?”

Watch the entire segment below:

Kellyanne ‘Alternative Facts’ Conway Slammed Over Slur Of Biden And Psaki

When Kellyanne Conway was in the Trump White House, she was mocked unmercifully by Democrats as well as Never Trump conservatives for her use of the Orwellian phrase “alternative facts.” And now, Conway’s critics are slamming the Republican strategist for, ironically, saying that President Joe Biden and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki have a “fact problem.”

During a Thursday, March 10 appearance on Fox News’ program “The Ingraham Angle,” Conway told far-right host Laura Ingraham, “Joe Biden, he has this way — Jen Psaki — of playing the blame and game, name and shame nonsense of Washington. But it would rely on the American people believing it, and they’ve lost credibility not just in their message, in their messengers. You know, Laura, I like to say the Democrats don’t have — this administration doesn’t have — a messaging problem. They have a fact problem.”

It didn’t take Twitter users and Conway critics long to point out that someone who is infamous for using the term “alternative facts” is the last person who should be accusing Biden and Psaki of having “a fact problem”:

Another irony: Conway (whose critics sometimes mock her as Kellyanne “Alternative Facts” Conway) is married to attorney George Conway, a Never Trump conservative who has been a scathing critic of former President Donald Trump and a key player in the anti-Trump conservative group The Lincoln Project. While George Conway is considered one of the intellectual voices of the right, his wife is the complete opposite and specializes in performative politics and buffoonish antics. George Conway, agree or disagree with his right-wing politics, focuses on issues; Kellyanne Conway specializes in childish buffoonery.

Here are some more responses to Kellyanne Conway’s “fact problem” comment:

Reprinted with permission from Alternet

Cotton Falsely Claims Nation Had No 'Supply Chain Or Labor Shortages' Under Trump

On Monday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) claimed there were no supply chain or labor shortages in 2020 when former President Donald Trump was in office. But this is not true.

Cotton made his comments during an appearance on Fox News' Ingraham Angle hosted by Laura Ingraham.

"We've had this pandemic for two years, Laura, I don't remember inflation or supply chain shortages or labor shortages that we've seen this year in the first year of the pandemic," Cotton said. "What changed? Joe Biden and the Democrats took power in January."

But in a report his own office released in February, Cotton acknowledged supply chain problems that disrupted the distribution of personal protective equipment to doctors and hospitals.

Cotton's report, "Beat China: Targeted Decoupling and the Economic Long War," discusses actions taken by China to manufacture equipment for its virus response, which led to shortages elsewhere in the world.

"This move imperiled America's ability to procure personal protective equipment at the outset of the pandemic, likely costing American lives," the report said.

Supply chain problems became clear almost immediately after the pandemic began, forcing medical workers on the front lines of the response to reuse and ration equipment like N95 face masks. There were also more widespread supply-chain issues when Trump was in office, including shortages of groceries and consumer goods like toilet paper and diapers.

As the virus spread across the country, Trump refused to invoke the Defense Production Act to make more personal protective equipment for frontline medical workers.

"The federal government's not supposed to be out there buying vast amounts of items and then shipping," Trump told reporters in March 2020. "You know, we're not a shipping clerk."

On January 21, 2021, President Joe Biden signed an executive order invoking the Defense Production Act to get American manufacturers to produce more medical equipment.

Labor shortages also predate the Biden presidency. The percentage of workers participating in the economy fell as the pandemic began in 2020.

In a report on labor shortages, the Wall Street Journal noted in October that the percentage experienced its biggest drop since World War II "in the early months of the pandemic." Some economists have attributed the ongoing problem to lingering concerns about the virus as well as retirement schedules being accelerated.

The U.S. economy has improved since Biden took office. More than 5.5 million jobs have been added since January, and the unemployment rate has fallen from 6.3 percent to 4.6 percent.

Nevertheless, Republicans keep using Cotton's misleading line of argument. In a Fox News appearance earlier this month, former Trump senior counselor Kellyanne Conway falsely claimed that "there wasn't a supply chain crisis" when Trump was in office.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.

Kellyanne Blasted When She Pops Up To Mock Jobs Report

Reprinted with permission from Alternet

Former Trump White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway is getting blasted for gloating over a disappointing jobs report.

235,000 new jobs were created, and unemployment fell to 5.2 percent, the lowest in 18 months. President Joe Biden spoke about the report Friday morning, saying it "means that we have been adding an average of 750,000 jobs per month, on average, during the past three months."

"And in the three months before I became President? Well, we were adding 60,000 jobs a month," he noted, calling the "total job creation in the first seven months of my administration ... nearly double — double any prior first-year President."

But to Conway, it was all bad news – which appeared to delight her.

"Read it and weep," she tweeted, along with other remarks.

Many were angered by what they saw as her rooting for the economy to fail in order to prop up her former boss's horrific record.

In a rare moment of apparent anger, MSNBC host Chris Hayes unleashed his fury on Conway's comments, saying she worked in a White House "that was objectively pro Covid and helped get many many people killed unnecessarily."

"I hope," he added sardonically, she is "not spiritually haunted by the mass death and misery she so blithely facilitated."

Hayes was responding to Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell, who noted that "this is a strange thing to gloat about. the slowdown in hiring is driven by people refusing to get vaccinated and thereby enabling delta to spread (and kill people) faster."

Those "people refusing to get vaccinated" are in large part almost entirely Trump supporters.

Hayes and Rampell were far from the only ones angered or perplexed by Conway's remarks.

Flood Of Scathing New Books  Angers Trump And Unnerves His Aides

Reprinted with permission from Alternet

Former President Donald Trump isn't very pleased about the onslaught of harsh new books and memoirs documenting his chaotic presidency, but there is just one problem with his disapproval.

According to Politico, Trump actually conducted interviews for each book being released. The publication noted that Trump agreed to conduct interviews thinking it would put a "positive spin" on the books being developed. In fact, Trump even sat down with the Wall Street Journal's Michael Bender and author Michael Wolff, two authors who have been at the center of scathing reports this week documenting excerpts from their books.

Per Politico:

"Eager to put his own positive spin on the books, Trump agreed to sit down with a parade of reporters at Mar-a-Lago. That included interviews with Bender, author Michael Wolff, ABC News' Jonathan Karl, Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post journalists Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, The New York Times' Maggie Haberman, and Jeremy Peters, among others."

While the Trump administration worked tirelessly to keep a lid on some of the fires the former president had caused, all of that is about to change now because books are hitting shelves all across the United States.

However, Trump reportedly is not the only one concerned about the release of the books. His former officials and advisors are also unnerved by what could be divulged in the coming weeks. In particular, many Trump officials have expressed deep concern about the books that will be released by actual members of the Trump administration like Kellyanne Conway, former counselor to the president, and Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

The publication reports: "Fear is mounting, too, about the tea-spilling to come. In particular, Trump officials are anxiously awaiting the books set to be published by actual colleagues, chief among them counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway and Jared Kushner, who plan to write their own accounts of the Trump presidency."

"I think it's fraught right now as to who is telling the truth," said a Trump adviser. "They're all trying to go back in time and curate their own images."

One former Trump administration official also admitted to being surprised that some of the more interesting details remain unreported until the books are released.

"I know that there are still a lot of major excerpts that will come out in the future," said a former senior administration official who participated in multiple book interviews. "The most interesting thing to me is how much the big scoops actually hold until publication."