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This Week In Crazy: Come Hell And High Water

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This Week In Crazy: Come Hell And High Water


Conservatives are tripping over themselves to paint a halo on the Kentucky clerk who was jailed for trying to keep gay people from getting married in her county. So brave. Ah, America, where you can simultaneously hold the Constitution up as a holy totem and conveniently forget anything in it you don’t like. Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the loony, bigoted, and hateful behavior of the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Louie Gohmert

Louis Gohmert 320Republican congressman from Texas Louie Gohmert has said he will pack up his toys and leave the Capitol if the nuclear deal with Iran goes through (which it is going to).

In an email to Glenn Beck, which Beck read on his show, Gohmert said:

Last week, I announced to the world if the House and Senate will treat Iran — the Iran treaty as a treaty, I will not run for my congressional seat again. It’s the only thing that I have left that our leadership wants beside my integrity.

And after last week that I spent in Egypt, I feel so compelled to do absolutely everything I can to derail this president’s drastic move towards a nuclear holocaust. I won’t run again if the House voted on my attached resolution and the Senate voted on ratification.

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Gohmert further told Breitbart that “the foolish cowardice of Neville Chamberlain in 1938 will pale by comparison” to the cravenness of congressional Republicans.

In fairness, if nuclear holocaust were to occur, we wouldn’t want to die in Washington, either.

Via Addicting Info and Breitbart

Next: Tony Perkins 

Sam Reisman

Sam Reisman is the former managing editor at The National Memo, where he still writes the weekly "This Week In Crazy" column. His writing has appeared in Flavorpill, The Huffington Post, Columbia Daily Spectator, and Bwog. He was the publisher of the 2010 edition of Inside New York, an annual guidebook to the city for students and young professionals.

Since 2011, he has co-curated and hosted Peculiar Streams, a showcase for NYC-based writers, musicians, comedians, and filmmakers. He is a staff writer at Mediaite, and blogs at SamReisman.com.

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  1. Dominick Vila September 11, 2015

    I saw a post on Facebook a few minutes ago that summarized the issue of religious freedom for me. It depicted a WalMart cashier telling a customer that she could not sell him condoms because she was a Catholic, and suggested that he go to register 8. She then pointed out that the cashier in register 8 was a Muslim who would probably not sell him the ham he had in his cart, and suggested that he may want to go to register 9 for that.
    Religious freedom is as strong and preserved in the United States as ever. Maybe more so today than it was 200 years ago. This issue, like so many other issues, is being used as part of the traditional divisive tactics that pop up every 4 years, and fade away the day after an election.
    As for Gohmert, let’s do everything we can to expedite his departure. Then again, I did the same for Limbaugh, and Costa Rica is still short one resident.

    1. TZToronto September 11, 2015

      There is a big difference between the U.S. today and Britain before WWII. The U.S. is the most powerful military power in the world. Britain, when Chamberlain was PM, was a weakling compared to Germany. Chamberlain, whether he actually believed that he had achieved “peace in our time,” bought a little time for Britain to beef up its military. The deal with Iran does not threaten the U.S. and its allies since any one of them could destroy Iran in, literally, a heartbeat.

      1. Dominick Vila September 11, 2015

        I agree, and I suspect that most of the Republicans that oppose the nuclear agreement with Iran are well aware of this as well. Their opposition is not based on logic or evidence of weakness, but on opportunism, political imperatives, economic and geo-political goals.

        1. plc97477 September 11, 2015

          I am not so sure I would give most republicans that much credit, but you could be right otherwise.

          1. Independent1 September 11, 2015

            I agree completely. I don’t think the majority of the Republicans involved in all this brouhaha over Iran, have enough brain cells between their ears to figure out how to plan and arrange a picnic; much less really think about what the Iran Deal is or isn’t about. All they know how to do is spew negativism at everything that doesn’t clearly fit into their misguided criminal political ideology.

        2. The_Magic_M September 11, 2015

          They probably think they’re courting the (traditionally Democratic) Jewish vote with that while at the same time pimping the “dangerous Muslims with nukes” meme. They can’t really lose by opposing the deal as probably none of their potential voters will turn their back on them for that, even if they disagree.

    2. sn77339 September 11, 2015

      I don’t remember Huckabee standing in solidarity with the Muslim flight attendant who wouldn’t serve alcohol or the Minneapolis cab drivers who wouldn’t take fares if they were carrying alcohol.

  2. FireBaron September 11, 2015

    Sam, you sort of vindicated yourself this week. I say “sort of” because of giving press space to Sarah Palin. Sorry, dude, but she has become just a footnote and a bad reference these days. Her cutsie maligning of the “American” language in defense of her far right positions would not even be credible were they SNL skits.
    I am disappointed, though, that you didn’t give a page to The Worthy Gentleman from Canada, sorry, I mean Senator Ted Cruz. After all, he was forced off-stage at the Kim Davis Media event by the Reverend Huckleberrry. He was overshadowed at HIS organized “we should bomb Iran instead of signing a treaty with them” Tea Bagger Rally by the aforementioned “former Alaska Governor and Fox News Commentator”, and the professional “bad hair day”. Not only that, he missed his first day back at the job he was actually elected to do!

    It was nice to see Louie Gohmert back on these pages, though. His brand of stupidity will be missed when he finally lives up to one of his promises to either leave congress, the country, or the planet. Ever since Michelle Bachmann left Congress, Gohmert has been the only one we can depend on to provide regular straight lines for late-night gag writers!

    1. The_Magic_M September 11, 2015

      You really think Gohmert will deliver on his promise? He’s just grandstanding. Next year he’s gonna claim God wants him to run again to do his will in DC. Trust me on that. 😉

      1. plc97477 September 11, 2015

        Darn, and I was going to offer to help him pack.

    2. billh September 11, 2015

      Gohmert! Isn’t he his own first cousin?

    3. johninPCFL September 11, 2015

      Really? I think she’d make a GREAT running mate (and next trophy wife) for The Donald. Would really seal the deal on the election, no?

    4. neeceoooo September 11, 2015

      you give Sarah more credit than I do, her position is crazy not really right or left, just crazy.

  3. yabbed September 11, 2015

    “Nuclear holocaust”? How stupid is that? Pakistan has nukes. North Korea has nukes. Israel has nukes. Those are the three most warmongering, unstable actors in the world. MAD works. The United States and the Soviet Union had nukes pointed at each other for decades during the Cold War and no one pushed to button. China and Russia and the US have nukes now pointed at each other. No one wants a nuclear war. Iran has started no wars. Iran has threatened no one with nuclear attack. Israel, on the other hand, has repeatedly threatened to nuke Iran.

    1. Dominick Vila September 11, 2015

      I wonder how many Republicans remember the Intermediate Range Nuclear Weapons agreement that President Reagan signed with the Soviet Union in 1987, when the latter had hundreds of ICBMs with nuclear warheads aimed at the USA? Considerations, such as this, convince me that the opposition to the nuclear agreement with Iran has absolutely nothing to do with concerns over its terms, or concerns over what Iran may do when they are able to sell their oil, and have access to the Iranian financial assets that we froze as part of our punitive strategy against that country. The opposition is designed to satisfy Bibi, prevent the effects of a stable Persian Gulf on our oil and arms industries, and pursue political goals.

      1. The_Magic_M September 11, 2015

        Just look at people like Trump openly admitting they think the US should’ve taken all of Iraq’s oil (which, by extension, should make Iran very nervous about US motives to attack them).
        If the GOP has their way and there’s a war with Iran, won’t Saudi Arabia think they will be next? Or Pakistan?

        1. Daniel Jones September 11, 2015

          The more radical and less rational in Saudi Arabia have thought we would do this all along; 15 of the 19 Al-Qaeda operatives who committed the 9/11 attacks were Saudi.
          The current GOP (Genocidal Oligarch Peckerwoods) are basically proving the assertions of the extremists in Arab nations when they back ids like Trump.

          1. plc97477 September 11, 2015

            Now every time I see gop I am going to start laughing again. Thank you for making my day.

        2. Dominick Vila September 11, 2015

          Pakistan does not have much to offer in terms of natural resources, but you are right, our public statements regarding what amount to stealing the natural resources of other countries should make everyone nervous…and it does not say much about us. Not that Republicans ever cared about anyone’s opinions, other than the likes of Kim Davis. For them, the next phase is a mix between Roman legions and the medieval crusades, with a few Inquisitorial trials in between.

      2. jmprint September 11, 2015

        Absolutely, it’s all about the Bibi.

  4. Larry Gagnon September 11, 2015

    I believe there were 5 other nations, in addition to Iran and U.S., who were parties to the deal. I do not believe we can redo the negotiations from the beginning. If the U.S. withdraws, the other parties can be expected to be very skeptical of our ability to agree on anything. I think the issue devolves to whether this agreement is better than no agreement.

    1. plc97477 September 11, 2015

      There is no problem. The senate has decided to not fight it and the house republicans will have no more luck than the senate.

    2. jmprint September 11, 2015

      Yes Larry, but you are using common sense, the right wing, doesn’t have any. It’s been stripped. Once you sign the Grover plan, that’s it, common sense disappears.

    3. The_Magic_M September 11, 2015

      > If the U.S. withdraws, the other parties can be expected to be very skeptical of our ability to agree on anything.

      I guess that ship has already sailed after the #47Traitors and their letter to Iran. Why would any other country think the GOP would treat them any different when it comes to honouring agreements?

  5. The_Magic_M September 11, 2015

    It’s amazing how quickly people like the Huckster or neuro-sergeant Carson throw their beloved “godlike Founders” under the bus.
    After all, Marbury vs. Madison was decided when all the original Founders were still in control, yet none of them attempted to have Congress pass a law or amendment that would nullify that decision.
    But once they dislike two or three SCOTUS rulings, they want to neuter the court (in fact the only check and balance against unconstitutional laws) or abolish it altogether (Cruz, Trump). As un-American as it gets. Only ISIS is more consequential in rooting for the dismantling of the system that has worked for nigh 250 years. (In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if people like the Huckster were secretly hoping for, if not supporting, a massive terrorist attack to destroy the US so people like him can rebuild it in their image from the ashes.)

    1. plc97477 September 11, 2015

      I have a hard time understanding why they beg for the end of times and yet fight all attempts to bring it about. In their imagination letting gays marry will bring about the end, yet they won’t let it happen. god must be getting really tired of trying.

      1. johninPCFL September 11, 2015

        If God has any sense He finds THEM really trying…

  6. plc97477 September 11, 2015

    As our not so great leader once said “is our children learning” I would say the answer would have to be “nope”. At least not so much on the right.

    1. Independent1 September 11, 2015

      Was that ‘not so great leader’ Reagan?? Sounds like something he would say.

      1. latebloomingrandma September 11, 2015

        I believe it was the articulate George W.

        1. Independent1 September 11, 2015

          Yeah! Now I remember him saying that!! Thanks!!

        2. plc97477 September 11, 2015

          You’re right again.

  7. Daniel Jones September 11, 2015

    Dear Mrs. Palin:
    Voldemort is dead.
    That is all.

  8. latebloomingrandma September 11, 2015

    The biggest surprise to me was that the loony Beck may have had a burst of lucidity. A person like Palin is really off the charts if even Glenn Beck is embarrassed by her.

  9. Wedge Shot September 11, 2015

    This article is incomprehensible. It is not written in American.

  10. neeceoooo September 11, 2015

    that is just precious, Glenn Beck embarrassed of Sarah Palin

    1. old_blu September 12, 2015

      If Glenn Beck is going to start telling the truth I could become a fan.

  11. neeceoooo September 11, 2015

    I do believe that we hit the jackpot with the crazies this week, wonderful read.

  12. Pamby50 September 11, 2015

    Alright Louis. Can I come help you pack and leave your office.

    1. neeceoooo September 11, 2015

      Another unbelievable comment from Louis was that he has integrity…huh

  13. @HawaiianTater September 11, 2015

    Louis Gohmert:

  14. Joan September 11, 2015

    I think we will discover come next election cycle that Louie’s comments today were “not intended to be a factual statement”. So much for his much self vaulted integrity. Is Texas prepared to take him back full time, after all that have so many other short bus scholars to look after. Rick Perry comes to mind immediately.

    1. The_Magic_M September 18, 2015

      He’s simply gonna say “God spoke to me and asked me to change my mind”.

  15. Jeff Ryan September 11, 2015

    Is that a BLOOD MOON? O…M…G…!

  16. Michael Ross September 12, 2015

    Louie “Asparagus” Gohmert must not realize he just gave 90% of the country further incentive to support the Iran deal.


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