Ron DeSantis

Twitter Rages As Gross DeSantis 'Snot' Gesture Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' (R) recent interaction with a supporter has sparked a Twitter frenzy. According to HuffPost, the clip was filmed during DeSantis' time at a fundraising event held at the Sioux Center in Iowa.

The Florida governor was seen wiping his mouth or nose before turning and touching a supporter with the same hand.

The short clip quickly began circulating on Twitter as users weighed in with their reactions. Many users have criticized DeSantis for his lack of etiquette in that moment.

"That snot very nice," one Twitter user tweeted as others also chimed in with similar catchphrases.

Another user tweeted, "This dude's a walking biohazard."

"It’s called a 'blessing,'" another user tweeted. "An anointing, if you will. King Charles got holy oil from the Holy Land or something like that. Meanwhile, the poor sap in the chair gets anointed with snot from Eggar the Bug."

The latest video clip comes as DeSantis continues to face scrutiny for his social skills. In fact, one DeSantis critic also tweeted similar thoughts about the governor.

"He doesn’t laugh normal. He doesn’t eat pudding normal," one Twitter user wrote. "He doesn’t wear a mask normal. He doesn’t wipe his nose normal. Who the h--l wipes their whole open hand across their face like this?"

Watch the video below or at this link.

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Kellyanne Conway

Whining Kellyanne Conway Confirms Secret Payments To Ginni Thomas

Kellyanne Conway may have inadvertently confirmed the payments made to Ginni Thomas, the wife of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The latest development stems from a report published by The Washington Post on Thursday, May 4, which included details about additional financial contributions that were paid to the justice and his wife.

However, Republican legal activist Leonardo Leo reportedly instructed Conway to make "no mention of Ginni."

According to Mediaite, Conway said:

"This is 2012, according to The Washington Post. Leonard, Leo's quote in that article, I think it's an important quote. He says, I've known the Thomases. They've been my friends since 1990, and I’m very mindful of how vicious and gossipy people can be. So I always try to protect their privacy and their safety. Viciousness from ten years ago, 11 years ago, has turned into violence now, where people are outside of Supreme Court justices' homes trying to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh while his wife and daughters are sleeping in that home. So these people will stop at nothing.

"They want Clarence Thomas to resign. So Joe Biden, of all people, can replace him with one of his own in this case. Ginni Thomas was one of my contractors and she's..She had worked with the Heritage Foundation. She was part of the grassroots — is part of the grassroots. She had worked in the Reagan administration. This is a serious person who for years had worked in public policy and at the polling company. We did public opinion research and data analytics. We had no business before the court."

Conway also made remarks about the Post as she insisted the news outlet had been searching for her.

"I want to look them in the eye and tell them I'm aware that you contacted a lot of my former employees and you, as you suggested to one of them, that you go to her home and look at her old emails," she said. "That is so beyond the pale, but that's who they are.'

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'Truth Social' Whistleblower Explains Why He's Happier As A Barista Now

'Truth Social' Whistleblower Explains Why He's Happier As A Barista Now

A current whistleblower, and former employee who worked for former President Donald Trump's Truth Social platform, is revealing how drastically his life has changed for the better after distancing from the social media network.

According to The Washington Post, Will Wilkerson served as the executive vice president of operations for the Trump Media and Technology Group, and while his position and stock options had the potential to one day make him a millionaire, he's now working as a barista at Starbucks.

So, why would he make such a drastic decision? The newspaper explained his stance in its new report.

“It’s an honest day’s work,” Wilkerson said, now a federally protected whistleblower. “I love what I do.”

Per the news outlet: "Wilkerson, 38, has become one of the biggest threats to the Trump company’s future: a federally protected whistleblower whose attorneys say he has provided 150,000 emails, contracts, and other internal documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission and investigators in Florida and New York."

"Wilkerson last year publicly accused Trump Media and Technology Group of violating securities laws, telling The Washington Post he could not stay silent while the company’s executives gave what he viewed as misleading information to investors, many of whom are small-time shareholders loyal to the Trump brand," the report added.

At one point during his interview, Wilkerson shed light on inconsistencies in the company's expenses, which have been financed by a Special Purpose Acquisition Company or SPAC called Digital World.

“The vast majority of SPACs just don’t rack up these kinds of expenses … and the shareholders could be in some danger of getting pursued by the unpaid vendors,” he said. “It could be an interesting and somewhat fitting end for Trump’s SPAC: that it ends in failure and liquidation and sticks its shareholders — presumably many or most of whom are his political supporters — with the bill.”

The report also highlights the troubling history and financial status of the former president's media company.

"The early hype of Trump Media had made it into a financial blockbuster," the Post reported. "An initial public offering raised $300 million for Digital World, while a group of private investors pledged another $1 billion. Investors had sent the stock price of the SPAC soaring to a high of $175 on the strength of its proposed merger with Trump Media. In September, shortly before Wilkerson’s firing, Forbes magazine had estimated that Trump’s stake in Trump Media was his 'single most valuable asset,' worth roughly $730 million."

It adds, "In the months since, the venture’s value has nosedived. Each Digital World share is now worth about $13."

Despite the earning potential Wilkerson had working for Trump, he admits that he's more focused on doing what's right.

“I made the conscious decision. I knew the risks … especially in regards to retaliation. But I don’t think I could have sat back and stayed quiet, even if I was compensated handsomely for doing so,” he said. “I’m here and I’m not going away. … Ultimately, you know, I just want to do what’s right.”

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Andy Biggs

Far-Right Lawmaker Humbled By Fact-Check On His January 6 Claims (VIDEO)

A C-SPAN news anchor recently fact-checked Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) during a phone discussion. According to HuffPost, the conversation took place on March 24 during the Washington Journal program.

During the segment, one of the callers expressed concern about former President Donald Trump's desire “to pardon the traitors ... convicted of seditious conspiracy” in connection with the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

“Come on. What the hell’s wrong with you Republicans?” the caller asked.

Biggs, who served as one of the organizers for Trump's "Stop the Steal" rally prior to the insurrection, argued that no one had been convicted of sedition in connection with the insurrection.

“Not all were convicted of seditious treason. In fact, none were. And so that’s important to understand,” he said. “The second thing I would say is many of them were convicted of misdemeanor trespass. And I think that’s important to understand as well.”

Following the first call, Brawner pivoted back to the initial answer Biggs provided and said, “Congressman, USA Today had this headline back in November of 2022 that Stewart Rhodes, the Oath Keepers’ founder, was found guilty of seditious conspiracy.”

“Oh, OK,” Biggs replied. “Yeah, well, I didn’t follow that case.”

Watch the video below or at this link.

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lachlan murdoch, tucker carlson

CNN: Fox News Executives Now Expect To Lose $2B Dominion Lawsuit (VIDEO)

CNN reporter Sara Fischer recently shared a grim behind-the-scenes prediction of the expected outcome of the defamation lawsuit Fox News is facing against Dominion Voting Systems.

According to Fischer's report, many Fox News executives expect the network to lose the lawsuit. During an appearance on "CNN This Morning," she weighed in on the latest testimony details as she offered insight into the network's perspective behind closed doors.

Per Mediaite, one of the most highlighted aspects of Monday's developments centers on Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch "admitting under oath that Fox News hosts promoted election lies."

During the morning discussion, Fischer spoke with CNN's Kaitlan Collins. Dominion is currently suing Fox News for $1.6 billion as a result of their broadcasting of unfounded claims of voter fraud and accusing the voting technology company for having a hand in former President Donald Trump's election defeat.

Although Fox News has adamantly insisted they have not done anything wrong, the latest deposition suggests otherwise.

“So how does that work based on what they are arguing in court?” Collins asked.

Fischer went on to explain her findings saying, “I think it’s just a weak defense, Kaitlan."

“I have sources inside Fox in the C-Suite level; they tell you they think it is likely that they will lose this case, and that’s because of this discrepancy,” she reported. “They might say there was newsworthiness in covering what Donald Trump was saying, but there is a clear difference in newsworthiness versus peddling and having people peddling those lies on your show.”

Collins chimed in to ask, “But Sara, you are hearing from sources; they think they are going to lose this?”

“I am hearing that,” Fischer added, “and Rupert Murdoch’s deposition, which was unsealed yesterday, kind of concedes that. And Fox’s layer….when you look at what Fox’s Chief Policy Officer,and legal officer, said yesterday, the plaintiff asked, and the lawyers asked, ‘do you think Fox had a responsibility to tell the truth here, and he said 'yes.'"

“I mean, you have your own executives admitting that there was a discrepancy between what the hosts were saying, what they knew and what was being aired, and what the responsibility was," Fischer continued. I don’t see how any person in their right mind could look at this and say that this is going to be easy for Fox to win.”

Watch the video below or at this link.

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Kari Lake

Kari Lake Targets Former Crush DeSantis, Claiming Soros Endorsed Him

Former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is now taking aim at Florida Gov. Ron. DeSantis (R) despite praising him for being a prototype for her political party.

Lake's remarks came on Thursday, February 16 when she shared an article published by the Gateway Pundit which featured a headline that read: “The Kiss of Death – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Endorsed by George Soros (VIDEO).”

According to Mediaite, Soros has not publicly endorsed DeSantis, but predicted that he would likely end up clinching the Republican presidential nomination over Trump.

“He is likely to be the Republican nominee,” said Soros, who described DeSantis as “shrewd, ruthless and ambitious.”Lake's latest remarks are a distinct change in tone considering her previous admiration for the popular Republican leader.

Per the news outlet: "Previously, Lake had not only generously speculated on DeSantis’s anatomy, but observed that 'Every GOP Governor in the country looks to DeSantis for leadership on how to run a state.' At one point during her doomed campaign, she argued that the fact that DeSantis had endorsed her told voters 'everything' that they needed to know."

Lake's attack leveled at DeSantis comes just months after she lost the Arizona gubernatorial election to her Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs.

Watch the video below or at this link.

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Why Experts Believe George Santos Probably Has A 'Personality Disorder'

Why Experts Believe George Santos Probably Has A 'Personality Disorder'

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) has faced a litany of accusations in his short time as a lawmaker. From financial mishandling, professional embellishments, and personal occurrences, Santos has been accused of lies across the board.

Now, a new analysis is breaking down the dynamics of compulsive lying. According to Business Insider, psychological experts have explained how compulsive lying is often a characteristic of a personality disorder.

"Many psychologists say compulsive lying is often a feature of a personality disorder, such as antisocial-personality disorder or narcissistic-personality disorder," Insider's Alia Shoaib wrote. "Compulsive lying is not, in itself, classified as a disorder in the DSM, the handbook healthcare professionals use as the guide to classifying mental-health disorders."

Speaking to Insider, Christian Hart —a psychology professor at Texas Woman's University— weighed in with a detailed explanation of pathological lying.

Hart admitted that he cannot deliver a formal diagnosis of the New York lawmaker because he doesn't have specific details about his background but he also insisted that it does appear he engages in pathological lying.

According to Hart, Santos said, "lied about being a star athlete on a volleyball team at a kind of a lower-tier college — that wouldn't carry any cachet for most people. But just because we can't see the purpose of the lie doesn't mean the purpose doesn't exist for him. Perhaps, he's always had a sense of inferiority about not being an athletic person, and so to be seen that way means a lot to him where it would mean nothing to other people."

"In the sense that most people use the term 'pathological lying,' I'd say yes, it seems like he's got this long track history preceding his entering into politics where he's cultivated this reputation of being an extremely dishonest person," Hart said.

So what is the purpose of lying? According to Hart, "people don't lie unless there is some incentive to do so — though this incentive might not always be obvious to an outsider."

He also noted that: "When people have historically defined pathological lying, many of them have said these people lie with no apparent reason. But I argue that it does serve a purpose, it's just a purpose that we are unfamiliar with."

Offering a similar perspective, Drew Curtis, a psychology professor at Angelo State University, also offered an explanation about the origin of compulsive lying. Curtis explained that "pathological lying is often due to a combination of factors involving environment and genetics, both nature and nurture, and typically begins in later childhood and adolescence."

He also pointed out that Santos' deception appears to be a conscious act.

"I think in the case of Santos, he's come out, at least from my understanding, he's come out and apologized and said, you know, this wasn't necessarily true," Curtis said. "So then if someone's claiming that what they said wasn't true, then I think it's easier to say that was a deception, not a delusion."

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With Campaign Faltering, Trump Promotes Authoritarian 'Education Reform' (VIDEO)

With Campaign Faltering, Trump Promotes Authoritarian 'Education Reform' (VIDEO)

Former President Donald Trump has launched a new attack on education with his proposed plan of action to revise how public school administrators and faculty members are put in place.

In a new presidential campaign ad, Trump expressed a need for more "patriotic teachers" as he called for the termination of school faculty members he described as “radicals.” According to Trump, there should also be a “direct election” process for school principals. Under that election system, students’ parents would have the right to appoint principals.

Trump is also pushing for the defunding of schools that follow a curriculum that includes “critical race theory, gender ideology or other inappropriate racial, sexual or political content.”

"Our public schools have been taken over by the radical left maniacs," Trump said in the clip, as he went on to share his proposed plan.

"Here is my plan to save American education: Restore power to American parents," he began. "First, we will cut federal funding for any school or program pushing critical race theory, gender ideology, or other inappropriate racial, sexual, or political critical content onto our children. We're not going to allow it to happen. Next, I will direct the Department of Justice and Education to open civil rights investigations into any school district that has engaged in race-based discrimination."

He continued, "That includes discrimination against Asian Americans. The Marxism being preached in our schools is also totally hostile to Judeo-Christian teachings, and in many ways it's resembling an established new religion. Can't let that happen. For this reason, my administration will aggressively pursue potential violations of the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause of the Constitution. That's very simple."

Although Trump has expressed concern about discrimination, he has actually made repeated discriminatory remarks, namely anti-Asian slurs that have been leveled at Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) wife, Elaine Chao, who also served as former U.S. secretary of transportation under his administration.

Trump is now facing backlash for the campaign ad as Twitter users are also highlighting the irony in his remarks.

"Anyone can't possibly wonder now why he loves Russia, China and North Korea education systems and Governments and above all Dictators," one Twitter user said.

"The nightmare that never ends," another user added.

Watch the video below or at this link.

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Nichols Family Speaks Out As Disturbing Tape Of Police Beating Shocks America

Nichols Family Speaks Out As Disturbing Tape Of Police Beating Shocks America

As the nation continues to reel over the disturbing footage of Tyre Nichols' deadly beating, his parents are now speaking out to share their reaction as well as their take on the course of action being taken to hold the officers involved accountable.

On Saturday, January 28, Nichols' mother, RowVaughn Wells, and his stepfather Rodney Wells appeared on Good Morning America alongside their attorney Ben Crump. During the interview, GMA anchor Janai Norman asked RowVaughn Wells about the part of the footage where her son could be heard calling her name in agony as he was beaten by police officers.

Reacting to that part of the footage, she said, "It was very difficult. As a mother, you want to always be there when your children need you. So when I heard that my son was calling my name and I wasn't there for him, that just hurt my heart."

She also shared her take on the charges brought against the Memphis police officers involved.

"After the charges were explained to me, I'm actually okay with the charges," she said. "The district attorney and the Chief of police has done an excellent job in getting this done quickly and swiftly, and we still have more to do."

At one point during the interview, Nichols' stepfather also weighed in when he was asked about the other first responders and officers who were also on the scene.

"Mr. Well, what do you think of the other first responders who were there, the sheriff's deputies who have since been relieved of duty?" Norman asked. "Do you think that there are others who should also be charged?"

"When asked whether or not some of them should face charges," Rodney Wells said, "Most definitely. It looks as though it may be maybe five, six other police officers that should be charged in this case."

So far, there are five Black police officers facing charges in connection with Nichols' deadly beating. However, Rodney Wells has also raised about the white officer who was also involved as he wondered why he hasn't been charged.

"There was also at the initial encounter with my son, there was a white officer that was tasing my son," he said. "And we don't understand how come his name was not put out there or mentioned in this whole fiasco. So, yes, I think that there should be quite a few additional charges."

Crump also shed light on the dominant issue that continues to plague communities across the country.

"It's institutionalized police culture that continues to have implicit bias whether the office is black, Hispanic, or white, where the excessive force continues to be exerted against black people and brown people," Crump explained. "We don't see our white brothers and sisters who are unarmed, brutalized like this by police, and we have to finally get police reforms. Rovan continues to pray like so many."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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Nikki Haley Feuding With Mike Pompeo Over 'Lies And Gossip' In His Book

Nikki Haley Feuding With Mike Pompeo Over 'Lies And Gossip' In His Book

Nikki Haley recently pushed back against former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s claims about her conspiring with former White House advisor Jared Kushner to replace former Vice President Mike Pence.

According to The Guardian, Haley, who previously served as the United States ambassador to the United Nations, appeared on Fox News Thursday where she weighed in with her reaction to Pompeo's book, titled Never Give An Inch: Fighting For The America I Love, and the allegations he leveled against her.

Haley quickly dismissed the claims as she insisted that Pompeo's remarks are “lies and gossip to sell a book.”

Prior to Haley's resignation from the Trump administration back in 2018, Pompeo claims she "set up a personal meeting with Trump in the Oval Office without checking with him," the news outlet reports.

"Pompeo writes that John Kelly, then Trump’s chief of staff, thought Haley had in fact been accompanied by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner as they presented 'a possible "Haley for vice-president" option,'" the news outlet wrote. "Pompeo also writes unfavorably of Haley’s performance as UN ambassador and criticizes her resignation."

Speaking about Pompeo's claim, Haley said, “I don’t know why he said it, but that’s exactly why I stayed out of DC as much as possible, to get away from the drama."

The former Trump administration official also emphasized that even Pompeo said he wasn't sure if the claim was true.

Haley's appearance on Fox News comes as she considers a presidential run in 2024, something Pompeo is also said to be considering. When asked about her possible run, she revealed that there are currently discussions about that possibility.

She told Fox News, “We are still working through things and we’ll figure it out. I’ve never lost a race. I said that then I still say that now. I’m not going to lose now.”

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Republican Operatives Knew About Santos Fakery Long Before Election Day

Republican Operatives Knew About Santos Fakery Long Before Election Day

Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) is currently facing an onslaught of calls for his resignation amid incriminating reports that have uncovered his checkered past.

Although more reports are coming to light now, a new analysis has revealed many well-connected Republicans were aware of Santos' questionable behavior and actions prior to his being elected.

According to a report from New York Times metro desk reporter Nicholas Fandos, multiple individuals with knowledge of the turmoil behind the scenes of his campaign have shed light on the concerns his vendors expressed following the release of a research analysis on him.

In fact, the individuals speaking about the campaign noted that the research findings were so startling that Santos was urged to drop out of the race before the information was made public.

Fandos wrote, "Some of Santos’ own vendors were so alarmed after seeing the study in late November 2021 that they urged him to drop out of the race and warned that he could risk public humiliation by continuing. When Santos disputed key findings and vowed to continue running, members of the campaign team quit, according to three of the four people The New York Times spoke to with knowledge of the study."

The alarming report includes details of "Fraudulent academic degrees. Involvement in a firm accused of a Ponzi scheme. Multiple evictions and a suspended driver’s license" and more.

Fandos continued, "All of it was in the report, which also said that Santos, who is openly gay, had been married to a woman. The report did not offer conclusive details, but some people briefed on the findings wondered whether the marriage was done for immigration purposes."

According to Fandos, these types of reports are so significant because "Campaigns frequently rely on this kind of research, known as vulnerability studies, to identify anything problematic that an opponent might seize on."

While it is unclear exactly what Republicans may have known about Santos, the report suggests that many had caught wind of who he was and how potentially harmful he could be long before he was elected.

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Greene Rips Her 'Supposed Friends' In Freedom Caucus Over Speaker Fiasco

Greene Rips Her 'Supposed Friends' In Freedom Caucus Over Speaker Fiasco

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is not pleased with her colleagues in the House Freedom Caucus who are refusing to back House Minority Leader Kevin McCarty (R-CA) as he attempts to secure enough votes to become Speaker of the House.

On Tuesday, January 3, the Georgia lawmaker specifically called out a number of Republican lawmakers including Reps. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Scott Perry (R-PA).Chip Roy (R-TX), and Bob Good (R-VA), according to Mediaite.

According to Greene, there were a number of occasions when the lawmakers allegedly turned their back on Republican voters supporting former President Donald Trump's Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement.

“If my friends in the Freedom Caucus, Matt Gaetz, and others will not take the win when they have it, they’re proving to the country that they don’t care about doing the right thing for America,” she began.

“They’re proving to the country that they’re just distractions. And that’s that’s not what we need to do as a party. That’s why Republicans fail. And I’m really tired of it,” Greene complained.

Greene went on to speak with C-SPAN where she criticized the lawmakers for focusing solely on their self-motivated demands of McCarthy. “We have been negotiating, talking, debating back and forth in our conference, trying to come to a really good rules package. And it’s amazing. As a matter of fact, I’ll quote Matt Gaetz. He said, ‘It’s exquisite,’ Greene said.

The enraged lawmaker added, "That’s what he said on our conference call on Sunday. But in that conference meeting there, we found out that there were several members, three, in fact, that went in last night and were demanding positions for themselves, demanding gavel positions, demanding subcommittees, demanding for people to be taken off committees and people to be put on committees."

She continued, "Three, three Republicans out of our 222. I want you all to know I have not done that for myself. The only thing I have done is is debate and request and argue among my peers for the right things, for the rules package and for our agenda for the American people. And that’s the only thing I’ve done. I haven’t asked for one thing for my for myself. And I’m the only Republican that has zero committees. So you would think I would be the one in there asking for something. But I haven’t done that. But I find out that it’s my Freedom Caucus colleagues and my supposed friends that went and did that, and they asked nothing for me. Nothing. That’s what I found out in there. I’m furious."

Greene went on to name a few of the Republican lawmakers she isn't pleased with. "Well, let me tell you something. While the conservatives that the base supports and believes in, let me let me remind everyone, they’re not perfect either. Scott Perry, before his general election, refuse to vote against the bill. That was all about the gay marriage bill. He didn’t, but he he refused to vote against it. He voted for it. Then when it came back around after his election, he was able to vote against it. Conservatives would not like that."

According to the news outlet, a clip of her remarks was uploaded to Twitter by Right Side Broadcasting.

Watch the clip below or at this link.

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Tucker Carlson Haunted By Defense Of Alleged Sex Trafficker Andrew Tate

Tucker Carlson Haunted By Defense Of Alleged Sex Trafficker Andrew Tate

Fox News' Tucker Carlson is facing scrutiny again amid the resurfacing of footage showing him defending kickboxer and YouTuber Andrew Tate, who was recently arrested on suspicion of organized crime, sex trafficking, and rape.

According to Mediaite, prosecutors indicated that Tate and his brother Tristan, in addition to two other suspects, “appear to have created an organized crime group with the purpose of recruiting, housing and exploiting women by forcing them to create pornographic content meant to be seen on specialized websites for a cost.”

A recent report from Reuters also noted that prosecutors said six women have indicated that they were sexually exploited by Tate and the other suspects.

Despite the damning reports, Carlson has publicly defended the kickboxer, and now footage of his remarks is circulating again. “Lots of mean things are being written about Andrew Tate but we have learned over time to trust our own experience,” the Fox host said. “Don’t believe what you hear, go straight to the source.”

During the segment, Carlson claimed he was “skeptical” of the allegations surrounding Tate, as he claimed the charges were similar to those made against Julian Assange.

“Why don’t they want you to hear from Andrew Tate?” Carlson said. “Do they really think that he’s a worse influence on the youth than, say, Cardi B? Tell us how.”

“They’re telling us he’s a criminal,” Carlson added. “Okay. Has he been charged? Who are the victims? What are their names?”

Carlson's remarks follow earlier highlights about Tate, when he explained how he became "rich."

“I’ve had over 75 girls work for me, and my business model is different than 99 percent of webcam studio owners,” he wrote. “Over 50 percent of my employees were actually my girlfriend at the time and, of all my girlfriends, NONE were in the adult entertainment industry before they met me.”

He also said, “I learned the most time-efficient way to meet girls, get them through the dating process, get them to bed, test if they’re a good girl or not, and begin the process of them falling deeper and deeper into love."

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

After Public Battering, Musk Reverses Journalist Suspensions

After Public Battering, Musk Reverses Journalist Suspensions

Just days after enforcing widespread suspensions of journalists on Twitter, Elon Musk has made another decision to reverse that action.

According to Mediaite, Musk's decision comes just days after he announced the suspensions and posted a poll asking Twitter users for feedback on the decision. Based on the results of the poll, 58 percent of Twitter users did not agree with Musk's initial decision as they voted in favor of the suspensions being lifted immediately.

On Saturday, December 17, the billionaire business mogul acknowledged Twitter users' viewpoint tweeting, "The people have spoken. Accounts who doxxed my location will have their suspension lifted now.”

As of Saturday morning, Aaron Rupar, CNN's Donie O'Sullivan, New York Times reporter Ryan Mac, and The Washington Post’s Drew Harwell were all among those who have had their accounts restored.

While most accounts have been restored, the news outlet reports that not all users have regained access in the same timely manner.

Per the news outlet:

"The account for Keith Olbermann was not restored along with the handful of other accounts on Saturday morning. Olbermann has continued tweeting though, taking to an account set up for his dogs to rage against Musk. Olbermann’s last tweet before he was suspended encouraged people to share a tweet containing information about Musk’s location."

The latest debacle comes days after Musk moved to suspend several journalists for sharing the real-time location of his private jet; an action that he described as "doxxing" and against Twitter's policy. Those who shared the information had their accounts suspended and the action led to a flurry of protests from social media users.

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

Evangelicals Denounce Trump As GOP Descends Into 'Civil War'

Evangelicals Denounce Trump As GOP Descends Into 'Civil War'

Evangelicals who supported former President Donald Trump's campaign and presidency are expressing apprehension about him as he embarks on his third presidential run.

According to HuffPost, many public evangelical figures have weighed in with their reactions to the former president's announcement — and it doesn't appear that many are buying into him making America great again.

Mike Evans, a religious figure who was among those who visited the White House to meet with Trump, recently shared his opinion during an interview with The Washington Post.

Evans made it clear that he is done with the former president.

“He used us to win the White House. We had to close our mouths and eyes when he said things that horrified us,” Evans told the newspaper. “I cannot do that anymore.”

Speaking to Newsweek, Robert Jeffress, who advised Trump during his 2016 presidential run, also admitted that he's distancing from the former president. “The Republican Party is headed toward a civil war that I have no desire or need to be part of,” Jeffress said.

However, Jeffress also insists that he still sees Trump as “a great friend and our greatest president since Reagan.”

On Wednesday, November 16, James Robison, the president of the Christian group Life Outreach International, attended a meeting for the National Association of Christian Lawmakers (NACL) where he expressed similar concerns.

“If Mr. Trump can’t stop his little petty issues, how does he expect people to stop major issues?” Robison said.

He also said he told the former president, “Sir, you act like a little elementary schoolchild and you shoot yourself in the foot every morning you get up and open your mouth! The more you keep your mouth closed, the more successful you’re gonna be!”

Washington Times columnist Everett Piper also offered a critical assessment of the Republican Party's latest entanglement with Trump. “The take-home of this past week is simple: Donald Trump has to go,” Piper wrote. “If he‘s our nominee in 2024, we will get destroyed.”

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

Ceaseless Far-Right Attacks On Pelosi Led To Assassination Attempt

Ceaseless Far-Right Attacks On Pelosi Led To Assassination Attempt

A new analysis is exposing the real timeline of staged attacks against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) while explaining why it should not be a surprise that the lawmaker and her husband were the victims of a home invasion.

The report, collectively written by The Washington Post's Ashley Parker, Hannah Allam, and Marianna Sotomayor, sheds light on how far-right Republicans have been depicting the top-ranking Democratic lawmaker as a target for several years. In fact, some have even suggested that she be assassinated.

In the report, the writers highlighted how the alleged home invasion assailant, identified as 42-year-old David Depape, has a history of echoing conspiracy theories. They also suggested that the Republican Party's disturbing rhetoric may also be a contributing factor to the uptick in politically charged threats and violence.

According to the Post,"For many Democrats, the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul represents the logical conclusion of Republicans’ increasingly violent and threatening rhetoric toward their political opponents — a phenomenon that escalated under former president Donald Trump, who prided himself on his inflammatory oratory and who was often reluctant to denounce white nationalists and others spewing hate speech."

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said, "Sadly this attack was inevitable. Political violence is on the rise. And instead of GOP leaders condemning it, they condone it with silence or, even worse, glorification.”

As an example, the writers referenced the history of controversial remarks made by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). On multiple occasions, the conspiracy-driven lawmaker has encouraged threats against Pelosi.

"But the threats against Pelosi have often been particularly ferocious and date back more than a decade, when Republicans worked to make her one of the faces of former president Barack Obama’s health-care law," they wrote.

"More recently, CNN reported that in 2018 and 2019, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA.) — who was elected to Congress in 2020 and quickly became known for her conspiracy theory-laden views — repeatedly expressed support for executing prominent Democratic politicians, including Pelosi."

"Greene liked a Facebook comment that said 'a bullet to the head would be quicker' as a way of removing Pelosi as speaker, CNN found. And in a video of a speech Greene gave promoting a 2019 petition she’d launched to impeach Pelosi for 'crimes of treason,' Greene calls Pelosi 'a traitor to our country' and says the speaker could be executed for treason," with Greene sen stating in a video, "It’s a crime punishable by death — is what treason is. Nancy Pelosi is guilty of treason.”

Michael Jensen, with the START consortium for terrorism research at the University of Maryland, also expounded on some of the problems that could arise when some individuals are targeted.

"If somebody sets their sights on these individuals and then they decide to mobilize, there’s virtually nothing stopping them,” Jensen said, later adding, "There was an opportunity for the more moderate elements of the Republican Party to distance themselves from the more radical elements and marginalize them, and be the start of the end of this wave. The exact opposite happened. What we saw instead was a doubling down on moving extremism into the mainstream.”

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

Trump Shares Video Targeting DeSantis Presidential Ambitions

Trump Shares Video Targeting DeSantis Presidential Ambitions

Former President Donald Trump recently took a political jab at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis amid speculation about the possibility of him running for president in 2024.

According to Business Insider, Trump took to Truth Social on Thursday, October 27, and shared a political ad targeting the Republican governor.

In the clip, a female commentator can be heard saying, "The only way DeSantis is going to become the Republican nominee is if Trump chooses not to run and endorses him or dies." She also insisted that devout Make America Great Again (MAGA) supporters would never turn their backs on the former president.

Along with the clip, Trump wrote in bold letters, "I AGREE."

Trump's posting of the new clip follows a series of targeted barbs he's made toward DeSantis. Although Trump did endorse DeSantis during his gubernatorial campaign in 2018, their dynamic has shifted since then.

Neither of the two Republican figures has officially announced their bid for president but speculation has been mounting for the last several months.

As Trump continues to push false claims about the 2020 presidential election, DeSantis has become a driving force in the political party. In fact, Democrats have also expressed concern about DeSantis because he's seen as being far worse than the former president.

Speaking to The Hill, one Democratic strategist shared his perspective. “To me, DeSantis is the scarier prospect,” the Democratic strategist said. “He’s a smarter version of Trump, he’s way more strategic, and he doesn’t have a hundred lawsuits at his feet.“

The strategist added, “If Trump goes bust, and he very well may, he’s the main guy I’d be watching."

Watch the clip below or at this link.

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.