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The War On Woman: Graham Says We Can’t Trust Hillary, Because Monica!

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The War On Woman: Graham Says We Can’t Trust Hillary, Because Monica!


Misogynistic attacks on Hillary Clinton have been the norm for as long as she’s been in the public eye. From her fashion sense to her hairstyles to her public displays of emotion, endless criticism has been leveled at Clinton that few male politicians have had to endure. Sadly, the sexist shade isn’t only thrown by those on the right, nor is it limited to men. Male or female, right or left, Hillary always seems to be in the crosshairs of those who make comments about her that they’d never make about a man. Welcome to “The War on Woman.”


Presidential also-ran Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) reached almost 20 years into the past to attack Hillary Clinton, by bringing up the completely irrelevant subject of her husband’s infidelity.

At a candidate forum in New Hampshire, Senator Graham tried to prove his commander-in-chief bona fides by declaring that he has experience working with both Hillary Clinton and her husband, which has shown that she is “the last person in the world you want to send into the arena with the Russians.”

His reasoning? Why, Monica Lewinsky, of course! Hillary Clinton’s husband lied about sex (as pretty much every married man engaged in an affair tends to do, regardless of profession, political leanings, or religious persuasion—in his defense, perennial swinging bachelor Graham hasn’t had much personal experience in the area), so that means Hillary Clinton herself lies about everything! “When Bill says, ‘I didn’t have sex with that woman,’ he did,” Graham insists. “When she tells us, ‘Trust me, you’ve got all the emails you need,’ we haven’t even scratched the surface.”

Putting aside all the Republicans in Congress—and even in this race—who have committed adultery in the past, one must wonder why Graham chooses to attack Mrs. Clinton, who, by all indications, never did any such thing. Would Senator Graham bring up a private, consensual indiscretion by any other opponent’s spouse back in the 1990s? Or is it only female candidates who are expected to take on the sins of their “better half,” as if committed by themselves? Even when one of Donald Trump’s ex-wives says he raped her, it is swept under the carpet, dismissed as irrelevant, and declared off limits for discussion. It’s positively distasteful to bring up private matters that went on between husband and wife!

Once again, Hillary Clinton, unlike any of the male candidates in this race, is considered to be half a person; merely an extension of her husband. Anything he’s ever done wrong is written in blood-red ink on her ledger, while his accomplishments—and indeed her own—are either diminished or discredited. Try as one may, it is nigh on impossible to find a correlation between this treatment and that of any other candidate for president. She’s not Hillary Clinton, former senator and Secretary of State… she’s the wife of Bill Clinton, who had an affair. What her husband did decades ago behind closed doors is more relevant than what she herself has done on the world stage since.

“As to the Clintons, I’ve been dealing with this crowd for 20 years. I’m fluent in Clinton-speak,” sniffed Graham, proving that to this crowd, there is no Hillary Clinton, accomplished lawyer, legislator, two-time presidential candidate, and diplomat. There’s only one-half of “the Clintons.” And as the female half, she doesn’t really count as a person in her own right.

Photo: Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), via Senate.gov

Video via Huffington Post


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  1. RED August 4, 2015

    You gotta wonder how sick people have to be when they can’t see these sniveling little scumbags, like Graham, for the sick little lying hypocrites they are.

    1. idamag August 4, 2015

      My thoughts also. It is not that there are diptins, like Graham, it is how in the h do they get elected. I am more worried about the state of the people.

      1. stcroixcarp August 5, 2015

        Lindsey Graham Cracker was elected by the people of his state who share his heritage. These folks elected Mark Sanford governor and then to congress after his lush affair in Argentina with his soulmate (at taxpayer expense). They have the unique characteristics of being forgiving of sexual infidelities but can hold a grudge forever.

        1. idamag August 5, 2015

          And Sandford was worse than Bill Clinton by miles. He tried to convince the people that the Appalachian Trail went all the way to South America, crossing the Andes and the Amazon River. Then,the sleaze of all sleazes stood up before the nation on television, and with his lovely wife by his side, told the world the slut was his soul mate. If Sandford was the candidate for president, the so-called Republicans would vote for him and take measures to use voter suppression to get him elected. If all Graham has on Hillary is her husband’s lapse and a couple of made-up scandals, he needs to do a little more worrying. t least, Hillary is not dipping her wick in someone else’s wax

  2. Lynda Groom August 4, 2015

    Monica played the skin flute with Hillary’s husband, therefore Hillary can’t be trusted. Yeah thats a reasonable way of thinking in Graham’s little world.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker August 5, 2015

      It is possible that Graham, like J. Edgard Hoover has a dirty little “secret” that will only out him on his death…just like Hoover.

    2. johninPCFL August 5, 2015

      And yet Newt HAD the affair and could be trusted, so went on to become speaker. It’s tough to follow the logic in Graham’s world.

  3. jiro tanaka August 4, 2015

    Of course he can’t trust a woman that is why he is single. He loves to trust MEN.

    1. Carolyn1520 August 4, 2015

      I question whether he’s ever known a woman except for his mother.
      He’s probably worried about restraining orders.

    2. idamag August 5, 2015

      My Gay friends are extremely well-read and intelligent. If he loves men, it is not reciprocal. Judging from the look on his face in the picture, I would say he needs neither men nor women.

      1. Bren Frowick August 6, 2015

        I don’t think he’s really gay; he just loves that one guy he sees in the mirror every morning…

  4. Carolyn1520 August 4, 2015

    This asinine reasoning reflects squarely on Graham. The problem with the right is when they have stupid thoughts, they immediately have a mouth dump instead of pondering whether they should take a pill or slap themselves until the thought goes away.
    Good for us but it’s not been working for them. 🙂

  5. idamag August 4, 2015

    Back to the days when women’s status depended on their marriage. Remember: the doctor’s wife, the town drunk’s wife, the sanitation worker’s wife? I am sure Lindsey Graham is a good old Southern Baptist. Women, in that church, know their place and keep it.

  6. idamag August 4, 2015

    I just thought of something else: with that asinine grin, on his face, does it look like he is playing pocket pool?

    1. ococoob August 5, 2015

      He looks feminine!

  7. Sand_Cat August 4, 2015

    Another pathetic pipsqueak shouting up at his betters.

  8. marks August 5, 2015

    The gay man speaks

  9. Steve Batchelor August 5, 2015

    The problem with anyone on the right side of the aisle is that all they know how to do is attack anyone and everyone that doesn’t adhere to their conservative BS. Fixing any of our problems…nope they don’t have time for that…too busy trying to find another liberal to smear!

  10. Eleanore Whitaker August 5, 2015

    This from the “It’s who we are” culture of bigots who think women should be seen and not heard. This from a man whose culture teaches women their own validation in life is a man they win by playing cutesy, coy and acting like wind up dolls.

    To these men of this culture, women’s major career is making babies.

  11. ococoob August 5, 2015

    How the hell is this her fault?!

  12. Bren Frowick August 6, 2015

    Yet another demonstration of why Lindsey Graham is running virtually dead last even in the GOP, where his “support” is measured in tiny fractions of one point in the polls…


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