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The 5 Worst States For Women’s Health

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The 5 Worst States For Women’s Health


The debates currently raging over Planned Parenthood are an unsettling reminder of the precarious state of women’s health care in modern America. Planned Parenthood provides many critical health services to women, especially those who live in poverty or lack adequate coverage.

Many states whose legislators are calling to defund the organization already restrict women’s access to medical care, contraceptives, and abortions. The consequences of these restrictions are visible in teenage pregnancy rates and quality of life across the board. The worst offenders include:

5. Texas

The largest state in the continental U.S. has some of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy, reaching 41 pregnancies per 1,000 girls aged 15-19. Texas also has severely restricted access to abortion services, with 93 percent of its counties lacking an abortion provider. Coupled with the fact that the Lone Star State has the highest percentage of uninsured women in the United States (27 percent), it’s safe to say that Texas has really earned its spot on this list.

4. Alaska

Despite having one of the smallest populations in the country, Alaska has one of the highest rates of female homicide, with 2 murders per 100,000 women. Alaska also permits emergency rooms to deny women information and access to emergency contraceptive measures in cases of rape. Teenage pregnancy rates are also high up in the Last Frontier, with 30.3 births per 1,000 girls.

3. New Mexico

With nearly half of female-headed families living in poverty, New Mexico earns the third slot. One-fifth of all women in the state live in poverty, and 24 percent do not have a primary care physician. At 43.4 births for every 1,000 girls, New Mexico has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy. Twenty-two percent of New Mexico’s women lack health insurance.

2. South Carolina

South Carolina takes the top spot for female homicides, with 2.54 murders per 100,000 women. South Carolina also has some of the most stringent laws regarding abortion, including a law that regulates the door width of women’s health clinics. Unsurprisingly, the teenage pregnancy rate in South Carolina is 31.6 births per 1,000 girls, placing it in the top third nationwide. Women in South Carolina also often lack health insurance, with 1 in 5 having no coverage.

1. Mississippi

Topping off the list, Mississippi has the highest rate of women living in poverty in the country, with a staggering 54.7 percent of families headed by women living below the poverty line. The Gulf Coast state also has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy nationwide, with 42.6 births for every 1,000 girls. A staggering 99 percent of Mississippi counties do not have an abortion provider, and emergency rooms are permitted to withhold emergency contraceptives.

Photo: Five-month old Ronan Amador rides in a carrier with his mother, Elizabeth Mahoney, during a Planned Parenthood rally on the steps of the Texas Capitol,Thursday, March 7, 2013, in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)



  1. Independent1 July 31, 2015

    As you might suspect, 12 of the 13 states with the highest rates of infant mortality and women dying in childbirth are also GOP-run states (Note New Mexico has been run by the GOP for at least the past 9 years). That’s kind of what happens when the government refuses to expand Medicaid and does everything to deny people in need, including pregnant women, of help with feeding themselves (GOP cuts SNAP – food stamps and other programs for the less fortunate) and get the proper healthcare.

    1. Sand_Cat July 31, 2015

      They don’t care about “born” babies.

      1. Dominick Vila August 1, 2015

        You are right. For a Republican, anything designed to help the poor, including babies, is considered an evil manifestation of socialist that must be eradicated or prevented at all cost. Only the unborn, whose care does not require raising taxes, is an issue worthy of debate.

      2. Leftout August 1, 2015

        Nor do they care about unborn, so what! Infant mortality is high because Un planned parenthooders do not avail themselves of pre natal care . These morons who have gotten themselves pregnant rarely have mates that are able to support this aftermath of unbridled passion. Why should we care about these offspring since they did not bother to take care of their own lavishly availablecontaceptive techniques. There is always an abortion to challenge the psyche.”unplanned Parenthood ” centers are not women’s health clinics. Send an unbiased investigative reporter onto the clinic on 3rd ave Brooklyn and observe the Yoots coming in for “Care”??? Women’s health is taken care of by Obama care as I recall. These are 90% abortion mills. But they dispose of undesirables anyway. So less traffic and welfare, entitlement , I am all for it. Any one getting pregnant out of wedlock or lacks male support should have a mandatory abortion , who would be against that!? And do it again after the next party.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker August 2, 2015

          Do you care about the unborn fetuses of those endangered species you rich boys hunt at $10K a weekend in GA? Get over it.

          Women have a right to make their own decisions about their bodies. You men do that ALL the time. And you control freaks fool no one. What are really all about with this BS pro-birth is to insure that so long as you can go around knocking women up, they are incapacitated for 20 years while you go around spreading your sperm over the planet with NO responsibility.

          How many single Moms are there in the US who were abandoned by asshat men who love to play “Hit and Run?”

          You want an end to abortions? Get your male counterparts to keep it in their damn pants or…are they too stupid to learn to use the word “NO?”

          Right wing men are scared silly that we now have two Single Moms whose sons became US presidents. Eat your pro-birth hearts out.

          1. Leftout August 2, 2015

            I am not advocating ” hit and Run” , baseball term, meaning there has to be a bat ball and glove to play. If you leave your glove open there is a chance you will catch a ball. It takes two to play. Choke the bat and you will see things fly……Saw it in a film once, Eleanor .

          2. Eleanore Whitaker August 2, 2015

            Oh I see….well why didn’t you tell me all those women who are raped every day of every year left their “gloves” open…You re a real macho super jerk.

            Here are facts you won’t like hot shot…”According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)–there is an average of 293,066 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year.

            There are 525,600 minutes in a non-leap year. That makes 31,536,000 seconds/year. So, 31,536,000 divided by 293,066 comes out to 1 sexual assault every 107 seconds.”

            You post is so typical of men who believe like little boys that “boys will be boys.” Sorry if I can’t excuse your gender from your BS attitude that you men have NOTHING to do with procreation. Get an education and do stop playing with your “baseball bat” during biology.

          3. Leftout August 2, 2015

            There you go, twisting things, I never advocated rape. I used to read erotic numbers like that when I read the Kinsey report., growing up. Anyway I went on to Lady Chatterleys Lover. Never said men did not have anything to do with pregnancies, even you must know that. …….or may be you do not know such. I am assuming you are a post pube female. If not I apologize . Please produce drivers license , and redact your address before I discuss reproduction with you.

          4. David August 2, 2015

            How about the sexual assaults being perpetrated by your illegal aliens?

          5. Wedge Shot August 3, 2015

            Who invited Trump on this board?

          6. dpaano November 19, 2015

            Apparently, these men don’t have any idea what a condom is either!! They expect the woman to take care of the problem and then blame them when they get pregnant! Hey, guys, it takes two to tango! Do your part and be responsible if you can’t keep it in your pants!

          7. Eleanore Whitaker November 20, 2015

            I think President Obama said it best, “You aren’t a father when you bring a child into the world and then abandoned it. You are a father when you stick around for the next 20 years to raise it.

            Today, some very childish minded men believe in self-satisfaction to extreme levels. The only remember the kids they helped bring into the world on their death beds. Then, it’s too late.

        2. Wedge Shot August 3, 2015

          What a hateful empty person you are. When empathy was being passed out you were head down as& up in a cesspool of rotten filthy mental disease cobbling all you could fit in your Small excuse for a brain.

          1. Leftout August 3, 2015

            Relating experiences in being associated and seeing first hand.

        3. dpaano November 19, 2015

          And they want to get rid of Planned Parenthood? You may want to reread your post, especially the first part. What a hypocrite!

          1. Leftout November 19, 2015

            Unplanned Parenthod is mainly an abortion parlor, as I have seen, after which some evidently harvest viable parts for research for sale to others. These practices should not be funded . Other women’s health needs can be addressed through the ever popular obamacare program…. Breast exams etc. my point is try contraceptives …. Readily available in grammar school …. before sibmittIng to this type of surgery.

          2. dpaano November 20, 2015

            “As I have seen..” How many times have you actually entered a PP facility? The video was doctored by a virulent anti-abortion group….hardly could be considered valid! PP only has a couple of their facilities that do abortions, and only 3% of their funding pays for these. These abortions are not done just because a woman doesn’t want the child….they only do them for medical reasons. You need to stop believing everything the RW tells you and start using your own brain to research these things……seriously! As for “harvesting” parts….they only harvest cells from babies that are aborted….these cells would normally just be thrown out. However, they use them for stem cell research to try to find cures for many diseases. They do not get paid for these other than the cost of preparing the cells for the medical research facilities that use them. As for your comment about “contraceptives…..” PP is the one place where women who do not have a lot of money can get these. And, why don’t you men use condoms……you always seem to leave that responsibility to the woman! It takes two to tango. Breast examinations are also an important tool for women’s health, and if they can’t get them elsewhere, PP provides them. This stops the costs of a woman having to go through cancer treatments. Early detection is a GOOD thing, and PP provides this. PP does MANY other things for women than provide abortions, which as I said, is a very SMALL part of their function and only done in a very few facilities. Do your research before you make such inane comments!

          3. Leftout November 20, 2015

            Weekly visits, used to monitor and make recommendations based on Blood type and RH for Administration f RhoGam for RH Negative almost mothers. I am For
            Abortion for these stupid ones that are getting pregnant with no male supporting things go amuck. Why have more stupid nomes on the payroll In the next generation.
            Do you not agree?

  2. Marv Nochowitz August 1, 2015

    Again, in South Carolina we say thank god for Mississippi. If not for Mississippi we would rank number 1 on every negative list and number 50 on every good list. The strange thing is South Carolina republicans are proud of it.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker August 1, 2015

    I have relatives in several southern states. When I visited them, I noticed one odd thing about the attitudes toward women by the men in FL, GA, TX, MD and AZ…to these men, women have one and only one value: to boost male egos.

    Sadly, women bred in these states don’t dare aspire to EVER rise above any man. They know “their place.” Look what Texas did to Wendy David when she spoke out? Even the late Ann Richards was soundly blasted by the swaggering, drawling blowhards in her state when she said, “Poor George, he can’t help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth.”

    When I visited these relatives, I saw first hand that even those women not born in these states knew that trying to get ahead of any man was an exercise in futility.

    Why else do you think these red state men so loathe Hillary Clinton? They use every stereotype and double standard in the book to bring her down because as the wife of a southern man from Arkansas, how dare she think she is equal?

    The only difference between some women in these states is “religion.” Those whose Big Daddies “got religion” become nothing more than a symbol of male standards. Either a sex symbol or a pure and holy wife.

    1. David August 1, 2015

      How shrill we are today. I think it very sexist on your part to denigrate all women in the southern United States. Our dislike of Hildebeast stems from her problem of – LYING (dodging sniper fire in Bosnia; cattle futures; flat broke coming out of the Whitehouse; bimbo control; Vince Foster; Whitewater; and, deleted 32,000 emails); HYPOCRISY ( “champion of the middle class while spending $1200 at her hair stylist; global warming is a problem while flying around in her personal jet); and, BENGHAZI (ignore the pleas for help from the Ambassador; it was a movie that made the ragheads angry). Now, maybe if Hildebeast started back using her southern drawl and waving a Confederate battle flag, she might get more live from us rednecks.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker August 1, 2015

        Awww…what’s the matter DAHVEED…your befrigged state is No. 1 in the treatment of women? Well gee….tell us something your idiot posts don’t already.

        We’d sell your asshat state back to the Mexican if they could afford you. They can’t and the US states paying Texan way are getting fed up. Oh gee…looks like BIG RICH TEXAS, THAT WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY is a BS work of Texas art. Try again asshat.

        1. David August 1, 2015

          Eleanore– You can’t seem to be able to respond to the examples I provided showing Hildebeast’s lying, hypocrisy and her handling of the Benghazi crisis. Why not? Also, most Federal money coming to Texas is to support Obomo’s illegal aliens. I do enjoy the opportunity to banter with you — even though you are a Yankee. Where’s my Confederate battle flag?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker August 2, 2015

            Hey feces face…I only respond to posts from sane people. Not jerks who try to play their imaginary make up stories they can’t prove games.

            I did respond to your Whitewater Bs…Did you bother to check that years before Hillary knew Vince Foster, he was seeing therapist? Of course you didn’t asshat. To do that would poke a Grand Canyon hole in your attempts to prove negatives.

            Foster’s own wife admitted he had been undergoing therapy for nearly 12 years…long before you slime balls with the swaggering, drawling lies and distortions knew Foster even existed.

            You SOB Texans passed Riddle’s Law in 2011…It ALLOWS TEXANS TO HIRE ILLEGALS AS MAIDS AND YARD WORKERS….Don’t deny it.

            Texas state Rep. Aaron Pena, a Republican, said the exception is a wise one. “With things as they are today, her bill will see a large segment of the Texas population in prison” if it passes without the exception,” he said.

            “When it comes to household employees or yard workers it is
            extremely common for Texans to hire people who are likely undocumented workers,” Pena said. “It is so common it is overlooked.”

            The bills and other illegal immigration-related bills filed by
            Riddle and others reflect an increased pressure from constituents for action on the issue, Pena said. Because the federal government isn’t doing its job, residents press state officials to act, he said

            Leo Berman, a Republican state representative, agreed that there was a stronger voice from Texas voters on the issue. “Absolutely,” he said.

            So, in one breath an asshat Texan allows hiring of undocumented workers and then bashes the federal government while the double wide cowboy butts and their Big Haired Big Boob Mamas are hiring maids and yard workers who are ILLEGAL.

            Try again dirtbag…You are 10 for 10 on being wrong. No..you can’t have our tax dollars for your lazy butts. Your states rights don’t come before federal laws.

            Either you stop hiring illegals or our states will see to it Texas gets zip in border protection funding..What BS anyway…how much border protection are you actually doing if you are hiring illegal maids and yard workers?

          2. David August 2, 2015

            Eleanore– I come home from church and find another heated rant from you. While it is nice to receive your missive, again there are errors in what you presented. First, you state you “will only respond to posts from sane people”. By replying to me, I thank you for acknowledging my sanity. Second,Debbie Riddles bill, House Bill 2012, did NOT pass with the exception for maids and lawn workers. Employers are still required to fill out form UCIF I-9 on them and can be fined if they don’t. Tex. Work Force Comm. Section 2.65 Tax Law Manual
            Third, it is surprising that New Jersey ranks among the 5 states with the most illegal aliens. Unfortunately, 1.83 million of them are here in Texas because Obomo won’t enforce immigration laws. ProCon.org
            In fact, Obomo offers a $3,000 tax credit for the hiring of an illegal alien! Thenewamerican.com
            Finally, your continued use of profane language (“feces face” and “asshat”) leads me to believe that you are linguistically challenged and cannot engage in a debate without resorting to invective. Now, whilewe seem to be making progress on your fascination with male genitalia, nonetheless are you now going to concentrate on female mammary glands?
            Please tell us about Hildebeast and cattle futures, bimbo control, $1,200 hair dos, and being flat broke.

          3. Insinnergy August 3, 2015

            I find it edifying that my prediction you would be a Churchgoer has been borne out.
            No social group is as dumb as those who are instructed and agree that belief does not require evidence.
            No social group is as hypocritical as the bible-promoting Churchgoers.
            No social group is as poor in morals, ethics and critical thinking skills either, as cherry picking their favorite book allows them to justifiably do anything they wish. (See: “Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God (2012)”)

            A perfect fit for you.

          4. David August 3, 2015

            Hmmm….”…morals, ethics…” where did those come from? Not from evolution and survival of the fittest. Christians are far from perfect. But, they are the best we have!

          5. RED August 3, 2015

            Fascinating!! Here we have a perfect example of true hypocrisy and ignorance the Con disease inflicts upon people. First the best part is “returned from church”. What church? Surely not the Christian one that teaches love thy neighbor and charity to the poor and was founded by a long haired dark skinned socialist? Not that church right? As always the Con sickness removes ones ability to think or reason. As this moronic Con refers to Hillary Clinton as “Hildebeast” he lectures on calling people names. For the healthy sane people who haven’t been struck down with the mentally debilitating Con disease, it’s always easy to spot the ignorance caused by their disease.

          6. David August 3, 2015

            RED — Thank you so much for entering into our discussion! My church is Colonial Baptist. Yes, we do teach about loving our neighbor and giving to the poor. We worship a Middle Eastern man who was born a Jew. His name is Jesus. He is the Christ! I didn’t “lecture on calling names’. I spoke about Eleanore’s continued use of profanity. When you talk about ‘healthy and sane people’ vs. those who have ‘ignorance’, I hope you include yourself in the latter — given your apparent inability to read and understand the written word. But please, have a blessed day!

          7. dpaano November 19, 2015

            But it’s okay for you to call Hillary by a rude name, as well as the names you call our president. Apparently, you never learned respect when you were young. If you don’t like the person, at least have the common decency to respect the office he holds.

          8. David November 19, 2015

            Actually, “Hildebeast” is one of the nicest names I could call that individual.

        2. Independent1 August 1, 2015

          Eleanore, it’s pretty clear there’s no reasoning with a paid troll blogger who has no grey matter between his ears. Given he has no brain cells, it’s impossible for him to absorb anything but the GOP brainwashing of outright lies!!!!!!!! (We all know that Benghazi is nothing more than one more Faux News, Darrel Issa made up scandal and was really a CIA detachment and not a true consulate (and that Faux News even went to the extent of forging emails to substantiated their contrived story of the attack). And that the CIA chief has testified before Congress that the CIA responded withing 45 minutes of the attack and did what they could to help with the attack (where unfortunately 2 CIA people who responded died along with Stevens) and that Hillary, being head of the State Department, had no clear responsibility for her department to respond to the attack. I’m telling you all this because it’s clear that without a brain cell, David couldn’t comprehend the truth if it was engraved on his forehead. )

      2. Independent1 August 1, 2015

        Say David, if you can put two of those nonexistent brain cells of yours together, Can you explain to me why we didn’t hear you upset about the fact that there were 13 Benghazi’s during the 8 disastrous years that GWB was in office with not 4 but 70 people dying. And 18 of those people died in the Karachi consulate during 3 attacks over 5 years, without the Bush Administration having ever done anything to beef up security for Karachi. And in the last attack on Karachi, 5 people died including a diplomat just like Stevens.

        Would you care to explain to us why not one of the GOP hypocrites that is making a circus out of Benghazi ever wondered why no one in the Bush Administration ever did anything to help beef up security at the Karachi consulate so that after the 1st attack in 2003 (where 6 people were killed) 12 more people wouldn’t end up dying including a diplomat over the next 3 years??

        Let’s hear it David, what possibly could be the Bush Administrations answer as to why they in fact didn’t DO ANYTHING TO PREVENT ANY OF THE 13 ATTACKS??



        1. David August 1, 2015

          Independent1 — Thank you for joining the talk. The topic being discussed was dislike of H. R. Clinton a/k/a Hildebeast. Is your defense of her inaction that, “Well, there was inaction on Bush’s part too”? Well, if so, then that begs the question of whether or not she acted appropriately. Let’s focus on question number 1, “Was Hildebeast’s conduct regarding Benghazi appropriate?”. I have four dead Americans that say it was. After we answer this query, we can then talk about Bush and his failings.

          1. Wedge Shot August 3, 2015

            Issa turned up nothing and so will Gowdy. What a waste of time and money.

      3. Leftout August 2, 2015

        Hillary is a most ” cunning ” linguist, she speaks Ebonics, Southern Texas twang and Soul. She really gets down with the people. She was once seen eating Fried Chicken in Arkansas .

      4. Insinnergy August 3, 2015

        Actually you hate women.
        The tells are all through your replies.
        The rest is just justification.

      5. Wedge Shot August 3, 2015

        Congratulation. You have managed to put all or your hatred and crap in one paragraph. We all know David that you have never accomplished much in life and spend most of you time going after people that have.
        Hillary was Secretary of State while you managed to to get a GED after 7 tries. We also know that cracking the $30,000.00 a year income mark proved to be futile so you gave up.
        So sorry about all of the poor life choices you have made.

        1. David August 3, 2015

          Thank you for your comment Wedge Shot. “Hatred and crap”? It is the truth. Apparently, having someone disagree with you is quite troublesome and you resort to insult instead of presenting cogent arguments. 7 tries to get a GED? How do you know it wasn’t only 6? If I make more than $30,000 I might not get any tax credits for my Obomocare.?. One of those poor choices was coming on to this site trying to edify you library’s.

    2. Leftout August 2, 2015

      What could be better than a good obedient Southern Belle, that gives out loving welcomes to her man. Don’t mess with Texas and a Goooood Thing. Women enjoy sex …I read it somewhere…..pit seems. …..a Reallll unabashed Woman, Eleanore.

      Where are you Eleanore , I see you may need some proper handling, I can be submissive it it pleases you. I went to school in the South, but i can couple that with Northern ruffness if it fits your expectations. I hope you are not a two bagger or a Boston Virgin, it can cause E.D.

      1. David August 2, 2015

        Eleanore is from New Jersey. You know, that Yankee state whose governor is a Cowboys fan!

        1. Leftout August 2, 2015

          Yes I remember her saying such . I think she is looking for some love and would be willing to be discreet about it like Bill Clinton. I wonder if she has an Oval Office . Did I spell that correctly.
          Thanks for info , Dave .

          1. David August 2, 2015

            Leftout — I think I agree with the description of Hildebeast as a “cunning linguist”. Maybe learned it watching Billy?

          2. Leftout August 2, 2015

            Lengua grande, where Is Monica. Hair I cum.

          3. David August 2, 2015

            Billy boy can’t believe she kept the dress!!!! Well, I guess it all depends on what your definition of the word “is” is.

          4. emjayay August 3, 2015

            ATTENTION MODERATOR (if there is one):

            Stupid sub-juvenile comments like this are not helpful in reasoned discourse. In other words, allowing this crap just throws a monkey wrench in the comments and leads to people abandoning your website.

          5. Leftout August 3, 2015

            We are relating observations and past and some the happenings of political characters that affect some of you lives.

          6. Insinnergy August 3, 2015

            The curious thing is neither you nor “Leftout” seem to realise that your offhand derogatory comments about women paint you as ignorant privileged misogynist throwbacks to all who read through the comments.
            I realise this is probably a badge of honor in the permanent male locker rooms that make up most of your thinking space… but to educated people it just makes you look stupid and removes any interest from anything further you attempt to hammer out using your knuckles on your keyboards.

          7. Leftout August 3, 2015

            I am poking holes in hypocracies of the contrived , sanctimonious issues and false charges of men and the” war on women. ” Most men that I have known treat women equally and with respect ….. Unless

          8. RED August 3, 2015

            Unless provoked? Wow! That sounds disgusting. So how does a woman provoke you? Since you must too weak and ignorant to control yourself. Do woman in short skirts “have it coming” too? One word and your entire attitude is revealed.

          9. Leftout August 3, 2015

            Provoked: it is that most Humans do get along til a sensitivity is breached and someone loses their patience, from not sharing each other’s thoughts. No man should ever violate a woman’s space, the penalties are severe usually and should be so. Women in short skirts are certainly eye catching . They are alluring and can lure the less controlled amongst us. I personally am not weak but I am affected by pheromones like every animal. Women also are playful, even to me , a real ugly fellow, perhaps sympathy is the word. We have gotten a bit too sensitive over the past years , no?

          10. hicusdicus August 3, 2015

            Provoked has nothing to do with short skirts. It has to do with what comes out of their mouth. A woman’s mouth when nitro fueled has the same destructive energy of a tactical nuke.

          11. Leftout August 3, 2015

            Typical response, for her. Can not believe these are all lesbians ,,or were they treated so badly by males.
            What ever happened to Obozoman, a regular on this form. May he was banned

        2. hicusdicus August 3, 2015

          EW is a camel toe with an addiction for diesel fuel and white lines, the ones on the highway. Who knows maybe both.

          1. David August 3, 2015

            I think you may be right about that!

          2. hicusdicus August 3, 2015

            Just wait until she gives you her resume. She has written a couple of books which people bought to use for reserve toilet paper. She expounds upon her belief that all republican men are despicable and nothing more than walking hardons looking for a liberal hole. Have fun but protect your nuts.

          3. David August 3, 2015

            Lmfao!!!! I am having a great time playing with Eleanore! She is the total Yankee b–ch! But you know, I saw a picture of her on one of the two novels she wrote. Ugly and stupid is no way to go through life!

      2. Insinnergy August 3, 2015

        Immediate misogynist reply… as expected.
        You droolers never fail to underachieve.

        1. Leftout August 3, 2015

          I found the women in the South to have more self decorum than the more forward Northern Breed. I was aghast when I came back North after finishing college in the Southland. We respected women and still do. And Most men do as well. I hate to admit this but I was true to my high school sweetness and was a Virgin throughout college . Again, being ugly helped me out a bit . I found the uglier the woman the easier it was to mount them…. Except if you were member of NOW. They seem to blame their lack of sexual encounter to horrid men, and not because of their nasty attitude. ATTITUDE HELPS., don’t change lnsinnergy !!

          1. emjayay August 3, 2015

            Too bad Disquis doesn’t have a wacko nutjob filter.

          2. Leftout August 3, 2015

            I am relating true , personal experiences, all can be substantiated.

      3. hicusdicus August 3, 2015

        EW was the inspiration that brought forth Vigra.

        1. Leftout August 3, 2015

          She and the National Organization of Women -NOW- were the control group in this pharmacological study, the dosages were so high to give a reaction , that it caused epistaxis with subsequent nasal
          Tissue growth instead.

  4. dpaano November 19, 2015

    This is pretty sad!


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