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God keeps an eye out for Trump, Stratcom’s New Year’s tweet bombs, and the Romney Family Reunion implodes. This cast of characters put the ass in asylum. It’s This Week in Crazy!

5. Katt Kerr
Prophetess with the mostest Katt Kerr plans to grace Capitol Hill with her presence several times during 2019. Kerr, whose YouTube page says she’s “commissioned by God to see and share Heaven,” proclaimed the Lord will see Trump win the 2020 election. Really? Must be all those doorway anointings the White House ordered.

Kerr rambled on a Facebook post:


Oops, sorry:

The Grease castoff urged, “If you’re not behind [Trump], get behind him and be on the winning side, on God’s team.” Or he’ll grab ‘em by the pussy. Amen, Pink Lady.

4. Netflix
This week Netflix is anything but chill…especially when it comes to their money. The streaming giant pulled a recent episode of Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj from their lineup, following blowback from the Saudi government

On the show, Minhaj spoke out about the murder of Washington journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The comedian stated, “This is the most unbelievable cover story since Blake Shelton won sexiest man alive.”

Obviously, the Crown Prince is a huge fan of Gwen Stefani’s man. Mohamed bin Salman took offense and called in a few favors. Before you know it, Netflix pulled the show.

Quite an interesting time for Netflix to reveal their moral compass. After all, Netflix carries The Interview — the flick that infamously provoked North Korea to threaten war. And since Netflix recently “acquired Seth Rogen”…

…It doesn’t seem Netflix will be dropping the controversial North Korea satire anytime soon.

3. Star Parker
This week, the Trump Administration made it harder for people to get food stamps. The GOP applauded the human suffering that resulted during a segment on Fox & Friends. But guest panelist Star Parker, who takes no pleasure in people going hungry, philanthropically offered the starving a solution: Stop watching porn and get a job!

According to Star Parker, if men stop workin’ it in the house, they’ll start getting to work outside the house. Therefore, they’ll no longer need SNAP assistance.

We hate to ruin your perverse fantasy but actually, Star, 60 percent of SNAP recipients are employed. Whether they watch porn isn’t really your problem. Or maybe it is…

2. Ronna McDaniel
In a Freaky Friday role reversal, Ronna McDaniel became the angry drunk uncle berating an innocent niece over the holiday season for speaking out against the President. In this scenario, McDaniel’s niece is Utah Senator-elect Mitt Romney.

Like any responsible adult, RNC Chair McDaniel took to Twitter to air her family grievances:

Yeah, the claws came out when McDaniel dissed her uncle as “Freshman Senator.” That stings almost as badly as “Failed Presidential Candidate,” and “Guy Who Had to Move to Utah to Get Elected Again.”

1. Stratcom

Times Square for New Year’s Eve is such a celebrated tradition each year. Bringing in millions of people means there’s always a heightened fear of a terrorist attack. Somehow the officers in charge of our nuclear weapons thought it’d be the perfect time to prey on that hysteria.

Stratcom rang in the New Year by dropping a tweet promoting their drone capabilities:

Not so long after posting this piece of war propaganda, the US Strategic Command pulled the video. Realizing their jokes were about as funny as Louis CK’s latest bit, Stratcom issued the following tweet:

Happy 2019, folks. It may be a New Year, but it’s just another week in crazy!

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