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The 10 Obama Scandals That Are Completely Outrageous & Made-Up

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The 10 Obama Scandals That Are Completely Outrageous & Made-Up

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Republicans often claim that we know less about this president than any other in history. They like to pretend that somehow during the most heated primary challenge in decades, the Clinton camp simply failed to vet Barack Obama. Then the press let him dance into the White House without ever questioning a word he said.

The fact is that since Bill Clinton left office, Barack Obama is the most investigated man on the planet. And since all this hounding hasn’t resulted in one significant scandal, the right continually invents or recycles stories to feed the narrative that he is somehow un-American or unworthy of the presidency.

Ginning up scandals about President Obama isn’t just typical of the “paranoid style” in politics. It’s an industry. Glenn Beck—the most vile purveyor of accusations—lost his coveted spot on Fox News. But he moved on to a venture where he makes even more money—and blue jeans.

The most appalling part of this phenomenon is how accusing the president of the United States of fraud and treason has become standard practice for many members of the Republican Party, after eight years of dramatically asserting that challenging or even questioning the president is unpatriotic and… yes, treasonous. And there’s no figure of authority, no Edward R. Murrow, who can shock them into shame.

The right has fictionalized hundreds of scandals since Barack Obama first became a serious candidate for president. Here are 10 of the most outrageous.

1. He’s so a Muslim extremist.
Almost as soon as he announced he was a candidate for president, Fox and Friends claimed that then-Senator Obama was educated in a “madrasa.” Obama explained that he attended a Muslim school when he lived in Indonesia, before he attended a Roman Catholic school. The use of “madrasa” and the implication that he was a Muslim was obviously mean to frame the candidate as a sympathizing with Islamic terrorists. It was an easy argument to stick on a guy with “Hussein” as middle name and the argument is still being made in various ways today.

2. But he has an evil black Christian minister.
During the 2008 election, the emergence of video of Reverend Jeremiah Wright ranting about the U.S.’s role in provoking the 9/11 attacks shook up the primary and forced Senator Obama to distance himself from his friend. Republicans blasted John McCain for failing to explicitly use Wright’s words in his campaign, but Fox News and AM radio endlessly harped on Wright and his connection to the candidate endlessly. Wright so was so closely linked to Obama that the right often called him Obama’s “second father.” The reverend has mostly disappeared from the public eye, but some Republicans hoped he would become an issue in the 2012 election.

3. He “pals around” with terrorists who write his books.
You know about Bill Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground a “domestic terrorist” group that set off several bombs designed to create property damage to protest the Vietnam War. Ayers spent less than a year in prison and became a respected member of Chicago’s educational community, where he crossed paths with President Obama. During the 2008 campaign their connections become fodder for Sarah Palin’s famous “pals around with terrorists” attack. Well into 2012, Sean Hannity on Fox was spreading the entirely false rumor that Ayers had helped Obama write his books.

4. Faked his own birth certificate.
Forget that he would be a citizen even if he were born in Kenya or even Mars–his mother was a citizen, having been born and bred in Kansas. Forget that he produced his official Hawaiian birth certificate in every form that exists. Forget that millions of Republicans still believe that his birth certificate is fake. The suggestion that Obama’s entire life has been a fraud in order to commit treason on the United States is so contemptible and heinous that you can repeat it again and again and still be courted by the Republican nominee for president. Ask Donald Trump.

The birtherism fantasy was advanced by all forms of the conservative media and even when Republicans rejected it without condemning the obvious xenophobia and racism that fed the fantasy. But what was the argument being advanced here? Barack Obama is a Harry Potter-like figure whose birth immediately sparked a telegraph from Kenya to Honolulu to post a birth announcement. What’s the sense in this argument? None. It was simply a way to point out the president’s “otherness.”


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  1. contented1 November 2, 2012

    The right is filled with bigots and knuckleheads who will believe anything they are told. I have no idea how to fight stupidity and people who are indifferent to facts. I fear for this country.

  2. Ray Ward November 2, 2012

    The GOP has made an art out of blatantly lieing. Yes, the party of “high morals and values” have shown that there are now actually only 9 commandments, in the bible that they so staunchly support and use as a tool to actually condone their politics of hate, greed and intolerance. Mitt has told so many lies that he can’t remember the truth anymore. But, as long as the American people display their ignorance, inability to actually make informed decisions and continue to garner their perspective of our country and the world from FOX News, then we remain at risk of electing a President who has no perception of how 98% of the country live their daily lives and who has no real values or specific policies. Mitt fits the stereotype of the politician that we all hate so much, better than any candidate I’ve seen, in my 55 years on this planet. If he is elected, then the people who vote for him will get exactly what they deserve, but unfortuanately, the other 50% of us will also have to live in a country that will be at risk of economic collapse and who will likely see our best and brightest, young men and women sent to war and put us at an even higher risk of retaliation from terrorists. Yes, this is the same segment of our population who actually believe that Rush Limbaugh is a patriotic American. May God help us!

    1. idamag November 3, 2012

      Ray, those aren’t the moral values I taught my children. The ninth commandment does not say, “Thou shalt not lie.” It says, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” That means if you take a lie and run with it you are as bad as the one who generated it. When we got a Black Man in the White House, it brought out the ugly in the ugliest. I used to respect Republicans, but I no longer do. I think of them as party of liars who will even try to interfere with one our most sacred rights, the right to vote. 33000 people, in Ohio, who thought they were registered, were turned away from the polls. With the weekend and the huricane, that gives them one day to correct this. Another thing, today, is the susposed glitch in the voting machines. There is no depth too deep for these unAmerican thugs to sink to.

      1. Ed November 4, 2012

        IDAMAG- If you have 10 items and you subtract 1 you then have 9.

  3. Lynda November 3, 2012

    All in all a very nice list of fictional excuses for being against the President. The building of the straw man that the GOP fears so much has been an ongoing process. My fav is number 5. All of these show a certain lack of imagination and clarity of thought. Too bad all of this nonsense will fall on deaf ears come next Tuesday. I can wait to see what the crazies come up during Obama’s second term. Bound be a barn burner of twaddle.

  4. idamag November 3, 2012

    I am niether a Republican nor a Democrat. I am not even an Independent. I am against political parties as they create division and chaos (James Madison’s words.) I have lost all respect for the Republican Party. They have let themselves be taken over by some very dangerous and stupid people.

    1. Tim Terrell November 4, 2012

      Political parties don’t create division. People let themselves be divided.

  5. Blaze Stryker November 3, 2012

    That last sentence is the kicker: these arguments are WAY out there, and the people that will do anything to slime Obama without getting roasted for the true reason for their fear–Barack Hussein Obama is black–will say and believe anything that lets them “safely” stay afraid of and hateful toward him.

  6. bert12354 November 3, 2012

    This stuff is remarkably incredible. The shame of it all is that some people believe this crap (especially southern rednecks…The GOP manufactures this “information” as fast as they can…hopefully, we’ll have a President and Congress that can actually get something done…

    1. Martha Boydstun November 3, 2012

      The Republican leaders believe Americans are so stupid that we will believe everything they tell us. As you say, unfortunately that is true. However, I have to disagree with your statement “especially southern rednecks”. On election day, look at the northern states that vote for Romney.

      1. mittens November 3, 2012

        don’t think too many in my northern state (Massachusetts) will be voting for romney….We can’t stand him up here…his claims are false about what he did here….I for one, am ashamed that he had anything to do with my state !!! I don’t think he’ll get too far in NY, NJ,VA, Ohio to name a few….

        1. grammyjill November 3, 2012

          NH is getting rteally blue too.

      2. idamag November 4, 2012

        I live in the Northwest. You can be assured Romney will win Idaho and Utah.

  7. WhutHeSaid November 3, 2012

    The Not-So-Invisible Empire Of 2012:

    Any time that you hear one of these bizarre claims being used you can be sure the person using it is a racist — period. This is the new ‘white hood’ for 2012, because the bigoted people who use these nonsensical attacks know that more overt forms of racism will draw public scorn and derision. They believe that this is a way to express their racist hate without having to endure public ridicule.

    A case in point is the frequent and recurring use of these ‘theories’ by the Tea Party. The Tea Party is a collection of racist organizations (some more so than others), no matter how much they lie about it. They were formed for one purpose: to attack a newly-elected black President simply because he is black. You can be certain that anything the Tea Party does has it’s foundation in racist hate. They will claim otherwise, of course: “I’m just a hard-working American concerned about (insert whopper here), and I don’t know any racists in the Tea Party”. This is the exact same language that was used by exposed KKK members not long ago.

    It’s the responsibility of the rest of us to call them on their bigoted hate. Tell them that using such ridiculous and bizarre lies lets you know right away that they are racist. Call them out in public whenever they use these lies in public. Of course they will deny being racist (few racists ever admit to being one), but they will be on notice that trying to fool the rest of us isn’t going to work. They will eventually try to claim that YOU are the racist, but that’s the sign that it’s over: their cover is blown, the argument lost. They will plaintively protest how unfair it is for you to label them, but there is one swift and sure remedy that is always available to them: Stop being a racist.

  8. ccahill November 3, 2012

    Anyone who votes for Romney must spend hours each day watching FOX NEWS!!! How can we teach our children integrety with all the lies on broadcast news!

    1. idamag November 3, 2012

      cc, absolutely. I didn’t let my children watch the Playboy Channel and I certainly wouldn’t have let them watch faux news. In my state, one of the reddest, I think there must be a law that dictates fox be shown on all television sets in public places.

      1. neeceoooo November 4, 2012

        I am in a red state as well and every office that has a TV thinks that FOX is the one and only news station. It is impossible to get away from it.

  9. BDC_57 November 3, 2012

    doing the lies like hitler did say it long enought the low iq poeple will blieve it.

  10. nobsartist November 3, 2012

    republiCONs –
    sold weapons to Iran
    sold weapons to Iraq
    sold nukes to israel
    gave the chinese a top secret spy plane
    lied us into 2 wars
    trampled the Constitution
    trampled the Geneva Convention
    made it legal to spy on Americans with no warrant
    created 9/11
    collapsed the economy
    and now, want to elect a president in business with the red chinese army

    It is tough to top these scandals but republiCONs simply cannot face the fact that they are the party of treason.

    1. Martha Boydstun November 3, 2012

      AMEN!! You are so right.

    2. Tom_D44 November 3, 2012

      Really? Republicans created 911? Whatever you say.

      1. nobsartist November 4, 2012

        And President Obama was born in Kenya, right?

      2. Ed November 4, 2012

        All Right! So it should read “Allowed 9/11 to happen”. Bush had advance notice which he dismissed with the statement to his intelligence people “O.K. you,ve covered your ass”.

    3. jarheadgene November 5, 2012

      Then would it be treasonous to rise up if The Anti-Christ Romney wins and put him down like a rabid dog?

      1. nobsartist November 5, 2012

        It wouldn’t.

  11. patuxant November 3, 2012

    Very good article. It is demoralizing to listen to many posters repeat these falsehoods over and over ad nauseum and even more sickening to know that such hate exists in 2012. I grew up white in an all black neighborhood. I witnessed first hand the fear and loathing whites in other parts of the community had for blacks. They all moved away from certain areas in droves as blacks migrated from the south in the early 1950s to find work at the local steel mill. I recall how my classmates who had cars (which our family did not) were afraid to drive to our home for unfounded fear they would be attacked by a black person. Over the decades it has become politically “incorrect” to overtly show disdain toward anyone because of race. So what has occurred is that the attitude about African Americans has moved to the “underground” and what we witness now are the flagrant outrageous accusations as outlined in this article. Just recently I called an acquaintance who hates Obama on it. I asked her if she hated him because he was black. She struggled over her next remark like a kid with a hand in the cookie jar, whimpering…”ah,ah,ah why….no.” It was pathetic. Needless to say that whenever our paths cross, the subject of politics never arises, thankfully.

    1. idamag November 4, 2012

      Patuxant, racist dialogue, being politically incorrect, has only retarded the openly ugly. However racism does exist. Have you read the book, “Black Like Me?”

      1. patuxant November 4, 2012

        Have not read it, but will do so. Thanks for the tip, Idamag!

  12. kinklu November 3, 2012

    My family were Republican, mainly because they were fiscal conservatives, and I grew up with the same mindset. I actually voted for Nixon who I thought was ahead of the curve because of his vision for China/USA relations. Oddly, it was Reagan who began to make me wonder. Sometime around the turn of the century, I suddenly realized that I didn’t recognize these angry old white men anymore. I began to feel like the Chamber Of Congress was taking over the US Congress and the president was in la la land. Bush #2 confirmed it when we decided to invade Iraq over imagined nuclear weapons.

    I don’t think the angry old white men think they are lying so much as they believe they are running an advertising campaign to change the attitudes of the poor, ignorant Americans. If you have any experience with the advertising world, you know that it’s all about shaping attitudes. Hard facts don’t matter. Facts change but we will always be materialistic Americans, especially those of us who are true, white Americans. Hitler’s dream of a pure Aryan race still lives to some extent! Heil….I mean God bless white America.

    For the record, I am a white male of central European heritage, Mozart and all that sort of thing. I grieve at the demise of the party of Abraham Lincoln, now morphed into the Chamber of Congress.

    1. lavorne46 November 3, 2012

      The reason we have conflicts and debilitating experiences in the world today
      is because the world is filled with people infected by the irresponsible spirit.
      God did not create a world of one color but he created a world of freedom to
      all his children. The sin of greed brings destruction to our world.

    2. Tom_D44 November 3, 2012

      No, it was not “imagined nuclear weapons”. It was weapons of mass destruction which, if I remember correctly, were the chemical and biological weapons that they thought could end up in the hands of terrorists and do a lot of damage. And they didn’t find the weapons but did find mass graves where they knew that Saddam had used them on his own people. Never-the-less, we should never have gone to war in Iraq, mostly because Saddam, as horrible as he was to his own people, was able to maintain relative stability between the Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds and provide a balance to Iran in the region.

      1. Ed November 4, 2012

        You must have missed to press conference where G.W. ‘fessed up’ to the real reason he went to war with Iraq. “He tried to kill my Daddy!” It is documented that the Bush administration was eeking a way to go to war looong before 9/11. That is why they left the first Afghan war half finished.

        1. Tom_D44 November 4, 2012

          I don’t actually care what Bush said. I didn’t support him going into the Iraq and still don’t. But the events that lead up to it included taunting by Saddam over the weapons , the inspections and the sanctions by the UN. I believe he pulled a fast one on GW and Bush bit hook line and sinker. He dared Bush and like an idiot, Bush took him on. Regardless, Saddam was a nasty dictator who did to his people unthinkable acts of violence.

    3. Ed November 4, 2012

      I was lucky. I was republican and voted for Goldwater and Nixon. Then I went to work for a nationwide corporation, who had a larger legal staff than a production staff. Between the company and nixon I became a dem, altthough some people have called me a firebrand, commy, Anarchist, trouble maker and othe runsavory things and told me I lack tact. I was kind of proud of the Anarchist until the TEA PARTY SHOWED WHAT REAL ANARCHISTS ARE LIKE. I will always stand up for thr rights of ALL americans.

  13. idamag November 3, 2012

    I want to tell all you Idaho voters about the blurb at the top of this page. Vote no on propositions 1-2-3. One of them says teachers will no longer have tenure and must reapply for their jobs every year. One of them says no collective bargaining and one is to buy for all juniors, a computer that they can keep. It is a notebook computer at $1300/each.

  14. Jim Myers November 3, 2012

    Wasn’t John McCain born in Panama?

    1. Hillbilly November 3, 2012

      Yes he was. Romney’s Dad was born in Mexico.

      1. idamag November 4, 2012

        Romney’s dad was born in Mexico because the United States frowns on polygamy, especially since some of it is men raising daughters for each other. Romney’s grandfather established a polygamous colony in Mexico.

    2. Ed November 4, 2012

      Yes,of an American parent and in American sovereign territory. All he is guilty of is having lived off the government for his entire life, even before he was born(his father was an admiral). Of course today he is against the rest of us getting any support form OUR government.

  15. anncats November 3, 2012

    Okay – did I miss something?

    1. Hillbilly November 3, 2012

      You need to go back to school(not scool) and learn how to spell and the President’s name is spelled Obama not obamka. And neither one has said that Ayers helped write any of President Obama’s books. You need to learn how to spell, when to use capital letters and to tell the truth then you post your opinion.

      1. Ed November 4, 2012

        Perhaps his teacher didn’t have tenure.

        1. idamag November 4, 2012

          Maybe he was home schooled because you can’t trust the public schools, they might be full of liberals or something.

  16. L. Roy November 3, 2012

    They are just imitating the truthful anti bush ads of 2004 and doing it badly, some of them are even poorly di=uplicated.

  17. marelbert November 3, 2012

    If self-delusion is possible on such a grand scale, is it any wonder that flat out lying has so little impact?

  18. latebloomingrandma November 3, 2012

    Just when you think you’ve heard everything, and everything that could possibly be used to smear this President, a new one comes along. There is a whole, profitable cottage industry dedicated to this. D’Souza, the phony with the “successful” documentary did the lowest of the low by calling Obama’s mother a slut. Next—the newest piece of vile rumor , sure to bubble up after the president is re-elected,is that Obama is gay and has had many relationships. Then it goes on to say some nasty things about the First Lady.
    I find this so embarrasing for our country and profoundly sad. If these are the same people constantly chest thumping about American exceptionalism, they have no clue as to what that term means, and are doing their best to put this great nation into a steady decline.

  19. nobsartist November 3, 2012

    What do you expect from people that take orders from John Birch Society bosses?

    Where are willards tax returns?

    What is willard hiding?

    Mccain knows.

    1. lavorne46 November 3, 2012

      The repub lives with the spirit of irresponsibility. Irresponsibility means ” not
      answerable to authority”. Want to do what you feel like doing, and want to do it as long
      as they want to do it. Lacking a sense of accountability or not liable or able
      to answer for their consequences of not being truthful but spread disgrace. Mitt and
      Ryan hasn’t been honest but sewed deception , hatered and racism. Anytime you have
      a candidate running for POTUS and wont release his tax return automatic sends up
      red flags. He determine to do what Mitt wants and its ok so he thinks. One thing
      for sure he will be exposed soon or later. We the people should have demanded
      his returns or else he will not be fit for POTUS.

  20. Yuri Durnovo November 3, 2012

    Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.This man should be impeached for all the harm he unleashed upon our proud nation.Comments shows who has the blinders.

    1. BDC_57 November 3, 2012

      what harm tell me he so bad he did a better job then teabaggers did.

    2. idamag November 4, 2012

      Yuri, that doesn’t work. In the course of my work and my life I have worked with people of all kinds. I am a nice person so Iam nice to people I disagree with. I also met and conversed with different people in school. But, I only have 11 close friends. Every time a person crossed paths with a person does not mean they are close friends. In the course of your life you have probably worked with or know pedophiles and didn’t know it. Does that make you a pedophile. Yours is mcarthy era logic.

  21. smartdee November 3, 2012

    The racist Tea Partiers would do and say anything to be rid of President Obama. As I have previously stated, articles have been written in TIME magazine among others of how Mitch McConnell and the other GOP congress members blocked anything the president tried to accomplish for the past two years. Nancy Pelosi may have her faults, but she spoke on a late night talk show of how she has been in the congress for over twenty years and never have they been so unwilling to work with a president because they wanted him to be a “one-term president”. I and many others know the truth…Big Business and Wall Street control the country and don’t you believe anything else. That is why they want a businessman in the White House so they can control everything. Plus, Romney would make a perfect puppet for them as we all know he swings with the idea of the moment and has no real original platform. This will be a country in big trouble if Romney/Ryan are elected on Tuesday. All of you 99 percenters better get your behinds to the polls on Tuesday and vote for the person who is really in your corner…Barack Obama.

    1. lavorne46 November 3, 2012

      You are so right. The repub wants to keep people restricted from their fruitfulness
      or productivity and make sure they can’t duplicate what they produce which keep people
      poor. Repub are greedy people that steals your ideal to keep you poor.

  22. Sedrick Roeshard Gilbert November 3, 2012

    Straight from the minds of arrested development, insanity, raging, ignorant, vengeful, and life’s losers who seethe with irrational hate and horrible contempt for President Obama. No tale is too far out for them to believe and spread….just waiting to hear that the president is the secret long-lost son of Hitler (no it would make no sense and is factually impossible, but that kind of thing is right up these lunatics’ alley)!

    1. idamag November 4, 2012

      That type of person does not care about facts.

  23. jebediah123 November 3, 2012

    I do not intend to offend anyone with the language I will use to illustrate the degree of intelligence and racial prejudice of some members of the American electorate.

    I recently ran into a younger man I used to work with before retiring. I asked him if he was going to vote for Obama (since he is a “working class” citizen).

    His reply?? “I wouldn’t vote for that f##@**g n##**@r ever”!! So I asked him if he was voting for Romney. He said, “Who??”

    I think his answer perfectly points out my assertions in the first sentence of this comment. Believe me, there are many more just like him.

    1. foolsdance November 4, 2012

      Fortunately for us on the sane side of the aisle, this likely means he will not vote at all. One can only hope.

  24. Gary Graves November 3, 2012

    Like my wife says they will vote for a billy goat before they will vote for Obama. How stupid can you be?

  25. E November 3, 2012

    I thought the whitey tape thing was pretty damn bad. But the worst definitely is the birther thing.

  26. Michelle Hackler November 3, 2012

    Basically there have been no scandals in the government during his administrations and you can’t find any scandals in his personal life. What has Obama been doing all his life. Has he been living as an upright good Christian man even within the Chicago, Illinois political system? What a scandal, Obama is an honest politician. What a crime!!!!

    1. Maynard November 5, 2012

      There is a book published in 2008 or so by a man claiming to have fellated and smoked cocaine with Obama. There were two parisioners in his church who supposedly had sexual affairs with him and both of the men died under mysterious circumstances. I do not claim the information is true but it is out there on the internet.

  27. joyscarbo November 3, 2012

    Did you notice that no matter where Mitt lived, they won’t be voting for him?
    Utah’s biggest news paper and many in the mormon church have distanced themselves deliberately from Mitt.
    Massachusetts will go to Obama.
    Michigan will got to Obama.

  28. Tom_D44 November 4, 2012

    What’s the problem with eliminating tenure? I don’t have any certainty in my job and neither do most Americans. Most private school teachers have to re-sign a yearly contract for their jobs each year. Why do the public employees get these kinds of assurances?

    Here’s a better one. Why do members of congress get full pay for life for serving only one term? And why do they get lifetime healthcare as well? I think they should be paid hourly so we don’t have to pay them for all the time off they get. But once you give the people the ability to vote themselves money and benefits what stops them?

    1. Ed November 4, 2012

      The SOLE REASON for tenure was that teachers had to be able to teach FACTS, often INCONVENIENT FACTS. If they could be fired for teaching things the school board, or the mayor, or the governor didn’t like it led to ill educated, uninformed american citizens. If the tea party has it’s way our children will go back to the teachings that the earth is flat and the sun revolves around the earth! And I am NOT a teacher!

      1. Tom_D44 November 4, 2012

        Ed – what were the unintended consequences of trying to do something like this? Yes I understand that this started back in the 1800’s when it was more about religious freedom and teachings relative to those issues of the time. But times have changed and we have new technology and different ways of evaluating performance and results. So why do we need to protect teacher/activists and people who simply don’t put every effort they have into their jobs? Why do teachers have such a hard time being accountable for what they do? It doesn’t happen in most other industries.

        And if you keep throwing out those ignorant comments like “tea party people teaching the earth is flat” its going to be really hard to take you seriously.

    2. idamag November 4, 2012

      I suppose you never and nobody you knew ever got performane evauations based on favoritism. Even though I got high performance reviews I did see fellow workers who did not.

      1. Tom_D44 November 4, 2012

        Yeah and I worked in corporate america for a while too. I saw crappy employees get promoted over ones who worked their butts off. And many times I saw people get they promotions they deserved. Life is not fair. People who work hard get layed off anyway. Corporations are not loyal to employees anymore and likewise, employees are not loyal to the businesses they work for. The days of working for one employer for a lifetime are gone. It it’s all about “what have you done for me lately”. But what’s the point? That’s how it is in everything in life.

        Are you saying that tenure keeps certain teachers from getting unfair evaluations? Why are you opposed to accountability, performance and results? If the school doesn’t like what the teacher is teaching then there are plenty of other schools who probably share that same school of thought. Let that teacher find the home where he/she belongs – where his thought process and delivery agrees with the school’s. Why do they need protection?

  29. Barbara Halter November 4, 2012


    1. idamag November 4, 2012

      Yes, and every decent citizen should fight for voting rights of every other citizen. We should write to our legislators and ask for laws to protect voters from last minute purging. We should enforce huge fines and maybe prison for glitches in voting machines. We should go back to no politicking at the polls on election day and that is what poll watching is all about. If someone is caught intimidating a voter, that person should go straight to jail do not pass go, We should demand access to the polls for every voter no matter how long it takes.

  30. Walter November 4, 2012

    The national memo is a leftist trash rag that prints nothing but lies to make the socialist left look trustworthy. It is only good for starting fires to burn trash.

    1. foolsdance November 4, 2012

      Poor baby – your guy is going down in flames. When this is over you and your ilk can go back to following alien abductions and big foot sightings. If you all hadn’t gone so overboard with your ludicrous claims and conspiracy theories, something might have stuck. As usual, you mitt wits just took it past the bounds of credulity for anyone with a lick of intelligence. See you in 2016!
      OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!!

      1. idamag November 4, 2012

        Don’t forget the black helicopters and them (never say who them is) that are coming to take his gun away.

    2. BDC_57 November 4, 2012

      then why are you reading it.

  31. Cee Gee November 4, 2012

    The GOP went after Obama in full force after he was elected. They became the party of “No” and even when their health care policies were enacted (insurance exchanges instead of a public option), they demonized him and spread misinformation. Remember the “death squads”? They refused to work with him and worked to get him defeated in 2012. I have been around the block a few times, but I have never seen this type of behavior. And it is sad if this is their base: uninformed bigots.

    1. idamag November 4, 2012

      Gee Gee, like you, I have been around the block a few times and I have never seen such hate, lying and ignorance.

  32. Ralph Reinhold November 4, 2012

    Re: Columbia GPA. Has anybody checked to see if (at the time) Columbia was on the 3 point scale. I’m pretty sure they were in the middle of the Vietnam war protests when I knew people going there that were proud of their 2.5 average.

    1. Ed November 4, 2012

      Ralph, don’t try to explain the grading scale to these people.Of course 2.5 is a good grade. Some people believe that college grades are done on a scale of 10. If they could they would claim that fathering two daughters is a bad thing. I believe that if he was white the race woould have been over before Romney and the 7 dwarfs got done arguing.

  33. anyasnote November 4, 2012

    All racists are cowards, well too afraid to get along with those who look, speak, act different and too afraid to admit their racism in public. Will pretend to be friends with blacks in their party but truly never do, they just need a proof that they are not racists. Just look at A. West, M. Steele, Cain (Republicans started the smear of Mr 999 not Democrats) and few others. They tolerate them but DO NOT SOCIALIZE in any shape or form. Steele, Cain, West are too far up kissing their white asses to be accepted for who they are but it WILL NEVER happen. They just don’t get it.
    R/R WILL WIN. Too much money was spent and the rich are not about to LOSE that much money. This country is SOLD to a highest Bidder – Corporate Federal Welfare Recipients. We will be paying more and more and getting less and less for our investment/labor.
    The sad part is more people are concern with what’s in it for me and believe the lies GOP spins, no matter to the truth. Truth matter to some but not to the racists and the sitting on the fence. They are will decide this elections and unfortunately WE the reasonable with a common sense and love for this country LOST. We will revert back to Bush times, more wars and more debt on CC. More suckers on Gov.tits (Senators and Congressmen and Corporations) and we will be paying BIG TIME. It’s too late for wake up.
    Even in Russia/China/Korea, their communist governments NEVER suppressed their people from voting. Only in America where 1% with MONEY RULES the at least 60% of people. You deserve to be poorer, sick and die – you voted, believed it, you will get it and must live with it. Americans have tendency to vote against themselves – too lazy, stupid, gullible to think on their own. God help us and USA.

    1. Ed November 4, 2012

      Unfortunately I believe that much of what you say is correct. However I believe the ULTIMATE goal of the repubs are to return to the “Golden Age”of the 1800’s.

      1. BDC_57 November 4, 2012

        And back in the 1800’s women could not vote. Then the teabaggers would win for sure.

      2. idamag November 4, 2012

        Ed, this is the worst Republican Party I have ever seen. Even in the beginning big money has tried to take over our government. They were doing pretty good when Teddy Roosevelt (R) challenged them and won. Now they have made so many inroads that it will be difficult to retrieve our government from them.

  34. Nancy Sheaffer November 4, 2012

    It is so sad that our country allows Romney to spread so many lies and convince people to vote for him on the basis of these lies. I fear for our country if he becomes president. Barack Obama is a kind, caring, gentle man who is trying to get our country back in the shape it should be. The Republicans in our Congress are trying their best to get one of their own back in the White House. How can our President get a jobs bill and health bill passed if he is fought every inch of the way? If Obama passed me on the street, he’d smile and say hello. Mitt Romney wouldn’t even notice I am there. What every happened to blasphemy and defamation of character? Heaven help us all if Romney wins the election. Nancy Sheaffer

  35. Maynard November 5, 2012

    I am supporting Obama as the lesser of two evils but . . . .There are FEMA camps and he did sign NDAA 2012 which authorises domestic drones and unlimited detention without a trial. His parents were CIA involved and so is his first college, Occidental. Why was he plucked from there and plopped at Columbia. Everyone gets high grades at Harvard. As a professor of the Constitution, how could he have signed NDAA 2012 or droned to death American Citizens. He also signed the domestic drone authorization bill and got a lot of support from Wall Street. He has prosecuted whistleblowers and favors great government secrecy. I think Mitt would be even worse.

  36. David_William November 5, 2012

    Projection is what happens when a person (or group) feels guilty, and accuses some other person of having commited the crimes the projector feels guilty about. Isn’t it fully remarkable that rthe GOP has been ranting about voter fraud ever since Dubya “won” in 2000?
    And they scream about “death panels”, when the present health care industry is run by insurance companies which daily make decisions as to who will live and who will die, based on economic expediency.
    Oh, the horrors of a guilty conscience!

  37. Lee Ann Rogers November 5, 2012

    Does the Republicans including their Leader “Donald Trump” realize that by insinuating that the President is not a citizen, is an embarrassment to the federal government, and the Constitution. Before someone, anyone applies for, or even attempts to run for any government position or office, he or she must certify that they are indeed a citizen. Therefore if Mr./President Obama has succeeded in not only running and winning the Senate seat but went on to becoming the President of the United States with a fake birth certificate, then who is to blame.


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