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Ted Cruz’s Climate Change Denial Poses A Big Threat To NASA


Ted Cruz’s Climate Change Denial Poses A Big Threat To NASA

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Among the most worrying aspects of the GOP’s new Senate majority is the elevation of climate change deniers to oversight of federal scientific agencies.

While Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) oversees the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) monitors the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) runs the committee which oversees NASA — and that’s bad news for the agency’s study of the planet.

On Monday, astronomer Phil Plait explained the danger facing NASA in Slate. Making a case for why NASA needs to study Earth as well as space, Plait pointed to Senator Cruz’s attempt at “refocusing” the agency.

Last week, the senator held a hearing regarding NASA’s funding, and called the agency’s administrator Charles Bolden as a witness. As Cruz urged him to redirect NASA’s core mission away from Earth and its environment, Bolden firmly replied, “We can’t go anywhere if the Kennedy Space Center goes underwater…”

Clearly, the agencies tasked with protecting our environment are now operating in a toxic atmosphere. The upside is that for Senator Cruz and the Republican majority to cut funding for NASA, they would have to get signed approval from the president, which would never happen. But with a Republican in the White House, the consequences for NASA, NOAA, and the EPA could be dire.

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  1. GraceAdams830 March 17, 2015

    Data of which our federal government’s scientific study agencies have custody is an important part of the commons. Republicans are dead set against the existence of any commons. They WANT everything privatized. I fear a new dark age.

  2. @HawaiianTater March 17, 2015

    Of course they don’t want NASA studying Earth. NASA uses science. Science that proves global warming. The fossil fuel industry’s bought and paid for cronies can’t be having that.

  3. Wedge Shot March 17, 2015

    Texas has many NASA facilities and Cruz will have a problem if NASA does not have the money to keep them open.


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