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The World Is Watching Donald Trump, And They’re Not Impressed

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The World Is Watching Donald Trump, And They’re Not Impressed

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) afternoon general session in Washington March 21, 2016. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

The Economist Intelligence Unit has rated a Donald Trump presidency as one of its top 10 threats to global stability and security. Other threats included Britain leaving the European Union and Russia’s military action in the Ukraine and Syria leading to a new Cold War.

A Trump presidency was given a risk level identical to that of the rising threat of jihadi terrorism destabilizing the global economy.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Explaining his inclusion on the list, the EIU noted areas such as Trump’s hostility towards free trade, his exceptionally right-wing stances on the Middle East and jiadhi terrorism, and his likelihood to engage in trade wars with countries like China.

According to Politico, this is the first time a presidential candidate’s election was rated a geopolitical risk to the U.S. and the world.

While Trump has many detractors within the U.S., it’s important to look beyond our borders to examine the impact his election would potentially have abroad, particularly when it comes to our traditional allies.

Early this year, the British parliament debated whether to ban Trump from entering their borders altogether, letting MPs, in an almost-Trumpian rhetorical shift, call the Republican frontrunner “poisonous,” “a buffoon” and a “wazzock,” which is British slang for “a stupid or annoying person.” In the past, the UK has banned individuals including U.S. pastor Terry Jones, who planned a Quran-burning protest.

Germany, one of the world’s strongest economic powers and a key leader in the European Union, has seen its fair share of negative reaction to the Trump phenomenon. One German lawmaker, following the UK’s lead, has called for Trump to be banned from Germany, as his “rants of hate against minorities and refugees could constitute the criminal offence of incitement of hatred.” German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Sigmar Gabriel also spoke out against Trump, labeling him a threat to global peace and prosperity. Trump has been highly critical of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policies throughout his campaign.

Concern for a Trump presidency extends beyond Europe, though. Trump has generated widespread disdain and outrage regarding for his comments about barring Muslim from the U.S. and claims that Islam is a religion that “hates us,” essentially decrying almost a quarter of the world’s population.

Trump has also expressed his belief that Saudi Arabia should have to pay the United States for “protection.” “In response to Trump’s hallucinations: God and Saudi Arabia’s army will protect it,” noted an editorial in a news site authorized by the Saudi Ministry of Information and Culture. Saudi prince and billionaire investor Prince AlWaleed bin Talal expressed his distaste for Trump via Twitter, claiming he bailed out Trump twice, and wondered if Trump needed a third bailout.

Even Israel, American’s closest ally in the Middle East (with their own tough-talker, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu), doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Trump. According to an Israeli opinion poll by the Rafi Smith Polling Institute, only 14 percent of respondents support Trump, as opposed to the 41 percent that back Hillary Clinton. Netanyahu, who Trump stumped for in Israel’s 2013 election, also rejected Trump’s aforementioned call to ban Muslims from the U.S., and the Jerusalem Post has written that “Donald Trump may not be the best choice to repair American-Israeli relations in the post-Obama era.”

That’s just the start. According to Reuters, diplomats from India, South Korea, Japan and Mexico have all also expressed concern at the prospect of a Trump presidency, based on his xenophobic rhetoric.

As we roll into what CNN has helpfully named “Western Tuesday,” voters should remember: Trump is drawing the ire of even our staunchest allies abroad, and merely electing him would have a hugely negative impact on the perception of America internationally.

Photo: Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) afternoon general session in Washington March 21, 2016.      REUTERS/Joshua Roberts



  1. FireBaron March 22, 2016

    But everybody knows that the jingoistic conservatives that slaver after THE DONALD’s every mouthing do not pay attention to what anyone else says outside of their own back yards. Doesn’t matter whether they are dealing with Bejing, Berlin, Brussels, Bayonne or Brooklyn. No one else’ opinions matter.

    1. greenlantern1 March 22, 2016

      Trump Taj Mahal PAID a $10,000,000 fine!
      It was used, by terrorists, to launder money!
      It PAID an $80,000 fine, to Christie’s gambling commission, because it used illegal slot machines!

  2. Dominick Vila March 22, 2016

    World leaders, businessmen, and most people throughout the world are horrified by the probability of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States. They deplore and cannot believe the immature and irresponsibility of the insults and threats he directs at Mexicans and Latinos in general, they cannot believe his naive “solution” to fend off terrorism by barring the entry of all Muslims to the USA, and they cannot believe we are willing to risk the stability of the entire world by voting for a man who lacks the experience, character, and vision to lead the free world.
    In addition to his childish traits, what worries most foreign leaders is Trump’s political platform, including his anti-trade proposals (higher tariffs on foreign products), bringing manufacturing back to the USA by using mysterious incentives or dictatorial ruling, his proposal to dismantle NATO and bring U.S. troops in Europe home, making other countries pay for the things we want, and the love affair between Trump and Putin.
    I suspect that their alarm is due, in part, by lack of familiarity between what happens during our political campaigns and the realities of governance, but for them, the risks are real.
    I realize that most Trump supporters see the fear their idol is eliciting worldwide as a vindication for the rationale to support their hero. Hopefully there are enough Americans left determined to act like responsible adults, and who understand that isolationism is not a solution or a welcome option, and vote for someone with the experience and maturity to elicit respect rather than fear.

    1. itsfun March 22, 2016

      Have you read how good it is in Germany now? Trump is calling for Muslims to be completely checked out before letting them in. As it is now, we do not have to resources to check them out. Look at what happened today in Belgium. Do you want the US on a complete lock down because of terrorists? He is not calling for isolationism, but for better processes to allow people into our country. How many more murders and rapes by illegals will it take for people to call for more security and checking. How many more businesses do you need to see leave our country because of governmental regulations? How many more 9/11 attacks do you need before we stop letting every person in without a complete investigation? Trump want fair trade. Have you seen the trade deficits we have with other countries. Trump just wants a even playing field and will do what it takes to get one. What do you think of Hillary’s idea of fining companies for leaving the US? Companies are leaving because there is not a even playing field. Trump does not lack vision or character. He has dealt with world leaders and the top businessmen in the world. He has built companies in many foreign countries. Calling everyone you don’t agree with a racist doesn’t work anymore. Calling a person a Mexican that comes to our country illegally from Mexico is not racist, but true. That person is a Mexican, not a Russian or Canadian. Trying to protect you and me from Muslim terrorists is not racist, but cautious and responsible. How many ISIS members are not Muslim?

      1. Melissa Muff March 22, 2016

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      2. greenlantern1 March 22, 2016

        Ever hear of Ray Kot?
        Sunnil Rattu?
        Martin Caballero?
        They were murdered at Trump Taj Mahal!
        High crime building?
        Should the police keep a close eye on that place?

        1. itsfun March 22, 2016

          Answered this question from you before. Kot was killed by a disgruntled gambler Rattu was murdered by a carjacker. Are you referring to the Colombian radical named Caballero. Are you saying Trump is responsible for carjackings and bad gamblers? While you are at it, why not blame Trump for 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and any other thing you can think of.

          1. bobnstuff March 22, 2016

            The Trump Taj Mahal is one of the Stars in the Trump Crown and if it cause a safety problem in it’s neighborhood it should reflect on the man who says he built it. The fact that Mr. Trump forgot about his neighbors when he built his great failure is just one more proof that his is not the great businessman he claims to be. Trump and his followers don’t like taking ownership of his failures which there are a lot. My favorite great business venture of the great and powerful Donald is Trump Steaks. He sold $50,000 worth of what he said were the greatest steaks you woulds ever eat but I guess he has never had a good steak if he though his were good.

          2. itsfun March 23, 2016

            Have you ever been to Atlantic City? I have. When we checked into our hotel/casino we were told by the front desk people not to go out alone at night. Hotel security told us not to walk anywhere after dark. The told us to take a taxi. We did not stay at a Trump owned casino. You don’t happen to like his steaks. That is a great reason to hate him. How many holes on his golf course do you hate? Make him redesign the golf holes to your liking.

          3. greenlantern1 March 23, 2016

            Trump Taj Mahal paid an $80,000 fine, to Christie’s gaming commission, because it used illegal slot machines!
            Were you warned about that?

          4. itsfun March 23, 2016

            Nope have never gambled there. I do know some Indian casinos have been fined for the same things and also for cards in the blackjack shoes.

          5. greenlantern1 March 23, 2016

            Don’t gamble!
            Casinos cheat!
            You can have a jack of clubs, an eight of hearts and a seven of spades in your hand.
            They say you lose.
            You have a black jack right in your hand!
            Never bet, on the even numbers, in roulette.
            The ODDS are against you!

          6. itsfun March 23, 2016

            The odds are always against you in every casino in the world. Craps is the closest you can get to even odds.

          7. latebloomingrandma March 22, 2016

            You mean Obama is not respond for all of those?

          8. itsfun March 23, 2016

            Instead of blaming the victims, maybe we should try blaming the people that actually commit the crimes.

          9. greenlantern1 March 23, 2016

            Blame Karla Faye Tucker?

          10. itsfun March 23, 2016

            What do you want me to blame her for? She paid for her crime with her life. Its now up to God as to decide what happens to her soul.

          11. greenlantern1 March 23, 2016

            Blame her legacy for the murders that she did?
            Did Hillary murder Ambassador Stevens?
            Ever hear of Ahmed Abu Khattalah?

          12. itsfun March 23, 2016

            Hillary didn’t murder Stevens, she just made it possible for terrorists to murder him.

          13. greenlantern1 March 23, 2016

            Did Pastor [?] Terry Jones help him?
            Didn’t he help make the INNOCENCE OF THE MUSLIMS?
            Didn’t Khattalah use that?

          14. greenlantern1 March 23, 2016

            There is a pending lawsuit, on the death of Martin Caballero, at Trump Taj Mahal!
            Does that place have adequate security?
            What does Arpaio say?

          15. itsfun March 24, 2016

            pending lawsuits are just that – pending and mean nothing. I read where the Paris terrorist is going to sue the Paris police. Should we take that BS seriously too. I have never been in the Trump casino, but the casinos I have been in have some of the best security anywhere. I doubt if the Trump casino is any different. I think Arpaio mostly say don’t cuddle the criminals.

          16. greenlantern1 March 24, 2016

            Ray Kot and Sunnil Rattu were already murdered there.
            Adequate security?

          17. itsfun March 24, 2016

            Sunnil Rattu was killed by carjackers. How many people have been killed by carjackers. Is Trump responsible for all of them? Kot was a shift manager and was shot in his second floor office by a gambler. The gambler was a regular at the casino and had never caused a problem. Any security force that knows a customer as a regular that has never caused a problem would not consider the shooter a danger. Try telling the whole story instead of just putting names out.

          18. greenlantern1 March 25, 2016

            Martin Caballero’s murder is the basis of a lawsuit.
            Is the owner liable for the murders that take place on his property?

          19. itsfun March 25, 2016

            I am not a lawyer, but my guess is if a business owner has taken all reasonable steps to prevent murders in his business, he/she is not liable for the murder. Is 7/11 or any gas station convenience store libel for a druggie or drunk coming into the business and killing customers and workers?

          20. greenlantern1 March 25, 2016

            Note “reasonable steps” and “adequate security”.
            The lawsuit, on Martin Caballero’s death, is pending.
            Who knows how that will turn out?

      3. RED March 22, 2016

        Ahh, the Con sickness, look at what it does to its victims, sad. You’re a frigging moron, just a total moron. There’s no niceties about it, no differing viewpoints, you’re just a moron! And sadly, you will remain a moron, cause the things that make you a moron won’t change, because they are choices you made to be a moron. But just for fun, let’s take you moronic theories on terrorism. So, just protect the American people right? Well, then we should be banning all white guys from the U.S. cause they’re far more likely to commit acts of terrorism and violence. But see you’re too dumb and TOO RACIST to recognize that fact, and that’s what makes you and Trump and all the other idiots that support him both ignorant morons and racist scum.

        1. itsfun March 22, 2016

          You are the complete moron and racist. Plus you have no tolerance for any others opinions. Yes you are a complete racist and moron and you will remain one.

          1. dpaano March 22, 2016

            If so, he’s at least an INFORMED moron, which you are NOT!

          2. itsfun March 23, 2016

            golly gee another one of your stinging posts. You are such a meanie. Can you even make a post without calling names? I just love hearing people like you demanding tolerance of others and their opinions and having absolutely no tolerance of your own. What does that make you?

      4. Paul Bass March 22, 2016

        Protect America from Muslims (about 1/4 of the world population, and about 3.3 million Americans) till we find out “whats going on” is pretty much pure lunacy.
        We’ll call it Trump’s ‘Marvin Gaye’ moment.

        1. itsfun March 23, 2016

          Yes, what a stupid idea. Why would anyone want to protect Americans? Lets let all the terrorists in the world into America. After all they only have the goal of killing every infidel. While we are at it, lets disband the military too. Their job is to protect America and Americans, we don’t need that. We call that eliminating the United States of America.

          1. 788eddie March 26, 2016

            Remove enough guns, and do it relentlessly, and eventually the supply WILL dry up; simple math, itsfun. There are so many guns right now, it’s hard to be able to tell just who is legal and who is not.

            As for civilian ownership, that’s part of the problem. In America, we are losing about 33,000 people each year due to gun violence. This includes people who do not know what they are doing (and shouldn’t have a gun), children who get hold of an unprotected gun, and people who bought a gun legally, trained how to use it, and somewhere along the way, decided that his was the time for them to exercise their “God-given” right to end their own life, and to try to take as many fellow Americans that they could.

            I’m sorry, itsfun, but I just don’t support that.

          2. itsfun March 26, 2016

            I doubt if anyone supports the examples you are using. Sadly people have been finding ways to end their lives for hundreds of years and not having a gun won’t stop that. The murder bombers wouldn’t be stopped by not having a gun. The supply won’t dry up. Guns are made everywhere. Do you believe if we don’t allow guns to be made in the US, all guns will stop being made? A black market would find a way to import all the guns and ammo they would ever want. How successful has the war on drugs been at stopping drugs from being brought here? As long as someone can make a profit, guns and drugs would be brought here. Those guns would then go to criminals not honest citizens. The police can’t be everywhere or always get to you on a timely basis to save you. Many times, self-defense is the only way to save your life. I agree that people should be trained in the safe use of guns. I personally took a gun safety class and had to pass a background check by the State Police before getting a concealed pistol license. The number one rule of gun safety is to get one.

          3. 788eddie March 26, 2016

            itsfun, I’m sorry you didn’t like my examples, even if they were good ones. I guess it’s easy to dismiss what doesn’t support your wants.

            My brother, who lives in rural NM, had more than a dozen guns – at least until someone broke into his unoccupied home and stole them. These legally-owned guns then became illegal weapons. Not much use to law abiding citizens, itsfun. He purchased, and now has a walk-in gun safe. I wonder who has the stolen guns now. I can’t help but reflect that if he hadn’t had so many, a lot of us would be better off.

            And guns are not made “everywhere” as you claim. They are made in gun factories (along with some gunsmith shops in our country and in other countries. We can put in efforts to control gun imports, as we do now with imports in general. Guns manufactured in our country by manufacturers here can be regulated so that people would not get hold of them.

            I have no problem with law enforcement or military having guns; we need them. We don’t need the nuts having them.

          4. itsfun March 26, 2016

            We are not that far apart. What I meant by everywhere is other countries. I just don’t think we can ever stop a black market from getting and selling illegal weapons. If just making something illegal worked, we wouldn’t have a huge drug problem in our country. Thousand of people love to hunt small and large game and put food on their tables. I like to go to the gun range and target shoot. I do agree with taking safety classes and background checks to carry a pistol. You’re right when you say we don’t need the nuts having guns. A lot of the violent crimes committed with a gun are by mentally ill people. I don’t know the answer to fix that but I am sure taking everyone’s gun won’t fix the problem. Criminals and mentally ill are not going to ever turn their weapons in.

      5. 788eddie March 22, 2016

        “How many more murders and rapes by illegals will it take for people to call for more security and checking.”

        Hey, itsfun, are you aware that Americans are killing other Americans (and themselves) at a rate of more than 33,000 a year?

        I’m more worried about crazy Americans than I am about a few so-called terrorists.

        1. itsfun March 23, 2016

          Yes, I am aware of that. That doesn’t make it right to invite more killing into our country. Remember the terrorist have one goal of killing all infidels. They just attacked Brussels yesterday. Do you want another 9/11, or another attack like that happened in California or should we just wait until a few more attacks before doing anything? We could always go to a baseball game and do the wave. That must just scare the hell out of the terrorists.

          1. 788eddie March 24, 2016

            We could start by eliminating all guns for citizens, and keep them for law enforcement and the military; that could save 33,000 American lives every year. It would also make getting firearms by terrorists much more difficult, also increasing our national safety.

          2. itsfun March 25, 2016

            What a great idea, I can see all the criminals in the US lining up to turn in their guns now. I am sure they would never do anything like get guns from a black market. Just think about how the bad guys would never commit another crime with a gun when they know you can’t protect yourself.

          3. 788eddie March 25, 2016

            You know, its fun, just about anybody (including criminals, mentally deranged & terrorists can get just about any weapon they want, any time they want right now.

            If gun supply were to dry up (including, eventually, the black market), yes, average people would not be able to get guns. So also would criminals, mentally deranged & terrorists not be as able to get the guns they desire to cause their own type of mayhem. And when they can’t get those guns, we all become just a little safer.

            I guess I can live with that.

          4. itsfun March 25, 2016

            If they can get any weapon they want, then why get rid of my way of protecting myself. Guns don’t wear out, the supply on the black market won’t dry up. Terrorists could always make they own gun factory. Drug dealers have their own drug factories.
            I would rather live being able to protect myself, rather than depend on a law that can’t work or wait for the police to get to me.

  3. yabbed March 22, 2016

    Well, look at that. Big tough guy Trump, the master negotiator who is going to beat up everyone on earth to show the world how tough he is and America is, goes down on his knees and kisses the ass of Israel yesterday.

    1. dpaano March 22, 2016

      Of course he did…..he will say ANYTHING that needs to be said at the moment and then change his mind or claim he didn’t really say that or mean it the way it sounded!!! He waffles more than Mitt did!

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 22, 2016

    This is a sobering account of how America is perceived by many others in the world. So many in the USA still dream of the halcyon days of “talk softly and carry a big stick”, which has morphed into “talk loudly, posture, use vitriol, and carry a stick and a gun”. The clamoring and yammering at certain rallies, for example, point out the recurrence of the “cancer” of a brutish and isolationist attitude that is still popular among the more paleolithic in American society.

    The reminder of a so-called Christian clergyman(a term that assumes more of an oxymoron nature) calling for an intolerant Spanish Inquisition type of response to Islam shows how eviscerated a major Religion in America in many circles has become—I refer to the segment from above, “the UK has banned individuals including U.S. pastor Terry Jones, who planned a Qur’an-burning protest.”

    Imagine the added force to the fire of ‘hate and fanaticism’ this would ignite in the world. The so-called pastor, Terry Jones, thinks that the best way to put out a fire is to pour gasoline on it(apparently, he doesn’t understand the laws of physics, nor of other scientific principles)—much the same sort of thinking is encouraged and proposed by certain other demented individuals in the political realm and lay-person milieu as well.

    1. 788eddie March 22, 2016

      My friends in Canada are telling me that, in the event of Trump’s nomination and election, they want to build a wall to keep Americans out!

      1. dtgraham March 23, 2016

        No need for it. Not much point in Americans driving to Canada in the event of the worst happening. If Trump wins in November, Canada plans on leaving for Australia.

    2. dtgraham March 23, 2016

      In Trump’s case, it’s walk softly and talk about his big stick.

  5. charleo1 March 22, 2016

    It’s clear Trump is unqualified to be President. This is evident in his many outbursts of ignorance concerning trade, terrorism, NATO, and the responsibilities we take on for our own, and our allies’ best interest regarding the security of oil routes in and out of the Saudi Peninsula. Or, perhaps Mr. Trump would rather leave this vital job of insuring the economic security of the EU. our 100 billion dollar annually trading partners, up to China, or Russia? Or, we could simply leave the security of the region as a thing the Iranians, and Saudis could fight it out over? Trump’s lame brain idea to farm out our military, to charge the oil producers for protection vital to our own security is not serious. But is symptomatic of his entire campaign. Where one ignoramus, him, proclaims a virtual cornucopia of idiotic easy fix solutions to another like minded group of ignoramuses. Who then, feeling as though their long held moronic World views have been validated, are more animated than ever to see them carried out. And this in a nutshell, is the ongoing problem anytime extremists, and radicals start thinking so far outside the box, they fail to take into consideration there ever was a box. Or, if there is a box, it must exist as tribute to some political correctness or another. Of which they can, and should dispense immediately at all costs.

    This was all just as painfully clear in hindsight that the same poor qualifications abounded in a Bush Adm. that started with a half baked conclusion about invading Iraq. Which, in their faulty groupthink, believed themselves also to be absolutely correct. Then, cocksure of everything, as cocky as Trump ever is, set about constructing a facade of justifications for their poorly thought out plans of conquest, and grander. Yes, America was going to be strong, and forceful, and respected, and great again! We would invade. Our Armies would prevail. The conquered would bow down. The oil would be ours. The Party would prosper politically. End of thought process.

    1. dpaano March 22, 2016

      if the individuals supporting Trump actually knew how our government worked, they would realize very quickly that most of the things Trump says he’s going to do are not things the president would be allowed to do. There’s a reason for “checks and balances,” and this is just one of the reasons. He would NOT get permission from the Congress to change the Constitution to allow “waterboarding, etc.” no matter WHAT he seems to think he can do. Just saying “DO IT” doesn’t mean that he has the ability to actually make it happen. But, apparently, he doesn’t seem to care about this. This country CANNOT be run like a business with a CEO in charge…..a CEO does not have Congress and the entire United States backing him….all he has to answer to are the shareholders. Running this country is MUCH harder and you can’t just willy nilly do whatever you want to do even tho’ people seem to be misinformed as to this thought. He’s not being elected to be KING of the United States……he won’t be able to do most of the things he has been telling the uninformed that he will do…..even building that stupid wall!!! And, unfortunately, even if he COULD build the wall, they seem to forget that it’s their taxpayer money that will be used to build the useless thing! Even doing away with Obamacare would add a major cost to the majority of citizens of this country…..but, Trump doesn’t really care about that. All he cares about is stirring up the masses with his lies and generalities. Elect this idiot, and watch your taxes go sky high….despite Grover Norquist’s wishes!

  6. greenlantern1 March 22, 2016

    Didn’t Ike make a shambles of Hitler’s ATLANTIC WALL?
    He is also remembered for the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the Falcon Dam!
    Trump’s “WALL”?
    Where is it?

  7. Otto T. Goat March 22, 2016

    Germany’s leaders have been doing such a terrific job.

  8. Otto T. Goat March 22, 2016

    These “leaders” are terrified President Trump will energize the opposition in their own countries.

    1. 788eddie March 22, 2016

      Agreed, Otto.

      Trumps polities would be poison in just about any civilized society.

  9. browninghipower March 22, 2016

    This is just red meat to trump’s supporters. It makes him more strong and more appealing in their eyes. Sheeeesh..remember American Fries? Americans can be major league assholes.


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