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The Big Lie Of The Day: A Plan Even Paul Ryan’s Mother Couldn’t Love

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The Big Lie Of The Day: A Plan Even Paul Ryan’s Mother Couldn’t Love


The Big Lie: Romney and Ryan’s plan to cut government spending and turn Medicare into a premium support plan will not affect anyone 55 or older.

The Truth: Both Romney and Ryan have proposed drastic cuts that would immediately affect seniors by raising drug costs, eliminating preventive care, and threatening the Medicaid coverage that millions of seniors rely upon.

This weekend Paul Ryan will take his 78-year-old mom to the largest senior living facility in the world to defend his plan for Medicare. It’s a plan so good Ryan would never force it on his mother or ask anyone over 54 to try it. Don’t worry seniors! says Ryan. This plan won’t affect you. You’ll get the Medicare you love and people 54 or younger will pay for it until your last breath from a government-subsidized respirator.

It’s an insane argument. You sure love your Medicare, so help us turn it into something you’d never want for people younger than you.

Republicans have figured out something very odd about the American electorate. Voters, at least in polls and focus groups, hate the idea of government-run health care almost as much as they love Medicare. So first the GOP attacked the President as a socialist — and a proponent of government health care — and then they turned to attacking him for trying to hurt government-run Medicare. You can’t trust that socialist with your socialized insurance!

They made this argument even as the Affordable Care Act added years to the solvency of Medicare, along with new prescription drug and preventive care benefits.

This tortured logic only makes sense to people who are paid to believe it and perhaps to seniors who are desperate to keep what they have. But the fact is that it’s based on a lie.

The cuts that Romney and Ryan are proposing will have an immediate effect on people over 55 the day they begin putting their policies into effect. How bad will that effect become? We can’t know because the Romney campaign refuses to put their actual plan on paper. They know doing so would be suicidal. But here’s what we know for sure anyway.

On day one, millions of seniors on Medicare will be paying $250 more a year for drug coverage. Free preventative care will be gone along with the savings the President negotiated from providers. As a result, the Medicare you love will only have four more years of solvency, meaning drastic cuts will be imminent. Worried doctors may begin opting out of the program. If you believe Mitt Romney, that’s what he’ll give you on day one.

Soon Medicaid will be capped and sent to the states. Millions of seniors who rely on Medicaid for their Medicare will be forced to come up with money for basic care.


  1. Dominick Vila August 18, 2012

    You don’t treat a rash by amputating the arm. MEDICARE expenditures need to be reduced or that program will go bust within the next decade. To achieve that goal President Obama proposed a reduction in the amount service providers can charge MEDICARE, as well as the elimination of redundant services brought about by the introduction of the Affordable Care Act. Republicans, especially Paul Ryan, understood the logic of the administration proposal and passed legislation to that effect. It is not enough to keep the system solvent for future generations, but it is a good start. Rep. Ryan’s plan, however, calls for the dismantling of MEDICARE for people under 55, which by default would destroy MEDICARE for everyone else since contributors are MEDICARE’s main source of income. It is evident, judging by the latest political ads, that the strategy at the moment is not to debate which approach is the best way to go, but to scare seniors to get their votes.

    1. sigrid28 August 18, 2012

      You make a clear choice easier for people to understand, yet the two options between which to choose are each very complicated. Another problem you rightly emphasize is that seniors get scared and reason flies out the window. When I read your clear and graceful explanations, I want to throttle Ryan with his self-serving obfuscations, that take advantage of one of the most vulnerable sectors of our communities. We owe seniors a decent explanation of their options, complicated as they are. You’ve set forth the choice, let me see if I can take a crack at the options.

      Under the Affordable Care Act, Medicare is like the trusty old Buick you love to drive and keep repairing whenever it gives you trouble. You can afford to fix it, and you can take it to your favorite mechanic. Medicaid is a spanking new rental for long trips that your trusty old Buick can’t handle. You can afford that, too. The Affordable Care Act changes nothing, unless it improves your situation.

      Ryan’s vision for Medicare puts your trusty old Buick in the salvage yard in four years, and makes a rental too expensive for most seniors. Even if you could afford car rental when you needed it, you would be at the mercy of car rental agencies (i.e., health insurance companies) that could refuse car rental based on prior conditions, or discontinue coverage just when you have to take a really long trip or in the case of an emergency (because Ryan repeals the Affordable Care Act, which prevented those abuses).

      Which is better for you: driving your trusty old Buick or being at the mercy of car rental agencies?

  2. gargray August 18, 2012

    Repbs don’t don’t destroy something that is working. It is for the benifit of t;he people. Everything you touch turnes into kayous.

  3. Bill Healy August 18, 2012

    Ummm…who thinks that after the GOP destroy’s Medicare for those under 55 that they won’t target today’s Seniors next. I wouldn’t rely on Romney/Ryan’s word to support it for today’s Seniors. Once they have tomorrow’s Seniors off the program they will no longer have any reason to support it that will make the job of thowing granny off a cliff in her wheelchair much easier.

    1. Dominick Vila August 18, 2012

      Actually, they will target today’s seniors the moment they remove contributors younger than 55 from the system. Without their contributions the system will collapse immediately.

    2. Dominick Vila August 18, 2012

      Ryan was at The Villages today, one of the largest retirement communities in the country, and a Tea Party Republican stronghold in Central Florida. As incredible as it may sound he was enthusiastically welcomed by a large crowd of upper middle class retirees cheering his position on MEDICARE and booing President Obama’s alleged plan to destroy that program. It is evident that some people are willing to shoot themselves in the foot if that is what it takes to limit the role of some members of our society in the Oval Office to serving drinks.

      1. ralphkr August 18, 2012

        As I have often stated: No one has ever gone broke betting on the stupidity of people.

      2. peter c August 19, 2012

        Hey Dominick, when you say upper middle class seniors , are those the ones that actually don’t need medicare, because they have enough money. What about the ones that can’t afford to pay their medical bills. OH! they don’t count, right? Well those seniors can KISS MY ASS—-NOW THAT’S RIGHT

        1. Dominick Vila August 20, 2012

          Peter, that was precisely my point. The seniors that support Romney’s and Ryan’s agenda are either very wealthy individuals or upper middle class seniors who do not need MEDICARE to cover their medical expenses. Most of us depend on Social Security and MEDICARE to survive, and most of us would be adversely affected if the GOP planned dismantling of MEDICARE is implemented.

    3. DurdyDawg August 19, 2012

      You mean, like this? (a ryan wet dream).

    4. DurdyDawg August 22, 2012

      NO!! Don’t tell me! I thought it was just a nightmare…

  4. adler56 August 18, 2012

    Seems like a no brainer- unfortunately half our country has no brain- as evidenced by their votes for dumbya and all the tea baggers- votes against their own best interests- in other words- brain dead votes. If one of these brain dead Americans is in your family- beat some sense into them- quickly- don’t support them in anyway- tell them to ask Romney and Ryan for help – maybe that will open their eyes.

    1. highpckts August 19, 2012

      adler56 – My whole extended family are voting for Romney!! They call us names, like left, wing liberal loonies, so we can’t even have a conversation! It really has caused a rift! So sad but I will not back down! I truly don’t trust Romney/Ryan!!

  5. William Deutschlander August 18, 2012

    The REPUBLICAN CARTEL wants to and is hell bent on, destroying Social ecurity, Medicare and Medicaid, ALL OF WHICH HAVE GREATLY HELPED THE CHILDREN, THE POOR, THE DISABLED and the MIDDLE CLASS. Anyone who beleives otherwise is a FOOL!

    DEMOCRATS for DEMOCRACY, did you notice the similarity in the spelling, have you noticed that Democrats pass legislation that will benefit the vast majority of citizens?

    1. Phil Hopstein August 18, 2012

      This Romney and Ryan team should be tared and feathered and sent to Sibreria. Anyone who votes for these creeps is sick in the head and they do not know what is going on.

  6. PaulCindy August 18, 2012

    Medicare WILL be bankrupt as well as S.S. because of politicians stealing funds from them. If there are so many cost savings that Obama claims that he can take $716 BILLION from Medicare, why haven’t they done so? How compassionate is it to ignore this serious problem year after year for politics instead of facing the problem Head-On like Ryan & Romney?

    The long term goal of Obamacare is a single-payer program run entirely by Federal bureauocrats that will become bankrupt, political and rationed, with us having no say in the matter. Does that sound like something you would want for thius country & your children? By the way, Millions of Illegal “immigrants” will be eligible for Obamacare as well.

    1. jimbo August 18, 2012

      There is a trust fund for SS that has 2.6 trillion dollars in it now . and we just need to take off the cap on when we stop paying into the SS fund and it will be ok . With the Obama plan for Medicare it will be ok if you don’t listen to the Republicans and put them back in office . They are a bunch ling hypocrites. As for the Illegals being eligible is not true they apply and follow the rules for becoming legal.You must remember our forefathers were illegal once too. When you tell something tell it all not just parts of it . They cannot be eligible as long as they are illegal. It is not millions it is only 750,ooo. the 750 billion dollars that Obama took out of Medicare went into Obamacare to close up the DOUGH HOLE NUT THAT YOUR DUM PRESIDENT BUSH LET THE INSURANCE COMPANIES
      PUT IN THE PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLAN FOR SENIORS THAT WILL BE CLOSED UP IN THE NEXT 10 years . why don’t you ask RYAN AND ROMNEY ABOUT THIS ?Their plan calls for this doughnut hole to get larger over the next 10 years . while OBAMA”S plam calls for it to go away .

      1. DurdyDawg August 19, 2012

        Here’s Ryan’s answer: (he’s not selective).

  7. jimbo August 18, 2012

    The growth of healthcare in the private sextor is 4.9%, the growth of healthcare under Medicare is 3.1% the medicare system is better run than the private system is but the GOP wants to give our Medicare to the private insurance companies so they can charge us any amount they want to for insurance. They also want to give them the option to cover just what they want to and kick us off of their insurance when we get sick . The Ryan plan is for the Seniors to pay for the savings of 716 billion dollars over the next 10 years . The Obama Plan is just the other way . His plan is for the Drug companies to sell their medicines cheaper ,the the insurance premiums lower ,the doughnut hole to close up ,us seniors to get free cancer screenings , . the Ryan plan also calls for the doughnut hole to get larger ,once you get in it you will never get out and you will get in it earlier and stay the rest of the year . So seniors don’t let Ryan and Romney lie to you .Both of these plans save the same over 10 years but Obama’s plan makes the people that can afford to pa for it pay . while the Ryan plan makes us who cannot afford to anymore pay for it .

  8. Dennis August 18, 2012

    I agree with you Bill if we elect these num nutz our great country and are people in it are just up the old creek without a paddle .Just vote no

  9. Dennis August 18, 2012

    These idiots have lost their minds. Now tell me how ignorant are we America?It’s just frightening to think of romney and ryan even considering a place in politics

  10. desertdustoff August 18, 2012

    With the repugnican, tea bagging, American taliban, fun dumb amentalists, third world status is just a step away. Any programs that survive their Genghis Khan-type onslaught will be programs that exist for the mega rich only. And all of you repugnicans who vote for nit wit mitt and lyin’ryan, remember ignorance is not bliss; it is a gop (greed over people) voter and you will go down like the rest of the middle class as they won’t care because even if you claim to be republican, you will never be one of them. No mega bucks, no social position. Simple, how can you be dumb enough to vote for these losers and their plan to destroy America?

  11. EGA19 August 18, 2012

    If Seniors vote these two into office, they need to heed this. Those of us just under the 55 year age requirement will not come rescue them even if we could. Today’s Seniors would have demonstrated we got ours, the rest of you are on your own. (I for one doubt many if any Seniors have this mentality).

    We have been paying into this system for decades now, and for the Romneys and Ryans of the World trying to move the goal post this late in the game will come at a cost. Either we will collect our Social Security as promised, or they will have to put more money into infastructure such as building more lock up facilities. Its time to put an end to this attitude of “Let Them Eat Cake.”

    What Gov. Romney Rep Ryan now needs to do is possibly explain the 100 million dollar pledge allegedly donated by the Koch brothers,for Romney taking Ryan unto the ticket.

  12. dtooter August 18, 2012

    America will not be tricked into voting for extremism and radical actions that republicans are attempting to perpetrate !!!

  13. howa4x August 18, 2012

    Ryan is a disicple of Ayn Rand that libertarian who thought that everyone needs to pay their own way. He used to hand out her book to everyone. Ryan dosen’t believe that government should have any role in personal protection and that we are here for the sole reason of supporting the business community in their quest to dominate the world. He is a true social Darwinist. This is why he wants to have increases in defense every year, not to protect us, but to protect the far flung business interests around the world. Turning Medicare into a voucher program is granting the insurance industry the largest subsidy in history, and turning SS into stock accounts would make Romneys friends on Wall st. the richest on earth. Their campagin is so balantly big business that its acually funny watching them try to explain how corporations are our friends. Even though they pollute our water, air, poison our food supply with pesticides and make drugs that only make us addicted forever to them with out ever curing us.. They want to remove all regulations and free business to take advantage of the rest of us any way they can. That is why the big money is on them. A down payment for the riches that will soon come to the donors. . This is really an election about whos values will control the future, profit for them or freedom for us.

  14. ivory69690 August 18, 2012

    On day one, millions of seniors on Medicare will be paying $250 more a year for drug coverage. Free preventative care will be gone along with the savings the President negotiated from providers. As a result, the Medicare you love will only have four more years of solvency, meaning drastic cuts will be imminent. Worried doctors may begin opting out of the program. If you believe Mitt Romney, that’s what he’ll give you on day one.

    Soon Medicaid will be capped and sent to the states. Millions of seniors who rely on Medicaid for their Medicare will be forced to come up with money for basic care// dont the 98% of the ppl see this or understand this will happen . the stupid part of it is if the anti-christ was to get into the house he cares nothing about the ppl none of the 98% . ive knows some dumb ppl. before but for the life of me i would never belive that that many ppl. could be that blind in this country .

  15. LadyDeb August 18, 2012


  16. Gerald August 18, 2012

    Republicans lie and then Fox News assures their viewers that it is the truth.

  17. bigspender7 August 18, 2012

    Sounds really bad for our seniors. I guess there will be many more people living below the poverty line before long. Oh well, just so Romney/Ryan and other rich people pay less in taxes. That’s what’s really important, right?

  18. Richard Zicarelli August 18, 2012


  19. Wokeup flared up August 18, 2012

    I dislike/distrust Rommey from the start, he is for “Him” and HIM alone with his elite 1%. They dont have enough, they want it all. Then alongs come Ryan, who has donenothing by hinder the President in trying to improve America and represt “the people”. Oh yes those two represnt the “people”. Like the communist partys “people”. The people are those in the pary(like the republicans), who are the elite(like the republicans). It is bad enought now with big moneies buying and running this country now, just wait and see what happens if these two, two faaces, back stabbing, phoney “representives” ruin whats left of USA. (oops maybe I should have said “run whats left of the USA)- thats what they think us “inferior” subjects” would believe of there “misrepresentations” for whats going on. ( in English their bold, two faced lies).
    GOP – Greedy OLD Party
    GOP – Gotit over People

  20. onedonewong August 18, 2012

    Barak has already stripped Medicare of over $750 million but you can hardly find any articles in the State Run Media

    1. DurdyDawg August 19, 2012

      Read a little more about that money numb nut.. Obamacare replaces medicare and THAT’S what the money is doing.. Look it up in the accredited news sites, not on faux news.

      1. onedonewong August 19, 2012

        What accredited news sites??? name 1 bet its part of the state Run Media. Time for you to turn off the echo chamber and google the truth

    2. William Carr August 19, 2012

      You mean when he eliminated fraud, told physicians they were over-charging, and cut waste?

      Yeah, he did those things. It didn’t take away anybody’s benefits, and made Medicare more efficient.

      Ironically, Paul Ryan proposes the same cuts, but he wants the money to give tax cuts to the wealthy.

      It’s strange, hearing Romney decrying the cuts in wasteful spending, saying he would restore the cuts, knowing that Ryan would be pushing to cut Medicare as soon as possible.

      Your problem is you don’t listen to REAL news.

      And BTW, there is no State Run Media. Even PBS is independent.

      Switch off Fox News for a week, and see if the brain cells grow back.

      1. onedonewong August 19, 2012

        No those billions aren’t gong to be spent on the elderly but spent on illegals whose votes he and his party desperately need them to win. Yea barak the great practicing Doctor and knows they charge too much all the while his triallawyer buddies are tapping the system every year to the tune of $400B . Why is tort reform left out of his plan?? trial lawyers are the Dem’s single largest contributors.
        You think removing that much $$ doesn’t affect people’s care?? Your a lunatic, every doctor I know has stopped taking any new medicare patients, their agenda is simple let Barak take care of them.
        Even with Obamacare controlling 16% of the US economy, hospitals and doctors will still be required to provide 10’s of billions $$$ in free healthcare to illegals.
        Your last statement shows how warped your mind is No State Run Media???? Please the WH meets with the state run Media every morning and outlines the stories to be cover and the WH spin. Even a novice watching the nightly news on ABC. NBC, CBS see’s the exact same stories in the same order with the EXACT same footage and take. You think this is by accident???
        PBS has never been “independent” is always been a left wing shill for the Democratic party. From Big Bird to Jim Laure news hour

  21. jebediah123 August 18, 2012

    Here’s what I’m really afraid of—That Medicare will be so hollowed out, that even if you have the “choice” of keeping it, doctors will refuse to accept it. Then what??

    Republicans say you will get a voucher for around $6000—-Look around in today’s health insurance market and see what you get for that sum—–especially if you have a pre-existing condition.

    27 years ago, I had an angioplasty and have been taking cholesterol and high blood pressure drugs since then with no re-occurance but since I am “under a doctor’s care” I have a PRE-EXISTING CONDITION and it will cost me big bucks for private insurance.

  22. rustingdreams August 19, 2012

    I listened to most of Ryan’s speach at The Villages yesterday and as far as I recall he did not mention “vouchers” once. How convenient!! The entire speach from how, Obama is stealing big bucks from Medicare to pay for his Affordable Health Care plan, etc., is misleading, at best. I can only hope that all those brainwashed seniors will actually listen to Obama’s explaination of the facts when he presents them, and act on the facts. However, I doubt it. Like most Romney ssupporters, their only concern is getting rid of the POTUS. Quite sad!!

  23. rustingdreams August 19, 2012

    Paul & Cindy. I am a registered Republican, and I believe that a single payer system is the best thing that could happen to our health care. Our system, with our for profit health care companies siphoning off outrageous amounts of money for their execs and corrupt drug companies, etc. is the worst way to go. When was the last time your health care premiums went down under this “free market” system? Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% in favor of the free market system in most areas, but health care, not so much. I’m convinced we’d be better off joining the rest of the civilized world with a single payer system. Granted, the gov’t is often inefficient, and we’d need to be careful how it was set up and monitored, but if we worked together (congress) on it, it would be the best thing for everyone concerned. And if the immigration problem is handled correctly, the “immigrants” could actually help make the program successful!

  24. philippe37 August 19, 2012

    I think it is a shame when a man brings his mother to help support his lie. What you are doing is cutting Medicare as part of your plan to cut spending. We the Senior Americans will not stand for it. I give $98.00 dollars a month for my medicare insurance, plus I have an insurance to help support what Medicare does not cover. Leave SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE alone. Stop lying to the people about “Obama Care”, Republicans did nothing about Medical Insurance, it is helping Americas to be able have medical insurance.

  25. nomaster August 19, 2012

    Maybe one day they someone will make a pair of flip flop shoes named after Romney-Ryan. Their plan would not only cut medicare but eliminate it eventually and put in place a voucher program that does not give enough money to purchase insurance. This plan unlike medicare which we pay into will be an program paid directly out of government taxes. If Willard the Rat man and Ben the rat Ryan succeed, all will lose medicare eventually not only the young.

  26. highpckts August 19, 2012

    Philippe37 – Of course he brought his Mother! Mom doesn’t have to worry about Medicare. Her goody two shoes son will take care of her so she is just another pawn in the game!!

  27. highpckts August 19, 2012

    onedonewrong – get your facts straight! Go to any site and do some research and then get back to us when you have some useful knowledge!

  28. highpckts August 19, 2012

    PaulCindy – I am so tired of people repeating everything right from the mouths of
    Fox news, Limbaugh and Beck! Get a brain and do some reading on your own! Stand up and prove to us that you are indeed a “thinking” human being!!

  29. LeRoy Crume August 19, 2012

    Seniors, If you all fall for this Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney doctrin,you will be in a whole lot of trouble, and remember, you will not be able to change your mind and leave the plan, like Romney changes his stories from one hour to the next. You will be stuck with these two morons for four years.

    1. DurdyDawg August 22, 2012

      Even mama and granny Ryan won’t be immune..

  30. Jane Arquipway August 19, 2012

    Good write up. One of the better ones I’ve read.

  31. Robert Wells August 20, 2012

    I for one does not believe one word that the GOP has to say even ifthay swore to it on A stack off bibles

  32. Gaz Matic August 20, 2012

    people aregenerally stupid….especially those that support the republican ticket. Karl Rove said that EDUCATED people vote democrat. why? think about it…

    “get your government hands off my medicare!!”

    this person is obviously ignorant…
    1. medicare is a GOVERNMENT program
    2. it was created by the government BECAUSE private insurance companies REFUSED to insure the elderly
    3. it is policed, financed and administrated by THE GOVERMNT

    so when these people are shouting about taking the GOVERNMENT out of MEDICARE they are actually calling for the PRIVATIZATION of MEDICARE or a VOUCHER PROGRAM

    these uninformed people are lobbying AGAINST their OWN INTERESTS…

    again… KARL ROVE said that EDUCATED people vote DEMOCRAT

  33. Craig August 20, 2012

    Well, if you’re under 55, R & R would be out of office before you get the official notice that you’ve been fleeced, and that means it can all be blamed upon whoever is the “new Obama.” It’s like funding the wars…which we didn’t bother to do either…because somebody else will have to clean up the mess. Bush II was great at that, and Rmoney is just the second coming of more of that.

  34. clearhead August 31, 2012

    @ ‘National Memo’ — When diparaging a ‘democrat’ it is a worthwhile policy to do it anonymously, because of the distinct possibility of retribution in various forms by the disparagee. However, in instances where the disparagor’s useless vitriol is verbally aimed toward someone respectable, Republican, Democrat or other, it is not necessary to hide the disparagor’s identity. Normal civilized Americans prefer discussions or debates rather than retaliation. Therefore we ask that you identify the author of this ridiculous and biased spewing, — so that in the future we’ll be able to save valuable time by ignoring further opinions by him/her/it. Thank you.

  35. n900mixalot September 2, 2012

    I would almost LOVE to see those two win, just to SEE what will happen, and the regret people will feel for voting for them when things ARENT so easy to fix as they say they are.

    I vow that if they DO win, I will do MY BEST to continue to help those who need and can use my help. That’s the good news about America, we can STILL be great no matter who our so-called leaders are.

    These people want to divide us and make us angry. Don’t let them. Redirect the anger toward helping those around you, and let the rest GO! If you can help a neighbor today, HELP THEM! Don’t get stuck on who the President is or may be.

    We’ve been through worse, and there is worse to come, but we ourselves can still do better for one another.

  36. norma s September 2, 2012

    Medicare have enough funding for people 55 and over but now enough for the future generation therefore, it should be reformed. If the taxpayers were given an option to contribute to medicare, some would opted out just as they did when they elected not to participate on their employers’ insurance.

  37. Pat Kelly September 3, 2012

    It is amazing that republicans can demand with a straight face that Obama should clean up the mess in 4 years that it took a republican president and his administration 8-years to create. Remember, when Bush took office, Clinton left him with a thriving economy operating at a surplus. Just eight years later, Bush handed Obama an American economy on the verge of catastrophic financial collapse. So much for republican visions of free and unrestrained capitalism that has thrown the entire world into a recession. Clearly republicans are a party ruled by the elite for the elite. What boggles the mind is how so many can claim to align themselves with republican ideals for no other reason than to hope they will become part of the elite merely by pretending they share the same elitist ideals. But this is the fallacy and false promise republicans are deluded with because the truth is that as the rich get richer everyone else including most of the rich themselves eventually get poorer and poorer. The obvious outcome is a few trillionares taking huge pieces of the single pie we all must eat from. And as the super-rich take bigger and bigger pieces of the same pie we all much share it doesn’t take any great genius to realize that our pieces are going to keep getting smaller and smaller. Sure the wealthy top 2 percent might create a lot of jobs but at what cost. For every million they earn they hire another one or two employee at $40,000 each to help them make another million. This is not the American dream. Hello Republicans… Anybody home???

    1. Michael Hilton September 3, 2012

      Well, Pat this one is ‘home’…
      You’re right back at the same pulpit…blaming Bush for everything. Bush didn’t do a very good job, did he? Obama, though, promised to fix it all…and within his first term (or as he said himself, he wouldn’t earn a second term)

      Did he fix everything, Pat?

      Or…Pat…did it get worse? I’ll wait for a clever response to that.

      No one is going to like the medicine required for the ailment, Pat…NO ONE. Do you think, Pat, that the nice folks in Greece like the medicine they’re taking? Obama thinks all we have to do is run the presses faster or borrow more from overseas…thus “spending our way out of trouble”. Can you do that, Pat, with your family’s budget? Nope…

      Neither can we, as a nation, Pat.

      Oh, and Pat…about that clever response: If you’re going to suggest that Obama has created (some big number) XXXX jobs, spare us. There are fewer people working now than when he took Office. If you’re going to try to point us to a better economy, remember that American’s net worth — individually — has dropped by 40%.

      What, Pat? I’m lying? Prove it, old son.

      On edit, here…
      You mention “boggles the mind”. Great, Pat. I’m very sure your mind is — indeed — bobbled.

    2. Michael Hilton September 3, 2012

      Oh, Pat…and the “bigger and bigger pieces” you mention. That assumes (something done all the time by leftists) that the pie is a static piece of merchandise. When the economy grows (not recognized by leftists) everyone benefits because the pie gets bigger. Your “paradigm” for the economy is incorrect, otherwise we’d have the same size economy that George Washington dealt with.

      Use your head for something other than a “progressive” sounding board.

    3. Michael Hilton September 3, 2012

      Gee, Pat…I keep forgetting stuff.

      If you’ve a mind to mention what fearless leader says frequently…that he’d have succeeded if not for an obstructionist Republican party…who (yes, PAT, who?) had control of BOTH houses of congress for the first two years?

      Who, Pat?

      What house of congress, Pat, is responsible for a budget, required by the Constitution, every year? What house of Congress, Pat?

      Who holds the hammer over that house of Congress, Pat? Can you say, “Harry Reid”, Pat?

      Try it Pat. Purse your lips and cough it out, Pat.

      People like you…PAT… make my teeth ache.

  38. Michael Hilton September 3, 2012

    yeah, Pat, when I read pap like you’ve posted I get downright pis5ed.

  39. cwconley September 4, 2012

    Ok. I get people being upset with all the goodies getting taken away, but HONESTLY… I don’t want any medicare of mine to be paid by a loan from China that our grandchildren are working away to pay off properly. Completely nuts. I don’t care if 2, 5, or 10 generations have gotten it before me… Not only is it not FAIR to strap my grandkids that way, it borders on posthumous grandchild abuse. I won’t have a part of it!

    Very sad how so many so viciously defend their entitlements at the expense of their kids and grandkids.


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