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The NRA’s ‘Meaningful Contribution’ To The Gun Conversation Sparks Outrage

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The NRA’s ‘Meaningful Contribution’ To The Gun Conversation Sparks Outrage


The NRA has a consistent PR pattern after mass shootings. It refrains from comment in the immediate aftermath and then eventually emerges with condemnations of the media and the entertainment industry and variations on a theme that the only way to stop a “bad guy” with a gun is a “good guy” with a gun.

After the shocking execution of 20 first- and second-graders in Newtown, CT, the graphic horror of the situation dramatically shifted the debate to the point that a majority of Americans now support major gun control restrictions and outright banning of certain weapons.

As the NRA remained silent, several national figures who have supported the organization — including senators Joe Manchin (D-WV), Mark Warner (D-VA), Robert Casey (D-PA) and former Republican congressman and current MSNBC host Joe Scarborough — have called for new gun laws to try to prevent more shootings. President Obama named Vice President Biden to come up with concrete proposals to prevent gun violence. And several Republicans in Congress said they would consider them.

So when NRA president Wayne LaPierre took the stage in Newtown a week after the massacre to offer what the organization promised would be a “meaningful conversation,” many had hopes that the NRA would break from its pattern and support some of the measures the public widely supports — including banning assault weapons, limiting the number of bullets in a magazine and universal background checks.

But LaPierre instead put on a performance that shocked and disappointed with its unhinged contradictions that began with his introduction, when the reporters in attendance were told, “This is the beginning of a serious conversation. We won’t be taking any questions.”

LaPierre’s statement has already been denounced by Democrats including Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-CT) who called it “the most tone-deaf statement” he’d ever seen. Twice interrupted by protesters blaming the NRA for “killing kids,” LaPierre trudged on, unashamed and determined to reshape the narrative.

He began by insisting that he was speaking for “our nation’s children.” He decried “gun-free school zones” for telling “every insane killer in America that schools are their safest place to inflict maximum mayhem with minimum risk.”

This talking point ignores the fact that school shootings are actually down while mass shootings and gun violence in general are up, and will pass auto accidents as a cause of death by 2015.


  1. Lynda December 21, 2012

    Wayne is a disingenous fool. It is apparently that he is not even in touch with the membership of his organization. The time has come for the good folks at the NRA to get themselves some reasonable leadership. This fool waited a week to come up with basically nothing. Get tough on criminals sounds good, but is a false narrative. The country already has the largest prison population in the world…by far. Get tough on the mental cases, which is of course far easier said than done. And my favorite turn our schools into armed camps. Such loose talk about ‘trained and armed’ personell in schools was clearly not thought out. He even stated we should at least consider the possibility that an armed guard may have stopped the violence. Perhaps, but that is long leap of faith to think that a security guard could react quickly enough to do something against someone who cares little for his own life or others. Consider that the gunman came with muliple weapons and body armour the idea that a trained guard could stop the violence comes up short. Perhaps Wayne has forgotten about the shoot out some years ago between dozens of trained police officers and two well armed bank robbers in body armour. That firefight should be enough evidence for Wayne to take back his asinine comments. Of course he won’t. Shame on you Wayne for your cowardly response.

    1. Sand_Cat December 21, 2012

      Repeat slowly after me:

      Wayne LaPierre is a LYING SACK OF SHIT!

      See, it really didn’t hurt.

      Wayne LaPierre is NOT disingenous, or evasive, or any other euphemism: he is a LIAR who takes as his personal mission the sowing of false equivalencies and irrational fears among the ignorant and mentaly unbalanced for his own benefit and that of the organization he runs and its financial backers. Part of the benefit this evil man sees is preventing any action whatsoever to address the REAL fears of the sane.

      How can you oppose and defeat evil if you can’t even bring yourself to speak about it?

      1. I Zheet M'Drawz December 21, 2012

        How DARE you say such a thing!

        You need to issue an immedate apology to every sack of shit out there that is offended by being compared to to that lying sack of cat shit.

        1. idamag December 23, 2012

          Crap in your underpants, Sand Cat is right on.

      2. steve December 22, 2012

        Wayne isn’t a “lying” sack of shit. “Lying” requires an intent to deceive. This whackout sack of shit really believes in his “message,” and that the NRA’s “meaningful contribution” is the only true path to public safety and the common good.

        Firearms are one part of the problem. Mental illness is the other part. Wayne, Grover, and friends really need to be dragged in for an involuntary psych eval, with all necessary follow-up care to be paid for by the NRA. But before that happens, they should all be put in stocks in the town square for a day or two.

        1. BDC_57 December 22, 2012

          Yeah he blamed everything like games,movies and news not the real problem that is guns.

        2. idamag December 23, 2012

          Steve, the NRA is a lobby group that is there to sell guns. He knows what he is doing. Scare the h out of people and then sell them a gun.

        3. idamag December 25, 2012

          I would hazard a guess that there is an intent to deceive. He has to scare people into buying more guns.

      3. Ed December 22, 2012

        Well, you don’t want to speak loudly about a problem you are part of.

    2. Plznnn December 22, 2012

      Tell us Lynda, would you rather send your children to a school with people trained and armed, or to a school that had no armed security, jusy a law “banning” weapons?

      1. Joyce Young December 22, 2012

        I’d prefer banning weapons, thank you very much. There is no business for guns in school.

        1. idamag December 23, 2012

          Joyce, these cowards want to turn our country into a war zone where everyone is carrying a gun and our streets, parks and schools are not safe.

      2. Ed December 22, 2012

        My freind, if you ahd any idea how many police officers have emptied their weapons and hit NO ONE! These are people who carry weapons every day.If you were to put an armed guard in every school, which woiuld surely help the republicans reach their goal of drowning government in a bathtub, he would soon be a part of the system. Typically required every 6 months to qualify on the raNGE; START FEELING COMFORTABLE, NOT GOING TO THE RANGE ON HIS OWN; COMPACENCY SETS IN, AND WHEN THE DAY ARRIVES—HIS MIND HAS TROUBLE GRASPING WHAT IS HAPPENING!

        1. Lynda December 23, 2012

          People need to check into what happens to the human being during high levels of stress…such as unexpected combat. The FBI and others have found that, as you’ve pointed out, even trained officers and troops empty their weapons with little or no effect. The tunnel vision and the slowing down of time are the obvious ones. The knee-jerk give the teachers guns protesters just don’t think the problem through to find reasonable conclusions.

      3. lexi001 December 23, 2012

        I would rather send everyone anywhere that we didn’t have to worry about guns!! Least of all do they belong in schools. You people are nothing more than fear-monger’s. This is your stupid answer to such a serious and tragic ending to all these lives; more guns?! As the author said, maybe he hasn’t heard about the layoffs of so many police officer’s, firstly, secondly why do they ALL ignore the issue at hand; not DISarming everyone, simply getting RID of assault weapons and having background checks on everyone, getting rid of the types of ammo that is being used by these wackos. What is it that you little men are so afraid of? You use fear to preach that the police will overtake us if they are the only one’s with guns, and then recommend MORE police. Can you all be this stupid? I think a mental evaluation needs to begin with most of these NRA member’s, never mind screaming that we need better mental health. How would people as crazy as you guys know anything about mental health when your own mental health is so obviously unhinged? Get off the stage, sane people have no desire to listen to your insanity.

      4. Lynda December 23, 2012

        My child and grandchild managed very well attending schools without gun totting folks on campus. What you are missing is that there are schools all over the country with trained and armed personell perhaps making a difference, and perhaps not. Collumbine High had a couple which obviously made little difference. If a gunman armed with multiple weapons, body armor and no concern for his life and intending to kill running into a ‘trained and armed’ guard won’t make much difference. Fort Hood had thousands of well trained, arms a plenty and they did not stop a mass killing either. It is not as simple as do we want armed guards or a new ‘law.’ It sure would be nice if the world was just that SIMPLE. Its not my friend.

      5. oldtack December 23, 2012

        Trained and armed personnel in every school? Who employs these trained armed individuals? Who pays for the training? Who pays the salaries? Do you have any inkling of the budget restraints of the average school? Don’t expect the US Government or State Governments to do it because they are in the process of budget cutting .

        Have you ever been in a situation where you had to shoot or kill another human being? Talk to any Combat veteran and they can enlighten you. You can receive all the training there is but killing a fellow human being is much different than killing an animal. Law enforcement does it and our Military does it but that first time is difficult.

        Where are we going to place these trained armed individuals? At the front door? In the main hall-side-hall where? If a deranged person such as Lanza is aware of the presence of an armed “guard” at or near the front entrance then he is simply going to another door and blast it open. I checked a nearby Elementary School and it has nine doors leading outside. Are we to employ nine armed guards?

        Rather than putting guns in the hands of everyone -why do we not address the problems that cause such violent reactions. Why do we not address the rise in recent years of Autism, mental defects, etc. Why do we not address video games with violent context? It is interesting to note that Adam Lanza
        had a favorite Video game that involved killing people. It is interesting to note that the weapon he chose in the video game was an assault rifle similar to the Bushmaster he used . Did Adam Lanza become mesmerized by his video game and then carry it out in real life? Loehner, in Arizona, was a video “freak”. Is there a connection.

        Law enforcement in every School or establishment is not the answer and neither is abolishing gun ownership.

        We can take assault weapons off the market and ban usage of the large ammo clips or canisters to reduce firepower. And then address the situation in a methodical manner.

        Knee jerk hysteria isn’t going to solve this or any other problem.

    3. Philip Mosquera December 26, 2012

      What’s your solution. You seem to so intelligent(not) But I don’t here your ideas only criticism. Any idiot can do that.

  2. nobsartist December 21, 2012

    Their seems to be a constant trait among conservatives and republiCONs. They have this big facade and NOTHING behind it.

    None of their programs like health care, fiscal responsibility or responsibility for that matter have anything behind them. They are all just meaningless words, sort of like their response for anything, “socialism, communism”.

    They have nothing.

  3. bpai99 December 21, 2012

    LaPierre successfully accomplished his mission again today. Delay any action until the public moves on. Repeat again after the next slaughter. He’s got the drill down cold.

    “We think it is poor form for a politician or a special interest group to try to push a legislative agenda on the back of any tragedy.”
    — NRA, after 2008 Northern Illinois shootings

    “Now is not the time to debate politics or discuss policy.”
    — NRA, after 2009 Binghampton massacre

    “At this time, anything other than prayers for the victims and their families would be inappropriate.”
    — NRA, after 2011 shooting spree that wounded Gabrielle Giffords

    “There will be an appropriate time down the road to engage in political and policy discussions.”
    — NRA, after 2012 Aurora massacre

  4. sigrid28 December 21, 2012

    Every summer our family took a vacation in northern Wisconsin, where there was an outdoor theatre we visited at least once each summer vacation. For about $8 a car, families could drive in “before dusk”–a magical time to a kid–and then let the older children clamber about on the swings and slides set up in the grassy area in front of the huge white screen. Then we’d trail into the concessions stand, a low-level concrete block house, to buy candy, as thrifty parents in those days often arrived with their own popcorn and Pepsi in coolers. But we could have bought malts, hotdogs, popcorn, drinks of all kinds, every kind of candy, even cotton candy–all the foods that floated in a black, anime heaven on the screen when it was time for intermission. Little ones in most families stayed in the car, some even came in their pajamas. But for older brothers and sisters, this was a rite of passage: slides and swings, concession stand, then car. You had a chance to fidget with the mask-like metal speaker hanging on the open window (roll it up, roll it down) before contentedly swallowing handfuls of popcorn and carefully drinking paper cups of Pepsi, while the opening cartoons played and the movie began. When intermission began, the little pilgrimage was repeated all over again. I cannot remember the name of a single movie we saw at the Starlight Outdoor Theatre.

    But I do remember becoming hysterically upset as a teenager when the intermission animation announced that a rifle would be raffled off that night, one summer in the early 1960s. I asked my parents, “How do they know the winner will be able to use it right? Can anyone just win this gun, even a little kid?” I ran inside to ask the management, whose astonished answer I do not remember. I was terribly upset with a feeling I now recognize as an impressionable teenager’s despair over the desecration of the innocence of the outdoor theatre as a family entertainment. There may have been guns in the movies, but how dare they force a contest to win a rifle into the midst of this cherished summer enjoyment.

    I felt the same horror when I witnessed the massacre in Newtown. In response, the NRA wants to use the occasion of a deranged gunman destroying the innocence of all of the children in Sandy Hook Elementary School to promote a program that would destroy the innocence of the rest of our children by allowing VOLUNTEER police wannabees waving around their guns to violate the sanctity of our local communities and public schools.

    1. drthelly1 December 22, 2012

      When I hear the phrase “VOLUNTEER police wannabees and gun enthusiasts,” a very appropriate description for what LaPierre was proposing in his speech, I immediately think of George Zimmerman, the infamous killer of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, who was committing no crime at all. Remember that Zimmerman was described by his neighbors and those who knew him well as a “volunteer Neighborhood Watch” captain who had fantasies of being a policeman and who was a well-known gun enthusiast. And when told by REAL police personnel to “stand down, we have it covered,” Zimmerman took the law into his own hands and ended up shooting and killing a kid.

      Now multiply George Zimmerman by thousands or hundreds of thousands, or over a million, if LaPierre’s ghoulish vision of arming all of America’s schools came to pass. It didn’t matter that Zimmerman appeared to be a safe choice to “protect” the condominium complex, did it? Putting him in charge was disastrous.

      No, thank you, Mr. LaPierre. The armed guards at Virginia Tech were useless. Plus: Remember that it only took TWO MINUTES for the Connecticut shooter to massacre the 20 children! On larger school campuses than Sandy Hook, especially on high schools, the odds that an armed guard could have stopped an assault weapon carnage are very slim to none. Wake up, NRA! The solution is not more guns. The solution is to stop the military killing machines from being available to non-military people…along with other remedies that someone like LaPierre is evidently totally incapable of identifying, recognizing, or suggesting.

      1. sigrid28 December 22, 2012

        You are exactly right: LaPierre wants George Zimmerman in every school, showing off his gun, with his NRA membership card in his pocket! His NRA trainers will probably have him wearing body armor head to foot, steel-tipped boots, and special optics gear, all at no expense to the school or local police department. Imagine this George Zimmerman sitting at the child height cafeteria table, head down (the way they eat in prison), tucking in his school lunch (with a partitioned tray and a milk carton). Our guardian angel, the protector of our precious children. Now multiply this times 120,000 for the number of schools in the U.S. The guns are already a pestilence, but these guys would be PESTS.

        I think the media were so shocked to be invited to a press conference and then denied the right to ask questions that quite a few missed the details of the NRA’s grand plan. A first action that probably has to take place through the office of the Attorney General of the U.S. and the ATF, perhaps Homeland Security, is to make sure schools can repulse these volunteer efforts of the NRA with complete impunity and stop the George Zimmermans in their tracks.

      2. Hillbilly December 23, 2012

        Correction on George Zimmerman the media has repeatedly reported that he was a captain in the neighborhood watch group while the neighborhood watch group has said from day one that he was not and never had been a member of the neighborhood watch, he did his patrolling of the neighbor on his own. The only reason I can see for the media to keep printing that he was a neighborhood watch captain is to make him look more innocent than he is. As for the idea had Zimmerman been at Sandy Hook school he would have stopped the shooter is a pipe dream, if he had been there he would have messed on himself and ran away calling for his mama. People like Zimmerman are only brave when they are the only ones with guns not when both parties are armed.

  5. old_timer_37 December 21, 2012

    Grover Norquist, who is trying to cripple governments with his no tax increase pledge is also on the board of the NRA. The NRA is also working to undermine our peaceful society governed by the rule of law. The society the NRA envisions is to be found in Afghanistan, Iraq, Northern Ireland (until recently), and Libya: Armed militias with tribal and religious affiliations are armed to the teeth and daily undermining any effective rule of law.

    In my opinion he is an anarchist with a Harvard MBA who has successfully coordinated other fear driven citizens and politicians to disintegrate our nation. Whether he is driven be misguided ideals, or hates this nation, or is a stooge of foreign or domestic religions, or a henchman of his rich backers really doesn’t matter.

    Those who took his pledge, almost every Republican in the House and Senate, will probably not abandon him now. As Eric Hoffer wrote in his study of fanatics, The True Believer, what these people have done is to give up personal responsibility for their actions so that they can never be held accountable for personal failure. In a time of national crisis, fear drives them to act in unison.

    Unless we show Norquist to be the buffoon that he is, by exposing him to public debates of his ludicrous ideas (I’ve read his book “Leave Us Alone”… which by itself is shot full of stupid myths.) . Thus far, the media has treated him far too kindly; including this publication. He is slippery, but I believe the key is to ridicule his words and deeds. He has a short fuse…light it and he will self-destruct.

  6. wesvvv December 21, 2012

    “This is the beginning of a serious conversation. We won’t be taking any questions.”

    I saw this quote on a humor site. I thought it was fake.

  7. I Zheet M'Drawz December 21, 2012

    The National Rifle Association has insisted that childhood obesity is only an issue because of the dangerous lack of junk food available to American schoolchildren.

    In a press conference opposite the White House, NRA spokesperson Wayne LaPierre told gathered reporters that his organisation cared deeply about the children of his country, and would not rest until every single one of them had easy access to a terrible diet.

    Speaking in sombre tones, he said, “We are at crisis point, and the only way to stop our children being negatively affected by junk food, is to make sure they are surrounded by even more junk food.”

    “If you really think about it, no-one would be able to call a child ‘fat’ if everyone had a BMI well into the 50s.”

    “Childhood obesity is only an issue because so few children have good access to junk food.”

    NRA statements
    LaPierre went on, “The liberal left will tell you that removing crappy foods from the equation would solve this crisis, but to that I would say ‘nay’.”

    “It is a constitutional and God-given right of every american to have access to burgers the size of your head. We just need to even up the playing field – by filling it completely with fat kids.”

    “So I call on congress today to ensure that every school in our great nation has easy access to cheap, poorly prepared fatty food with a low nutrient value.”

    “Then one day soon we can forget about which of our children is ‘fat’, as they’ll all be exactly the same. Like true, free Americans.”

    1. latebloomingrandma December 22, 2012

      Great analogy!

  8. Daniel Jones December 21, 2012

    The National Rifle Association is not about protection of anyone by or from anyone.

    It is solely about selling more guns!

    I just hope the public remembers this.

  9. SharonConway December 21, 2012

    I could not believe the insensitivity of this man, nor the ignorance. His timing is ridiculous. Many of us are still crying, trying to come to terms with what has happened. Extra guns will solve nothing. My father was a cop. He thinks Wayne is a dangerous nut. However, his organization will get more donations now and that, perhaps, is mainly what he was looking for.

  10. Michael Kollmorgen December 21, 2012

    That entire audience should have grabbed him and threw him right into the nearest Dumpster.

    Better yet, tear him limb from limb, piece by piece. The law couldn’t have arrested everyone for doing that.

    1. Hillbilly December 23, 2012

      That is why he ran from the stage and left someone else in his place, so he couldn’t be put in the trash where he belongs.

  11. old_blu December 22, 2012

    Good thinking La Pierre lets cure the gun problem with more guns. JEEEZZ *ROLLS EYES*

  12. nobsartist December 22, 2012

    The Constitution does not guarantee the right for the NRA to exist.

    1. stcroixcarp December 22, 2012

      Actually, the constitution does guarantee the right for the NRA to exist. Read the first amendment. That being said, the NRA is a terrorist organization that promotes violence and evil.

  13. AlfredSonny December 22, 2012

    Armed schools + armed churches + armed hospitals + armed theaters + armed malls = armed freedom?

    1. Michael Kollmorgen December 22, 2012

      Unfortunately, this is the way our society is becoming.

  14. Doc December 22, 2012

    I’d like to put him and his chronies in a room with a cook and and ASSAULT RIFLE. Lets see if this jerk would make it out alive. NO ASSAULT RIFLES OUTSIDE THE MILITARY . That is the way it should have been. Unfortunately congress and NRA has this all under control don’t they ?. With the internet it would be imposible to stop, never mind black market and corrupt politcal figures and not to mention organizations. How can we stop it ? It has to be stopped.

  15. nhirsch December 22, 2012

    If that is a representative of their leadership, time to disassemble the NRA. I was a member awhile ago. I bought their idea that our 2nd amendment rights were being threatened. Now i’m a little smarter and realize how they continuously use that ploy to get/keep members. It’s a GOP club that collects money to help itself and it’s GOP supporters and we don’t need that. What we need is what Obama called for after the Newtown shootings and that doesn’t involve the NRA other than to step aside to allow reasonable people to do what’s best for our children.

    1. idamag December 23, 2012

      Nhursch, I have a friend who is a an avid sportsman and taught gun safety for years. He was once a member of the NRA. A few years ago he told us he dropped his membership. He said they were becoming a bunch of nuts.

  16. Ramelli December 22, 2012

    Posting sign stating this is a ‘gun free zone’ is about as productive as posting a sign that says, ‘this is a drug free zone’. Niether of them work period. Mexico has a gun free society, and look what happens, thousand of them are killed and thrown on main street. Look at New York, with Blumberg’s idea of a gun free society, and Chicago, why there are more people killed every day in those two places than what happened Sandy Hook.
    what is amazing to me, the demoncrates champion birth control, abortion, and same sex marriage, and now you want to become the champion of children. Left up to the demoncrates, we would not have any children to worry about. You testify that your the guardian of children, and the opposite is true.

    1. johninPCFL December 22, 2012

      Another idiot speaks out. “Free, safe , and rare” is the chant, dopey. RARE, as in, not used very often.

      And given the propensity of the GOP to eliminate aid to those in need, it would also be accurate to say the GOP cares about the fetus, but once it’s born, it’s on its own. So it all devolves for the GOP into what happens in the bedroom, and they won’t be happy until there’s an armed cop stationed in every one.

    2. Bill December 22, 2012

      Democrats do not champion abortion they believe in choice as in you get to choose. Yes we believe in the right to use contraceptive devices if you CHOOSE to and allowing people to CHOOSE to marry if they want to. What do republican champion oh that’s right tax breaks for the wealthy, less regulations to allow companies to pollute the air and water, etc.

      Additionally if you are going to claim something as a fact you sure make sure you are right. Using your faulty number of 26 murders every day there would be 1352 murders a year. Check your ignorant facts in 2011 NYC had 490 murders in a city of over 8 million people.

      1. idamag December 23, 2012

        Latest statistics is 43 gun-related deaths every day.

  17. newhopes December 22, 2012

    Did anyone really expect anything other than more than self-serving, drivel from these guys? They will never enter into any serious dialogue that might—for one second—disturb their cash cow’s milk production…

  18. joeykay December 22, 2012

    Well nobody said he was a genius but maybe this is his way of selling out the NRA.We do need some kind of control .Bring back the death penality for killing someone and make it nation wide not just make it 1 state and not another and forget about there rights if there caught in the act save the tax payers the money for a trial.Exterminate them

  19. Thomas December 22, 2012

    Actually it makes perfect sense to provide security for the defenseless if you make it illegal for them to defend themselves.

    I can’t believe all the hate and pettyness in the comments. Without personal firearms this country would not exist.

    1. johninPCFL December 22, 2012

      Actually, your first bulletin would read “One hundred twenty million gun owners killed 85 people today, including one pre-teen.”

    2. johninPCFL December 22, 2012

      Maybe you missed the point that at Sandy Hook, Lanza had to shoot the lock from the door to gain access, you know, blasting through a “controlled ingress” point. Maybe you missed the earlier report studying the impact of armed folks at two previous mass shootings, where they fired their handguns into the perpetrators’ body armor and were shot down, just as you would have been.

      You make no sense. Just like every other internet Rambo out there.

      1. Michael Kollmorgen December 22, 2012

        Yea, shooting into body armor probably wouldn’t have put the person down, unless the round was one of these cop-killers rounds or maybe armor-piercing rounds which I think some are Teflon Coated which would have went right through the vest.

        But, a well-trained and former Combat Vet now Teacher probably would have aimed for a Head Shot and got em. At least he might have used the right ammo.

        1. johninPCFL December 22, 2012

          I think it’s pretty unlikely that a law-abiding teacher would load up with ‘cop killers’, and the liability questions remain unanswered. Do you take the chance at a head shot on a moving target when the missed shot will pop through the sheet-rock wall behind the target? Who carries the liability for ‘friendly fire’ casualties?

          Police training is to take ‘center of mass’ shots, not ‘head shots’.

          1. Michael Kollmorgen December 23, 2012

            You might be right.

            But, these people would be former combat veterans, not even local police, who are sometimes themselves a group of losers.

            There was a case up in Cleveland just a week ago, maybe 2 now. A shot was heard somewhere around the Justice Center. Two people were in a car that ran from the scene. There was a several mile chase with like 30 police cars. When the car was stopped, over 50 rounds went into that car killing both occupants.

            No gun was was anywhere near the Justice Center and no gun was found in the car. There were NO ejected shells at the scene either. Reports so far say they haven’t found any powder residue on any of the hands of the occupants of the car.

            That’s what I know so for about the case. I haven’t kept up to date on anymore developments.

            But, the FBI is now investigating the case.

            What I think happened, the car backfired and the cops took it as gunfire. The occupants got scared, ran and got killed when cornered.

            Evidently, the Cops Adrenaline got the best of them. This is probably where experience might have counted more than the Badge. I don’t think a Combat Vet would have shot them that easily and would have used less ammo. In another words, the Combat Vet would have had a cooler head through the entire process, especially when they were cornered.

            And, you can’t use MONEY as in higher insurance coverage, as the defining factor either. These are Children, not cost centers. These are not accounting figures walking around.

            As far as using the right ammo, these teachers would be mandated to have the right ammo in their guns.

            And by the way, we’ll never get all these mass-killing weapons out of the hands of the general public. Yes, we can stop the sale of current ones. But, there are still probably millions of them in people’s homes. What do you do about them?

            Until we change the mindset and culture of the GUN in our society, I don’t see any other solution than to have Armed Former Combat Vets, now Teachers in our schools. And, I wouldn’t allow anyone that isn’t a former Combat Vet to possess a CC Permit either. Allow open Carry Conceal all over the place, but only by a former Combat Vet.

            Sorry, but I don’t see any other solution, at least for the near future.

    3. Vernon Sukumu December 22, 2012

      Last year eighty arm police officer were kill in this country. Several years ago an off duty police officer in a stadium parking lot come upon a fight, two men beating one, he drew his police issued gun and shouted he was a police off, seconds later two uniformed police off. came upon the scene, and shot the man with the gun, and killed there fellow officer. In Tuscon when congresswomen Gifford was shot there was a person in the crowd who admitted to having a conceal weapon, he didn’t think he could get a clean shot, but his biggest concern, was being shot by a security guard, or the police off when they arrive. About arming everyone, those eighty police off were ARMED. Gun don’t kill but people who use guns to kill, are more deadly and efficient, them most other methods.

    4. Michael Kollmorgen December 22, 2012

      Just a pleasant afterthought.

      And, don’t tell me the audience themselves didn’t want to do it either.

      And, by the way, if you’ve read any of my former posts, you will notice I fully support Armed Teachers. But, FIRST, they must be former Combat Veterans along with ANYONE seeking a CC Permit.

      1. idamag December 23, 2012

        Michael, like the former combat veteran who climbed a tower and shot students in the courtyard of a college.

        1. Michael Kollmorgen December 23, 2012

          You stated a valid point.

          There is NO guarantee even a combat veteran won’t go wacko.

          We got to do something though.

          Please notice, most of my opinions hinge on the fact that no matter what we do, we’ll never rid society of all these mass-murdering weapons.

          Maybe it’s time to propose, not removing it completely, but modifying the 2nd amendment to reflect our current needs.

    5. lexi001 December 23, 2012

      Another damn egotistical, narcisstic nut-case. YOU would have seen this guy coming? You really believe that, don’t you? Is a gun a replacement for your lack of a penis or just a lack of balls?

    6. idamag December 23, 2012

      thomas, this is my country, I don’t want it to be like Syria, with people with guns destroying the tranquility of our streets. I think people who want man killing weapons are cowards and so afraid they are not rational.

  20. Thomas December 22, 2012

    “…tear him limb from limb..” You just made the case for concealed carry, idiot.

  21. stcroixcarp December 22, 2012

    What disturbed me about the NRA “discussion” was the proposal that the NRA provide volunteer armed guards from the rank of retired police, firefighters, and military. Many retired military who have seen action in Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from PTSD and or traumatic brain injury which leaves the person with impaired judgment. Who will screen these security guards? What the NRA is actually proposing is an armed take over of public education by the NRA. If this doesn’t scare you, it should.

    1. idamag December 23, 2012

      stc, Can you picture a world, where you take your family to the park for a picnic and you should feel safer because there are armed guards around the park? Or, would you be happier if there wasn’t a reason for armed guards?

      1. stcroixcarp December 23, 2012

        I would be happier if there was no reason for an armed guard. As violent as our country is, I know that attacks by armed crazies are extremely rare. I would prefer that the crazies not be armed in the first place. Anyway, I refuse to live my life in fear, and I will not own a gun because I know that the gun I would own is more likely to kill or harm me or my family than some boogyman. Peace.

        1. idamag December 24, 2012

          stc, you said it as it is. I have a gun. It is a hunting rifle. It is locked up and I don’t suppose there are any shells for it. I am not a coward. I don’t need to go about the streets armed.

  22. npeebles December 22, 2012

    Wayne is paranoid, a sure indicator of mental illness. However, the problem we face is much greater than the NRA. Nuclear disarmament and the fear of having nuclear weapons in the ‘wrong hands’ leads the USA in conflict after conflict. We have a strong desire for Power and Control throughout the world and we do this through ownership of the biggest and most effective weapons. So, why then would we be surprised at anything that comes of of men’s mouths whose sole purpose to to maintain Power and Control. Wealthy people and people of Power always have weapons of ‘mass destruction’. Their desire for Power and Control simply means, get the weapons away from them but let us keep ours. The only real hope lies in ‘karma’. The hole that you dig for someone else is the hole that you eventually fall in yourself.

  23. MARK December 22, 2012

    LaPierre has a terminal case of headupbuttitis and has been brain dead for years! He has nothing to say that is worth listening to when it comes to ending gun violence.

  24. amazonfan December 22, 2012

    He’s the insane one.

  25. stsintl December 22, 2012

    Besides schools, the mass killings have taken place on university campuses, shopping malls, and movie theaters. So, the NRA solution would require every public venue to be deployed with armed security guards. It would be like living in war zones of Afghanistan or Pakistan, and even Syria.

    Besides banning military style assault weapons and ammunition magazines, the taxes should be tripled on all other types of guns sold as well as on all target practice galleries. Let the gun hobbyists pay their share of costs associated with the emergency room care of gunshot victims [600/year].

    1. idamag December 23, 2012

      sts, I like your idea. There is tremendous cost for a mass shooting. Let the NRA pay the costs.

      1. stsintl December 24, 2012

        Thanks for your support of the idea. Now we need to convince the incompetent US Congress.

  26. larry December 22, 2012

    The response by the NRA is totally unacceptable. If we don’t get effective gun control after this disaster, we never will. Read the 2d amendment. It talks about a well armed militia. If the NRA wants guns, send them to Syria or wherever so they can enjoy themselves shooting up other humanity. Our country is the laughing stock of the world for a so called civilized society that has more gun deaths than all most any other country. We can make a difference and change our laws.

  27. howa4x December 22, 2012

    When you listen to Wayne speak you need to realize that he is a man that makes 1 million/yr , paid mostly by the gun industry. This is why he constantly promotes more guns to add to the profit margins of his masters. He is a cynical fraud who tries to imitate Lon Cheney(VP) our national goul, by scaring the public in to buying more guns. The NRA is a shell and cover for this activity. They even go so far as to promote sedition by getting people to accumulate assualt weapons for an eventual war against the goverment. This would be considered treason by any reasonable person who listens to the dogma, and have wittnessed Tealiban members bringing guns to the health care debate to intimidate people from hearing the truth. I want their board of directors to take a stand on this. People like actor Chuck Norris, former UN ambassador John Bolton, and all the republicans that dance to their tune. Ted Nugent has always been a clown figure. They should change the name of the organization from the NRA to the NMA National Murder Association. that name fits better with their mission.

  28. Landsende December 22, 2012

    Remember another crazy NRA fanatic, Charlton Heston and his rant of “You will only take my guns away from my cold, dead hands?” Wayne LaPierre has the same insane rhetoric.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen December 22, 2012

      Yea, I was going to mention his name along with what he said. You just beat me to it.

  29. S-3 December 22, 2012

    I laugh evilly at the NRA’s recent defeat – but it could take forever to permanently stop them dead, sadly. Oh, well – glad to see people waking up for the most part!

  30. Elarenal December 22, 2012

    Looks like the only way to eliminate the opposition to gun control is to eliminate the opposition to gun control, bit by bit, day by day, in the only way they will maybe understand.

  31. phantomoftheopera December 22, 2012

    well, love is irrational. and when your love object is a gun–or a cache of guns–it’s hard to see its fault. too bad they can’t love people more than guns. too bad they can’t love rather than hate.

  32. drthelly1 December 22, 2012

    Grover Norquist and Wayne LaPierre embody the most evil of special interest fanatics. Each of these men has a death grip on those who are merely minions in making their own contorted, dystopic visions of society become a reality, with or without the majority of Americans’ approval.

    Grover has a stranglehold on spineless Congresspeople. LaPierre has a stranglehold on these very same individuals who paint themselves as “patriots” but who are, in reality, self-serving ideologues blind to the destructiveness of what it is they’re embracing. Strip Grover of his unexplainable power over these people, and what do we get? A better functioning, solvent government. Strip LaPierre of his extorted power over these people, and what do we get? A safer, more secure America for children and the rest of us. What’s not to like about stripping these two fanatics of their chokeholds?

    We look to the media to continue exposing them as irrational extremists, as out of touch, unpatriotic, undercutting, sabotaging, narcissistic, power-hungry men who do not represent for one minute the vision of America most of us want and voted for in November. But we the ordinary people–through social media, petitions, letters, emails, phone calls to our legislators, and marching in the streets if we must…we’re the ones with the real power if we unite and speak with a loud, irrepressible voice against these monsters.

  33. Veronika Delvaux December 22, 2012

    I am stunned about the insensitivity the NRA displayed after this horrible school schooling. Hearing the speech at the news conference and LaPierre’s proposed solutions on how to stop gun violence made me think they’re one clown short of a circus.

  34. Veronika Delvaux December 22, 2012

    I am stunned about the insensitivity the NRA displayed after this horrible school schooling. Hearing the speech at the news conference and LaPierre proposed solutions how to stop gun violence made me think they’re one clown short of a circus.

  35. Veronika Delvaux December 22, 2012

    I am stunned about the insensitivity the NRA displayed after this horrible school schooling. Hearing the speech at the news conference and LaPierre proposed solutions how to stop gun violence made me think they’re one clown short of a circus.

  36. Andrew Rei December 22, 2012

    Wayne LaIdiot proved yesterday that he’s simply a lackey for whom he and the NRA truly represent: gun manufacturers…the NRA gets about $200 million per year…half of that comes from member dues and the other half from weapons makers. Yet, when the NRA makes public statements, they discount completely the members and instead take up the cause of weapons makers. That’s exactly what happened yesterday. Many people were “shocked” by what LaIdiot said…I wasn’t…in fact, he pretty much said what I thought he’d say. I’m not alone, either…Rachel Maddow of MSNBC essentially detailed what he was going to say yesterday the night before.
    In order to take down the fascist leadership of the NRA, it’s going to take two things. First, the members need to speak to NRA leadership. If the leadership doesn’t want to listen, they either need to vote in new leadership or leave the NRA. Second, heavy pressure is needed on weapons makers. While protesting the NRA grabs the headlines, if you pressure the weapons makers to divest in the NRA, changes can be made.
    It’s obvious that more guns ARE NOT the answer to gun violence. Making sure mentally unstable people can’t buy guns, either through outright refusal to sell or through a criminal background check, would significantly reduce gun violence. Closing the gun show loophole is essential to that. Military-style guns should only be used by the military and civilian authorities, period. Banning ownership of those types of guns by civilians makes sense. Finally, limiting the size of clips, drums and magazines for guns that are allowed makes sense, as well.

  37. Jesse Fell December 22, 2012

    How about an approach to school safety such as the following?

    1) Plain clothes police detail at the school at the beginning and end of the school day, 2) a police officer in a security office at the school during the day; the office would have monitors showing who is in every hallway and open area. 3) Each teacher would carry a small cordless device that could be used to alert the police officer in case of emergency, 4) stricter gun control laws, including outright bans on automatically reloading, rapid fire guns of any sort, and stricter background checks for ALL gun buyers, and 5) a buy back program that could gradually reduce the number of guns in circulation.

    Plans such as these naturally inspire revulsion in anyone who likes to think of a school as a haven for friendship, trust, calmness, and learning; but if I were still a teacher, I might welcome them. I had unhinged students threaten me with physical violence — back in the days before shooting up a school room was thinkable. It has become thinkable.

    1. Ed December 22, 2012

      Jawol, Mein Furher!

      1. Jesse Fell December 23, 2012

        That’s “jawohl”.

  38. Ramelli December 22, 2012

    Bill certainly is jumpy about his beliefs! He believes in killing babies after conception, but before birth. He even thinks is so alright that he wants all of us to pay for it. He is such a fake, a big phony. did you check to see how many abortions were performed in NY and Chicago before you spoke. No you didn’t!
    Just suppose I am right and you are wrong. I don’t believe in murder at any age — at conceptions, two months, four months its just wrong. So how could you possible have the right idea of protection of the born when you have failed so miserable protection the unborn. You have blood on your hands. Someone so calloused as you, should have the decency of KEEPING QUITE.
    by opening you mouth you let everyone know waht a fool you are and a murderer at that

    1. english_teacher December 22, 2012

      Bill is correct. Your comments are ill-informed and wrong.
      Abortion is a legal procedure in this country, a choice made between a woman and her doctor. No one is forced to have an abortion and federal funds are not used to pay for abortions. It is a difficult and painful decision but it is not your decision unless you are the woman.
      I will not keep quiet when fanaticism like yours surfaces. You want to impose your beliefs on those who disagree with you. What gives you that right? What makes your god better than my god or gods? If you want to introduce god into the equation, then you are still wrong because it is a matter between a woman and her god. You and the anti-choice fanatics are not part of the decision so, unless asked, keep your noses out of other people’s business.

    2. Michael Kollmorgen December 22, 2012

      Please, Please, Please.

      Oh wise one!

      Please educate the rest of us in what way Legal Abortion has ANYTHING to do with Murdering OUR CHILDREN using the very weapon that is originally designed for Military Use and against a Foreign Military Force?

      Please explain to us in VERY SPECIFIC DETAIL how these COMPARE.

      Also, please leave out your bible quotes. They have NO PLACE in this discussion.

      1. lexi001 December 23, 2012

        None of these lunatic’s would even know how to give an intelligent response to anyone with a different opinion than their’s, no matter what the discussion was about. They are so paranoid and filled with conspiracy theories, they have no time for reality.

        1. Michael Kollmorgen December 23, 2012

          Yea, and just imagine if you will.

          These “morally correct” nitwits, so-called Christians, nearly half of the voting public, voted against their own self-interest and almost elected an anti-Christ Mormon Bishop, Mitt Romney for President.

          What does that say about half of the American Public? Not very much!

    3. Ed December 22, 2012

      I do not believe in abortion. BUT, I do believe it is a medical procedure for discussion between a woman and her doctor. I DO NOT belieeve that ANY GOVERNMENT should tell any of us what to do with our bodies. BTW< I also believe that the woman who chooses abortion has a hardv decision to makee. And she may find herself having to account for it to her maker. But there is NO WAY she should havde to account for it to her government.

    4. lexi001 December 23, 2012

      Uh, how many adopted children do you have Ramelli?

  39. Ramelli December 22, 2012

    I feel like I am casting my pearls before the swine! but on the other hand that is an insult to pigs!
    ‘because they didn’t want to keep God in the mind, they worship the creature and not the creator, and profession themselves to be wise, they prove they are fools. Baby killers, God haters, self serving reprobates, and now they are so brazen as to tell us how to take care of the children that escaped their death traps.

    1. idamag December 24, 2012

      Ram, then quit casting your pearls before the swine.

  40. JORAM December 22, 2012

    that is the biggest fool ever,may be somebody should give him a teaste of a bullet off an AK 47 or M16 may be he may think next time he opens his mouth

  41. Patrick December 22, 2012

    Why Police at school ?? When you have our troups coming back from war,already trained and now unemployed,lets put them to work protecting our schools! P/S do you think for one second that some 1/2 wit will go up a man in mil. uniform–not!!!!

  42. Rastas1 December 22, 2012

    All you good little victims stand behind a gun owner when the shooting starts so you’ll be safe!!! Do you really think taking the guns out of law abiding citizens is going to keep the bad guys from keeping guns? If so, who raised you?, an inbred dumbass???

    1. idamag December 23, 2012

      Rastas, removing the ease with which people can get man-killing guns and multiple round clips will lesson the chance of a nut finding a bunch of guns and taking off to kill someone. I think the NRA and other factions that would like to control people, like you, have built up so much fear that the country is now full of cowards with guns.

      1. Rastas1 December 23, 2012

        idamag, I am controled by myself & my own beliefs, I’m also a Veteran of Viet Nam, so whether you were or weren’t born then or before, you are like those who spit on me & us & threw trash. So most of us are gun owners, not COWARDS!!!

        1. Michael Kollmorgen December 24, 2012

          Yes, this was one of the biggest mistakes people made during that time, soldiers coming back from Nam.

          Some of us treated you guys pretty bad. I personally Apologize for my generation for acting like asses.

          It wasn’t your fault you got drafted. Even for those that volunteered to go, you tried to honor our country with your service and did your duty. I blame our Government for getting involved where she should have never been in the first place.

          This is why today, our returning soldiers don’t face this type of crap. They are deeply respected and honored, even though the same situation still exists, being in places where we shouldn’t be.

          Some of the guys I talk to are fully aware they had a calling and did their duty. Most were and are for economic reasons, placing their lives in harm’s way to make a buck, provide for their families, plus the college bennies, Va bennies, etc. And, most admit it in private conversations. Patriotism is far from the mind of most of our newest enlistees.

        2. idamag December 24, 2012

          The guy who climbed to the tower, at the Texas college, and proceeded to shoot students below was a Viet Nam Vet. Only gun owners who need man-killing guns to protect themselves are cowards.

    2. Michael Kollmorgen December 25, 2012

      How were these two Volunteer Firefighter able to “protect” themselves? This guy killed two of them with regular rifles, not even assault weapons.

  43. Ramelli December 22, 2012

    You are quick to condemn, the nut that killed 20 children and 7 adults, but now you say that anyone has the right to kill the unborn, what a point to be made by one that claims to be sane!
    A Woman right to choose, what about the father? Please tell me why they lock up or execute people who kill others, and yet you can say, its ok to kill the unborn? looney know that is a baseless argument! so that makes you further down the ladder. When and who will it be legal to kill next. Didn’t Hitler justify the killing of the Jews on the same basic? Wasn’t that legalized murder,
    And with that mind-set how could you now become the champion for children? I’d rather have someone from the Institution of the mentally derained represent the children. Certainly you are the last one to champion them.

    1. idamag December 24, 2012

      Ram, why don’t you quit wasting your time and go pray. By the way – how many children have you adopted?

  44. Ramelli December 22, 2012

    Thank God you were not there on the day of the murdering of all thsoe children, you moral ineptitude would have let you stand by inactive. Murder is murder, no matter who does it. pleanty of the young are led astray by people that stand by while the innocent are terminated.
    Shall we call you the exterminator, since you think its ok.
    The truth is if It was not my moral fortitude, I would just say, leave them alone and let them kill each other off, there will be less of them. But I care about humanity, you testify you care only for those who agree with you, that pats you on the back and tickles your spine.

  45. Yoko December 22, 2012

    The NRA needs to provide the manpower and support in protection of all groups of children and evcey school in the United States. No that VP of the NRA shot his mouth off and should be replaced. The Republicans in general will not lift a finger to solve and support any type of gun law. The are in control of the NRA and that is the problem.

  46. Fubom December 22, 2012

    Don’t be so hard on Wayne, he is only doing his job. Representing the gun manufacturers and red neck cowards that have never had the courage to serve their country in the uniform services of the United States. They like to wear camo, but only for show. Fn pukes!

  47. latebloomingrandma December 22, 2012

    I’m not surprised by LaPierre’s remarks; I heard his speech at the CPAC convention, and was shocked by his conspiracy theories and paranoia. When I was a child I remember the NRA as a “gun club”, whereby sportsmen and hunters learned how to handle a gun safely, shoot properly, how to take care of and clean their weapon and store it properly. These were mostly deer hunters. People who like hiking etc. often had a pistol as protection against poisonous snakes. Otherwise, most people looked to the police officers as protection against criminals . “Machine guns” were only in the movies. What happened to this organization? An obsession is not a hobby. The second amendment is somehow sacrosanct above all other freedoms, whereby it has lost all its original intent–that we didn’t have a standing army, and citizen soldiers would be at the ready with their muskets in case of insurgencies or anarchy. Now we HAVE anarchy. And the “militia” I think is our current national Guard which every state has. When I think of some of the third world countries with thugs with big-ass weapons ruling the streets, this is not freedom. This picture the NRA seems to have of armed to the teeth people everywhere is a very sick, peculiar notion of freedom. They could move to Afganistan and fit right in—I don’t want to live there.

  48. Dukester December 22, 2012

    Personally, I don’t think an armed guard in every school is enough. We need one in every classroom. While we’re at it, we should have metal detectors at every classroom door. Also, outdoor recess should be cancelled lest a sniper shoot someone from a nearby rooftop. And buses will need to be retrofitted with bullet-proof windows. All so the gun lobby (read “gun manufacturers”) can sell more weapons to virtually anyone who wants them, as the founding fathers surely intended.

  49. ExPAVIC December 22, 2012

    Fish Out of Water

    And there was the NRA’s chief fanatic La Pierre slobbering all over his shoes and babbling along about arming teachers and placing armed guards in schools.

    Did this guy just crawl out from under a mushroom not to realize that if there weren’t all of these assault rifles on the streets, there would be a whole bunch of people still alive, including twenty first graders in the town of Newtown , Ct.

    So all of you followers of this NRA nut case prepare to have the sale of assault-type military weapons banned. Next, be prepared to pay for a high cost permit to have one of these kiddie killers in your possession. Finally, if you don’t get a carry permit or can’t afford one, be prepared to turn over your beloved man-killer which will then be melted down to make piggie feeding troughs or NRA park benches.

    Facts, are the Pentagon is getting scared shirtless about the fact that private citizens have more small arms fire power in their hands than our present armed forces. Think about that little tidbit readers because the Justice Department lately has been.

  50. dalnb December 22, 2012

    The NRA has a huge following not becuase of their large membership fighting Anti Gun activists but but rather the good things the NRA does do. Many are members as membership brings them a great magazine, good reading for anyone interested in firearms and related sports and technologoes. You do not have to be a rapid fire, kill all, trigger pulling nut to be a member of the NRA!
    The most disappointing thing I took away from LaPierre’s speech was what appeared to be his saying we are no worse than those other groups who seem to push violence. Most of what he had to say was puerile and parochial, as if to say – so what – look how bad these others are!
    I can appreciate his offer to assist in developing a national strategy to address the growing firearms problems and I honestly think his organization can offer a lot of good but he needs to accept the fact that America has had it with the mass killings and we are now ready to do what we can to reduce the threats and hazards – without his help!

  51. wizard December 22, 2012

    According to the NRA, “more of the same” is an acceptable solution. If they get a cap pistol, I want a BB gun. If they get a 22, I want a 38. If they have a shotgun, I need an AK47, and if they can shoot 5 bullets per second, I need to shoot 10. The never ending arms race only adds to the coffers of lobbyist and political PACs, to ensure the survival of those who think like this. To them, more death and destruction is perfectly acceptable, as long as it also translates into “more money”. Gun dealers in our local paper talked gleefully about the “perfect storm” of a horrendous tragedy, Christmas gifting, and a threat of gun control all happening at once. Oh Joy! Hear those cash registers ringing! Ka-ching!

  52. Mulligatonney December 22, 2012

    So – your solution to the murder of defenseless students and teachers is to what? Render an entire nation defenseless?

    Or – possibly the criminals will come to their senses when they hear that you are outraged and immediately repent of their sins and join a church, humbly serving mankind for the rest of their days…

    You are the cowards. Everyone of you who would choose to disarm yourself and others with the tragic hope that trading your ability to defend yourself will somehow translate into no more mass murders… Have you read the statistics on serial killers lately? There are many more of them out there nowadays, always learning new ideas and techniques from the video games, movies and television shows they watch… It is suspected that many are truck drivers, and have killed 20-30 people or more, judging by crime similarities, etc… Where is the outrage at the tractor trailers these murderers use as instruments of their carnage? So – really, your main objection is that killers should not choose guns, but something else less personal, like explosives (Timothy McVeigh), or IED’S, or anthrax, or maybe a dirty bomb? And certainly, the murderers should not kill so many at once – it is much easier to think about them killing people one or two at a time over a period of 50 years and discarding their bodies in the woods or on the side of the road. That’s like – 50 people! But a couple a year is somehow not quite as hard to think about, yes?

    And who is pointing the finger at the instructors of mayhem, Hollywood? The best you fear-paralyzed cowards can do is summon all of your courage and call Wayne LaPierre names!

    Your plan is to WHAT? Crap your pants in the hopes that the rapists of the world will find your stinky behind undesirable? Or just pull down your pants, grab your ankles and offer him your bare ass, hoping he will simply pork you and at a whim decide not to kill you?

    So tell me – who is the real coward? You don’t even have the nutsack to defend yourself. You would rather put the decision into the killer’s hands – the decision of exactly how he wants to murder you.

    You liberal bedwetters are pathetic. If you want to piss your pants rather than be as prepared as you can to defend yourself and your family, please feel free to make that decision.

    But don’t make that decision for me. It is my right to decide how I will defend myself.


    1. Jim Myers December 23, 2012

      Replying to Mulligatonney –


      1. idamag December 23, 2012

        Jim, right on.

    2. lexi001 December 23, 2012

      You are out of your mind!!

      1. Mulligatonney December 23, 2012


        There are many ways to kill people. In blaming guns for murder, a person admits that he doesn’t understand murder at all. That is like blaming forks for why Rosie O’Donnell, Oprah or RoseAnne Barr are fat.

        If a person is determined to kill with a gun, he will find a way to acquire one, or build one himself… If a person is determined to kill with anthrax or C4 or ammonium nitrate, or by crashing an airplane into a building, he will find a way.

        I don’t want to be the one who doesn’t have a gun when someone starts shooting at me. This is the easiest kind of murder to defend oneself against…it has to be done in public where there are a lot of people, as opposed to mailing letters with anthrax in them. If a few people in the crowd have guns when the shooting starts, even if they are outgunned, they at least will be able to distract the shooter from murdering innocent, unarmed people and possibly pin him down or delay him knowing that response teams are more than likely only minutes away. Returning fire might also drive the shooter into an early suicide thinking that the police are closing in.

        Out of my mind? NO. Out of your mind is giving away your right to defend yourself because your fear leaves you clutching empty air in your attempt to solve a problem that is as old as Cain and Abel.

        Have you heard Hollywood or video game companies or major television networks admit any responsibility for inspiring these murderers?

        Mass murder has been happening for tens of thousands of years. The Vikings. Hitler. Stalin. Jack The Ripper. The common thread is that every one of those killing cowards executes his plan upon defenseless people. They either make sure they are weak and disarmed first, or disarm them under the auspices of peace, unity and harmony…

        Either way, the murderer strikes at the weak. It is their nature.

        If your fear paralyzes you to the point that you refuse to take the necessary steps to defend yourself, at least don’t vote to take away my right to defend myself. Then, if you and I happen to be in the same crowd when the next shooter appears and you see me open up on the bastard just as he is taking aim at you, and he focuses his attention on me, you can thank me later for saving your life.

        Get a gun. Take some real self defense and shooting lessons from a real instructor. Get a concealed carry permit. Take some initiative to protect yourself. You will feel better and may make a difference someday. Not only in your own life, but maybe in someone else’s that is too scared to protect themselves.

        1. Michael Kollmorgen December 23, 2012

          To a degree, I do agree with you with this last comments you made.

          However, I don’t think everyone should have a CC Permit. Too many want it because they fear EVERYTHING and are nothing more than cop wannabes.

          I personally support CC Permits, but only on the condition that the permit owner is a combat veteran. Everyone else shouldn’t have one.

          I also support open carry as well but under the same conditions.

          Yes, maybe if we had more people in the public openly carrying guns, just maybe the violence would go down.

          I don’t like seeing this happening. But, this, I think, is the only solution since even IF we get all the mass-killing guns from being sold now, this isn’t going to get the rest of them out of society.

          And, one way or the other, someone who wants to get one is going to.

    3. idamag December 23, 2012

      Mulli, scared people with guns are dangerous. A coward with a gun is not the answer. Yes, the NRA and other factions are building fears and controlling you with fears. I do not want to live in a war zone.

  53. tobewan December 22, 2012

    Don’t we need both? Restrictions and bans on certain gun types and gun-owners, and restrictions and bans on certain types of movies, games, & videos that affect the weak and mentally unstable minds, especially of youngsters? Restrictions have been ‘talked about’ for far too many decades – its time for ACTION! Let’s hope that NOW something seriously meaningful will be accomplished.
    It’s the old story of, How many accidents have to happen at the intersection before they install a light?
    Meanwhile, Happy Holidays to all, and may we have a really NEW YEAR!

  54. gahoof December 22, 2012

    And who is going to guarantee that the trained, armed “good guys” are, in fact, good guys? That one of them doesn’t, due to personal problems, decide to go off the deep end? Talk about a false sense of security!
    To take it to the ridiculous other side to make a point: if there are NO guns, then we would not have to worry about people with guns.
    The constitution guarantees the right to possess firearms. It does not say what kind of firearm. Common sense dictates that some limitations, no matter what “gun lovers” feel are a good thing.

    1. idamag December 23, 2012

      gahoof, no one could guarantee that George Zimmerman was a good guy and he had a gun, supposedly to protect his neighborhood. Please, God, Keep my neighborhood safe from gun nuts.

  55. DoctorFaustroll December 22, 2012

    I think we need to arm fetuses. How else to defend unwanted pregnancies against reasonable responses? The NRA is what America needs to keep its image as country of murderous idiots, lawyers, and money.

  56. Kerry December 23, 2012

    Hitler had gun control, didn’t do six million Jews any good being disarmed. Truth is if you want to see people die by the thousand gun freedom is the way to go but if you want to see people die by the million you need gun control.

    1. idamag December 24, 2012

      Kerry, there was no gun control for Germans who weren’t on hitler’s list of those who weren’t human. People who are so scared they need a gun for protection are cowards.

  57. Jerry Whitfield December 23, 2012

    Sometimes I wonder what planet people live on. Gun control is not the problem here,assualt weapons, don’t kill people , people kill people . We didn’t have children getting killed back in the days of the wild west when every body carried guns.Even gangsters didn’t kill children. When a pshyco goes wild and commits a horrific act are guns to blame. I’ve never seen a gun go off by itself.My heart goes out to those that have lost loved ones to the tragedy.Taking guns away is not the answer.I think every citizen should be required to take a hunter safety course as an adolesent at a young age so that they are fully aware of what guns can do. If a bus load of children ran off an over pass and killed all on board would you ban buses. I think not.Who would be blamed? The bus , the driver , the overpass? I sleep better knowing I have a loaded gun at arms reach if I need it .When a sicko comes I wish to be prepared , I don’t wish to be unarmed and have no defense.If even one teacher was strapped the tragedy that occoured possibly could have been prevented.When it comes to our children I believe that we should take measures that are appropiate to prevent such an event from happening again.If it takes metal decetors , or armed guards , I’m all for it. I have four children that dad loves dearly. What ever it takes to keep them safe is what must be done. Just remember this ,”When guns are outlawed ,outlaws will still have guns, and if it ever becomes so that we don’t have the right to bear arms , we will be like deer in the headlights , game over.We as citizens of the United States of America must learn from this tragedy and pull our heads out of uforic asses and be like the Boy Scouts motto and be prepared because it is not a matter of if , but simply when it will happen again. Be prepared.

    1. idamag December 23, 2012

      Jerry, these talking points you plagarized from the NRA handbook. I have been hearing them forever.

      1. Michael Kollmorgen December 25, 2012

        And, let us NOT forget.

        Just last night a wacko killed two Volunteer Firemen and let 7 houses burn to the ground in Upper New York State. This guy used regular rifles, not even assault weapons.

        1. idamag December 25, 2012

          Michael, that is also sad. The big question is: What is the matter with the American People that there is so much violence and homicide in our culture?

          1. Michael Kollmorgen December 25, 2012

            When our Economy took a nosedive, people were and still are looking for Scapegoats to blame it on.

            Since they can’t find anyone to put a valid blame on, they just start shooting and they don’t give a dam who they take out, just as long as it’s “someone else”.

            This type of person is also offended very easily and can’t hold their own in a honest exchange of ideas and causes. So, they just pick up whatever weapon is available to justify their motives and agendas.

            Please notice, every time an economy in any country takes a nosedive, violence increases.

            We think we are above this. But, in reality, we’re just as bad as anyone else.

  58. Ramelli December 23, 2012

    At last court, about 100. They managed to bypass the contraceptive, the abortion, the same sex marriage and were adopted. That same demon that instigates all the ways of preventing God’s creation, is the same one that was behind the shooting in Sandy Hook. They are seducing spirit, making folk belive a lie, rather than the truth. It the Scripture Saint Paul called it ‘giving heed to seducing spirits’ . Take a look at the book of Romans

    1. lexi001 December 24, 2012

      Still awaiting your answer to how many children you have adopted?

    2. idamag December 24, 2012

      Ram, you really don’t have to make responses on this board. Twenty children should not bother you either. The Christmas trees with the presents that will never be opened is not your problem. All you really need to do when there is a problem, is pray about it.

  59. Mulligatonney December 23, 2012

    But if they have one when someone is shooting at them, there is a chance that they will live long enough to try to understand the absolute stupidity of what you just said.


  60. Nomoresmoke December 23, 2012

    It’s a simple solution take the NRA money and pay for the additional armed guards at each school. Several problems fixed: Helps with reducing unemployment, protects the school, helps the tax base in the immediate area, Republicans can say without lying that they have a mandate to help with domestic jobs, curtail the big bucks in the hands of the Republicans that represent the NRA’s views at a high price and force the mentally imbalanced persons that think schools are and easy target to direct their energy to other areas that have no protective plans. Those single-minded gun owners that bask in the NRA commandments can then say they are doing their part in PROTECTING AMERICA without them having to use their own guns.

  61. lexi001 December 23, 2012

    First MUll, I own guns and have for 40 years as has my family going back generations. However, I do not go around carrying my gun to school to pick up my children or to the mall or anywhere else. It is in my home where it belongs. Secondly, thanks for caring so much for me that you’re willing to take a shot for me. Of course, I assume there is zero chance you might miss him and shoot me anyway or some little kid? No, of course not. These scenarios never play out in your mind. Oh, I almost forgot to ask, would you be carrying a rifle, handgun, assault weapon? 5 ammon clip, 7, 10, 100? Will you be wearing your armor? Even as I write this it sounds so absolutely ridiculous. I believe in protecting my own. I do not feel responsible for everyone else in the world that I’m willing to take the risk of killing the wrong person/people. You all talk about not putting the gang banger’s and other criminals in jail; happen to ever notice that these mass shooting’s are generally done by non-criminal’s prior to their big debut? Next argument; our mental health system is or has failed. Do you know who the mental people are? I know most of the fanatic’s on here can’t possibly recognize mental illness when they can’t recognize their own mental deterioration. I listened to LaPierre or whatever his name is; obtuse, dense, unreachable. People actually waited to hear his findings on this? They actually interviewed him on news shows? Why? I wouldn’t give him a minute of air time anywhere. What happened here in my town, Newtown is abominable. Yeah, let’s put the police everywhere. Of course we can’t pay them. Don’t have the money, but I’m sure we’ll get lots of volunteers from the NRA. Imagine walking around in your daily life and seeing armed militia everywhere. Not where I want to live.

  62. idamag December 23, 2012

    Maybe, these nuts who want man-killing guns and multiple shot clips should go to Israel or some other mideastern country and join the mercenaries. They could get paid for doing so. Let us see how they react to someone who will shoot back.

    1. William Pyle December 24, 2012

      Remember about shooting back when you have no protection and a criminal breaks in your house rapes & kills your wife – girl friend or children or maybe even you.How’s that feel ding bat!

      1. idamag December 25, 2012

        William, you poor scared paranoid. Have you ever sought counseling. You cannot know how peaceful it is to not be scared.

  63. Elijah o. Ombongi December 23, 2012

    Wayne Lapierre, is a man with distorted views of the real world we live in. What kind of an idiot is this man Lapierre? Even an insane person without the slightest normal functioning grey matter will not say the things Lapierre says. If I can quote Lapirre’s words, yes it is true that “A gun in the hands of a Secret Service agent protecting our president isn’t a bad word. A gun in the hands of a soldier protecting the United States of America isn’t a bad word. And when you hear your glass breaking at 3 a.m. and you call 911, you won’t be able to pray hard enough for a gun in the hands of a good guy to get there fast enough to protect you”. The secret service is a government Agency whose main job is to protect law abiding civilians from the Lapierre group, Soldiers are government agents whose main duties are to protect law abiding citizens including the President of the United States of America. Does Lapierre want to avenge the President’s protection by arming himself and the other members of his club, the NRA? Only a very insane person can say the things Lapierre said on Friday. Lapierre showed a complete lack of sensitivity to the grieve and heartache caused to the parents who lost their children in that gruesome and horrible attack on innocent little children who had no understanding of what was going on around them. Lapierre needs to apologise to those grieving parents and the Nation at large for his callous and senseless rants that “a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun! What nonsense was that? This was absolute crab that can only come out of a mouth of a lunatic. The country needs to take steps to reduce gun ownership. The second Amendment was enacted in 1871. That is more than a hundred and forty years ago. Has the country stood still in the last one hundred and forty years? Many things have been invented since 1871 and many more things have changed in the last one hundred and forty years? It is time for the second Amendment to be repealed. The President of the United States cannot order Congress to act and act now, but this idiot who is obsessed with guns and gunownership thinks his word is Law. Lapierre directs congress to act and to act now, becaus his word is law unto itself! This moron Lapierre is a dimented fellow who is drunk with gun powder. Lapierre needs to come down from his gun ivory tower to his normal senses and feel the pain the Nation is feeling right now.

  64. Charles December 24, 2012

    Simply put,the mentally challenged are running the NRA.

  65. bigsurmac December 24, 2012

    NRA logic is simple.
    Their mission is to sell guns for all gun makers.
    Five million new high-end hand guns in schools among teachers, administrators, custodians, clerical staff and new security officers at an average price of $800 — $4-Billion gross profits.
    That logic is not hard to understand — Wayne the Peter’s logic is obvious.
    Get this one through as public policy and the paymasters for NRA will assure the salesman who pulls it off several millions or tens of millions as a retirement fund.

  66. FrostPoems December 25, 2012

    I’m beginning to think the NRA would sell guns to the taliban if they thought no one would notice. I can’t believe they’re actually using this recent tragedy to try to sell MORE guns (actually, it’s already working – assault rifles have been flying off the shelves to nuts who see a ban coming up and want to quickly secure a military style weapon so we can have yet another citizen with no military discipline or code with a single weapon that can kill 20 of the most helpless, innocent victims imaginable. Oh, that’s right- the rifle didn’t do it, the psychopath who couldn’t have done what he did without it did. That makes a WORLD of difference.


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