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The Tea Party — Still Less Popular Than The Not-At-All-Popular GOP

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The Tea Party — Still Less Popular Than The Not-At-All-Popular GOP


President Obama’s approval rating is up slightly and his popularity steady, but both the Republican Party and the Tea Party still have negative perception with voters, according to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey released Wednesday.

Only 32 percent of Americans have a positive perception of the GOP, with 41 percent negative, a net of -9. The Tea Party’s perception is up slightly since January of 2013 but only 26 percent report having a positive perception of the right-wing movement while 38 percent feel negatively, a net of -12. The number of Americans identifying with the Tea Party is up 4 percent to 24 but the share that says they’re not — 65 percent — has increased by one percent.

The IRS’s singling out of Tea Party groups that applied for non-profit “social welfare” status has renewed interest in the Tea Party movement. Earlier this year Republican strategist and fundraiser Karl Rove had created a new organization designed especially to hedge against Tea Partiers who could threaten safe seats by defeating establishment candidates in primaries. Since then, Republicans seem to have re-embraced the movement, using the IRS investigation to raise money and attack the president.

President Obama has a net positive of +7, which is unchanged since April, and his approval rating is slightly above water at 48/47, up from 47/48 a month ago.

The swirling accusations of scandal have slightly lowered the president’s reputation for truthfulness. Majorities say that the State Department’s handling of Benghazi, the Department of Justice’s handling of investigations of reports and the IRS’s focus on Tea Party groups raise doubts about the Obama administration.

The public supports investigations into these matters, saying they’re legitimate, not partisan, by a margin of 8 percent

But the public doesn’t seem to think the president is facing an unusually troubling time. In August of 2011, during the debt limit crisis, a majority said that the president was facing a “longer-term setback” that would be difficult to recover from. Now only 43 percent say the same in this poll. A total of 55 percent say that things are likely to get better or that the president is “not facing a setback.”

The share of Americans who identify with the Republican Party continues to decline with only 21 percent identifying with the GOP.

 Photo: Dwight Burdette via Flickr.com


  1. Buford2k11 June 5, 2013

    the IRS didn’t go far enough in the correct direction….that is the scandal…

    1. lana ward June 6, 2013

      The IRS is now a terrorist organization under OHitler. So is the DOJ and the FBI. What the f**k is wrong with you? You hate America that much!!!!

      1. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh June 6, 2013

        You know, Lana, most of us try to be civil on this blog, even when we disagree with the other posters. Your attempts at censoring your vulgarity in your responses is showing your total lack of civility to others. Just because people disagree with you (like just about everyone else) does not mean any of us hate America. Many of us, myself included, are veterans of our military services. We have given up a portion of our lives to help protect and defend our country. As a result, we have the right to complain about what we see is wrong, and to point out the foibles of those we see as pointing to red herrings all the while ignoring the real problems around them.
        All you are doing is offering stridency instead of reasoned discussions. You tolerate no disagreement with any of your statements, instead offering vulgarity and denouncing our patriotism whenever anyone tries to offer reasonable talking points to you. Maybe if enough of us give you “thumbs down” on all your statements, the moderator will cease posting your rants.

        1. lana ward June 6, 2013

          If you are a Veteran, you should be proud to stand with the Tea Party. They believe in a great America as did our Founding Fathers. Or did you fight along side the Taliban??? OHitler is going to take away our free speech. It is going to be a crime if you post anything on the internet that muslims deem offensive. But it will still be alright to offend Christians. OHitler is the enemy, you’re not smart enough to see it????

          1. roguerunners June 6, 2013

            Don’t those cat boxes need cleaning?

          2. lana ward June 6, 2013

            OHitler has grabbed millions of Verizon phone records now. Just one thing after another with this dictator

          3. coxel June 6, 2013

            every one in the Congress was aware of this, read a little and get your facts in order..

          4. roguerunners June 6, 2013

            They can already look if they really want to. Got something to hide?

          5. coxel June 6, 2013

            I find you offensive and if you are a Christian act like one what ever that is..

        2. BillP June 6, 2013

          But Lana is good for a laugh especially when she has taken her tin foil hat off and let those mysterious radio waves into her head. It’s always amazing to see what alternate reality items she will post. Pity Lana, Bozo and the other right wing trolls that spend a good deal of time on this site when they don’t agree with anything printed on it. Then again maybe they are really only a single loonie.

  2. elw June 5, 2013

    All good news for the Democrats and bad for the Republicans. And yet, they still believe they are winning and what they do and say is justified. It is an amazing display of self-punishment. They should probably be locked up for their own safety.

    1. Daniel Murphy June 5, 2013

      And ours…

    2. lana ward June 6, 2013

      The Tea Party believes what our Founding Fathers believed and that is what made this country great. WHY do you hate America??? What the f**k is wrong with you!!!!!

      1. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh June 6, 2013

        That’s right. The Tea Party believes people of color should still be slaves and only count as 3/5 of a white person. They believe in Nullification, and they believe a State should be able to override Federal law unless it is a Federal Law that they favor. Looking out at Tea Party rally pictures I see a less diverse crowd than I see at my local VFW or American Legion hall.

        So, Lana, go back to taking your meds and stop drinking the Koch Brothers Kool-Ade.

        1. lana ward June 6, 2013

          You’re an ass. It is OHitler who wants blacks to be slaves, not the Tea Party. Not one piece of paper on the ground after their rallies. OWS, OHitlers’ group, shit on cars, destroy property, rape women. And you’re for that!!! You’re an ass

          1. Lisztman June 6, 2013

            Lana — have you EVER — I mean, EVER — offered a positive comment on this site? Have you ever suggested something that COULD be done to advance this Nation and its people? The only things I’ve ever heard come from your keyboard are childish rage, perverted non sequiturs, and, in all probability, gross sexual inadequacy. Grow up, girl (or man, if you’re hiding behind a woman’s nom de plume).

          2. plc97477 June 9, 2013

            lana this site can’t be good for your blood pressure maybe you should go talk to people who believe the same way you do. Much better for your health.

    3. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh June 6, 2013

      I still find it amusing that every time a Conservative candidate loses a general election to a more Liberal or Moderate candidate, the Republican party blames the loss on not having a Conservative enough candidate running.

      1. elw June 6, 2013

        It is their way of taking responsiblity for their choices. It is also their way to make corrections in the exact opposite direction they should, but of course those behaviors are typical of radicalize belief systems.

  3. charleo1 June 5, 2013

    From where I stand, the Country cannot rid itself quick enough, of the phony,
    astroturf, T-Party. To those who don’t suffer fools well, you have my sympathy.
    And, you may take some small solace in knowing, most of the Country feels
    your pain. Ignoramuses, that think they are the sole repository of all knowledge,
    are aggravating enough. But nothing brings the peace loving, to thoughts of
    horrific, violence, like a red faced, spittle spewing, T-Bagger, all up in your face,
    calling you every name in the book, when he catches on, you don’t agree with
    him. This is usually after you tell one of them, to get the, @#%&, out of your face,
    and sit down. Before he finds out, what your second amendment remedies are.

    1. Mikey7a June 5, 2013

      So true Charleo, I used to enjoy going to a local watering hole, having a drink, and discussing current events with my peers. Used to be, no matter which side you were on, we could have reasonable discourse, and still shake hands on the way out. No longer. Just as you say above, invariably, along comes a teabagger, unable to win anyone over to their crazy ass views, so he/she begins screaming, ranting, and raving. At that point, the Marine in me comes to fore, and I have to leave, save stomping a mudhole in them.

      My question, how much longer will the well over 60% of Americans who disagree with everything these idiots stand for, continue to put up with their vitriol?

      1. charleo1 June 5, 2013

        I have experienced exactly what you’re describing. A couple of
        times with family, and in-laws. They have, at least in the short run, suspended civil discourse. It’s what extremists, and radicals do.
        There was a time, not that long ago at all, any conversation was,
        for lack of a better term, kept above the belt. And, most all of us
        maintained a certain respect. Even when views were passionately
        expressed. Because, number one, we were Americans. And as
        Americans, it made no difference how much we might disagree
        with the other fellow. The rules were, he had a Right to have that
        opinion, and express it. And after all is said, and done, we are
        not enemies, and never will be. Because we are Americans
        first. And to question the patriotism of a fellow American, was
        something real men didn’t do. Especially of a Marine! Because,
        I hear, that’s a good way to get a mud hole stomped in you!
        Also great comment! Thanks for your service to our Country!

      2. lana ward June 6, 2013

        The Tea Party believes in what our Founding Fathers believed in. Marine? Yea right. Marine for the terrorists. What the f**k is wrong with you?????

        1. Lisztman June 6, 2013

          lana. Please elucidate. What, SPECIFICALLY, is it that the Founding Fathers believed in, that the Tea Party espouses? You may NOT reply something like “everything”. I want SPECIFICS. Give us a couple.
          You throw around words and insults like they were on sale at the discount counter at Ollie’s. And you haven’t the foggiest notion what you’re talking about.

          1. lana ward June 6, 2013

            Specifics are if you don’t know, I understand why you believe in OHitler and his communist agenda

          2. Lisztman June 7, 2013

            In other words, the Tea Party does NOT reflect the beliefs of the Founding Fathers. You will not answer the question because you cannot. Instead you throw back more unfounded allegations.

            There’s a word for this: TROLL.

          3. lana ward June 7, 2013

            The Tea Party does reflect the beliefs of the Founding Fathers. That’s why they are the Tea Party. I’m sorry for you, you don’t believe in what makes this country great. There is a word for this: Communist

          4. Lisztman June 7, 2013

            No. You didn’t answer the question, how the Tea Party reflects the views of the Founding Fathers. “Tea” (supposedly) stands for “Taxed Enough Already”. Which has essentially nothing to do with the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Answer the question, troll. You’re avoiding it.

          5. lana ward June 7, 2013

            F**k your question. Look it up if you want to know, communist

          6. Lisztman June 7, 2013

            Ah, yes. The last resort of rabble without a brain.

          7. lana ward June 8, 2013

            Look, I belong to the Tea Party. Since you don’t know what we stand for, how could you vote against us. Is that something like, we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it

          8. Lisztman June 10, 2013

            Sorry, lana. I DO know, for the most part, what the Tea Party stands for. Let me tell you, it bears very little resemblance to the perspectives of the Founding Fathers.

          9. lana ward June 10, 2013

            And the OWS does???

          10. lana ward June 10, 2013

            Obama is going to make it a Federal Crime to offend muslims on the internet. But you will still be able to offend Christians. He just can’t seem to leave our Constitution alone. Now he’s messing with free speech

          11. Troy June 10, 2013

            OOOOOKKKKK! Now you are really going over the edge.If a sitting president ever did something like that the American public including the full Congress,who demand he be impeached,and I would be leading the charge as well.Tell us where he is messing with the constitution and free speech as well?Because I have not heard of his thinking of doing such a thing,There is such a thing as a limit in how far you go when degrading another race,or have you forgotten how it was for us blacks in the 50s and 60s and 70s that is whay we fought for civil rights and Martin Luther King,Jr.died at the Lorraine hotel on April 4,1968,in Memphis,Tennessee.Or the three black freedom riders killed by white racist two white and one black male,because they came from up north to the deep south,to register blacks to vote,have you forgetten all of that? I sure as hell have not and I was a kid when all that took place,and I still remember all of that like it was yesterday so what about you? Robert F.Kennedy dying for what he believed in and that was helping poor blacks as well do you sense a theme here or not?

          12. lana ward June 10, 2013

            There is black on white attacks happening all across the country right now.–Did you know Martin Luther King was Republican. His niece has been on Fox News many times and is a beautiful Christian. He would be rolling in his grave if he could see how liberals have exploited him!!!!

          13. plc97477 June 9, 2013

            If they did reflect the beliefs of the founding fathers you should be able to come up with one of them.

  4. Dominick Vila June 5, 2013

    The Tea Party committed hara-kiri when they deviated from their original theme, fiscal responsibility, to controversial issues, name calling, insults, and tactics designed to undermine the rights and standard of living of most Americans to benefit the ability of their sponsors to accumulate more wealth than they already have.

    A movement that captured the attention of many Americans, and a naïve or complicit media, is now supported by the most radical and intolerant members of our society and the uninformed. They are rapidly becoming irrelevant in many states in the Union, unfortunately, they remain a force to be reckoned with in the Confederacy and many Bible Belt states where poverty, intolerance, below average education, and fear of changes that challenge the status quo are seen as unacceptable threats by those who wish to go back to the pre-Civil Rights era, the days of child labor, and the days when senior ate cat food to survive.

    1. CPAinNewYork June 5, 2013

      I agree with you.I’ve always disliked radicals and ultra this or that. I like moderation….in everything.
      I recall being dismayed when Barry Goldwater said something to the effect that extremism in the defense of liberty is no sin. He missed the point, because extremism is itself a sin.

    2. Fern Woodfork June 6, 2013

      They both Are Full Of Shit!! Since The GOP Has It’s Lips Glued To The Tea Party Asses You Can’t Tell Where One Party Begins And The Other Ends!! May They Both Go The Way Of The Dodos And The Whigs!!! And Good Riddance!!!

      1. Troy June 6, 2013


        You are so right I hate those mother fuckers with a passion.If I could have my way I would love to see another Saint Valentines Day Massacre.

        There like roaches you see one ,and you more thee are more around .and the best way is to exterminate them all!!

        They have and are nothing but trouble for this country because all they think about is there own damn agenda,and that is why they and the GOP,are hated and will never get the oval office not even in 2016.

  5. Troy June 5, 2013

    I cannot stand the Tea-Party nor the damn sorry GOP they both suck and

  6. ArchiesBoy June 5, 2013

    Dirty little secret: The Tea Party is the bastard child of the Republican Party. Had the GOP been working across the aisle all these years, it would have been a different story.

  7. lana ward June 6, 2013

    Hey, where’s the interview with Megan Kelly and Jim McDermott??? You were so quick to put the one up with her and Lou Dobbs, why not this one where she slaps McDermott in his place—hypocrites!!!!! LOL

    1. DurdyDawg June 8, 2013

      Why don’t you join your idiot T-peers and get the fuck off this forum. You rant and rave and call good servicemen and women commies and degrade their patriotism so that you can feel good listening to this idiocy that’s you. We don’t need scumbags like you on this forum you T-Peer whore.. Find a hole a crawl into it, nobody gives a squat about your opinions.

      1. lana ward June 8, 2013

        Touchy, touchy. Are you sad your lying dictator is having a few problems right now. About damn time LOL LOL

        1. DurdyDawg June 9, 2013

          He’s not having problems, your ilk is trying to create problems and once they’re history I hope your big enough to follow them.

          1. lana ward June 9, 2013

            Not having problems?? LOL LOL!!!!

      2. lana ward June 8, 2013

        Seems to me people on this site degrade Allen West, but that’s alright, right?? Racist!!!! Hypocrite!!!

        1. Troy June 8, 2013


          Are you serious about Allen West? As and African American,myself I am sorry but the man disgusts me,and is a disgrace to all African Americans,and non-people of color who do not view,or like what the man stands for and I am one of them.I cannot stand the man and this has nothing to do with racism.The only person who brings up this racism is him his self and that is a fact. That man does not deserve to be in the House or Senate we have enough jackasses and racist people in Washington,now that needs to go.From Rand Paul to Mitch McConnell.Boehner,Cantor.Ryan,I mean get real here we do not need that asshole there spewing hatred as well and putting down minorities,women you name it No!! the man is and asshole and as a black man myself he disgusts me it is as simple as that.

          1. lana ward June 8, 2013

            OHitler disgusts me and is a disgrace to the whole country. The world is laughing at us, cause the idiot has taken us down the toilet, just what countries want. He is a muslim terrorist and is working with the enemy. Heil OHitler!!!!

          2. DurdyDawg June 11, 2013

            I hope this works…

          3. lana ward June 11, 2013

            So?? And what you gonna do about it, freak!!

          4. plc97477 June 9, 2013

            He is a disgrace to all people of any color.

          5. Troy June 9, 2013

            You are absolutely correct my friend and it has been peaceful since that jackass has been out of public lime light.
            We have enough of those jackasses in Congress,I mean look at Wisconsin,how in the world did he become governor I mean were the people of that state a sleep at the switch when the went to the polls,I mean we have one of those assholes here in Florida,as governor Rick Scott,I hate that bald headed bastard with a passion and he will only be a one term governor as well.And can you imagine if Allen West,ran for governor!! I know it is just a dream thank God,because that will never happen and he will never be re-elected for anything that has to do with Congress or State government he has burned too many bridges for that to happen,and if we all know that I am certain that asshole should know that as well.But maybe I could be wrong I doubt it as arrogant as he is he thinks he still has it now that is funny so lets all laugh.lol

          6. plc97477 June 9, 2013

            I would be more apt to call it a nightmare but I do understand what you mean.

          7. Troy June 9, 2013

            I was trying to be nice.lol But you are correct if that happen that would be one hell of a nightmare,and there is no doubt in my mind he would either be re-called or someone would try to tale his sorry ass out,or am I wrong here?

        2. DurdyDawg June 9, 2013

          Your the only one with a racist mouth you bigoted pub butt sniffer.

          1. lana ward June 9, 2013

            If you don’t like Allen West, you’re the racist. He would make a GREAT President, he LOVES his country

        3. Troy June 9, 2013


          I hate to say this as a black man myself they are not degrading Allen West,they are as I am speaking the truth and that is the bottom line.Allen West,has said and done enough to give everyone enough ammunition no matter what color there skin is to say what is on there minds and how they feel about him as well,and I do not blame them one bit.
          Allen West,to me is a fucking asshole with all the remarks he has said about President Obama.and other prominent black,White,and Hispanic officials.
          What is now said and written about him he brought this all on his self and I for one will not stop telling what I think of the man and none of it is good.If he ever thought about running for President of the United States,there is no way in hell I would vote for him,that is like like him having Mitch McConnell,or John McCain,as his running mate and expecting black voters to vote for him,or any other people of color.Hell would have to freeze over before that would happen.And guess what we would not be alive to see HELL!! freeze over because that would not happen as well.So Lana,that is how I feel about him the man is a lighting Rod,and he has brought all of this on himself for the cruel and uncaring remarks he makes of all people of all races and that is the truth so deal with that until he changes,which he won’t that he will will not have support from any race especially our the black race,and he is a republican as well are you kidding me that definitely will not happen at all.

          1. lana ward June 10, 2013

            Obama is the asshole, and a muslim and a terrorist, a traitor and a queer. Everything Allen West says about him is true!!! Allen West loves his country , Obama hates America and is letting muslims take it over.And he’s running our economy into the ground. He promised he would help the middle class, instead he has all but destroyed us!!!. You left loons will find out just what he is doing but it will be too late for the country!!! Seeing what this bas**rd is doing, I would welcome Bill Clinton back and that about makes me sick

          2. Troy June 10, 2013

            Where in the hell are you getting all of this from,and why would you say things about a person that are not true I just do not understand where you get your train of thought from.

          3. lana ward June 10, 2013

            Check out , The Down Low Club

          4. Troy June 10, 2013

            What is the down low club and were do i find it sens you asked me to check it out tell me were and I will.

          5. lana ward June 10, 2013

            Just Google, type “The Down Low Club”, it should take you to it. It is a Club Rev. Wright had in the basement of his Church

          6. Troy June 10, 2013

            Oh! hell are you kidding me that damn idiot Rev.Wright,he is a disgrace to the representation of God.
            And U have nothing to do with what he has to say or thinks and that is it period.

          7. lana ward June 10, 2013

            I know he’s a bigoted racist but that doesn’t change the fact that he had a club at the church, The Down Low Club, for queers, and Obama was a member. You can read about it or not, but Obama is queer. You want to know where I get my information, then you won’t read it

          8. Troy June 10, 2013

            First of all we are not the left loons here it is obvious your elevator does not go all the way to the first floor.And now I can see why other people on this site hate your damn guts as well.
            President Obama,came into office having to clean up George W,Bush’s shit he caused in his eight years in office or have you forgotten that? he has tried to helped the middle class and each time he tries the Republican and tea Party get in his way.And you are not all there are yo to say Obama hates America,you are truly stuck between floors in your head and thought process aren’t you? Allen West,is a fucking asshole,and I would have no problem from one black man to another telling him to his damn face because he is and even he knows he is.Why in the hell do you think he has disappeared out of the public lime light,because he is hated by many people of all races including our race the black race you are a member of that Lana,are you not? I enjoyed Bill Clinton,as well but he was not with out his problems as well (Hair Gate,Monica Laweinski) just to name a few and battles as well with the Republican Party,so lets be honest and fair here which you are not.Bill Clinton,left a surplus of 33 billion dollars when George W,Bush. came into office I mean you cannot get any better than that and look what the hell he did in those eight years,you where living in the same country as the rest of the American people when he fucked it up where you not Lana?
            I know I was and I have not forgotten that two wars for and example and two of my sons in the Marine Corps and Navy,ay the time,my oldest is in his 20th year in the Navy.And I myself served in the Army & Navy,during the Vietnam Era,as well as my late father who served in the Army,and fought in the Korean War,any questions there?

          9. lana ward June 10, 2013

            The housing crisis was caused by the dems. They forced banks to give loans to those who couldn’t afford to pay it back. On YouTube, “The dems caused the financial crisis” shows a young Acorn Attorney, Obama, suing banks to give loans to those who couldn’t pay it back. Dems told Bush things were fine time after time when he asked, then they blamed him when disaster hit. Obama has had 5 years to turn things around and he has only made things 100 times worse. He is doing this on purpose. He hates America, he was raised by communists who hated America. He was mentored by communists. Google Frank Marshall Davis, he was Obamas’ mentor and many say he is Obamas’ real father. Clinton did so well because of policies Reagan put in place and because he listened to Republicans and did things their way. Obama is anti America who is right now trying to be dictator. Watch and see what happens. Then you can hate my damn guts too, I really don’t give a rip, I know I am right!!!!

        4. plc97477 June 9, 2013

          Allen west doesn’t need our help degrading himself.

          1. lana ward June 9, 2013

            OHitler sure doesn’t need any help degrading himself. Isn’t this fun!!! : )

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