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There’s Still A Senate Race In Louisiana, And It’s Getting Ugly

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There’s Still A Senate Race In Louisiana, And It’s Getting Ugly


Democrats had a miserable Election Day, but they still have a chance to salvage one more win from the midterms. Because no candidate won over 50 percent of the vote in Louisiana’s Senate election, the race has advanced to a December 6 runoff between Democratic senator Mary Landrieu and Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy. And, with nothing left to lose, Landrieu is pulling out all the stops.

On Sunday, Landrieu’s campaign released a new ad featuring footage of an awkward Cassidy struggling through a speech to the Repbulican Leadership Conference in May.

Although the ad does note Cassidy’s support for the Ryan budget, it mainly focuses on his poor speaking skills, which the narrator slams as “nearly incoherent.”

“We’d lose Mary Landrieu’s clout for this?” the narrator asks, as an onscreen graphic invites viewers to watch the entire speech.

The ad follows one of the central themes of Landrieu’s re-election campaign. The three-term incumbent has argued that, as the top Democrat on the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Louisiana needs her experience more than it needs to rebuke President Obama by sending a Republican to Washington. Ironically, after Democrats’ lack of enthusiasm doomed many of their candidates on Election Day, Landrieu is hoping that Republicans will see voting for Cassidy again as a less urgent task now that a Republican Senate majority is assured.

Landrieu’s odds appear to be long. Although Landrieu’s campaign is still running ads like the one above, the Democratic Sentaorial Campaign Committee pulled the plug on its planned ad spending on her behalf. By contrast, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has reserved $2.3 million worth of ad time between now and the runoff election, and conservative outside groups are spending millions more to put Cassidy over the top.

Cassidy is a strong favorite to win on December 6. After splitting the conservative vote with fellow Republican Rob Maness on Nov. 4 — Cassidy won 42 percent of the state, while Manness won 14 percent — Cassidy is consolidating GOP support. No polling on the runoff has been released since the first round of voting, but the Real Clear Politics average of pre-election polls finds Cassidy leading Landrieu by 4.8 percent in a head-to-head matchup.

Screenshot: YouTube

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Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Dominick Vila November 11, 2014

    Cassidy will be elected by a comfortable margin. What is very much up in the air is how far to the right the new Congress is going to go. Will Ryan’s ten point plan, which included dismantling MEDICARE, and Cassidy’s proposal to reduce SS benefits be implemented? I doubt it. If the GOP does that they will awake a sleeping giant – senior citizens – who will make sure Hillary Clinton wins by a landslide in 2016…and the GOP is well aware of that fact. The new Congress is gong to be, decidedly, on the right on just about every issue, but they are going to be careful not to seem too extreme to mainstream Americans. The 2016 campaign began the day after the midterm election, and I suspect that is going to be their main focus during the next two years.

    1. hicusdicus November 11, 2014

      What kind of designer drug do you partake to come up with your comments? The ignorant are always cock sure while the intelligent are full of doubt. Try doing something you are good at. Perhaps potty train your grandchildren.

    2. TZToronto November 11, 2014

      The rational among the GOP caucus will try to stay away from the seniors’ hot-button issues, but the irrational among them will demand the end to entitlement programs, knowing that their Tea Party base want to cut federal social spending entirely. (Are they ready for increases in state taxes?) Of course, when a few among the Tea Party seniors think for a second, they’ll suddenly realize that these two particular programs are actually run by the federal government. (Some probably think Medicare and Social Security are some kind of God-given manna from Heaven. Little do they know that it was Democratic Presidents who pushed these two programs through into law. If you ask them, they’ll probably say that Reagan was the author of Medicare and Social Security.) We can hope that the crazies among the Republican caucus, in light of the GOP trouncing of the Democrats, think they can yell anything and get away with it–as long as they attach the magic word “Obama” to their outbursts. Right now we on the left seem to be the only ones who notice the irrationality of the far right; maybe some on the not-so-far-right will begin to notice, too.

      1. Dominick Vila November 11, 2014

        I hope so, but I am not holding my breath. Obviously, there are problem areas awaiting resolution, there are concerns that deserve attention, and programs that must be changed to make them more efficient and cost effective; but when it comes to electioneering the centerpiece of the Tea Party agenda is influenced by ignorance, intolerance, lack of compassion, and hatred. With that in mind, I expect members of the GOP to pursue compromise and focus on an agenda that would give them the record they need to have a chance in 2016, but that’s not what the Tea Party is interested in.
        The next two years are going to be interesting, and are likely to define which party is truly interested in helping mainstream Americans and which ones are determined to take us back to the pre-civil rights days and the company store.

        1. TZToronto November 12, 2014

          From now until election day in November, 2016, I think we’ll be seeing ads that try to bash the Clintons, trying to resurrect all of those “scandals” that have already been shown to have been nothing of the sort. Expect the right to harp on Benghazi, claiming that Hillary and President Obama knew about what was going to happen, did nothing, and actually ordered the U.S. military to stand down. Numerous hearings have already shown these claims to be totally without merit. However, the easily influenced among the right will gobble that stuff up, and I’m sure their favorite media outlet will give 24/7/365 coverage to something that is only in the minds of the hateful. Of course, now that Republicans will be in charge of the various Senate committees, we can expect the whackos among the GOP to push for hearings on any number of things designed to make the Democrats–especially Hillary Clinton–look bad.

          1. Dominick Vila November 12, 2014

            The 2016 campaign is likely to be one of the most contentious in history. The fact that a woman is running for President for the first time in U.S. history, the fact that her husband was one of our most successful presidents, coupled with the rise of the Tea Party and the need to to deflect attention from themselves by engaging the population in facile rhetoric, will all contribute to a very nasty campaign.
            Hopefully the Democratic Party learned something from this midterm election, and goes for the jugular if the raise topic such as Benghazi. My response, on that specific issue, would be to remind everyone of who was in charge of the WH and Congress on 9/11/01, and when 11 U.S. diplomatic facilities were attacked, ending with the total number of people killed, where most of them were killed, and the fact that our government was well aware of the contents of OBL’s fatwa. Admittedly, the man most responsible for ordering preventive action was too busy chopping wood in Crawford and reading primers to little kids in Florida to waste his valuable time attending the daily National Security briefings. Dereliction of duty, and bad intelligence, the kind that emanates – or does not – from our gray mass, are among the most egregious contributors to our lackadaisical attitude in the face of a threat to our national security. We must stop being Mr. Nice Guys and kick them where it hurts.

  2. poppabear42 November 19, 2014

    That women in Louisiana is just like the woman in Kentucky, they have no interest in anybody but themselves, and will sell their souls to the devil, just to get what they want. So if they would do that, what do you think they will do with us?
    We don’t need neither one of them, because we have enough problems, with this bunch of dead minded idiots that just bought, lied, cheated, and stole themselves into power.
    In two months, if not sooner, all hell is going to break lose, because you can’t just sit around, doing nothing for four years, but stealing their pay checks, and whining about how everybody, but themselves are responsible for all that is wrong in the country.
    So hang on, and don’t start your “Happy dance” yet, because it is going to get real ugly.


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