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This Week In Crazy: A Jackboot On The Face Of Sanity

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This Week In Crazy: A Jackboot On The Face Of Sanity


Dear conservatives: Imagine a jackboot stomping on the face of your overwrought metaphor.

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the loony, bigoted, and hateful behavior of the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz watched Tuesday night’s Democratic debate, and either a.) what he saw scared the living hell out of him, reducing him to a mewling puddle of his own making, raving Chicken Little-like through the streets, begging everyone to listen that apocalypse is a’brewing, or b.) he is campaigning in Iowa and continues his craven and cynical bid for conservative support by playing to people’s worst instincts, suspicions, and fears.

Far from me to speculate on Cruz’s state of mind, but we can report that he was indeed in Iowa during the debate, and that he claimed he was not at all encouraged by what he saw. The debate, he said, “was a recipe to destroy a country.”

“It was more socialism, more pacifism, more weakness, and less Constitution,” he told an assembled crowd of Iowans, according to The Dallas Morning Newswhich also reports that Cruz “acknowledged that he hadn’t actually watched the debate. During much of it, he was stumping at a Pizza Hut.”

That may explain why his summation of the event bears very little resemblance to what anyone watching the debate actually saw.

The debate, he said, “was an audition for who would wear the jackboot most vigorously” — jackboot, of course, long being a symbol for fascism. During the debate, the Democrats were simply auditioning “for who would embrace government power for who would strip your and my individual liberties.”

Cruz continued:

“It was interesting for America to see each and every Democratic candidate explain how what we need is an even weaker America, how we should withdraw even more from America” – he probably meant to say the world – “[and] avoid any conflict whatsoever with Iran, with Russia, with ISIS, with the lunatics who want to kill us.”

Either the sky is falling or the caucus is coming. Who can say?

Via Dallas Morning News

Next: Rush Limbaugh

Sam Reisman

Sam Reisman is the former managing editor at The National Memo, where he still writes the weekly "This Week In Crazy" column. His writing has appeared in Flavorpill, The Huffington Post, Columbia Daily Spectator, and Bwog. He was the publisher of the 2010 edition of Inside New York, an annual guidebook to the city for students and young professionals.

Since 2011, he has co-curated and hosted Peculiar Streams, a showcase for NYC-based writers, musicians, comedians, and filmmakers. He is a staff writer at Mediaite, and blogs at SamReisman.com.

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  1. Dominick Vila October 16, 2015

    Comments, such as those made by Rafael Eduardo Cruz, the son of a man who once joined Fidel Castro’s regime before moving to greener pastures, are manifestations of radicalism and desperation. In any case, I was delighted to learn that Republicans are enraged by the Democrats decision to pursue peaceful solutions to international problems via dialogue, instead of engaging Iran and Russia militarily. Does our Canadian import have children of military age? His desperate diatribe highlights why Trump and Carson oppose making the next debates 3 hours long. Giving the candidates enough time to articulate their opinions would guarantee collective political suicide. I agree with them that 3-hours of a circus atmosphere would be too much for most viewers to endure, but changes in the format the debates are conducted are needed. A better approach may be to limit the main event to the top 3 or 4 front runners. The rest of the field should participate in a second debate. That would give the likely nominees enough time to explain where they stand on issues that most Americans care about.

    1. dtgraham October 16, 2015

      For some odd reason. I just can’t put my finger on it but me too. LOL.

    2. Paul Bass October 16, 2015

      It’s the Black and White photo with the old style microphones. Exactly as McCarthy appear in front of the microphones in the 1950’s.

      1. Dominick Vila October 16, 2015

        It is its symbolism…

    3. jamcrky October 16, 2015

      Dom it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the old style mics….
      The Picture was done to have an intended meaning……Well Done.

  2. dtgraham October 16, 2015

    As I’ve long suspected. Republicans believe that the United States was a far better and stronger nation during the great depression of 80 years ago than it is today (Limbaugh). Yes, those were the good days for America. Maybe the party could dream up a catchy slogan to reflect this new open, honest, attitude about themselves and their movement. You know, something like:
    ~ “Today’s Republican party: something for you 1930’s nostalgia buffs.” ~ “Today’s GOP: we’re a lifestyle downscaling opportunity.”
    ~ “The modern Republican party: a good time to switch to generic cola.”
    ~ “The GOP of today: cheap meat-eatin’ days.”

    Oh well, they can’t be all bad. As the Republicans like to say, “Hey! The Kochs liked us so much they bought the party.”

    It seems to me that one time Ted Cruz said something along the lines of…that he would, in protest, do everything and anything possible to de-fund Obamacare. Anything? How about lighting himself on fire like Buddhist monks? Try that Ted.

    1. Dominick Vila October 16, 2015

      Ted and Limbaugh should consider retiring in Costa Rica. Come to think of it, I like the Buddhist monk option better.

    2. The_Magic_M October 16, 2015

      Good ole 30’s, long before the civil rights movement or Miranda vs Richardson (not to mention Roe vs Wade and Brown vs Board of Education).
      The second favourite Republican epoch, after the one where slavery was still legal.

      1. dtgraham October 16, 2015

        Yeah, they love the 1930’s and the pre-1860’s. The poor don’t like them, African-Americans don’t like them, women don’t like them, and if you remember a few years back…Newt Gingrich wanted to repeal child labour laws. I’m telling you Magic, this is the party that America needs to lead it into the 18th century.

      2. Dominick Vila October 16, 2015

        The most incredible part of this is that they brag about it, and the party faithful love it.

  3. tomtype October 16, 2015

    Jerry Boykin and Rick Wiles who are you kidding? There is not nor has ever been one Christian Church in America. That is only where there is an established, state church. We have a ton of Christian churches which seldom agree with each other.

    1. Dominick Vila October 16, 2015

      …and most of them support issues that are inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

      1. idamag October 16, 2015

        Very much so and when a Pope starts teaching like Christ, they are against the Pope.

        1. Sand_Cat October 16, 2015

          Haven’t you heard? Lots of them are calling Francis the capital-A Antichrist, when they’re not bestowing the title on Obama.

          1. idamag October 17, 2015

            So, if the Pope is using the teachings of Christ, who is really the anti-Christ?

          2. Sand_Cat October 17, 2015

            I think you can figure that one out, but my take is 1) It’s all a made-up rant, or 2) ALL of those “Christians” on those Rapture and “Christian” sites are excellent candidates, especially if they’re accusing someone else.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker October 16, 2015

    I’m not a gambling woman but…the next to drop off that clown car is Ben Carson, followed by Cruz and Christie.

    Look when you are so obsessed with taking control of an entire population in the US, you do begin to sound fanatical. The point is that Cruz was badly used by the GOP. Now that Keystone is a dead issue, Cruz is like lint hanging on clothing. No real attachment of party substance, just a piece of lint, desperate not to lose his imagined celebrity.

    1. Dominick Vila October 16, 2015

      …and Jindal, Santorum, Huckabee and a couple of others.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 16, 2015

        I agree…Your order sounds just about right too.

      2. Independent1 October 16, 2015

        Thought you might find this of article of interest which shows that a number of the GOP candidates are having trouble raising the cash you might expect; and that includes JEB who has really been burning through money – I guess trying to bring up his abysmal approval numbers.

        See these excerpts from an article posted on 10/16 in the Washington Post:

        The Daily 202: Jeb Bush’s 86% burn rate underscores fundraising struggles for the GOP establishment

        No more shock and awe, Jeb Bush has become just another guy in a crowded field of presidential aspirants. The former Florida governor spent 86 percent of the money he collected over the past three months, burning through $11.5 million of the $13.4 million that he raised. “He should have (raised) at least $25 million,” a major
        Republican fundraiser told Matea Gold and Philip Rucker.

        Jeb’s third quarter report, filed hours before last night’s deadline, showed Bush with less cash on hand right now than Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson. The struggling campaign has slashed staff salaries and tried to cut costs in other ways, including requiring the use of cheaper hotels.

        Jeb’s haul is still a lot of money, for sure, but it is a staggeringly underwhelming figure for the son and brother of former presidents, both of whom hosted multiple events to shake the family network’s money tree. “Some donors are really nervous,” another top Bush fundraiser told Matea and Phil.

        ——-Kasich, Christie and others are also seeing slow donations. Carson has actually raised the most ($20 million last quarter).


        1. Dominick Vila October 16, 2015

          The best thing that Jeb can do at this point is to cite some family emergency and drop out of the race. He is embarrassing himself and his family. The sooner people like him, Rubio, Kasich, and Jindal realize that they don’t fit in the new GOP, the better off they will be.

          1. Independent1 October 16, 2015

            I sure agree. I’m still amazed that a guy like Carson who says so many crazy things, has gotten the most money this past quarter. But I guess it sure does show you just how crazy some Americans are – And I’m guessing that its crazy people who have lots of money to throw away on the presidential aspirations of a loose canon like Carson – that are contributing to his campaign.

          2. Dominick Vila October 17, 2015

            I am truly perplexed with some of the things that Carson says. I expected an educated man to be more knowledgeable of world affairs, or at least have a better grasp of critical issues, than he does. I can’t help wondering if some of the dumb statements he makes are influenced by the fact that he knows his audience and what appeals to them.

          3. Independent1 October 17, 2015

            I’m perplexed also. And I think your last comment, which is used quite frequently to describe Republican politicians these days, is doubly sad for America; in that these fake GOP “politicians”…who are not true politicians in the sense that they really care anything about legislating to improve the state of our country; or the lives of the people they’re supposed to be representing. But instead know that the phrase that David Hannum used to describe P.T. Barnum and the people who flocked to his exhibits: “There’s a sucker born every minute,” is clearly true in America today.

            And because there are so many totally gullible Americans today who will just suck up everything these GOP Clowns spew, they’re in politics not to be politicians, but rather to make a name for themselves; and to make as much money as they can by pocketing money from the wealthy people who fund their Charades, while they’re stealing from the American taxpayer by promoting legislation that gives even themselves bigger tax breaks and shovels more money into the pockets of the wealthy who turn around and give them kickbacks (in one way or another).


          4. paulyz October 17, 2015

            Dr. Carson has more intelligence AND common sense in his pinky than you ever dreamed of, Dummy!

          5. Independent1 October 17, 2015

            Really?? Is that why there are even RWNJs who are trying to distance themselves from some of Carson’s clearly nutty comments?? Or why even Marty Kaplan in the Jewish Journal wrote an an article titled: Ben Carson, the nutty neurosurgeon.

            An article which really questions if you can really be a gifted neurosurgeon and still be not that sane.

            Here’s the way Marty closes the article on Ben Carson, the Nutty Neurosurgeon (maybe you should read it to understand how nutty Carson really is to many people):

            From the Jewish Journal:

            The simple yet appalling fact is that we have at least some solid evidence that a top scientific education and a distinguished career in medicine does not make a man any less capable of believing untruths to be true and truths to be false.

            I don’t know how I’d react if a shooter opened fire in my classroom. Maybe I’d risk my safety to protect others. Maybe I’d be too petrified do anything. But I do know the feeling that would devastate me if someone I loved became “a body with bullet holes”; it would not be the feeling that the Second Amendment is in jeopardy. It is at least conceivable that the clinical detachment required by a doctor to deal with the deaths in this room makes the deaths in the next room less urgent, less real.

            I know plenty of physicians of whom that is not true. But when Ben Carson blames a mass murderer’s victims for failing to foil him, I know of at least one man of science whose capacity for moral response has been absorbed by fictions.


          6. Independent1 October 17, 2015

            Oh! And I just got a news update from NewsMax; Trump, Carson and Hillary are each going to start getting 2 dozen government paid for security guards next week (Hillary already gets security so hers will just be beefed up).

            And guess why they’ll be getting security!!! Because Carson has apparently said so many nutty things lately that he’s been getting death threats and his name is being passed around in terrorists’ chattter. Hmmm??? Sane guy???? I really doubt it. He may be a gifted surgeon, but he’s also as nutty as a fruitcake.

          7. Anne October 19, 2015

            Carson is a weird one, isn’t he? 🙂

      3. Sand_Cat October 16, 2015

        And you just shot down my other favorite, little Torquemada himself, the inimitable Ricky Santorum. Who am I gonna vote for in the GOP primary?

        1. bobnstuff October 16, 2015

          I had almost forgotten about Ricky. I wish I could.

        2. Dominick Vila October 17, 2015

          You still have time to change party affiliation, or register as an Independent…

    2. plc97477 October 16, 2015

      I expect to see rand paul go first.

    3. The_Magic_M October 16, 2015

      I expect Carson to stay for a while, he’s polling second and refuses to see how his idiotic statements have poisoned him for the general electorate.
      His base is too vocal for him to get a “let it go” signal.

      Cruz will probably wait if another round of “government shutdown” shenanigans will push his poll numbers. I’m not counting him out yet.

      Christie will likely stay until the very end (so will Bush).
      Rubio and Huckabee are my two bets for next drop offs.

      1. Dominick Vila October 16, 2015

        Most importantly, he is an important component in the GOP strategy to demonstrate inclusiveness, where there is none, and serve as a counter balance in the event of Hillary being the Democratic party nominee. The latter also applies to Fiorina. Unfortunately for the GOP, both are political losers.

      2. Sand_Cat October 16, 2015

        And I was hoping to vote for Huck in the primary (since our district is firmly in GOP grasp, I registered as one in order to have at least some say in who governs our town). Last election I wrote in Obama, but Huck is a much more representative candidate for the GOP.

  5. pmbalele October 16, 2015

    So Ted Cruz is labeling our President as foreigner from Kenya. Well, Ted Cruz should
    re-examine who he is. In fact Cruz should not be near Trump. Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban father. By Trump policy Cruz is what they are calling now illegal who has overstayed his working visa.

    1. Dave B. October 16, 2015

      When did Cruz do this “labeling”?

      1. pmbalele October 16, 2015

        Read or look at the picture where Cruz is associated with.

        1. Dave B. October 17, 2015

          You’re kidding, right?

  6. bobnstuff October 16, 2015

    Is it me or does Ted and his fellow republicans like to comment on things they have even seen or read.They come out against agreements that haven’t been made public and
    treaties that haven’t been written. Facts aren’t important to them. Their followers are even worse because they blindly believe even the most stupid statements as facts and never check them. Why is it that if I lie I get busted but if they lie they get elected or make millions.

    1. jrj1701 October 16, 2015

      Haven’t you heard the saying “Steal a hundred dollars and you are a thief, steal millions and you are a king”? Same goes for lying.

    2. Sand_Cat October 16, 2015

      Does it really make any difference? I’m sure you realize that seeing that what they calim is false wouldn’t change a thing for them.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker October 16, 2015

    Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada. He only gave up his citizenship 4 years ago. Which puts his eligibility to be a Senator in question as well as aspiring to the presidency.

    When you consider that Cruz is trying to return to the 2009 proclamations by the GOP that President Obama isn’t an American citizen, you do have to scour Cruz’s political history on the same level and find out just how this Calgary born Canadian was ever allowed by Texas to become a Senator.

    Is this another of the states’ rights BS that Texas law decides overrides the US Constitution?

    Think about when exactly Cruz became a household name…It was when he was representing TransCanada Oil for Keystone and Big Oil Texas.

    Once again, oil is all the GOP cares about.

    1. itsfun October 16, 2015


      1. BillP October 16, 2015

        What goes around come around! Imagine a person born in a foreign country to an American mother & Foreign father running for the presidency! I hear Trump is launching an investigation into this.

    2. The_Magic_M October 16, 2015

      > Which puts his eligibility to be a Senator in question as well as aspiring to the presidency.

      Uhm, no. There is not a single person who is rightfully targeted by any such “birther” nonsense – not Obama, not Cruz, not Jindal, not Rubio, not Santorum (and not poor old Chester Arthur, for that matter).
      [Though I reserve some poetic justice mock birfin’ for arch-birther Trump whose birth certificate states “Jamaica” as birthplace.]

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 16, 2015

        Wrong…There are several petitions demanding Cruz come forth with the facts of his citizenship. That’s what Donald Trump did…Do you always post without facts? President Obama was targeted by half the rednecks in the Confederacy. How soon you forget?

        Cruz was born in Calgary. Cruz has no business being a Senator when TexASS knew he wasn’t a citizen. Cruz admitted in 2014 that he gave up his Canadian citzenship in 2012. Now what big mouth?

        1. Dave B. October 16, 2015

          Uh, you do realize that one can be at the same time a citizen of the United States AND of Canada, right?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 16, 2015

            Yes. Michelle Bachmann, R-MN hold dual citizenship with Switzerland as a result of her marriage to a Swiss banker.

          2. Dominick Vila October 16, 2015

            My wife and children were born in Spain. The question is, does that meet the intended definition of “natural born” citizen?

          3. Dave B. October 16, 2015

            The position of the United States on the issue of the eligibility of persons who acquired US citizenship at birth abroad to a US citizen parent has long been to just stay out of it, recognizing that the question is ambiguous and unresolved and is a political question best left to the people and the political process to decide. For authoritative scholarship on the subject, I’d recommend Charles Gordon’s 1968 Maryland Law Review article on “Who Can Be President of the United States: the Unresolved Enigma”:

            So get those Vila for President campaigns rolling, and let the people decide.

          4. Sand_Cat October 16, 2015

            Say, why didn’t you write in to debunk the birthers when it was the black Dem who was under attack? Uh, you do realize that the main attack was on hypocrisy, don’t you? You do realize you’re guilty as well, don’t you?

          5. Dave B. October 16, 2015

            I did, you idiot, probably a hell of a lot more than you ever did.

          6. Sand_Cat October 17, 2015

            Well, my apologies, then.

        2. The_Magic_M October 19, 2015

          > Trump had a petition going to do just that

          I said “rightfully”. Are you saying some birthers are right?

          > According to the US Constitution, you have to be a citizen for at least 7 years.

          Cruz is a natural born citizen, a citizen from birth. Unless you are claiming he is less than 7 years old (although he acts the part), he was always eligible.
          Dual citizenship is not uncommon and not a barrier to eligibility for Senator or President.

    3. Jan123456 October 18, 2015

      Which puts his eligibility to be a Senator in question as well as aspiring to the presidency.

      Let’s say for the sake of argument that Cruz was not a citizen of the US at birth. How would that affect his eligibility to the US Senate?

      US Constitution, Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3

      No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age
      of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and
      who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which
      he shall be chosen.

  8. Carolyn1520 October 16, 2015

    I certainly hope the contest for the most stupid is a passing fad.

    1. latebloomingrandma October 16, 2015

      It seems to never run out of material.

      1. Carolyn1520 October 16, 2015

        It gets so tiresome to read some incredibly stupid mouth dumps from not the rank and file mouth breathers on the right but their elected officials who are suppose to be the best of the best? I still can’t believe, even though they are in the minority, that so many people in our country are so uninformed and willingly vote against their best interests and that of the greater good. Their elected officials aren’t representing them in any way but they know which button to push to keep their uninformed followers supporting them while they represent the top 5%.

      2. dtgraham October 16, 2015

        They make it easy for me on Fridays.

    2. The_Magic_M October 16, 2015

      Never underestimate the power of stupid to outdo itself.

      1. mellowjohn October 16, 2015

        or run out.

  9. Grannysmovin October 16, 2015

    5. Ted Cruz: “Keepeveryone in fear or the other negative emotions which makes them submissive, blocks thinking, intuition, and the truth.” http://www.whale.to/w/mind.html

    4. Rush Limbaugh; Hey Moby Dick do you hate the corporate handouts, the tax handouts to the wealthy, handouts to the oil industry or to the banks or how about the handouts to sports teams for building new stadiums.

    3. Bill O’Reilly: Oh poor Billy boy – the same 1st Amendment that allows you to spew your lies, fear, hatred and racists comments, allows BLM to complain about the way the people in their community are treated by law enforcement and the judicial

    2. Curt Schilling: Hit in the head one too many times with a baseball?

    1. Jerry Boykin and Rick Wiles: Drama Queens the Christian are not victims, they are not under attack, no one is stopping you from believing in talking snakes
    and virgin births, you just don’t have the right to force your beliefs, hatred and fear on others.

    1. The_Magic_M October 16, 2015

      > the same 1st Amendment that allows you to spew your lies, fear, hatred and racists comments, allows BLM to complain

      Yeah, but Billy Boy does not feel the 1st Amendment should be for blacks, too. Or the 2nd. Or, as some big GOP figureheads have openly stated, the 14th.

  10. The_Magic_M October 16, 2015

    > 1. I think that you have to expect this because there are enough crazies out there that when you constantly hammer the U.S. Christian church, you have to expect that there is going to be some reaction and that’s what we’re seeing

    I guess they’re pretty butt-hurt their 6-year demonization of Obama hasn’t yet “inspired” a nutcase to show “some reaction”.
    Or that none of the “crazies” following them has yet shown “some reaction” to teh gheys taking away their precious (third or fourth) marriage.

  11. greenlantern1 October 16, 2015

    Remember when the Republican party wanted to let ACTUAL foreign born, like Arnold Schwarzennegger, run for president?
    Remember when the Republican party rooted for Elian Gonzales?

  12. paulyz October 16, 2015

    Since the Memo is discussing ISIS, Obama just flip-flopped Again. He won’t remove the troops he promised because of the threat of ISIS, what he criticized the GOP, that there wasn’t terrorists threats. Same for taking troops out of Iraq then putting them back!

    Obama is more interested in politics than American security.

    1. Bruce October 16, 2015

      I always like when people’s personal politics reveal that they believe silly things about the president as if he’s one man making all decisions in a vacuum and responsible for all things. Because that doesn’t look bad for the president, it just reveals that you don’t have a real basis for your opinion.

      1. BillP October 16, 2015

        You couldn’t be more correct, trolls like paulyz love to write their ludicrous comments. They also don’t proof read them for example “He won’t remove the troops he promised because of the threat of ISIS, what he criticized the GOP”.

      2. paulyz October 16, 2015

        Actually Obama sometimes does make his decisions in a vacuum, he has his phone & has his pen, to sign (some) unlawful Ex. Orders.

        1. Jan123456 October 16, 2015

          Please tell me which of Obama’s EOs were unlawful. To make it easy on you, here is a link to them.


          1. paulyz October 17, 2015

            Here’s just one off the top of my head, releasing tens of thousands of criminal ILLEGAL Trespassers that were supposed to be deported By LAW, into our streets, including Liberal streets.

          2. Jan123456 October 17, 2015

            Which number is that?

          3. Independent1 October 18, 2015

            It doesn’t have a number. As with everything paulyz posts it’s just a figment of his imagination. Obama clearly never did any such thing about releasing illegal aliens anywhere in the U.S. Like Faux News, Pauly just loves to make up stories.

          4. Jan123456 October 18, 2015

            Oh, I know. I deliberately asked him to produce proof I know doesn’t exist…because it IS a figment of his imagination.

          5. paulyz October 25, 2015

            You are unquestionably one of the most brainwashed, gullible, low-info Dummies on this site, which really is quite an accomplishment since there are MANY. OR, you are a lying sack of crap trying to get more uninformed listeners to believe your pure BS.

            A lying, propagandist, leftist, activist, that is an Illegal Trespasser.

          6. Independent1 October 25, 2015

            Talk about brainwashed – at least I have a brain which is more than any of the posters here would ever say about you. And with respect to being an ‘illegal trespasser”, it’s clear that the NM isn’t a RWNJ publican so if anyone here is an ‘illegal trespasser’ IT’S CLEARLY YOU!!

            Why don’t you take your inane, nonsensical comments to some RWNJ websites like Brietbart which has more people with your IQ level of 50 posting on it!!!

          7. paulyz October 25, 2015

            I believe there are enough to have a list, a list larger than you IQ.

        2. Sand_Cat October 16, 2015

          You obviously make ALL your decisions using the vacuum where your brain should be.

          1. idamag October 16, 2015

            I don’t even bother to read his posts. He is badly educated and probably from the backwoods whjere there is not a lot of diversity in thinking and people.

          2. Sand_Cat October 17, 2015

            Yeah, I didn’t for a long time, but now and then, he just annoys me, and he’s a great target for snark, though I guess this one was beyond him.

          3. paulyz October 17, 2015

            Oh yes you read them, but tell me about the wonderful diversity of the Democrat/Socialist candidates. All old White people that need your votes.

          4. paulyz October 17, 2015

            Yeahhhh, it sure is nice living here away from you all. Don’t even need Police around heah! LMAO.

          5. paulyz October 17, 2015

            I think your brain just farted, LMAO.

        3. Independent1 October 17, 2015

          Say there dumb dumb, identify for me an EO that Obama has signed which even comes close to some of these that have been issued by even Republicans in the past.

          And note how Georgie Boy knew even at the beginning of two terms that he was going to be doing some very nefarious dealings, as he signed an EO in 2001 prohibiting anyone from gaining access to a president’s papers that were compiled during their term(s) in office. Now why would Georgie not want people to see the papers which might show just how corrupt he might have been in office??? And note that Obama rescinded that idiot EO almost as soon as he took office.

          But again, identify what Obama has done that exceeds what Truman did in racially integrating the armed forces; or that Eisenhower did in single handedly requiring the desegregation of pubic schools. Or even some of the 3,500 plus EOs that FDR signed.

          See this from wikipedia dumb dumb!!

          Large policy changes with wide-ranging effects have been effected through executive order, including the racial integration of the armed forces under Harry Truman and the desegregation of public schools under Dwight D. Eisenhower.

          Two extreme examples of an executive order are Franklin Roosevelt’s Executive Order 6102 “forbidding the hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States” and Executive Order 9066, where Roosevelt delegated military authority to remove any or all people in a military zone (used to target Japanese Americans and German Americans in certain regions). The authority delegated to General John L. DeWitt subsequently paved the way for all Japanese-Americans on the West Coast to be sent to internment camps for the duration of World War II.

          Executive Order 13233, issued by President George W. Bush in 2001, which restricted public access to the papers of former presidents, was criticized by the Society of American Archivists
          and other groups, who stated that it “violates both the spirit and letter of existing U.S. law on access to presidential papers as clearly laid down in 44 USC.2201–07,” and adding that the order “potentially threatens to undermine one of the very foundations of our nation”. President Obama revoked
          Executive Order 13233 in January 2009.[14]


          1. paulyz October 17, 2015

            How did you enjoy your flip-flopping idol leaving troops in Afghanistan when he declared them not necessary, just like when he pulled troops out of Iraq a few years ago, then sent them back? Dummy plus!

            His new reason, “OMG, there are really Muslim terrorists there!”

          2. Independent1 October 17, 2015

            Obama wasn’t flip-flopping on anything!! He was reacting to the reality that the Afghan army has not attained a level of proficiency with respect to defending the Afghan country, that had been predicted apparently by members of the military. Obama has to rely on the judgements given him by military personnel; if anyone blew something, it was the Pentagon.

            And there you go with more lies!! You know very well that George Bush established the pull-out date from Iraq and although Obama tried to get Iraq to let us leave some additional personnel beyond the pull-out date BUSH SET!!! That the Iraqi government would not agree to do that while at the same time making our troops not liable for any legal actions Iraq may want to take against them that may occur during their efforts to defend the Iraqi people.

            Go stuff your Head in the nearest trash can – you’re coming out with so much garbage lately, you need to be tossed out with the garbage!!

          3. idamag October 18, 2015

            When a person makes a decision based on current circumstances and changes that decision when circumstances change (or new information comes to light) that is not flip-flopping, that is intelligence.

          4. paulyz November 1, 2015

            AGAIN your Socialist idol Obama flip-flopped on Syria, will you EVER learn the Truth?

        4. Independent1 October 17, 2015

          And by the way, it was BY FAR Republicans who used EOs to get around Congress before FDR – with 3 of them signing more than 1,000 EOs each (thats more than 5 times the number that Obama has signed.).

          And do you know what has probably cut down the number of EOs presidents sign today?? The fact that Nixon was such a crook, that Congress created the Office of Management and Budget so he wouldn’t misuse his EO writing power which precluded presidents in office since Nixon from signing EOs that required funding without having to go through Congress.

          1. paulyz October 17, 2015

            As I told you several times already, it is not the number of EO’s, it’s the nature of them. According to our Constitution’s Checks & Balances, Obama has violated the Separation of Powers by legislating policy that is the responsibility of the Legislative Branch, not the Executive Branch. Dummies like you never learn, never want to accept the fact that your idol Obama screw up, why you yell & scream so much & ignore lawless government at times.

          2. Independent1 October 17, 2015

            Is all you can do is lie?? Let’s see you list one EO that Obama signed which at least some constitutional scholar, not one of you RWNjs, claims is beyond something that numerous previous presidents haven’t already matched or exceeded!!

            Come on!! Lets see you list one!!!

            And the EO that Obama signed on immigration, virtually every reputable constitutional scholar agrees is within Obama’s authority to sign.

        5. Bruce October 29, 2015

          You’re so bad at this that you think this is true.

    2. Bruce October 16, 2015

      Like, how many of you dudes don’t realize that functionally all you’re doing is volunteering that you don’t know what the president’s role is? “Hi I’m Paulyz and I don’t know what presidents do” being announced every opportunity available.

      1. paulyz October 16, 2015

        Here’s another Democrat lie from Wisconsin for you dude. The Democrat Party in WI. claimed over & over that there would be a $263 Million shortfall in the next budget because Gov. Walker cut property taxes 3 years in a row, plus grew tech. training & put 10 times the money in the rainy day fund than his Democrat predessor, also erasing the Democrats’ $2+ Billion Debt. Walker produced a $ 135 Million surplus!

        Keep defending your failed Obama that promised all troops out of Afghanistan & Iraq, minimizing the threats of ISIS, the Taliban, & AL Quaeda; now realizing he fumed up as usual, and sent them back to Iraq after 2 years, wasting progress, now keeping troops in Afghanistan as well, why, BECAUSE of terrorist threats from these Radical Muslim Groups.

        Gullible Dummy you are.

        1. Rod Baakkonen October 16, 2015

          The right-wing MacIver Institute and several corporate media outlets were quick to spin the report into “good news” for Wisconsinites, claiming it showed “Wisconsin ended fiscal year 2015 (FY15) with $135.6 million in surplus”. However, it appears the “surplus” may just have been the result of the well known government accounting gimmick that shifts payments into subsequent years.

          The report revealed the general fund balance, that started the fiscal year at 517 million dollars, had declined to 136 million dollars. That number indicates the state used a massive 381 million dollars from the general fund to pay it’s debts for this fiscal year.

          The 136 million dollars is the lowest general fund unreserved balance since June 30th 2011 and new revenue next year would have to be repaid to the fund to return it to acceptable levels. There is no indication where this money would come from.

          The general fund is an all purpose pool of money, like a personal savings account, that the state keeps for paying unforeseen emergencies.

          The report also showed the state spent $271 million less than originally budgeted, a drop from an expected $15.61 billion to $15.33 billion. Aid to local schools and governments accounted for 52.1 percent of spending. Aid to individuals and organizations made up 24.3 percent of spending.

          According to Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris, “I’m discouraged to learn that Wisconsin spending exceeded revenue by a massive 381 million dollars for the fiscal year that ended on June 30th.”

          Local governments will continue to bare the burden, says Harris “This poor stewardship of our tax dollars is simply unacceptable at a time when the economy is growing while critical infrastructure projects go unfunded and our communities are forced to deal with deep cuts to education and other vital services”.

        2. 5612jean October 16, 2015

          Yeah, Gullible Dummy trying to clean up the mess bush and cheney left behind.

          1. paulyz October 17, 2015

            Obama is the Dummy that made a much bigger mess than Dodd/Frank did when the Democrats were in Charge while Bush was President his final 2 years. The first 6 years W had things going very well.

        3. Jan123456 October 16, 2015

          Gullible dummy? Read the actual report.


          Wisconsin started the year with about $517M and ended with about $135M. That looks to me like Walker reduced the surplus by $382M meaning he spent more than he took in. See page 15 for the figures.

          1. paulyz October 17, 2015

            Wis. had an INCREASE of $593 Million, & you left out my mention of 3 straight years of property tax relief, more employment, & all the rest I mentioned, including the $2.7 BILLION Debt left by Democrat Doyle!

          2. Jan123456 October 17, 2015

            Hey, my “misinformation” straight from the Dept. of Admin of the state of Wisconsin. If you don’t like it, don’t blame me.

          3. Independent1 October 17, 2015

            Better read this article doufous!! Here’s the actual numbers:

            From Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse:

            Governor Scott Walker’s administration says the state finished the last fiscal year with a $135 million surplus.

            Here are the actual General Fund figures that were in the report released today.

            Starting 2014-15 Balance $516.9 million

            Revenues + Adjustments $15,213.5 million

            Expenses + Adjustments $15,594.8 million

            Ending 2014-15 Balance $135.6 million

            2014-15 change in balances -$381.3 million

            In other words, that’s not a surplus in the last fiscal year, that’s a deficit.

            Get it dumbcoff, that 135.6 million is what was left of the 516.9 million surplus that was being carried over from 2013-2014!!! The state was actually 381.3 million in the hole for 2014-2015!!!


          4. Jan123456 October 18, 2015

            The Democrat Party in WI. claimed over & over that there would be a $263 Million shortfall in the next budget

            Your claim was right. The shortfall was not $263 million. It was $382 million.

        4. Bruce November 3, 2015

          What sort of mentally ill idiot ascribes foolishness to a person who had nothing to do with something he wasn’t aware of? Oh… that’s what you do all day while I’m at work. Honestly, muckraker, there isn’t really anyone who’s buying the word salad you’re putting out all day.

        5. Bruce November 3, 2015

          Like, you do realize some people understand what words mean enough to know you’re just kinda babbling, right?

      2. idamag October 16, 2015

        paul lyz and lies and lies

  13. idamag October 16, 2015

    Cruz, if you wont war, take your ugly face to the front lines. Lead our troops to death and invalidism, don’t send them. I did not hear what you did when I watched the debates and I watched both Republican and Democrat debates. Sanders wants free education and healthcare. Clinton wants affordable education and healthcare. If we weren’t already paying the price for our education system, you wouldn’t be running for president. As for free education and healthcare destroying the nation – European nations have had it for years and they are still there. In fact they will be there after we have destroyed this nation with ignorance.
    Limbaugh, AKA butt cheeks, you are passing gas again.
    O’Reilly, I don’t see how you can see the KKK as a nice organization with a few bad apples unless you are a KKK member. The KKK is and was a terrorist organization that bombed homes, and churches. They lynched people. They beat them and they shot them. This continued until they spoke up. Now, we have a young man shot in a store, while talking on a cell phone and holding a toy gun pointed at the floor. Surveillance videos showed he never raised the gun or did anything to bring on his murder. The police and the caller have never been charged with the murder. If people don’t speak up it will continue to happen with Your, Bill O’Reilly’s blessing.
    Donald Trump, why would you want to be associated with someone like Schilling. I though, even you, had more pride than that.


    1. 5612jean October 16, 2015

      Deport that ugly hatemonger back to Canada. I don’t even think they want him back.

      1. Divertissement October 20, 2015

        No, we don’t. He’s all yours – not that we don’t like you – we just don’t want him. Why not send him to populate a newly discovered Earth-like planet??

  14. Michael Ross October 16, 2015

    By Bill O’Reilly’s own logic, he is just as much at fault for his own network’s continued failure to distance itself from hate groups and other such extremists. We should all be demanding to know why Bill O’Reilly insists on calling Obama a murderous pedophile because Erik Rush continues to insist so.

  15. jtxl October 16, 2015

    What we should be asking is about his mother’s residency. The laws are specific on when and how long his mother lived in the US. If she doesn’t fall in to the right place, he children born outside the country can not be American citizens. How about we start demanding documents proving his mothers residency?

  16. jamesowens October 16, 2015

    he is trying to get headlines right now any Kardashian has more support than he does and they not quite as big of whore s him

  17. Elliot J. Stamler October 16, 2015

    I have read the exhaustive PFAW report (I’m a charter member) on retired Gen. Boykin. He has on several occasions broadly hinted at leading an armed insurrection and coup d’etat against the Federal government. I don’t THINK that will happen but these people are so crazy one never knows. But the good side would be if Gen. Boykin leads a coup that will be the end of Gen. Boykin … right between the eyes.

  18. Buford2k11 October 17, 2015

    I am convinced that our Nation needs sane candidates…There needs to be a Certificate of Mental Health that needs to be part of the Candidate’s registration for running for any office…that could lead to a smaller gop…and it should help this nation to crawl back to a more NORMAL form of governing…

  19. Elizabethrodriquez October 28, 2015

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